“Relax household registration and other policy restrictions, and allow retired parents of only children who live and work in a different place to settle down where their children live and work, and enjoy the same treatment as local residents in terms of social security and medical insurance.” National People’s Congress representative, Jiangxi Kong Falong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial Rural Credit Cooperative Union, said in an interview with reporters during the National Two Sessions in 2021. Kong Falong said that the one-child family pension has become a major livelihood issue before us, which urgently needs to be paid close attention to and properly resolved. (China News Service)

Many respondents did not understand the real intention of this proposal. Do you think this is to solve the problem of elderly care for the empty-nest elderly? NO. This proposal essentially revolves around “promoting the willingness to reproduce”, and basically solves the problems of the children’s generation. In Gao Zan’s answer, he worried that this kind of policy would cause a large number of elderly people to flood into first-tier cities. In fact, it is completely unnecessary! This policy is like suggesting to give a RIMOWA suitcase worth 9999 to the owner of a Porsche. Do you have to worry about the luxury car being sold out because of this gift? See clearly that the people benefited by this policy must meet three conditions: First, the child is an only child, that is to say, the parents can only enter the nursing home other than “turning in” this child, and there is no other choice, which means that they can only move to the front line in their old age. urban life. Second, the children must have a house in the first-tier cities, otherwise, will their parents and you fall into the collective household registration? Third, children must register in first-tier cities. Those who meet these three conditions are actually those families who have completed the stratification of classes and are bound to settle in first-tier cities in the future. Beijing’s one-child parents depend on the policy. These old people have spent their entire lives to allow their children to complete their studies, and they emptied their wallets to help them buy houses and settle in first-tier cities. There is a high probability that they have to help their children as much as possible to take care of their grandchildren before they lose the ability to work. Shouldn’t they solve basic problems such as hukou and medical insurance so that they have no worries? Even without this policy, these elderly people are completely affordable. In fact, they still have to live in first-tier cities and seek medical treatment, but they are just a bit more troublesome. The purpose of this motion now is to allow these old people to firmly stick to their children’s determination, instead of always using the idea of ​​”waiting to be old and unable to help their children, but to return to their hometown”, and even sell their hometown properties to buy homes in first-tier cities. This objectively increases the family background and risk-resistance ability of the children’s small family, which can improve the family’s willingness to bear children to a certain extent. Such new middle-class families with registered permanent residence and house are China’s main hope for activating the willingness to have children. This is the real starting point of this proposal. Speaking of this, I am afraid that you who are clamoring that non-only children are being “discriminated” will understand. Why must it be emphasized that the object of the policy is the only child? Can parents who are not only children sell their 180-square-meter house in the second, third, fourth, and fifth-tier cities and invest in a child in their first-tier city so that they can replace the 80-square-meter two-bedroom house with a 120-square-meter school district housing in the core area? Can a parent who is not an only child ensure that he/she is always with his/her child in a first-tier city and does not need to be distracted to take care of the grandchildren of other children? The following is the original answer. Agree with both hands! It is a good proposal that solves practical difficulties and is feasible and feasible. Take Beijing as an example, there has long been a policy that allows only children to handle household registration for their parents, but medical insurance can still only be transferred from another place. In fact, the elderly live and seek medical treatment in big cities, but they can’t enjoy the same reimbursement standards, and there is also the trouble of returning to their place of origin for reimbursement (although there is an off-site reimbursement policy). That being the case, in the context of encouraging childbirth, why can’t the elderly who have given up their leisurely old age in order to take care of their grandchildren can live more steadily in the first-tier cities and have no worries about the future?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This policy may be more effective for the elderly in remote districts and counties, children in more suitable large and medium-sized cities, and there is no one to take care of the elderly, and if the local policy allows, the parents are willing to settle down where their children are located. some. For example, for me, even if the Suzhou policy allows the elderly to settle under the names of their children, it is not appropriate and unnecessary. I am currently registered in Suzhou, and my parents are registered in Beijing. (My hometown is in Hebei, but my dad worked in Beijing after he was discharged from the military, so my registered permanent residence is in Beijing. My mom moved to Beijing with my dad) and asked them to change their Beijing registered permanent residence to Suzhou registered permanent residence. ,Meaningless. Because according to the current Beijing medical insurance policy, retirees can choose three hospitals for reimbursement, and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University is already in my parents’ reimbursement medical institution. Finally, I don’t have any vocabulary here to say that this policy is mandatory, and I understand what it means to allow two words. What I have expressed is just the appropriateness and inappropriateness, the overall planning and implementation of the local government, and the choices of the respective elderly. After all, Falling Leaves is the thinking of the older generation, and people don’t want to go to a strange place when they are old.

7 months ago

The idea is very good, I am afraid it is not that simple to operate, there are two problems that cannot be avoided. First, social security and medical insurance enjoy the same treatment as the local people, but they are not the same amount when they paid the fee. This difference will cause actual unfairness and unfairness to local residents is also an unfairness. Second, I don’t have the strength to live together now. In big cities, housing prices are high, consumption is high, and medical consumption is high. Many parents don’t even have a pension. Just relying on the phrase “equal treatment” cannot solve the problem at all. I think the key is to eliminate the huge gap between the rich and the poor as soon as possible, improve the old-age care system, and make dependent on the elderly a reality. It is unrealistic to over-expect children. Just look at some Western countries. In this regard, some countries It is indeed worth learning.

7 months ago

Let’s just talk about this question: because of this policy, the supply of medical resources in big cities exceeds supply, what should be done? A large number of elderly people leave their hometowns and go to big cities with their children, so the hospitals in these cities may have to queue patients longer. On the CCTV News Channel’s two sessions in the evening of 20210309, Bai Yansong said that all patients should not be allowed to go to Beijing and Shanghai when they are sick. What my country needs is a balanced development, a balanced distribution of medical resources. At the same time, the original intention of this policy is to address the issue of only-child care, especially between children and the elderly in different places. But I think this does not solve the problem. Aging is a problem that our country will face, or that said, it needs balanced development. The population is flooding into big cities, and nursing homes in big cities are not enough.

7 months ago

As an only child, I think this proposal is quite a kind of “what has been said is the same as what has not been said”, “but it seems that we care about you very much”. First of all, as an only child, because there are no siblings to share the issue of parents’ pension. So it’s just right for parents to follow themselves. Of course, it can also be sent to a nursing home. Some nursing homes have very good facilities and can be regarded as a good place for parents. Then… Parents followed them to the big city, should there be a place to live? Considering that it is difficult for the elderly to rent a house now, we have to buy a new house. Have to eat and drink Lazar… Parents’ retirement wages may have been extremely moisturized in small cities. After all, our only child is basically the product of the original policy pressure-that is, parents generally “eat public food.” . But what about the price difference between these cities? As for medical insurance. In fact, medical insurance is now available all over the country for serious illnesses. Just need to go through the formalities at the local medical insurance. If you go to the top three specialist hospitals in some big cities, what kind of tumor, cardiovascular and so on. There are special guidelines for off-site medical insurance. Although the reimbursement may be a little different from the local area, you can’t go through the door, but in general, the cost is less than buying a house. So, if there is such a policy, those who should take their parents to the big cities will still come, and those who can’t take it will still be unable to take it. It depends on whether parents use “filial piety” to force their children to buy houses in first-tier cities. Want me to say, why bother

7 months ago

Related interests, only child, living in Beijing, my mother is helping me with the baby. Beijing’s policy is that as long as their children have a Beijing hukou, retired parents can settle down with their relocation, but the problem is that, as a foreigner, it is difficult to settle down unless it is within the system or a large enterprise. Even if my husband’s unit can resolve the spouse’s household registration, he still needs to line up according to honors and work performance points. I have been in Beijing for the 8th year, and I just ranked last year. I have waited for more than half a year and have not yet come down. My mother is here to help me bring the baby. Her cervical spine is not very good, her back pain often occurs, her teeth also start to have problems, and her blood pressure is a bit high, but because her household registration has not been turned over, she can only pay for the treatment in the hospital. When it comes to big expenses, such as filling teeth, I usually endure going back to my hometown, which is especially inconvenient. In fact, in Beijing, there are many people in the same situation as me. There are also many elderly people in Beipiao with children. I don’t think it is necessary to settle down with their children. The national medical insurance is integrated, and the all-in-one card is enough. In this way, you can see a doctor in time even if you are sick, and you won’t be dragged back to your hometown to save a few dollars! I am Liu Yiyi 一 There are two babies, if you find it useful, follow me and give me a like! Let us become the best mothers together, and we will not “get loose” on the road of growth!

Last edited 7 months ago by yahoo898
7 months ago

No suggestion for relocation of household registration is inherently allowed. I am going to set up a Beijing household for my parents, but I have been busy recently. It is troublesome to prepare a bunch of materials, but you can do it when you are ready. Many of my colleagues have done it. In such a difficult place for Beijing households, it is a normal process for the only child to apply for household registration to their parents. With the integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, medical insurance can also be transferred to Beijing, but our local medical insurance policy is better, so I don’t want to switch. Relocation of household registration is a very old policy. Medical insurance linkage is a new policy.

7 months ago

Say something else. I know that in some countries, there is a lot of policy care for children and the elderly living together or nearby, which means to promote social stability, reduce social consumption, and improve the effect of solving problems such as pensions. What is the contribution? All are cost-effective. Foreign policies include partial tax deductions, house purchase discounts, cash rewards and so on. I think this idea can be used as a reference. Social benefits, in fact, are the same as doing business. If you invest a little bit and get a good return, you can strongly support it, right?

7 months ago

Under this topic, how can only children and non-only children quarrel? This is not our choice, and to be honest, the childhood and youth of only children are generally much better than non-only children. There is no other meaning. , But for parents of the same income level, the difference between raising one child and raising several children is really too big. The only child has been loved by the whole family from childhood. Many children who are not the only child have envied it, and the future of the parents’ property will be all. I belong to him, there is no inexplicable property dispute, there are really a lot of things missing. The only thing that is not easy to deal with is the issue of parents’ pension. If this proposal is passed, the pressure should be relieved a lot. I am not alone. I am also sour. Why have I been young? In the end, all the benefits are occupied by only children, but I am more happy for them. After all, when looking for objects in the future, there will be a wider range of choices. I used to not dare to find only children. If you pass, you can find it with confidence. After all, you don’t need to. It’s a bit weird to think about the problem that his parents live far away and it’s not easy to arrange it, but I do seem to benefit from it.

7 months ago

Please pay attention to the problem of the parents of active military personnel who are dependent on their children (only children) and settle down. I am an active border guard and his family members are registered in Qingdao. After marriage, 3 families emptied more than 6 wallets to buy a commercial house in Qingdao, which is shared by the husband and wife. . In the 1980s, my parents responded to the national family planning policy and had only one son. Now I am sick and sick. (My father had to undergo surgery for varicose veins on his left foot, and my mother suffered from otolithia. He fainted in the field for a long time and no one found it. Blood sugar, coronary heart disease), need someone to take care of. However, there are no two perfects in the world, and how loyal and filial can achieve both. Because he is an active military member, his household registration has been cancelled, and his parents are limited to their own children. As a result, the parents settle in Qingdao (enjoy local medical insurance) and let their family members take care of them. The idea of ​​filial piety cannot be realized because of the policy. The elderly and sickly parents sent their only son to the national service after responding to the family planning policy and left unattended.

7 months ago

I am from Shanghai, and I have been concerned about some Shanghai settlement policies before. According to my understanding, I think this is an upgraded patch of Robbery. Shanghai issued a policy last year, as long as you graduated from a designated university with a bachelor’s degree, you can directly apply for settlement. This can retain a large number of valuable talents for Shanghai, but what about the elderly who have settled in Shanghai? This is a big problem! So simply change the path. When parents come, their children will surely get married and have children in this job. Then the purpose of this policy is obvious. Now that the aging and declining birthrate are obvious and it is impossible to alleviate it in the short term, the most direct way is to directly grab people. It doesn’t matter if you are young, you have to buy a house anyway. Buying a car, what about the pension you mentioned? The millions of people who bought a house have invested in it. The retirement fund is a trivial matter. If you try to extend the retirement age, everything will be solved logically. So, the key is that everyone is willing to come! As long as there are many young and middle-aged people here, aging will not be a problem. As for aging in other places, it is someone else’s business. In some relatively poor places, you may wish you all move out and save money on finances. How great! This is to borrow from Xiang Tian for another 20 years!

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