After watching the ending, I’m quite confused, not to mention the small bug, this is the main line of the plot.It is his idea to increase income, saying it is to “fish”. I thought he was trying to induce Qin Lao to take the edict from the first emperor, but I didn’t think it could really use the old cloth. As a result, Zhuhe Pai won, and Suibu was almost used, so Ning and Qin were wrong in their judgments at the beginning?Fang Tianlei is obviously related to him, and Fang is of the Yasukuni faction. Let’s say that during the war, the Taishi sent slack in the battle and led to the defeat. It all showed that the Taishi was treason, but in the end it proved that he was only the master and the faction, and was rashly beheaded. This is more confusing. If only political opinions differ, none of them can be considered a villain.

Throughout the TV series and interpretations we have watched, you will find that most of the role of Taishi is not a decent person, such as the well-known Taishi Gaoli, Taishi Pangji Pang, Taishi Cai Jingcai and so on. And here He Yuan Chang He Taishi, naturally, is not a good person, as the biggest villain of the whole play, “making troubles” is normal! Taishi He, who can be said to be the most compelling appearance, was promoted in the most hasty way! When the Taishi first appeared on the stage, he sat firmly on the Diaoyutai, taking the world as a chess game, ready to stir the situation, and everyone under his hand was a good player who was greedy for money and lust, chasing fame and fortune. If the Supreme Master does not move, it will be shocking. Far away, thousands of miles away, the violent storms of Jiangning City can be disturbed. Deep in the mansion, it can determine the situation above the court. He was the man standing behind the emperor Zhou Zhe, the biggest enemy of Qin Siyuan’s life, an activist who neglected to fight for peace, and the number one sinner in the defeat of the Northern Expedition! He is also the tool person who has the least room for use in the whole show! And his purpose is just to make some money! Do you dare to believe this? Really, King Jingze, a one-foot-year-old cloth can be a traitor to the country! He fished out the two edicts of the first emperor in the hands of Qin Siyuan, and sent the ministers of the first emperor to the court one by one. He single-handedly planned the failure of the Northern Expedition and Qin Siyuan’s death, but he bowed his knees above the Jingguo imperial hall, and was slavish. Apparently, the head fell to the ground, and his life died in Huangquan! It’s really fate to make people, and retribution is unhappy!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The logic of this play is very shallow. What is the Taishi doing? He is fishing. Did he go to court? No, why, because the main battle sent Qin Xiang to stay in Jiangning, then he will lead the Taishi to go to court and court. If the power is not balanced, the emperor will support the main war faction to maintain the balance. Therefore, with the increase in income, send someone to Jiangning to beat Qin Xiang. If you don’t come out, this time you will make peace. So Qin Xiang wanted the bait, Taishi caught the first fish, Qin Xiang, and then Qin Xiang handed over the first emperor’s will 1.0 and Lin’an Gunpowder Depot. This is the second fish to get back to Qingyun Six States. It is the political correctness of the Wu Dynasty. The faction can’t go against this trend, so the fight must be played, but it must not be allowed to win. Therefore, Fang Tianlei attacked Lin’an. Then, the Taishi instigated Qin Xiang to discuss peace, and Qin Xiang handed over the first emperor’s Will 2.0. This is the third fish. Qin Xiang is a mortal situation. The logically perfect strategy and arrangement. From then on, the Wu Dynasty emperor and his ministers will be separated from the morality. From then on, it is to discuss peace and take power. Gloved

7 months ago

Taishi He’s options and problem-solving ideas can only be guessed from the changes in the current situation and the intentions. You think that the emperor of the Wu Dynasty took Song Gaozong’s script to read Yue Fei and Qin Hui’s fighting method, but in fact-He Taishi in the eyes of the emperor: Yan Song in the eyes of Jiajing + Aozhongtang in the eyes of Kangxi. Qin Xiang in the eyes of the emperor: Chao Cuo in the eyes of Emperor Han Jing + Yuan Conghuan in the eyes of Chongzhen. Yasukuni in the eyes of the emperor: Cao Cao in the eyes of Sun Quan (before the Battle of Chibi) + Zhao Kuangyin in the eyes of Li Yu (innocent). Fang Tianlei in the eyes of the emperor: Hong Xiuquan in the eyes of Xianfeng + Boxer in the eyes of Cixi. The emperor needed Zhuge Liang (including inventor) in the eyes of Liu Bei and his sons. Unfortunately, he could neither be Liu Bei nor willing to be Liu Chan, so he couldn’t wait for Zhuge Liang. Therefore, Taishi He has to make a way out of the alternative scripts of Yan Song, Yuan An, and Zhang Zhao. If Yan Song doesn’t go well, Heshen, Yuan Ang doesn’t go well, Li Si, and Zhang Zhao doesn’t go well, it means Obai, dressed as nine thousand. The year is not good enough, and Wang Zhen’s position has already been taken. Similarly, whether Qin Xiang takes the scripts of Zhou Yafu, Zhou Yu, Guo Ziyi, or Zeng Guofan, it is relatively not that complicated, he does not need to think about twists and turns, and he will not be Yuan Chonghuan. Waiting for the emperor to send out the group signal, he will be reckless! In addition to these, the people under Taishi’s hands are also restricting his options for scripts. After all, “Millions of Waterworks, Food and Clothing Department” cannot be chosen by nature, unless this set of “Work Department” no longer needs this spokesperson. …

7 months ago

The main battle is still the main peace, but the stand is different, there is no difference between good and evil. If the Taishi is just a courtier of the Wu court, there is no need to play a traitorous look, but at first glance it is a villain. Moreover, if he is devoted to Wu Zhao, from the perspective of the situation, there is no reason to seek peace, not to mention that he is not seeking peace, he is simply surrendering. At this time, Jing Guo and Liang Guo had just finished fighting, and their vitality was greatly injured. Wu Chao was fully prepared and had a great advantage, and he didn’t have to fight with others, he just had to fight back to Qingyun Six States. You can say that General Dong can only draw with Yasukuni five or five in the end, and he may not win. If you don’t want to take this risk, it is better to make peace. But it was not like this at the beginning, this situation was created by the master. It was he who let his military commanders passively slack off the battle, have been losing the battle, and finally directly surrendered to the enemy. The difference between one and the other has become a five-five-five match. Originally, the Wu Dynasty had a great advantage. Originally inferior, it is reasonable and reasonable to reconcile, and it is originally an advantage. What is the rationale for finding ways to make the inferior and reconciling? It can be seen that the purpose of the Taishi is not at all to lead harmony, righteousness is only his tactics, not strategy. Assuming that he is not an undercover agent, then his purpose can only have two kinds. One is to take advantage from the enemy country, and the other is to take a kickback from the tribute. In my opinion, neither of these purposes is tenable. A traitor at this price, his purpose is either to seize power, to become the emperor himself, or to be the emperor in the air. Just want some money, isn’t it too superficial? So he can only be an undercover agent. What did he do after meeting the Emperor Yasukuni? Five-body cast. Ning Yi, who has no rank, just made a bee, Wu Chao Taishi? ? ? Then what did he say? “I listen to your Majesty’s dispatch, and I am here to discuss the terms of agreement.” “Your subordinates are loyal to you.” Listen to your Majesty’s dispatch, your subordinates are loyal. Isn’t this straightforward? This wolf blew himself up, still need proof? And he was called Your Majesty. With reference to Ning Yi, Ning Yi called Emperor Jing as His Majesty and Emperor Wu Dynasty as His Majesty, which means that he is His Majesty only when he calls his own emperor. Na Baili Hongzhi is the emperor of Taishi’s own family, the real master, so he is called Your Majesty. Therefore, even if He Yuanchang is not an undercover agent, all he wants in his heart is to surrender to the enemy. I think the former is more tenable, because he was already a great teacher in the Wu Dynasty, and the emperor still obeyed him. What reason does he have to hold Bailihong’s stinky feet? What can I give him? Money? After knowing that he is an undercover agent, there is no need to analyze it. What he did was very clear, that is, what Wu Chao wanted to do, he would do all kinds of sabotage, so that Wu Chao couldn’t do it. Suibu changed from Lin’an to Jiangning, it should have the meaning of fishing. But no matter where it is produced, in short, it is to supply Yasukuni, which is to provide benefits for Yasukuni.

7 months ago

I think most people after reading it thought he was good standing in the Wu Dynasty, why bother to kneel with the enemy? In fact, the Taishi and the emperor were both afraid of Qin Xiang, and the emperor wanted to use the Taishi to control Qin Xiang. The Taishi had known for a long time that the emperor was short-sighted, and that he would die sooner or later, so he made a lot of money in order to treason and go to other places to stay behind. How about Qin Xiangduo nb? I lost the fight a few years ago, and the site was occupied. Apart from anything else, I immersed myself in making weapons. The emperor must know that he made weapons, Taishi knows, Fang Tianlei knows, and high-level officials in Yasukuni probably know it. After being away from the court for a few years, I will fight when I return. I lick my face and tell the emperor that I have a big secret and this battle will be won. Just to say that I am not asking for your opinion, I am telling you! After that, he did that. If he wanted to fight, Wu Chao would fight. If he didn’t fight, no one would fight! You are a master, you look at a mentally retarded man holding you as a gunman, and go to fight a tanker on the opposite side! It’s you, you scold it too! Why not try your luck and go to the opposite lighthouse country! There is still a chance to live! And if there is no protagonist, maybe he will really survive!

7 months ago

Now I welcome Taishi to Bailihong, and Bailihong will surely return me to the Wu Dynasty, and evaluate my reputation. It is indispensable (let me be a) the lowest errand in Jiangning City, sitting on the cow. Cha, the officials followed, interacted with scholar-bureaucrats, and then gradually promoted, still not inferior to a position like Shangshu. 1. Taishi He came to Jiangning to collect Suibu for the masters and factions, and the masters and factions of the Yasukuni and Wu countries saw it and believed them. 2. After the replacement of Wu Chao’s top leader, isn’t the loyal minister standing next to the current leader? In the long run, it is detrimental to national interests, but this Wu Dynasty belongs to others. 3. The first emperor said, “He can take his place.” Qin Xiang gave his edict. This, General Dong really took his place. A friend said that Jiang Ning’s Suibu was fishing for Qin Xiang. I think it’s a good point because Qin Xiang is in Jiangning. Before Qin Xiang returned to the court, Li Gang, the left leader of the court, played the main battle. The best defense is the offense. They should give us the cloth. At this time, who is in charge, and the people under Taishi are not enough heavyweights, right? Therefore, the emperor is not good to agree directly, and to put it mildly, wait for Qin Xiang to come back, and then everyone will consider it carefully. So, when will Qin Xiang go back? The princes could see that the war in the north was a foregone conclusion. Qin Xiang would only leave when the weather was right. Why did he wait for the Taishi’s people to come for a few days before leaving? This was to delay the gentleman Ning Yi. Why have to wait for Ning Yi? This talent is not taken away. First, it is wasted but worried about reversion. In fact, if Ning Yi is in Jiangning, holding Qin Xiang’s dagger, then it will be difficult for the Taishi’s interest relationship to develop in Jiangning, and this will have a geographical advantage. Qin Xiang also took advantage of Li Gang’s rush from Wudu to urge him to go home. It is a pity that the emperor did not stand on the side of the war, did not gather people together, and had a bad comment on OCD. If Qin Xiang didn’t return to the court and the Taishi didn’t come out, the emperor made the decision on his own, and the Italian artillery was pulled out to do it for Laozi, ok? No, the Lord and the one who listens to the Taishi will not listen to the emperor. In the real fight, the violation of Yang Feng and Yin is still light. If you really want to play Fang Tianlei’s card after the start of the war, the main combat faction will only blow up General Dong. When the time is not won, the subordinates think it is the emperor’s fault. If Qin Xiang did not return to the court and the Taishi did not come out, the emperor directly decided on his own, accumulating food and then proclaiming the king, giving Lao Tzu a go, okay? No, the main battle faction listened to Qin Xiang and changed his tricks to beg to fight. Therefore, the emperor had to make a decision after the leaders of both sides broke their wrists. Of course, the emperor also pulled sideways according to his own ideas. The emperor’s Xiao Jiujiu is probably like this, Taishi’s little brother and — Qin Xiang’s little brother is fighting — Taishizhu and — Qin Xiang is fighting — the emperor makes a decision. In fact, it became the master of the younger brother of the Taishi and-the younger brother of Qin Xiang is the main battle-the emperor does not ask about the state affairs. The emperor’s heart: Emperor: I will personally settle the younger brother at this time, it is not a conscientious talent. Who knew that Qin Siyuan had such a horrible matter as the edict in his hand. It was a violation of the rules. It was necessary to use the sword of the previous dynasty to slash the officials of the dynasty. The problem was the will of the emperor himself, and there was no way to refute it. The emperor and his ministers are all long and short in love. The emperor of the Wu Dynasty is full of Qin Xiang, and it really only has a relationship with work and no feelings at all.

7 months ago

Let me open my mind, will Fang Tianlei’s chief envoy be Zhou Zhe? I believe Qin Xiang would have this surprised expression only when he saw Zhou Zhe on the confession. As for the later confession to the emperor, it was written by the Emperor Yasukuni. Could it be changed by the main battle faction headed by Qin Xiang? It was precisely this that allowed Zhou Zhe to agree to send troops. You can’t let Zhou Zhe see that he was in the confession, right? I think it is only in this case that Zhou Zhe will throw the confession in a panic when he sees that the confession is the Emperor Yasukuni. Maybe he originally thought that Fang Tianlei would not be able to confess himself anyway, even if he confessed to Qin Xiang, they could not take what he did, but whoever came up with the idea, instead, the master behind the confession was changed to the emperor of Yasuk, which became the advantage of sending troops to the main battle reason. In this case, as the emperor of Yasukuni, Taishi He, when he saw that Emperor Zhou Zhe of the Wu Dynasty did not want to fight Yasukuni, of course he had to do his best to help. If the emperor didn’t come forward and contact Fang Tianlei directly, he happened to be the link among them and earn years The money for the cloth is to rabble and fight rabbits, and the main purpose is to complete the task of letting the Wu Chao ask for peace given by his master, the Emperor Yasukuni.

7 months ago

Fang is not from the Yasukuni faction but from the emperor and Taishi He. I don’t know why many people don’t understand this plot. In fact, there are many details in the play that hint at this. Fang Tianlei and Dong Daofu are old acquaintances, so the most direct proof that Fang Tianlei and Dong Daofu have worked together in the barracks is that He Taishi said that Fang Tianlei is one of his chess pieces. I don’t know why some people like to attribute Fang to Yasukuni. The blank note that Ning Yi gave to Qin did not contain any words, indicating that Ning Yi wanted to tell Qin Xiang that the master behind the scenes was the emperor of the court. Because the name of the emperor of the country cannot be written on paper casually. The memorial book Qin Xiang showed the emperor wrote the name of the Emperor Jing. One was to force the emperor to march to the north and the other was to tell the emperor cryptically that Qin Xiang already knew that Fang Tianlei’s behind-the-scenes envoy was the emperor.

7 months ago

Do not be too concerned about. The screenwriter of this TV series is so sparse that there is no way to justify it. The reason why a TV series is so good is because the actors can support it. To find the logic of the plot is too much brainstorming. It also proves that the angry banana of the original author of this novel is powerful enough. A dozen of these screenwriters are on top of one person. The son-in-law itself may be as magnificent as “Game of Thrones” and as magnificent as the Lord of the Rings. But the picture taken right now is not much better than Zhugege. Hangzhou (Lin’an) is the first climax of the whole novel. The Hangzhou stage was as miserable and magnificent as purgatory, but now it has changed. The previous business war was not as simple as playing holiday goods. The conspiracy operation is very rigorous. There are also some relationships between people. Zuo Son-in-law is not a stallion, but some female characters of Zuo Son-in-law can only be explained in a polygamous environment. Now Lu Hongti, Nie Yunzhu, Liu Huagua and the like can’t arrange them properly. Taishi He is Cai Jing in the novel. But even Cai Jing’s operation is not as rough as Mr. He Taishi. Forget it. This play will only last for two seasons. It’s not too complicated. Just watch it as a comic drama.

7 months ago

Because you used normal logic to watch this show, it just so happens that the most interesting thing about this show is that most of the actors’ performances are in place and conform to the character setting, but the plot logic is simple and outrageous. Logic BGU is even more per episode. A bunch, that’s why such a fragmentation is caused. Let me cite two examples: 1. Father Su Family. When this old man appeared on the stage, he was full of spirit and calm temperament. I thought he was a founding generation who experienced the ups and downs of the business world and brought down the Su family’s foundation. He is no different than him, not as cute as Xiaochan 2, Qin Siyuan. I remember him saying that Lin An Wusuan was confident and his secret investigators were all over the city, so he was relieved of the Northern Expedition. In a blink of an eye, Fang Tianlei captured Lin An, and later he gave Dong Daofu a trick to enter the tunnel, and the result was three losses. There are a bunch of famous lieutenants left. Yuan Jin’er, a cheap singer, dared to smash an official, and Nie Yunzhu’s former oiran can set up a street stall on the street (there are not a few official second-generation sons in Jiangning?). Let’s go back to the question. What does Taishi He want to do? Simply, it’s just the capitulation faction. He doesn’t want to fight. He just wants to maintain the status quo of paying tribute to stabilize the current political situation, and take the opportunity to accumulate wealth. What’s dead, because the screenwriter wanted him to die. There was no such complicated reason. He used the characters of the original book, but deleted and adapted a lot of plots. This is how it was finally presented. So is the old cloth. There is no such thing as playing fishing. What is said is the task NPC that led to the matter. The purpose is to let the protagonist show off his skills. There is a serious separation between the character’s performance and the actual plot, and there are various unreasonable points. This drama does not need to study the lines and plot carefully, and does not have any in-depth value. It is a drama in which everyone except the protagonist has a halo of wisdom. What normal people can’t figure out is that the scriptwriter did not write a logical error. So simple

7 months ago

I don’t know, I feel that the scriptwriter has broken down. What the Taishi wants is for power to prevail, so he should not serve for Yasukuni. He had the motive to be with Qin Siyuangang, but it was definitely not because he was a spy from another country, but because he wanted to be the real affairs person of the Wu Dynasty. Because of the truth, I think the Emperor Wu Dynasty can give him far more than Jingguo. There is no need for him to cast his mind to the enemy at all. At the beginning, I fought with Qin Siyuan back and forth, and then I went straight to lunch. It was obviously the scriptwriter’s pot. What is even more difficult is that the screenwriter asked the Taishi to send the hostage Qin Siyuan for the hastily finished. What is even more funny is that the emperor personally ran to send the head off. Then the emperor of Yasukuni, a hypocrite, actually let them go back. Isn’t it good to take the emperor of the Wu Dynasty as a hostage? !

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