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First of all, the character of Yu Wang is very suspicious, but he is self-assured. He feels that he is very powerful, but he can’t subdue Meilang Jiangzuo. The prince can’t bear his temper and directly do it. Wang Yu naturally thinks that Mei Changsu can only choose him. He didn’t put King Jing in his eyes at all. Even if he later became a concubine Jing, neither he nor the queen took the mother and child to heart. After all, there was no perspective from God. Next, let’s look at a few early events. At the beginning of the Binzhou land encroachment case, he confided in Qing Guo Gong, but Mei Changsu had not surrendered at the time of the case, and later Mei Changsu specially apologized, saying that he did not know that he had saved the case in Jiangzuo and saved him to Beijing according to the rules of the rivers and lakes. People, honoring the king as an expression of generosity immediately expressed understanding, Mei Changsu also taught him to facilitate the trial of King Jing, and he was praised by the old emperor because of this. There was no reason to question Mei Changsu in this matter. Immediately after the matter of the princess, Mei Changsu gave Yuwangbai such a huge benefit in order to protect King Jing. Naturally, the Yuwang did not know that Mei Changsu was sincerely trying to save the princess and King Jing, but thought it was him. A magical calculation to give yourself a big gift, the trust is up. Needless to say, the case of the corpse in the Orchid Garden is gone. The prince’s house of the Ministry of Households has been broken, the reputation of the king is crooked, and the trust is up. In the prostitute murder case, although it was He Jingzhong from the official department of the king and Qi Min from the criminal department, the king was still a little arrogant. He never thought of asking Mei Changsu from beginning to end for this kind of “family ugliness”. Instead, he wanted to solve it by himself. As a result, he filled in two Shangshu books. Mei Changsu picked himself up clean. Afterwards, Yu Wang also reflected that he would run to Su’s house more in the future, and his trust level increased. At the end of the year, Mei Changsu put forward the court ceremony, which clearly raised the status of the queen’s maternal mother and made clear the prince’s status as a concubine. In fact, he was paving the way for King Jing, who was also a concubine. However, Yu Wang didn’t know and only saw the benefits in front of him. , I feel that what Mei Changsu said is very reasonable, and also suppressed the imposing concubine Yue. After the trust level was up, the inner prison was murdered. Mei Changsu went one step late and failed to stop him from interceding for Meng Zhi. Wang Yu immediately reacted and valued Mei Changsu more and more, and gradually became somewhat weaker than Qin who proposed this. Dissatisfied, it was also Mei Changsu who completely cut off the people from the rivers and lakes invited by Tianquan Villa, and also kept the position of the queen, the harem did not regenerate, and the trust of the king of reputation increased. It seems that Mei Changsu told King Yu about the private artillery workshop? It’s just that he didn’t expect that King Yu would be blown up directly, and the prince lost his power. The trust level is up and then Xie Yu’s case, not to mention, knocked down the biggest bargaining chip in the hands of the prince. At this time, the trust level reached its peak, and Yu Wang also lamented that he was worthy of being a unicorn. The two great events of Yu Wang’s loss of power in the East Palace and Xie Yu’s exile were completely dizzy. He felt that the position of the East Palace was no longer his own. He did not sink his heart to calculate carefully. At the same time, because Mei Changsu shot a weak person like Qin, As a result of Qin Bianwei’s repeated mistakes, the honorary king was ignorant, and his trust in Qin Bianwei was reduced a lot. Although Qin Banwei had noticed that the power of the reputation was low, he was suspicious of Mei Changsu, but he did not dare to say . The turning point of all is that King Jing added the prince to the prince and the restraint patrol camp. Mei Changsu also said at this time that it was time for the showdown. King Jing Jing competed for the task of disaster relief. In the end, King Yu was scolded by the old emperor for embezzlement and bribery and hurried home (being struck by lightning). Only then did he have to reflect on what he had done in the past year or so. what. Qin Banwei dared to raise his own doubts, and then they joined hands with the shrimp paste, and finally finished playing together. To sum up, Mei Changsu spent a full twelve years on repeated scrutiny. After setting up this meticulous game, he just waited for the king to enter the suit, so how could the poor fishing net find out?


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

If Yu Wang didn’t read the script and the novel and was normal, and didn’t open the perspective of God, he would not doubt Mei Changsu. First of all, Mei Changsu is not an ordinary person, he is the leader of Jiangzuo, a genius of Qilin, and a person who is thirsty for knowledge. Normal people who are okay to doubt the person they desire? Secondly, Mei Changsu was invited by Xiao Jingrui, the kind who came to recuperate, not by himself. Then the king of honour slipped to the king of honour when he was competing with the prince, and it belonged to the point-to-finish kind, not belonging. With regard to these three points, Yu Wang was too late to cheer because of Mei Changsu’s guidance, doubt? How to doubt? Split personality? This is encounter. So how did Mei Changsu attack Yu Wang? Borrow the prince’s hand. The King Yu was frustrated repeatedly. The problem is that the prince was also frustrated. Why did King Yu look for Mei Changsu? It is to hit the prince so that he can get to the top. Mei Changsu was recruited by himself, and he also achieved his goal, why doubt? The subject can ask this question because you have opened up the perspective of God and saw the honorary prince and even Xie Yuxiajiang being played around by Mei Changsu. But the king can fight with the prince to this point, can he be weak? It’s just that Mei Changsu has been planning for a long time, and it seems that he did not do anything until he went to Beijing, but he was actually ready a long time ago. Take the Lanyuan case as an example. The matter has already existed. It was Xie Yu’s problem that Mei Changsu wanted to move out. It was Xie Yu’s problem to find a house, but they found out that it was a bath towel. If you did not open up the perspective of God, how would you think it was designed by Mei Changsu? In fact, only Mei Changsu used it. Therefore, if it were not for the perspective of God, it would not be known at all.

8 months ago

The King Yu said that if he didn’t go one step further, there would be a dead end, but the prince said that he could not retreat even one step. This is where two people compete. A little carelessness is death. In the eyes of King Yu, he was just “frustrated” and his life was not in danger. He had to rely on the foresight of Qilin talents. After the case of He Wenxin’s change of prisoners, Mu Qing said that the crown prince broke the Hubu Shangshu (I don’t remember the name of the old ghost) and lost the court argument, while the Yu Wang lost the Qing Guogong, the Xingbu Shangshu and the officials. Shangshu. It is said that this is going to go away and the other is going to be good. It was Mei Changsu who deliberately let the Yu Wang see that the prince’s Yu Wang “eliminated” and grew up with Emperor Liang. Emperor Liang has centralized power. The Ministry of Households was replaced by Shen Chai, and the Ministry of Criminal Affairs was replaced by Cai Quan. King Yu has no perspective from God. In his eyes, these two people can only belong to Emperor Liang, not King Jing. In the later period, when the Yu Wang expressed dissatisfaction, Mei Changsu always guided the Yu Wang to win the favor of Emperor Liang. The logic is self-consistent and fully integrated with the situation, Yuwang has no reason to doubt. After Mei Changsu and Yu Wang, they did these things: 1. Jing Wang rescued Nihuang, let Yu Wang grab the merits, and got the favor of Mu Mansion. 2. Instructed the King Yu to give up (it was impossible to save) the Duke of Qing, and was praised by the emperor. 3. Turn out the case of hiding the corpse in the Orchid Garden and kill the old pervert. 4. Provided the information of the private artillery. 5. After the private artillery, instructed the honorable king to intercede for the prince, dispelling the suspicion of Emperor Liang and imprisoning the prince. 6. The court talked about the ceremony and invited Zhou Xuanqing (Mu’s favor + great scholar) to help Mu Qing, and respected the position of the honorary king’s adoptive mother. 7. Risking his life to take down Xie Yu. Qing Guo Gong was engaged by political opponents, and the reason for destroying it was his own death. Qiu Ze was killed by He Wenxin. It was Qin’s weak idea to change prisoners, or it was changed without telling Mei Changsu. In the eyes of King Yu, isn’t Mei Changsu taking great credit? The princelings chased and fought hard, and the pig teammate pulled his hips. It was Mei Chang Su Li who turned the tide and made several honorary kings. Why don’t you say that King Yu suspects Mei Changsu? No one without God’s perspective will not.

8 months ago

The most ridiculous thing about this drama is that it idealizes politics. Politics cannot be idealized, but the politics of the feudal dynasty is really not ideal. The combination of decent forces in the whole play is the late prince, and the prince represents an idealized political model. And everyone, including Mei Changsu, walked together for this person’s ideals and grievances. So the question is, the Sajia does not say what kind of bug organization the Jiangzuo League is, nor does it say that the political struggle is a lot of fun. Just say how powerful the old prince’s remaining power is. King Jing (forgot his nickname as Big Tie Niu?) who led the army was first of all the little brother of the prince, and the heroine with military power (the name was forgotten in the play) was also a half little sister. The emperor’s number one bodyguard, the chief guard is also one of them. Plus the think tank Mei Changsu. It can be said that the two people who are vying with each other are only the power in the court. Therefore, the prince’s side just happened to have no power but had a lot of military power (remaining after being purged). Then Mei Changsu’s strategy in the play is to let the two fight each other and then let King Jing develop the power of the court. It is not impossible for the author to play in this mode, but the key issue is still not clear. First of all, can the Prince’s set be implemented? Secondly, Jing Wang Xiao Jingyan (the name is this, come to think of it), besides rehabilitating Mei Changsu and the others, what kind of political continuation did the old prince do? It’s still the home world, it’s still the empire mode. In the end, it was nothing more than the counterattack of the aristocratic struggle. Back to the question, why doesn’t Yu Wang suspect Mei Changsu? Because the king is silly! So what happened to the prince did not see the crux of the problem? The old emperor wants to balance, he is the pawn of the balance prince, and if he kills the prince, then he is the object of the old emperor’s focus. Then Xiao Jingyan would inevitably be supported by the old emperor to deal with him. He didn’t expect this level? Secondly, the old emperor also has problems. Therefore, the prince was able to develop such a powerful force under his nose before he was alive, and he didn’t even notice it. So there is no scum that can be cleaned up if the prince has this level? In the end, the old emperor was able to put his balance and not to force the king to rebel against him? Let Xiao Jingyan dominate? All the characters’ IQ is for the plot, and the plot is for the author, so I can only say that.

8 months ago

It can only be explained by the protagonist’s halo and golden fingers. Even King Yu’s subordinate Qin is as weak as Qin. Before Mei Changsu came, King Yu firmly held several books and the military in his hands. After the operation, King Yu became empty-handed, and the so-called pride is just a reflection of the prince’s moderation. Why doesn’t King Yu himself know? And why doesn’t Qin Banwei directly remind Yu Wang, because the protagonist makes Qin Banwei’s information repeatedly wrong, and Yu Wang is as “serious and unkind” as his father. The trust Qin Banwei has cultivated for many years has no longer existed-for many years. The cultivated trust does not exist, so why can’t Mei Changsu, who has been here for a long time, question it? Mei Changsu’s so-called great contribution to the honorary king was to bring down the prince’s power. The prince’s loss of power is not only beneficial to the honorary king, but also to the king of Jing. This kind of thing, unexpectedly, after the king of Jing was on the throne for a long time, it was reminded by Qin as weak. Yu Wang, Yu Wang only knows? The so-called “Nine Dragons seizes the prince”, is the opponent more than a prince? If the king of honour is in the dark, there is no doubt that someone else who wants to seize his protagonist will target him. It’s good to say that the king of honour Minghuanghuang has fought with the prince for so many years, and the king of Jing has been on the throne for so long, and the case of Qingguo has been repeated. Minghuanghuang has a relationship with the Jiangzuo League, but the king of Yu has no defense against King Jing and Mei Changsu? After reading the answers, I found that many respondents who think that Langya Bang’s so-called “management” are reasonable and reasonable like to mention the term “God’s perspective”, but sometimes, what do you think is from God’s perspective, not because that thing is really God. But your position is too low, so looking at that thing will look particularly high. To give a simple example, many people say that the six books of Shangshu were replaced by Mei Changsu for a round. The emperor did not expect that it was Mei Changsu’s role. It was because the six books of Shangshu fell for a legitimate reason, but after the fall of the prince, the emperor’s attitude towards the honorary king changed. It was cold, and began to support King Jing, because the King Yu let the prince’s wings be broken without the help of the emperor, but there are legitimate reasons for all the wings to be broken, the emperor is still afraid of the King Jing-but the same thing When it was changed to King Jing, the emperor lost his mind and didn’t know anything? All the honorary kings knew that Shen Chai and Cai Quan were obviously close to King Jing, but the emperor didn’t know? This is how the author forced the emperor’s wisdom to show how clever the protagonist’s “strategy” is. When the emperor needs to be suspicious, the emperor knows that the prince who has already defeated the prince will be suppressed, and he needs to support the king to form a new balance. When the emperor does not need to be suspicious, the prince’s reputation of the king is gone. After the people of King Jing, King Jing became a prince again, the emperor forgot to guard against King Jing, and should he support a new king to balance? This is not to open the golden finger and the protagonist’s halo?

8 months ago

First, there is a preconceived reputation issue. In terms of theoretical knowledge, Langya ranked first, Jiang Zuo Meilang. Langya Pavilion claims to know world affairs, and the list evaluated by Langya Pavilion has always been convincing, which shows that Mei Changsu’s ability is recognized by the industry. In terms of practical experience, Mei Changsu helped the six princes of Yan State to succeed him as the prince. These six princes are notorious for having nothing. The ability to support such a person to the position of Chu Jun shows that Mei Changsu has Really learned. So even if there were some problems in the front and suffered a loss, it could not be denied that Mei Changsu’s ability was a problem. Second, it was the opponent in the eyes of King Yu. At that time, there was only the prince. The prince and the king fought for power, and the abilities of their opponents and their own were fluctuating one after another. In Yu Wang’s view, the prince’s subordinates were being deleted all the time. He didn’t think that Mei Changsu seemed to be helping him, but he was actually helping the prince, because the prince sent someone to murder Mei Changsu, and his brother Su also came from Ning Guohou. The house moved out, proving that Mei Changsu has no possibility of helping the prince. That Mei Changsu traveled all the way to Beijing with only one purpose, which was to help him win the power. After confirming that Mei Changsu was sincerely helping herself, and with Mei Changsu’s strength guarantee, even if there was some loss in front of him, the prince did not get well. Knowing that he is not doing well, I will be doing well. At that time, the fighting was fierce, and people often didn’t quite see their own gains and losses, but instead wanted to kill their opponents. On the contrary, after calming down and taking a detailed inventory, he realized that the prince was also being played by both sides. The third is Mei Changsu’s clever means. He didn’t directly endure all the things he made King Yu stumble. Some news that he was inconvenient to directly tell King Yu was conveyed through Qin’s weak eyeliner. In several major incidents, he also grasped Yu Wang’s state of mind. If King Yu would still believe him at that time, then he would just click it to make King Yu feel irrelevant, so that when King Yu ignored him afterwards, he said that I had reminded you, but you didn’t take it to heart. If he knew that the King of Honor would not listen to him very well at the moment, but would be eager for quick success, he would straightforwardly give the King of Yu the negative advice, and he also knew that the King of Yu would not listen to it, and would fall into trouble because of the risk, and he would do it afterwards. It is fair to say that I have explicitly rejected it, and you did not listen to me. Such as changing death row prisoners. When passing by like this, King Yu will feel that Mr. Su has the foresight, because he did not treat it carefully; when he refuses, afterwards, King Yu will feel that Mr. Su has stopped him and blame himself for impulsiveness, and it will be more next time. Listen carefully to Mei Changsu’s advice.

8 months ago

King Yu didn’t realize that except for the prince, his rivals were all competitors, and King Jing was the most threatening. The few brothers of the Yuwang, the prince is not a weapon, the third is disabled, the sixth has no ambition, the seventh has military merit, and the ninth is young. Do you understand? Look again, the prince is not a weapon (crossed out), the third is disabled (crossed out), the sixth has no ambition (crossed out), the seventh has military merit, and the ninth is young (temporarily crossed out). Do you understand? The old Qijing King is the most powerful/capable, and either wins or kills, but the third, sixth, and ninth are not a concern. King Qi is a big banner, King Jing sympathizes with King Qi, which means that there is a huge potential old King Qi forces that may gather around it. Part of King Qi’s political heritage has been inherited by King Jing; having military merit means being able; King Jing still has political ideals, so it is not about being a martial artist; more importantly, King Jing has the foundation in the army that the king has dreamed of! ! ! The three princes of the Kingdom of Qing can’t compare to King Jing’s half of the arm, behaved, the prince ascends the throne, and Xie Yu can lead the army; the honorary king ascends the throne, who can hold down King Jing? ? ? Don’t even think about it, but King Jing, even his old son, Emperor Liang, dared to do it. You brother counts as a ball? Taking advantage of the emperor’s dislike of King Jing, the priority to be killed is King Jing. When Concubine Yue set up a bureau for Princess Nihuang, what the Concubine Yue said, King Jing didn’t like the emperor, so he killed it. Will the emperor be punished for killing King Jing? King Jing is dead, and you will be abolished again, the third, sixth, and ninth prince, who can check and balance the prince? You don’t need to pay attention to King Jing’s release. Once you enter Beijing and stay in Beijing for a long time, it should be your number one goal. In the “love silk around” place, King Jing completely offended the prince. He was definitely not the prince’s person, and he didn’t get close to the prince. Whose person was King Jing? What does King Jing want to do? As long as it is a prince, who is not interested in the throne, can King Jing be an exception? On the surface, King Jing hijacked the prince, and Emperor Liang was very angry; but if you think about it carefully, the prince has more checks and balances, and the difficulty of the prince’s chaos is greatly increased; while the honour king must do extraordinary deeds, and the king will watch out. ? When King Jing stayed in the capital, it became inevitable that a prince would dare to be disrespectful to the prince. What does it mean? The prince, the prince, and the direction the prince is in is not allowed to have a weapon. King Jing’s disobedience is clearly revealed, and the king is still happy to see the prince deflated and stupid. The reaction of Emperor Liang is normal. . At the beginning, just ask Ji Yu Mei Changsu how to kill King Jing, or how to drive King Jing out of the capital. No matter how eloquent Mei Changsu is, he will inevitably reveal his stuff. But Yu Wang is stupid. Since he is stupid, would it be strange to be played with by Mei Changsu’s applause?

8 months ago

In most stand-alone games, you substitute yourself as the protagonist. The world moves because of you. Other NPCs and even the big devil stay in place for 24 hours and only serve you. All so-called conspiracies will eventually be “smart” and “smart”. It was defeated by the power of “formidable”. Of course you know this is ridiculous, but you have to ignore it selectively, because subconsciously you know that they are just your tools to save the world. This is one of the important “cool” points of a stand-alone game. However, when it becomes a multiplayer game, such as various werewolf killing games, in a closed space with only a dozen people, the ability to obtain information and incitement becomes the core gameplay. At this time, the “idea” or ” “Management” has only begun to show its value. Now back to the Langya list, it is actually a “cool” drama that tends to stand-alone. Then there appeared two kinds of people. The first one: the stand-alone player who replaced himself as the protagonist (or the protagonist’s wife)-what is the king, the prince, but they are all toolmen, I dignified the protagonist, who has returned for many years and drank the strongest wine. , How can you slaughter the most beautiful girl and the fattest cow? The second type: multiplayer gamers who treat other supporting roles as players-this time the team is like elementary school students one by one. I said no one would go to the east when I stood up, and no one would dare to sit when I stood up. ! In essence, they are inconsistent in their pursuit of “shuangdian” and it is obvious that Langyabang belongs to the first type of people in this category, so its irrationality will be selected for the “shuang” point. Ignore or discard

8 months ago

First of all, the people of the honorary king were basically involved in the accident, and basically they had nothing to do with Mei Changsu. The case of the Lan Yuan corpse was discovered by Jing Rui and the towel. The Lan Yuan was selected by Fei Liu (Mei Chang Su Rang) Feiliu went to see the murder case in Jiguan (the time where Wen Yuanbo’s son died). There is no trace of Mei Changsu, including the son of Shangshu who was later arrested by the official, who was also arrested by Xie Yu (although it was revealed by Mei Changsu) (Of) Mei Changsu suppressed the prince and Yu Wang in turn. Yu Wang would only think that his people were not doing things cleanly, and pointed the finger at the prince and then to the back. Mei Changsu helped Yu Wang to kill Xie Yu, Yu Wang also thought that the information about Jing Rui was collected by himself (Mei Changsu asked him to discover it). In the early stage, the King of Honor did not have a God’s perspective, and he did not find anything strange about Mei Changsu. If I were the King of Honor, I might reach 40 episodes. Nor will he discover Mei Changsu’s little secret. In contrast, Wang Yu immediately noticed something wrong after Jing Yan gradually came to power. Mei Changsu spent so many years planning this big case. He thought of everything he could think of. A person has done a paper for ten years, no matter how clever the little chess piece is, his grades are not as good as those of Lin Shu.

8 months ago

Because the author is at this level, it is impossible for the author to portray characters beyond his own cognitive scope. I just read this book at the beginning and can’t stand it anymore, laughing at my own tactics. The basis of strategy is that the basis of resources determines the horizon and the bargaining chip. Only when the resources of both parties in the struggle are similar, it is possible to talk about strategy. There is no doubt that an organization of the Jiangzuo League level of strength will never exist in any country. Those who ask this kind of question, let you see Zizhi Tongjian is difficult for you, Emperor Yongzheng will see if it works? Can the current US elections work?

8 months ago

After all, Langya Ranking is still a “cool drama”. The logic inside is barely justified. When I first watched it, I felt that the protagonist team is invincible. In terms of force, almost all the masters in the show are the protagonists. People, even the only “half-villain” Zhuo Dingfeng, had to be crushed by Meng Zhi, and Fei Liu was at most 64 points. A small butler next to him, Zhen Ping, basically only lost Zhuo Dingfeng and Xia Shouzun, good friend Lin. Chen may not be able to beat Mengzhi, even the main protagonist, Mimei, is a top player in the top few, how to play this? In terms of the military, there is a Nihuang, a Jingwang, and a Mengzhi. The military is not the key point in the plot. Otherwise, even if it is true, there is not much resistance. In terms of ingenuity, the protagonist kills the whole drama in seconds. Unfathomable, even the seemingly naive king of Ji is actually a smart person. Jing Fei can be called the king’s support. IQ kills all the women in the harem. Even the father-in-law has hidden great wisdom and secretly assisted the protagonist. Anyway, he can play with his brain. Most of the people in the game are yours. The villain looked around and saw Xie Yu and Xia Shouzun who can wrestle with several people above them. The two even fight on their own. Are you still playing Nima? In addition, the Jiangzuo League is just like gm. He has the final say. From the imperial courts of various countries to the market sellers, the power network Bitme fbi is awesome. If there is such an organization, it is also Liang Guo, and he has changed his surname Jiang Guo long ago. Well, there is also a perverted setting of thief, which may be overlooked by many people. That is the owner of the protagonist team, the true owner, and the loyalty is full. To what extent? You want him to sacrifice his life to protect you. He doesn’t have the slightest hesitation. It’s really scary to think about it. What kind of fairy personality is this charm? Look at the prince opposite, Yu Wang, Xie Yu, Xia Shouzun, it can be said that you have been fighting alone, pitiful, so this play is almost flat A all the way through. It’s just a matter of getting some tricks to justify it. However, as a cool drama with clear and complete logic and well-made, it is indeed of high quality. The actors’ acting skills are online, and I still give it high scores. I often rewrite this drama when I eat.

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