“It is necessary to let Chinese women get rid of the suffering of menopausal syndrome in the latter half of their lives.” Li Xianlan, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, has continued to pay attention to the health problems of menopause in my country in recent years. This year, she put forward suggestions on strengthening care for menopausal women, calling for the establishment of “paid care leave” for menopausal women every year, and measures such as including relevant medical items into the scope of medical insurance.

Li Xianlan suggested that in the current labor laws and regulations system, add special regulations to reflect the care of menopausal women in terms of vacations and overtime. For example, setting up several days of “paid care leave” for menopausal women each year, employers and employers will set certain restrictive conditions for menopausal women to work overtime according to the type of work. Provinces and cities can refine the implementation standards according to local conditions. (Guangzhou Daily)

Women have 3.8 Women’s Day Mother’s Day There are more than ten women’s festivals around the world. Men only have Father’s Day and 11.11 Singles’ Day, which cannot be celebrated on Father’s Day. The most overwhelming thing is that a festival has finally become a carnival. The majority of female compatriots buy and buy a carnival. Who cares about male menopause? Suppose a scenario: If the husband and wife enter menopause together, the husband says to his wife at home, hey, I feel irritated lately, am I in menopause? The wife immediately yelled until she was full for a day, what’s the matter? go away. It’s so hard to be a man! ! ! Let’s first analyze the symptoms of male menopause, lack of energy, insomnia, and dreams: as the age increases, menopausal men’s physical strength declines sharply, and they are very prone to fatigue and sleepiness, insomnia and dreams, and weak back and legs. Grumpy, memory loss: Menopause will have memory, thinking and concentration loss; prone to depression, often indifferent, depressed, pessimistic and disappointed, loss of enthusiasm for life; even spirit Nervousness, impatience, suspicious suspicion, etc. Sweating, palpitations and panic: Due to cardiovascular aging, blood vessel problems such as poor elasticity, hardening, and arteriosclerosis occur one after another, leading to abnormal vascular regulation, prone to facial flushing, sweating, palpitations, headaches and other symptoms. Decreased sexual performance: The decline in androgen levels leads to decreased libido, decreased sexual activity, decreased penile erection hardness, decreased number and quality of night erections, and testicular atrophy. Indigestion, multiple abdominal distension: Male menopausal patients will experience loss of appetite, indigestion, abdominal distension after eating, bitter mouth pantothenic acid, constipation or diarrhea just like female menopausal patients. Obesity and baldness: Between the ages of 40-50, men can cause obesity due to bad habits such as smoking and drinking, leading to three highs, excessive oil secretion, and baldness. During menopause, the most common symptoms of women are grumpy, insomnia and dreaminess. Compared with menopause, the harm is relatively small. Nowadays, the status of men in this society is declining, especially in some areas, such as Sichuan. Please give more care to the male compatriots.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

What is lacking is not fake, what is lacking is correct psychological counseling and medical treatment, and what is lacking is how to guide the society to treat the physiological phenomena of middle-aged women correctly.

Holidays do not solve the fundamental problem.

In addition to female menopause, men also face the psychological problems of midlife crisis. Men’s mental health also needs to be taken seriously and guided.

Discuss issues and make suggestions. Please consider all aspects and attach importance to equality between men and women.

7 months ago

Menopausal care is indeed necessary, but not only women need care during menopause, men also have menopause, and should not be excluded from humanitarian care. It’s not about caring for women’s menopause, but – people’s menopause need to be cared for. In fact, it is not easy for everyone to accept their own aging and the fact that they are no longer young and will eventually leave the world. Menopause is a very difficult life stage for everyone. This suggestion seems to fight for women’s rights, but in fact it still fails to achieve gender equality, implies gender discrimination, and does not jump out of the nest of women as weak.

7 months ago

For companies, any suggestion that only talks about holidays without mentioning how the company solves the employment problems caused by the holidays is nonsense. The only result of this plan is that the company will find a way to fire you before you reach menopause. Not to mention many small companies, there are not a few people in total. If you take a vacation alone, a considerable part of the company’s business will be paralyzed. Even many large companies are a pit of a carrot. If you are not today, your colleagues will have to help you top it, and it is the kind of uncomfortable top. I don’t know if the mood of menopause will be relieved at that time, at least the relationship between colleagues is absolutely tense. Of course, maybe some companies are really idle

7 months ago

This kind of care should be less. What kind of “care leave”, isn’t it just a few days of paid leave a year, what can it be used for? For female individuals, the fundamental problem cannot be solved at all. On the contrary, employers are even more bored with this kind of title and find it more troublesome to hire female workers. It will only make women more discriminated against in employment. Besides, as long as your women have menopause, the men have not reached a certain age when they are tired and irritable? You do this kind of seemingly “privileged” thing to care for women, but it makes men feel that “you women are not seeking equality at all, but are seeking privileges.” Rather than engage in such fancy and useless things, it is better to extend the maternity leave for males to help new mothers with their babies. It is better to increase the compensation for injuries and illnesses of workers in the workplace, such as lumbar disc herniation and many other occupational diseases, so that the community and animals are irrelevant. Men and women actually get benefits. Not only will these not cause gender antagonism, but they are also beneficial to the working people of both men and women. Isn’t it fair and practical than the “privilege” of paid leave for more than a few days in a year?

7 months ago

As a company boss, on the one hand, you have to spend your own money to subsidize the cost of women’s pregnancy and childbirth. On the other hand, you are faced with the unspoken social rules that do not discriminate against women and that men and women are paid for equal work. If you are facing a menopausal holiday, will you still have a menstrual holiday in the future? In the future, there will be more children, men and women will have the same vacation, and the vacation will be extended. So, do you choose to hire a male who does not have menopausal vacation or choose to hire a female worker who has menopausal vacation? These so-called holidaymakers, are they caring about women’s work and living environment/or pushing women into unemployed? I suggest that women’s maternity leave and men’s maternity leave should not be borne by the company. The state can stipulate women’s pregnancy leave and maternity leave, whether it is one month or 12 months, but I suggest that only basic wages should be paid during pregnancy and maternity leave. This part of the salary is paid by the state. Where does the money come from? First, pregnancy and maternity leave insurance should be set up. It is public welfare. This money comes from here. On the other hand, he is not only paid by the woman. After all, the child is a family. , Men and women have sex together. Men also enjoy the same vacation. If you take a one-month or three-month vacation, I suggest that it can be extended to 12 months in the form of unpaid or low-paid basic salary. The job and position must be retained within 12 months, and after 12 months Deal with it in the form of a contract. For example, if you still want to take care of your children after 12 months, you can keep your job or position without pay. At the same time, women who take long-term vacations can request additional training programs, which are allocated from unemployment benefits.

7 months ago

I just made a proposal. Women graduated with maternity leave for 6 years, graduated at 22, married at 24, gave birth to babies at 25, gave birth to three babies, and reached 43 years old in one go. Finally, they did not have additional “benefits” and worked fair competition with men. Give menopause leave? The suggestion is also 6 years. When I finish all my vacations, I will be 49 years old and I will be the “best age to fall in love” as Zhao Xiaohui said. That year was the year before my retirement. I had a job, but I had a leisure time, and I still had a salary… It was really going to be implemented. I can only remove my ovaries and provide relevant certificates. I just want to get an ordinary job and earn a share. The salary that I’ve seen, marry an ordinary man who’s seen me, and give birth to an ordinary baby (one!!), that’s it…

7 months ago

I think it is very good, and it is a proposal that can really fight for the rights of women. But I think this is far from enough. We all know that women are naturally not as strong as men, so we need a multi-pronged approach to better protect their interests. For example, the labor law can be divided into two parts, labor law (male) and labor law (female), labor law (male) can be implemented in accordance with the existing labor law, and labor law (female) must be more refined Modifying the eight-hour work system, for example, because women have relatively poor physical strength, it is unfair for them to work eight hours. You can consider changing it to four hours, and they can go shopping and spend more time. To a certain extent, it can boost China’s economy, increase GDP, and drive internal circulation, which is good for the country, society, and themselves, so as to achieve a win-win situation. For example, high temperature subsidies, women’s fine skin and tender meat, are the same as men’s. The subsidy is naturally inappropriate, so on this basis, an extra high-temperature vacation for women can be given. It can be based on the student’s summer vacation standard. During the vacation, they can go shopping and consume, which can boost China’s economy to a certain extent. , Increase gdp, and promote internal circulation. It is good for the country, society, and themselves, and it can achieve a win-win situation. Moreover, I think many departments have called for students to reduce their burdens, but I think they have not caught the society. The root of this, because the burden of students is not as good as that of women. In addition to making their school days easier, they will not help the society or the country at all. Only with the freedom and happiness of women can society truly become equal and harmonious. .

7 months ago

It is necessary that menopausal women need care, and at the same time, middle-aged men also need care. I suggest setting up paid care vacations for impotence men to send warmth to the majority of middle-aged men. When people are middle-aged, there are old and young people, and work pressure is heavy. If they are not careful, they suffer from unspeakable hiding and lose their former spirit. The pain caused by impotence to men is unspeakable, and the wife is at its peak. If the work is too busy, the pressure is too great, and the communal food cannot be paid, it will seriously damage the relationship between the husband and wife and ruin the happiness of the family. There is a saying called home. He Wanshixing, middle-aged couples are the mainstays of the society, and only when they have a harmonious relationship can they build a well-off society together. Give the impotence middle-aged man a paid vacation, relax, exercise, awaken the man’s third development, and regain his power. It can not only rebuild male self-confidence, but also enhance male vitality, so that work is no longer dull and radiant. Work is as compact and orderly as the trousers are stuffed into the socks, stable and free, give him a rest for dozens of days, and return you to a miraculous company after returning.

7 months ago

No need, how long is the menopause? How much are the holidays? Now that there are so many large and small festivals, adding more holidays may make companies even more dislike hiring female workers. Under the influence of the epidemic, a smaller company may have to postpone wages for one month after the Spring Festival. As far as the company is concerned, there is no income from rest, not to mention paid vacation. Secondly, a short vacation does not have any effect on the long menopause. The effective way to really solve the problem of menopause is to reduce the overall work pressure and increase the marital happiness index. However, as far as the country’s rapid development is concerned, the pressure on work is only increasing, and the embankment must be eliminated at all times to keep learning and enriching oneself. As far as the Marriage Happiness Index is concerned, under great work pressure and under the background of most partnership model marriages, it is easy to cause various family conflicts, not to mention, it is more helpful to advance and aggravate menopause, so I think it is necessary to reduce menopause to people The focus should be placed on psychological guidance and education. Also, men also have menopause, blindly paying attention to women makes people feel that crying children have milk to drink

7 months ago

I don’t agree. I always feel that some recent operations are aimed at killing women, such as increasing maternity leave for female employees and increasing paid care for menopausal women. From the perspective of enterprises, the cost of recruiting female employees has greatly increased, so it is conceivable that , How many people are willing to hire female employees? The heart of Sima Zhao? I don’t know why anyone wants to push back thinking and imprisonment? Are you afraid that women’s independence will seize their resources? But the independence and liberation of women is actually the independence and liberation of human beings, and men and women should not be opposites.

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