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Education, there is a set of unique knowledge, called the mountain to fight cattle. Basically most of the educational scenes and educational problems are carried out by this method. Many parents and new teachers only know to charge their children hard. Going home and yelling at the child at class, yelling at the child, and then getting sick. I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with doing this with the child. Is it just to experience being the tyrant in other people’s lives? The legendary addiction? Regarding self-discipline, we can actually look at it from the adult world. What do we adults rely on for self-discipline? “Law” + “Ethics” In fact, in the identity of an adult, we will find that law and morality are internalized into cognition. There are no slogans everywhere, but there are boundaries in mind. The self-discipline we want is actually this kind of internal drive based on the establishment of external rules. He can ultimately limit himself, supervise himself, and drive himself. How to achieve it? At this time, it is necessary to mention “strike a cow across the mountain”. Because of the internalization of rules, the key lies in the establishment, implementation and supervision of external rules. It is not the children, but the parents and teachers. Not at the time, but in the past and the future. 1. The establishment of rules-objective, rational, and strict reward and punishment rules should initially be based on laws and regulations. Once children can perceive the world, they should be strictly enforced, as if this thing is born in the world. Bottom line: Strict punishment for theft, molestation, snatching and destroying other people’s property, cruelty to animals, etc., is the bottom line of the law. This kind of suggestion is directly corporal punishment + conversation + long-term supervision, and then it is necessary to ensure that it does not appear again. Moreover, this kind of bottom-line education starts in kindergarten, rather than when your child enters the society quickly, only to discover that he will commit a crime. Punishment: clear rules, clear means, clear scenes and clear goals. Parents are basically abusing punishment. Standards change with mood, and they may lose their temper. Punishment regardless of the occasion. After losing their temper, they will be gone. Waiting for the children’s inspiration As soon as the initiation is given, the child does not change at all, and then the parent becomes even more angry. This is the vicious circle. First of all, parents have to understand, what should be punished? Scene 1: My child scored 66 points in the test, which should not be punished. Because the exam is a process control link, it is used to detect the comprehensive situation of the previous knowledge learning. Compared with punishment, students need more confidence + objective problem analysis, so as to better complete the later stages of learning. Parents need to help students establish concepts: to get results, analyze, continue with the next step, rather than vent their emotions. Scene 2: My child did not write homework, which needs punishment. Because this is the obligation and responsibility above the student status. However, the punishment is based on asking the child’s work pressure and specific reasons. If the child has not completed it unilaterally because of the child’s implementation problems and the sense of responsibility, a small punishment is needed. And, after the punishment, it needs to be supervised and the choice is emphasized. In the next round, when the children do well, reward them and cooperate with the principle of strengthening. Secondly, punishment requires means and correct process. Punishment is not to beat and scold, but to solve the problem, be objective and rational, and exclude emotions. Preparatory work: understand the punishment scene, know what should be punished and what should not be. Understand the means of punishment and know the consequences of various means. Understand the child’s character and know his minefields. Objective analysis: Don’t get angry when you encounter a problem, ask the child about the situation, understand the background, and make a reasonable attribution. If it is not the child’s problem, the child will not be punished. Implement disciplinary action: After analyzing the reasons, the child must be convinced to carry out a reasonable disciplinary action, and the punishment is within the acceptable and achievable range. And, punishment is only task-based, such as completing an additional test paper, rather than insulting. Follow-up supervision: supervise the consequences of the completion of the punishment, and continue to pay attention to whether there are similar situations within a quarter. In the early stage of the punishment, the child will consciously not be involved in the minefield. At this time, we must give sufficient encouragement to help the child self-regulate. 2. The best punishment is to avoid punishment, and the best way to avoid punishment is to establish a reward system that can solve problems in the reward system. Basically, do not rely on punishment to solve the problem. And, most of the educational issues can be completed with rewards. In short, what kind of child you want, boast the child in what direction. At the beginning, when he had a little sign, he praised him. The follow-up will do better, the praise will be increased, and the scope will be expanded. Gradually, the child will go in that direction. Reward is like sunshine, and human beings are phototaxis. If the reward is sufficient and the parents make good use of the reward as a baton, there is no need for punitive measures to regulate behavior. Oral rewards, material rewards, private rewards, and public rewards all have different effects. In summary, use rewards as a baton, punishment as a bottom-line norm, and build an invisible system of rules outside the child, which is internalized to cognition and inertia. The moral bottom line is more important. This is the source of the internalization of self-discipline. The core of the moral bottom line is actually social identity. Through texts, classrooms, etc., children constantly recognize their own identity, and then clarify their goals in terms of ability and morality within their own identity. What a child sees and the moral system he knows comes from reading and learning on the one hand, such as learning to love parents and understanding father’s love in textbooks. This is the clarification of the moral category of a child’s identity. On the other hand, it comes from social life, especially the demonstration of parents and the people around them. The third move of Meng’s mother actually solved this problem. Children will identify with their identities from the surrounding environment and make clear moral choices. If parents have a very low moral bottom line and often expose low-ethical behaviors in front of their children, then the children should not think of any moral bottom line. Ethics actually helps us to identify the two questions of “what people should do for others” and “who am I and what should I do”. It is similar to an engine, which drives children to complete their self-identification and fulfill their obligations to others. People with a strong sense of morality will drive themselves to build. In general, the solution of educational problems lies not in the means, but in the purpose; not in the present, but in the past and the future; not in what the child is, but in how the parents educate and construct. The reasonable purpose is the reverse, and the reasonable means is the auxiliary, to solve the problems at this stage at the appropriate stage. And, if the parents can’t do it themselves, they are emotionally stable, attributable to reasonable attributions, and have clear values. It is directly recommended not to intervene, and they are done with appropriate encouragement. The more they intervene, the more the child will die.


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8 months ago

Self-discipline refers to self-discipline, so the forced self-discipline is not self-discipline, but hetero-discipline, and hetero-discipline cannot be sustained. My parents and several relatives are all teachers. When I was young, there was a strong learning atmosphere at home. If my test results were not satisfactory, my parents and relatives would take turns in various preaching, so I was very serious in studying since I was a child, and the grades are also good. well. After I arrived in high school, my rebellious period came and I became extremely tired of studying. My grades once fell to the middle and lower reaches. If it weren’t for a lot of changes in my family during the third year of high school, I finally cheered up, otherwise I might not be able to pass the college entrance examination. After I was admitted to the university and no one was restrained, I completely let myself go. For 4 years in university, I almost didn’t take a few classes seriously, and I almost dropped out of school because of poor grades many times. So he is like a beautiful soap bubble, it just depends on when it will burst.

8 months ago

The basis of self-discipline is the recognition of self-worth. A small toy of 2 yuan will be broken when it is broken, and lost when it is lost. No one will care, but an iPhone worth 8,000 yuan will be well maintained. The same is true for children. A child who is persecuted by his parents all day long will feel that he is a child who has let his parents down, a failed child, and a useless child. This kind of child is more likely to slip into the abyss of self-defeating and abandoning himself. Only children who feel that they are precious, that life is beautiful, and who know how to respect and love themselves, have the energy to fight against human nature and overcome inertia. Self-discipline is anti-human. People who can self-discipline must be people with high self-esteem. Many parents don’t like to listen, but this is the truth. Long-term persecution is bound to hurt self-esteem. The core of self-discipline is to delay gratification and assume responsibility. Delayed gratification refers to a choice orientation that is willing to give up immediate gratification for more valuable long-term results. Delaying satisfaction means not coveting temporary comfort, first bitterness and then sweetness, and resetting the order of happiness and pain. For children, it is to finish their homework before they can play. To achieve this, the child needs to be able to face the consequences of not doing the homework and thus assume the responsibility of doing the homework. Some parents are too involved in their children’s study and homework, and then my mother will urge me to do my homework anyway, and my mother will help me check it anyway, so I will play for a while before talking. If there is no adult supervision one day, it is conceivable that the child will definitely play until sleep. If learning is the responsibility of adults, not children, then self-discipline is out of reach.

8 months ago

I think it is. It is not forced out, but it must be consciously cultivated and guided. From the first day of school, my mother kept instilling a thought in me: “Go home after school and do your homework before you can eat.” Of course, we had less homework in that era, so there were only two new words and one paper. Just add a few math problems. As long as you write carefully, you can usually get it done before seven o’clock, and you can watch the cartoon before the news broadcast during the meal. So, when I go home from school, I do my homework first, then watch cartoons to eat, and then play. This has become a criterion formed in my subconscious mind. I don’t have any superfluous thoughts in my mind. My mother is also good at setting an example. She would not watch TV when I was doing homework, and severely scolded my dad who tried to “be strict with me and be more lenient with myself”. Therefore, from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade, these six years have been the most self-disciplined years in my life so far. Every time I think about it, it is a good seedling that thrives, and the future reserve army of Qingbei… One of my classmates’ parents choked off. When school was over that day, I went out with him. His father drove the most prominent Santana in the 90s to pick him up. The middle-aged man with a big head and a rough neck looked nothing like a clerk. He picked up his son and said he wanted to. Take him to eat KFC. This classmate may also have the same simple habits as me. He subconsciously said: “I still have homework to write.” The fake partner yelled, “It’s okay, and it’s okay to go back to write afterwards. The same, as long as it is completed, it’s okay even if you can’t finish it once.” “It’s the same as long as it’s done, and it’s okay if you can’t finish it once.” These two sentences severely impacted my naive Three Views, which I followed before. The principle of “on-time work is bigger than the sky” has been severely impacted. On the way back, I thought more and more rationally, and more and more correctly. When I was doing my homework that day, I was completely absent-minded. It’s over, I’m still a lot short of it, and I don’t have dinner until eight. My mother didn’t realize what was wrong at this time. Six years of successful training has made her proud and complacent and her vigilance declined. As everyone knows, the cultivation of good habits is laborious, and the breakdown of bad habits may only happen overnight. After that, I did my homework, no, I started to procrastinate when I did everything, and there always seemed to be a male voice with Poussin in my head: “It’s the same when you finish it, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t finish it at once… “. By the sixth grade, laziness began to appear in my life. Due to my excellent grades and good homework reputation over the years, I myself have become a VIP exemption product for teachers to check homework. Using this identity, I began to write secretly. I didn’t write the homework, and lied to my mother that it was finished, so I saw the cartoon in advance. With the fluke successes again and again, my courage became bigger and bigger. Many homework began to accumulate large blanks. The whole person gradually exposed the nature of a lazy dog. However, it depends on a solid foundation and a clever mind. In junior high school, my grades did not fluctuate significantly. When my mother noticed something was wrong. I am already a prospective high school student. That year, my mother took me to the new campus of Xi’an Jiaotong University and tried to attract me with the prosperous and beautiful university campus and let me recognize the door for the future, but she found that I was completely People were absent-minded, the bed was not up on time, things were not done on time, and the tasks were not completed on time. She noticed what went wrong and began to try to reverse it. Unfortunately, at that time, I had already begun to rebel. Such persecution did not yield much. Unfortunately, the cause of the lazy dog ​​has been planted, and the fruit of the lazy dog ​​will soon bear. After entering high school, there is a gap in the results obtained by clever brain alone. I created a record of low scores for many years in the city’s key experimental classes. My English teacher has been unable to raise his head for many years. Yeah, things like memorizing vocabulary can’t fool people. How can a person who is not self-discipline learn such a cumulative subject well? To shirk responsibility, all the collapses of the building originated from the fake man who drove Poussin. The deeper reason may be that there is a factor of laziness in my own bones, as my mother often said with emotion: “I’m so lonely. Wanfang, I couldn’t prevent you from becoming your father in the end. It’s really a son, no one can do it.” My father dismissed this and said that he was a very self-disciplined person. It can be seen that conscious training is still so difficult, expecting to stock up, unless the innate self-discipline personality is too strong, otherwise few children can withstand the temptation to play comfortably.

8 months ago

Some children’s self-discipline may be “forced” by their parents, but my children are not. In fact, I was a little surprised myself. The child who was disliked by cats and dogs before the age of five suddenly became behaved after the age of five. I didn’t ask him very strictly, but he just knew self-discipline and asked him to read books. I went to read a book and told him what time to go out. When he arrived, he would definitely put down his toys and go out. He said that he would go home until 11 o’clock if it’s fun. I had a good time with the children, and I would say goodbye to home at 11 o’clock. . I am also really curious. Why is it that other parents always complain that their children are not self-disciplined, so there is no such trouble in my house? Later, my wife prompted me to realize that my child is self-disciplined because I am a self-disciplined person. I am a self-disciplined person. When I say a good time to start learning, I will start learning at a certain time. I say a good time and start to go out. I must prepare before what time. I say that when I get home, I will definitely reach the point. Come back home. If it’s just one or two performances, it may not have any effect on the child, but I have always performed it like this, and I have established a full trust relationship with the child. It is difficult to not become a role model in the child’s mind. Since the parents teach by example, the child will naturally do so. Become a self-disciplined person. Now many parents can’t do self-discipline by themselves, and then they can only try to make their children self-discipline by “forcing” their children. They have nothing to do with their mobile phones, but they also need their children to read books carefully. They are never on time, and they want their children to be punctual. The child is rigorous…how is it possible? ! When the child is not self-disciplined, the parents only hate that their voice is not loud enough, thinking that “force” is the only way to make the child self-discipline. I want to emphasize that “self-discipline” is just a kind of self-behavior restraint, not rigid thinking, not stupid to listen to others’ orders, you can think about everything, but in the end you have to make a judgment on the correct behavior. For example, if you were in class, you should listen carefully in your seat. If it is a self-study class and the teacher is not there, there is an earthquake at this time. Do you still have to wait for the teacher to approve before you run? Of course not, self-discipline does not mean rigid thinking. Children are naughty by nature and like to be lazy. They can think so, you have to understand, you should even allow them to complain, but as a parent, you have to behave like a normal person besides setting an example. You can behave yourself. I have thought about being lazy, and you can also show that you have thought about shrinking, but if you can overcome these thoughts, it is the best example. My child: Dad, I don’t want to go out to play, I want to play at home. Me: Ha, when I was young, I didn’t like going out, and I always wanted to play at home. My kid: Let’s go, let’s play ball.

8 months ago

Yes it is. Let me talk about my dad when he was in elementary school, and once complained to my dad that there was too much homework. My dad said that since he found too much homework and very distressed, he could help me write it. I am overjoyed. . My dad not only helped me finish my homework, but also neatly raced it back into my schoolbag. The next day, the teacher called me to the office. I saw that my homework was full of red crosses, and I no longer complained about the amount of homework. 2 I got up late in the morning when I was studying, and asked my dad to send me to school. My dad took me on a bike and rode slowly towards the school. At that speed, I still remember to this day, I jumped out of the bike and ran to school, and I woke up early every day. 3 When the parent meeting was held, my dad came slowly and leisurely, and I was anxious for fear that he would be late, but when he arrived, he moved to my seat and started to sleep, which made me angry. . . . From then on, I will attend the parent meeting by myself, and chat with the teacher about my learning problems after the meeting. 4 When I came home from school, I often saw my dad playing games. When I asked, I didn’t cook. So I learned to cook very early without being stared at, combining work and rest, and never indulging in games. My cousin got married in elementary school. I didn’t have clean clothes to wear. I only had school uniform on my body. There were stains on my chest because I hadn’t changed clothes for more than a week. I just remember that I was a little inferior that day, and I washed my clothes after I got home. In short, under the guidance (persecution) of my dad, I have been a hard-working and self-disciplined child since I was a child.

8 months ago

The word self-discipline comes from “Zuo Zhuan”: “Zuo Zhuan·Aigong Sixteen Years”: “Wow, sorrow! Father Ni, no self-discipline.” There are also several mentions in the descendants: Tang Zhang Jiuling’s “Relegation to Han Dynasty Zong Hongzhou Cishi System” “: “You can’t be self-disciplined, why can you be upright?” Song Suzhe’s “Xiye Announcement” 15: “I am respectful and frugal, self-discipline by law, it is appropriate to be cautious and quiet, and to supervise the merits of governance.” Ming Li Dongyang’s “Shigong Epitaph”: “Although I have been in the official for a long time, my family will not win, I also self-discipline with frugality, and a lot of changes.” The term self-discipline can be explained like this: self-discipline refers to the absence of on-site supervision , By asking yourself, change from passive to active, consciously follow the appropriate code of conduct, and use it to constrain your own words and deeds. Where is the point? It is to change from passive to active! It is voluntarily! How to do it? Can it be forced? The following is excerpted from a tweet by the American Academy of Pediatrics: When a child is struggling to gain more independence, he needs and wants to feel that he can succeed on his own. Once you give him a chance, he can independently make choices and solve problems, and considering the consequences of the choices, this is self-discipline. This self-discipline is vital to his future growth. So, what should parents do?

8 months ago

If he: wake up in the morning and play games for two hours first, and want to eat at the end of the meal, the toilet paper must be folded three times. Does this count as “self-discipline”? Count. Are parents concerned about this “self-discipline”? It’s not. The self-discipline that parents want is: every morning, you can’t get up and read the book for two hours, and you want to do your homework at night, and you must check it three times after you finish your homework. So the question is not whether the child is self-disciplined, the question is that the direction of his self-discipline is not what the parents want. what is it now? Forcing is indeed a way. What parents want is to “study well”, and the rule given is “study well, you don’t need to be beaten.” The baby’s need is to “not be beaten”, hey, isn’t it a coincidence? Once you have finished your studies, you can stop being beaten. It hits it off and everyone is happy, isn’t it? Except for some problems in the relationship between the baby and parents, the baby’s mental health is a bit hidden, and there are no other problems. What if you don’t like these little hidden dangers? Sorry, then you can only guide your children to have the desire of “I need, must, and must study hard”. Many people think that the premise of self-discipline is to restrain their own desires. The theory is that they are very unself-disciplined and often eat and drink because they cannot control their desires. Dreaming about one day, if you have no desires, your life will become regular, you can go to bed early and go to bed early, and you can change the world. There are such successful cases in history. His name is Bodhidharma Buddha. But is this true for most self-disciplined people? No, not at all. On the contrary, a self-disciplined person is because his desires are stronger and more explicit. For example, many celebrities insist on eating only boiled chicken breast rice all year round in order to keep in shape. Many schoolmasters can light up the lamps all the year round in order to get higher scores. Self-discipline does not become the rule of life because of the disappearance of desire. But only the rules of life can achieve a certain purpose, so they have to discipline themselves. So they essentially used a very strong desire to suppress all other desires. Generally, we regard this kind of desire, the good is called ideal, and the bad is called ambition. Stimulating ideals or ambitions, and then verifying the inevitable connection between ambition and learning is what parents need to do.

8 months ago

In the classic segment of “Party A and Party B,” Boss You, who was tired of lobster and geoduck, wanted to endure hardships. Uncle Ge sent him to the house of his second uncle in the countryside. Two months later, he ate all the chickens in the village. It is difficult for ordinary people to discipline themselves, especially in this era of abundance. Sometimes it is not a bad thing to let children eat some bitterness appropriately. Oral education does not solve many things. Children can only understand by personal experience. Just like Boss You, one hardship is enough. My elder brother has a poor family and is doing a good business from scratch. He never procrastinates in educating children. In the words of my brother, he is “not used to” his children have been sensible since childhood and are very polite. I went to his house for dinner many years ago. I was very impressed. When I entered the house, he knew that he would bring me slippers, watch TV with me and bring me a drink. At that time, he was only 5 years old. I was 16 that year, and I was ashamed of myself. His child did not study well for a period of time. My brother didn’t bother with the child. He sent the child directly to a friend’s hotel as a waiter. He planned to let him stay there for the entire vacation, but he never expected his child. It took only 6 days to go home. After I got home, my brother started to reason with his children. If he doesn’t study well, he will have a high probability of doing this kind of work in the future. After that, his children never had to worry about their parents anymore. Moreover, this child is not vain at all. He does not ask to buy AJ or Iphone. Since I was young, my brother has strictly controlled his pocket money. He often tells his children that he saves money to start a business, buys a house and a car, and does not burden his parents. Many parents nowadays utterly indulge in the words of the car, and learn hard to find a good job in the future. It is indeed good for the children, but is it useful? What is a good job? What is a bad job, does a child have a concept? In the end, the children still dislike your ink marks. Most parents are still reluctant to use the really useful methods. This is embarrassing. Only if they are willing to let their children suffer, children can truly grow up. Just say it or not, parrots can do it. Let’s talk about the little things about eating. Children aged 2-6 years old are generally struggling to eat. Is it a child’s problem? No, it’s the problem of the parents. Parents are not too tired to chase their children and feed them until they are 5 or 6 years old. This is the root cause of the disease. Other people joke a few words, they don’t accept it humbly, don’t think about whether they’re doing it wrong, but also find some funny excuses to cover up, why my child is stubborn, if I don’t feed it, I don’t want to eat, and I don’t want to eat for a day. Don’t say that people who don’t eat 24 hours a day, and those who don’t eat for 5 hours are not hungry, there are only two situations, either falling asleep or taking drugs. There are also complaints that children always eat snacks when they eat bad meals. This is the funniest. Who buys the snacks? Does the child have income? If you don’t buy it, you won’t have to eat it. One of my friend’s sister’s kids are picky eaters, college students, parents cook a table of delicious meals when they’re at home, they don’t eat a bite, and order takeaways in front of them. As a person who has been cooking by herself for nearly 20 years, I can tell from the photos of the dishes she posted in Moments. The dishes are not exquisite but absolutely delicious. This elder sister always complains about her son making herself very angry. Is complaining useful? In the same way, she gave the money for her son’s order for takeout. In the final analysis, she was reluctant to give her son’s pocket money because she was used to all the problems. How to solve the problem of children who have been accustomed to not feeding or eating? Easy to handle, reason with him, parents are very busy, getting up early to cook for you is very hard, and you have to go to work later, if your breakfast is not delicious and waste everyone’s time, you are not allowed to eat at night. He must be confident, because he thinks you won’t do it. At night, he can do whatever he likes to eat, make a big table, let him watch it by the side, and don’t persuade him to cry. Starving him all night, this night must not be soft. After this battle, this problem must be corrected. The reason why children are ignorant is that what parents say is not counted. Parents must do what they say whether they are rewarded or punished. The child has a target score on the test, and he must do it if he promises to buy toys or promises to go to the zoo and playground. No matter how busy he is, he must take the time to do it. Similarly, if the child made a mistake, the punishment he promised could not be distressed, just like Zhuge Liang cut the horse with tears, he would not feel distressed if he didn’t cut it, but the army would not be able to take it. The father of Asian football superstar Sun Xingmin was very strict in his childhood. If you are interested, you can watch the documentary. Is Sun Xingyun fed by his parents for meals? Obviously not. My own cousin is very funny. The last time I went to her house for dinner, I wanted to lose weight and didn’t exercise every day by starving. It was my child’s turn. If I didn’t eat well, I couldn’t bear to change my odor after a meal, saying that I was afraid that the child would be bad for his health. . She opened the shop for a busy day. I was worried that she was tired and hoped that she could change her way to let her children be more independent. So I advised her to say a few words. She also found a lot of excuses to say that her life can’t be the same as before… but his son is not up to Yeah, I slapped her in the face less than two hours after the meal. I went to the kitchen to find something to eat. This time I don’t have to persuade me to feed her. When I was 9 years old, I was cooking by myself. I was cooking the stove in the shantytown. Today, I was chopping and cutting the vegetables. Tomorrow, I will chop and cut the vegetables. There is more salt and the vegetables are smashed… Am I more sensible? No, my dad and my milk are not used to me. Love to eat or not, and do not eat. Parents now attach great importance to education. That’s right, but if a child does not do well in his homework, his grades are not satisfactory and he can’t control his emotions, yelling or even verbal abuse. It’s better to lead by example, don’t play mobile phones after get off work, don’t chase dramas, read every day, and do push-ups and other exercises at home. Parents are the best teachers for your children. If you have a long time of self-discipline every day, your children will do the same. Parents who don’t make takeaways by playing games and playing vibrato meals after get off work, don’t expect to educate children who are sensible, self-disciplined, independent and grateful. It is impossible. During the famine era, there were no children who didn’t feed or eat, let alone fat people who grew flesh without drinking water. It is understandable to deceive others, and it is meaningless to deceive yourself and others. In life, each of us will have many problems that we can’t see. What kind of person will persuade you? People who treat you as a good friend are just like advising you to pay attention to your health and persuading you to change your diet and exercise to lose weight. Ordinary friends who will take the risk of offending you and take care of your nostalgia. Many people in their 30s don’t even understand the truth about the truth. They don’t like friends who can push their hearts and minds, they like those who pretend to flatter first-class people. Those who owe money and don’t pay it back are all such people.

8 months ago

If parents have a high degree of self-discipline and choose to enjoy life while being self-disciplined, it will make it easier for children to understand the truth, that is, only a high degree of self-discipline can achieve true freedom; if parents can establish equality and respect with their children It’s easier for children to choose self-discipline if they know how to respect their children’s autonomy and right to choose. If parents lack self-discipline and are very lax, they just blindly demand self-discipline, it is very easy to arouse the child’s inner resentment and instinctive resistance. Under the circumstances, if the child is very intelligent, he can be self-aware, remove the influence of the original family, and also actively choose self-discipline;

8 months ago

As a primary school teacher, I can tell you responsibly that there are only a few children in a class with self-discipline and real active learning. These few may be of the natural type. Most children are by nature playful, refuse to be bored, and have short attention span due to their own development. Especially in teaching, you will find a phenomenon that children who are accompanied by their parents when doing homework at home are more reasonable than children who are not accompanied, and they are more obedient and even more focused in class. The elementary school stage is a stage of habit formation. At least the first three years need the company of parents in all aspects, then the habit is formed, that is, it transforms into a child’s self-discipline. Early guidance and companionship help children develop self-discipline. The probability of expecting a child to be born with this spirit is too small and too small. Talking about a small matter, the class is hygienic, and there are regular classmates who disturb different sanitation areas every day. Do you think everyone will clean up consciously after the schedule is out? Impossible, some have forgotten, some do not know where they are cleaning, and some are perfunctory. But I spent two weeks tirelessly reminding me and personally check it after cleaning. From the third week, I didn’t need to show up at all, they cleaned it up by themselves. Therefore, the preliminary inspection and guidance are very important.

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