Some time ago, a certain Mr. came to my door and asked me to translate an old German document. It is said that this is the only one in the world. I think my German is clearly inferior to Japanese, and I only know a little about Japanese. This gentleman asked me to translate, probably for some extremely ridiculous reason. Even so, I still read the book he brought. It was actually quite shabby. So when I turned the leaf, I was “walking on thin ice”. I was afraid of paying compensation at the price if I accidentally turned the leaf. I was criticized by Modern Review for treating others in private. Arrogant and rude, there is no way to shirk it. The bibliography is an uncommon word, probably translated into “Necronomicon” (Necronomicon), but since it needs to be in Chinese, following the idea of ​​”The dead is great”, it is translated into a square word like “Book of the Dead” . Chinese literati are often unavoidable from the poison of the “four-character stubborn disease”, but it is really a bit deliberate to have one more or one less. In this way, he didn’t care about the blush of “Thief shouting to catch the thief”, and put it down for the time being. The author of the book seems to be a madman named Ahaz Lid from Arabe thousands of years ago. This is probably a religious book, but it is not a suspicious gang that I am already familiar with. However, the gentleman told me with great enthusiasm that this is really a history book, even though it was written from an extremely ancient time. The gods and ghosts mentioned in the book are all the roles that dominate the world before “people”. I had no choice but to think this was really suspicious. But he told me to keep turning. After flipping through it, I found out that he found me to translate, as if it was not without reason, because some chapters in this book reminded me of a trivial matter from the previous years. At that time, someone told me about a dream: In his dream, he went to a damp city, as if he had just risen from the sea, still misty. The architecture is distorted, especially like geometric figures invented by the ancient Greeks. It does not have the deadly temperament of “carved beams and painted buildings” and “flying eaves against the universe” that Chinese literati have loved for thousands of years. But it can’t be said that there is no such thing as “extreme craftsmanship”. When the street is finished, you can see a god from the old days sitting high on the platform, not as clean as the gods of Westerners, but dark and slippery. The beard is to the face as the tentacles are to the face. octopus. It seems that there are bat-like wings on the back, so this god probably has a good reputation in China. In places like Hungary where bats and vampires are considered to be closely related, they probably won’t. The name of this god is a bit slurred, I think it might be a voice like “Cthulhu” (Cthulhu). This god, according to the words in the book, seems to be dreaming, and he must wake up at some point and be the modern ruler. I don’t care whether this is believable or not. I just want to persuade Mr. Kusuluhu: it is boring to wake up, especially now to be the god of the people of the world, especially the god of the Chinese. Kusuluhu probably hadn’t seen a countryman’s god welcoming game. Although they have the power to live and kill, gods in China inevitably have to pretend to be people who do not respect gods very much, and only respect once a year, and then go to sit in the corner of the ruined temple with the spiritual domestic animals of the tauren and horse-faced people. . The situation that octopuses and bats will have in China is probably the same. The Chinese prefer animals like dragons, phoenixes and unicorns, probably because of their golden color and the fact that they are not really unlucky to witness. So when someone told me that I had this dream, I didn’t take it very seriously, or I forgot it, but three or four people rushed to tell me, and some people came to me with a very mysterious look. Speaking of which, they are all words such as “city”, “damp”, and “octopus”, as if waiting for me to clap my hands and say: “Yes, I did dream it. You dreamed it too. That’s it!” It’s just that I didn’t dream of it. I just noticed that some people had the same dream, but it was just that. It was early spring. The north wind was blowing in Shanghai, and I wanted to go back to my hometown, but S City also heard that it was blowing north. So I am more concerned about the question of how many clothes I need to wear when I go out than this kind of whimsy. And this certain gentleman came to me to translate the German copy of “The Book of the Necronomicon”, also with that kind of “reconsidering” eyes, so I had to tell him, “No, I didn’t dream of it at the time.” He might I was a little disappointed, as if I was about to take away some invaluable paper hat from my head immediately, but after all, there was none. He just told me that he knew the secret of the matter, and only an American named Lovecraft in the world said it, but it could not be published as an orthodox essay chapter, only published in popular magazines as a novel. . So I don’t want to talk about dreams, so I can be forgiven. However, after all, I have never dreamed of it. I asked him who dreamed of Kusuluhu. Said: “Poets and artists.” I asked whether all poets and artists had dreamed. Said: “I don’t know.” So I suspect that maybe it is not a “poet” or “artist” who dreams of this city, but for some other reason, but I don’t have their big and far-reaching ambitions at all. . The gentleman told me later. In this world, long before the collusive dream in the early spring, there are many people waiting for Kusuluhu’s awakening. And there are some in China. When welcoming Chinese gods, people like to wear more of what they don’t usually wear, and they have grimace fish scales on their faces, so they think that this foreign god—or an alien god—will also like it very much. They offered sacrifices to the octopus god with cattle and sheep, grilled, cooked and fried in advance, and added some soy sauce, star anise and other mixtures regardless of the god’s taste. When Kusuluhu re-dominated the world, they could follow the fragrance first. Come to China. But after the sacrifice, he couldn’t help but ate the cattle and sheep first. It is said that when there are no cattle and sheep, there are also worthless babies. I can’t help but shudder. But then I think about it, outside of Shanghai’s streets blown by the north wind, this is very common. Putting aside whether there is an octopus god, some people’s babies finally want to sell but can’t sell them. All in all, if people want to be slaves to Kusuluhu, they will probably like it. After all, a long time ago, we succumbed to being the servant of Genghis Khan, but now we are proud to announce it. There is a great thing on the head, no matter how vicious it is, people will only see their own shadow swallowed by a larger and more complete shadow, and mistakenly think it is their own shadow. So the person who worships Kusuluhu seems to be Kusuluhu, even though he comes from outside and just wants to eat our meat. So I shook my head and told the gentleman that if he wanted me to spread the book, I would not be polite and considerate. Not only can’t, but burn the book now, and feel that there are good reasons. He hurriedly stopped me and let me look at another leaf. It turns out that in addition to recording the history before “people”, this book also has practical significance, such as illustrated books and methodology like “Compendium of Materia Medica”. The leaf he showed me—it was terrible—can allow me to call out the wise men of the past to talk and listen to their understanding and advice on the world today. The misunderstandings and grievances of Mr. Kong’s legacy can finally be clarified. The gentleman said: “What do the wise ancients really think, don’t you want to know?” I thought, but I didn’t think like that. On the contrary, it strengthened my dissent. In my opinion, not only should the Chinese not follow the advice of the dead old people, they should even turn their heads in the other direction and run without looking back. That direction is often completely different from the past, leading to the “future”, although it may not always lead directly to the future where it should go. So some people who claimed to be upright and clear-minded were invited to scold them. Righteous gentlemen must remember to sigh every month that “the world is going downhill.” They always want to have good days in the past, but they really don’t understand what they want. hunger? War? The days of being a slave safely? And these Kusu slaves are not just thinking about the Qing Dynasty, Mongolia, Han and Tang Dynasties, or the time when the Great Yu ruled the waters, but they have to think about going back to the situation of fucking the octopus god. In any case, this is not a way for me to encourage Chinese youth to go. I had to grab the “Book of the Necronomicon”, walk away as quickly as possible, and threw the book under the burning stove. The gentleman was very upset about this and used some stern words at me loudly. There are a few books in my collection, so I followed his hand along with the “Book of Necropolis” to the stove. He said that what I burned was the last German copy in the world, and all that was left was an English copy, which was locked away in the library of an American university and could not be borrowed. He Yomo was really a little angry, and he was really trying to kill the “student stick”, and he sent out some strange sentences like dramas, and pointed his finger at me, and suddenly it was some “jumping gods.” “”, he suddenly said anxiously, “Why didn’t he die?”, and then knelt down again, calling for someone named “Nai Duck Hoof Bodhisattva” to defend him. I had to look behind, but I didn’t see any duck hoofs. After a long time, the gentleman finally thought that he would stop making noise. He said that I really am not a poet or artist, and naturally I am not a “warrior”. The courage to not try for the unknown, the humility of not bowing to the great things, is obviously a arrogant uselessness! After saying this in one breath, he left. I don’t think I should refute him, because he did not make a mistake. I think even the Lovequart whom he mentioned is probably cowardly and arrogant, and he has never had that “artist” dream. Otherwise, he doesn’t have to repeat the words of those artists who have dreamed, it is best to say it himself. Later, I thought about it carefully, and believed that I did not meet Kusuluhu. Fortunately, fortunately! Probably it is because I and all the “Lu Xun faction” wretched elements that I have had trouble with are not qualified to do so!

(Mr. Lu Xun lost his manuscript in his later years-“Visitor with Books”)


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7 months ago

“I’m so stupid, really,” Xianglin’s Wife raised her lacklustre eyes and continued. “I only know that when it snows, the wild beasts will come to the village without food in the col; I don’t know that there will be them in the spring. I opened the door as soon as I got up early in the morning, took a small basket and filled a basket of beans, called us. Mao sat on the threshold and peeled the beans. He was very obedient, and I listened to everything; he went out. I just chopped firewood behind the house, dig out the rice, and the rice was put in the pot, and I wanted to steam the beans. My name is Amao, no Yes, I went out and looked, and saw that the beans were scattered all over the place, and our Amao was gone. He didn’t have to go to other places to play; he went to ask everywhere, and it didn’t work. I was in a hurry and asked people to go out to find. Congratulations, this is the old god who has accepted your child and is happy. Col, but I desperately asked, the villagers found in the col and saw his little shoe on the thornwood.”. . . . I was also lazy and comfortable in this loud embrace. From the day to the first night, the air of blessing was swept away from my doubts. I only felt that the holy people of heaven and earth enjoyed the food and cigarettes, and they were all drunk in the air. Hobble, prepare to give infinite happiness to the people of Luzhen.

7 months ago

If I can, I will write down my regrets and fears for my son and myself. The forgotten ruined house in the guild hall is so quiet and empty, as if it had never flowed at this time. The time after leaving this house is so fast, I love Zijun, and it has been a full year since I escaped from this silence and fear with her. Things were so unfortunate. When I came back, there was only this room left empty. I was imprisoned in the silent fortress of regret and fear that never flowed at this time. There are still such broken windows, such half-withered, intertwined odd-shaped locust trees and old wisteria outside such windows, such square tables in front of the windows, such broken walls, such slatted beds against the walls. Lying in bed alone in the middle of the night, as if I had never lived with Zijun before, the time of the past year has been wiped out, nothing has happened. I have never moved out of this ruined house and founded a hopeful place in Lucky Hutong. Little family. not only. A year ago, this silence and fear were not like this, often with anticipation; looking forward to the arrival of Zijun. In the anxiety of staying for a long time, when I heard the sound of the high-sole tip of the leather shoes touching the brick road, how did it make me suddenly alive! So I saw a pale round face with dimples, pale thin arms, cloth striped shirts, and black skirts. She brought the new leaves of the half-withered locust tree outside the window, so that I could see the purple and white vine flowers hanging on the old iron trunk. But now, only the silence and fear remain, but Zijun will never come again, and forever, forever! …

7 months ago

Lu Xun’s novels can basically be understood as the fact of the evil spirits. Look at the Diary of a Madman, the world view of a person who recognizes the truth of the world, it is Cthulhu. In addition, Lu Xun’s “Medicine”, human blood steamed bread. Runtu, you cannot call his name directly (Yu is the closest pronunciation). On the collapse of Lei Feng Pagoda, he hid in the Fahai of Crabs. A new story…From the Baicao Garden to the Sanwei Bookstore, there are also some side-by-side stories such as Lu Xun’s ever-bright lamp, which tells about the lamp that cannot be extinguished in the mountain village, and a tomb article, the resurrected dead, and the incomplete tomb. Jie…In short, many of Lu Xun’s articles are used directly as Cthulhu, and there is no sense of disobedience

7 months ago

After drinking half a bowl of wine, Cthulhu’s flushing complexion gradually recovered, and others asked, “Cthulhu, are you really the ruler of the old days?” Cthulhu looked at the person who asked him and showed The air of disdain. They went on to say, “Why are you not as good as an octopus?” Cthulhu immediately appeared distressed, and his face was covered in gray. People said: “Ke, you were beaten again.” Cthulhu said with wide eyes, “Why are you so innocent…” “What innocence? I saw you were crushed by a fishing boat the day before yesterday. Cthulhu flushed, the tentacles on his body burst out, and he said something; this time it was all “high-dimensional projection”, “it can’t hurt my body” and so on. At this time, everyone burst into laughter: the store was filled with joyful air.

7 months ago

Lu Xun’s “Madman’s Diary” was originally a classic of “Ke” novels. This is not only because “Madman’s Diary” itself has a very horrible atmosphere, but also because its spiritual core does have similarities with Ke-based novels. “Madman’s Diary” clearly divides two worlds, namely “ordinary world” and “madman’s world”. In the ordinary world, people follow a Confucian ritual life of “gentleness, courtesy, frugality and concession”. Such a life is “civilized” and “rational.” But the extremely sensitive madman sees another world behind this gentle world of appearance. It is a terrifying world of cannibalism. It turns out that benevolence, justice, etiquette and wisdom are nothing but cannibalism. It turns out that my brother is also cannibalism. It turns out that I have eaten people. It turns out that eating people is the nature of this world. A madman seems to be an ordinary person who has lost his san value. He is regarded as a madman because he has seen the truth of the world. This world is so upside-down, it is regarded as ordinary people, but it is a crazy cannibal, regarded as a lunatic, but it is the most sober person. He confronts the cannibal world and tries to awaken the sleeping one. Ordinary people, but in the end they only smashed their heads. So he can only return to the “normal” recognized by the world and cover up his own “crazy”. In the world’s eyes, he is normal, but in his own view, this is just a mental withdrawal and death. Ke series novels follow the same internal structure. It also divides two worlds, namely the “science world” and the “Cthulhu World”. In the eyes of ordinary people, this world is a scientifically prosperous world ruled by enlightenment rationality, but for those who are extremely sensitive to the spirit, this is just the appearance of the world, people’s perception is just an island, and the island is endless. The sea of ​​darkness is a terrifying abyss ruled by countless evil gods. This evil god is definitely not the all-knowing, all-good and all-powerful God in Christianity, but an indescribable thing. As long as people look at it, they will fall into madness. However, the explorers are like “madmen”, inspired by the call of their hearts, and constantly marching towards the abyss, just to take a glimpse of the trembling truth, even if the truth makes people go crazy. The commonality between “A Madman’s Diary” and K-line novels is not accidental. Because whether it is the Confucian ethics in Chinese society or the Christianity and enlightenment rationality in Western society, they are all a layer of civilization that is draped on the essence of society. If ordinary people sink into this apparent civilization and rationality, they will no longer pursue the world. In essence, they are the so-called “ordinary people.” But for “madmen” and “explorers” such as Lu Xun and Lovecraft (Nietzsche is also such a person), they can never be satisfied with the warmth of the world of appearance, and always go to constantly pierce the civilized world. To see through the essence of the coat of the man, even if he has to face fear and madness directly.

7 months ago

In fact, Lu Xun himself wrote a short story that I thought was very Luo-style horror. I attached Bai Guang Chen Shicheng’s list of county exams. When he returned home, it was already afternoon. He went to Ben very early, and when he saw the list, he first looked for the old characters on it. There are also a lot of Chen characters, and they seem to jump into his eyes eagerly, but what follows is not the two characters Shicheng. He then searched carefully in the round charts of the twelve lists again, and all the people who were watching were gone, but Chen Shicheng finally did not see him on the list, and stood alone in front of the wall of the test institute. Although the cool breeze whipped his short white hair, the early winter sun still came to bask him gently. But he seemed to be dizzy from the sun, his face turned gray, and strange flashes of light from his tired, red and swollen eyes. At this time, he actually hadn’t seen any bulletins on the wall anymore, he saw many black circles wandering around in front of his eyes. After winning the talents, I skipped the country test, and went up together….Since the gentlemen have tried every possible way to get married, people are all in awe like seeing gods, deeply regretting the previous frivolity, fainting, … drove away from the rental. The miscellaneous surnames in the door of my ruined house—that’s not a matter of rushing, so I moved by myself—the house is brand new, with flagpoles and flat foreheads at the door,…you can be a capital official if you want to be high-ranking, otherwise it’s better to let it go. … He usually arranges to stop in the future. At this time, like a damp sugar tower, it collapsed instantly, leaving only a pile of debris. He unconsciously turned and felt his body loosened, and walked towards home in a daze. As soon as he arrived at the door of his room, the seven schoolchildren all let go of their throats and began to read. He was taken aback, and there seemed to be a chime in his ears, and he saw seven heads with pigtails in front of him, the house was full, and the black circles were dancing. He sat down and they came to the evening class with a look of underestimation on his face. “Go back.” He hesitated for a moment, then said tragically. They packed their school bags indiscriminately, carried them, and ran away in a hurry. Chen Shicheng also saw many small heads dancing in front of his eyes with black circles, sometimes messy, and sometimes arranged in a strange array, but gradually reduced and dull. “This time it’s over again!” He was taken aback, jumped up and was clearly in his ears, but when he turned his head, there was no one, as if he heard a humming chime again, his mouth also said: “This time It’s over again!” He suddenly raised a hand and counted, eleven, thirteen times, even this year is sixteen times, but no examiner understands the article. It is a pitiful thing to have eyes and no beads, so he can’t help but hehe. Lost a smile. However, he was angry, and suddenly pulled out the transcripts from under the schoolbag cloth to make art and trial posts, and walked out with them. Just when he approached the door, he saw that his eyes were bright, and even a group of chickens were laughing at him. Jumping wildly, I had to retract inside. He sat again, his eyes flickering; he saw a lot of things, but he was very awkward,-it was a future like a collapsed sugar tower lying in front of him, and this future was just widening again, blocking his All the way. The cooking smoke in other homes has stopped early, the dishes and chopsticks have been washed, and Chen Shicheng has not yet gone to cook. The miscellaneous surnames who live here know the old rules. Anyone who has encountered such a vision after publishing the exam in the years of the county exam, it is better to close the door as soon as possible and don’t get too busy. The human voice was cut off at first, and then the lights were turned off one after another, the unique moon, but slowly appeared in the cold night sky. The sky was blue and blue like a sea, with a little cloud, as if someone was washing the chalk in the wash. The moon poured cold waves of light at Chen Shicheng, which was nothing more than a newly polished iron mirror, but this mirror surreptitiously shone through Chen Shicheng’s whole body, reflecting the shadow of the iron moon on his body. He was still wandering in the yard outside the room, his eyes were quite quiet, and his surroundings were quiet. But the silence suddenly and unreasonably disturbed, and he heard a quick whisper in his ear: “Bend left and right…” He shuddered, and when he listened, the voice rose again to repeat: “Turn right!” He remembered. This yard is the yard where his grandmother and his grandmother will enjoy the coolness every night in the summer when his home has not been so withered. At that time, he was only ten years old and had zero children, lying on the bamboo couch, and his grandmother sat beside the couch, telling him interesting stories. Yi said that the grandmother of Yi once heard that the ancestors of the Chen family were very wealthy. This house is the ancestor. The ancestors buried countless silver, and the blessed children and grandchildren will surely get it, but it has not yet been discovered. As for the location, it is hidden in the middle of a riddle: “Bend left and right, walk forward and back, measure gold and silver regardless of fighting.” Regarding this riddle, Chen Shicheng usually secretly speculates about this riddle, but it is a pity that it is mostly I just thought it would work, but immediately felt that it didn’t fit. Once, he was sure that he knew it was under the house rented to the Tang family, but he didn’t have the courage to go and explore; after a few moments, he felt that it was too different. As for the few old traces in his own house, they were all embarrassing actions after the previous few times. Later, when he saw it, he felt ashamed and ashamed. But today, the iron light covered Chen Shicheng, and softly came to persuade him. He may occasionally hesitate and give him a serious testimony, plus the gloomy persecution, so that he has to go to his own room again. Turned his eyes away. The white light flashed in his room like a white ball fan. “Finally here too!” he said, hurried into the room like a lion, but when he stepped inside, there was no trace of the white light, only an old room and a few ruined houses. The desks are not in the dark. He stood calmly and slowly fixed his eyes again, but the white light rose again clearly, this time larger, whiter than sulfur fire, more subtle than the morning fog, and he was under a desk next to the east wall. . Chen Shicheng ran behind the door like a lion, reached out to touch the hoe, and bumped into a dark shadow. He was a little scared somehow, and Zhang anxiously lit the lamp, watching the hoe leaning on it. He moved the table and digged up four large bricks with a hoe. He crouched down and looked at it. As usual, it was yellow sand. He pulled up his sleeves and climbed away from the sand, revealing the black soil underneath. He was very careful and quiet, digging down with a hoe and a hoe, but it was too quiet late at night, and the sound of sharp iron touching the soil was always dull and unwilling to hide. The pit was more than two feet deep, and there was no urn. Chen Shicheng was heartbroken. There was a crisp sound, and his wrist was sore. The tip of the hoe touched something hard; he hurriedly threw down the hoe and fumbled for it. , A large brick is below. His heart trembled with great interest, and he concentrated his attention on digging up the brick. The bottom was also full of the same black soil as before, and a lot of soil was loosened, and the bottom seemed to be infinite. But suddenly I touched a small hard thing, round, about a rusty copper coin; besides, there were several broken magnets. Chen Shicheng seemed to feel empty in his heart, sweating all over, and only crawling and scratching impatiently; during this time, his heart trembled in the air, and he touched a weird little thing again. It seemed to be a little horseshoe-shaped, but the tentacles were very crisp. . He concentrated on digging up the thing again, carefully pinching it, and when he looked closely under the light, it looked like rotten bones, with a row of fragmented teeth on it. He had already mistakenly realized that it was the chin bone, and the chin bone moved in his hand, and smiled, and finally heard him say: “This time it’s over again!” He lied. Naturally, he got a big cold, and at the same time he let go, and his chin floated back to the bottom of the pit. Not long after he fled to the yard. He peeked into the room, the lights were so brilliant, the jaw bones mocked so, and he was unusually afraid of people, so he didn’t dare to look there anymore. He hid in the shadow under the eaves in the distance, feeling safer; but in this peace, suddenly he heard in a low voice in his ear: “There is no…going into the mountains…” Chen Shicheng seemed to remember the day. He had heard someone say such things in the street, and he didn’t wait to listen to it again, and he had come to realize it. He suddenly looked up to the sky, and the moon had disappeared towards the west peak. He thought that the west peak, thirty-five miles away from the city, was standing in front of him, standing upright as dark as a wat, and a vast gleaming white light came out around him. And the white light was far ahead. “Yes, go to the mountains!” He decided to think, and ran out tragically. After opening the door a few times, there was no more noise inside the door. The big lanterns illuminate the empty houses and potholes. After a few blows, they gradually shrink to the point that there is nothing, that is, the residual oil has been burned out. “Open the gate of the city~~” The terrifying sorrow with great hope, gossamer-like in the dawn in front of the gate of Xiguan, yelled tremblingly. In the middle of the second day, someone saw a floating corpse in Wanliu Lake, 15 miles away from the west gate, and immediately spread it, and finally reached the ears of the Dibao, and asked the village folk to come up. It was a male corpse, in his fifties, with “white face and no beard”, and no clothes or pants. In other words, this is Chen Shicheng. But the neighbor was too lazy to look at it, and no corpse was claimed, so after the county committee checked it, he was buried in the land. As for the cause of death, of course there is no problem. Stripping the clothes of a dead body is a common occurrence, and it is not enough to be suspicious enough to murder. Moreover, Haosuo has also proved to be a fall into the water during his lifetime, because he definitely made his life under the water, so ten All of the nails were embedded with mud from the bottom of the river.

7 months ago

There are probably only two kinds of people who come to Mr.’s clinic, one is a madman, and the other is a madman. I think there must be some differences between these two kinds of people. At the end of March last year, I had just returned to China. For my livelihood, I had to go to Mr. Yu’s clinic to find an errand. According to legend, Mr. Yu went to study in France. His psychology clinic was opened in the town. Because I studied medicine abroad, Guy left me to help in the clinic and paid me a small reward. Mr. Yu’s clinic has never given consultations to patients or prescribes prescriptions. I have heard it several times when I was packing up the sundries, but I just talked. Most of the people who see the doctor come here with a sad face, and go with a heavy heart, and they don’t know what they have said. Those people are still coming after they leave, as if this is not a clinic, but a teahouse, and I don’t know what it’s interesting. It was about the beginning of May when a patient came to the clinic. The man was tall and thin, wearing a robe but very old, with many patches, only his eyes were very energetic and trance could give off light. When Mr. Yu was not there, he asked me: “You are Mr. Yu’s disciple.” I didn’t have a long time in the camp, so I didn’t dare to accept it, so I whispered back: “Mr. hasn’t taught me.” The humanity said: ” It’s okay. Tell your husband that I’ve been here, and leave this to him.” After that, I passed an envelope on the counter. It was a pre-Qing system. There were no characters in the upper and lower capitals, and the middle was written “Mr. Yu Yuwuyan.” “Taiqi” ​​in eight characters. Seeing that I had received the envelope, he exhorted: “Bring it to Mr. Yu yourself, don’t read it yourself.” After I agreed, he asked again and again before leaving. The summer in Luzhen has always come early, and it is already very hot in May. When Mr. Yu visited the doctor, he vaguely wouldn’t come back for dinner before he came back after having lunch. The clinic had few customers, so I was bored, so I went to see the ants on the stone slab in front of the door. The noon sun shone on the blue stone slab in front of the door. The ants are getting bigger and bigger, wearing the clothes on the social drama, and carrying the fat insects to worship the gods. The god lives in the deep ground, and if the sacrifice does not suit his intentions and sin comes, the ants who serve will go insane.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​. I watched it interestingly, and laughed out loud before I knew it. Who expected to be heard by the underground god and shouted, I saw the god’s appearance, the blue face, the chin was like a group of fishing bloodworms entangled, and I just looked at it and felt lost.” oh “screamed, chin knock cabinet, wake up, the whole body is already wet. Look at the floor again, where there are any ants. I got up and wiped the sweat, and looked at the envelope on the cabinet. I don’t know when it had been opened. There was a piece of white paper in it. It was a one-foot-square of the official Xuan, without a word on it. After watching it for a long time, I don’t know the meaning. I was afraid that my husband would come back to blame, so I put the envelope intact, glued it with the paste, and confirmed it again before putting it back under the cabinet. In the evening, Mr. Yu came back. I told him the appearance of the visitor, and gave him the envelope again. The husband put the envelope away and said, “Crazy man, don’t care about him.” Then he asked me again: “Ah, haven’t you read it?” I didn’t dare to look at him, but lowered my head and said that I hadn’t read it. Mr. Yu replied: “That’s good.” At that time, for the sake of seeing the store, and because I lived far away, I laid a bed on the ground at night and spent the night in the clinic. When I was sleeping, I suddenly felt that my nose was a little itchy, so I scratched it with my hands, but caught a cold sticky thing. I suddenly woke up, but saw my husband leaning on me, his face withered, only half a foot away from me. Seeing me when I woke up, I asked, “You haven’t watched it?” When I was young, I heard my elder mother say that if someone talks to you at night, if you can’t agree, I cover my head and hold my breath, and motionless. I don’t know when to fall asleep again. The next morning, Mr. Yu did not come to the clinic. The third day did not come. Since then, I have never seen Mr. Yu again. I only heard the people in the town say that Mr. Yu must be crazy. Someone saw him mad that night and ran into the river crying and laughing, and no one was there anymore. Met him. It’s just that I saw him that night, I never dared to tell others. So I still feel that there are probably only two kinds of people who come to Mr.’s clinic, one is a madman, and the other is a madman. I think there must be some differences between them.

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“Xiaohetou Village Trousers Take Off Incident” In rural China, people are too idle, and they always do things beyond their sense to fill the boring time. For example, when I was a child, my uncle and my grandma lived in Xiaohetou Village. Our family has moved to the city, but every summer vacation, I would go back to my hometown and live with my grandma. My grandma and my uncle’s house are next to each other. Usually, my uncle’s house cooks and brings it to my grandma. My brother and I, who is my uncle’s son, eat with my grandma. Sometimes my uncle and aunt also eat together. On the east side of my uncle’s house, there lived a family called Longlong’s family. Because their son was named Longlong, it was called Longlong’s family. Longlong is one year older than me, but he is younger. He calls me Uncle, but he never calls me Uncle, so he just calls me by name. Fortunately, I am a city man, so I don’t want to argue with him, so I just follow him. Called. Long Long is a typical little hillbilly. He doesn’t learn well and the conditions at home are not very good. Needless to say, he is mainly a little nervous. For example, when a few of us were playing together, I remembered that there was one time at noon, there was no one on the street, and Longlong was about to play marbles. Suddenly he smiled strangely, like a mentally ill person. Now that I think about it, it is a bit like the bald boss in the American movie “The Silent Lambs”, but Long Long was less than ten years old at the time, and of course he couldn’t laugh at the horror of the boss, more with a touch of comicality. When he was smiling, I had not yet realized what was going on. A child who knew him well next to him obviously had a premonition of what he was going to do, and he also smiled. Then, I saw that Long Long took off his pants quickly. , Quickly put it on again, as if deliberately to breathe the ass. I was stunned by this action. After all, I’m from a city. I’ve never seen such a sordid thing in the countryside, but afterwards, Long Long calmed down, except that the color of psychosis in that funny smile became stronger and stronger, nothing else. . Fortunately, I didn’t get surprised for too long, so I got used to it. I know that this is just a boring prank by Longlong. Let’s analyze it now that a child is challenging secular ethics. After all, it’s not allowed to take off his pants on the street. If he does this, he will definitely be fucked. hit. So at that time, his mother was not there, and he was itchy, so he quickly took off his pants and put them on again, rebelling against the world a little bit. Someone smiled and cursed idiotically. This idiot is a native dialect of Zhaoyuan, which is actually easy to understand, which means idiot. Long Long was obviously an individual who was crazy. After being scolded, he happily stretched out his fist and slapped the man, then continued to squat on the ground and play marbles with us. His sinful behavior only resulted in a sentence of foolishness. This price obviously made him very satisfied. There are no adults around. This sentence of foolishness is not painful. Moreover, although he is very young, he has been scolded many times. It’s not surprising. So, next, the bureau was disturbed by him. Because, every once in a while, he would repeat that action, especially when it was his turn to start playing marbles, as if that action had become a ritual, I saw him slightly propped up his legs from a squatting state, holding The edge of his pants was quickly taken off and then pulled quickly, with lightning speed, exposing his butt to the sun for half a second, and then recovered. Afterwards, he started playing marbles again, of course, not very well. No one asked him why he did this, he just scolded him sentence by sentence, and he ignored it, as if he was greatly satisfied, until he did it more than a dozen times in half an hour, we all fucked He was too lazy to scold him before he stopped. What an idiot. Originally, this thing passed quickly. I said that in the Chinese countryside, everyone is very idle. It is normal to do some unusual actions to fill the boring time. Besides, Long Long is still a child. Generally speaking , He will soon get tired of this trick, and then change one. But who would have thought that Longlong committed a crime that night. It may be that Xiaohetou Village is far away from the city. The people here are quite superstitious. Even if it’s not for the holidays, the southernmost part of the yard at home will enshrine a small tablet and a small bowl all year round, representing the ancestors. On the fifteenth day of the lunar new year, a stick of incense will be served at lunch as a sign of worship. In fact, I later felt that this ritual was also one of the evidences of boring villages. Everyone tried every means to find something for themselves. In today’s popular saying, life must have a sense of ritual. In fact, the ceremony is fucking hard, it’s all idle. Longlong’s accident happened here. According to his father, when he was offering incense to his ancestors, he made a very obsessive action, which is what we children have long been accustomed to. He quickly took off his pants and put them on again. Up. Originally, it was his father who was leading him to give incense to his ancestor. He stood obliquely behind his father, and his father was engrossed in looking at the ancestor’s tablet, and it was not easy to spot his unusual behavior. But the problem lies in the fact that Longlong’s speed is too fast, so fast that the sound of the wind has alarmed his dad. If his own son was behind him, his dad would have thought that someone was going to attack him. When his dad turned his head, Longlong’s pants had already been put up, but his hands were still on the waistband. His dad asked, what are you doing? Long Long did not answer, a funny smile appeared on his face. His dad just treated him as a kid, and continued to turn his head to insert the incense, but he didn’t die. Longlong unexpectedly felt that it was really exciting just now. He quickly came again. This time his dad caught it keenly, but when he turned his head, Longlong The dragon returned to its original shape again, leaving no trace of his ass exposed. Longlong still looked at his father with a funny smile, his father looked suspicious. Who knew it, his mother suddenly yelled from behind, punched! What is this foolish kid doing? It turned out that when he took off his pants for the second time, his mother happened to walk into the back room with dinner from the kitchen, and saw Long Long’s thunderous movements behind her, and shouted at that time. Long Long’s father finally knew what the kid was doing. He grabbed Long Long and beat him up, making him scream, but according to Long Long’s mother, he always had a funny smile on his face, like Is not convinced. In fact, every child will behave strangely, but it is naughty, which is nothing. Generally speaking, when the parents saw it, they either scolded them or beat them twice. They would neither ask him what they were doing nor why. Probably, this was because they came from when they were children. But Longlong is different this time. It would be better if it was on the street, but it was in front of the ancestor’s tablet, although maybe even the ancestor could not understand what he was doing, but it didn’t work, his father had to hit it. He remembered the matter to death, until my uncle couldn’t listen at home anymore, he went to knock on the door and persuade Longlong his father to go away, and the matter was over. However, from that day on, Longlong became ill. In fact, it was mental illness. The villagers found that whenever no one was around, Longlong would quickly make the action of taking off his pants and putting on again. He is young and can wander around, sometimes running to the corner of the village with no one, sometimes directly to the field, sometimes to the mountain, anyway, as long as there is no one, he will do that action, exactly Said, when there is no adult, because he can’t always walk alone, we still play with him often. At first, we just thought that Longlong was a fool, but later, the term for a normal person was no longer enough to describe him. He became the childless and childless person in the village who wore a cotton jacket in the summer and also wore a cotton jacket in the winter. People who are like idiots, idiots actually mean mental illness in Zhaoyuan’s words. Many children understand that Longlong will definitely become idiots when he grows up. So no one played with him anymore, and the nature of his taking off his pants changed. Although he still had a funny smile on his face, it seemed that his smile was not funny anymore. For us, it was even terrifying. Later I thought about it, the human heart is really strange. That action and that A smile is obviously set in stone, but just after doing a lot, everyone changed their views. It’s really a weird thing. Although Longlong has no playmates, he doesn’t care much. He plays happily on his own. When we get together to play marbles, he will climb to the tree, squat on the branch and look at us. His faces are all weird. smile. At first, we were also on guard against him and looked up at him from time to time. During this period, of course, we would inevitably encounter him doing the quick action of taking off his pants and putting them on again, but later, we found that he was not dangerous, so we ignored him. . He always squatted quietly on the tree, staying all afternoon, during which he didn’t know how many times he took off his pants and how many times he laughed. Afterwards, he was tired of even staying in the trees, and ran more and more into the mountains. On the back hills of Xiaohetou Village are the ancestral graves of various families. Some people saw Longlong walking among those ancestral graves. He often looked around like a clever squirrel, and then quickly took off his pants against a small grave. Put it on again, laughing funny, but inexplicably scary. He slipped past tomb bag after tomb bag, took off and put on, took off and put on, repeating this action that no one knew the meaning, as if he was doing a performance for those who died. He especially likes to stay in front of his ancestor’s grave, as if he was trying to avenge his father when he hit him. He moved quickly and took off his pants very quickly. He did it ten times. Someone in our village who saw that scene said, that The movements are really agile and skillful. If there is a competition event in the Olympics that takes off his pants, Long Long will definitely be the champion. Although those rumors will also reach the ears of Longlong’s father, Longlong has also been beaten a lot because of this, but really, his father has never caught evidence, and so has his mother. They have never seen Longlong again. The action of taking off the pants. However, his father did recall that every time he worshiped his ancestors on the fifteenth day of the new year, Longlong followed him, which was not quite right. Later, when I returned to the city, I did not wait until the next summer vacation when my grandma passed away, and I never lived in the village for a long time. Now, I have grown up, and I rarely go back. Of course I have no contact with Longlong anymore, but I always remember him in my heart. In fact, I am curious. I wonder if his problem is still there, is he a idiot? During this period, I also went home to the grave during the Chinese New Year. I tried to find the figure of Longlong in the grave. I saw the lightning-like movement of taking off my pants or the funny smile, but I could not see the grave. I was never embarrassed to ask people about this, because it was really hard to ask.

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It’s purely clever, and if you think it’s inappropriate, just delete it. As soon as Nyaratotip arrived at the store, all the drinking people looked at him and laughed, and some shouted, Nyaratotip, you have been mothered by humans again. He didn’t answer, and said to the cabinet, let’s sneak two sets of Naiyazi’s bd, and then expelled a few fan paintings. They deliberately yelled again, you must have voluntarily cooperated with human beings to self-mother. Nyaratotip opened his eyes wide and said, “Why are you so innocent…” What innocence? The day before yesterday, I saw you secretly handing in a few sets of women’s clothing from nowhere. Nyarlatotepu flushed, and the blue veins on his forehead bloomed, arguing that women’s clothing can’t be regarded as…fanny, can the things of my old dominator be regarded as virgin? The incomprehensible words one after another caused everyone to laugh, and the store was filled with joyful air.

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“Pop!” It was too late to say, then soon, a gloomy wind “whoops”, with a strong evil spirit, like the slender ghost claws of the bone spirit with the smelly human blood, creaking, to Squeeze his skull into pieces. For a while, he forgot to breathe and where he was. He just felt that the sky was dark and the sky was spinning. My chest was stuffy, I couldn’t breathe, as if I had just been poured a catty of iron nails, and a pot of dirty, slimy, wriggling maggots. The surroundings were also blurred, as if covered by a terrifying demon mist. The tables, chairs and benches are deformed, twisted, weird, not like wood, but like human skin. The patterns of the tables and chairs have become wrinkles with age spots, and pairs of hollow eyes with gouged eyeballs. The weird candlelight flashed, flickered, and dimmed, making him unclear whether it was a Yangshi or Yinsi. What comes to your ears is a noisy sound, somber and sharp; people crying at the grave, crying for help; people looking for life, crying for father and mother. Strange calls came and went one after another, crying for a while, “struggling against the heroes”, and then the cry of ghosts and wolves again prevailed, monsters fighting, ghosts and demons flocking. He could imagine that it was a world made up of blood, bone remains, broken hands and feet, and rotting internal organs. In midair, a human head suddenly appeared! The red eyes, purple mouths, cross-brows angered, his complexion suddenly turned yellowish, suddenly pale again, three-thirds like humans, and seven-thirds like ghosts. He settled, only to see that there was a body under the head, and then he was relieved. Suddenly I felt that my left cheek was a little thicker than usual, and it seemed to be red and swollen; there was a bit of astringent, salty, bloody smell in my mouth. It turned out that the grandfather Zhao in front of me just now rewarded himself with a big mouth! “Why are you surnamed Zhao!-Where do you deserve the surname Zhao!” The purple-red mouth in front of him opened and closed angrily, trembling, spitting, spraying his face. He wanted to wipe the warm saliva on his face, but his arm seemed to be rusty, dull and heavy, and couldn’t lift it at all; he wanted to justify a sentence or two, and tried to open his mouth, but it seemed that he had been cast by a demon. There was no sound of any curse. He touched his mouth with his mouth, and then pursed his mouth, but it was still in vain. He didn’t seem to have a mouth at all! The mouth is out of control, and the body doesn’t seem to belong to him anymore, only his left cheek, which hurts fiercely, seems to be the only organ he has. He exhausted all his courage and strength, raised his hand, and touched the ridiculous, swollen left cheek. He exited mechanically and slowly like a walking dead.

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