According to a report by Fashionista, an overseas fashion information website, the Italian fashion self-media account Diet Prada recently filed a lawsuit in Italy for its involvement in exposing D&G’s alleged “discrimination against Chinese and Asian Asians” in 2018.

It is reported that D&G initiated a lawsuit against Diet prada in early 2019, and Diet prada recently decided to make the matter public. The reason is that the US has become more discriminatory against Asians and they believe that the case should be made public.

D&G claimed that Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler, the two owners of the Diet Prada account, had slandered their company and demanded that they compensate D&G for losses of 3 million euros. Stefano Gabbana, the founder of D&G, who once criticized China as “shit”, also asked the two to separately compensate him with 1 million euros.

Diet Prada has also confirmed the prosecution and claims by D&G on its social accounts abroad, and stated in a release that they will defend their freedom of speech.

Diet Prada also stated in the statement that they would stand up and expose D&G’s practices because one of the owners of this account is an Asian, and in view of the current epidemic, the United States and many other Western countries are increasingly hostile to Asians. The more widespread they are, the more they think they cannot be silenced by D&G’s prosecution, and they must continue to speak up bravely, and there are also legal institutions willing to help them defend.

In Fashionista’s report, the female founder of Diet Prada named Lindsey Schuyler also stated that she would choose to speak out because of D&G’s content suspected of discriminating against Asians, and because the advertisement also contained insults to women. She is even more unacceptable to D&G’s current use of this threat to treat critics.

In addition, the statement also revealed that the reason why D&G claimed so much money from the two owners of Diet Prada was because D&G believed that the loss caused to the company by the incident in 2018 was not D&G’s own fault, but because of Diet Prada. The exposure is harmful, so the people of Diet Prada should compensate D&G for the loss.

Previously, at the end of 2018, D&G had shot a set of promotional advertisements for the company’s upcoming fashion event in Shanghai, China, but the advertisement was questioned by many Chinese and Asian netizens for allegedly discriminating against the culture of Asian regions that use chopsticks to eat in China, etc. .

A Singaporean fashion website even suspected that D&G’s advertisements contained insults to the shortness of male genital organs in Asia, pointing out that one of D&G’s advertisements showed a “Cannoli” (Cannoli) that resembled the shape of male genitalia, and that D&G was in The wording in the advertisement does make people associate in this regard. After inquiring, Geng Zhige found that Western media, including the British BBC, also mentioned in reports that the Italian “sweet rolls” do have the hidden meaning of male genitalia.

In short, after these advertising disputes between Britain and Ireland, a foreign Asian model named Michaela Phuong Thanh Tranova directly sent a private message on Instagram off-shore social accounts to question Stefano Gabbana, one of the founders of D&G, and asked him why he wanted Shooting such an advertisement that discriminates against Asian culture. But the latter, who was so embarrassed and angry when asked, scolded out the words “China is a shit country” and “China is an ignorant, dirty, stinky gang” out of control.

The Asian model then took a screenshot of this conversation and sent it to Diet Prada, asking him to disclose the jaw-dropping content.



By zhiwo

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8 months ago

D&G’s domestic brand name is “Dolce & Gabbana”. It is an Italian company. It first entered the national perspective in November 2018. In order to create momentum for the “D&G Show” held in Shanghai, Dolce & Gabbana is expected to release several advertising videos on Weibo. Unexpectedly, the first one exposed the discrimination against China in D&G’s bones. The description of the video is like this: “Today We will be the first to show you how to use this small stick-shaped tableware to eat the great Italian traditional Margherita pizza.” The Chinese female model in the video uses chopsticks in a variety of clumsy ways, acting exaggeratedly and stiffly. There is nothing to look at except to make people uncomfortable. Perhaps it was just a controversial promotional video at the beginning, but then D&G brand designer’s speech directly confirmed D&G’s discrimination against China. A designer named Stefano Gabbana first argued against the allegedly insulting propaganda video, and then he ignored it and began to show his real face: the video has been deleted from Chinese social media because my team is as stupid as the arrogant Chinese. …This (posting the video) is my intention and I will never delete it.

And from now on in all international interviews, I will say that China is a shit country… and you will calmly find that we have lived well without you.
After the conversation was exposed, the designer himself and the company’s official flew to the top and staged a scene where the account was hacked, “We love China!”
Fortune cryptography is very good! But the Chinese people will not eat this set at all. Not only did the celebrities who were going to attend the event retired, the Chinese also began to boycott D&G on a large scale: we boycott all D&G stores, and we remove all D&G products. Since then, D&G has completely lost the Chinese market. However, this time D&G suddenly returned to life like Kel’Thuzad, performing a shocking operation. It turned out that the person who exposed the D&G humiliation to China was an Italian self-media called Diet Prada. As a non-profit organization, their existence was to monitor racial discrimination in the fashion industry. Due to Diet Prada’s righteous words, D&G lost the entire Chinese market. The two founders of the company shrank their wealth. The two became angry and claimed that “Diet Prada exposed D&G insulting China and caused the company to suffer huge economic losses for no reason”. Million euros. Among them, 3 million goes to the company and 1 million goes to the designer who insulted China. Leaving aside D&G’s brazen behavior, let’s first understand why Diet Prada should stand up for China? It turns out that the reason Diet Prada was willing to stand up was because one of the account holders was an Asian, and he felt empathetic, so he spoke out of justice. But in fact, D&G started a lawsuit against Diet Prada in 2019. Diet Prada originally wanted to deal with it in a low-key manner. However, discrimination against Asians in the world is becoming more and more serious. In addition, D&G’s insults to women and threats to critics are also unacceptable. Looking back at D&G’s underworld operations, it can be seen from this incident that D&G did not realize the mistake of insulting China at all, but felt that the exposure was hindering them from making money, and the company was filled with unhealthy trends from top to bottom. When the boycott of D&G began, the Italian newspaper Republican once said: Although this has brought losses to the brand, the boycott will not last long. Because the Chinese are “good at forgetting.” In their view, this is just a whim for the Chinese, and Dolce & Gabbana’s stores and products will soon be sold throughout China. In other words, they regard the “tolerance” in traditional Chinese virtues as “forgotten”. Don’t worry, even if the Chinese are tolerant, they won’t put a drop of rain on D&G. D&G can’t insult China and exist in the Chinese market. No matter how big we forget, we can’t forget our innate backbone. The case has not yet been judged. Whether Italy will choose to oppose racism and protect freedom of speech, or use the guise of protecting national brands to help the abusers, we will wait and see. But no matter what the result is, I hope you all remember that non-profit organization that stood up for China like the light of justice; Diet Prada! ! ! !

8 months ago

Objectively speaking, Dolce & Gabbana felt that he was wronged. Why am I unlucky for what everyone is doing? Very responsible…reporting the original words of a senior Asian executive who works in the luxury goods industry and several other white friends. Discrimination is normal, and non-discrimination is a good education, so hide deeply. Sometimes you may not dare to be external, but within these companies, as long as people with a little power or position, speak out discriminatory remarks naked, shouldn’t it be too routine? I said at the beginning, “It’s too unjust. Everyone does this. Why do you catch me?” Explain that the discrimination I talk about is generally not against specific people, and it is unlikely to target a certain Asian employee. At least It is not too obvious to leave evidence, because it is equivalent to asking the other party to sue oneself and then lose a lot of money-this kind of thing is not uncommon. The most common way for these executives to discriminate is to refer to the market or customers falsely. A friend said that the buyers of a certain brand designer who are buying goods in Asia are directly, “What can you choose, you guys from the country know what design, it’s good to buy it for you.” It’s similar to teaching livestock not to be picky eaters. It’s good to have something to eat. Fortunately, this brand is a little bit niche, not the top five in the limited edition. Finally, in 2020, all luxury goods companies have similar reports. Whether the business is good or not, China is making money, and it is the only country that makes money. I think we can be harder. Dolce & Gabbana is so good that imports should be stopped on the grounds of quarantine. Dolce & Gabbana, you also go to Australia to exchange for red wine! So what, should I think about changing pineapples in a certain area?

8 months ago

As an industry that makes a big death, if you succeed in killing yourself, you still have to accept the arrangements of fate. It would be embarrassing to roll all over the floor. The so-called wealth and danger are seeking, but if you can’t ask for it, then you can belch your ass, otherwise, what can you do? It is only a small business risk that can be expected. The show operation failed and I went to touch a small self-media company. I don’t believe which self-media company can really spend 4 million euros. I also did this. I still don’t know… D&G just started making trouble. At that time, I felt that their boss’s mind was not normal, but now it seems that it is really not normal. I don’t know much about fashion. What fashion do I know? I still haven’t figured out how the models are fashionable when they walk around in birdcage-like clothes. The makeup is like a ghost. The group of people are really serious about this matter. I think it’s a bit dystopian, like Huxley’s Brave New World, everyone knows something is wrong, but no one tells it. It is not easy for so many people to hold back their laughter. I don’t know much about aesthetics. In my opinion, 3515 is quite fashionable. The products from the 3515 factory, of course, include 3521. The military quilt factory is very fashionable, and the clothes are particularly strong. If you match a few The Indian soldier gave me a kick and it was even more powerful. You sent me some photos of kicking Indian soldiers. Maybe it was a fashion craze. The belt I tie up to now is still a woven military belt. I was seen by a foreigner once. Hey, what a trendy~ Just ask me for the same style. I said you can’t tie this one. You may be beaten if you tie it. . But I know what is going on in the fashion industry. This industry is to subvert your aesthetics to make money. If there is no subversion, there is no money to make money. Therefore, it is what they have to do to make fun of, go out of style, and kill themselves. If they go out of style, they must accept it calmly. Let you eat this bowl of rice. From a business logic perspective, manufacturing consumer demand is the key to modern business. There is no demand to create demand to survive. The more popular the demand you create, the better you will live. Just like a mobile phone, if you make a mobile phone for ten years, it will not be broken, and it will be no problem to smash the walnuts. Can you live well? No, you will only go bankrupt, just like Nokia. Where will the consumer’s money be spent in ten years? You have to change it every two years. After two years, the system will be stuck, and the battery will not save electricity. If you accidentally fall on the ground, the screen will definitely break, and this will make money. Of course, if you say that you make a mobile phone that looks like jelly, that doesn’t work. You have to consider the selling point that you can say so that everyone thinks you should sell it. This is a tricky job. To create demand, but also to make everyone willing to pay, there must be gimmicks that can bluff consumers. For example, the current mobile phones are made into curved screens for you. The curved screens must be broken when dropped on the ground. And I really can’t see the practicality of this thing. Can you make a curved surface to increase the viewing area? Can it look better? Does it feel better? I think you can put a layer of rubber on the back cover to be more friendly to us who always run in the field, at least it is not easy to break the screen. But it seems to mean a bit “high-tech”, and it is easy to break and easy to change mobile phones, which can make money. This is not based on the will of me. This is capital. This is what D&G is playing. It is nothing more than making some gimmicks and then increasing the “turnover rate” to make money. The turnover rate required by the fashion industry is particularly high. If it is popular this year, it will definitely not continue to be popular next year. If you continue to be popular, “enduring fashion”, it still makes a fortune. It’s best to do “daily change” and “time change”, and change the fashion once a day or an hour. That’s great. This group of fashionable apple muscles can make them swollen with laughter. So “subverting traditional aesthetics” is their essential need. You Chinese think that the big-eyed melon seeds have a soft and beautiful face. No, you have to squint your eyes and high cheekbones, and you have to make your makeup look like that. What are the benefits of doing this? One subversion means 10,000 subversions, and the “turnover rate” will go up. This is the life-and-death battle in the fashion industry. Won a lot of money and lost money, so the foreign fashion industry, including filmmakers, spared no effort to engage in “image subversion”. On the one hand, there are stereotypes of East Asians in it, and on the other hand, it is mainly for the purpose of holding money. As long as you subvert it once, you will be able to overturn your aesthetics in the future. This is the tacit secret of the fashion industry. It is their ultimate goal to let the public aesthetic follow their baton. As long as you defeat your aesthetic defense, they will have the final say. Catering to the public’s aesthetics is a thankless thing. There are thousands of people who don’t talk about it. If you rely on this to make money, the fashion industry tycoons have to beg for food, and they are worse than Monet. The business “fashion world” has nothing to do with art. If you treat the so-called “fashion world” with the attitude of Monet, it is to look at “Uncle Bird” from the perspective of Tchaikovsky. This is not the same time. thing. The fashion industry is a business activity, it plays with business logic. But no matter how you subvert the aesthetic, you can’t touch the bottom line. Touching the bottom line generally has no good results. China is now the largest luxury consumer market. If you offend this market, you have to kneel down. No matter how you have opinions about China and the Chinese, you have to hold back, and if you have internal injuries, you have to hold back. This is the power of money. Since you are a capitalist, since you only have money in your eyes, and since you can only abide by business rules, then you have to hold back. Even if you go home, the racial discrimination is at its extreme, and a little bit of yellow is not allowed at home. You have to be obedient when you go out. Without him, I have money. If you don’t recognize this set, like me, I don’t recognize your fashion set. Lao Tzu’s 3521 woven belt is tied to the wasteland and it is not worn out. If necessary, it can be taken out to tie up prisoners. I will not eat it. If you are “fashionable”, then I want to scold you and scold you. Kneeling to make money, but also squeaky, like a slut!

8 months ago

Ashamed…I used to be an avid consumer of Dolce & Gabbana. At that time I was young and ignorant. Its tyrant style in the urban-rural fringe with red, green, fire and silver blossoms fits my once vulgar and exaggerated aesthetic… 18 years ago, I was able to contribute tens of thousands of sales to these two friendships each year. . But 18 years later, I never bought it again. And I don’t know why, the original ones in my house have not been worn anymore; I feel that their cashmere is also pierced when they wear it, the silk upper body is tight, and the flat shoes are still rubbing their feet. My heart responds, and my body feels weak. There should be many people like me, so that the assets of the two founders have shrunk drastically, and both fell out of Forbes. But let’s not ignore the fact that Dolce & Gabbana is not cool in China. In fact, most of its stores have not closed, and there are specialty stores in high-end shopping malls in major cities, and the stores are not very close. According to my observation, there are more and more people recently. I went shopping during the luxury shopping frenzy a while ago. Although I didn’t line up at the door like other brands, there were a lot of people in the store. According to their 19-year financial report, the market share of the Asia-Pacific region has only dropped from 25% to 22%. Because some people’s initial resistance was not a disgust from the heart, but social pressure; when public opinion gradually forgot the evil that Dolce & Gabbana had done before, when the fact of insulting China no longer stays on the hot list After being explored by people, they can freely embrace their own uncontrollable pursuit of local tyrants…the remnants of the remnant party, there are signs of resurgence. So, I don’t know which person came up with the prosecution to disclose his evil deeds from the media… This effectively reminds the Chinese people of what happened three years ago, and brings the anger of public opinion that has ceased; and The small group of consumers who have emerged in the past three years, either because of disgust or pressure from public opinion, will not buy again in the short term at least. This trick can be said to add some new ground to one’s old graves in China and effectively prevent corpse fraud. It would be a good thing if it could thwart the bones and destroy them completely. Moreover, this self-media is quite influential in Western fashion circles. So… if this lawsuit is lost, the laughingstock of the world. If this lawsuit is won, Westerners may not empathize with insulting Asians, but they are very sensitive to “damaging freedom of speech and integrity of the media because of their speech.” Instead, they are likely to set off Western resistance. We can just watch the show happily. PS: I’ve forgotten that there are so many DG clothes and shoes in my house. I don’t know how to deal with it… Cut off the label, and donate the small skirt to the fans, and donate it to the mountainous area in a thick, okay… PPS: When this publicity photo came out, I really didn’t think it was an insult to China, because…its own style is like this…this shirt worn by my aunt, I used to spend more than 4,000 yuan to buy one. Dolce & Gabbana’s 98% similarity… It is arrogant and wants to use a Chinese rural aunt to set off his model wearing a Chinese dress… But in fact, this insult is obviously his own aesthetics and those who take their own humiliation. Of consumers…

8 months ago

In the fashion industry, if French and Italian brands put a shit on their heads on the catwalk today, then the whole world will put shit on their heads for fashion tomorrow. This is the fashion hegemony of France and Italy. The top ten fashion brands in the world are directly divided between France and Italy. These fashion brands control the dressing choices of all women in the world. Whenever the fashion week in Paris and Milan starts, it is all When the world costume designer took out a small book to understand the leadership’s intention. These brands are playing with their own fashion hegemony, making strange designs every year for the sake of innovation. These strange designs flow to the world every year, including China. These fashion brands not only manipulate the aesthetic perception of women in the world through clothes, but also through models, and then violently interpret the unique international and national aesthetics. Here is a classification method. White women are always tall, white and thin. East Asian women must have obvious single eyelids or typical East Asian faces. Black female models must be white with facial features. In the final analysis, these brands from France or Italy still rely on colonial blood-sucking thinking. Although the country has declined, it still maintains the pride of the old whites through fashion means. It seems that the models are distributed in rain and dew, but in fact they are still white centralized. As a foil. The underlying logic of Dolce & Gabbana’s prosecution of the self-media account is still the same as the suppression of internal opposition forces during the colonial period. Since the outside cannot be defeated, the internal voices must be calmed down to maintain their own fashion hegemony.

8 months ago

Let me tell you a joke: the person who killed people blamed the police. This is very Western. Before, we have clearly dealt with the epidemic against the epidemic, and we have touched porcelain again and again to make claims… Initiating a lawsuit, perhaps because you think that the boycott is not thorough enough, and you want to be officially named? According to some news reports, after the storm, the brand became a “big seller”. It may be a “satisfaction”. If you think that the audience doesn’t care, they will continue to work hard, thinking about how to harvest traffic? (A friend in the comment area reminds that the so-called “big sale” is due to the big promotion) By the way, there is no basis to guess, is it that he is so hard to speculate that he urgently needs to destroy the 4 million euros to survive this wave of epidemic? If the guess is true, I would like to give him a cool song~

8 months ago

D&G’s initiation of the lawsuit proves that its discrimination against Asians of Chinese descent is deeply rooted, and the Australian soldiers’ massacre of civilians was reported by the Chinese side and demanded an apology. European and American countries that think they stand on a moral high ground will never accept any criticism other than their own people. Even if the facts prove that they are wrong, as long as their mistakes do not involve the “political correctness” of the custom standard, then it can be said to be “slander” and “rumour”. If the D&G advertising is criticized by mainstream European and American media, and if the D&G advertising dispute is suspected of insulting the black, even if they hate their teeth, they will “sincerely” thank the media for the supervision of the news broke, and initiate a campaign of rectification to “change their minds.” They contacted them for the apology that took a long time to issue last time. They said at the time that they had seriously reflected on their actions and would never forget their experiences and lessons, and that the insult to China would never happen again, and then they would criticize the informant for “defamation”. They really reflected on their actions. Yet?

8 months ago

If D&G has not been hot in China, it is really cool. Now celebrities dare not take it or wear it. Internet celebrities dare not accept advertisements, and D&G can’t stand it if it continues. It has been two years, the exposure is too low, the brand has to maintain the exposure, nothing is wrong. D&G has been looking for various advertisements to test whether our people can accept their brand. But this time there is a great rebound, and this wave will continue for some time. If you’re right, fashionable men took one of their advertisements some time ago, and they should be scolded now. Vogue these big magazines should not receive D&G advertisements in the past two years. Losing the second largest market for luxury goods in the world, D&G may not be able to do so. Some time ago, I was invited to buy, but was rejected. I guess other big brands are very happy and have a big market share.

8 months ago

How can this company be so shameless. The severely discriminatory remarks made by its founders against Chinese people are embarrassed to make claims when exposed by others, making it as if the exposed discriminatory and insulting remarks were fabricated by others. Although excessive political correctness can sometimes be troublesome, it is far more terrifying to not talk about political correctness. If the object of the founder’s insult and discrimination is black, then the consequences may be more serious than now. It is because non-discrimination of Chinese people does not belong to the category of Western political correctness, so discriminatory remarks against Chinese people on mainstream foreign social media are unscrupulous. It is hoped that Chinese living in Western countries can resolutely resist racially discriminatory speech like blacks, and turn non-discrimination against Chinese people into political correctness. Only in this way can there be less discrimination against Chinese people.

8 months ago

I’m going to your great Margherita pizza. Isn’t it just a flatbread tomato? This is the pizza with the least name I have ever seen. The “Mayi’s Debate” between Margarita and Hawaiian pizza is also the most prestigious pizza story I have ever heard. The food is so simple, how about American and Italian? DG directly scolded me and didn’t care that much. I would scold me back anyway. But the tomato flatbread really don’t blow nb in front of China. Compared with Chinese food, your food can only be fed to dogs. Don’t even mention that I have actually met the owner who buys Margarita pizza every week and feeds the dog. Chinese food has a complicated color and delicious craftsmanship. It is the ancestor of all of you Italian food. Your Marguerite dog food is not suitable for chopsticks, you have to use a dung fork. In this way, a Chinese model who didn’t know anything was forcibly obtained to highlight the “layman” of Italian culture. Packaging yourself as a foreign land is unattainable. If they know what Chinese chopsticks usually hold, their faces will be plunged into the cheese and melt together. At this point, the essence of the luxury circle has been skinned and bones are exposed. The IQ tax harvested by luxury goods is plainly consolidating the “discrimination” that flows through the air. Europeans discriminate against Americans, Westerners discriminate against Easterners, and Caucasians discriminate against people of color. The rich discriminates against the poor, the foreign discriminates against the local people, and the self-hatred discriminates against the confident. In the end, these rags are sold either to self-hateful lackeys or ignorant arrogances. Nowadays, the human feeling of luxury goods can’t be supported by product quality and aesthetics for a long time. When put in the quality appraisal center, the fakes are stronger than the real ones. Many things are designed to look ugly. No one believes in the “honey self-confidence” without a model that it is a luxury product, and thinks that the advertisement is misplaced. Nowadays, foreigners who do luxury goods are so degenerate that they can hardly be maintained without scolding the Chinese. Are there any promises? The chain of contempt from the west to the middle loosened a little, money was no longer earning, food was no longer fragrant, and I couldn’t sleep well anymore. So what kind of dirty stuff is your career made of? In reality, not only has the illusion of Western supremacy faded, but it has also been discovered that cursing China and not cursing China are a pair of intractable contradictions. Without scolding, it is impossible to consolidate the chain of contempt, scolding, and offending consumers. Luxury goods need to despise the chain, but its actual value depends on the mood of consumers. When these foreigners who make money too easily find that the career they have devoted their life to is mostly composed of these contradictions, their huge profits have nothing to do with their profession. That must be thunderous. So scold the Chinese like crazy. Because the Chinese are a mirror, illuminating the ebb and flow of the strength of the East and the West. Some things that can be concealed by Chinese self-hatred cannot be concealed. Oneself is the chosen one. Now that we have finished scolding, let us compensate, still dreaming. I feel that it’s fine if everything hasn’t been revealed. If the Chinese don’t know what they scolded, they can continue to earn money in the gap between “swearing China to get a chain of contempt” and “not scolding China to get a good impression”. To maintain their vain “past glory”. This kind of gap does not exist. Your contradiction means that your profit shouldn’t exist. Giant baby, you shouldn’t make so much money. That is the chain of national contempt laid down by your ancestors. If you have the ability to bring them back to life, you can reopen the warship and renew it. If you don’t have the ability, you can honestly accept the fact that the chain is broken, and earn some hard money. Get off the throne of the chain of contempt in your colonial legacy. It’s too late, and there are things that you can’t accept.

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