Zhang Zhiyong, representative of the National People’s Congress and executive dean of the China Education Policy Research Institute of Beijing Normal University, said that publicizing “not letting a child lose on the starting line”, hyping the top picks in the college entrance examination, and making high school entrance exam rankings, has boosted test-oriented education and worsened it. The education ecology is regrettable. Zhang Zhiyong suggested that it is strictly forbidden to publicize and report the entrance rate of the high school entrance examination and the top high school entrance examination in any way; it is strictly prohibited to publicize the high school entrance examination results by the highest score, the best class, etc.; it is strictly forbidden to publish the so-called college entrance examination champions of all provinces; it is strictly forbidden to publish the country, the whole province, and the whole city. The so-called top 100 high school, junior high school, and elementary school rankings; it is strictly forbidden to publish the so-called high school entrance examination rankings; it is strictly forbidden to “find first-line teachers, learn to solve the problem” and “If you want a good result, find a good method” and other slogans are strictly prohibited.

His proposal under this question is part of his entire educational ideological system. Therefore, this issue must be taken into consideration in all its proposals as a whole. Under this issue, part of his “prohibition” is for the following proposal: The performance rewards of primary and middle school teachers should not be linked to the rate of enrollment. In the past two years, Zhang Zhiyong’s research found that some counties (cities) have a large amount of college entrance examination awards, often as high as tens of millions of yuan. These awards are determined based on the so-called college entrance examination results of the year. At present, the layout of high schools in various counties and cities is very uneven. In order to pursue the entrance rate of the college entrance examination, excellent teachers and students are increasingly concentrated in individual best high schools. In this way, in a county, the layout of high schools has formed a so-called “pyramid” shape. Such educational resources and educational investment are no longer balanced, which is not a good thing for the local educational ecology. A small number of schools have extremely superior educational conditions. Other schools cannot get investment, cannot recruit good teachers, and do not have a good source of students. This is not a good thing for the local educational environment: only a small number of top students can get a good education . This corresponds to what Bai Yansong mentioned earlier, hoping that some of the educational resources of some colleges and universities can be allowed to other colleges and universities, it is the problem of the concentration of educational resources to the head. The other part is forbidden, which is an environment that creates rankings and sells education too much, causing psychological problems for students. “The mental health of young students is a major public issue facing the whole society. Speed ​​up the establishment of a joint intervention system and mechanism for minor mentally high-risk students, and conduct rescue interventions for mentally high-risk students.” National People’s Congress representative, Beijing Normal University China Education Policy Research Institute Executive Dean Zhang Zhiyong said that primary and secondary school students’ psychological barriers are prominently manifested as problems in interpersonal relationships, emotional stability, and learning adaptation, and rescue interventions should be made for students at high risk of psychologically in coordination with the forces of the whole society. Zhang Zhiyong suggested to promote the construction of full-time and part-time mental health education teachers, incorporate mental health education content into the “National Training Plan” and local teacher training plans at all levels, and comprehensively strengthen the training of mental health related knowledge for primary and secondary school teachers, and through psychological teachers, school doctors, Or introduce psychology professional teachers, purchase professional social work services, etc. to provide students’ mental health services, and formulate and implement the construction plan of the treatment and rehabilitation system for mentally high-risk students in the health system, use government big data to establish an early detection mechanism for mentally high-risk students, and explore joint establishment and soundness The psychological intervention work mechanism for high-risk students is to establish a psychological intervention system for high-risk students and an experimental area for mechanism construction. This echoes the proposal of another representative Tao Kaiyuan. Member Tao Kaiyuan, vice chairman of the Democratic Progressive Central Committee and vice president of the Supreme People’s Court, spoke at the CPPCC conference today and pointed out that the mental health of our young students is worrying. The survey found that up to 81% of educators believe that the psychological problems of young students are related to academic competition. Lack of sleep has become a major problem for primary and middle school students across the country. “As long as you don’t die, you will learn from the dead”, “one more test score, kill a thousand people” is a portrayal. Chinese students are under high academic pressure and low life satisfaction. The anxiety caused by excessive competition and internalization from the outside world is passed on to young people. She called on the whole society to pay more attention to the mental health of young people. Suggestions include deepening education reform, diminishing the excessive individual competition atmosphere in the school education environment, creating a positive and healthy social environment, purifying the network environment, controlling the time and content of youth online, and building schools , Family, and trinity youth mental health support system, establishing a youth extreme behavior early warning platform, etc. At the same time, to a certain extent, it is also echoing the proposal of Tang Jiangpeng. If children only have scores, they may not be able to win the big exams in the future; if education only focuses on the enrollment rate, the country may not have core competitiveness. Score is important, but score is not the whole content of education, let alone the fundamental goal of education. A good education should cultivate lifelong athletes, responsibilities, problem solvers, and elegant lives, give children a sound and excellent personality, win future happiness, and benefit the country and society.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I still haven’t grasped the root cause of the problem to solve it! If this policy is really implemented, look at it from the perspective of the champion. Brother Hanchuang studied hard, the so-called three years of sharpening a sword, this sword was finally sharpened by brother, and got a good result in the examination room, but you actually didn’t let your brother’s fame spread all over the world. Brother was very upset and angry. Finally, a chance to glorify one’s ancestors was so certain. And this is the announcement of the champion, and it is not the last one. It was originally a thing worth celebrating. Not only tells the top scholars on the list not to be proud, there are others who are like you or even more powerful than you, but also let other students know the fierce competition and inspire their motivation. What really should be cracked down is the money-giving institutions and the corrupt group of people. This is the root of the problem. Taking advantage of the popularity of the champion, hype up the college entrance examination champion, deteriorating the education ecology. As long as these pests are not completely eradicated, and no matter how to maintain and educate this large piece of wood, they will still try their best to eat.

8 months ago

The idea may be good. But it is not necessary. Want to reduce the pressure of competition between middle schools and the academic pressure of middle school students. Don’t let everyone go too busy and busy making up lessons. Give everyone a happy childhood. However, the reality is: you can get 985 with a high score, 211 if you learn well, get a book again, and then a second, junior college. What school you can go to is directly linked to your score. Therefore, this burden reduction cannot be reduced in any case. It is the same with all reforms. If one day is true, middle and high school students will no longer work hard like they do today. I am afraid it can only be: the college entrance examination is no longer a ladder across classes. If that were the case, it would definitely be a bad thing. At least for now, nothing is fairer than the college entrance examination.

8 months ago

This is to cover up the imbalance of educational strength among different high schools in different regions. If different high schools have similar educational strengths, the year before A high school won the champion, last year B high school won the champion, this year C high school won the champion, will the education department not allow the promotion of the college entrance examination champion? of course not. Why is it not allowed to promote the college entrance examination champion? There is only one reason, because there are only a few prestigious high school schools in the local area, and they are usually the local No. 1 middle school, experimental middle school, and foreign language middle school. Too much publicity of the champion will increase parents’ efforts to choose schools, and at the same time will put more pressure on education authorities. Just like the same paper in the national college entrance examination in the past, prestigious schools are admitted in different provinces and cities, and the scores are very different. The Shandong and Henan candidates in the same class can be much higher than the Beijing and Shanghai candidates who are classmates. This kind of admission scores are not online. Equality, parents put considerable pressure on the Ministry of Education, so it reformed, different provinces and cities use different college examination papers, so that the admission scores of different provinces and cities, it is meaningless to compare.

8 months ago

To make a serious comment, this suggestion is equivalent to the implementation of the newly revised “Advertising Law” in the past few years that prohibits companies from using “most” and “first” in advertisements in the education industry. So if this suggestion is implemented, will it have any effect? Just look at the effect of the current advertising industry. Take the famous Teacher Luo as an example. In the past few years, when Teacher Luo sold mobile phones, the slogan used to circumvent the “Advertising Law” was “Maybe the second best mobile phone in the Eastern Hemisphere.” This sentence pattern is derived from “the second authoritative self-media in China”, “China’s two major sauce-flavored liquors, one of which is XXX”, “the second sexy anchor in China”… From this point of view, this suggestion if It can be implemented. In the past, the respondent saw three or four local high schools in the circle of friends after the college entrance examination list was released, and they gave their own high school how many firsts they got in the college entrance examination. Later, they may become more than ten local high schools eligible for the college entrance examination. After the list is released, I send a congratulatory announcement, I wish the candidates of our school how many second in the college entrance examination… This picture feels very… Of course, the focus of the representative’s proposal is not in this aspect at all, but it was taken out of context by the media. The title is the party, so the answer to the main’s improper answer does not mean that the bill does not reflect the actual problems and contradictions, and is not feasible for implementation.

8 months ago

Mentioned every year, said every year, as usual every year. However, the ending is too fruitless, and it is often illusory in the end. I remember the number one in the hot list last year, there was a topic about the college entrance examination champions not allowed to promote. Even if many people support it, the normality in life is still the same. The market needs it, the school needs it, and sometimes students also need it (willing to be promoted). The needs of three aspects have created the situation of the current year-on-year champion. But having said that, is the situation that the champion Nian Nian said is really useless? If this is the case, then it is definitely difficult to get through the situation that the three parties agree with. So after thinking about it, these existences still have their reasons. When there is a goal, some people want to hit the goal. When there is a benchmark, someone wants to be the next benchmark. Schools with top picks want to attract better students. A better student wants to be a better champion in a better school. I don’t know if this can be called a virtuous circle, but I think at least at this point, it’s not vicious. But between the market and the market, it’s hard to tell. And some students may not be very willing to be promoted, so I think it is necessary to order the prohibition, because some people love and others evil, respect them, this is the basic starting point. If the school wants to promote it, it does not need to promote people, just promote the number or ranking of the entrance examination, there is no need to involve people. As for those vicious market operations, such as using it to pay for money or go against the wishes of the candidates, or with false propaganda, I think it can be ordered and prohibited, or even completely eliminated when necessary, is also excellent.

8 months ago

Answered similar meanings under multiple questions. The fundamental reason for today’s education situation is not at all because of problems with educational thinking. It is because of our own resource endowments that our current education is still based on strict selection as a prerequisite to the end. Why is the college entrance examination a selective examination? Because there are only so many good schools, why are there so many good schools, why, and there are only so many good jobs, why is the gap between good jobs and bad jobs so big? This is because our resource endowment is still in a stage of scarcity relative to our population and the size of the country. Simply put, why is there a situation of thousands of troops and single-plank bridges? On the one hand, because there are too few bridges (the lack of good schools), and on the other hand, because it is very miserable to fall into the river (the degree of education cannot keep up with the difference in entering society in the future. The income gap and living conditions are very different.) So the reason is thousands. The army and the single-plank bridge are not because we can’t think of it and have to squeeze the single-plank bridge. It’s because objectively we only have a single-plank bridge, and it was very miserable to fall into the river, so of course everyone was crowded. In other words, if you stand at the top of the bridge, no matter how loudly you scream, don’t worry, it’s useless. Unless we have a second bridge, unless we fall into the river, it is not only not miserable, but also very pleasant. If you go down the river, not only is it not miserable but also very happy, and some people even take the initiative to jump into the river. Are you still worried about the multitude of troops above the single-plank bridge? Are you still worried that if you promote a champion, everyone will be mentally unhealthy? Although the original intention is good, in order to avoid further concentration of resources, the problem is that resources that are already scarce, whether they are concentrated or not, scarcity is the norm. It’s not that there is no shortage of resources evenly distributed among more schools. The root cause of this problem is to increase resources, not to comfort everyone’s psychology and say that they are scarce and don’t be nervous. The question says that you are not allowed to promote any ranking, and you can stop it. The newspaper does not publish it publicly. Can you stop everyone from discussing it in private? As long as the selection mechanism is still in place, there must be a ranking. There must be a psychological impact on rankings caused by everyone. It’s not because you are not in the newspaper. If you don’t talk about this ranking, the ranking won’t exist. A good school accepts 5 people. In any case, I am worried about whether I can be in the top 5. When there is a ranking, I know whether I can be in the top 5. When there is no ranking, I will only be more nervous and guess where I am. Are you in the top 5? So the original intention may be good, but the method and method are simply wrong.

8 months ago

I don’t know if I should call this “the emperor’s new clothes” or “talking on paper”; let me get a glimpse of more proposals and ideas of Representative Zhang. I believe that Representative Zhang’s heart is good in putting forward these suggestions, but they have implemented Chinese scholars To understand the spirit of academic but not practical, this is a complete paper talk, which does not have any practical significance! I have read many answers from the main answer. The purpose of this proposal is interpreted as curbing the existing problems of “trafficking in education, imbalance of educational resources, and deteriorating the education ecology”, but it is very funny. If you don’t let the school publicize, the school just Doesn’t it advertise? The schools below are so obedient, how can a burden reduction be pushed for so many years but have not been implemented in place, and this year there is a cliché of the CPPCC members? I am sorry to improve teachers’ salary and the level of local civil servants, but it should be pushed for countless years. Is it necessary to use a heavy code and expel the principal if he finds it? I have always felt that schools should become more transparent and open, not more closed. How many special teachers I have, how many awards I have won, and how many books I have developed. As a school and a teacher, shouldn’t I be proud to say it? This committee member Zhang is a professor at Beijing Normal University. I would like to ask: How good are the conditions for Chinese universities to promote themselves, how many academicians, and how many papers have been published, are they also selling education? Is also promoting the deterioration of the education ecology? The most interesting thing is that even if this policy is implemented, it will not have any effect, because the school does not promote it, so parents won’t inquire about it? Parents must find out which class teacher is better in a school and which class teacher is more responsible, let alone the school itself? The most fundamental reason is good teachers, there are always only a few responsible class teachers! This brings us back to a deeper question. How to cultivate a team of responsible and high-quality teachers? This is too complicated. I personally feel that it is currently unsolvable, because there are a hundred jobs on the market that are better than being a teacher. Going back to the question itself, I agree with point of view. Please pay attention to and punish those groups that really magnify the problem, instead of putting the shackles on the school and parents, making the school more difficult to run and letting parents The difficulty of choosing a school has increased.

8 months ago

Cut people and money. Some young people are too naive and always think in the general direction, and don’t know the specific impact. Of course, the current direction of public opinion also requires the naivety of young people to fight pressure from all quarters. An interesting thing. I missed Tsinghua University entrance exam in 2004. I was depressed by a 2.5-point difference. His parents were afraid that he would be mentally ill, so they bought a ticket for him to go to Beijing to visit his cousin. His cousin is Tsinghua. of. Letting him accompany his cousin to relax in Tsinghua is a comfort. It happened that there was no holiday, so he lived in his cousin’s bedroom. He later told me a lot of interesting things about Tsinghua University, one of which was the person in his cousin’s bedroom. This man is the No. 1 student in the college entrance examination of a certain province in the central part of China. His appearance is not good, but he spends money and wears all famous brands. My classmate curiously asked his cousin if he was a rich second-generation man. His cousin said no, he was an ordinary family. He was very curious at the time, but where did his money come from? Later, I heard from his cousin that he was affiliated with an education company with dozens of college entrance examination champions. Every year during the holidays, there will be a national tour, and the champions will give a speech on stage, telling their own learning experience and experience of college entrance examination. Of course, they are all charged. Parents of students from all over the country flocked to each other, and the venues were full. In the end, the money was divided into proportions. His brother doesn’t know how much it can be divided into, but it is definitely not a decimal. My classmate told me later that he suddenly realized that when he heard it, he felt a sense of liberation at that moment, and the knot in Tsinghua’s heart that had been troubled for a long time was immediately untied. He later went to Harbin Institute of Technology, and finally he was admitted to the University of Southern California. He graduated from graduate school and stayed in Los Angeles. He bought a house and got married and had children. Now his son is six years old. We haven’t contacted for half a year. I don’t know if he remembers that year. thing.

8 months ago

In order to prevent the children from losing at the starting line, do you want to pull the starting line to a line first? Why not put forward a bill that equals the funding for public elementary and middle school students in the city? How many years will the artificially creating differences in public schools continue? It is also a public school in the compulsory education stage, which is managed by an education bureau. Why is there such a big difference in hardware and software? Why are some elementary schools graduating from Beijing Normal University and there is fierce competition to enter, while some teachers who graduated from elementary school teachers can’t keep it? The best public kindergarten, public elementary school, and public junior high school in our city happen to be near a certain community. Maybe it’s a coincidence? Xiaosheng in our city said that it is a comprehensive computer ranking, but the house in a certain community happens to have a degree from the best public junior high school in our city. Is this a coincidence? The inability to provide enough good universities for the people is a historical reason. The education department is not capable enough, which is understandable! The huge difference in income caused by manual labor and mental labor or even just the problem of professional choice is the need for development. This education department can’t manage it, it is understandable! To be fair, do things fair! But can you understand the huge differences between different schools in the compulsory education stage under the same education bureau?

8 months ago

For exam-oriented education, representatives of the two sessions of each session will make many suggestions. As for the college entrance examination, there is basically no. This seems to be a bit interesting. On the one hand, they have proposed not to put too much emphasis on scores, and do not promote the number one in the college entrance examination. Scores are not everything. On the other hand, they don’t say anything about the college entrance examination and college admissions methods that value scores the most. I think, “boost test-oriented education and worsen the education ecology” is to make everyone go to the same track with a single brain; and “criticize test-oriented education and improve the education ecology” is to filter out some fools first, and make the track look bad. So squeezed.

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