The base of elementary and middle school education is the school, but various paid supplementary classes are emerging one after another. Students are struggling to cope, lack of sleep, and physical fitness is not up to standard; parents are miserable and the financial burden is heavy. The family cost of education has been rising steadily, affecting the willingness of the whole society to bear children.

Recently, Meng Anming, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and a professor at Tsinghua University, suggested that primary and secondary schools and in-service primary and secondary school teachers should be banned from paying supplementary lessons, and off-campus training institutions and individuals are prohibited from carrying out compulsory basic courses (such as language, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry) stipulated in the syllabus of primary and secondary schools. Paid educational services.

It will cause it, but it is not done like this. At present, the educational burden of the family economy is not at all “paid compensation for in-service teachers,” but in “increasing burden” activities under the banner of “burden reduction”. The vast majority of parents are not clear about the difference between “examination-oriented education” and “quality education”, but parents have a balance in their hearts. The argument that “exam-oriented education” suffers children and pits parents has been recognized in the past. So we want to reform, we must change to “exam-oriented education”. But with the popularization of “quality education”, parents gradually discovered a fact: “Why the more this is changed, the greater the burden on the family?” We don’t know, we don’t dare to believe it, and we can’t ask. But I still have to say something, because it is simply unrealistic for us to prohibit teachers from “paid supplementary lessons”. Let’s not mention the “demonstration zone” of Shenzhen, but looking at the third and fourth tier counties across the country, teachers’ salaries are really low. Two to three thousand wages are the norm, and may not be able to reach the local half-flat housing prices. Apart from stability, there are really not many advantages. Of course, stability and instability sometimes depend on the surplus level of local finances. It is also common for regions with fiscal tensions to default in arrears. How can you support your family if you don’t engage in extracurricular paid training? The key is that this matter is not counted by the teacher alone. Because there is a market for extracurricular training, the parents wondered that my child is not talented enough and needs extracurricular training to make up for the lack of the day before yesterday. It just happens that the teacher also needs it, then it hits it off and we are done. Although this model has its loopholes, it can be regarded as stable after all, and parents and teachers can also accept it. But once the burden is reduced, this matter is hard to say. In the reality of industrialization, the transfer of “school education” to “family education” has only one result: this will allow parents who don’t have time to engage in “family education” to directly transfer the things transferred from “school education” to “extracurricular education”. education”. To put it bluntly, this is a business. If your school education reduces the burden, you have to make up for your extracurricular education. The key issue is that when the Education Bureau sees that students are burdened with extracurricular education, they can only start with school education, cutting “school education”, then giving the degree to the family, and finally giving it to “extracurricular tutoring.” Make money, not shabby. It means that the parents have to suffer, the students suffer, and the fertility rate. But we have to think of something, right? To be honest, in this case, the consequences of banning teachers from extracurricular tutoring are more serious, because the level of tutoring agencies is uneven, and the tutoring agencies charge high prices and then teach the children badly. It is really better to hand it over to the teacher to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Up. The solution to the problem is actually very simple. Let’s just strengthen the “school education”, let the children study in the morning and end get out of class late, have a self-study, and let the teacher help to do the homework. When school education takes the initiative to assume the “responsibility”, extracurricular institutions will have no room for survival, and the burden on students will be light. We need to focus on the key points when we are engaged in education… The professors go around the lectures and make great fish. The teachers train the Didi Meituan who has nowhere to do part-time job. ….. There is indeed such a loss of magic…


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7 months ago

Do you know that this is not generating income for private supplementary courses? I personally do not agree with teachers to make up lessons for their students, because some situations have been heard that the teacher has reservations in class and then asks students to make up lessons in their own small classes. This phenomenon may not be rare. Therefore, killing 10,000 enemies and self-defeating 8,000, can only stop this across the board. First of all, make it clear, do students want to cancel after-school make-up classes? Obviously impossible. Some students can’t keep up in class, and some students want to master new skills. This is the same at home and abroad. Families with good conditions in European and American countries generally choose private schools instead of public quality education (in fact, shepherd education). After class, I will also participate in various interest classes, such as piano, swimming, painting, mathematics, gymnastics, football, ice hockey, rugby, etc., just as many. The Chinese children are like a ball abroad, and they are always the problem writers everywhere. Otherwise, how can you stand out in math and science in the future? Therefore, make-up classes cannot be banned. Then the second question is who can make up lessons for the children. All kinds of supplementary lessons in the society are presented endlessly, and the teachers’ income is not high enough. Therefore, there is nothing unreasonable for teachers to make supplementary lessons for other students after class. Why can private institutions make up lessons in the society, but public institution teachers can’t make up lessons in the society? Therefore, I very much doubt whether this initiative is for the benefit of private schools.

7 months ago

To put it bluntly, some families don’t need to make up classes at training institutions for a long time. The prices of make-up teachers who can really play the college entrance examination are not affordable by public middle schools. One price I know is one-to-many (more than 5), ten days, not a full day, more than 20,000 students, if you are rich, it depends on how your baby is, and it’s worth teaching. Last year, I chatted with a friend in Hangzhou to discuss children’s education. His child started to send training classes to learn English. He felt that the effect was average, so he didn’t go. He found an international student to play with his child on weekends. The price was a bit more expensive, but the effect was more effective. . Some things cannot be restrained

7 months ago

Dayu controlled the water, dredged but not blocked. Mere prohibition cannot solve the problem fundamentally, on the contrary, it increases the anxiety of students and parents… What caused the huge demand for paid education outside the school? Our current educational environment and selection mechanism are the source. Why do you say that? I think there are three obvious reasons: 1. The whole society is paying more and more attention to education. On the one hand, the collective improvement of the national education level has made the whole society pay more and more attention to the education of children. On the other hand, changing one’s fate through learning is still an important way to advance in today’s society. Too many examples around us tell us that studying hard and going to a good school may not necessarily make you rich, but it allows you to have a job that is not too hard and can support your family. Therefore, the parents who have tasted the sweetness of education and the parents who have suffered from the ignorance of education have made their children’s study the top priority of the family. Buying a school district house, attending a prestigious school, and attending a tutoring class, as long as it is helpful to your child’s study and advancement, you can’t wait to give it all so that your child can enjoy quality educational resources. In the past, those who did not learn well would go to extracurricular tutoring to improve their academic performance. Now they also go to extracurricular tutoring to learn more problem-solving methods if they do well. There are fewer and fewer parents who can calm down. 2. A unified school education cannot teach students of all levels in accordance with their aptitude. Traditional school education can only teach knowledge according to the general level of the age group of students. The teaching content is also delineated in the syllabus. However, such a requirement only sets a qualifying line and cannot teach outstanding students in accordance with their aptitude and help them to dig deeper into their knowledge. Master more complex and clever ways of thinking. I have a friend whose son is very interested in the content of math extracurricular books, but he always complains that the school is too simple to teach. The mathematics teacher told him privately, “Your child has a good background in mathematics, and he belongs to the kind who has the ability to learn. You can consider looking outside (an off-campus training institution) to develop your child’s mathematical thinking and problem-solving methods.” Hearing what the teacher said, my friend dared to neglect, and quickly enrolled the child in class, for fear of burying the child’s mathematical talent. Why don’t school teachers teach directly? Because-don’t-let-teach! , And the syllabus does not require, the teaching task is to take care of the majority of students. What to do, the off-campus tutoring class just made up for this gap. 3. The current level of knowledge mastery in school education cannot calmly cope with the entrance examination. In the past few years, the turbulent burden reduction has caused the burden on students and parents to increase instead of decreasing. The pressure of the entrance examination is not at the same level as we experienced or heard. If you want to successfully enter a higher school or enter a good school, higher requirements are put forward for the accumulation of knowledge and flexibility of thinking. How to stand out from thousands of students and enter a good school is an important problem faced by both students and parents. It is an indisputable fact that the knowledge taught in schools simply cannot cope with the entrance examinations and the selection examinations of prestigious schools. These selection examinations put forward higher requirements for the expansion of students’ knowledge and the flexibility of problem-solving ideas. It doesn’t matter how effective the tutoring class is, but it greatly eases the worries of students and parents for this pain point. These reasons have directly contributed to the prevalence of paid tutoring by teachers and the prevalence of tutoring classes outside the school. Tracing back to the source and transferring the needs of off-campus education to the school may be able to solve the problem better. If school education not only meets the basic requirements of the educational syllabus, but also teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, so that hard-working students have time to slowly digest the knowledge they have learned, and capable students can master more in-depth thinking methods and expand their knowledge, parents may I am more willing to devote time and resources to the school rather than outside institutions; or the knowledge and problem-solving ideas tested in the entrance examination can be learned in the school classroom. I believe that parents are more willing to liberate their children from extracurricular tutoring classes. Come out and invest time and money in more conducive to the future development of the child, not just for the advancement of school and exams. A little bit of opinion, please watch carefully.

7 months ago

Not so good, a bit one-sided. To a certain extent, it has increased the imbalance of educational resources, and children from rich families will have an advantage over poor families. You let the children of the rich pay for the supplementary lessons; if you do not allow the supplementary lessons, the high-quality teachers quit their jobs to provide education for the children of the wealthy. Anyway, they are all making money, and the wealthy give more. Moreover, it cut off the extra financial avenues of many teachers and accelerated the fulfillment of the Matthew effect in education. For example, the salary of the middle school attached to a certain People’s University is completely different from that of the No. 1 middle school of a certain county, which causes more talents to be concentrated in good schools than before. Excellent teachers work hard to teach in order to enter a better school and enjoy better treatment. Since then, the stronger becomes stronger, and the weaker becomes weaker. I sincerely suggest that the salary for teachers in some areas can be increased, and in some places, the salary has not even reached the tax threshold.

7 months ago

It’s useless. As long as you know that a certain teacher can reverse your college entrance examination, you will be like me at midnight at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night to use the money from a class to make up for physics. The family will wait for me to make up for it. Sleeping compulsory education is not obligated to send you to 211985. This kind of big cow teacher is worth the money. You can prepare lessons for picky students by relying on skills, and you will know how much hard work you have to pay. Paid services are aimed at higher requirements. There is nothing wrong with his family, as long as he teaches seriously at school and explains the stipulations of the education syllabus, it will do. Other times, people pursue their dreams. What can’t you do now to check the training institutions carefully, do you think education is fair? Who will benefit from unemployment? I recently took a look at the job search app. The number of positions in training institutions has been cut in half. Public schools can’t accommodate so many graduates. Many key schools in Chengdu are very difficult to recruit. They require you to have a second-class scholarship for two consecutive years, and you are required to be the top two in the whole year Ten people like me who don’t pursue rankings and don’t learn subjects they don’t like, what should I do? Why can’t we look at the specific eighth grades like our director, but pursue the grade ranking? Obviously, it is a scum-style screening. Is it also prepared for related households? Do you dare to go to ordinary middle school? I was exhausted all day long. It was difficult to buy a house in big cities with that little salary. Now many parents also look down on teachers. This era is not when I was a child. When I was a child, the status of teachers was very high. Although it was hard, the gap between the rich and the poor was not big. It is willing to contribute to different times. Different policies should be studied to stimulate everyone’s enthusiasm. You can’t ask others to make selfless contributions. For example, why not let students delay school regardless of teachers and families? Why not let everyone go? Please let me go. Many young people who have just graduated also have to eat. If they are so strict and shut down so many training institutions, they can only have to repeatedly enter the postgraduate entrance examination for civil servants. They are just as pitiful when they talk about South Korea, like South Korea. Under the monopoly, young people have to recycle when they are not in their early days. Please increase employment positions and give everyone a bite of food.

7 months ago

Why has it been mentioned that the teacher profession is so hostile in recent years? No industry has a greater number of supervised teachers than teachers, and no professional ability is more severe than teachers. The society is unwilling to increase teachers’ salary, but is willing to supervise, criticize, and urge teachers to improve their own teachers’ ethics. On-the-job teachers make up lessons are always more reliable than non-professional training classes outside. Why is the teacher’s make-up classes controlled and the pheasant training class can be willful? Because they are “on the job.” Teachers and doctors are not allowed to have high income, but online celebrity live broadcasts, entertainers, and companies can, as long as you have the ability. To be a teacher and a doctor must be sentimental, otherwise change your career as soon as possible. On the one hand, the main body of society has gradually replaced most educated people with people who understand why, and they like to point fingers at schools and education. The number of teachers in the country is huge, and it is inevitable that there will be a few mouse shit. Once contradictions occur, the media will exaggerate excessively and cause society to shift individual contradictions to the entire group. Because of the improper behavior of individual teachers, the entire team of teachers will be killed with one stick and the image of teachers will be demonized. Another aspect is that there are very few channels for teachers to speak up, and there are only some people who can only talk nonsense if they encounter problems and lack justification channels. Those who don’t know the teaching profession only see stability, iron rice bowls, and winter and summer vacations. All of them simply think that the teacher is easy, and the same textbook knowledge is taught over and over again to be proficient, and the class can be taught easily. The energy and time required by the teacher profession, preparing lessons for class materials, meeting inspections for training, seem to be easier than difficult. Even during vacations, winter and summer vacations, work and further education are indispensable. It is not easy for all industries, but professional society such as education and medical care only needs dedication, not demand. A large part of the malice in this society comes from prejudice. And some people are always in commotion when they don’t get it, and they choose to slander if they don’t have it.

7 months ago

Public school education, family education, market education, social free education resources, the education that children come into contact with are roughly these four. The current situation is that public education is reducing the burden, but the competitive environment is becoming more and more fierce. At the same time, vocational education and the social status of the corresponding occupation and social security are just like this. The free social education resources test children’s autonomy, so in the current situation where other roads are unknown, Parents can’t keep up with time for family education, and the market will naturally take over…In recent years, various tutoring institutions have really sprung up. Whether online or offline, there are basically giant-like institutions everywhere. At the same time, there are also a number of mud-leg institutions, which are not only public schools, but also these institutions. The upstream institutions do not worry about digging for famous teachers. The downstream institutions are mixed with various reemployment and entrepreneurship. The charging standards are chaotic, the source of teachers is unknown, and the workforce is unknown. Insufficient personnel protection and uneven quality of investors and operators. In such a situation, instead of playing one size fits all, it is better to rectify the market, standardize it, and provide supporting facilities when there is no major environmental change in the short term, and then carefully consider what is going on in the public side. The direction of reform, how to let parents and children voluntarily choose to divert, is not that resources are overwhelmed by forced diversion.

7 months ago

In fact, many people in my family are members of the education system. My grandma used to stay in the Education Bureau and was the principal of a private school. An aunt of mine is a university Chinese teacher and a hotel management teacher. One of my uncle is the director of the high school teaching department, and an aunt is a professor of biology. Having said so much, what I want to say is that they can’t educate children, and the various points they put forward can’t change the actual situation at all. In other words, even if you are a practitioner in a certain industry, if you are too far from the front line, you will often be nonsense. I have broken heads with them many times. In many cases, why should there be paid education? Because the class hours are few, the tasks are heavy. Students’ learning ability is uneven. Many times you have to sacrifice the opportunity to speak more for some students with low understanding. Of course it’s not that there is something wrong with this. But the exam is a test paper for everyone, why some classes are easy, and some classes are very tiring. It’s because it’s really hard to talk about. The teacher really wanted to expand, and didn’t move. My junior high school teacher is also paid, why, because although our class is an experimental class, but there are many children arranged, the teacher does not dare to talk more. So I made a make-up lesson and simplified many things. If you make your children unintelligible, your colleagues may often chat with you and become unbearable. As for spending money on making up lessons and improving your abilities, it is worth the money. Of course, everyone has different values, but I think it’s worth it, and it’s the best solution. Then build a so-called “bad class”?

7 months ago

Thanks to the marketization of education and quality education, which emptied the pockets of parents and blocked the future of the underprivileged children. Is this formulation and direction of quality education correct? That’s right. Its original intention was to change the repression and distortion of the duck-filling exam-oriented education for students, and to realize the free and comprehensive development of students. Chairman Mao also advocated “quality education.” When he talked to Mao Yuanxin, he said: “The entire education system is like that, and there is a public call for five points. You should not fight for the all-round excellence. That will limit you to death. Yes, your sister (your sister refers to Mao Zedong’s youngest daughter Li Ne.) also suffered this loss. There are some people who see through the scores and take the initiative to study.” “It is said that there is a student in a university, who usually don’t remember it. Taking notes, I get 3 and a half to 4 points in the exam, but the graduation thesis is the highest in the class, and people have seen through that set, and they have taken the initiative to study. There are some people who have seen through the scores, boldly and actively Go and learn. Your teaching is to be able to teach, to go to class every day, so there is so much to talk about? “Quality education is in line with the wishes and requirements of students, and in line with the development direction of socialism. There is nothing wrong with it. But what’s wrong? The fault lies in this capital-led social structure, and the fault lies in the marketization and capitalization of education. Under the requirements of the so-called quality education, the time for students to study in school has been greatly compressed. However, the competition in this society has become more and more cruel. In such an “involved” society, the so-called quality education only means that students’ study time in the public education system is shortened, but the time and expenditure of students in various off-campus tutoring classes has greatly increased. In other words, the so-called quality education has finally become a means of commoditizing education, opening a convenient door for private capital to enter the education field. In the public education system, the educational burden of parents is not particularly heavy, because the public education system as a whole is still a public service provided by the state to all citizens. But once it enters the market-oriented education and counseling class system, it is determined by the amount of money the parents have. In the past, the underprivileged children still had the opportunity to compete on an equal footing with the children of the upper and middle class, and also had the opportunity to overtake and counterattack in corners, but now this road has gradually been blocked. Education has increasingly become a means of class reproduction. People in the upper class can allow their children to receive a highly international education and cultivate an elite temperament from an early age; in order to maintain their middle class status, the middle class empties their pockets for the education of their children and is exhausted; and for the lower class people In other words, they are simply unable to provide high education investment for their children, and can only allow them to receive relatively cheap education, and finally repeat the fate of their parents. Therefore, the Tsinghua professor’s proposal to prohibit paid supplementary lessons is certainly worthy of recognition. However, treating the symptoms does not cure the root cause. In this cruel capital society, whoever believes in the nonsense of quality education and all-round development and does not allow their children to participate in the fierce and involuntary education competition will lose at the starting line.

7 months ago

Why is the test taker’s internal paper formed? The essence is: the existing resources cannot meet the millions of graduates every year, so through layered examinations, the labor force that is most suitable for modern production under the examination-oriented education system is selected and given to them from the demand side. More resources are tilted, and through their continuous growth, the advantages of this resource stacking are transformed into production capacity, which is released when labor enters the society, and returns to the needs of social production. Therefore, parents and teachers can tell their children that only if you have a good academic record now can you be admitted to a good university, have a good job, make money, and be decent. This is to tell the successors the cruelest reality: if you lose in the competition on the demand side, when you participate in production, you will be swept away by others because you have less resources. This is why parents don’t spare money in education. Poor parents say that we have to pay for you to go to school. Rich parents say that we can spend money to hire teachers for whatever you want. This is because there is only competition for resources on the demand side. , In order to get a more advantageous social distribution when participating in social production in the future. Everyone agrees that the college entrance examination means crossing the single-plank bridge. It is because the college entrance examination is too difficult, but because there are too many people taking the college entrance examination, and screening is inevitable. Simply prohibiting paid supplementary lessons will not stop the arms race in education, and may even intensify this arms race, and the stacking of educational resources is firmly controlled by a small number of wealthy people, because in the possession and stacking of resources, They obviously have an advantage over us. In any country, if you want to spend money to buy services, you have never been unable to spend it. It is just that the paid supplementary lessons on the surface of the past are likely to be transformed into more obscure paid supplementary lessons. You think that the children of rich people are playing after school. In fact, they are madly piling up resources. Then when everyone grows up, they will continue to compete with this resource advantage. So what can essentially stop the arms race in education? First, make the cake bigger, make the resources richer, and make the per capita resources more abundant; however, firstly, it requires a process and a new technological revolution to make the cake bigger. Secondly, the law of 28 is not intended by people, but because of capitalism. Due to the characteristics of economic development and the regulation of redistribution, the poor basically have fewer resources and more oligopoly resources. Second, reform the examination-oriented education system of the college entrance examination system. On this point, there have been some previous proposals saying that the fractional theory should not be used, but it is precisely the fractional theory that achieves the maximum fairness. Because the poor have less possession of other resources, summer camps, club activities, hobbies, independent enrollment, etc. all need to spend money and need to find resources. The rich can jump to Tsinghua with aerobics, but the poor can’t. Only the same assessment standards, the same papers, and the same standard answers can guarantee the fairness of the majority. Third, reform the social production evaluation system. Our country evaluates a person from the perspective of social evaluation. For thousands of years, it has not completely separated from the chain of contempt of the city, agriculture, industry, and commerce. It’s just that the order has been changed. This kind of money-oriented, money-worshipping, social evaluation of housing prices and household registration in first-tier cities, and class leaping and rising as the highest life pursuit is problematic. I think the third is the most important thing to change, and it will inevitably change with the development of history. Why is everyone reluctant to be welders, carpenters and firefighters? To put it more bluntly, why is everyone afraid to be a farmer, even the children of farmers are reluctant to go back to the countryside to plant land? The first is because the social welfare security system is incomplete, imperfect and unfair. Even in a place like Shanghai, if you want to make an appointment for an MRI, you still have to wait at least half a month. Too much medical resources are squeezed out, and these More and more patients are borne by fewer doctors. The second is that in the development of a country, it is always necessary to achieve partial development at the expense of a part or even a considerable part of the group’s interests. For example, the question of “scissors difference” that may be deleted and answered. Who wants to farm the land, who wants to be free from the five insurances for ten years, and who wants to be a resourceful person in the process of urbanization? No one wants to, so he smashes the pot and sells iron, and wants his children to enter the city and get ahead. The reason why everyone is actively participating in the civil war now is not an active behavior, but an act of having to survive after recognizing the power of resource stacking and the essence of social distribution. If the carpenter can also get economic returns and social respect in line with the labor he has paid, when the competition returns to benign competition rather than endless involution, then those who want to actively participate in the competition can participate in the competition, and do not want to participate or not. People with such a strong ability to participate in competition can gain basic respect and the right to survive without participating. I think a considerable number of people will refuse to involute, and those who study mechanical manufacturing will not want to go to the Internet. When programmers, do they really love being programmers? They can go to the industry and career they really love. When a teacher tells their parents, they tell their children that you have to study hard to do what you want to do. Only when you engage in the industry you want to engage in can you participate in social production instead of getting ahead. Only by rolling others on the ground will the arms race of education stop.

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