Yang Xie, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Chengdu Municipal People’s Congress, said that according to statistics, the prevalence of mental illness in my country is on the rise. Medical insurance reimbursement. Intensify the publicity of mental health, create a positive cultural atmosphere, and gradually eliminate the common people’s stigma.

This is a big thing. Of course, the psychological consultation market should be standardized before implementation and implementation. The current consultation market environment is too bad, and too many consultants will cause secondary trauma or medical resources to visitors. Sexual symptoms. This will greatly damage the client’s trust in psychological counseling. The reputation of the industry is not easy to rely on many consultants, but it is easy to get stinky. Secondly, from the perspective of rising prevalence 1. For teenagers and children, it is generally that parents cannot keep up with the pace of their children’s growth. Problems in family education have directly led to the increase in the psychological and spiritual problems of teenagers in recent years. Judging from the data from our school’s psychological counseling center for freshmen’s psychological problems screening, it is doubling every year. 2. From the perspective of adults, it is the popularization and emphasis on psychology. It has only been put on the agenda in recent years. In an almost blank market, many people do not realize the importance and necessity of psychological construction. Many patients in hospitals may go Visitors who enter psychological counseling have come to seek help only when they have seriously affected their real life and social functions. In addition, many symptoms are manifested in the form of symptoms after years of depression. So to sum up, because the level of popular science in mental health is not enough and the audience is small, the emotional needs and psychological construction of children in the parenting environment are not enough. These people with problems grow up and the problems are presented, and then they are The parenting method of intergenerational transmission has brought up the young people of this generation with psychological problems. The straightforward thing is that if the soil is not good, the flowers will not bloom. And in many cases, based on these years of work experience, it is no longer a problem of stigma that many visitors refuse to consult, but that these groups in need of psychological counseling cannot find a suitable counselor, and they will be caught when they arbitrarily seek medical advice. Those platforms and institutions whose traffic is the king’s propaganda are cut off, and the cost of consultation is not cheap and cannot help visitors. Visitors will have doubts and withdraw from similar groups, which is a vicious circle. So the root is the need for a good environment. Parallel science popularization and promotion. It is also necessary to have some institutions and platforms with sentiments, principles and attitudes to build confidence among the needy groups with the support of the state.


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7 months ago

If it is really established, it will be a very congratulatory thing. Whether or not the prevalence of mental illness is rising is a difficult thing to conclude. In many cases, it is not that the prevalence rate has increased, but that someone finally started to understand that God’s grace is a mental illness, so more records are recorded. In the past, mental illnesses were not few, but most of them were regarded as “lazy”, “low psychological endurance”, “hypocritical”, “self-pity”, “no illness groaning”, “not strong”, “hearted” and so on. Mental illness is the basic source of many social problems. If people can correctly understand and deal with mental illness, it will be the greatest help to society, especially if the treatment of mental illness can be made more economical and affordable, it will be very helpful. A policy. The problem is how to implement it truly. Most people’s understanding and treatment of mental illnesses in China are still decades ago, so the judgment and diagnosis of mental illnesses are very unprofessional. If you have medical insurance, it is easy for the doctor to find a way not to diagnose this kind of stress because you feel that the patient is cheating on the insurance. Because there are always people who think that those who are not ill will pretend to be ill, so those who are ill are regarded as pretending to be ill. The most urgent task is probably to strengthen the ability of professional psychologists and the public’s understanding of mental illness. If a person can pretend to be sick for the sake of insurance, there must be a problem in his heart. Need help in itself.

7 months ago

Rather than including the cost of psychological counseling in medical insurance, I am afraid that the more pressing issue is to rectify the chaos in the psychological counseling industry. As for the occurrence of such phenomena as fraudulent insurance mentioned above, I am afraid that it is also inseparable from the chaos in the psychological counseling industry itself. In 2015, Ou Qiuming et al. adopted a multi-stage stratified cluster random sampling method to select a total of 2,400 households from 4 neighborhood committees and 4 villages in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province as the research objects. After investigation,
People who are female, older, less educated, live in the country, have a lower family income, and suffer from chronic diseases are more likely to have depression. The difference is statistical
Academic significance (P<0.05). And we know that this group of people is often neglected by the general public. Their limited education also makes them have limited access to information. That is to say, even if the cost of psychological consultation is included in the medical insurance, this group may not Will choose to seek medical treatment. As for the increase in the prevalence of mental and psychological diseases, the negative aspect reflects the increase in social pressure, and the positive aspect is due to the change in people’s health concepts, and the increasing emphasis on mental and psychological diseases has resulted in more patients being diagnosed.

7 months ago

The price of psychological consultation is very high. Of course, there is a reason for it. The psychological consultation I did before was 800 per hour, and the highest teacher in the consultation center I went to was more than 2,000 an hour. Psychological counseling consumes a lot of mental energy of the counseling teacher, and not everyone is suitable to be a counseling teacher. Therefore, although the price is high, there is an endless stream of clients. I firmly oppose the medical insurance reimbursement of psychological counseling expenses for the following reasons: 1. Psychological counseling varies in level and price, so medical insurance cannot control costs and pricing; 2. Psychological counseling is difficult to measure the required counseling standards, so It is impossible to define who should be consulted and who should not be consulted. In this way, if the consultation medical insurance coverage is opened, the risk of package fee fraud will be greatly increased; 3. Psychological consultation is not only in hospitals, but also many consultation centers, so it is straight Medical insurance coverage will lead to unfair distribution of costs. Although the proposal is unrealistic, it also shows that our current psychological condition is not good. This is an anxious era, how to live a life that is not anxious? 1. Be clear about your goals and not be shaken by foreign objects. ; 2. Don’t compare, there is self-harm when there is comparison. We are never the happiest, but we are never the happiest; 3. Have a pair of eyes that discover beauty and discover the extraordinary in ordinary, such as spring flowers revealing fragrance, refreshing; birds singing on the branches, crisp and loud ; For example, on the road today, I found an interesting person, an interesting phenomenon; 4. For example, today I was paid again; 5. For example, today I bought a new product………… Life is trivial and plain, big Part of the time can be seen as boring or dull. If you feel that life is good, your life will not be too bad; if you feel that life is not good, your life will not be too good, please do not set an upper limit for your life!

7 months ago

Parents are a mirror for children. Investigations have shown that a child who saw his mother being beaten caused more psychological damage than his own being beaten. Those children who often witness domestic violence, those who hate and resist domestic violence, are likely to become the most annoying look… I feel cruel to think about it. Of course, there are many people who have become exceptions. They have not become the perpetrators, but what cannot be ignored is that childhood injuries still exist. They will become cautious, sensitive and fragile because of those painful experiences, and become afraid to love…Say no to “domestic violence” and don’t destroy a family. In the United States, the cost of psychological counseling is included in medical insurance. And each community will be equipped with a corresponding psychological counselor. And every independent psychological counselor needs at least a graduate degree or above, and it takes seven years of research + internship to train, which ensures the quality of the psychological counselor.

7 months ago

The society is developing very fast, and at the same time, the overall value of society is more and more alienated from the perspective of money, and the number of people with psychological problems gradually increases. This is an inevitable trend of social development and a social reality that people need to face. At the same time, the entire value is single, and the entire education system is biased towards high scores, which leads to people’s unsound character and continued decline in happiness. High housing prices and high education costs have caused great pressure for people to survive, and strong pressure can easily lead to psychological problems. Thirdly, the existence of our own culture leads to some psychological problems, so this is also the root of the culture. Although it seems to be accustomed to it, there are actually many problems from a psychological point of view, and our country does not pay attention to psychological problems. This is still a major problem. Quagmire. At the same time, the fast-growing economy and the growing gap between the rich and the poor will also cause many psychological problems. Thirdly, the development of science and technology, especially the influence of mobile phone electronic products, has a psychological impact on people that cannot be ignored. Our country is still in the popular stage, so few people pay attention to its negative impact on people’s thinking. Playing Facebook has become a mental illness in the West. At the same time, the transparency of information is very high, and it is easy for people to form comparisons. At the same time, the problem of probabilistic thinking is replaced by survivor bias, which will also cause problems in people’s thinking. Of course, it’s a bit difficult to correct a person’s psychological problems. After all, this is rooted in economic and cultural life, and it takes a lot of effort to make changes. After all, psychological problems are not as simple as physical problems. Just prescribe the right medicine. Now, psychological problems require intervention from many aspects. Therefore, thorough treatment of psychological problems is a tricky thing. At the same time, our country’s thinking always talks about psychological problems and feels very embarrassed, which leads to more serious psychological problems and more difficult medical treatment. Putting psychotherapy into medical insurance is a good start. This not only effectively reduces people’s rejection of mental illness, but also makes people feel a lot lighter when looking at their mental problems. Of course, if you want to cure psychological problems, you need to increase market investment and train some excellent psychological counselors. At the same time, the country also needs to make certain contributions to cultural and economic values. Thereby improving people’s happiness.

7 months ago

The focus is on improving society’s perception of this disease. As for being covered by medical insurance, take it slow. What needs to be considered is the chaos in the field of psychological counseling. A quack is not as good as no doctor, but a psychologist is not a doctor and does some psychologists. There is no way. There may not be so many qualified psychologists who have the right to prescribe. When the supply exceeds the demand, many people can only look for the next best thing. Psychological counselor. However, the effect and cost of psychological counseling are not easy to measure. It is really difficult to find out if the patient is used as a long-term meal ticket and the medical insurance is insured. This aspect is actually more difficult to detect than the fraudulent insurance for physical diseases.

7 months ago

In recent years, with the development of the social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, the psychological consultation industry has been able to develop effectively, and the development of the psychological consultation industry cannot be separated from the growth of the professional talents of psychological consultants. In other words, the prospect of psychological counseling must be broad. The increase in the prevalence of mental illness has a certain relationship with the current social environment. The current social pressure is high. After reaching adulthood, many people have to bear various pressures such as mortgages, car loans, and raising children. Faced with strong mental pressure, the generation of this pressure will inevitably lead to a more or less increase in the prevalence of mental illness. In order to prevent the occurrence of mental illness, early psychological consultation is undoubtedly a good solution. Through psychological consultation, various psychological problems will be improved as much as possible, thereby effectively alleviating the occurrence of mental illness. A psychological counselor is a person who assists seekers to solve various psychological problems. The most general and most important target of psychological counseling is people facing various psychological problems. Faced with many family, career, school, social adjustment and other issues, they will look forward to making ideal choices, smoothly passing through all stages of life, seeking the best of their abilities and seeking a good quality of life. Psychological counselors can provide pertinent development consultation from the perspective of psychology and give corresponding help. On September 15, 2017, with the approval of the State Council, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced 140 national vocational qualification catalogs, and emphasized that the state will include vocational qualifications in the national vocational qualification catalog in accordance with the prescribed conditions and procedures, and implement list management. No professional qualifications are allowed or recognized. Although the psychological counselor examination of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has been cancelled, the career of psychology is still there, which is determined by market demand. After the national policy changes and the government withdraws from professional appraisal, the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences consciously has the responsibility and obligation to continue to promote the work of the psychological counseling industry. In response to policy changes and the voice of the industry, the Institute of Psychology organized a group of experts at the end of 2017 and developed a psychological training program with the support of the National Psychological Counselor Expert Group of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The course design refers to the “National Psychological Counselor Professional Standards”, and the content is richer, more targeted and practical than the original textual research training. The course covers the contents of the original three-level textbooks and part of the second-level textbooks. If it is necessary to compare the level of the consultant certificate with the original Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the certificate of this project can be positioned as Level 3+. Application requirements For those who are interested in professional growth in the field of psychological services and intend to participate in the comprehensive examination organized by the Institute of Psychology, they must meet one of the following application requirements: (1) Have a junior or higher professional title in psychology, education, medicine, etc.; (2) Have other professional college degree or above; (3) College degree and junior college or above.

7 months ago

Joining the medical insurance industry, I very much agree! At the same time, I hope to bring them more substantive help. 1. There should be no discrimination. The society should give them more care and warmth. 2. I hope they can get better treatment and can also muster the courage to receive treatment. 3. The fee standards are hoped to be more reasonable and to minimize the pressure they bear due to expenses. 4. Formal construction of a platform for psychological public welfare lectures and publicity. 5. Develop the popularization of psychological education, can it be included in school education, and pay attention to mental health from the child’s growth? 6. From the media, we hope to have more positive energy, promote the traditional Chinese culture and useful knowledge. Reduce desire, language violence and other stimulating propaganda, and control the healthy development of the Internet. 7. We hope that more attention will be paid to the problems of psychological education, psychological counseling, and the employment of psychological counselors in the society. Strictly manage the standards of examinations, evidence collection, and induction, and the employees will be more professional and the fees will be more reasonable. These people are already very difficult, I hope they find a formal platform to resolve this problem. Don’t let irregular external factors cause them to “exacerbate the situation” again. Above, I hope they will forget the pain one day and gain happiness and health.

7 months ago

It’s a good thing. There may be two reasons for the increase in the prevalence rate. One is that more people are really sick; the other is that more people are willing to face their psychological problems squarely. There may be both cases, but the latter should be the main reason. In the past, many people thought it was unnecessary and embarrassing to see a psychologist, so they would not go to see it at all. Now this kind of thinking is gradually changing, and many people are willing to go for psychological counseling on a regular basis. The trend is good. Of course, even now, I believe there are still many people who are sick but don’t want to see it/or don’t feel sick at all. If the cost of mental illness can also be included in medical insurance, the burden of seeing a doctor will be further reduced, and more people should get timely help.

7 months ago

During a training session, a teacher in Europe mentioned a case, “Originally, this case had to be left, but he stayed because he could do 50 consultations for free through medical insurance.” I was thinking, this What is the concept. 50 consultations, according to the average domestic fee, about 25,000 yuan. Psychological consultation may be included in medical insurance, and maybe one day it will be realized. At that time, people are not ashamed of psychological problems, and everyone starts to pay attention to their spiritual world. To be honest, it’s far away.

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