First-rate schools pay attention to academics, second-rate schools pay attention to discipline, third-rate schools pay attention to hygiene, and fourth-rate schools pay attention to thieves. 2. Elective courses must be skipped, and mandatory courses must be skipped. 3. Freshmen are best to lie. What bad thoughts can those seniors who are close to you have any bad thoughts, they just want to sell you a carbon pen that cuts off the oil, and they can’t hear anything. Six-level headphones. 4. The university is a “plastic surgery clinic”. Don’t throw away the ugly girlfriend, just wait. I used to be soiled, and I was very fat, and later I followed a personal training exercise and successfully lost 20 pounds! The whole person has become confident! I also found an online yoga class to follow along, and now I really like my figure. 5. If you are the last person to go to bed, consciously turn off the light, or you will be pushed down to turn off the light as soon as you climb into bed. 6. It turned out that the small hotels around the school really increased their prices at the weekend, but they still couldn’t find any vacancies. 7. You must occupy a seat earlier, and the back row will not be seated when it is late. The first two rows are uncomfortable to sleep. 8. If you bring something to someone and they forget to give it, don’t be embarrassed, just tell him directly, he didn’t want to give it on purpose. 9. In fact, every mobile phone software has a hidden function: Alipay can double-click the screen to catch chicks, and WeChat can take a picture of the other person’s portrait, even Zhihu is no exception, as long as you double-click the screen, you will find new things. 10. Not only do the beds in the boys’ dormitory wobble in the middle of the night, but also the girls’ dorms. 11. People who borrowed books crazily in the library before the holiday and took them home, even if they take them back, they won’t read them at all. 12. Low EQ: Take a photo of PPT, and there will be a sentence “Teacher, don’t turn it, it’s not finished yet.”; High EQ: Find the teacher to copy a copy of the courseware after class. 13. Military training don’t care about men and women. Put on some sunscreen, otherwise you will really get rid of the skin. 14. At the entrance of the dormitory building every night from one to nine o’clock, a big show of goodbye and goodbye by the little lovers begins. 15. When you are okay, go out and go around, the student ID is half price, and it will be wasted if you don’t use it. I know that many people didn’t go out to play because they didn’t have enough money, and they were too embarrassed to take care of their parents. I took some financial management courses online, and my living expenses were directly doubled. 16. The school hospital is really cheap. Back then, my roommate had two wisdom teeth extracted and a tooth hole filled. It only took a total of more than 50, but now it takes a few thousand to start. 17. In college chat, I rarely hear “class, let’s stop talking”, the most heard is “class is over, let’s stop talking. 18. Don’t watch those funny variety shows at one or two in the middle of the night, you quack pig Calling will make roommates collapse. 19. Don’t always lie on the bed and play on the phone. You can exercise properly. When you are fine, double-tap the screen to prevent finger numbness. 20. Ask people before using other people’s things, toilet paper people. I haven’t used it twice, and one volume is gone. Do you little bitches want to use toilet paper to write memorials. 21. No longer stock up on smelly socks and underwear. It’s almost like a biochemical weapon. It’s too high and I’m not afraid of smelling too much. Do you have beriberi in your lungs? 22. During the military training, don’t fall in love with the instructor. You probably like the “brother soldier” instead of this person. The feelings between you are too light, and the military training ends as soon as the military training is over. 23 , The club is dazzled, and report three in one fell swoop. Conclusion: People are stupid! 24. Download the file as soon as you receive it in the class group. Don’t delay until you need to find out that it’s expired. 25. Let your roommate bring meals and snacks, remember first Time to transfer money, because these little money are always easy to forget. If you forget, he remembers it, it is very embarrassing. 26. People who watch the video outside and laugh at the table chucking and laughing are really annoying. Like this kind of no nutrition Variety shows are really not recommended. When I was in college, the English teacher recommended us to watch more TED talks, which not only improved my English listening skills but also expanded my knowledge reserves. 27. As we all know, each department of the Student Union has its own official title. For example: the Organization Department, also known as the Organization and Cleaning Department; the Arts Department, also known as the Singing and Dancing Etiquette Department; the Office, also known as the Event Sign-in and Invitation Department; the External Relations Department, also known as the Lala Sponsorship Department; the Sports Department, It is also known as the coolie department for boys and girls; the life department, also known as the health inspection department for the number of people. 28. If there is any conflict in dating, don’t talk to your roommate every day and cry. You two broke up today and reunited tomorrow. Your roommate’s little personality is easy to be affected by you. Split. 29. Don’t hug and hug during class. It is easy to block the students behind and become a mountain that cannot be moved on the road to knowledge. 30. The social interaction of college students is basically based on the dormitory. People outside the dormitory may be all Not familiar. 31. You have to take the driver’s license as early as possible. If you haven’t got a driver’s license in your junior year, you probably won’t be able to get it during college. 32. Stock up more tissues, and don’t call dad everywhere when you are in a hurry. 33. Don’t be at the school gate. The barbershop and gym that haven’t been opened for half a year can apply for a card. 34. The sprayers who are playing with you before the exam can pass the exam successfully, but you can’t pass the exam. 35. Don’t believe your roommate “I haven’t seen it yet.” Myth. 36. The most frequently asked question in universities “What class is this morning and where is the classroom?” “37. The dormitory is not suitable for study. I want to study in the library or study room. When I first went to university, I couldn’t control myself at all. I stayed up all night to play games. I searched a lot about self-discipline methods on the Internet, and then I often went to the library to study. 38. If many boys see a girl they like nearby, their bragging B will increase. 39. It’s useful to take the exam temporarily, but you have to advance in advance. Hold for three days to one week, if one hour in advance, you should forward a koi or Yang Chaoyue. 40. College failure is not worth showing off, you have never failed to be a real cow B. 41. The counselor is not like your high school head teacher I can see it every day, but only a few times a semester. Anyway, if you have something to do, you can’t find it again. 42. The group leaders of various subjects in the university are really miserable. They are driving, and the group members want to take a ride on you. You don’t have to do it, and you can mix scores. 43. All the members of Aite in the class group and please reply when they receive it, and reply to the reply. The class cadres are also very difficult. 44. Call your parents more and talk about it. Some things about school, you don’t think much, but they can be happy for a long time. 45. Don’t hand out flyers or be a waiter. It’s better to read two more books and learn more skills, such as PS, playing guitar, anyway, you Just like it. 46. You must go to the first class at the beginning of school, because the teacher may talk about the overall framework of this course and how to take the exam. You must also go to the last class, because it may be important, although it may be hot. Larger than the Milky Way. If you don’t want to live a mediocre life, then I will accompany you to change together~


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7 months ago

0. I would rather believe that there are ghosts in this world than those who say that when you go to university, you can relax. 1. At the end of the year, there are many students in the class with a high probability that you will not match the name. 2. During the military training for freshmen, do they always think, do the students and sisters do not eat? 3. Compared to sweet love, what you eat today is more important. 4. To catch up with the peak express period, you can row from the south to the north. 5. You hope that the bigger the better the university, when you are in class, you wonder why you hoped that way back then? 5.1 Compared with playthings, cheating is more terrifying. 6. Physical education has changed from your favorite child in middle and high school to an outcast in your heart. 7. The most likely thing you have said to the instructor is, yes! 8. Your major is likely to have nothing to do with you in the future, not even a dime. But interest, will often wish you growth. 9. How busy and free depends on your current choices. Life in the future will also depend on your current choices. 10. Study in the dormitory, learn more and learn to go wrong… 10.1 The university does not give away the object. This is not a game of chess. The object is sent at the beginning. 10.2 There are people in a song, and I have been to college. Some people fall in love, some people drive to watch the sea at night, some seven or eight, the alarm clock still can’t get up some people’s textbooks are in the dust, I can’t remember some people who have been lonely since birth and now some people have set countless goals or don’t know how to repent and eventually call themselves that they don’t know good or bad. People only fall in love with games and never ask more about the quality of the world, and there is no expiration. At the end of the day, I don’t know sooner or later, and I feel that time is passing quickly. Some people think that they are very delicious. Some dreams want to fall in love with someone. Some people often ask if others are there. But I forgot the existence of my own life, it was so wasteful for a few years, and finally buried the word course as absurd and white. Some people maintained the state of the college entrance examination. Even though time was covered with moss, they traveled deeply to study the sea. They never sighed and mourned. Various competitions continue uninterrupted. Some people are busy in clubs, not asking what is the meaning. Some people just say that time is spent fast but forget that people with action may have a future. After going to university, they will be in a state, everything is. You can slowly know and feel. You can choose to decide whether you are good or bad. Later life will understand at this moment.

7 months ago

From the moment of enrollment, one should get rid of single-threaded competitive thinking. Recognizing that the evaluation of a person by universities and society is multi-dimensional. Educational background, work, property, contacts, appearance, talents in other areas, etc. are all factors to be considered. However, the current university has changed a bit. In some slightly better schools, the high school model has been copied into the school. As soon as you enter the school, everyone will make plans for postgraduate entrance and postgraduate admission. It is like a high school kid’s ambitious preparation for the college entrance examination. . Many people do not think clearly what they want, and just follow the trend to do what seems right. The school’s employment guidance and career planning classes are also derailed from society. Students do not understand the social division of labor and the employment market, and naturally they fall into a state of confusion. In fact, Zhihu has many excellent authors on this platform, and the content itself is good enough. Get rid of student thinking, jump out of the limitations of student identity, think about problems from a higher angle, and examine yourself. This is the most important thing your university needs to do. Even on Zhihu’s 985,211 per capita platform, serious elites (middle and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, well-known lawyers, doctors, professors, engineers), I haven’t met many of them after playing for so long. Because this world is far richer than you think, for so many years, aside those classmates with deep family backgrounds. I have seen students (more than one) who have earned millions in four years undergraduate degree, a freshman who supports the acm strength of the school alone, good buddies who are racing in the cuba, and junior girls who amazed the audience in the top ten singer competition. , Friends of the same age who have an in-depth understanding of politics, economics, history, and published books. In fact, apart from being engulfed on one road, we have not only one way to live.

7 months ago

1. Only when I went to college did I know that the high school math teacher didn’t lie to you, the high school really is the foundation. If you have been in the top ten in high school mathematics for one academic year, you may count down in the advanced mathematics exam. Like definite integral, compound function derivation, mean value theorem, infinite series (n knowledge points are omitted here)… In fact, it is not difficult, at most, it means that you can’t understand it if you don’t pay attention. , So easy. 2. Only when I went to university, I realized that it was not the teacher, the dream, or the alarm clock that wakes you up every day, but the auntie who is in charge of checking the hygiene… the aunt’s voice is trained, that kind of novelty. When I heard it, I was eager to hear, “6A603, why did you put rubbish outside the door again today?” “Okay auntie, throw it away immediately.” 3. Only when I went to university did I know that the door of the dormitory building could be a must-see for couples. In the evening, be prepared to face the wind. The most lively part of high school is the playground. It is necessary to grab a relatively hidden corner! And everyone is quiet, and when the building is about to be closed, they can’t wait for their feet to stick to the ground and don’t want to go back. Only when I went to university did I know that it was the beginning of affection in front of the dormitory building. Throughout the year, rain or shine, love is stronger than gold. The couple changed batch after batch, but the words of love became more and more familiar. Every year is similar, but every year is different! 4. Only after I went to university, I realized that there are still many people in this world who have the same smell as you-lazy. In the past, high school was embarrassed to be lazy, and you can’t be lazy. When you go to college, no one will take care of it. Your civilized behavior also flew away with my high school test paper. Shooting and throwing garbage in bed is not a problem. There are more roommates who are expected to be. It’s normal to open the door and don’t know where to settle. Everyone cleans up with faith. 5. Only when I went to college did I realize that some relationships can’t be sustained by my own efforts, and my best friends who were once will slowly disperse because of the distance. You and your high school girlfriends start a video once a week in your freshman year, once a month in your sophomore year, and every few months in your junior year, and stop chatting in your senior year. Everyone has their own things to be busy. She left the time for her boyfriend to open the video with you, and you left the time for the roommate. The best of us stayed in the high school full of memories. 6. Only after I went to university did I know that learning to be alone is more difficult than learning to get along. Once you like to be alone, it is really beneficial to your daily planning and arrangements. It’s because we only know when we go to university that no one forces us to study life more difficult to control. We have to consciously study on our own, test CET-4 and CET-6, test Mandarin, computer, postgraduate entrance examination. At this time, we are thinking, if there is a high school teacher there, it’s better. Up. 7. Only after I went to university did I know that money was too casually spent, how difficult it is for my parents to raise me so big and still support me in school. Now think about the money earned at home can not only provide for me to study, but also take me out to play, but also to take care of the family’s food, clothing, housing and transportation expenses, and occasionally satisfy my unreasonable small requests, then how do you do this? 8. In the end, I only found out when I went to college that I would never live with my parents again. You will be a guest when you go home. From the moment you left home in your freshman year, you can’t go back anymore. Parents are more and more learning to let go of their hands, and no longer control everything, so that you can fly freely outside; and you are more and more brave to try to solve some problems yourself, to report the good and not the bad at home. When you go to university, you will know and realize that your parents are getting old. On the road of your life, drift away from them. You will eventually need someone to face the suffering and laughter of life.

7 months ago

High school teachers are all coaxing children. Coordinates a rural high school in a county in Henan Province. The most motivational words I’ve heard from teachers in the three years of high school are: Ah, you will be relaxed when you go to college, and the current suffering is for your university’s unrestrainedness. In my sophomore year this year, I realized that what the teacher said was really coaxing the children. The teacher said that the university is easy, and the course arrangement is easy. Indeed, two or three classes a day, after the end, you can allocate your time freely. It is easy and easy. You don’t need to turn on the light bulb at five o’clock in the morning. Eight or nine people squeeze in a washstand to race against time: you don’t need to work hard to resist drowsiness during the morning reading that starts at five thirty: you don’t have to lie down for ten minutes between classes. Take a nap at the table; do not need to go back to the dormitory at ten o’clock to study and study hard until the early hours of the morning; do not need to beat your chest for a long-term mathematics problem; college students should think about a question: where will they go after four years? On the night I returned from Xinyang in September 2019, it happened that the train was late again. I was sitting on a chair in the waiting hall, looking at all kinds of passers-by, carrying them in my hands and carrying them on their backs. I suddenly asked my friends where they are all going. My friend said, isn’t it written on the LED screen. I just sat there and looked at the screen. It took me a long time to understand that, in fact, most of them went to the same place-life. At this time, the inn in Haotang, Xinyang, was the first time I thought about my purpose in coming to university. They are running around for life. What am I for? What I want to do is not to run around like them in a few years. This question is more esoteric than functions. I spent my entire freshman year to be chic and to realize my high school dreams of college life as much as possible. Me, free travel from city to city, from a barbecue booth to a hot pot restaurant, from the Jedi Island to the day and night of the Kings Canyon. Fortunately, it took me a whole freshman year to finally think about this problem and break the illusion that I had established for myself. I shouldn’t forget that there is always undercurrent under the calm water. It’s time to think about your purpose of going to college. Most of us are not rich second-generation or demolished second-generation. Our purpose in going to university is to get a decent job after graduation and a salary that satisfies ourselves. We are also for the future life. In 2019, the number of college graduates reached 834w. And this number will only increase as the number on the annual calendar increases. So how do you become an outstanding part of the million graduates within four years of university? This is the question that college students should think about most, not how to get the title of king. After the opening of the talent market, everyone rushed in, holding their own profiles, looking for homes everywhere. And what’s on your resume? Permanent director of the Staying Up Association, winner of the bed-riding championship, returning to sleep, drunk performance artist, national first-level narcolepsy performer, Internet surfing veteran player, national first-level retreat drum performer… Hey, here you are. xx city first kai dad can’t do it. Then I will give you a new title, senior self-hypnotist. So don’t believe that the teacher’s university will be easy, the university will be more tiring. Of course, it depends on your own choice. You can choose to be the king in four years, or you can choose a decent one in four years. jobs. This decent job is more difficult than you figure out a math problem.

7 months ago

A passage I saw by chance made me feel very deeply. You went to college. You know that the various clubs in the university are nothing more than the same; you know that the teachers in the university are only responsible for the lecture; you know that the university has a few classes a day, but these classes are a day; you know that the university class is very There are few people whispering to each other, and no one secretly passing small notes; you know that ten minutes after class is over, a large group of people will be lying down like in the third year of high school; and you find out that the students either go to the cafeteria or go back to the dormitory after class is over. In a hurry, there is nothing to say; you know that every time you receive a meeting message, there is @ all members in front of it, and there will be a reply after you receive it; you know that although the university can fall in love, there are fewer people you like ; You know that the “university life is rich and colorful” used by the predecessors means that you have time and conditions to do what you like. If your personality is lazy, then it may become “university life is decadent and boring”; you know that university is not the same Desk; You have installed a bunch of software required by the school to download in your mobile phone; You have discovered that your roommate is a roommate and will never regard you as a good friend; You have discovered that many high-quality resources will be tilted towards the class committee; Of college students are all jogging; you find that even though the university campus is very large, it looks unusually empty. You have discovered that not only do you rarely see counselors in colleges, but you also rarely see teachers. Students are responsible for all kinds of things. You find that the goal of high school is to enter the university, and it seems difficult for universities to find a goal. The friendship between the classmates is very weak, and the people in the class can’t recognize it after a semester; you find that the teacher and the class committee in the university told you a month ago what to do in a month, so you have to write it in advance Memo, otherwise you will be “at your own risk.” You found out that when you were in high school you thought you would wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning and you wouldn’t be dozing off in the morning. When you get to college, you will still be sleepy when you get up at 9 o’clock in the morning. You found out that the university had to find the examination room and print out the admission ticket. When you found these, you seemed to feel very lonely and missed your high school time very much, so you desperately contacted your high school classmates, followed their dynamics every day, and told them about your alone. Whenever you see the dynamics of friendship with friends, you will feel very kind. You didn’t expect that the three years of college life in high school would disappoint you a little bit. You used to think that when you enter university, everything will be successful in your life, but you didn’t expect that university is just one of the starting points in your life. The university is probably a lot of things and a lot of people missing.

7 months ago

I will answer this question with 15 short summaries. Each of them is the key to personal experience. I suggest you keep it in your collection first. 1. The more you are afraid, the more meaningful you are. If you are afraid of communicating with others, take the initiative to participate in activities. If you are afraid of the tension on the stage, you will try to stand in the center. If you are afraid of the boy you love, you will attract his attention. Do whatever you are afraid of. When I did it, I found that it was nothing more than that. In the end, we didn’t lose anything, but re-recognized ourselves. It turned out that I can too. If you don’t believe me, try it. 2. If you skip class for the first time in college, there will be a second time, and the third time you try to taste the sweetness is addictive. On the contrary, skipping class is the same. First you are afraid and then you feel nothing, then you become addicted. But after being addicted, it’s not far from getting out of school, so this kind of thing should be eliminated as soon as possible. 3. The university is a “plastic surgery facility”. This (image) is true. When I return to my hometown during the holiday, I find that many high school students have become a lot more beautiful. Learn to dress yourself and find your own suitable clothes and hairstyle. When you start to pay attention to your image and learn to add points to your appearance. Others will care about you more. 4. University is not easy, on the contrary, it is a good opportunity for overtaking. University also has endless classes and endless things to learn. It’s just that there are not too many constraints, and a greater right to do what you want to do. But many students are not used to life without restraints, which leads to their own degeneration. So if you want to keep going, please cherish your college time. 5. The dormitory is a place of collective life. Many students will treat the dormitory as their own home. Shoes and clothes are placed casually, and the bathroom garbage is never cleaned. Realized the dream of no one to control, but found that he has no independent ability at all. The most important thing is that they themselves haven’t realized it yet. 6. Don’t treat your roommates as your friends, let alone your classmates as your confidant when you are unsure about everyone. You never know if what you say to him will be known to a third person. Don’t use this method to test your friendship. Be cautious when making friends. 7. The beasts are not necessarily alone. Do you think the wolf is also a social animal? On the contrary, he is better at dealing with relationships. Sometimes the reason you are being bullied is not necessarily that you look weak but that you are alone. So don’t close yourself up, communicate more with others to get to know different people. Improve your awareness and you will understand the importance of social interaction when you leave school. (Partners who feel the same can double-click the screen to let me know) 8. Kindness must be sharp. Kindness is human nature, but some people are very good at taking advantage of this. Do whatever your classmates ask you to do, and help if you ask you to help. Over time they will take it for granted. Reject in time and don’t be a “good old man”. Don’t know how to refuse, just think about how they spoke. 9. The compulsory course of accustomed to lonely university is “loneliness”. We can’t be accompanied by someone all the time, we have to get out of our comfort zone. Try to enjoy the beauty of being alone. You will discover the New World. 10. Learn to “spend money” to recommend cosmetics correctly. If you use them for a long time and with high frequency, you can buy some cost-effective ones. And clothes and the like have been changing with our aesthetics and popularity, so just buy some cheap. Money is not saved but earned. Knowing how to manage money rationally, and learning how to make money generate money. 11. Have a good relationship with some people (aunts, counselors, teachers). First of all, the aunt in the dormitory, usually bring some snacks to the aunt’s house to chat and accompany the aunt. Over time, you will know the fragrance. If you accidentally break the clothes, you can go to the aunt, and come back late to say something nice. Waiting is a small matter for the aunt. The second is the counselors. Needless to say the benefits, counselors such as internships and study materials can’t be more clear. Therefore, it is better to go to these places more than ineffective social interaction. I think the harvest is much more than that. 12. Don’t fall in love for the sake of falling in love. If you see a show of affection in the circle of friends, you can fill up the various plots by yourself. Seeing someone downstairs placing candles and sending flowers is all envious. In fact, when fate is in love, it is natural to like the most beautiful. Don’t regard falling in love as an expectation, try to be yourself, the one that should come will never be absent. So it’s better to improve yourself first. 13. Make the right choice for your roommates to play games and watch TV shows. You go to the library. Your roommate is holding back your scholarship. You may be isolated, so what? This is where you widen the gap. They only have regrets when they are truly successful. 14. It is okay to be able to improve your part-time job and make money, but you can’t blindly do some part-time jobs, some cheap labor, and can’t bring you anything, the machine can do what you can do. It makes sense to choose some part-time jobs that can bring compound interest and you can grow from it. 15. The low-key talent is the Wise University. The students come from all directions and don’t know each other very well. Student Wang started a company at home and went home after graduation. Li Moumou had already earned tens of thousands from his side business. There are many such phenomena, but most of them are just ordinary students. If you want to live a stable life without asking others, it is best to act in a low-key manner. After all, no one but your family really wants you to live better than her. Seeing that you have gained a lot, please be careful and let me receive your likes. You will also receive more quality works. I am Mu Youling, pay attention to me, let us grow together and slowly become better.

7 months ago

As a junior who has been in school for three and a half years, she answered a wave late at night. After all, the inspiration only keeps flowing at night. 1. High school is actually really good. What I miss most when I get to college is the night of self-study in high school, the scene of participating in sports meets, and every ten-minute break. These will never go back. In the past, the whole class would always cheer for the sports meeting, but when it comes to the university sports meeting, it can only be spectators, and there is no sense of participation at all. So I always think that if I can experience high school once, I will definitely cherish it. 2. The university is not easy at all. The majors are well selected. The college entrance examinations at the end of the year and small majors like ours are busy at the end of the term. Changing the map and the video to the creation report, other majors are even more miserable. Who said it’s easy to get to university? 3. Don’t make friends too much. There are not many friends, it depends on whether you are sincere. When you arrive at university, many people can only meet once or twice, but they will stay in your WeChat. There are more than 700 people in WeChat, but not many people often talk. Don’t waste all your time on making friends. Treat your friends sincerely and sincerely. Such a boat of friendship will last forever. 4. Falling in love can make people good, or they can make people degenerate. Therefore, in college, you must keep your eyes open when looking for a partner. 5. Plan your life arrangements as early as possible. Don’t wait until the senior year for everything to be anxious. Which company you want to go to freshman year is optimistic about the recruitment requirements, and work towards this goal. If you want to take the postgraduate entrance examination, you can start to understand the major you want to apply for. If you want to take the test, the teacher will decide which subject to take. 6. The closed music of the library can really make people happy. Ashamed, I only listened to closed music twice. Even though I had been studying for a whole night, I was not tired at all. I feel that today is not in vain. It is better to go to the library and go outside more than in the dormitory. Really. Promise me, I must go and experience it. 7. Try to save some money. Part-time job, scholarship, save 200 yuan a month. It’s enough for us to take a trip as long as we want. And you can use the money you earn to buy gifts for your friends. And the money saved can be of great use during the internship. >8. Don’t talk ill of people behind your back. 9. Contact your parents more often. After going to university, the time at home is getting shorter and shorter, so be sure to keep in touch with your parents. I have been boarding since junior high school. When I arrived at university, I would play a video with my mother basically every day. Share your life with them a lot. 10. Cherish college time. In fact, time flies really fast, fast, and fast. I still remember myself when I first entered the school in my freshman year, and I was already a junior before I knew it. Time waits for no one, so you must cherish it. Each of the above ten suggestions is worth looking at carefully! Double-tap the screen and there will be surprises! Remember to pick this treasure. We will try our best. See you at the highest point.

7 months ago

Listen, when you go to college in this big fermentation tank for four years, no matter what, you will have a chemical reaction, and you will have a radical change during the graduation season. Do not believe? You can try to record your mindset and thoughts when you first entered college, and write down your vision for the future with a pen… Wait until the graduation season, and you can see if it is completely different. I have no intention of spreading this statement to everyone. But it’s true. For most people, in the past four years, whether they are indulging in joy or being angry, they will eventually mature. They will be influenced by what they have done in the past four years and the people they have encountered. Different roads Every time I look back on my four years of college, I am very annoyed. Sometimes when I walk on campus or play on the basketball court, what I encounter is the same youthful behavior as when I first came here, bursting with youthful vitality. When I first entered university, I followed an old-school professor who pretended to be old-fashioned, and his sophistication completely lost the sharpness of a young man and stumbled. When I meet you now, I have a smile on my face, and I can’t help but miss myself like them. So, my friend, no matter what you do, I suggest you think about it and regret it. Because the four years in the middle are too short. If you spend all of them in the library, it will be regrettable, let alone indulging in games all day long. It is absolutely impossible to leave a memorable chapter… University, it should be Colorful and colorful! Even if you stumble and bleed a lot, you have to write a picture for the future mature society.

7 months ago

1. Is it incomplete if the university hasn’t taken a course? Pooh. The consequences of failing to do so were disastrous. 2. When you arrive at university, you can play freely? Pooh. I’m so busy every day, I don’t know what I’m busy. 3. University classes are rarely one session a day? Pooh. When I am free, I die, and when I am busy, sometimes there is no class all day, and sometimes the whole day is full. 4. College grades are not important, just pass? Pooh. Do you want to get a scholarship? Want to rate it? Then review the final score test high points! The higher the better! 5. Can you fall in love at university? Pooh. The good-looking ones can get out of the order quickly, otherwise… let’s go to fate. Many people haven’t talked about it after four years, haven’t met people they like and haven’t been liked. 6. No need to do homework in college? Pooh. For many useless classes, the big assignment is to write a report book, which must be handwritten, and it takes three thousand words to speak less; there are also various small essays to be written. . Some professional experiment reports are super large. Hand writes off when there is a lot of homework. 7. Just pass CET-4 in college? Pooh. It is not important that CET-4 is not CET-4. Fluency in spoken English is the most important thing! I’ll find out later when I look for a job. 8. The university teachers are very powerful and knowledgeable to give lectures super well? Pooh. Unless it is a top school, you will always encounter teachers who are very good at lectures. (Em…The above is my misunderstanding of university before going to university. The following is some insights after studying at university) 9. Stay less in the dormitory. Nesting in the dormitory will give people an illusion: I am free and all my time is mine, so it’s okay to relax and play games on your mobile phone. And when you walk out of the dormitory, you will see someone on the stone bench on the side of the road endorsing books, and when you go to the library, many people are studying hard. Then you will feel nervous and will force yourself to work hard. 10. Don’t sit in the last row and play with your mobile phone in the water class. For many classes, such as career planning for college students, what the teacher teaches is basically something we know, or is not practical at all. For such classes that do not need to be listened to, if the teacher checks attendance more strictly, it is natural to go to the classroom. Don’t play mobile phones in the last row. You can do something meaningful, such as reading your favorite books, writing other homework, memorizing words, and so on. 11. If you are short of money, you can do a part-time job, but don’t waste too much time on physical work. If you really want to make money, you can choose work-study, or exercise your skills (cutting videos, doing ppt, etc.) to make money, and study hard to get scholarships or grants. 12. Make good use of the winter and summer vacation time. Strive to do some meaningful social practice, and work hard to find internships in the junior year. Don’t go to the factory to work every time. If you don’t have a driver’s license, you can spend a month to learn to drive, so that you can get a driver’s license faster. Of course, you can also learn to drive in your spare time at school, but the time will be longer and you will need to ask for leave frequently. 13. Cultivate a hobby. Choose a club you like to join, practice hard, stick to it for two years, and your life will be richer. I am a counter-example. The clubs in Canada have not insisted on training. The friends who joined me have persisted until now. They have either won many competition awards or are already able to earn money as part-time teachers. 14. Don’t overinvest in social interactions, and don’t stop socializing. If all day long dinner parties are just for the so-called “social” and “social”, it is meaningless and there is no real friends at all; it is also impossible to always be alone without dealing with others, and in the end you will find that you can’t handle interpersonal relationships well. It is recommended to choose the circle you like. It is enough to have two or three friends who have a good relationship; other times, don’t go to the party that you don’t need to go to. 15. When meeting a roommate who can’t get along, you can’t just tolerate it. The wonderful roommates really have their own wonderful things, so I won’t give an example here. If your roommate interferes with your life, either communicate and adjust, or try to change the dormitory, or find a way to treat her/him. If you do not speak up, you will only suffer.

7 months ago

The high school teacher didn’t lie to you, college is really easy! Easily reach the junior year, watching the students around you are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, so you follow the postgraduate entrance examination, but you have no bottom at all. Easily to the senior year, watching the crowds at the job fair, you don’t know where you are going, what you can do, confused and helpless. No one in the university urges you, parents are beyond their reach, counselors do not see twice a year, and most roommates and classmates are doing their own things. It is easy to be relaxed in college (60 minutes long live), but if you only learn 60 minutes in four years of college, you will feel uncomfortable after graduation. Don’t stay in the dormitory all the time. “In a big city, it’s very easy to get rid of a person. Give you a quiet and small space, give you a network cable, and preferably add a takeaway phone. Okay, you’re getting rid of it. “——Li Shanglong However, this situation is the same in college. After all, the limitations in the dormitory are still too great. If you have the opportunity, you should go out more. Don’t say anything else, just take it in the dormitory, your chances of falling in love are all too small~ Don’t say anything, everyone is doing XXX things, although I am not interested, and I don’t catch a cold, but I still signed up…Of course it doesn’t matter. But the life plan is your own, and there is no way to copy this. Even if it is copied, you will feel unhappy and miserable when copying. Have your own plan, your own goal, and go your own way. Self-study ability is very important. Universities, universities, big deal, there are too many self-study. A class can talk about several units, a complete set of PPT, and dozens of pages of books. If you don’t study by yourself after class, or take the initiative to learn knowledge outside of books, the university will also get a diploma… University is a university, and society is a society. It is said that a university is half of a society. In fact, there is no half of it. In terms of the degree of truth, it is more than one-tenth. Many friends started complaining when they went to college. Schools, teachers, student unions, roommates, and even some trivial things are all our targets. Tucao and Tucao, even if you may suffer some grievances during this period, don’t be afraid or sad, just grow up silently. After four years, you still have greater challenges, and you can’t lose it. In short, in university, there is nothing more important than learning (in the broad sense of learning) because it is very difficult for you to have this kind of extremely low cost afterwards, just to improve your own environment. Come on, everyone, good luck.

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