The teacher of the school information group I added said in the group that the registration for the make-up exam has started, but some students later replied that it has not yet started to register, and the teacher does not have @All members. It’s not a special document to inform me that I didn’t care about it. It is indeed my fault, I am really really guilty and anxious now. I really want to cry. Because of my reasons, my classmates could not make up the exam registration, which led to the retake. But in addition, some people argued for themselves that the make-up exam is their own business and shouldn’t rely on me, but they are still very afraid that their classmates will hate me.

Seeing this topic, I suddenly wanted to say something. When I was a major in college, I was forced to study a major that I didn’t like. From freshman to senior year, I felt more deeply about faculty than all of you. Do you think I’m going to speak for the classmate who has passed the course? No, in addition to being a scumbag, I am also a study committee member. After reading the description of the subject carefully, I want to talk about them one by one. In the school information group, the teacher sent a notice to register for the make-up exam. The academic committee did not take it seriously, because the teacher did not send a document, and there was no @群member. The subject also mentioned “them”, so the number of people who failed the test should be quite large. First of all, the school’s information group is generally only accessible to class leaders. Those involved in examinations are usually study members. If the school’s practice is to upload and release through the school committee, students cannot find the make-up exam information by themselves, then the subject will have a lot of back Guo, the students will inevitably turn their attention to her. If students can find out the information about the missed exam by themselves, then the academic committee does not have to take too much responsibility, after all, it is just a role to run errands for the counselor. However, the students who failed the course must feel uncomfortable, so they will naturally find someone to take the blame, and will inevitably anger the academic committee. I understand the feeling of retaking without taking the make-up exam, but it was because of my own part-time job to make money and forgetting to take the make-up exam. I was the only one in the class who dropped out of the exam. When I was in a hurry, I forgot the make-up exam until the classmates in the next class walked out of the exam room. When I sent a message asking why I didn’t go to the exam, I just put down my account book with a black line on my face. This kind of thing is for my personal reasons, no wonder others. When the course is suspended, our school will send a document to the information group and forward it to the counselor, the counselor assistant forwards it to the class manager, and the class manager sends the excel form to the class group, and the list of @群 members make-up exams comes out. For students who need to make up the exam, check if they have their own names on the file. I will not screen if the computer is down. Every time I pull down slowly to see my professional position. We do not need to register for the make-up exam. The file is just a notice of the time and place of the make-up exam. Back to the topic, the study committee must be responsible for this kind of test accident, but the level of responsibility depends on whether you are very important in information transmission, whether you are the only way for your classmates to receive the make-up test information, if so, then you are here One link is quite important. Although the teacher is not very responsible, you are responsible for the problem. The little people are the life of the people. This is the experience of the class. With so many people failing to take courses, the re-repair fee must be thousands of dollars. If you want to pay for it, you must not be able to afford it. Please have a meal and apologize. To make a digression, I suggest that students who read this answer, don’t work in the university, especially the monitor and study committee members. There is no benefit, and there are a lot of messy things. The study committee is just running errands, notifying students to register for grades four and six, conveying the news of teachers making up classes, changing classes, and changing classrooms, collecting homework, and paying the fee for the Putonghua exam at the bank, and paying the exam fee for the special four and eight at the bank. Have to ask the teacher to focus on the exam. I actually didn’t want to be a study committee member. I was forced to do it by them in the last academic year. Only those who have done it will understand the bitterness. The study committee was very busy near graduation, all sorts of miscellaneous things. At that time, I was confirmed to be postponed, so I didn’t care about anything during the graduation season and pushed all the work to the monitor.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Ask yourself a question, are you wrong? It is your duty to convey every arrangement of the teacher. Since you have not done your job, then you are wrong. You can throw the pot partly to the teacher, because as your “superior” he has a problem communicating with you, which caused you to forget it. But you can’t give it to your classmates. The classmate remembers that it is two things that you did not do your work. You can say that he is irresponsible to yourself, but this is not a reason to excuse yourself. Because even if he goes and passes the make-up exam, your work is also a mistake, and it doesn’t matter what the result is. Don’t listen to some people saying it’s not your fault. Of course it’s your fault, but it’s not all your fault. It’s okay to make a mistake, mix up the water, and then confidently say that you are right, but appear shameless. There are questions on Zhihu asking whether to be a cadre on duty. Most of the answers are to be a cadre. How many benefits this status can bring to you, few people tell you that this is also a responsibility. You have to bear your mistakes, and endless excuses, excuses, and pulls will only make you abominable, just like some people under this answer.

7 months ago

First analyze the responsibility of the matter. This matter is within the scope of your own responsibility. No matter what the reason, the final result of the whole matter is that you have not done the upload and release of your job. They don’t care about their own affairs, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do your own job well. Understand that there are two different things. If you do a good job of uploading and distributing the files to the group, and all the members of Aite, then at least you have fulfilled your duties as a study committee member. And if after your notice is in place, they still did not make up the exam, this is not your responsibility, and this will give you the last reason to say: “I clearly told you all, you are not concerned about it, and now I blame me for not having it. Remind you, is it appropriate?” But you are clearly not doing it right now. Then you stubbornly deny, admit it obediently, and stand at attention when you are beaten. Put all your faults on others, in order to get rid of guilt and self-blame. This kind of behavior, we generally call it a coward, is called irresponsible, is called faceless and skinless. But fortunately, you know that it is your own fault, it is not so serious. Let’s look at the solution again. Even in this matter, there are obviously your reasons, and there are also reasons why they don’t care about it. However, as a person who also made mistakes, you cannot blame all the faults on others. On the contrary, you even have to take all the mistakes, stand upright and be beaten obediently, apologize to others for compensation, and then compensate for the loss of the other party (repair costs or something). This is a manifestation of high emotional intelligence. Why do you say that? Let me explain: You push your mistakes to others, even if you only push a part of it to others, it still means that you are unwilling to admit your mistakes and unwilling to take responsibility for your own faults. Don’t say you didn’t, as long as you excuse yourself, then even if you say that you don’t, outsiders will see it at first glance. However, if you don’t shirk responsibility, but take the whole thing. So even though you have suffered some grievances, you can let everyone see your attitude and even your character (just know your mistakes, be generous, etc.). In this way, you will be more easily forgiven, and your apologies will be more easily accepted by others. Do you have to be wronged then? Not necessarily, this matter has the responsibility of the other party, but you can’t say this from your mouth, and speaking it will become evasive responsibility. You need to find a third party who is innocent and has nothing to do with either of you, and then say the phrase “this matter is also your responsibility” from the mouth of this third party. Only in this way can the public be convinced, so that you will not be wronged, so that the responsibilities can be clearly distinguished and the reasoning can be made clear. So how to find this third party? This is another topic, but it has actually been mentioned above-the first step to find a third party, you have to pass the character.

7 months ago

I have encountered this on horseback, twice! I played different roles twice. When I was in college, the monitor of our school was informed by the monitor, so I didn’t die. I was the monitor. It was a sunny afternoon, and the people in one of our dorms were playing games happily. I remembered a QQ message in a daze. Notify me which subject to make up which day. At that time, the game was playing a group, so I glanced at it and didn’t care. By the time I make up the exam, luckily! I ran into a classmate of mine in the corridor of the bedroom. He also smiled and asked my monitor to go out. I said, don’t step on the horse, go to make up the exam. Oops, that’s not right, didn’t you also hang up the complex function? Why don’t you make up the exam? That buddy said, no one told him to make up the exam today. Did I say you did not receive the QQ message? I opened QQ and it was not a private chat, it was a QQ group. Not to inform me to make up the exam, but to let the class leader inform other people in the class to make up the exam. There was a thunder in his head at that time. I said you hurry up and call a, I’ll call b. Wipe it, make up the exam today, hurry up, it’s too late. Fortunately, there were only four people in my class who had complex functions. I really couldn’t call it when there were too many people. Our dormitory had to be a thousand meters away from the examination room. We didn’t run so fast in all four of our physical examinations. When we arrive at the examination room, our appearance makes me look like a person. I met the man in the hallway, wearing big pants and slippers. a Just before waking up, the buddy was poked out from under the covers, and his head was squeezed into the sky by sleeping. b I was washing myself, and there was toothpaste foam at the corner of my mouth. The invigilator was shocked, thinking that we were riding Northeast F4. When they arrived at the examination room, the three people didn’t bring a pen. I took it, and I don’t even know about the exam, let alone review it in advance. a Raise your hand and say, teacher, can I borrow a pen? The teacher looked at him like a fool, and asked him if you did not bring a pen for the make-up exam, did you think about it? So a looked at me with faint eyes, as if I had abused him. At this time, the other two also said that they didn’t bring pens, and I felt that the invigilators were suspicious of life. I lent my only pen to the three of them, and the three of them were also righteous, wrote a name and handed in the paper. Returned the pen to me in less than a minute. I gritted my teeth, wrote a name and handed in the paper. The policy of our school at the time was that after taking the make-up exam, we could take the clear exam for senior graduation. Make-up exams do not take part in direct retakes. That’s right, there will be a clear exam when I went to undergraduate, but now there are none. I went out of the examination room to chase the three of them, and the three of them asked me if you did not review, why did you come out. I said I have to accompany you, and the four of us should come together to clear the exam. You must not forget to remind you when you clear the exam. On the way back to the bedroom, the three of them scolded me all the way. The wine I invited them to drink at noon kept me out for two days. Do you think this is over? The bizarre stepping horse is behind. Clear the exam in the senior year. I was still thinking that one mistake in this matter can be remembered for a lifetime, and how can I forget to remind them the second time? Good luck tricks people. In my senior year, I was no longer the monitor. When the notice was cleared, the new monitor was looking for job interviews all over the world. This is forgotten again. Not only did he forget the four of us, not only did he forget the subject of complex functions, but he did not notify all the students in the entire class. This time, when we learned about the news, the results of the clearing exam were almost out. I was sitting on the bed in the dormitory and cursing, isn’t this Shabi! How many pigs can do this thing. Those three buddies were also in my dorm, and they looked at me like a fool, and the meaning was obvious. Haven’t you done this? No way, find a guide. Fortunately, I am a very popular person, and when I was the monitor, the relationship between me and our instructor was not ordinary. The instructor smiled respectfully when he heard the cause and effect, as if laughing out of a causal cycle. Finally, the instructor asked the four of us to take part in the make-up test of complex variable function with the younger brothers and sisters. Because the senior year clearance exams are relatively early, and there are regular final exams for younger students and younger sisters, we also took part in it together. The other classmates in our class did the same. There is a buddy, which is unlucky. He linked the principle of automatic control. After the exam was cleared, the whole school never had this exam again. The instructor said that I can’t solve this problem. No matter how awesome I am, I can’t help you take an exam alone. You can ask the director. The director’s answer is that there is no other way but to rebuild. The buddy wanted to struggle a bit, saying that he had paid all the exam fees. The director said, he knows this, and he will tell the teacher when the exam is cleared next year that he won’t charge you. As for whether there was something more interesting between that buddy and the monitor, I don’t know. When this happens, you must be brave enough to take responsibility, and you must be scolded. Stand at attention when scolded, stand firm when beaten. For the rest, it depends on how popular you are.

7 months ago

The teacher of the school information group you added said in the group that the registration for the make-up exam has started, and you didn’t take it seriously. It is indeed your fault, at least you have to bear a great deal of responsibility, and guilt is right. This is the end of the matter, and it’s useless to be anxious. Because of your reasons, the classmates could not make up the registration for the exam, which led to the direct retake, afraid of the classmates complaining about you. Then the remedy is to help them pay the re-study fee. When one of them has no time to go to class, you should give it a try. Who calls you a study committee?

7 months ago

First, figure out whether it is your own pot, and then consider whether to carry it. This question is a bit vague, it depends on the working practices of your college. 1. Normally, important matters are notified by the academic committee, and students are also notified by the academic committee to act. 2. There are special school announcements for important matters, and students can implement them according to the announcements. The Academic Committee is just a reminder in the group. If it is 1, then the subject’s pot can’t run, but it’s not all the subject’s pot. As the subject of the question said, make-up exams are your own business, so how can you wait for others to feed you everything when you are an adult? Of course, the subject can make a gesture and propose to pay the cost of repairing, but it is limited to this, and acting too guilty will make people think that it is your full responsibility. But it is not. If it is 2, then the subject can be completely free from psychological burden. “Reminders are not in place”, how does it count as in place? Make-up exams are inherently very important. Normal people will definitely pay attention to the make-up exam arrangements if they fail a subject. The school teachers in the group have already said about the make-up exams. Even if the subject owner does not remind them, the students who make up the exams should take the initiative to ask clearly. There is no need to sin against yourself in everything, and it is not necessarily a good thing to develop this habit. It’s not to let you shirk your responsibilities, but you have to sort out your responsibilities and don’t take it all over.

7 months ago

As a cadre in the class, it is indeed a big fault for you to fail to implement important information. As a result, the classmates failed to refer to the make-up exam and retake it directly. This is very serious. It is impossible not to complain about you. If you are grumpy, you may be tortured directly with you. Rework is not only a bit expensive for retakes, but the most important thing is more than a week It’s very shameless to have a class or two, and still have a class with the younger brothers and sisters, it will be very hard to put it on anyone. I suggest you pay for the repair fee, and then apologize to your classmates, please have dinner, two more meals, to ease their anger, and you will feel less self-blame in your heart.

7 months ago

I have just graduated and I have really experienced exactly the same thing. I forgot to send the notice of re-fixing the test time to my classmates. It happened to be the first semester of the sophomore year. I was really confused at the time. Then I immediately communicated with the counselor and the academic affairs to confirm the make-up test. After it was over and I could only wait until the next semester to make up the exam, I apologized one by one to the students who needed to make up the exam and had to bear the cost of the next make-up exam. Although those students were angry and didn’t trust me anymore, they didn’t let me bear the cost of the make-up exam. , But what I can do is to insist on doing my best on my own. After that, I served as a study committee for four years in the university. I checked everything over and over again. The students who took the make-up exam passed the exam again. I have always felt guilty and can only try my best to do my job well. I am also because of this. I didn’t work for the Youth League Committee. I feel that I have done something wrong and have the courage to take it, try my best to make up for it, and take this as a warning. This incident has made me more cautious and careful in my future work. I will always remember the lessons of this matter. I hope that the subject will be the subject of Don’t blame yourself too much, take the courageously, and work hard to compensate

7 months ago

A person was about to cross the road, and time ran through the red light. Halfway through the walk, there was a traffic policeman. The traffic police saw him but didn’t take care of him. So this person thought that there was no problem in running a red light. As a result, he was hit by a normal car that was too late to dodge. Excuse me: Is the traffic police wrong? If there is a mistake, how should the traffic police take responsibility for this accident? My personal opinion is: Without discussing specific road regulations and rules, the traffic police must be wrong, because the duty of the traffic police is to maintain road traffic order. When he sees someone running a red light, he should stop drinking in time. But in terms of accidents, the main responsibility that the traffic police needs to bear is the driver who hit the person-because the driver is driving on the road normally and deliberately dodges when encountering illegal pedestrians. In the end, the vehicle crashed, and the driver wasted a lot of time, energy and material pressure that should not have been undertaken, and the traffic police had to bear the main or even full responsibility for this. What does this example mean? The pedestrians in the example are the same in nature as the students who have dropped the subject-they both need to bear the main responsibility for this result. Whether it is road traffic laws or the system of making up exams and retakes in universities, information, etc., you should actively abide by and understand the situation. All should be their own obligations. Regardless of whether it is a traffic policeman or a study committee, the duty of these posts is not to popularize the law or to communicate, but to maintain the necessary traffic and study order. When is it a necessary obligation for managers to communicate, that is, when the actual situation and process are different from the original stipulated situation, and when there is a modification. For example-the final exam of this semester was temporarily cancelled and retakes were only allowed (I know this is unlikely, just to give an example), and those who fail to take the retakes will have no chance to retake, and they are not satisfied with the credits. At this time, it is an obligation that the study committee must perform to convey the information to the classmates. We must also take the main responsibility for the delay in communicating to ourselves and delaying the graduation of classmates. At least in the original situation of the subject, it is clear that: 1. The subject did not perform his active management obligations as a learning member. 2. The students who did not have time to make up the exams should bear the main responsibility for the consequences. 3. The exception is-if the system for retakes and retakes is uncertain and may change every semester, then it is necessary for the study committee to undertake the positive obligation to communicate. 4. You can feel guilty for causing this result, and your classmates who failed to pass the course can also blame you for this result. Please note that this is [can] not [should]. 5. If these classmates have emotions and dissatisfaction with you, please understand that it is indeed that you did not do a good job in the academic committee. Apologize well, admit mistakes, and actively help these students get credits. But if some of these classmates think-you have not caught up with the make-up exam, you have to bear the main responsibility as the academic committee, and most of the mistakes are with you, then let this person stay cool.

7 months ago

There was a make-up exam at the beginning of the second semester of the senior year. The monitor did not notify or check the staff. The list of make-up exams left me. I knew that I had dropped a subject and had to make up the exam at the beginning of school. Then I waited for several days on February 25th. I always thought it was about to take the exam. Then I called the subject teacher at 9 o’clock, and the result was the exam at 4 o’clock in the afternoon on the 25th. I was not in school yet. I hurriedly took a taxi back to school and reviewed the exam in the car. After a four-hour journey, I had to find a teacher to print out the make-up exam and run up and down. In the end, I entered the exam room 15 minutes after the exam started, and some important memorization was originally placed on the test memory. As a result, the time was tight, and the explanation of the terms and the short answer was not easy to remember! The test is real estate finance, which is basically the memory content. If I fail the make-up exam, I won’t be able to graduate. To be honest, I hated the monitor for a moment. However, I was relieved later. After all, I should figure out the time for the make-up exam early. The homepage of the Educational Administration Network will send out the school-wide make-up exam subject information long in advance, and I forgot this. Just log in a notice such as academic affairs, because the school did not count my make-up exam information, so it will not send me a notice. After the exam, I felt stunned and felt that I couldn’t pass the make-up exam. Fortunately, the teacher was in a relationship between teachers and students, and I didn’t want to delay my graduation job. It’s over 60 points! Thank you teachers really!

7 months ago

There are priorities, and conflicts are scored in priority. First of all, the student make-up exam is often something that teachers pay more attention to. According to our school’s practice, the teacher, counselor, and class cadres communicate and emphasize three times. Even if the class cadres do not communicate in place, there are still other links to provide protection for students. , If the student still misses the registration for the make-up exam, it is their own problem. They are not interested in the make-up exam and deserve to be retaken. Your teacher sent a document without @corresponding personnel. This is unreasonable, and this is the main contradiction. I don’t know how many students missed the make-up exam. Once the number reaches a certain number, I suggest to go to the counselor and academic leadership to report that this is a teaching accident. We have successfully applied for it before. The reason for the application is similar to yours, and the teacher’s message is not in place. , Causing many students to miss the time for submission of assessment homework, and was deemed absent by the teacher. The school opened a green channel for us, re-submitted the assessment homework, added a special teacher to be responsible for the entry of scores, and later did not publicly penalize our class teachers. Secondly, your inadequate communication is indeed a mistake. After four years, the class leader I understand is a teacher’s microphone, a watch robot, and nothing else. Communicating notification documents is your basic function, and such basic mistakes must be made less frequently. But we are class cadres, but we are not supermen. We have our own business and are busy with it. It is really unavoidable to miss some things. Therefore, we must pick the important things to do first, do it quickly, and do well. Which thing is more important? Things that are directly related to the interests of classmates are the most important things, such as scholarships, poverty allowances, notices for retakes, payment of fees, and so on. Keep in mind: once things involve the interests of classmates, if you don’t do well, someone will make trouble. What I often do is to fool around, what theme class meeting, what kind of healthy life proposal, who can sign on behalf of will never find people one by one, who can pretend to take a picture and get confused, never use PPT to go to mother-in-law. The reason is that there is no need to deal with this kind of formalistic activity notice. Teachers are disgusted and classmates are disgusted, so the cadres in that class should not take the lead in charging, otherwise they will only be rejected by others. This is the case for class cadres. They do their job well, and the only thing left is fishing. No matter what the final outcome of this matter is, I hope you can get out of the shadows. I know that you have no subjective intention. This is the most important thing. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, take this matter as a lesson, and don’t worry too much about your relationship with your classmates. , The four-year friendship boat, how can it be turned over.

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