Li Dongyu, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, pointed out that the population loss of counties with smaller population and underdeveloped economy is more serious. Li Dongyu suggested that the county-level administrative divisions should be optimized, small counties should be merged, and small counties with a population of less than 100,000 should be merged to reduce waste of administrative resources and optimize the allocation of production factors.

The proposal to merge the small counties is still in the discussion stage, and the reform of the small county institutions is currently underway. For example, Shanxi Province, in order to analyze the institutional setting, function operation and financial support of the party, government and public institutions and public institutions in small population counties, pointed out that there is an outstanding situation of imbalance in the proportion of financial support personnel in small population counties. In Shanxi Province, several small populated counties have promoted comprehensive reform of the county administrative operation system in accordance with the principles of large ministries, flattened, strong grassroots, emphasis on actual combat, and high efficiency, and achieved streamlined and simplified administration, slimming and strengthening of the body, and consolidating capital. Strong base. This is the most feasible plan at this stage. At this stage, blindly merging small counties is not advisable. The vast central and western regions should vigorously implement the reform of small county institutions, which can maintain a smooth transition of the county economy and streamline administration. After all, it is not easy to cultivate a central town in the central and western regions. At the same time, some counties are too large to be merged just because of their population. According to this theory, wouldn’t it be easy for counties with tens of thousands of square kilometers to appear? Oh, there may be several county towns within these tens of thousands of square kilometers that can still provide Good public services are now merged. That is not fair to the general public. You can’t enjoy more and more convenient public services in the east. It takes 200 kilometers to travel to the county town in the Midwest, which is unrealistic. As for the merged counties, population loss is inevitable, and it has caused more serious population loss caused by public service crises in underdeveloped areas. As for where these population flows, it depends on where they can provide more stable and excellent public services and employment. Post again. As for the future, if some counties change with population migration, they cannot be maintained. Of course, they can be merged, but it is not right to operate in advance. It is neither stable nor economical. It is because of historical reasons that the districts of the northeastern part of the city divided into districts are too dense, and the small counties in Hebei can be operated in a modest manner, but it must be done step by step to ensure the stable development of the local economy. I have to admit that the population problem will change the thinking logic of all walks of life in Chinese society, and it is also an inevitable experience of being included in the global capitalist mode of production. I hereby appeal that it is undesirable to struggle to force the mentality, but economic efficiency is undesirable, and the value of each worker must be respected. Perhaps communist society is not a fantasy, but a new and higher-level mode of production that the capitalist relations of production did not expect to produce, that is, social material is extremely abundant, everyone gets value satisfaction, and labor becomes a new voluntary mode. Professors in the humanities and social sciences are asked to think more, have more system confidence, and have more system innovations. They are always crossing the river with Europe and the United States. The key is whether they have passed. To believe in the advantages of China’s system and mechanism and to continuously enlarge its differences with Europe and the United States, this is a new way to be explored.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

stand by. If a county has a population of only 100,000, but has four complete teams, dozens or hundreds of various bureaus, and countless public institutions, the financial pressure will be great, which will inevitably lead to insufficient investment in public utilities. This has always been the case, either by over-grabbing the local population and natural resources, or relying on resources from other regions. It is difficult to achieve true self-reliance. Instead, they fall into continuous mutual consumption, which further leads to a large outflow of young people. As we all know, the economic development of a small county is mainly driven by two driving forces. One is consumption and the other is investment. Consumption mainly depends on the growing young population, increasing urban vitality, and investment mainly by the government, followed by enterprises. Without economic vitality, localities will inevitably not be able to sell prices and attract enterprises. Therefore, the government is poor and there are few enterprises, and it will be difficult to develop in the long run. Therefore, the government must have money first, and a large part of the money of the small county government is used for administrative expenditures, occupying the financial funds originally used to invest in public resources, so the first thing to do is to streamline the troops and simplify the administration. Use money to invest in medical, education, transportation, network and other facilities to serve the society, and at the same time give full play to its own advantages, merge some small counties into large counties with development potential, and build central county towns and satellite townships to achieve real development and prosperity. Of course, the direction is good, but the implementation is a big project, and the feasibility needs to be studied, as well as specific analysis of specific counties, cities, and towns.

7 months ago

The population loss in counties is due to employment problems, which cannot be solved by merging small counties. Consolidating small counties with low populations does not only look at population, but also depends on factors such as geographic location and area. To solve the problem of population loss, we need to revitalize the countryside so that young people can stay in their hometowns. For example, my hometown is a county in central Sichuan, with a population of 1.6 million and a permanent population of 900,000. The industry in the county is relatively poor, and there are no large enterprises outside. Students who graduated from university, apart from the examinations for civil servants and teachers, do not know what they can do when they go back. They have no choice but to work and settle in big cities. Combining small counties and turning counties into townships can reduce administrative units, but various resources will be reduced accordingly. It may be suitable for a small part of small counties, but not for all counties with a population of less than 100,000. In addition to merging small counties, I think we should reduce the number of administrative units in the most populous counties. There are too many administrative units in the most populous counties, and the finances are particularly difficult. For example, our county has a yearly load of more than 30 billion yuan. Civil servants, teachers, salaries, and bonuses are not paid all the year round. Come down. A dozen townships were merged in the previous two years, but there are still 46 townships. You can consider merging again, or splitting it into two counties. Of course, this is a county with a large population and a relatively large area. In addition to administrative divisions, I think we should discuss more about how to develop the county seat so that people can stay in their hometown, do something in the county seat, and take care of the elderly. The left-behind elderly really need to be paid attention to.

7 months ago

After the merger, the counties are changed into towns, and nothing can be changed. I think the ancient Chinese way of returning home after retirement is better. The big cities in China have protected the locals so well that no one wants to leave, and the result is getting bigger and bigger. Recruitment by the subordinate units of the ministries and commissions requires a Beijing registered permanent residence. Can this capital function only be accomplished by Beijingers? We must first change the big cities, but not upside down those small ones. The result of the merger of small counties is that the counties become towns and become fully rural. This is a departure from the process of urbanization. Nowadays, the population in big cities can only enter and cannot go out, and small cities can only enter and cannot enter. This is not a problem of people. People are just trying to avoid disadvantages. Liquan was in a big city, which caused the current situation. Developing the local economy is better than anything else! When I talk about returning home for the elderly, I don’t mean being driven back to my hometown by big cities when I grow old, but to make my hometown more convenient and make it easier and happier to live in my hometown. The retirement pension of the elderly is a bit difficult to bear the first-line commodity prices. If you can buy land and build a house when you return to your hometown, you will have a small yard, the sky is high, the clouds are light, the air is low, and the cost of living is low. It is really suitable for the elderly. It is necessary to squeeze in the old and small.

7 months ago

Not very agree. The county is actually the lowest-level city. 100,000 people can form a city. If the entire population of the county can be concentrated in the county seat, then this county can exist. The problem is not that the county is too small, but that the county seat is too small to meet the level of the county! As for those levels, four sets of teams, many civil servants and so on, they put pressure on the local finances and economy. Even counties can be abolished! But if the counties can only be abolished, then the counties should be abolished! It’s not easy to raise such a group of people anyway, and basically suck up all the blood in such a small place. There is not one that can be cut, but it’s okay. Or if those rich people go to be civil servants, they are not for making money, but for subsidizing money, which is fine.

7 months ago

The merger of small counties cannot look at this single measure, but also with supporting measures. There is a question about the impact of the Sino-Russian merger, whether there is any contradiction or contradiction without other measures. The consolidation of small counties to increase the size of the population cannot directly alleviate population loss. Let me try to deduce the impact. The first is the reorganization of the political structure, which is an opportunity to change the power structure at the grassroots level, which can release a certain amount of management potential. At the same time, the reorganization of institutions may support new systems and new methods to promote the modernization of management, and modernization of management is to enhance the vertical management ability of the central government over the localities and strengthen local control. There is no direct economic benefit, and there are risks. The possible benefit is that because the new blood of political reform enters the management system, it may bring new ideas, new methods and new resources. However, the most important thing for a region’s economic growth is its own endowment. If it does have the potential for development and hesitates, it may be liberated. If it is not, then it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice. The risk is that the new management pattern may prompt the need for county-city communication. Whether counties are connected or the main county needs to be larger, a large amount of fixed assets may be formed. Under the pressure of political performance, the burden of local government debt may continue to increase, and these investments are often contrary to The laws of economics do not have enough returns. Bad debts will become a burden for all ordinary citizens in the middle and lower classes. This is risk. In terms of population, as long as there are inequalities in public resources in different regions, population mobility will inevitably occur. All barriers can be eased, but the direction promoted by objective laws cannot be prevented.

7 months ago

It is true that some county-level administrative units should be merged, and Hebei and Shanxi have the most. However, the line should not be drawn simply by population. Instead, the population, area, distance between counties, and the shape of the territory should be considered comprehensively. Hebei Province: Sanhe Dachang (the county seat of Yanjiao), Anguo Boye, Yanshan Mengcun, Botou Nanpi, Lincheng Baixiang, Guangzongping Township… Shanxi Province: Xiaoyi Jiexiu (Lvliang’s jurisdiction is really weird , Jinzhong urban area should be merged into Taiyuan, Xiaojie United City can replace Jinzhong’s position and govern the counties and cities in the southern Taiyuan Basin), Huozhou Fenxi, Hongdong Ancient County, Houma Quwo, Pu County Daning, Xi County Yonghe …Others: Yuping Cengong (too many counties in the southeast of Guizhou), Leling Qingyun, Fuding Tuorong, Suijiang River… There is also the problem of prefecture-level cities, and some prefecture-level cities can The jurisdiction is two hundred miles away, and some prefecture-level cities cannot set up districts in counties surrounding or connected with built-up districts. Confusing.

7 months ago

What is the reason for the population of less than 100,000? Is the population of hundreds of thousands of people outflow due to resource depletion, or the flow caused by changes in the geographical environment, or the population of this place has been below 100,000 since the appearance of the county seat. The reason for the exhaustion of resources has led to a sharp decline in population. It is recommended to abolish counties and build towns. The administrative staff inside should be dealt with according to the town, and the reduction can be reduced. This occupies too much. Flows caused by changes in the geographical environment, relocation and reconstruction, such as the old county of Beichuan, this is no longer common. If this place has been stable at around 100,000 people, it is not a merger but the development of an industry to attract people from the surrounding area to work and buy a home. Tourism is not the primary consideration.

7 months ago

It is easy to imagine but difficult to do. This is not Zhongshan Qiao building a railway. Take a ruler and connect two places that need a railway. It requires a lot of research and other work, and pilot implementation. The villages in Shandong are so strenuous, so don’t talk about it. And how big the resistance is underneath, everyone can imagine. Yesterday, I was still a good leader. Although poor, he was the number one leader. It’s all right now, and it’s just like Huang Wenbing. Who can be happy, maybe there will be some Qu mothers again. Plus this group of people are broken. We thought we could see local factions fighting each other, but they are good at making noises to make county citizens hate other county citizens. For example, telling this county why we have a bad life is because of xx people. It’s not pleasing to look at both sides once and again. In addition, the imperfect road network and supporting facilities are also one of the biggest obstacles to this proposal. If the two counties are close together, but there is no supporting road network and other facilities, it will still be impossible. I am a resident of county a, and I have to go to the current county government b to do something. It turned out to be dozens of kilometers so inconvenient. So I think we can try to merge some towns and townships first, and then split a county into several merged into different counties, and then demolish the cities in this way. Once you have gained experience, you can go to Mongolia and Burma to try to dismantle it. But referring to the old and new Hong Jiang, this matter is difficult to handle. However, there is no easy-to-achieve karma in the world, and there is no unachievable karma. Take your time.

7 months ago

As the population declines, it is possible that small counties will gradually disappear. However, the problem of population loss cannot be changed, only drinking poison to quench thirst. In fact, small counties continue to transport people to the city, and the fertility rate is not low. Moreover, life in a small county is less stressful, and those who can live in a small county must have jobs that can live. . However, it is not easy to merge to solve the work and housing problems of 100,000 people, and it is not just 100,000, but several 100,000, or even tens of 100,000. The house is a big problem. Do you still want to promote real estate transactions through demolition? However, there is no industrial foundation and employment environment. Even after the merger, the population will still be lost. Maybe the merger will happen again in the next 20 years. The only thing is that the cities and towns continue to disappear and the population continues to decrease.

7 months ago

Most of the small counties with a population of less than 100,000 are in the northwestern frontier. The proposal to merge is not a single sentence. It requires overall planning and capital investment. Who needs to relocate and who does not need to relocate is actually a headache. There will not be too many problems with natural population flow. If it becomes a government action and the overall relocation, the difficulties will be great. The merger of counties and cities will involve all aspects of things, and the reemployment of the relocated population is a big problem. Mergers and non-mergers belong to a certain administrative division, but it is better to streamline personnel and treatment. A small county of 100,000 is also the size of a small town, but the master is still the master. That is not the key. 1. The population you are facing is less, and the service targets are less, so the corresponding treatment specifications must be reduced by 2; On the Zhejiang side, even ordinary small towns are also very impressive, and the scale of development is very good, and the performance is the main 3; it does not lie in the merger of divisions, but in the openness of thinking and open thinking.

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