I plan to use two days to make up for the work of the two days off on weekends; and another day to adjust the fatigue caused by the six consecutive days due to the off week in the previous week; the rest; Two days, what do you think I can arrange? I really can’t feel the holiday made up like this. There is nothing to be excited about… The weekend breaks may seem fair on the surface, but in fact, for workers in certain industries, such arrangements are very unfriendly. For example, for foreign trade friends, there is no such thing as a rest period in foreign countries. Crooked nuts are normally closed on weekends, while domestic workers should rest on weekends and they need to take a rest to go to work, so what do they do when they go to work? No one responds to emails abroad, and calls abroad are in vocation; and when our door is enjoying the May 1st holiday, we need to be psychologically prepared from the third day to accept serial calls from foreign customers at any time, because It is already normal to work abroad…In this way, the work that needs to be closely coordinated with Crooked Nuts is difficult to proceed in an orderly manner because of this adjustment: there is nothing to do at work, but you can’t relax on vacation. Thinking of this, I had to vomit another question from the hot list a few days ago: “A representative suggested 10 days off during the Spring Festival holiday, do you agree?” I agree with you&¥%ζψφ〤曱すせЖ… …Do you want to see me show you a fancy death method? I’m really curious about what kind of strange holiday arrangements will be made if the holiday office adopts this suggestion. Closer to home, no matter what kind of trouble this retreat may cause us, the holidays are indeed there. There must be an arrangement, right? Five days are not long, not short, go out for a trip: go around the city, but you always feel a little wasted this “long vacation”, you can do it on weekends, and you can take a long-distance in-depth tour. , The time cost and money cost of the round-trip transportation will take up most of it. I have to prepare for the return trip before I warm up, which is really uncomfortable. Even if I don’t worry about these factors, I can hardly imagine the pleasure of traveling during the “Golden Week”. I don’t know whether such a trip is spent watching the crowds or traveling in the river. Staying at home: For people like me, staying for two days is still bearable; staying for five days, it is better to bring a knife and give me a good time. Looking back on the last long holiday, it was the Spring Festival, and most people did not return home on a large scale because they responded to the country’s call for the Chinese New Year on the spot. The May Day holiday is the first long holiday after the Spring Festival. I think people who have not returned home during the Spring Festival will do. Take this opportunity to go home and have a look. During the Spring Festival holiday, due to the epidemic, a large number of domestic and foreign flights have been cancelled, and the number of tourists has been greatly reduced. Therefore, there will be many people traveling this next holiday. Therefore, in the end, I decided to continue working from home during the holidays. This not only avoided the risk of cross-infection caused by crowds, but also responded to the call of “International Labor Day” labor. Why not do it!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

I have to say that the holiday is too bad. I really don’t want to discuss the holiday. Look at the replays of the year that did not occupy your Saturday or Sunday. Even if some of them have not been occupied, they are not allowed before Saturday. You make it up for one day, which means you make it up for one day after the holiday. What’s the point of this, but it’s just a nice word for you to put it for 5 days. In fact, it also takes up two days of the weekend, which is equivalent to only three days. Others Holidays are the same. Anyway, it will take up your weekends. If you look abroad, you should leave it for a few days or just a few days. Most of them are as many as the holidays are. These word games are not for you.

7 months ago

Five days off on May Day? It’s a pity that I really want to go out during the five-day holiday. What are the plans and arrangements? ! ! When I brushed it up a little bit, my first reaction was that I suddenly reacted to where I went to play during the five-day vacation. No, no, there are so many people. If I go to play and see people, I still think of going to work again. My roommate said to me again, this Who wants you for five days? Well, it blows my interest. Forget it, let’s make salted fish. Just spend five days in bed.

7 months ago

After much deliberation and deliberation, I decided not to go anywhere and just stay at home. I estimate that due to the “anti-epidemic” period, many people are already going crazy and can’t stand it if they don’t go out. Therefore, it is expected that on May 1st this year, if there is no special epidemic, the mighty tourist army will leave the city, and the vast majority of people should be out! Hahaha… I decided. I just stay at home, watching TV, playing with my mobile phone, and watching the lively traffic and crowds in the circle of friends with relish. Enjoy watching other people’s traffic jams on highways and crowded scenes in scenic spots.

7 months ago

It’s 11:40 in the evening, and I just went home from socializing. I didn’t wash my teeth in the bath, I collected a bunch of dirty socks, and I sat on the toilet and brushed Zhihu. I saw this problem. It suddenly occurred to me that I used to make time to go out without holidays. After get off work on Friday, I will fly to Xi’an to eat meat and rice noodles, transfer to Kunming to eat rice noodles, and take an evening train back to Beijing to work on Sunday evening. Or on Friday, take the Xifa Chaozhi train to Yangzhou for a crab bun, Enshi for bacon, Wuzhong for Tan sheep, Jinzhou for barbecue, and Luoyang for beef soup. Although there was not much money at that time, it was happy and easy. There is no WeChat bombing, there is no 996, and there is no white and black, five plus two on standby at any time. At that time, I was full of energy, fitness and boxing every day, no matter how to eat, I didn’t get fat, and the future was full of hope, and I felt that there were countless possibilities in life. Like forest grassland, like holy lake and snowy mountains; like hand-picking stars, like waterfalls hanging in front of the river. I like the long autumn sky where the sunset and lonely bird fly over, like the stream and people smoke flowing through Fuyang Tonglu; like the desert lone city accompanied by the sunset over the long river, like listening to the sound of apes on both sides of the river driving through Wanzhong Mountain. But now, even on vacation, I just want to lie at home and sleep. It’s true that I earn more year by year, but it’s true that I’m getting tired every year, and that it’s more stressful. I’m only 28 years old this year. I haven’t run for a long time. I can’t remember when I played football last time, and I started to have fat on my stomach. I want to learn Guqin for two years and haven’t freed my hands. I haven’t written a few articles on my registered personal official account. My circle is getting bigger and bigger, my friends are getting less and less, the more I drink, the more my hair is. At that time, I had time, energy, dreams, and passion. But now, I only have money, and real freedom is far from enough. Looking back on the past, I’m most fortunate to travel every week, otherwise sudden death would be the real loss. Asking my current arrangements and plans, I probably sleep in Beijing for a day. Then one day, from Beijing to Guangzhou. Why go to and from Guangzhou? Because my girlfriend is in Guangzhou, I will go to Guangzhou to sleep for two days as work, and then return to Beijing to sleep for another day. Well, perfect.

7 months ago

Although it’s an adjustment, it can take 5 days in a row, and the travel time is relatively easy to arrange. More importantly, for companies like us that have to work overtime normally on weekends, most of the vacations that are linked to statutory vacations do not need to come over to work overtime. Thankfully, this shift should allow me to have a “weekend” without overtime. I personally say that my work at 996 makes me physically and mentally exhausted. Working overtime every day is to take a bath and sleep to get up and continue to work the next day. There is no personal life, let alone really relaxing. The working machine that led to the walking dead every day. If I have a five-day holiday, I don’t think about going out for fun, because the 996 in a year sometimes costs 10 10 7, which has already worn my body a bit. When I go out to travel in other places, I have to run outside all the time. I am really tired, my body is withered, and I no longer have that vitality and mental state. Plan to sleep for a day on the first day, wake up and swipe your phone to watch the show. Clean up the next day, tidy up the house hygiene (usually tired + lazy). On the third day, go out to eat and play, and go to the Internet celebrity store that I usually don’t have time to go to. On the fourth day, leave a study and thinking. , Think about whether your development direction and ability meet your needs at this stage, and how to solve the problem if it is not enough. On the fifth day, take the hairy child at home for sterilization (usually there is no time, it has been delayed for a long time) and be psychologically prepared-No. Going to work two days

7 months ago

Regardless of the wording, three days off is three days off, moving back and forth as a holiday favor for charity is really enough. To be honest, every year I see the holiday notice on May Day or November, I feel that I am unable to complain. It is not as effective as the previous proposal not to return home for the holidays. Like the initiatives and suggestions made in the past year, no matter how some companies do not follow the rules, they will respond and agree immediately. However, this kind of formal notice of the holiday is equivalent to not watching it, and the attitude is very tough. The attitude towards initiatives that are in self-interest is completely different. You should notify you, how can you manage the company’s holiday? Sometimes it’s May Day tomorrow, and employees don’t know if they want to take a holiday, or how many days are they going to take? The regular weekend company has nothing to say, people just follow the notice, and they can do whatever they want. But the kind of single-off company… the employees really want to cry without tears. If it is really for the five-day vacation for the favor, I am afraid that it will work from April 19 to April 30 for 12 consecutive days at the end of April. Then at the beginning of May, I continued to work from May 6 to May 15 for ten days of work. I don’t know if there is any overtime in the middle. This kind of blunt adjustment is not as good as the normal holiday. Those who want to travel can give up. So many lessons are not enough?
Just to be able to keep up with other people’s holidays, those who have been for more than ten days are really heartbroken! As for how to arrange it, I plan to celebrate the festival on the spot, Labor Day!
Work hard!

7 months ago

Come back home. Adult poor people don’t have so much freedom in life, and there are always so many things they can’t ask for. If they care about their family, they can’t care about their own fun. Some people plan to lie flat at home, some people plan to go to scenic spots with few people, and some plan to climb mountains to breathe fresh air. Let’s talk about it if you have a chance. For those of us who work in other places, we couldn’t return home several times a year, and we couldn’t afford a house at work. We had to go home to see our parents and the elderly at home as soon as we had a longer vacation. When I go to work, I always feel that the bed is our eternal home. During the holidays, we find that the place with relatives is our eternal home. Life is painful and happy.

7 months ago

There is no plan or arrangement. See if your husband will go back to his hometown. Their family is rebuilding the house. If the house is not repaired, it is with the help of relatives. It is very inconvenient to use water. I have a big belly and need to use water every day, and I may not go back.

If the husband doesn’t go back, plan to check the air conditioner and stay at home other time. It can also be regarded as a consumption to contribute to the country.

7 months ago

In fact, I really want to go out. Since the epidemic, I have basically never gone out. But I guess it’s a traffic jam on May Day. No. 1 is stuck for one day, and No. 5 is stuck for one day. The only thing you can play is 234. But where do I go to play? Go out, you have to endure the traffic jam, don’t go out, it’s not realistic to squat at home for 5 days for nothing. The final plan is estimated to be to find a nearby place to stay for two days. Of course, all kinds of prices must rise sharply, and the pit is difficult to avoid. I currently have no plans to reach May Day. I am planning to go out for Qingming three days. Three days after Qingming, prepare to set off from Guangzhou to Yangshuo. Just three days, friends don’t squeeze me, okay? You travel again on May 1st. Is it successful?

7 months ago

If Beijing doesn’t want to go too remote, it’s better to go to our capital and take a look. Beijing in May is colorful. Wandering at the roots of the city wall, drinking slightly in Houhai, looking for delicious food in the alleys, Beijing in May is less rainy and sunny, which many people can’t give up. Reference route D1: Watching the flag raising at Tiananmen Square-National Museum of China-Yangmeizhu Xiejie-Niujie D2: Forbidden City-Jingshan Park-Nanluoguxiang-Yandaixiejie-Shichahai D3: Tsinghua University-Beijing University—Summer Palace—Beijing Guijie Famous Food D4: Badaling Great Wall—Ming Ming Tombs D5: Dongjiaomin Alley—Wangfujing Pedestrian Street—Of course you encounter any luggage storage problems during the trip, remember you can try to save your confidant[ Traveling on business, you still store your luggage in the hotel? Store your confidant, and store it near the station/airport/scenic spot/commercial area/subway station, which is more convenient and quicker. All platforms on the whole network have the same name. Pay attention to the homepage, columns and answers can also see more travel guides]

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