In 2021, the number of postgraduate entrance examinations will reach 3.77 million, which is known as the “most difficult year for postgraduate entrance examinations in history.” Even some colleges and universities have 400+ postgraduate entrance examinations that cannot go ashore. In fact, everyone must know how to recognize this trap of media reports. First of all, the media will always use some exaggerated, dazzling words that cater to the audience’s psychology in the drafting of the title, especially for non-professional new media authors. In order to flow, naturally they need to give way to rationality; secondly, they need to understand the manipulation of the agenda. , The media will always pay attention to a few outstanding or successful people. For example, people who test 400+ are far more newsworthy than those who test 350+. Therefore, the media highlights high-score players, while low-score players choose to be silent due to psychological pressure or public opinion pressure. Gradually, a “silent spiral” will appear in the Internet. “Phenomena, that is, those with high scores “scream” and those with low scores “become more and more silent”. Eventually, a phenomenon of “survivor bias” will appear. People are blinded by high scores and ignore low scores. In fact, low scores Those who are the silent majority. Nowadays, the number of postgraduate entrance examinations is gradually increasing, and records are being refreshed every year. Every year, the media is overwhelmingly propagating “the most difficult year for postgraduate entrance examinations in history” and “the hardest graduation season”. Facing the oncoming army, our students every year Are still moving forward. Reading is useless? Postgraduate is useless? That is the comfort of the loser. A few years ago, the theory of reading uselessness swept the society, and those who held this argument compared themselves with the richest man to prove the viewpoint of the uselessness of reading books. Looking back, it is simply absurd; now, this argument reappears and the society is full of It’s useless to go to graduate school, and to take the exam. It’s useless to think that your academic qualifications will depreciate, and it’s hard to find a job even if you pass the exam. In fact, no matter what degree it is, it will be difficult to find a job, but there is no doubt that people with higher education are more likely to find a good job. In today’s age full of stress and anxiety, involution is a cover for young people’s anxiety. In the face of involution, some people surrendered and let it be involuntarily. However, some people have recognized the essence of involution and continued to work hard to stay awake and struggle with it. As Ding Hui in the beloved offer said, “Even if there is a chance of one in ten thousand, I am willing to fight back.” He was born in a second university, and through his own efforts to pass the postgraduate entrance examination to Huazheng, he obtained an internship opportunity with outstanding students from well-known universities such as Stanford and Peking University through this platform, and successfully counterattacked. Ding Hui’s fearless consequence and hard-working spirit is an example for most of our ordinary people to work hard, and it is also the best attitude to face involution. TED has a famous speech: “Do you have the courage to show what you see inside to outsiders, or do you have the courage to be a dreamer? Do you have the courage to be a dreamer? You intend to embark on a land full of unknowns with the determination to die. Do you have courage in the land of China? I will tell you something. Success requires courage. Unsuccessful is much easier. Suffering is always with you. Success breeds contempt. If you don’t want to make waves, be content with mediocrity.” We What should be done is to recognize the reality and keep working hard instead of letting frustrations and emotions continue to consume them, and eventually drift with the flow, losing the courage to find one in ten thousand opportunities and ten thousand possible possibilities.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

As a selection test (admission by ranking) rather than an assessment test (pass is sufficient), the difficulty of the postgraduate entrance examination generally depends on only one factor: the enrollment ratio. The difficulty of analyzing the topic is not significant, and it is difficult. In just four years from 2017 to 2021, the number of applicants for postgraduate entrance examinations increased explosively from 1.77 million to 3.77 million, which more than doubled. Correspondingly, the enrollment quota for postgraduate entrance examinations has only increased by about 60%. This directly caused the postgraduate entrance examination report ratio to rise from 3:1 to 4:1, and the need to PK to drop more people to land, the difficulty upgrade was visible to the naked eye. All things tend to balance input and output. This trend will return when the postgraduate entrance examination report ratio is large enough to a certain extent, and the difficulty far exceeds the profit in a certain year, and it is far too early from this critical point. It is foreseeable that this hot trend will not stop at 2022, and the report ratio will further expand. However, the 22 graduate students do not have to worry about the data. The postgraduate entrance examination is a matter for 4 million people, and it is also a matter for you alone. Whether you can go ashore, ultimately depends on whether you work hard, and, more importantly, the posture you work hard.

7 months ago

As far as I am concerned: I failed the postgraduate entrance examination in 18 years, even-numbered years; in 19 years, he came ashore in World War II, odd-numbered years. It does look like it really is! But only I know that I didn’t fight in vain for a year in World War II. I suffered and suffered no less than 18 years. Taking a step back, maybe there are really big and small years. Even-numbered years are harder to enter postgraduate entrance examinations than odd-numbered years. However, students have to be recruited every year, even if the score is low, enough people have to be recruited! No matter how high the score is, it won’t help if the quota is full! On the contrary, there are more and more people taking exams, the denominator is getting bigger, the numerator is almost unchanged, and the registration ratio is getting higher and higher. Isn’t it difficult? Let’s talk about “the theory of high scores everywhere”. It is true that the number of people who test high scores is increasing, and there are more and more capable people, but the number of enrollment will not increase. What is the use of high scores, only the absolute high scores are useful! I was born in Shuangfei. For me, when I was admitted to the university, I had exhausted all my great power. My parents and relatives said that I did well in the exam. The school is not well-known in the whole country. It is not a problem for us to find a job locally. Who would have thought that after four years, I actually bet on the postgraduate entrance examination again, and it took two years of energy to go ashore. I don’t regret it, but feel that the times change rapidly, thinking will also change a lot, and following the trend is getting more and more serious. People want to squeeze their heads to compete for the 20% seemingly great resources, but ignore the rest. 80% simple and beautiful. Here, I don’t want to talk about how to tell you what methods and techniques to use, or what classes to apply for, how hard you can go to the postgraduate entrance examination, what a good school, and what a great professional. Or it is not difficult to say that the postgraduate entrance examination is not difficult. Instead, I would like to ask everyone to carefully evaluate what you are really suitable for, what you want to do, and find a comfortable way to improve. Not all growth is painful, and unsuitable growth is the most painful. After all, in addition to the 20% squeezed out and the majors and schools blown up by the enrollment ratio, 80% of the schools are still full of peace and love. If I’m not mistaken, every postgraduate candidate should have one or two “puppy eggs” (the nickname is not malicious) who are waiting to land after the first exam! !

7 months ago

Deciding the difficulty of your personal postgraduate entrance examination is not only based on the total number of applicants nationwide each year, but also the total number of applicants for the target major of your target college, which is the ratio of registration. Because the people who directly compete with you are those who apply for the same major in the same school as you. Don’t listen to what the media say, how much the number of people increase each year, what you need to pay attention to is how many people apply for the corresponding major of your school? This is what you should pay most attention to. In recent years, the number of postgraduate entrance examinations can be said to have increased sharply. For example, in 2017, the number of postgraduate entrance examinations was only 1.77 million, and in 2021 it has already increased to 3.77 million. However, the total number of postgraduate admissions has not increased so much, only about 60%. The increase in the total number will definitely lead to the number of students corresponding to the major of the school you applied for, that is, the enrollment ratio will increase. For example, it was originally 2:1, but it may now be 4:1, which means that 1 out of 4 applicants will be admitted. This competition will definitely increase. But when is the postgraduate entrance examination easy? In which year did the students preparing for the exam say it is easy? To be simple, it is actually the easiest to guarantee research. Why the difficulty of the postgraduate entrance examination may increase in 2022? 1. Improve the quality of postgraduate entrance examination institutions and teachers. The teachers of various postgraduate entrance examination institutions are getting better and better, and the degree of research on test papers is getting more and more detailed. After all, the improvement of the quality of teachers and training institutions has led to an increase in student scores, which invisibly forms an internal scroll. 2. The student’s consciousness is awakening. More and more college students realize the importance of postgraduate entrance examinations, and there will be more and more follow-ups. In the 1980s, undergraduates were all high-achieving students. Now undergraduates are not enough. More and more people are preparing to upgrade their academic qualifications to improve their chances of success. Compared with factors such as family background and relationship, the promotion of academic qualifications is the simplest and most possible. 3. Graduate students from prestigious schools enjoy more resources. The depreciation of the undergraduate degree, not to mention ordinary schools, even the undergraduates of 211 and 985 have a lot of helplessness when they are employed. Compared with undergraduates, postgraduates enjoy more resources and attention; compared with PhDs, there are fewer research pressures, employment pressures, and the pressure of finding a target (manual dog head), etc., for masters. Ph.Ds are definitely more valuable, but it is more difficult to graduate, and they are very demanding on articles during the Ph.D. Ph.D. buddies should understand why it is now generally required to go abroad for a year for exchanges, isn’t it also because of the paper? But don’t be particularly worried, because it is the people who are in the same major of the same school as you that determine the difficulty of your postgraduate entrance examination, so prepare as soon as possible and make full preparations. The degree of a person’s preparation determines how far he can go. So, go ahead and prepare for the exam. It is important to look up at the starry sky, but more importantly, to bury your head and head on your way. Believe in yourself, there are not many masters and a large number of people, and there are not too many people who have finished preparing for the exam in the end. The postgraduate entrance examination is an individual’s hard work, and after hard work, many things are a matter of course. Other high-quality content: Luer 17: 22 Is it too late to review the postgraduate entrance examination in March, and how to plan? Lu Seventeen: In 2022, what do you buy in English? Lu Seventeen: I don’t know which teacher high mathematics should start online class with for 2022 postgraduate entrance examination. How should Tang Jiafeng, Zhang Yu and Wu Zhongxiang choose? Lu Seventeen: Do I really need to register for the postgraduate entrance examination?

7 months ago

It will only get harder and harder and harder. You may not know what is the concept of the number of postgraduate entrance examinations from 140W in 2010 to 3.77 million in 2021. We generally only use two words to describe this kind of people: test strange! I often say that people who participated in the postgraduate entrance examination were so “easy” to go ashore, and it is not a problem for me to work hard to review. Ambush him, this school can’t report, and knowledge is not required, he will definitely not be able to pass the test. Backhand test a double first class, muffled to make a fortune. He also took the double first class? But don’t be afraid, he won’t beat me in the exam. 80 points for politics and 80 points for English. This score is very impressive. If I can get 140 points in maths, my score will be a killer and I can’t get it. 70 points for a political test alone, silly X! Show another English score of 65, brother, hurry up, don’t you want this score? Hurry up! Don’t be too slow. Pour a cup of cappuccino for your brother, start your score show, show him show him! Beautiful, can you stop me by public class alone? Can you kill me in seconds? You can save me by public class today, me! when! field! Eat this computer screen!

7 months ago

As a senior who has participated in the 20 21 postgraduate entrance examination, let’s answer this question. In the current environment, postgraduate entrance examinations must be rarer every year, but this difficulty is also relative. You can grasp your target college and choose one that suits you according to your abilities and interests. It’s so ambitious, now you can go to listen to the free planning class, and determine your target college as soon as possible. I told my postgraduate political teacher Lu Yufeng last year that I would choose a plan a and a plan b. If you want to go in September the most Suddenly, the school has changed drastically or is no longer recruiting. If you have another alternative that can be accepted, you won’t be so panicked. The postgraduate entrance examination is a hard and happy task. If you go all out, you will definitely get rewards. Come on!

7 months ago

The difficulty of the postgraduate entrance examination is getting more and more year by year, and there is a reason to come to this conclusion. I will share my thoughts from the three aspects of social environment, student level, and learning resources: 1. Social environment Before I decided to take the postgraduate entrance examination, I received a serial call from my mother, who made a phone call almost every day. A phone call is at least half an hour, and all the content of the call is to persuade me to go to the postgraduate entrance examination. I once asked my mother why I was so madly urging me to go to the postgraduate entrance examination. My cousin and cousin, who was 6 years older, didn’t still find a good job in Hangzhou without the postgraduate entrance examination? Master Mother said: Your time is different from theirs. Later, I thought about it for myself, indeed. My home is in a small county with only one key high school, where people generally think that entering that high school is equivalent to entering college with two feet. When my cousin and cousin were taking the entrance exam, the family’s requirement for them was-just to enter that high school, but when I entered the entrance exam, the requirement became-to enter the key class of that high school. It turns out that the times have changed since the entrance examination for high school. The drastic changes in the social environment have brought about higher requirements and fewer top-level positions. Therefore, people who were in high places worked hard because they wanted to keep their positions, while we, ordinary people, wanted to get Work hard for a better life. When everyone worked hard, but there were fewer and fewer “pits”, involution occurred. For the postgraduate entrance examination, the internal examination was originally carried out quietly, and then a new crown epidemic emerged as a catalyst for the internal examination reaction, which accelerated the internal examination. This is why there are so many 400+ high scores in the 21st postgraduate examination. May miss the retest. 2. Student level From the perspective of pedagogy, there are four factors that affect human physical and mental development: genetics, environment, individual subjective initiative, and school education. School education plays a leading role in human development. Obviously, with the continuous optimization of teachers, the level of students must also continue to improve. Coupled with heredity, it serves as the material basis and physiological prerequisite for human physical and mental development. And our genes must have gone through generations of choices, and are constantly optimizing iteratively. Of course, the most critical factor is the subjective initiative of the individual. In this regard, some families will take their children from an early age and arrange various “interest classes” for them, and some families will let their children grow up freely when they are young, so as to truly find their interests… But I think that everyone’s individual The level of subjective initiative should be about the same, but some people have a high value early, and some people will be later. As for the 22 candidates who have seen the 21st postgraduate entrance examination, I believe that everyone’s subjective initiative has been greatly stimulated. 3. Learning resources In the early stage of the postgraduate entrance examination, one of my sisters called me some calls and asked me how I prepared for the postgraduate entrance examination. After I reported a bunch of the names of the institutions I reported, she was stunned, and said, “Unexpectedly, there are so many training institutions now. At that time, we relied purely on our own review.” The rise of various postgraduate entrance examination institutions is indeed for the general public. Candidates provided more learning resources. In this case, we were inspected not only professional ability, but also the ability to filter information. Imagine an examinee who listened to the class of institution A today and the class of institution B tomorrow. After a week, he changed to C… In the long run, it will cost a lot of money, but I still don’t understand it. Take me as an example. When I was enrolled in the postgraduate entrance examination, I reported all the public classes that I had laughed at. At first, I had doubts that this would not be an institution that relied on the leg sisters to make a name. Teachers don’t need at all, each of them is a treasure teacher. And when I was in the postgraduate entrance examination class, I was stunned by teacher Zhou Sicheng’s oral circle. After learning a winter vacation with the teacher, I chatted with my classmates who took the IELTS test two days ago. I was “disgusted” by her. Said my pronunciation has a taste of the British royal family. (Hahahahahahaha! I am very happy!) So under the influence of these three factors, it is inevitable that the postgraduate entrance examination will become more and more difficult, but with the increase in the difficulty of the postgraduate entrance examination, our own abilities are also higher. I believe You can do it yourself! Fake it, until you make it. I wish all the little cuties who liked it can go ashore smoothly!

7 months ago

The number of students recruited by the school is certain. The question is difficult, the score is lowered, the question is simple, and the score rises, it has nothing to do with the difficulty of the postgraduate entrance examination. This year’s question is indeed simpler, so there are so many 400+, but those 400+ can not get to the shore, because there are enough people to take the test higher, the quota is full, in fact, it has nothing to do with the score. The question should be difficult next year, but the overall score will also drop. Perhaps this year, the professional line of 400+ will drop back to 300+, which is easy to see. But can you see it that way? After all, it depends on how many people test higher than you and the ranking. Postgraduate entrance examinations have always been difficult, two out of every three, and it is even more difficult for prestigious schools, most of which are 1 out of 10. The cost-effectiveness of double non-graduate students is not stable. In this process, experience and financial resources are exhausted. It’s better to apply for an overseas online master’s degree with less competitive pressure. Basically, there are no sensational predictions. You don’t need to learn to be half-dead. Just hand in the application materials peacefully and prepare for the interview. There is little preparation work, mainly the existing ones in the past. Achievements, such as grade points, grades four and six, personal statements, etc. The application period is short, and the results will be known within one to two months on average. Students can also study on a job, invest in themselves, and reduce stress for their families.

7 months ago

When the postgraduate entrance examination results were announced this year, the full screen of 400+ shocked the 21-year postgraduate entrance examination goose. At the same time, this shock seemed to radiate to the 22-year postgraduate entrance examination partners. The 22-year postgraduate entrance examination is more difficult, why? The most intuitive reason is that there are more and more people entering postgraduate entrance examinations, especially in recent years, they have been increasing at a rate of 10%. In 2021, the number of applicants for the postgraduate entrance examination will reach 3.77 million, and it is expected to reach 4 million in 2020. There are more and more people competing with you. The employment situation is getting more and more severe. The current job market for undergraduates is getting more and more severe. Under such an employment background, more and more employment difficulties are increasing. Graduates who are dissatisfied with their jobs will continue to choose to study for further studies and join the postgraduate entrance examination. Judging from the direction of applying for the exam, the phenomenon of getting together and applying for exams is really more and more concentrated on good majors and good schools. You must know that regardless of whether the purpose of graduate school is for further studies or to add light to your academic qualifications, well-known universities will always provide a lot of “convenience”! Difficulty is relative, and it has a certain relationship with everyone’s choice. According to your own abilities and interests, choose one that suits you. It is not arrogant to be humble or to be too ambitious. Think about what choice is easy in the current environment? Each has its own difficulties.

7 months ago

As a 21st postgraduate postgraduate who has just completed the postgraduate entrance examination, I think I am qualified to answer this question. Indeed, in the postgraduate entrance examination circle, every year some people say that this year’s postgraduate entrance examination will be more difficult and the competition will be fiercer than in previous years. Of course, from the data point of view, the number of postgraduate entrance examinations has increased year by year, 21 3.7 million people, so this year The number of postgraduate entrance examinations is likely to exceed 4 million. The competition is big, the difficulty of the postgraduate entrance examination will naturally increase in part. Regardless of the difficulty of leaving each subject first, your competitors are slowly increasing. If the school does not expand the enrollment, your probability of being admitted will decrease. This is part of the increase in difficulty. In terms of the difficulty of the 21st postgraduate entrance examination, this year’s English will definitely be easier than last year. Undoubtedly, the difficulty of the 21st postgraduate entrance examination English 1 or English 2 is the highest point in the past ten years, especially in reading comprehension. From the mathematics point of view, in fact, the difficulty of the 21st postgraduate entrance examination is still much lower than that of the 20th postgraduate entrance examination. Mathematics two will definitely have high scores, but mathematics one will definitely have a gradient. So the 22 math entrance examination will definitely not be easy, you must have a solid foundation. In terms of politics, there is a saying that is very good. How about the political examination depends on how well Elder Xiao plays? Indeed, in the last year’s postgraduate entrance examination, Teacher Xiao, all overwhelmed the big questions, and the original questions appeared. At that time, he was ecstatic during the exam, so he could just answer silently. But you can think about it all in Xiao Si, you will be silent, he will naturally do, so the gap will not be too wide, the key to politics is still multiple choice questions. For professional courses and unified examination subjects, we must grasp the law of propositions. If it is self-proposed, we must find a way to get the real questions over the years, find the reference books designated by the school, and review step by step. Generally speaking, the problem is not too big. All in all, the postgraduate entrance examination is bound to be a very difficult process, but in this process, it is still necessary to go step by step steadily!

7 months ago

Since the liberalization of the policy in 2017, the “postgraduate entrance examination fever” has continued to heat up. From 1.77 million in 2016 to 2.01 million, from 2.01 million to 2.38 million, and to 3.77 million this year, the number of postgraduate entrance examinations has only increased, directly leading to the increase in the difficulty of postgraduate entrance examinations. . What are the reasons for this situation of more monks and less porridge? 1. The number of people in World War II and World War III continued to increase. Affected by the economic situation and employment factors, the overall number of postgraduate applicants in my country is on the rise. In 2021, it has reached another peak of 3.77 million applicants. In the face of huge application data, the competition for postgraduate entrance examinations has become increasingly fierce. Furthermore, after the postgraduate entrance examination each year, many people did not get the admission letter for various reasons. Some students got very high scores but were brushed off during the re-examination. They didn’t want to just give up the postgraduate study, so they chose to retake the exam. To be sure, the number of postgraduate entrance examinations for World War II in 2022 will be very large. You know, these World War II and Three World War II students have rich experience and accumulated learning from the previous year. Both the learning method and the information acquisition channel are much easier than the fresh candidates. In short, candidates for World War II have a great advantage. Therefore, the competition for the postgraduate entrance examination in 2022 will be very fierce. 2. The reference number of fresh graduates continues to increase. I don’t know if you have paid attention to the fact that the number of graduates from ordinary colleges and universities across the country is constantly refreshing its high value. The employment situation is also unprecedentedly severe. In the future, the employment pressure will only increase. The number of graduates is large and the employment pressure is high. Naturally, the number of postgraduate entrance examinations will increase accordingly, and competition in all aspects will be fierce. Once the competition becomes fierce, it poses a new challenge to the ability and level of postgraduate candidates. Faced with such an examination format, one can only face the difficulties. 3. The reference number of in-service personnel continues to increase. With the increase in employment pressure and the increase in the number of postgraduate entrance examinations, some good positions, including better civil servant positions, require a postgraduate degree. This makes many incumbents choose to resign, invest in academic qualifications, and turn to postgraduate entrance examinations. Especially in the past two years, the hukou restrictions in first-tier cities and academic qualifications are even more important. With a high degree of education, you can find a job that can solve the household registration. Resignation for postgraduate entrance examinations has become a common phenomenon, and it continues to heat up. Since the difficulty of the exam will not be reduced, then we must be clear about the importance of choice while working hard to be ourselves! Choose> Method> Efforts Big Brother suggested that in order to increase the chance of success in the postgraduate entrance examination, we must consider all aspects. For example: I have bothered to choose a major. In recent years, a series of policy adjustments have been made for R&D candidates, and the enrollment of special masters has been continuously expanded. This has eased the competition for postgraduate entrance examinations to a certain extent, and due to the characteristics of applicability, professional masters have also It has become the choice of more and more companies to recruit talents. Among the professional masters, there are only two preliminary examination subjects for the management master’s degree, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the postgraduate entrance examination. Compared with the academic master’s, the professional master’s preliminary examination is less difficult than the master’s degree. If candidates want to increase the chance of being admitted to the graduate school , A professional master’s degree is a good choice. Is it difficult to pass the postgraduate entrance examination? difficult! But you have to learn to analyze rationally and persist for a long time! Children without umbrellas must learn to run. All the refusal to be comfortable and load-bearing are to help you get closer to your ideal life. Okay, that’s all. I am a master of self-examination. I have been in the adult education industry for 5 years, serving 6000 self-examination candidates. Learn about self-examination information, and follow the public account “Self-examination elder brother”

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