Everyone’s daily life revolves around money, and because of money, there are too many things in society. If a person stands up and says that love is the most important thing, many people will only laugh at him for being immature and having no experience in society. Beat, then why does love exist? Conversely, if love is important, why are most people pursuing money?

Love is a scarce resource than money. 2. The understanding and pursuit of love is a subjective understanding of people. 3. The economic pursuit of goals is specific and quantifiable. 4. Most people who say that material matters are more important than love have never experienced beautiful love. Second, it is determined that you do not need to use words like “we” and “should”. The choice of values ​​and lifestyle is a very personal matter. The meaning of referring to social consciousness is not to influence one’s own decisions, but to understand what choices are possible. As for one, three and four, you can understand it from a very simple logic. A seriously ill patient is likely to say that health is the most important thing. But for a terminally ill patient, he may be dismissive of life and death, telling you that happiness is the most important thing. In fact, before they get sick, they may regard money as the most important thing. The illness diverts their attention from money and reduces the importance of money to them. Therefore, what is more important is both phased and confusing. If you can choose, adults will not do multiple-choice questions, but they will all. Love and money, it is not necessary to choose only one. Faced with unnecessary trade-offs, it’s just that I want something more now. Tell you that you only want money, not love, is the terminally ill patient in the example. It’s not that I don’t want it, but I know I won’t.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

What people want to pursue is something that makes oneself happy, comfortable, and spiritually relaxed. The specifics of this thing vary from person to person. If this thing is material, then pursue material, if this thing is love, then pursue love. So the most important thing is to understand what you want. I have seen some people who know that they just like extravagant material life. The success of society, when planning their life and choosing a partner, they tend to be material, the degree of inclination, and they will also choose according to her or his own psychological endurance. Ok. Some people don’t have much demand for material life. It doesn’t matter if you eat steamed buns for three meals a day. They just crave emotional nourishment, so go after love. Some people are clearly obsessed with material enjoyment, have lived in a privileged environment since they were young, without knowing it, they also go after love, and they really have eaten the chaff and the stove, and they collapsed. Others have nothing to ask for material things, just pursue love, and as a result, because of their parents’ affection, they are still depressed even if they are rich in clothes and food. Furthermore, if the pursuit is clear, it will be as one wishes. Someone wanted to enter a wealthy family, but ended up in a fake wealthy family. Some people are hungry for love, and they are PUA. Then came back and asked me if I shouldn’t pursue material things and if I shouldn’t pursue love. This is another question. What do you want for the rest of your life?

7 months ago

In my opinion, the problem itself is a bit problematic. On the one hand, material and love are not the only alternatives; on the other hand, the purpose of making money is to exchange what we want in the market. According to my personal standards, money can buy beautiful women, but not love. Why can’t that person make two wishes? But I think this assumption is reasonable: there are more people with money than people with love. First of all, love requires money; secondly, the process of getting love is not necessarily happy. It is easy to be unhappy to maintain love, but it is usually happy to get money. Money still doesn’t change much, so it’s hard for people to say. In the end, this problem will fall into the pursuit of happiness, and that is not a problem that I can solve.

7 months ago

We should first understand what concept “I” is and what kind of existence it is, and then we can judge what “I” needs, or what we should “pursue”. Because the “I” is (to a large extent) identified as the physical body (it is material), matter has become particularly important in our lives, and our attention to matter far exceeds physiological needs. The need for love comes from our sense of separation. Because I feel separated, I want to be one with something. Because I don’t know where the sense of separation comes from, the objects of unity are also bizarre. Love is a sense of unity, and dedication to organization is also a sense of unity. Religion (transformed) is a projected object with a wide audience. Both are what everyone wants, but after all, the sense of unity is only a faint voice, and the body, it is such a real existence, as a carrier, and provides us with a rich experience, (for people at the physical level) In terms of) the importance of material (money) is ranked first, is it normal?

7 months ago

Love without material is shy in the bag. Material without love is empty and empty. The ability to make money depends on the wisdom of the mind. The power of love depends on the chance of fate. Love intuition decides how far love can go to lay the material foundation for the happiness of your life. There is no bread. Love is destined to be bitter. Money without love is destined to be a lonely ant. Moving to the future. Refueling. Running hard. Confidence and perseverance. This is the unchanging vow. The rhythm of youth. Kids want to be so capricious. ! No one can be less!

7 months ago

Although I want to say that both hands should be hard, but as an adult, we deeply realize that love is ethereal but material is real. Love is like virtual currency and material is RMB. You only dare to have a little RMB. In the car of virtual currency, you have to think about whether one day the bubble collapse of virtual currency will affect your renminbi, it is so realistic, and to be honest, only people beautify the courtship behavior of reproductive instinct into love, you look at everything on the earth Which of the creatures does not spend most of the time for things, so love is precious, but making money is serious.

7 months ago

Human beings are advanced animals, and they cannot do without biological instincts, and they cannot do without eating and drinking. You have to meet basic needs to talk about love. Love is the most profound way of communication for living things, as well as family and friendship. Humans are social animals and need care and emotional home. Ask yourself what kind of life you need in your heart, whether you have clothing, shelter, food and drink, or wealth? Excessiveness is desire, you need to restrain yourself

7 months ago

If you have the ability to acquire materials, you should prioritize the pursuit of materials; you do not have the ability to acquire materials, but you have the ability to acquire love, you can prioritize the pursuit of love, and then work hard to improve yourself and obtain materials under the nourishment of love. If you don’t have any, first concentrate on studying or find a low-threshold job (such as food delivery). Mainly discuss the first two options: ① Mainly pursue material, by the way, pursue love. ②The main pursuit of love, by the way, the pursuit of material. The first option is more suitable for most workers. In the first case, just like you when you were a student, you focus on studying and fall in love by the way. So, should we pursue academic performance or love? The essence of the two questions is the same. Material and high scores are one of the means to attract the opposite sex, although they are not in the first echelon. You have material as a bargaining chip for love, and you will naturally be more comfortable in the game of love. If the other person is interested in your material things or high scores, then in order to get love, you abandon your own source of attraction, and love will disappear. In the second case, if you don’t have material as a bargaining chip, but you also have other attractive items, such as appearance, clothing, dance, etc., you can also have love. If the value overflows, it can even cause the other party to post. You just need to shine, and then wait for the follower. To have love requires the ability to love—thinking, making money, the ability to perceive words and colors, etc. There is no ability to love, only the idea of ​​love, is fantasizing about love. The ability to acquire material is also one of the ability to love. Matter and love, there must be at least one. Therefore, you have to recognize yourself and understand the bargaining chips you have in the love game. If you don’t have other chips, you should pursue material things first, and then you can add other chips. Some chips are born, some need to be acquired, and material is the necessary basis for acquiring chips.

7 months ago

Material determines consciousness, and economic foundation determines superstructure. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, we are only willing to pursue high-level needs after satisfying low-level needs. But there is actually no standard answer in the pursuit of material or love. Everyone has different definitions of materiality and love, and they have different requirements for the two. As long as they follow their own heart and make a choice that will not regret it, then no matter what they are pursuing, it is actually possible.

7 months ago

People’s pursuit of material life is endless. From the moment you can live a good life, you will want to climb to a high place and look at the world from a high place. When you pursue the extreme, the development of society will also be higher at the same time, and more good and fresh ones will appear. As long as there is time, the material pursuit will not stop. Love feels like an insight on a material basis. When you come to a certain material level, you feel that it is just like this now. A house with three rooms and one living room, a car of about 500,000 yuan, Nike, Adi, Green Water Ghost, etc. . Suddenly you find that you are still alone. I have so many things but no one knows and no one can share. Slowly you will feel lonely. Slowly traditional cultural concepts and people’s innate impulse to reproduce will make you start to feel good about the opposite sex and become curious. Coupled with the influence of social culture, you will gradually feel that sweet love is what a person should have, especially when you want to get it but can’t get it+. At this time, your thoughts will be more impulsive and crazy. Culture can change everything, and love is not a matter of deep consideration. Both can allow us to find our goals in life. Regardless of whether it is staged or long-term, people should find something to do as long as they are alive.

7 months ago

Love is more scarce than money. But money is easier to get than love. Love is a spiritual pursuit that cannot be embodied, while money is a material pursuit that can be measured. Therefore, instead of pursuing illusory love, it is better to pursue practical money. When love faces money, it can’t stand the temptation. When money faces love, it is easy to suffer from gains and losses. Love without money is torturing each other, and money without love is a drunkard. Therefore, love is more precious, and money is not fragrant. It is best to have both money and love. Want to be beautiful, right? The second best thing is to have money first. Money is the foundation of all spiritual pursuits. The world does not appreciate poor artists. Therefore, this is not a multiple choice question. I want it in the adult world!

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