Learn to use the logical output model of “PREP+A”: P (Point, opinion/argument), R (Reason, reason/reason/foundation), E (Example, instance/example), P (Point), A (Action, action). In formal conversations, presentations, and copywriting, the following logic/steps can generally be followed: P: First, express your views/arguments/propositions concisely and clearly, that is, what you are saying and what you want to express. R: Secondly, state the “foundation” that supports your conclusion, that is, answering why do you think so, based on which facts and explanations? E: Furthermore, use actual examples (data, data, personal examples, etc.) to improve the persuasiveness of your conclusions or opinions. P: Finally, repeat the conclusion and make sure that the information you want to convey has been delivered. A: Action is what you want the other party to do (one can be omitted according to actual needs). Summary: To put it simply, this model starts with the conclusion, then explains the reason and basis for the conclusion, then cite specific examples to support it, and finally emphasizes the conclusion again. In daily life, cultivate and exercise the methods and skills of logical thinking: 2. Daily conversation practice In addition to formal occasions, we can also learn from the “PREP+A” logical output model to enhance our logic in our daily lives. Whether you are telling others or listening to others, you can deliberately think about the “this manuscript”: What is the point of view to be expressed, what is the reason, and what is the case? This subtle exercise can continuously optimize your logical thinking. 3. Self-questioning exercises In daily life, whether you see, hear or read something: important information or information that touches you, you can exercise your thinking through some deliberate self-questioning. For example, when you read a point of view, you can ask yourself: Why did the author enter from this perspective? How did the author come to this conclusion? What are the disadvantages of this conclusion? How can it be better if I write it? 4. Movie carding practice method Most people like to watch movies. In this case, we might as well take a moment to sort out the plot and main line of the movie after watching the movie (Suspense, Sci-Fi, Crime, etc.) Books are better because they test your logical thinking). After sorting it out by yourself, you can also go online to search for other people’s insights, make comparisons, and see what omissions you have. Do this often, your logical thinking and memory will be improved to a certain extent. 5. Logic Fun Questions Practice Method There are many interesting questions on the Internet that test logical thinking. Doing these questions often can also serve the purpose of exercising logical thinking. For example, these: 8 genius logical thinking questions, all of which are less than 1% correct! 6. Train logical thinking by “making structured reading notes”. Each book has its own logical structure, and the table of contents is the basic logic for the author to write this book. So we can exercise our logical thinking ability by taking notes, so we can do multiple things in one fell swoop. ① After reading a book, we basically look at the problem from the perspective of the author. In order to test our basic mastery, we can use the method of “writing a book catalogue silently”. Table of contents comparison of this book. ②Start from yourself, think about “If you were the author, how would you write this book?” Then write your writing outline (logical structure). ③After reading the book, there will be more or less important content that you are more concerned about. After understanding and thinking about these content, you can write articles with these knowledge points as themes. 7. Exercise logical thinking through writing exercises. Writing is a sort of self-thinking. Taking time to structure an article so that others can understand it is actually training one’s logical thinking ability and organizational ability. Because writing is a process of setting a topic and then finding an answer, you must first define the right question, then decide on the angle of the problem, then analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various angles, and finally form your own conclusions. Completing this whole process and writing an article is equivalent to a logical thinking exercise. As for what to write, this is very extensive, such as writing an original story, writing a reading or learning experience, or life perception. After the writing ability has improved, you can find a keyword at random, and then use this keyword to build a logical structure and write an article. Finally, let me say one more thing: both thinking and thinking depend on your various basic knowledge. Without the underlying knowledge, most of your thinking can only be superficial. We only have to continue reading, learning, accumulating different knowledge, and then using methods such as writing to organize our thinking (I do this myself, just find a method that suits you), strengthen understanding, and let all kinds of knowledge blend together, so Can really upgrade your thinking.


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7 months ago

Deep learning has certain difficult theoretical knowledge. Consider the various results brought about by one thing from various angles and multiple aspects and why it has developed into this way, and look for the essence and reasons from the source. Read more books on logical thinking and apply what you have learned. You can usually write more articles, bring in your own thinking and deliberation, and look at it after a period of time, and correct the places that are not rigorous and the logic is not smooth. High-quality communication/speech/defense.

7 months ago

Logical thinking, also known as abstract thinking, is the stage of human’s rational understanding, the process of using concepts, judgments, reasoning and other thinking types to reflect the nature and laws of things. For example: I know that when you read this sentence in front of the screen, you will look back at the last sentence. In fact, I don’t know, I just made a conclusion based on my own judgment and reasoning. If you want to improve your logical thinking ability, it is not difficult. As long as you pay more attention to the things around you, make more summaries, and keep insisting on one month, six months, one year or two years, you will get a different kind of you. For example, the intuition that is often said, do you think that directness will really pop out of your mind at will? The answer is no, it is a conclusion drawn from your summary after you have experienced similar things many times. Girls often look at me and laugh, often give me gifts, often chat with me, and greet me with warmth. My instinct is that this girl likes me. The reason why I came to this conclusion is that through my own experience or seeing someone define a girl’s liking for a person, I only knew it when I was seated, and it evolved into my intuition. Therefore, intuition is also a form of logical thinking. It is also obtained through continuous self-learning and continuous accumulation of experience. The function of intuition tells you that it is not difficult to improve your logical thinking ability.

7 months ago

Enlarge information input through reading, deep processing through thinking, and effective output through writing. Let me talk about how to think in depth. To be simple, it is enough to master the following two thinking habits: 1. Frame thinking habits: First of all, logical thinking emphasizes orderliness and rules to follow, and frame thinking can help you be organized. Clear. For example, self-introduction can follow the framework of “who am I + what advantages do I have + what value can I bring to you”; report to the leader according to the framework of “problem + cause + solution”; framework thinking makes it easy for others to understand you What are you talking about. 2. Critical thinking habits: Well, let others understand what you are talking about is the same thing, whether what you are talking about is reasonable, whether the causal relationship is established, this is what critical thinking needs to solve. To put it bluntly, the so-called critical thinking is to dare to question and think independently. For example, if someone tells you that my project has zero cost, simple operation, and easy monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan. As long as you pay 1,000 yuan in tuition, you can earn back in a few days. Do you pay this tuition? In fact, the logic is very simple. If the money is really so good, why should he tell you? Reading, thinking, and writing well, and then combined with review and deliberate practice can be faster.

7 months ago

This is what I do at the moment, and I don’t know if it can help logical thinking. List the things you have to do every morning, maybe you don’t need a lot of things, but you have to do 1. The work you have to do at hand, if you can finish tomorrow’s work as early as possible, you can spare more time to check and correct wrong. 2. Choose a book you want to read, not a novel, it must be the kind that can give you a different perspective to think about everything in life now. Every night, force myself to read a few pages, and then write a paragraph of my own thoughts. (Analyze the author’s thinking as much as possible to see if his logic is correct. You have to make your own judgment.) 3. Recently I am studying financial management. You can also choose something you want to learn and make a little progress every day. In the long run, there will be amazing gains.

7 months ago

Since it is an ability, it takes a certain amount of time and energy to improve. Logical thinking requires us to have our own ideas. This requires us to read more books, read more high-quality articles, develop a set of solutions when we encounter problems, and use our knowledge to solve problems whenever we encounter problems. !

7 months ago

For students, improving logical thinking is actually very simple, because the brain is one of the most plastic organs in the human body. You only need to read more books on logical thinking, think more about problems that you don’t usually understand, and work harder. Practice can be done.

7 months ago

Find a high-scoring movie of detective reasoning, similar to “Inception”, pause every 10 minutes, repeat what you have seen, wait until you have finished watching it, tell the whole story to the people around you, and Continuously streamline and shorten time.

By completing the two films in this way, your thinking and expression skills will be greatly improved.

7 months ago

Get to the point first, try to fully understand what the question is about, check if you don’t understand, then find the key points, connect the key points with your own thoughts, check what you don’t know, step by step according to the existing theory Analyze to get your own answer. If there are more adequate answers to compare, check the gaps and make up for them, continue to analyze what is missing, and reflect on it after clearing it out. If the thinking is wrong or short, go again, remember where the connection of the key nodes is wrong, record, and remember. Of course, thinking is not limited. Reasonable and non-existent is your new correct answer.

7 months ago

To improve the way of logical thinking, you must observe the world more in ordinary times, and then find the universal laws of the world, and summarize them in your own language. You should usually read more books, newspapers and magazines, and see how other people’s logical thinking is described. . I have improved my logical thinking, which will help my future work ability and learning ability.

7 months ago

To improve the way of logical thinking, you must observe the world more in ordinary times, and then find the universal laws of the world, and summarize them in your own language. You should usually read more books, newspapers and magazines, and see how other people’s logical thinking is described. . My logical thinking has improved, which will help my future work ability and learning ability.

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