The seniority has the experience of the seniority, and the young people have the young management thinking. The improvement of the thinking is more important to the development of the team. Subordinates are older than their own qualifications, and their professional knowledge is stronger than their own, so they can give them the greatest degree of freedom. It is recommended to learn about the new management method of OKR target management method. In this management method, as the superior, you should not tell the subordinates what to do, but tell the subordinates what we need. The subordinates think about how to do it and present the results to the superior. According to the company’s strategic goals and phased OKRs, the OKR of your team is formulated. This is a goal setting meeting conducted by the team (at least the main person in charge). First, it is clear what the company wants, and then define what the team needs to do. After setting the goal, select the key aspects to formulate the key results. The key results are the indicators to measure whether the goals are achieved. It should be a value or a state of a certain thing. In this way, the team’s OKR is formulated, and then how to do the indicators of how to achieve the key results. The key results owner should formulate the implementation plan (OKRs-E framework). OKR is challenging, and its own difficulty will make people’s experience focus on achieving goals. As a superior, you cannot relax in the process of achieving the goal. You should insist on opening regular OKR meetings, OKR summary, etc. to ensure the progress of OKR. This process will not be particularly pleasant (at least at the beginning), because OKR is an open mind and decision-making power for employees, and it is also a greater pressure and challenge. But when you can achieve a success, you will find that not only the challenging goals have been achieved, but the execution and thinking abilities of the people involved in OKR have been improved.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Many times you can’t do whatever you want-you can’t handle it, there are many reasons. For some reasons, if you are really unsure of people, then tell yourself to accept it temporarily and change the way you use it at the same time. Find ways to tap the strengths of such employees, give play to their strengths, and control risks at the same time. If everyone is obedient and easy to manage, then the value of the manager does not exist. Only difficult things can reflect your value! The real management level is improved from dealing with this kind of thorns: a “Problem Juvenile” that personally participates in the performance will greatly improve the manager’s ability and confidence! The above are some suggestions for dealing with the crisis, but fire fighting alone is not enough, and construction is still needed. Here, I will give everyone the most effective way to unite the team: fight a battle together-nothing can unite the team and build confidence more than a victory! Summary The management of post-90s and post-95s employees is completely different from the past. If we still use the management concepts of the Industry 4.0 era to deal with the management scenarios of the Internet 2.0 era, we will definitely make ourselves broken and heartbroken! Only by continuous self-examination and self-improvement can it be possible to adapt to the new situation of increasing management difficulty, but one thing is certain: as long as we are willing to explore and improve, no matter how bad the cards are in your hand, there will always be based on the current situation. The best solution under!

7 months ago

I have taken care of many people with older qualifications and better professional knowledge than me. It can be said that I really like people with older qualifications and better professional knowledge than me. They are “easy to use” and like to be “managed” by me. It only takes one word to manage them: ask. What do you think? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this? Are you sure? Let’s clarify what we want, and then you tell me, what conditions do we want? How much time? This time is not good, we must finish in xx time, what can you do? There has never been a case of “disobedience” because all my requests to them were made by them. People who have worked with me with older qualifications and better professional knowledge than me like to be “supervised” by me is because I “admit” that they have older qualifications and better professional knowledge than me. You are a state-owned enterprise. You are relatively young and just engaged in management, and you are in charge of the “old man”. For books, I recommend that you read “Selected Works of Mao Zedong” and “The Tao Te Ching” first, and familiarize yourself with the situation of the Chinese. It is not too recommended to look directly at the West. Things-because your subordinates may not have seen it. You use the standards of managing the country to train yourself, and then you may find that managing the enterprise is also okay.

7 months ago

How does the new leader convince the crowd? I guess you want to ask that, right. I have seen many people who are very capable when they are small employees, but once they are promoted, they immediately collapse and are squeezed out and isolated by the employees, and even the arranged tasks are not implemented. The power is completely emptied. Many people shrink back and feel that they are themselves. Ability is not good, I can’t help people find the leader to apply to be a clerk, or I feel that the company’s colleagues are a group of stupid people, and there is no way to stay in this company. In fact, it is normal for you to be excluded. No one of this group of employees will recognize you. I think you’re flattering and high-ranking, and that’s human nature. If you take advantage of it, you have to get used to letting others scold you. Management is a very complicated art. It is impossible for me to teach you how to become a good leader with one answer, but I can tell you how to quickly become a leader. I have summarized the three tricks myself: internal differentiation, display of power, and ability to demonstrate internal differentiation. Internal differentiation is easy to understand, because they are now squeezing you out of the newspaper group, and you have to divide them and let some people team with you. How to divide is very simple. Everyone comes out to work, all to make money. If you want to divide them, you need both kindness and strength. At this time, you need to use the second trick: Demonstrate power 2. Demonstrate power What power does it display? Financial power + personnel power No employee will not succumb under these two absolute powers, but most of the company’s small executives cannot obtain these two powers. So how to obtain these two powers? You need to figure out: Who promoted you? Many people in the workplace are really confused. You are promoted to a supervisor and don’t know who promoted you. I thought you were promoted by the boss. Not necessarily. First use your brain to figure out who promoted you. It may be your immediate boss, it may be the director, it may be the vice president, it may be the boss himself, it may be the personnel supervisor, or it may be the boss’s new girlfriend. The person who promotes you is optimistic that you appreciate you, and He has the power you want in a simple negotiation, and you can get these two powers from him. The reason is very simple. You are just a small supervisor and there is not much interest at all. Leaders appreciate any thoughts you make for the development of the department. You can tell him very sincerely that you are currently being excluded. And talk about how you will use it after you get power, talk about your future plans for the department and your own confidence, draw a pie for the leader, don’t worry that the leader thinks you are bragging, the leader is not stupid, the leader knows you are Bragging, but you have to work hard to achieve what you have said. Leaders don’t like employees who have never dared to brag. If these two powers are less than these two powers, they must at least persuade the leader to cooperate with you to do a full display. How to make these employees mistakenly think that you have obtained power? Give the most capable team members a base salary and bonus, and lower the base salary and deduct bonuses for the least capable and lagging employees. At the same time, recruit a new person, and let new employees and old employees know that you want to hire to recruit. Set the salary. The whole process is typeset by yourself. If there is no accident without asking the leader, then there will be a little clever ghost who has jumped out to talk to you and the team will give you a small report. If there are still people biting you, they will pick you up and squeeze you out. , You can only kill one policeman, how can you kill one policeman? Transfer him to a miscellaneous position, lower his basic salary to the legal minimum standard in your city, and then set a KPI that is absolutely impossible to complete, so that he can’t get a penny bonus, and force him to resign. He can’t even get the compensation for dismissal. This trick is too cruel, it’s not a last resort, don’t use it, the focus of management is to convince people to give them candy after slaps, although your goal is to divide and exclude Your people sit firmly in charge, but the ultimate goal must be to let the department work hard to help the company make more money. In addition to demonstrating your power, you also need to show your ability. Of course, you can’t be better than others in every aspect, but since the leader chooses to promote you, it means that you must have your strengths. You need to enlarge it and show it to everyone. At this time, because you have done a full display, the employees have yielded to you at least superficially, and they will definitely do the work you arranged. At this time, you must work hard to prove that you are either straightening out the former supervisor. The mess left behind, or lead the department to make brilliant achievements. It is important to play with power in the management system, but hard work is responsible for the company to help the company make more money, and it is the basic quality of a professional manager. You not only have to show you To prove your ability to prove yourself, you must continue to learn and continue to improve yourself. It is great to use power to overwhelm others, but serving talents with morality is the real way for you to go in the future.

7 months ago

I will give you the clearest and most reliable answer, because I have experienced this kind of thing. We have to simplify complicated things in life and do things, and don’t think about miscellaneous things. You first ask yourself whether you have the ability or power to let disobedient subordinates go directly or indirectly. If you don’t, then you can only get used to him and tell him good things so that he doesn’t know you and don’t behave because of this. You will be embarrassed. Then we slowly accumulate ability and power, and when your power or ability is in place, he will not dare to wave again. To put it bluntly, the relationship between the superior and the subordinate in this world is always only established under majesty. Subordinates are afraid that the boss is because the boss has the power to live and kill. The boss can make the subordinates feel uncomfortable. It is fake to say that you do not accept it. There are not many people in the world. I don’t even accept Jack Ma, why should I obey a little leader? If you a leader can’t do anything to me, that is, you can’t let me go or make me uncomfortable, then why should I listen to your little leader?

7 months ago

Sister V: In management, if you can make the system a bad person, don’t be a bad person yourself. It doesn’t matter if A doesn’t work, just let her take the corresponding responsibilities. This system can be rigid or soft, as a part of one’s own prestige, such as taking the performance of employees as the basis for evaluating their performance, such as giving better-performing employees more resources and opportunities. The first time you can remind, the second time you can warn, and the third time you must strictly enforce the rules you have made in advance. To be leniency and strict, let your team know where your requirements and bottom line are. In addition to assigning corresponding responsibilities to subordinates, we must also help them solve problems at the beginning. They can’t just believe it if they say they’re fooling, but to see what the actual reasons are for not being able to complete, are they really not paying enough attention to their attitude, not realizing the seriousness of the problem, or being afraid of difficulties, just inability, no Will advance the work, or deliberately test your bottom line, etc. Then there is a targeted solution. If it is our unclear requirements and insufficient prestige, then let the subordinates clearly know your requirements and the consequences of various behaviors, and make them aware of the seriousness of the problem through practical actions. If the ability is not enough, you can inspire more guidance at the beginning, let the subordinates give the basic idea of ​​implementation, we will help her on the road from the side bill of lading. If the driving force is insufficient, it is necessary to stimulate the initiative of the employees. It is necessary to be clear about what employees hope to get at work. Is it to accumulate experience, accumulate contacts, raise salary… or pass the time? What kind of jobs are the employees capable of doing? Establish a strong connection between the needs of employees, work performance and your resources. Use your resources appropriately and strategically to meet the needs of employees, stimulate employees’ enthusiasm, and achieve you. Therefore, you and your subordinates are in a certain degree of success. In terms of degree, it is a relationship of mutual achievement. In addition, it should be noted that in what capacity does A join the team? It is a normal employee. The main value is to provide work results or to rely on relationships. The main value is to provide resources and information channels. Different employees The management method of the company must be differentiated. Management is indeed very different from our thinking of doing front-line work. There will be many differences in thinking and methods. If there is not enough time to grind enough experience in actual combat, it is actually necessary to learn systematically. of. I’m Sister V, and I’m confused in the workplace, please feel free to send me a message, and you will know everything~

7 months ago

If you, as a manager, want to manage your subordinates and let them obey your instructions, you must first have the resources to influence your subordinates, right? This can be thought of from two aspects. Positive incentives. Think about what benefits you can bring to subordinates? For example: promotion, salary increase, bonus, high performance reviews. Or think about the negative effects that negative incentives can bring to your subordinates: disciplinary action, deduction of wages and bonuses, demotion, and expulsion. Follow this logic, what do your subordinates want? You have to figure out what the subordinate’s really urgent needs are? He needs salary bonuses, a good working environment, promotion space, attention and recognition, and even the value of self-realization. You can refer to Maslow’s demand theory model to divide this. But I can tell you that the needs of different employees are different. In this way, I will draw you a few sensitive portraits of employees’ needs: Employee A, 32 years old, a technical backbone, a foreigner who settled down here after going to university, and just got married and bought a house last year with a loan. What is A’s needs? Of course it is salary bonus. Employee B, 24 years old, has just turned fuller after graduating from university two years ago, and his parents are local civil servants. What are B’s needs? Career development and training opportunities. Employee C, 47 years old, technical backbone, old employee. What are the needs of C? Respect and self-fulfillment management are the science of rationing. You have to give the corresponding resources to the people in need to get the greatest motivational effect. In fact, this is especially Taylor’s standardization and institutional requirements for scientific management. But a small team that you can fully name can do some customized and differentiated lean management.

7 months ago

Now there are more and more employees born in the 90s and 00s. This generation is more individualistic and unwilling to be restrained. If you look closely, you will find that the ability of the team to serve is basically not very good. Those who do not serve are people who have their own ideas and have good abilities. When you encounter disobedience, you do not have to conquer him in terms of business ability. Post-90s and 00s may not obey you because of your position and authority, but they will choose to support you or oppose you based on your relationship. In case of disobedience, I will first of all to close the relationship between us, sincerely make friends, and establish a communication mechanism of mutual trust. Then in the future, when communicating and solving problems, he will not object to opposition because of his emotions. , I will not think of him disobeying because of his objections, so that I can smoothly turn a disobedient employee into his own confidant and partner. Of course, in the process of establishing a relationship, we should be prepared to pay more, care and encourage, and make friends sincerely. The other party will naturally feel your sincerity and let go of precautions.

7 months ago

In the company, as long as it is a work matter, you must obey the arrangement of the supervisor of the department, which is expressly stipulated by the company’s rules and regulations. His work attitude and performance are all assessed and evaluated by his supervisor. Since the company grants supervisors such working authority, why can’t the subject perform their duties normally? Here are a few things I think the subject should do at present: 1. Maintain a good relationship with your own superiors. No matter which level of the company’s supervisors, they have the responsibility to maintain a good and unobstructed working relationship with their superiors. This is Duties are also obligations. Only when the upper and lower levels of channels are unblocked, the company’s instructions will be unblocked. So, regardless of whether your subordinates have a good relationship with your superiors, the subject of the supervisor must have a good relationship with your superiors and have smooth channels. You can communicate freely with each other and exchange different opinions and views on work at any time. Moreover, the subject does not need to compare in the minds of superior leaders, who is more important than you and your subordinates. In terms of the company’s organizational structure, your position is always higher than that of your subordinates. As a superior in the same structure, of course, you know it clearly. It is not a sensible act to abolish one’s own private for public affairs. Smart subordinates or employees will always think of ways to align their own interests with their superiors, so that they can get the most benefit from each other. Second, arranging employees’ work is the subject of each supervisor’s responsibility, and arranging employees’ work as a supervisor is your scope of work. Therefore, you should not be afraid of difficulties in advance, or you need to arrange your work equally. Work assignments, regular inspections, and final assessments are equally indispensable. It is your own dereliction of duty if you are afraid of doing things. As for your subordinate’s disobedience to your normal work arrangements, it is his negligence. You can give him reminders, warnings and sanctions depending on the severity of the circumstances. Of course, you can ventilate with your superiors in advance, report his situation to your superiors, and listen to your superiors’ opinions and comments. You can also clarify your views to your superiors, hoping to get his full support. I believe your leader will do his best to support your work and privately restrain the behavior of your subordinates. Third, find the right time for the subordinates who have never changed. If the superiors privately advise and restrain, your subordinates will not constrain, but will take a grudge, and have a negative effect. For the normal work order of the entire department, you must find the right time. He hits his head head-on, and he must not slacken his heart for a while when he is intimidated by this kind of murder. Either he was convinced by his crimes and meritorious service, or he was kicked out and left immediately. Never leave the third way. Finally, what I want to tell the subject is, don’t be afraid of difficulties at any time in the workplace, facing problems and solving problems is the only way out. Also, before making any decision, you must think about the operation steps, don’t be messy, step by step, steady and steady is the best way to deal with various internal thorns.

7 months ago

This question is difficult to answer, but I still want to answer it. To disobey management, basically follow a few points. The first is to disobey you, and the second is not to be afraid of you. Not convinced you, this is obvious. Because you have no qualifications and technical skills, you are not convinced. So, a key question here arises, how did you get promoted to management? This is the most interesting part, you didn’t describe it. So I didn’t say why you can’t convince the crowd. In terms of seniority, you are an airborne soldier, and everyone must have grievances. So, your three fires have not been seen, and everyone has not seen your skills, so they are all fighting in secret. You can pick a soft persimmon, knock the mountain and shake the tiger, and give everyone a prestige, and at the same time show your management ability to talk one by one, affirm each other’s ability, and hope to do great things together. Management is mainly about two things: managing people and affairs, you can be familiar with a few books, Mao Xuan, thick black studies, psychology, empathy, mobs. To break the freezing point of the relationship, you can gradually overcome it. First pick the leader and go to the heart. They like to embarrass you, but people are willing. You are not good at business level but do things. If you don’t behave, everyone is still convinced.

7 months ago

You are relatively young and energetic. You may be studying business administration. Let me ask you, do you agree with the abilities of the veteran subordinates? If you agree, you will learn with an humility. Sometimes management is also learning. Professional knowledge is just the threshold. Work depends on learning ability. The effect of blindly managing people will not be ideal. Asking humbly will also make people respect and make subordinates look at them with admiration. Rely on the system to restrict people instead of blindly managing people. The problem you face may be that your senior subordinates are like tumors on your body. There are only two ways. One is to have the ability to cut off, and the other is to find a way. Become your own flesh. I hope this will help you.

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