Ma Xiuzhen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, suggested that sexual health education should be included in the education curriculum system for middle school students. Make clear class schedules based on the age of students and the characteristics of subject education; set up sex health education teacher positions; suggest the development of sex education curriculum standard guidelines; incorporate the teaching evaluation of sex education courses into compulsory education quality monitoring.

The lack of sex education in China not only comes from the old age’s perception of sex as degenerate, decadent and indulgence, but also from the connection with crime. On the other hand, in the case of education rankings and industrialization, students’ cognition of sex is likely to cause students to diversify their energy in learning, and to become interested in sex/love, which affects the high school entrance examination, both in schools and parents Avoid the connection between students and sex education, let students focus on learning through the idealistic approach that ignorance equals non-existence, let students humanize their tools, reduce the emotional part as much as possible, and remain rational for a long time. The lack of sex education has led to many students’ cognition of sex from film and television works and adult works. Due to the long-standing emphasis on the difference between men and women, early love has been suppressed. Many students dodge and deliberately keep a distance when communicating with the opposite sex. The method is very unnatural. The normal ability to deal with the opposite sex that should be practiced in the student days has been delayed to the university. For boys and girls, the most obvious thing is that when they have the opportunity to communicate with each other, because they want to avoid suspicion, their expressions are not normal, and the words do not express the meaning. Unlike normal people, after a few years, the reflex arc finally arrives, and they discover what they missed. . As far as I am concerned, without sex education, I really have something to do. I don’t know how to take contraceptive measures, and then I get pregnant at an unprepared age. Once I have an abortion, it will be very harmful to women’s bodies. Even in the age when there is no sex education, early pregnancy will happen. Anyway, it will happen. It is better to do a good job of sex education. When you are a student, you can’t stop it, and at least take contraceptive measures. But when I was a student, I was always ready to tell them that they weren’t age yet, so I didn’t say it until they were adults. And those who are naturally obsessed, tell them that sex is like this, no wrestling, no fencing, no tofu, no double-headed dragon, no golden bath, these are fake and shoddy products, please look for the genuine ones. For men, I have something to say who knows men best. I once told the majority of male compatriots on Zhihu that turtleneck sweaters need to be turned over, let the mushroom head come out to breathe fresh air, remove the old mud on the neck, and keep it clean. Not only can prevent disease, but also have the opportunity to become a flying head. , Take the lead in three life goals of 180, and win the first 180 in life. Universal sex education benefits the country and the people. Rescue Guo Nan, put out the licking dog, and start from the doll.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Seeing the story of a man and woman kissing on TV immediately skipped the tacit silence of the family; never told children about sex, talked about sexual discoloration, thinking that children would understand by themselves; 02 in school: the teacher is talking about biology compulsory In the second time, I skipped or talked about it quickly, and I was more evasive about this; like my classmates, they think that sex is pornography, and the discussion will be called the title of old driver; occasionally I hear that girls who have a puppy love are pregnant and drop out of school or drop out of school; 03 I: When I first came to my aunt or spermatorrhea, I was at a loss and even panicked; most of the knowledge about sex comes from the movies of Fusang actresses; occasionally I search for some doubts or dare not to search on Baidu. Question: Is masturbation harmful to the body? How long is normal? 04 Society: Sex is only for the reproduction of offspring, the more ignorant of sex, the purer…

7 months ago

Universal sex education is a good thing. From childhood to adulthood, many people around me have looked like a tiger and talked about it. Anyone who shows a little curiosity about this will immediately be labelled as “salty and wet” and “perverted”, and receive cold eyes from everyone. Over time, children who grow up in this environment may develop the impression that “sex is terrible, sinful, and filthy”. In an article, a teacher wrote about his own experience of teaching sex education at a university: just started, a few female students hurried away, as if they were facing something terrible that would be contaminated as long as they understood. This concept of sex is obviously pathological. The more banned, the more curious. The less adults teach, under the influence of rebellious psychology, the more some children will find ways to get in touch with these things. At that time, how to learn, what to learn, and what to do will be unpredictable. Instead of letting things go in an unpredictable direction, it is better to actively respond and guide children to develop healthy sexual concepts. The so-called block is worse than sparse. When I was a child, my family would not let me go to the tree to pick fruits and eat, nor did I say why. Then I secretly climbed up to pick the starfruit, and planted my head down in the ground. Only then did I understand, oh, it turned out that climbing a tree might fall, and I won’t climb anymore. If someone was willing to teach me back then, I wouldn’t fall that fall.

7 months ago

The suggestion is good, the idea is good, it depends on the implementation. After all, there are some things, it is not a day or two that there are policies and countermeasures. Although this is not optimistic, I can’t be blamed entirely. It’s all said that morality, intelligence, physicality, art and labor have developed in an all-round way, so what? Germany: It depends on self-support. Wisdom: Study, all special meow for me to learn! Body: In this class-your physical education teacher is sick and sick again, and really hurt your fingers again while sitting in the office playing with your mobile phone. Mei: Girls really pay attention to appearance, soul…cough cough…in this class, your art teacher was sick…Labor: tidying up and cleaning, doors and windows and glass fans, cleaning leaves and brushing toilets…sex education…to be honest, online now So developed, this kind of quiet Mimi has seeds long ago. Those love and love TV series, I watched very numb, don’t want the brain-dead, the old girl in junior high school watched sleepless nights…They do not lack the subtle influence of various channels, and they really lack this kind of on-demand broadcast by the school teacher. There is another point: for this class, set a good time and so on. Boys, papers, girls, talk separately. If you really talk about it together, I’m embarrassed to think about it. After all, boy paper should be protected too, right?

7 months ago

It is not only middle school students who need sex education, but also parents, grandparents, grandparents, seven aunts and eight aunts. During the emergency rotation last year, the night shift met many young women with sudden abdominal pain. If you want to rule out a rupture of an ectopic pregnancy, you must ask about your sex life. Older patients are fine, but some minors are just fine. It’s hard to ask the result. I was deeply impressed by a 17-year-old girl who was still in high school and had abdominal pain in the middle of the night. Her mother drove to the emergency department. The doctor inquired about her menstruation and sex life as usual. Before the patient had spoken, her mother was furious: My daughter is only a sophomore. What do you mean by this? Invite the nurse on duty, or at least ask the mother out of the office, and then ask the girl slowly, she hesitated and replied that she had “rubbed” with her boyfriend a few months ago…Parents always felt that their children were a blank sheet of paper. , But I don’t know that the more white the paper is, the easier it is to be colored by all kinds of information. Once in the dormitory, I talked about the topic of “sexual enlightenment”. The sexual enlightenment in my childhood came from the anatomical atlas on my dad’s desk and the “painless human flow” advertisement booklet with pornographic novels sent on the side of the street; the sexual enlightenment of a roommate came from a few pictures in my parents’ room without a cover. CD; the elder brother next door said that his new chapter in his life began with a tattered “White Deer Plain”; another brother’s sexual enlightenment came from the webmaster in the corner of the Internet cafe who watched pornography with a voice over… Now the child gets it. There are far more channels of information than we did back then, and the methods of enlightenment are even more diverse. The specific situation is not what we old people in the 20th century can imagine.

7 months ago

Ma Xiuzhen, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference: Sexual health education for middle school students should not be “silent” at the National People’s Congress this year. Ma Xiuzhen, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference in Zhuning, wrote a proposal on strengthening group sexual health education for middle school students in my country. The proposal pointed out that my country is one of the countries with the largest youth population in the world. The average age of girls’ puberty is 9.2 years old, which is 3.3 years earlier than 30 years ago. This means that children are facing emotional problems earlier and earlier. “Universal sex education has been talked about for many years. But at present, most provinces in the country formally come into contact with relevant physiological and hygiene knowledge in the classroom until junior high school, and the teaching materials and teaching methods of sex education are very imperfect, unsystematic, and unsystematic. Adapting to the real needs of middle school students will not achieve the desired educational effect.” Ma Xiuzhen believes that due to the constraints of traditional thinking, some Chinese parents are ashamed to talk about sex with their children, even if some parents are aware of the importance of their children receiving sex education during adolescence. Sex, and did not adopt a relatively reasonable and effective method to guide. At the same time, with the rapid development of the Internet and the increasing opening of the social and cultural environment, the information in the network environment is mixed and muddy. A large number of pornography, sexual crimes, and sexual violence are presented to middle school students without screening. Young people have unhealthy sexual concepts, and cases of unhealthy problems abound. “Sex education can no longer be silent. Rather than cover up and rush to take measures to remedy problems after they arise, it is better to take the initiative.” Ma Xiuzhen suggested that sexual health education should be included in the education curriculum system for middle school students to improve the level of adolescents’ sexual health. . The first is to establish the curriculum status of sex education, and make clear class schedules based on the age characteristics of students and the characteristics of subject education. The second is to strengthen the construction of sex education teachers and set up sex health education teachers. The third is to formulate national sex education curriculum standards or guidelines to support the development of sex education research, resource development, and teacher training. The fourth is to establish a sex education evaluation and supervision mechanism, incorporate the teaching evaluation of sex education courses into the compulsory education quality monitoring and evaluation system, and monitor the effect of sex education teaching. Ma Xiuzhen proposed that the strategy of “home-school union” should be implemented, and the joint role of schools, families and communities in middle school students’ sex education should be emphasized. Relying on the joint cooperation of campus, classroom, family and community, we integrate the education of sex physiology, sex concept and sex morality into the daily life of young people. At the same time, it is necessary to purify the network environment from the source. Set up a special Internet regulatory agency to regulate Internet behavior, purify the air on the Internet, and focus on games, audio-visual materials, and website advertisements to eliminate bad information on the Internet. “Sex education should not be ‘ashamed to speak’, and should talk frankly with their children about feelings about sex, so as to help them to spend the blooming and restless rainy season in a healthy manner.” Ma Xiuzhen.

7 months ago

stand by. It’s just that most of our previous sex education is not education, but more discipline, telling teenagers that this can be done, that can’t be done, this is good and that is bad, this is right and that is wrong… This is not education, this is discipline. . I hope that sex education in the future is not only about discipline, not just about sex=potential danger, harm, and insecurity. It is also about letting children know that sex means loving, caring, respecting, and trusting each other. Tell a true story, why do we need universal sex education. Once backstage, a mother shared a story to me: “My daughter is 4 years old this year. Before going to bed one night, she whispered in my ear that the cousin-in-law had touched her lower body while no one was at home last month. I can’t even tell my mom and dad that my daughter was very scared and held it back for a month before telling me. My husband and I went to confront my cousin-in-law, and he refused to admit it, saying that we slandered him. At first, I saw this story and thought The parents did a good job. The daughter obviously knew that the lower body belonged to the private part, indicating that the parents usually had sex education. The mother went on to say, “Not only is the relationship between relatives strained, but the daughter even feels that she has done something wrong. She puts her arms around me and cries every night. . “It seems that simply “private parts must not be touched by strangers” is not enough. This may cause children to have fear and self-blame, and they dare not say it when they are actually violated. Children will have Such worries: “My parents said several times that they could not be touched there, but they were still touched. If I say it, my parents will definitely criticize me. “Children still have such concerns:” Mom and Dad told me to listen to adults, but my little uncle would not let me tell my parents, so if I did, would I be a disobedient child? “Even the offender will have threatening words: “If you tell Mom and Dad, I will hurt your Mom and Dad. “It will make children want to protect their mothers and fathers, at least not to trouble their parents, and then at a loss. The cases of children being sexually assaulted/harassed are not isolated cases. In our country, minors have experienced sexual assault/sexual harassment. What is the proportion? Online data shows: In 2018, the media exposed 317 cases of sexual assault on children, with more than 750 children being victimized, and an average of 2 children were sexually assaulted every day. Some experts said that sexual assault cases were especially targeted at primary and middle school students. The ratio of hidden cases of sexual assault is 1:7, which means that the actual cases are 7 times this data. The most concentrated victims are 7 to 11 years old, followed by 12 to 16 years old; the youngest victims are only 2 years old. To make matters worse, the proportion of acquaintances committing crimes is nearly 70% (66.25%), and the proportion of relatives and friends is relatively high. In most families, the “family” relationship has become a cover. Violation. However, more terrible than the perpetrator, there are also at a loss for parents… It is talking about sexual discoloration, negative perceptions of sex, causing people to avoid sex education, so when a 13-year-old girl Fang Siqi Being sexually assaulted by teacher Li Guohua, she tried to ask her mother for help, but the response she got was: “What kind of sex education? Sex education is for those who need sex. “But in reality, will the horror in reality really disappear because we close our eyes? This is impossible. In the face of sexual assault, ignoring there is no way to solve any problems. On the contrary, many times, it will make the situation change. It’s getting worse and worse. In recent years, news cases of sexual assault on children have emerged in endlessly. Every time I receive similar hot search news, it is disturbing. For example, #teacher indecent assault 17 elementary school students were sentenced to 7 and a half years#,#male kindergarten teacher took advantage Nap molesting a 6-year-old girl, child: I don’t want to go to school.# Women’s Union responds to a 13-year-old girl’s suspicion of being molested by her uncle for a long time#…… You think that if you don’t say it, the pain will never appear in your life. But in fact, it’s just that. Self-deception. I have seen a case of a woman in her 40s. She was sexually assaulted as a child and was not protected by her family. As a result, she has not been able to come out. She has not dared to fall in love or believe others. This At the time, you must find it very strange, don’t parents love their children? Why do they show such indifference when the child is injured? I think this indifference is not because of not love, but the parents themselves face this kind of indifference Situation, I don’t know what to do. Not knowing about sexual assault and not receiving systematic sex education are the main reasons why we are indifferent to sexual assault. What’s more sad is that this situation is not too big now. Change. Many families are still very resistant to sex. For example, a friend of mine whose child is 10 years old, but she has never talked about sex-related issues with her child. She said: “One is afraid of embarrassment, and second, I want to He matures a little later. “Afraid of embarrassment and precocity, she knows from her answer that in our society, even for people who have been well educated, there is still no concept of sex education. Many parents think that sex education is teaching people.” “Papa”, so I don’t want to talk to children. But in fact, according to the UN education document, sex education includes six major parts: family relations, values, sex and gender, sexual behavior, cultural and social rights, and sex and health. Sex education It is about personality and growth education. It teaches us the knowledge and skills to understand our own body; it also teaches us how to love ourselves and others, how to communicate our desires with others, and to respect the desires of others. Sexuality is in Sex education is only a very small part. It is a very superficial view to equate sex education with “sex education”. The famous scholar Professor Zhang Beichuan once said: “In our sex culture, fertility is regarded as sex. The purpose is to treat ignorance as purity, ignorance as virtue, and prejudice as principle. “If we have an awkward and obscure attitude towards sex for a long time, it will make the children feel that sex is a bad thing, so that the perpetrator can take advantage of the opportunity and make the victim child defenseless. Some people say that the bad guys Never think your child is too young, and sex education is never too early. I hope that each of us can let go of our knowledge and feelings about sex, and try to understand our children’s exploration and confusion about sex. May our sex The road to education is no longer difficult, and I hope the world will no longer suffer because of ignorance.

7 months ago

The current situation of sex education in China is “unprecedented and unparalleled” because we basically have no sex education. I just discussed the current test-oriented education with a close friend and mentioned cultural reasons. In fact, the reason why sex education in China is so lagging is the influence of Confucian traditional conservative thinking. Let us “talk about sex change”, as if “sex” is black magic. same. “Sex” is an animal’s instinct. It is something that will be known at a certain age. Because of this, our traditional concepts and education system reject “sex education.” But “meeting” does not mean “science”, especially in puberty when sex hormones are secreted, it is easy to have some impulsive thoughts, but before they don’t understand what “sex” is all about, they already have an ignorant understanding. At that time, some official and formal knowledge is urgently needed, such as the aunt and the uncle. This knowledge is just needed, otherwise when they don’t know what their body and mind are all about, he can only go to Baidu. See a doctor, Douyin for consultation. Baidu sees a doctor, it is impotence, Douyin asks a doctor, and asks it is syphilis. At this time, even if the body is okay, you have to be scared of problems. I know that some elders want to say: “In our age, we didn’t have any gadgets, and there was no such messy sex education, but aren’t we all okay?” My lord, the times have changed. Now that the Internet is so developed, why can’t you find something to watch? Spicy chicken on the Internet can’t be cleaned up, and you can’t stop your kids from going online because of choking, right? It’s okay to learn more knowledge, especially knowledge about “sex”, which is imminent.

7 months ago

As a family member of a kindergarten teacher, I want to say: In fact, “sex education” has already begun in many kindergartens! My wife is a teacher of a “GSP” private kindergarten in our city. She told me that their kindergarten will provide targeted “sex education” to their children from the very beginning. For example, the difference between the body structure of boys and girls, why do boys and girls go to the toilet separately… I heard from a friend that the public kindergarten where his wife lives will also have corresponding courses…. . I think this is a very good phenomenon! Moreover, it should be more complete and strengthened, and a planned large-scale promotion should be carried out! The “sex education” for middle school students may be more difficult than the “sex education” of kindergartens! Because a friend who is engaged in middle school education said that current middle school students are “generally precocious”! This kind of “precocity” is present both physically and mentally! Therefore, in the “sex education” work for middle schools, there is a serious lack of the corresponding “teacher power”… In addition, there is a very key problem: “Other courses squeeze out sex education courses. !” I think many people have experienced that in the third year of junior high school, or second year of high school, or third year of high school, with a word from a Chinese or math teacher, the original physical education class has become a Chinese and math class… I know that the current high school entrance examinations also have physical examination items, and the fate of being squeezed is unavoidable… Is it possible that “sex education” can be avoided? If it cannot be avoided, the “class schedule” can only be a dead letter! I personally think that, if possible, the best way is to let the government come forward and set up special “sex education propaganda groups” in various places, and regularly go to various middle schools and colleges to give lectures on “sex education” courses, and as an administrative measure, Enforced! This will not only ensure that the teachers who are suitable for teaching “sex education” courses are brought together to give full play to their greatest effect, and at the same time, the problem of courses being squeezed out is avoided! The above are personal opinions, for reference only!

7 months ago

Agree very much. I think we should train a professional psychological education teacher, one in each class, in charge of psychological counseling and sex education for students. Nissan’s job is to guide students to correct sexual concepts, maintain mental health, and explain psychological knowledge. So as to avoid many extreme behaviors and school violence from the root cause. Before I watched a video on Weibo that was very popular, it was a junior high school boy making love with a girl. It was photographed by two other boys and posted to the Internet. There was still language exchange among the four people, but it still did not stop. I was very speechless and very sad. Later, the boy was beaten by the girl’s father, and the girl was still protecting him, which made me feel that the old father’s heart was broken. How do these young people understand this? What is the current state of youth sex education? I can say with certainty that it is mainly based on the Internet, and most parents and teachers have not given the basic education they deserve. However, the jumble of the Internet will inevitably have a negative impact on many young people. Open values ​​are okay, but don’t be distorted. Don’t be a child-making tool with precocious bodies and mental retardation. You must have your own thoughts. This is why people are humans. Therefore, I think that this is not only teaching sexual concepts, but also teaching how to behave. Furthermore, it is value management. Try to cultivate a more normal three outlooks and improve the overall quality of students. Values ​​can be diverse, but there must always be a mainstream value that guides us forward. For example, the core values ​​of socialism. To be diverse for the sake of diversity is a very naive behavior.

7 months ago

I know that when it comes to this kind of problem, many people will attribute the problem to “Chinese-style parents are feudal and conservative.” Anyway, on all major platforms, young people criticize their parents, thinking that both parents are harmed and almost politically correct. . But is this really the case? In fact, if you have really experienced the society before 2013, you will find that the social enlightenment at that time was far greater than it is now. Pushing forward again, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when today’s post-60s and post-70s were still young, the social openness of that society was unprecedented. So if you really understand the past of your parents when they were young, you will find that they were also the “trends” of their time. For example, as I mentioned in my previous answer, those born in the 60s and 70s treat marriage and emotions more purely than we are. Their love stories when they are young are even more crooked than ours. Compared with today’s young people, they love to treat marriage as political gain. And economic benefits, a tool for straddling classes. At that time, they were really free to fall in love and marry for love. It is not that young people think that their marriages are arranged marriages. In all fairness, when you were in adolescence, when some of your private things were discovered, did your parents really treat you differently? In fact, most parents’ careful thoughts about their children, such as writing love letters between boys and girls, and even searching for things they are confused on the Internet out of curiosity, are all behaviors of “going with the flow” and do not support it, but It will not really go against it with a big fanfare. After all, do you think your parents were never young? They came here too, and they knew that this kind of behavior was very normal. When you are older and start to fall in love, many parents are also very open-minded, especially for male parents, they will teach them “not to do things that are’bottomed down’, to respect women, and not to hurt them at will.” This is too common. From school to work, I have lived in several cities. I have met people who talked about parental education. Most of them responded: Boys are educated to respect women, and girls are also educated to be self-reliant and self-reliant. . And almost no one has ever instilled the feudal idea that “a man should have a higher status than a woman, and a woman should have husbands and children.” So the question is, since parents have been young and understand the minds of young people, why are so many people at odds with their parents, especially in terms of sex education? The reason is simple. Parents’ discoloration of this thing is not because they are conservative in their thinking, but because they generally have a kind of “anxiety” peculiar to middle-aged people. Anxious about the future of their children. When you were a student, when your parents were eager to ask “what are your hobbies?”, you can answer without hesitation “my hobby is learning, nothing else.” Under the current social pressure of entering a higher education, everything is required. Give in to learning. It is that you are just an ordinary hobby and specialty. Even if you play basketball or a game between studies, they will think that you are wasting your time and playing with things. Not to mention your puberty thoughts have been discovered. In fact, people who have been in school for more than ten years understand that some people who study well have privileges. Do you think that good students don’t play basketball or games? They don’t have the restlessness of their adolescence? As long as you study well, no one will care about you. In short, don’t blame anything, blame the current social roles for too much pressure, and of course also blame the unique Chinese-style family “family members pay for each other deeply, and things Emphasize responsibility in everything.”

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