Song Wenxin, deputy to the National People’s Congress, talked about the culture of the rice circle again. She believed that acts such as illegitimate rice and tearing of the powder circle belonged to “being chasing stars without a bottom line”. Song Wenxin analyzed that the confusion of young people’s growth, the excessive monotony of school moral education, and the media’s hype of celebrity topics as topical news have all contributed to the chaos of “rice circle culture” to a certain extent. When referring to Zhang Xiaofei’s dissolution of the fan group, she agreed that the sustainable development of artists should rely on their works and strength, rather than relying on fan follow, traffic, and data. (Phoenix Net)

Snakes have to fight seven inches, cure diseases and cure. Behind the flow stars is the capitalization of flow. Acting stars and flow stars are essentially two completely different species. Acting stars or singers mainly use their works to generate income. Acting stars are essentially one. Individuals, acting skills and standards are equivalent to the assets of a star. The traffic stars have almost no acting skills, and even all kinds of weird things emerge in an endless stream, all day long, strange stories are flying all over the sky, and all kinds of brain-disabled fans make the society miserable. The reason for this strange image is essentially because the traffic star itself does not rely on the existence of film and television, but is a complete commodity! A packaged product that is packaged by capital and sold to the society. For this product, capital’s requirements for it are not how good acting skills or classic works are, but to create a personality with its own light. A perfect ideal dream lover, or an illusion that can make people rush to it! So you will see that many traffic stars not only do not have good works, but even if they do appear in a certain film and television drama, the public opinion on it is carried out around this individual, rather than the film and television drama itself. One effect of this is that the popularity of traffic stars can be said to be a pure personality, a pure individual, and not attached to any work or film and television image. This achieves the purpose of creating illusions. Human nature is obsessed with substitution. Sense, this perfect illusion constructed by the perfect human set makes people obsessed with this human set monster will be unable to stop like smoking a big cigarette, completely bringing the flow image of this human set into life. A brain fan who is confused by traffic stars is like the drug addict, and traffic stars themselves are like opium. We often say that the fast pace of the modern Internet is like mental opium, and there is no doubt that traffic stars are the most toxic kind of traffic. The star perfectly fits the characteristics of drugs. The illusion after smoking makes people addicted. The key point is to make people stupid. So you will see that behind every traffic star’s fire, there is the power of capital to promote. After all, which capital does not want to Create a spiritual opium. Every traffic star’s circle will have a group of fans who are extremely mentally disabled. These fans are like hungry ghosts who are addicted to drugs. It can be said that traffic stars want them to do what they do. This explains why Many brain fans will emptied their savings and frantically snapped up products admired by traffic stars. After all, it is common for drug users to go bankrupt. This process has brought the capital that controls traffic to the capital that controls traffic as violent benefits as drug production. Now many entertainment platforms have been completely complete. It has become a drug den, and various three religions and nine streams of magic sprites emerge in an endless stream. People who don’t know what MLM site capital have become more greedy after being bloodthirsty, they have created a newer spiritual opium. The drug addicts who take spiritual opium have tasted the forbidden fruit for the first time. Become addicted to drugs and revel in the arrival of the new spiritual opium, forming a kind of sickly fanatical snake that makes people’s spine chill. It is useless to cure the disease and destroy the spiritual opium. A lot of spiritual opium will spring up like mushrooms after a rain, and take away the poisonous den that manufactures and sells spiritual drugs. This is the real snake hitting seven inches, which is the key.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Supporting the current fan circle is basically a combination of MLM organization + illegal fund-raising. As for the two recent talent shows, I found that each fan circle has a fund-raising ranking, with a few hundred thousand less and a few million more. Does this much money rely on the fan club, which has no credibility, to supervise itself? There are even pk and sparring to induce fans to raise funds… Why do fans think this matter is so logical? This way of showing you a smile and then collecting money really makes me have some associations that I don’t particularly respect people.

7 months ago

Last year’s comments under the same type of proposal were transferred verbatim and still usable. To put it bluntly, the fan circle itself is not a big problem. A group of people who only have the ability to organize online can really not make a big storm besides being annoying. The trouble is the social mechanism that makes the “rice circle” culture widely accepted by young people. If analyzed according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it is different from other circles that only provide “emotional belonging” on the third level, and the fourth level of “respected by like-minded” needs. Fanquan creates false idols. , Directly illuminates the demand at the top of the tower, that is, the “self-worth realization”. And it also maintains the basic functions of other circles. In other words, this thing can directly fill up the first three floors of Maslow’s Tower… So not surprisingly, because the rice circle sells self-realization needs cheaply It is very attractive to the confused people who lack the channels for value realization… From one angle, this is a good thing: it proves that our country has developed to a stage where young people generally seek value realization. But from another perspective, if you want to rectify the rice industry, you must completely remove the impression of “sacrificing yourself for idols”, otherwise they will still do all kinds of annoying things. But in this way, the fan circle will lose the function of providing a sense of cheap value. Our society will have a lot of young people who are seriously surplus of energy and cannot find the direction to realize the value. This tm can be a social instability factor…Naturally, a person who can be instigated by a false idol is also easily instigated by a packaged “political ideal”… Just like some high school society The function is actually the same as accommodating adolescents with overly vigorous energy. The social function of the fan circle is also to accommodate the emptiness caused by unsatisfied self-worth needs in the Internet age, and behind this emptiness contains huge energy that you and I can’t imagine. The so-called energy of public opinion.

7 months ago

Agree to rectify! But if it is stipulated that celebrities should become popular? I don’t see any practical use. The fan circle didn’t just leave today. In the old society, those fanciers weren’t a fan. It’s not the same as tracking, cheering, throwing gold bars on the stage, inviting a meal, setting up a meeting, and so on, just like the current pick-up, boating, and birthday celebrations. However, the rice circle at that time had a high threshold, either rich, powerful, or famous. Ordinary people really can only be the people who eat melons, and can’t get into the meal circle. Now because the social network is too developed, this high threshold has been greatly reduced. Various “professional” frying authors can easily operate on the Internet, attracting a lot of crazy meals. In fact, regardless of whether there are works or not, stars are sought after by some fans because of their appearance, temperament, and personality. It is understandable. After all, carrots and cabbage have their own loves, and they have them in all dynasties and generations. Only excessive hype to attract fans, or crazy star-chasing affects others, should be controlled. Could it be that artists can indulge because they have works? The key is not to manage celebrities, but to manage the Internet.

7 months ago

The profession of this representative is a teacher and the deputy principal of Tai’an Cultural Industry Secondary Professional School. She has been paying attention to the growth of young people. In 12 years, she talked about cultivating teenage idols and strengthening the construction of cultural positions. In the past 20 years, she mentioned the problem of idol’s rice circle: suggesting that the bad atmosphere in the entertainment industry should be rectified, guiding the acting stars to become “positive energy idols”, and shouldering the social responsibility of guiding the mainstream values ​​of minors. This year, her proposal is basically the same as her previous ideas. For such idols, we need to lead in the right way so that the idol can play a leading role in the fans. As she said in the question video, idols can be regarded as a supplement to moral education. I think that by extension, idols are part of social education. Models such as noble soldiers and angels in white clothes are not the ones who eat the entertainment industry, and they can’t sing and rap on the screen all day. The idols who have the opportunity to appear should replace the role models and convey a spirit of the times. Today’s fan circle does not rely on the strength of the work to speak, but only relies on false data to get people to the top. The process of falsifying data consumes fans’ energy and money, and also creates unfair competition (pinching, infringing on the boundaries of passersby, scoring scores, rating, and box office). On the whole, it does not give fans a positive force, but requires fans to consume themselves to support idols. This kind of self-consumption even includes a kind of moral consumption: deceive oneself “the whole world must be cut off from us, especially the enemy”, and put oneself in a hostile environment to shape the fan circle’s imagination Community. And fair competition, speaking in terms of works, similar problems are much better. The road population monument is there. If you don’t do any criticism, you don’t have the resources to blame yourself for not being good at learning. Don’t be forced to engage in a meal circle, just talk.

7 months ago

Strongly Agree. Do you know what Baidu defines as a traffic star? Traffic stars: Traffic stars, Internet buzzwords, also known as “traffic artists”, mainly refer to those who are popular, have many fans, and have strong appeal. They often do not have the strength (acting or singing skills) to match their popularity and influence. In the Internet field, traffic refers to the number of visits (popularity). “Traffic star” is a product of the business logic of “traffic is king” in the Internet age. This definition is extremely accurate. Through this definition, we should know some messages: they do not have the strength to match their popularity and influence. So do you think these artists can really become popular on their own? If you rectify the bottom-line chasing stars, it is better to rectify the behind-the-scenes players. After all, traffic stars are just a product or pawn under their hands.

7 months ago

I often question a question: Is the data really valuable? This question does not seem to need to be asked. Data is of course valuable, but the question is whether it is true from data to meaningful conclusions? In fact, in many cases, many scenes are inherently complex. Using data to endorse is just to appease the uneasiness of the target users. For example, some companies engage in 996007 and use data on overtime hours to correlate the value created by employees. Essentially, it is the failure of management and strategy, the recognition of failed management and strategy, and the lack of confidence in solving management and strategic problems. I have been rushing to work, but most of the products are damn or dead. It seems that the data is good-looking, no one is wrong, everyone is working hard, but it is still dead. In the past few years, big data was particularly popular. Recently, many big data companies have died, because the data is not as valuable as they thought, or that they have the technology but are not capable of digging out the value from the data. . The same is true for traffic. The traffic model is essentially not a fan economy, but a digital game. Fans are nothing but the scum of the number link. The tools of the marketing link are actually oriented to uneasy capital, but an inflated bubble. Of course, this bubble almost completed the closed loop of value recovery-Xiao Zhan model. It is purely making stars, all kinds of data are good-looking, and there are a large number of real fans. Apart from incompetence, they can hardly find faults in all aspects. As long as the model is successfully verified, more capital can be absorbed, and then this product can be scrapped. , And then launch the next one at the speed of light. Therefore, to a certain extent, I think that 227 is not just a fan pitting Xiao Zhan, but the self-protection behavior of Xiao Zhan’s product and his team, and it is Xiao Zhan’s pitting fans. For him, the bombed circle and the “passerby” who were expelled from the fandom and cyber violence were nothing but a price for him. Fans’ money is not enough to look at, not enough to cut. It is the investors who are worth cutting off. It is the money you deposit in the bank, buy stocks and use it for investment, and it’s your net worth. Think you can stay out of it without chasing stars? In fact, you are the one who took a lot of money. How is it done? Just rely on data to deceive people. In fact, the most vulnerable traffic patterns are not fans with no bottom line and artists without works, but the logic of trying to use these data to prove the value. Therefore, I have always encouraged the opposition to traffic stars to resist endorsements, boycott related products, and speak out as much as possible, in order to get rid of this logic. As long as this logic is not valid, this tulip is worthless. This model is actually taking advantage of the greed of capital and using data to deceive capital. As long as we get rid of the logic of the conclusion of this data, this model will lose the support of capital. At this time, the cost of customer inspections of fan cult behaviors and the liquidation of bad coins expelling good coins is probably enough to make them irreversible.

7 months ago

Agree, raise your hands and feet to agree. There is only one problem. To rectify the culture of the meal circle, we should not start from the fans, but from the industry. Only to first control the chaos in the industry, put an end to the trend of flow first, entertainment to death, and capital king, provide a soil for fair competition and strength to speak, and give talents with strong strength and good morals the opportunity to get on the big stage and participate in the big picture. Production, get the opportunity to be seen by the market, so that they can present good works and return to the market. The day when artists rely on works instead of traffic will come. When that day comes, naturally, there is no need to worry about the prevalence of the rice circle culture, because for powerful artists, this move will become redundant, and for those who are indiscriminate, fans will no longer be able to support the wall. When an effort cannot be realized, it is naturally unsustainable. But if you just talk about rectifying star chasing, you can’t help but ask people to ask a question mark. Does the person who put forward this idea really don’t understand the entertainment industry, the cause of the rice industry culture, or does not have the courageous entertainment industry that has rotten to the bones? Only dare to point the finger at fans as ordinary people?

7 months ago

Agree is to agree, but it is a pity that the best opportunity is missed and it is hard to return. The popularity of entertainers involves too many benefits, so much so that “artists” themselves are no longer the focus, but tools; “popularity” is not an end, but a means. And the flow itself is the best sickle. Don’t like to make questions, give a simple example. In order to save costs, you installed pirated software. This software is rogue. You can download, install, promote, and copy unlimitedly on your computer, and pop up pop-up windows from time to time. Rogue software and its copied files occupy the storage space of other normal files, occupy the running space of normal software, and compete for the network traffic of normal tools. Its existence and operation have begun to affect the work of your admin. As the owner of the computer, your correct approach is to find a powerful anti-virus software to clear the rogue out and never use it again. what are you doing? You try to set a standard for the things copied by rogue software, and you want to manually delete the copied things one by one, but you have to find a separate disk for the normal tools and files to make them full on yours. The virus continues to serve you on the computer. Dreaming? What’s more, you should never install rogue software.

7 months ago

As far as the title is concerned, it doesn’t make sense. The bottomless line of the rice circle is because the celebrity’s way of becoming popular is wrong? What is the essential cause of the current rice circle culture and flow economy? It is the way for capital to select people in the era of big data. It’s because foreign capital (especially Internet capital) was smeared when entering the industry, and I didn’t know which investment would make money, so I used the technical means I’m familiar with to analyze, and judged the “audience” with the network data captured by the machine. What do you like”, and the captured data is “traffic.” The original intention of the introduction of this technology is good, the basic logic is the same as Taobao push, the most mentioned and searched on the Internet are naturally the favorite of netizens, combined with their favorite IP and favorite actors. The work produced should be the work with the greatest investment income, and it should be the “work loved by the people.” The fundamental reason for the failure of this set of logic is not the logic of choosing actors and themes, but the capital thinks that everything will be fine if these are selected, so a huge amount of money has been invested in the purchase of ip and actors’ pay, but the production is shoddy and the quality of the finished products is low. So aroused public outrage. However, the masses do not understand the logic behind this. The masses will only think that it is the fault of the actors, so they will attack the traffic stars in groups, but will not attack the capital logic behind choosing these traffic stars. On the other hand, due to the flow of people when choosing people, a deformed flow culture was born, which further gave birth to an organized rice circle. The perception of ordinary people has gradually been obscured by the voice of the fan circle. People selected by traffic are no longer generally loved by Everbright netizens, but loved by a few people. After all, who would normally express their love and dislike for a certain star without having to do anything? Ten thousand ordinary people are not as big as a fan/black fan’s contribution to network traffic. And because the data is captured, there are positive and negative keywords, so it derives a culture of control and evaluation. Fanquan tries to control the results of data capture by blocking the mouth of ordinary people. Then the competition within the industry gave birth to the “black fan” industry. In order to ruin the traffic quality of the other party, the fans fight with each other every day, and even involve other circles to participate in the fight, causing the entire network to be miserable. After reading what I said above, you can understand that the original intention of the traffic economy is really not to feed the audience shit, but the cook (capital) tries to analyze the network data to determine what the audience likes to eat, and then put these The scoop of stuff is tossed about or even baked and served, thinking that the audience will love it (so that it can make money). This logic has led to a variety of ingredients (traffic stars) in order to get the preference of the chefs, every day they are trying to pretend that they are the favorites of the audience, and even try to sew the mouths of ordinary audiences, and find a group of thugs (rice ring) ) To pretend to be an audience to express opinions. So ordinary viewers hate these ingredients and thugs, thinking about how to drive them out every day, but is the essential problem with them? Without changing the capital investment logic, can this dilemma be resolved? Is it possible to improve the network environment by controlling the words and deeds of the thugs so that they can be lighter when beating the audience? I don’t know what to do. It is reasonable to say that representatives should be the ones who think of a solution to this problem. However, it seems that they didn’t even understand the whole logic behind it.

7 months ago

Some truly capable actors that I admire are all plain and tepid, focusing on improving themselves, but due to market demand being eliminated by capital and gradually disappearing from the public’s sight, those who look ordinary (don’t take refined pictures) Speaking of things, there are a lot of people in the entertainment industry with plain makeup and good-looking), and there are no people who have no special skills in acting (at least to the extent that they can be seen, no, no, spicy eyes). They are packed by capital and set up a few people. Suppose, buy a few hot searches every day, continue to hype, expand traffic, attract fans, and then, inexplicably, the fire has become uncoordinated and those inferior artists. It is not that you are not allowed to change when you know your mistakes, but you, as a public figure. Is it suitable to appear on the screen as a public figure if you make a mistake? (For example, a certain F, I was a passerby fan of him, but I don’t want him to come back) The most important thing is those capitals who only look at money, or they know what is right and what is wrong, what is really good and what is They just refill the count, but they only recognize money. If rubbish can make money and always produce rubbish, they don’t care about the impact of producing rubbish on society. It doesn’t matter as long as there is money. There are some platforms and some people who have no professional ethics, and they don’t recognize money. Distorted facts and exaggerated words are simply disgusting. Most of the people in the meal circle are ordinary people. They just liked a certain place of an artist at first, but they were deliberately guided. The specious words made them more and more trapped and cast their shots. Control and comment fundraising gatherings, and gradually everything can be done. The uppermost capital will only use their simple love, brainwash them, cut their leeks, let them charge into the battle and be scolded. It can be said that they are really poor people. There must be something hateful, so please make sure to rectify it as soon as possible. I hope that in the next five years, I can see a good atmosphere in the entertainment industry. PS: I also have things I like or dislike. When I am sensible or irrational, correct Incorrect or incorrect ideas, so I hope that if someone wants to refute me, please just discuss the matter on this issue and don’t talk about other things (whisper bb: I wanted to be anonymous but not allowed)

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