In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in animal abuse and killing, and the methods are extremely bad, and there is actually a black industry chain. NPC deputy Zhao Wanping suggested that the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law” should be amended to explicitly include animal cruelty into the scope of the law. Schools should incorporate the care of animals and nature into the curriculum.

In fact, there have long been anti-animal cruelty legislation in various places. The “Beijing Animal Epidemic Prevention Regulations” issued in 2014 clearly stipulate that animal keepers must not abandon or abuse their animals. The “Regulations on the Administration of Laboratory Animals in Hubei Province” also stipulate that animals should not be teased or cruelty, and the pain of the animals being handled should be minimized. The “Chongqing Municipal Measures for the Administration of Laboratory Animals” also has provisions prohibiting cruelty to animals. But what is meant by “minimizing” pain? Some people think that dying is quick and painless with throat bleeding; some people think that only euthanasia is not painful. Such legislation will obviously cause problems that are difficult to implement because of the virtualized punishment measures. To legislate to prohibit certain behaviors, one must first think of what legal interests such behavior infringes upon. Animals do not enjoy personality rights; even pets are legally only human property. For ordinary animals, if they are not endangered, they are not worth protecting them by law. Legislation on cruelty to protect animals has long existed, but it is difficult to enforce. There are also many acts of cruelty to animals in private, how can they be punished? If the concept is not clear, what is the difference between the prohibition of cruelty to animals and the prohibition of killing animals? When scalding cats and dogs with boiling water, there are octagonal bay leaves in your pocket. Isn’t it considered abuse? This is obviously not in line with the original intention of the six words “prohibition of cruelty to animals”. Legal interest is the basis of conviction, and ethics is the basis of conviction. In recent years, the black industry chain of videos of animal abuse and killing has frequently entered our field of vision. Uploading videos that contain content such as abuse, bloody, violence, etc. also violate public order and good customs. Such videos will undoubtedly cause bad influences such as distortion of values ​​on children, and will also bring certain psychological harm to viewers. If there is a law to follow and law enforcement is well-founded, it is necessary to increase the feasibility of law enforcement. After animal cruelty is included in the Public Security Management and Punishment Law, the term “abuse” should be accurately defined. It is also necessary to clarify the specific behaviors that will be punished by the Public Security Administration Penalty Law, and what does “the circumstances are serious and the impact is bad”? For example, the video reaches a certain amount of transmission. If you call for legislation year after year but are vague year after year, don’t bother. Meatless Stars: How do you abuse animals? Answer: Didn’t you say that you want to eat meat, but it is too naughty.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Let’s manage pets first, and manage stray animals. This comes out first. Do you think the community security will handle stray animals? Be gentle, afraid of being bitten, be violent, break the law. The behavior of feeding stray animals in real-name diss communities, schools, and densely populated areas. After he finished feeding, he left, and he said three times in his heart that I am so kind, I am so kind, and I am so kind. Stray animals began to wander in densely populated areas, threatening health and safety. Kindness troubles to adopt, or transfer to relevant agencies for processing. When I was in school, there were a few people who fed stray dogs and cats at the entrance of the dormitory and the cafeteria. Every day, there were many dogs lying at the entrance of the cafeteria. They had to detour when they saw them. The stray cats entered the dormitory and barked at three or four in the morning. . You feel that you are very kind, ah, I fed the stray animal to warm it. You don’t think of the chickens, ducks, fish, sheep, cattle and cattle you fed the dog. The children who were frightened and bitten and bumped didn’t think it. The people who stepped on the dog in the community didn’t think it because I was afraid that the dog didn’t go to the cafeteria to eat. I think it’s only possible that when the pet shop sells you cat food and dog food, the vaccinated hospital will feel that you are kind for a moment. After all, it’s income for them. By the way, it’s the end of the cat who enters our dormitory. It was thrown out by a kind person who often fed him, no, it was thrown out from the second floor. Why, because he was scratched when he was caught, and the two-month living expenses were paid for the vaccine and immunoglobulin.

8 months ago

In fact, the idea of ​​protecting animals came into being not out of a great idea, but because of the interests of specific groups of people. Mosquitoes and locusts have been human natural enemies since ancient times and need to be eliminated, let alone protection. Toad, or various mollusks. Because the appearance does not meet the aesthetic needs of the public, many people will stay away when they see such creatures, and they will not have any empathy. The protection of animals stipulated by the law is basically in line with human value judgments and has a certain degree of scarcity. For the sake of viewing or some more needs, they exist to positively help human society. In fact, you will find that all people’s norms towards animals are derived from human interests. Animals are the property of mankind, not equal friends. In the process of our urbanization, we emit various industrial gases, and we have not held a democratic conference to ask animals for their opinions. Therefore, it is unreasonable to protect animals from the value level, and we can only think from the perspective of social reality. I am very opposed to the cruelty and killing of animals, it is impossible for me to have any value. But from the perspective of legislators, legislation is definitely not a decision that can be made with a single blow. If chickens and animals are slaughtered publicly in public, many minors or people with poor psychological endurance will inevitably feel uncomfortable. It can definitely be attacked from this perspective, such as standardizing the slaughter industry, and children not being able to approach the slaughterhouse, etc. Wait. But if you secretly stay at home, buy 100 dogs, and then slaughter them one at a time, slowly bleeding out, and clean up, is there a problem with this behavior? In fact, it did not have any impact on the society. Only when the scene of the torture is seen by people will it have a negative impact, just like a pornographic video.

8 months ago

I agree, but can you suggest an increase in the sentence for pets causing harm to people. If a dog or other pet bites someone outside, the dog’s harm to people will be regarded as the dog’s owner’s harm to people, such as minor injuries. Two years, five years of serious injury, life-threatening or death sentence. Even if dog lovers say that their dogs are good, the risks are always unequal. In the news, even if a dog bites a person seriously, he will sacrifice a dog at most and lose some money. I believe this kind of reciprocal risk is formed. , It can be seen whether dog lovers really believe in their dogs or do not care about the safety of passers-by.

8 months ago

Our biological dog is still worried about this law. How is “abuse” defined, based on the purpose of the person’s implementation? Or is it defined by means of implementation? Just like our biological experiments often involve animal experiments, in order to study diseases, we will make mice suffer from various diseases; in order to obtain useful samples, we have to perform biopsy…Although in terms of operating specifications Explains the way to alleviate the pain of experimental animals, but to the layman, it is also a bloody blood. Moreover, the operating specifications are somewhat difficult and require practice to achieve results. For example, when dissecting mice, the operating specifications stipulate that the mice should be anesthetized, but the anesthesia dose cannot be grasped at the beginning. After anesthesia, the mouse is dead, and the desired sample cannot be obtained; , Halfway through the dissection, the mouse woke up, it was quite uncomfortable to croak. Is the “insufficient anesthesia” regarded as abuse, and is there a violation of the law? When the junior came to kill the mouse, his rough method made it feel that no mouse died without pain. I joked: “If someone from the animal protection organization knows that you are killing mice like this, they will have to catch you!” He said, “It’s okay. With their love and contempt for animals, they should catch the monkey next door first. It’s…”

8 months ago

I feel that the possibility of realization is very small. Chai Jing mentioned in her book “Seeing” that she had interviewed the parties involved in the cat abuse incident, and someone paid money to make a video. Then those videos flowed into the dark web, and many people with psychological problems like to watch this kind of video. Therefore, when there is a market and there is demand, it will happen. To be honest, we often see school violence, domestic violence, and various bullying incidents on the news. Do you think that the small animal matter will be resolved before the human matter?

8 months ago

I am very supportive. It is difficult to implement. The main problem I think is “how to judge the abuse”. There is a certain amount of “abuse” in training animals. For example, when I live broadcast training dogs not to protect food, I will take the food away or beat them when they gnaw. Is this considered abuse? I certainly don’t think this is abuse, but what will others think? I feed the dog live, and the rice is mixed with spicy food and chocolate, but I pay attention to the dosage, the dog will not die, you said that the dog can’t eat these, sorry, I don’t believe it, and you see that the dog is not good, at all not dead? Does this situation count as abuse? For another example, I like to raise geckos, I like to raise a lot of geckos, and I feed geckos live every day, but I am very amateurish. Every time I feed, I will scare their tails off. Am I considered cruelty to animals? For example, I like to live live tropical fish, tropical turtles, etc. I don’t pay attention to the temperature, pH, and so on. I just keep them together. Every day I watch them get sick and fight with each other. After they die, I will buy another batch. Go in. I don’t want them to die, but I don’t understand, and I can’t learn it, am I considered abuse? Do you want to be sentenced? And those zoos who feed tigers and live chickens, snakes feed snakes and live mice, are they tortured chickens and mice? If feeding mice is okay, can I feed kittens and puppies? All in all, I did not subjectively abuse, but actually caused a certain degree of abuse, and some people saw that it was unacceptable. Have I broken the law?

8 months ago

Does not support vague legislation, does not support imprisonment. However, both the entry into the Civil Code and the Public Security Penalty Law clearly support it. It should be clear that in public areas, and spread in public areas should be illegal acts. Things that violate public order and good customs should not invade public spaces. The legislation should be clear. Once this incident invades the public space, it is not cats, dogs or animals that protect it, but other people. There is the possibility of influencing other people in public spaces. In addition, those who hit mosquitoes are those who abuse mosquitoes and flies. You will hit the flies in front of your children, and it will not affect public order and good customs. Will you abuse and kill animals in front of your children? If you weren’t the devil, you wouldn’t do it. Because it violates basic ethics. Some people in the village will kill pigs and will not hide from children unless they are afraid that the children will be injured, because the purpose of killing pigs is not to abuse them. These behaviors of cruelty and killing of animals must be returned to pure private space, and the public domain must not be tarnished. Finally, the law must have clear rules, which can be incomplete and can be revised and supplemented, but there should be no obfuscation. What other means must be described in detail and can be defined. Nothing can be accomplished overnight. Modifications and adjustments must be allowed, and the possibility of blurring must be reduced.

8 months ago

We have already had the “Wild Animal Protection Law.” Cruelty to wild animals has long been an offence. The “Anti-Animal Cruelty Law” proposed now is aimed at six livestock and other livestock. 1: Pigs, cattle and sheep have been abused from birth to slaughter, especially during the slaughtering process. 2: Cattle pull carts in farmland and get whips, and cows wear nose rings all year round. 3: People are afraid of force, horses are afraid of riding. The horses are honest and let people ride. They are trained. I won’t elaborate on how to train them. Does it count as abuse? But Goubao’s self-deceiving sophistry stated that abuse for the purpose of eating or working is not considered abuse. After a series of exclusions by the dog protection, the protection of cats and dogs is finally left. Cats and dogs can double standard and moral kidnapping according to their own preferences, but the law must be serious, fair and equal. Now we still face the biggest problem: how to define the boundaries of abuse. The border can easily be enlarged by dog ​​lovers and entrained in private goods. 1: A dog without a rope rushes towards the child. Can the father of the child beat the dog to death with a stick? Does it count as dog abuse? 2: The driver killed a dog running around without a rope. Is the driver abusive? 3: The community security kills a large dog running around without a rope, is it considered abuse? The three examples I have cited above are all sourced, and some dog lovers consider it to be abuse. The dog lovers are already too much, and they are already very noisy. When the driver dodges a dog that is not tethered to cause a traffic accident. When a child is bitten by an untie dog. Residents in the community were killed or injured when they were hit by an untethered dog and bitten by a dog. Where are these dog lovers? Why didn’t a dog lover stand up and compensate? In the end, whether people are important or dogs are important, it cannot be reversed. This is why I oppose the Anti-Animal Cruelty Act [angry][angry][angry]

8 months ago

Only by defining what is abuse can the abuse be included in the legal system. First, it is clear whether tail docking, imprisonment, castration, and inbreeding deliberately select abnormal species are not considered abuse. The place where animal cruelty occurs most is not the occasional psychological perversion, but also animal shops for commercial purposes. Secondly, it is necessary to clarify whether the abuses that have not been spread need to be held accountable. If someone secretly abuses a pet to death and then destroys the body, should it be triggered if there is no video taken or posted online? If it is to be triggered, should a pet file be established, a public pet carcass containment system should be established, and the owner of every dead pet must be required to go to a pet hospital for a normal death certificate, otherwise it will be torture to death

8 months ago

You drove other people’s cats, dogs, cats, and cats to death. This objectively caused the loss of property rights, and you have to pay for it. The amount of compensation is basically the same as the purchase price of the same type. You have to say that cats and dogs have been raised for decades and have deep feelings and demand compensation for mental damage. The probability of getting support from the court is very low. Cats and dogs have feelings, so they will have feelings even after driving for decades. It is necessary to realize that the relationship between animals and humans is a property right, a kind of property affiliation. I don’t think it is necessary to raise animals above property, which is close to the protection of human rights. The slaughterhouse slaughters animals every day, but it is legal. However, it is obviously not correct to publish the recorded video of the bloody scene in the slaughter process to the public platform, at least it is unethical, because it will cause discomfort to the viewer. (Whether it is illegal is subject to discussion) Therefore, the behavior of cruelty to animals that can be seen by the public should be stopped or punished. For example, there won’t be any problem if you don’t hang up at home, but you will be punished by law and order if you run naked on the street. So the final recommendation is: It is forbidden to publish images of animal cruelty in public or private places, except for production, teaching or scientific research.

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