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Off-campus training institutions cannot be banned, and technically impossible. The result of you suspending all institutions is that teachers and students are broken into pieces and started tutoring. How do you ban tutoring? This history is very recent. Large-scale chain educational institutions are less than 20 years old today, and they have been widely popularized in just over a decade. Before that, he had always been a tutor. And until today, how formal do you think this industry is? The industry leader, New Oriental, has a market share of 1.4%! In other words, most of them are studios run by tutors and school teachers themselves. You are really banned, but it has no effect. The problem with this industry is that it needs to be standardized, not banned. In addition, why are educational institutions popular? It is because students need to make up lessons. There will be a market when there is demand. This is what we all learned when we were in school. There is not a market for demand. Students need to make up classes so there are educational institutions, not educational institutions so students need to make up classes. Follow the logic of this proposal. I went to open an old restaurant to sell shit. Does anyone need to eat shit? So instead of thinking about educational institutions, it is better to think about what makes parents and students prefer to spend money and effort to make up lessons. Educational issues have never been educational issues, but political issues. Then back to “strengthening supervision.” In fact, local governments have been exploring this. Tianjin has added some new regulations in the past two years. I can remember: 1. For security purposes, institutions with elementary school students must be below the fourth floor. 2. Institutional teachers must have Teacher Qualification Certificate 3. Do not teach in advance 4. Do not charge too much at one time. These are all standardized and strengthened supervision. It is working in the right direction. The only thing that needs to be noted is that the cost of educational institutions cannot be greatly increased in order to strengthen supervision, otherwise it will lead to a wave of bankruptcy of small institutions and monopoly of large institutions, and the extra cost will eventually be shared with consumers. For example, in the first article mentioned above, after the introduction of the regulations, many educational institutions have been forced to change their school sites. From site selection to decoration to business operations, the cost is very high, tens of millions at every turn, and many institutions cannot afford it. In addition, parents have to face their concerns about formaldehyde in the newly renovated campus. This is very frustrating. Of course, we can also understand, after all, for the safety of children. But because of this, the bankrupted organization does not understand it. Therefore, for supervision, tossing can be done, but tossing should be avoided.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I said this a few years ago. It’s very simple. Why are there remedial classes? Because as long as the students are idle, the parents will never be idle. Everyone could fish together, but there are always people working secretly. Unless the Hengshui/county middle school model is adopted, students stay in school for a long time, so that no teaching assistance institutions can do it. Make-up classes are part of quality education and burden reduction. Don’t play if you are unhappy. I remember that when I explained the Hengshui model, I was beaten up badly, saying that I was an accomplice in exam-oriented education. Is that okay? This is not good, so I became an accomplice of quality education. Is everyone happy now?

8 months ago

If a transaction is voluntary by the buyer and the seller is voluntary, the transaction itself does not violate public order and good customs. In a civilized country ruled by law, what reason is there to prohibit it? If the idea of ​​solving the problem is to ban, ban, block…, it is impossible to do well. I found a phenomenon, and then healed his head and feet and healed his feet. This is completely the primary school student’s thinking. For example, if traffic jams are discovered, wouldn’t the ban on vehicles be resolved? For example, if fertility is found to be declining, wouldn’t encourage fertility be solved? For example, if students are found to be burdened with heavy burdens, then the ban on homework assignments and off-campus training is not the solution? For example, if students find that there is a lot of pressure from competition, wouldn’t the ban on school ranking be solved? For example, if you have a toothache, stomachache and stomachache, wouldn’t it be solved by taking painkillers? Why does the training class exist? Because the training courses are really useful, no one is a fool! Of the 100 students, 5 of them have the opportunity to attend a prestigious school. This does not change. The rest is superficial. Of the 800 to 900 million workers, only tens of millions are in the system. There are only a handful of workers who are not in the system in giant enterprises. Why do everyone squeeze their heads to go to a prestigious school, because only when you go to a prestigious school can you have a better chance of entering the system, going to a giant company, or even getting over the wall. The fundamental reason is that the lower limit of the society is too low and the upper limit is too high, which has caused everyone to fight for the 5% chance of prestigious schools. If you graduate normally, you can have a decent career. Why bother to fight for the single-plank bridge? Before, some experts said that the school district housing is of little significance, and some experts said that most people are not suitable for Mathematical Olympiad. Who do you think does not know? Everyone knows, but the reality is that if there is a chance, you can increase your chances of going to a prestigious school. If you have the conditions, everyone wants to try it, but you are afraid that there is no condition! The structure of society remains unchanged, and all superficial practices are taken for granted. If you ban off-campus training, you can’t prevent your parents from training themselves, you can’t prevent cross-training in the circle of questioners, and you can’t prevent training after the exchange of various benefits. The only thing you can prevent is honest people outside the circle.

8 months ago

1. Strengthen the financial investment in compulsory education, make up for the shortcomings of weak schools, and homogenize the service capacity of public schools in the compulsory education stage. 2. Strictly control school selection during the compulsory education stage. Reform the high school entrance examination, strictly implement the target student system, and determine the admission to the high school entrance examination based on the ranking of students’ school performance. Reduce the pressure of academic competition in compulsory education and promote fair education opportunities. 3. Enrich the school’s extracurricular tutoring. Through physical, art, and labor education and club activities, students’ extracurricular life can be enriched, and their daily school time can be extended. Physical, art, and labor education is included in the middle school assessment. Ensure that the primary school homework is completed during the school’s self-study class. 4. The vacancies of extracurricular tutors can be purchased from extracurricular tutoring agencies and freelancers through government purchase services. 5. Through distance education technology, build a high-quality curriculum resource library for famous teachers and provide free service to the society. In this way, there is less need for parents of students to find tutoring organizations to conduct educational arms races. The above reforms will take more than ten years to complete. It is enough for chemistry teachers in tutoring organizations to switch to teaching cooking, and the impact on society is small. It is impossible to ban the industry of millions of slot workers, it can only help the industry to transform.

8 months ago

The committee member found that off-campus training institutions have increased the pressure on students and parents, and therefore recommended a total ban, so that their pressure will be reduced or even gone. Following his line of thought, medical institutions intensified the financial pressure on patients and their families, so it is recommended to ban them completely, so that their pressure will be reduced or even gone, and the disease will disappear. How great? He did not understand that the proliferation of off-campus training institutions is the result of insufficient and uneven distribution of high-quality educational resources at various stages, rather than the “cause” that aggravates the pressure on students and parents. His suggestion is obviously inverting the result for the cause. What we have to do is to find ways to make the education pie at all levels bigger and then find ways to distribute it fairly; the other is to strengthen supervision and standardize the training market. To ban it is lazy and also lazy. Superstitious belief in administrative power is a disrespect for the rule of law and a disrespect for the market economy.

8 months ago

It’s totally unrealistic. The essential reason for the rise of off-campus tutoring organizations is that Chinese people have a strong sense of competition and are willing to spend their money on education. For thousands of years, in this land of China, the most reliable way for ordinary families to complete the class transition is to master more knowledge. Even emperors like Zhu Yuanzhang, who were born from poor people, were before and after the incident. Studying eagerly, and like Hong Xiuquan who can only write saliva poems, it didn’t really become a climate in the end. It’s the same now. Reading is the most reliable way to get ahead. Even if you have a life of poverty and poverty, you will always have enough food and clothing. It can also set an example of reading for the next generation. Perhaps the next generation can achieve it. Overtaking on a curve. If you don’t study, what can you do in the future? If you can’t read the book well, you can only fall behind. Compared with 20 or 30 years ago, the current students are tired of studying, and of course they are more tired than the students 40 or 50 years ago. But this is no way. Ordinary families can already support children who study full-time. At the same time, educational resources are increasingly concentrated in big cities. Students in small towns and rural areas have already lost the starting line. If you don’t get more out-of-school tutoring If you don’t buy online courses on various apps, it’s even harder to beat students in big cities. Students in big cities have to work harder than class in order to maintain their advantages. Please ask college students for tutoring, go to off-campus tutoring classes, and use apps. Online lessons are all necessary. Do not make good use of your full-time time when you can study full-time, and you won’t be able to learn even if you don’t have full-time time to study after Shuangfei graduates. Of course I also agree to reduce the burden on students, but the key to reducing the burden is not the study time, and there is no need to cut off school counseling institutions across the board, balance educational resources, promote teaching in accordance with their aptitude, small class teaching, and improve the quality of school teaching, etc., to improve students’ Learning efficiency is the key.

8 months ago

Two problems: 1. All off-campus training institutions are banned. New Oriental, Xueersi, New Channel, and learn from me balabala all have to go bankrupt. New Oriental alone has more than 45,000 employees in 2020, and the entire off-campus training industry is employed. It is conservatively estimated to exceed 5 million. Cut across the board, where do these people go to ask for work? 2. Training classes are blooming all over the place, and the problem behind the reaction is “roll”. If there is no training class after school, can children be able to play everywhere? Normally, parents will arrange some extracurricular questions for their children and do the right things by themselves; if they don’t have the energy to manage, then they will do homework and review with their classmates in school after school. Can the pressure be reduced? A loophole: how to define off-campus training institutions? 1. Are IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT counted as off-campus training? If so, how can ordinary people receive the necessary education for studying abroad? If not, learning IELTS and TOEFL can also increase your English level. 2. Is the teacher’s cram school regarded as a training institution? Without a registered company, they run a school in their own home, teach by one person, and have no organization. If so, how to supervise it?

8 months ago

Let’s put it this way, why are there so many off-campus training institutions now? Four o’clock. One is that in many schools, especially those in big cities, students leave school too early in the afternoon and parents have no time to pick them up, so they can only go to institutions. The second is that the current education burden has been reduced, and the difficulty of the courses has been drastically reduced, which has caused students to not learn enough. However, many good high schools and junior high schools have relatively high requirements, and this part of the middle needs some help. The third is the industrialization of education, not much to talk about. The industry currently accommodates at least one million jobs. Has anyone considered the consequences of cancellation? The fourth is the current admission system. For example, the strong foundation plan, if the school education level is difficult to meet the requirements, what should we do? Find an agency. If you want to solve it, you can. Please increase investment in public schools, improve teachers’ treatment (not only Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, but geographical differences), extend school education time, increase the difficulty of school courses, and make admissions simple and clear. Improve the quality of vocational education, improve the treatment of different occupations, and ensure that the income gap between occupations is gradually reduced. This is the cure.

8 months ago

The National Two Sessions involved a lot of proposals on the education and training industry. It is said that many cities have already begun strict inspections on the training industry. Chaoyang District, Beijing, has begun a comprehensive investigation of training institutions in primary and secondary schools, subjects, foreign language ability training, and high school entrance examinations. First of all, I think it is impossible to completely ban training institutions outside the school, but some training institutions in the industry will usher in a new wave of strong supervision. We need to figure out the situation of the education and training industry and which parts will be affected greatly. The easiest way to classify the education and training industry is based on the age of the trainees. Pre-school education, k12 education, university exams, vocational training, etc. According to the training content, it is divided into quality categories, subject categories, foreign language training, vocational skills training, study abroad and international education. From this point of view, the biggest impact may be k12 or subject education. In terms of industry operating profits, this segment is the largest and covers the widest population. The pattern of this field is like this. The industry concentration is not very high. In addition to the industry leader, New Oriental, there are many small offline institutions that are compliant and non-compliant, which can be said to be a mixed bag. Online k12 education companies like GSX, Homework Help, Yuanjiao, Netease Youdao, etc., have also been named by the supervision before, mainly because of the authenticity of the famous teacher. It is expected that the main content of this strong supervision will also be around the teacher qualification certificate, the authenticity of teacher information, and compliance management. On the other hand, I think this is really good for adult and vocational education. The training of vocational skills has always been the key support of the state. It is still possible to train civil servants and career establishment examinations like Zhong Gong Education. From an investment perspective, it must be good for leading companies. Strong supervision believes that the barriers to entry in this industry are getting higher and higher. For education companies that already have first-mover advantages, it is basically a situation where the strong are always strong. Carefully sort out the leaders in the subdivisions, such as New Oriental, Good Future, and Zhong Gong. Supervision will only make them more compliant with little impact, but for small institutions, it will be a test of life and death. Yesterday, I watched the US stocks Good Future and New Oriental, and they both fell a lot. I think the market has overreacted and is too pessimistic. The long-term value of these leaders has not changed. How to judge the fundamentals of this industry, I think it is caused by the national conditions and the East Asian model. The education and training industries in European and American countries have not been so big. Countries and regions with developed education and training industries, such as Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc., all have similar situations to us. For example, 1. The population density is high and high-quality higher education resources are very scarce. 2. There is a high probability of being a blue collar without a higher education, and lack of channels for wealth and social status to rise. 3. There is no monopoly industry, most of the industries earn hard money. 4. The internal volume is getting more and more serious. If these fundamentals do not change, it will be difficult to completely ban them.

8 months ago

Off-campus training institutions do not emerge out of thin air, and demand does not increase out of thin air. Public education, family education, market education, and free social education resources, the fierce competition environment and the retreat of one piece will cause market education to expand, money and time. , The resource always has to choose one, and this situation is that the highly competitive environment will not change for a while, and it is unrealistic and will not achieve the goal. It is better to regulate and rectify the treatment and protection of the employees of the training institutions and the operators. Entry barriers, charging standards, teaching content, etc., and then think about the direction and dimensions of education reform, how to balance the four relationships mentioned earlier, and how to let parents and children choose different paths voluntarily.

8 months ago

Personally, I don’t quite understand the meaning of this approach. Some schools do not need off-campus training because there are 360 days of classes 365 days a year, and there are five days for self-study at home. You might think this is making up a story, yes, I have a showdown, but this will soon be adapted into a real event. Some people do not need off-campus training because their family background is sufficient to support one-on-one private education. In other words, the so-called “off-campus training institutions” are not the source of the current chaos. Just like standing up to watch a movie in a movie theater, they are not the people who stood up in the first few rows, but only provided services for those who were forced to stand up afterwards. It’s not righteous for them to do it.

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