According to statistics, the number of “empty-nest youths” in my country is expected to rise to 92 million in 2021. According to data released by the People’s Think Tank, the vast majority of “empty-nest youths” choose to live alone. Among them, 47.5% chose to live alone because they “want to have their own privacy space”, and 39.2% chose to live alone because “their life and rest are different from others and do not want to be influenced by others”. 33.5% and 32.2% of the “empty-nest youths” who chose “It is convenient to live alone” and “There is no special reason, simply want to experience living alone” accounted for 33.5% and 32.2%, respectively

“Empty-nest youth” refers to young people who live alone away from their parents and relatives, and are between 20 and 39 years old. “Living alone” is the most significant feature that distinguishes them from other youth groups.

It is a common phenomenon that young people in public basically wear headphones when listening to music and watching videos, and most of them are middle-aged people in public. When I was in school, there were no short videos. The most publicly released music was music, and the most popular of the publicly released music was Legend of Phoenix, which was influenced by public release. At that time, Legend of Phoenix was called agricultural heavy metal. Tuhi, exclusive for middle-aged and elderly people. At present, the most external broadcast is Douyin, so the sentence of Douyin recording the good life has become the biggest noise among many people. I mentioned this to illustrate that with the changes of the times, the habits of several generations have undergone tremendous changes. Why do older people like to put it out? Because they don’t realize that it is a kind of noise. They don’t care about other people put it out, and they don’t realize the problem of it. Young people are just the opposite. Young people are more and more concerned about not being disturbed. Even minor external announcements will disturb themselves at any time like the buzzing of mosquitoes. Young people have become more and more annoyed by all external interference, even if those things are actually very minor, they are already a huge “roar” in the eyes of young people who just want to let go. These roars include, but are not limited to: keyboard knocks, game team communication, TV broadcasts, roommates pacing in the living room, a sneeze for breakfast in the next room, and the light that hasn’t gone out at ten o’clock in the evening. The curtains opened, and even the expression of the roommate when he came back today. In the case of known sources, inexplicable pressure and overwhelming anxious propaganda, every trivial detail may be called a needle that pops an emotional balloon. Young people are very careful to avoid disturbing the outside world and try to avoid being disturbed by the outside world. . So living alone is the best choice. You can’t expect a roommate who works in harmony with everything. The roommate may be a weird thing, or you are a weird thing, so there will be more and more incompatibility with you. Deleting the roommate will solve everything. The troubled bottom is drawn. In a private space, there is no need to be cautious anymore, this is a great relaxation. Many married men feel that the air of freedom only exists in the ten minutes when they go home and park their car in the garage. Living alone empties not only the space, but also the shielding of all troubles. Some people say that young people have become intolerant, and I think it’s right. This generation of young people’s condemnation of bear children is getting stronger and stronger, which reflects a kind of intolerance. Young people no longer agree with “He is just a child, don’t care about him”, young people begin to believe that “It is nothing to do with me if he is a child.” This has nothing to do with right or wrong, it is just a change in thinking mode, the same, the other side of intolerance Just don’t need others to tolerate. Young people no longer bother others for their own convenience. For example, if they don’t wear headphones when they go out, they choose not to watch the video instead of public broadcasting. For example, when bargaining, the bid is always cautious, for fear of causing dissatisfaction with the store. This generation of young people has also become able to defend their rights. I believe that 99% of Zhihuli Tucao Express’s answer to the rookie station are young people. At first glance, this phenomenon seems to be quite contradictory. While young people are restraining themselves cautiously, for fear of trouble others, they are “pretentious” and aggrieved over these steps. In fact, the core is the same. Young people are becoming more and more aware of abiding by the rules. They constrain themselves within the framework and become increasingly disgusted with things outside the framework. So when it comes to returning, young people are instinctively confused, timid, and choose to escape when faced with things that have no framework, no rules, and no conventions. This is not a derogatory term. Young people choose this because they are afraid of making mistakes, afraid of influencing others, and afraid that their behavior will become a strange thing in others’ mouths. Of course, there is another point that is social. When human beings cannot withstand risks as individuals in the early days, group living is the optimal solution, and there is no better way to survive than to report to the group to keep warm. With the development of productivity and social changes, everyone finds that the role of social interaction has become smaller and smaller, and things that were originally unavailable can hardly be obtained from social interaction (the list obtained by drinking at the wine table is not called Socialization is just a part of work), and the side effects of socialization are becoming more and more obvious. It is boring, non-speculative, and requires a lot of energy, and some people have to deliberately dress up. It is difficult to say that entertainment outside of work is not purely social, but at least it will leave a strong negative impression on young people’s psychology, so socializing has also become a heart disease. When it comes to social interaction, the blood pressure of young people rises. Therefore, empty nests are an inevitable trend of current culture and mentality. There is no convention to live with people, so avoid the problem of living with people. If you don’t know how to get along with a person, just don’t get along. When the division of labor in society is becoming more and more refined, it is more and more clear who needs to be in contact with, what to accomplish, and there are fewer and fewer fuzzy boundaries, so that meaningless contact time can be eliminated. Living alone is undoubtedly the most efficient way to choose. I remember when I first learned English, when my English teacher talked about the cultural differences in greetings between China and the United States, they would always mention that the content of the small talk was different. Chinese people like to talk about family, what does your son do, is your daughter-in-law beautiful, and how many grandchildren do you have? Britain and the United States like to talk about the weather and think it is rude to talk about family. When I was in school, my father occasionally asked my classmate friends where they lived and what their parents were. I asked three questions. My father did not understand, and I did not. In just 20 years, young people have also evolved to be disgusted with talking about their private affairs with others. In fact, this is not a difference between China and the United States, but a difference in cultural change, economic development, and social division of labor. The young people nowadays don’t expect to understand each other anymore, so they just set aside and hope not to disturb each other.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

“Why not eat minced meat” again is the young man’s choice, the young man’s pot. When the fertility rate drops, they ask: “Why do young people want to have children? Don’t they like children?” When the renting rate rises, they ask: “Why don’t young people buy houses? Are renting more free?” Now the empty nest rate rises and ask: “ Why do young people like to live alone? Is the empty nest comfortable?” (One swear word is omitted here) Really revitalized and developed in urban and rural areas? Where there are more jobs and development, as for the big cities? Education costs and school district housing prices have come down? If the cost of childbirth and education comes down or social security becomes better, do you think the fertility rate will rise? House prices and marriage costs have come down? Is it not easy to find a partner? It’s too simple, but getting married is not that simple. In the face of insufficient income and exaggerated expenses in all aspects, besides living alone to reduce costs in all aspects, tell me, what else can you do? Why does a young man go to work in a big city? Isn’t it just for better development and income? Why did you get married so late? Don’t you just want to make money and buy a house without letting your parents worry about it? Why live alone? Because there is no time to accompany and take care of others! Even when you are extremely lonely and raise a dog, you have to choose to raise a cat, because the dog needs to sneak, do you have time for 996 or 007? I remember someone ridiculed: “No one asked me how warm the porridge is, and no one stood with me at dusk. I was lonely like a dog, and I became friends with Siri. I fell asleep while watching TV on the sofa and woke up to find that everything is the same. No one covers me, no one turns off the TV…” Even those friends who live in big cities have to rent a house. For example, I live in Changping, but work in Haidian and the commute time cost is too high, so I have to rent a house. Say: “Is it not fragrant for you to rent a house to buy a car and commute to work?” Don’t say it, it really doesn’t work, Beijing traffic. . . You know. Young people always want to take the initiative to choose, but most of the time they choose passively, and then someone next to them will point and ask: “Why did he choose that?”

7 months ago

Last year, Pew reported that 52% of young people (aged 19 to 29) lived with their parents. It seems that the U.S. emperor has a high level of filial piety. Your hometown cannot provide jobs suitable for your professional development; you can’t afford a house in a big city; you can’t afford a big house in a big city either, either a cubicle or a small studio. Congratulations, you have chosen to live alone. To be honest, you say that young people take the initiative to choose not to get married. I believe this. After all, industrialization. You say that young people take the initiative to choose empty nests. I don’t believe this. Did you give paper men your hormones? It is clear that young people are not only afraid to get married and have children, but are even compressing the time and budget for the relationship between the sexes in the face of increasing social costs. This is the “being” empty nest. You go to investigate them, they can’t make another cut in their hearts, right? I can only emphasize that I love freedom and privacy. I’m not doing an analysis of a specific group of people. Facing the scale of 92 million, I’m still trying so hard to find modifiers. He also asked “Why do more and more young people choose to live alone?” You say why, you will know when you go to the real estate agency to the hospital and transfer to the kindergarten, and then ask why.

7 months ago

The important reason is that there is no employment…Most young people want to have a target, but the problem is that if there is no employment, even the basic material foundation cannot be guaranteed, so what target are they looking for? There is also 996, all kinds of national running jobs, there is no time at all, and they cannot stabilize. In many cases, it feels that young people are not actively choosing, but are forced by society. The thinking below is not reasonable, but let it go, and make a splash. The quality of independent life is getting higher and higher, and correspondingly, it is more and more difficult to break the independent life of others. A moba game, when you can carry the audience by yourself, why do you want to bring a tow bottle in a low voice? The current situation is that 1+1 is far less than 1. This may become the norm in the future…

7 months ago

A nest is a house, so the empty-nest youth, as the name implies, have a lot of houses in their hands and cannot live by themselves, but they are not short of money at all. Therefore, those surplus houses would rather be empty than rented out. Such people are empty. Nest youth. ​​​(Don’t understand the mistake, it’s not lack of money, take the initiative to live on your own) When you have a house, it’s definitely cool to live alone. Occasionally alone, always interesting, and a lot of freedom. The desire to have their own privacy, the changes in family structure, the diversification of marriage and love concepts, and the enhancement of individual awareness in the new era of education have promoted the emergence of youth living alone. “Empty-nest youth” can not only maintain an independent living space, but also have more time, opportunities and ways to choose higher-quality social interactions, which will help strengthen their ability to control life. This also provides young people with room for trial and error and opportunities for error correction, helping them to form a self-esteem, self-confidence, rational, peaceful, and positive social mentality. At the same time, we must be vigilant against bad social thoughts such as utilitarianism and money-worshipping hedonism. This will intensify social impetuous mentality, eagerness for quick success, and the emptiness of spiritual and cultural life. I believe college students have such an experience after the holiday.

7 months ago

The rapid development of the society has caused the younger generation to desire more diversified expressions. But in many cases the so-called personality cannot be accepted by the inherited conventions. Living alone just wants to give yourself a world where you can “pretend” and “unscrupulous”. For example, I can choose to stay alone at home holding a pillow and chase the drama on a rainy day without being disturbed. You can sleep and wake up naturally on every weekend you don’t want to move, without burden. You can take out a glass of whiskey from the refrigerator for a drink in the cold winter. You can even mess up the bed on the verge of collapse, listening to loud rock music trying to pull yourself out of the restless situation. Self and chaos; anxious and presumptuous, always give full play to the greatest energy where there is no one. Here, no one cares whether I behave dignifiedly or properly. No one asked me to study hard at the desk. Here, I am just myself and can be whatever I want to be. In this small world, I have always been able to maintain a sense of myself and a clear mind. So even when mixing into the crowd, you can still get out of the whole body.

7 months ago

Understandable. First understand from the perspective of the way of thinking. First of all, the current social development is so fast and there is so much information on the Internet, which is likely to cause differences in the values ​​of young people and their parents. There is a generation gap between two and three years old. Most of them are a gap with their parents who are 20 or 30 years older. Therefore, they don’t want to be controlled by ways that they don’t want to accept. For example, they can’t stay outside at night and there are few young people. accept. Secondly, in the eyes of most young people, separation from their parents means independence. Young men who do not leave their parents can easily be labelled as “Mumbo males”, and women who do not leave their parents are easily reminiscent of them. The spoiled girl spoils the girl. Let’s understand it from the perspective of marriage and work. On the one hand, love and marriage is one of the major events in young people’s lives. At present, most people find it difficult to find a suitable partner, so they can only choose to live alone. This has nothing to do with economic development because there is a house in the solitary house. But more of them are rented houses. On the other hand, it is because the development of various industries in different regions is very uneven. In order to find a suitable and profitable job for their profession, some young people have to leave their hometowns and run everywhere, so they can only live alone and cannot afford to buy a house. In the situation of Heche, there is no object to be found. In fact, to some extent, it is all for freedom, freedom of movement, freedom of thought, and freedom of marriage. It’s really good not to accept the extra pressure, even at the age of being urged to marry, you don’t need to be urged to get married every day.

7 months ago

These are two issues and should be discussed separately. 1. Why do contemporary young people want to live away from their parents and relatives? Different living habits. I lived with my parents since I was a child, and because I didn’t have the right to speak, I had to follow the rhythm of my parents’ life. But personality is something that cannot be changed: parents like to get up at 6 o’clock, you like to wake up at 8 o’clock, stay up until 2 o’clock at night; parents like to eat light meals, you like big fish and big meat, order takeaway, your parents do If you don’t like food, you are prone to quarrels. There will definitely be friction when living together. The longer the time, the more friction. Separation is indeed a better choice. For example, when you go to the toilet, if you and your parents are used to going to the toilet after a meal, this kind of contradiction is inevitable. I wanted to play with my mobile phone for half an hour while squatting in a pit, but there were always people urging me outside, and it was annoying. The three values ​​are different. Many young people still can’t talk to each other, let alone with parents who have a generation gap. First of all, they don’t understand many new things, and it takes a lot of effort to explain. After the explanation is clear, the problem you want to communicate is also forgotten. Second, on some issues involving the three views, such as urging marriage, some parents don’t think much about their children. In the end, the older generation has seen more turbulence and tends to be conservative in many things. This is contrary to the brave and adventurous nature of young people. It is not easy to coordinate with the same thing. 2. Why do contemporary young people choose to live alone? Just yesterday, a friend in my circle of friends complained: At 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, when she was about to fall asleep, her male co-rental roommate came back after drinking and sang loudly, making her unable to sleep. The collective life in the dormitory is not satisfactory, and you cannot express yourself freely. It’s impossible to put clothes out, talk nonsense, and live at your own pace. Other people’s perspectives must also be considered. In short, it is not free. If it were me, I would wait until the internship stage if finances permit, and would prefer to live alone. Nowadays, young people are under a lot of pressure, so they still have to have a space for themselves and express their individuality to their heart’s content. Anyway, I am willing to be an “empty-nest youth”. I used to have no choice but now I have the ability. I have to choose the life I like, and no longer consider other people’s emotions and perspectives.

7 months ago

Incorrigible dead house girl. Because I returned to my residence in the summer and locked the door. The first action is to strip off all the pieces of cloth worn outside, take a bath, and live a pleasant summer time smoothly. Because I went back to my residence in winter and locked the door. She immediately changed into her pajamas and got into the warm bed in various positions. Then began to quietly enjoy various snacks. Spoil yourself well. Occasionally, I am intrigued, and I personally cook a few small dishes that the God of Cooking is drooling after seeing it to reward myself and the cat. There is no need to entangle other people’s ideas. There is no chest-beating, tearful men’s all kinds of daddy appeals to women, and there is no such thing as Zhang’s parents and Li family’s various psychological battles. Reading quietly, listening to music, and playing games, I am happy to sing a few words along with it and dance. There are interesting, funny, beautiful, affectionate, scary, philosophical brain-burning paradox movies or articles or handsome guys or younger brothers on the Internet, everything. Next to the cat, the cat was in a daze freely, full and fragrant, and playing happily. No one was noisy, no one knocked on the door. The appointment is never in a private place. This is my last little nest. Those who knock on the door will never ignore it, they must be mistaken.

7 months ago

This behavior is a rational choice without clear expectations and beliefs. Not talking about the common economic problems. If you can’t buy a house, you can only rent a house. Not talking about the commonplace employment problems. Only big cities have job opportunities, let alone menstruation or even weeks. The problem of fertility rate does not output emotions and stories. In fact, it is about “hope” and “future”. What will China look like in 2025, 2035, 2050, and 2060? Do you have a common expectation? I think there may not be any. Otherwise, everyone will not be arguing about the future life of the post-20s (that is, the descendants of the post-90s). It is not because of the fact that there should be more or less people in China. Not open. Some consensuses that can be seen at present are as follows: 1 China will become the world’s top level, whether comprehensive national strength can reach the world’s first is hard to say, but no one dares to bully or even underestimate it 2 Various industries will usher in great development, including Science, art, culture, etc. 3 Productivity will be greatly enriched. For the time being, there is no consensus. 1 Intergenerational wealth distribution issues. 2 Fairness/justice, left and right issues. 3 Will there be a war like this in the long run? Events like World War II that changed the world and affected a generation of people 4 Can aging be reversed (How many young people will there be in China in 2100? The post-90s generation is likely to not survive, but the grandchildren of the post-90s generation can live. Of course you It can be said that you don’t want grandchildren… But if you tell the post-90s that they will have no grandchildren, they probably won’t even want them.) When there are big differences in the macro issues, the significance of some micro events also occurs. A subtle change. First of all, the problem of friends. It’s not that young people don’t need friends anymore, but the way they acquire friends has changed drastically. It is much less efficient for you to share with others to get friends than the Internet. If you see a person who is upset on the Internet, you can ignore him or even block him, but the cost of hacking your roommates online will be very high, not to mention that young people in big cities are so mobile now, it is very likely that it will be difficult for two people to live habitually. After the break-in was done, someone was about to move suddenly, and all the previous efforts were in vain. Second, the issue of time. More and more young people are actually very accustomed to disguise. When they go to work, they look like dogs. After get off work, there are not a few people who are silly and silly holding videos of ghosts and animals on station B, but most of them are still in the situation. I think I don’t see ghosts and animals by myself. It’s wrong, but it’s better not to let people you know know it, embarrassing, at this stage. Third, the issue of security. Today’s young people, due to the expected extreme instability, generally lack a sense of security, and traditional filial duty education makes it difficult for them to take the resources of their parents as a source of their sense of security. When a person lacks a sense of security, he naturally hopes to have a space that can be physically controlled by himself, which is the “want to have my own privacy space” answered by most people. Fourth, the death-driven question. This question may be more metaphysical, or it may be understood that the whole society has a gap between the rich and the poor and the Matthew effect in the “distribution of hope”. Hopeful people are getting more and more hope, those who have less hope, hope less and less, and desperate people are getting more and more desperate. The correlation between wealth and hope may be weaker than generally recognized by society, and at the same time it has a certain degree of lag. For example, when the gap between the rich and the poor in society is rapidly increasing, it is likely that everyone feels hopeful because everyone around me has succeeded, and I also have a chance. But when the gap between the rich and the poor does not change much, such as in Japan, many people will fall into despair. People who have no hope, their lives are more affected by Freud’s “death drive”, and simply don’t want to live. If a person’s “hope” can be quantified like money, a person’s “hope” account and his deposit account are actually not particularly correlated. For example, those in Africa who give birth to 5 or 6 in their lifetime, they “hope” that the net worth of this account is quite high. On the contrary, some domestic “middle class” have negative account balances. A judgment method that can be used as a reference: question a person, if you can choose now, would you let your parents give birth to you? Hope “0” will answer: Of course, hope that the probability of =0 will refuse to answer or deny this question: they will say that this question is a hypothetical question, and it is meaningless. Hope “0” will give a negative answer: if there is a choice, just Don’t want to be born. “Hope” and “belief” can sometimes replace each other, because belief can turn what was originally an asset on the hope balance sheet into a liability, and what was originally a liability into an asset. How to make more “hope” accounts for young people may be an idea, if you want to “solve” this “problem”. But my “hope” account equity is really not high, so I don’t want to spend limited energy on “solving” this problem. On the contrary, I think it may be a better way to recharge “faith”, so if you must ask “ask” Why did you make such a choice? It’s better to go and see first. Did you take a set of balance sheets? If the assets you think are the liabilities he thinks, there is no point in talking about it.

7 months ago

After empty-nest old people and left-behind children, empty-nest youths appeared. To put it bluntly, when I was a child, I was under the education system and my parents had a lot of control. When I was young, I wanted to watch TV. I couldn’t finish my homework and couldn’t read it. When I finished writing, it was late and you couldn’t pack your clothes and go to bed. Have a good rest, don’t keep watching TV, the glasses are not good. Growing up, it’s too late, and I still don’t go to bed. I watch my phone and computer all day long. I can’t help my family with some work when I have that time. Still get up, so grown-up. Can I learn how to cook if I’m not looking for someone if I’m working. I’m such an adult at home one day. Don’t stay up late, go to bed quickly. . . . . . . . . We just want to be free, do what we like to do, and live the life we ​​want. In this world, I find a trace of solace in loneliness, lick the wound, and then spend a weekend or time silently, with a sense of distance, and then when I go home, I long for a trace of respect and cherish the days of my parents together.

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