It cannot be divided and destroyed, indicating that the composition of this thing is stronger than a strong force, but at the same time it is consistent with the density of water (assuming it is water at 4 degrees Celsius under standard atmospheric pressure), then the existence of this thing has already shaken modern physics Xue Building. The constant temperature is 120 degrees, absolutely stable, and the density is small and the weight is light. This counterexample makes the first law of heat no longer exist and proves the existence of the first type of perpetual motion machine. Considering that the temperature is only 120 degrees Celsius, the efficiency of boiling water is extremely low, and considering its small size, its scientific research value is far greater than its practical value. First, a wave of physicists beat their chests and their feet, the cornerstone of physics has been shaken, and many theories of modern physics may be overthrown. Then physicists will try to observe its microscopic form: if it is found that this is a known substance, but its molecules are bound by a certain strong energy to make its chemical properties stable and indivisible. The physicist may breathe a sigh of relief and try to measure it with various instruments, with the ultimate goal of discovering the nature and source of this energy. It is possible that a constant temperature of 120 degrees is just the thermal radiation of the energy that confines atoms. If it is found to be an unknown substance, because all the known elements are not indestructible elements, it is composed of substances other than the discovered basic substances, which can maintain its structural strength while allowing it to be as heavy as water. Scientists may be like chicken blood, because a large wave of Nobel Prizes is coming. Of course, some countries use nuclear weapons to conduct blasting experiments. Of course, it is not impossible to modify the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty appropriately. As for the subject, it will be controlled and protected by the relevant authorities. First, this object is very important, and second, the source of this object is also very important. This is the “control” part. As long as there are any new things, it is very likely that they will give priority to the armed military departments. Think about the future “indestructible” of ships and aircrafts to know the potential meaning of this thing. So if some countries can’t get it, they don’t exclude them and don’t want others to get it. , This is the “protection” part.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The temperature of 120°C seems to be able to boil water, but if it is used as the first type of perpetual motion machine, the efficiency is too low to be able to do work. However, if it is used as a single cold source, its efficiency can become very high, because in most systems, the upper limit of the temperature is much higher than 120°C. For example, nuclear batteries in space, the biggest problem comes from the problem of excessive power and heat dissipation. Now it has been completely solved. All the waste heat is directed to this 120℃ square. The higher the temperature of the nuclear battery, the better, and we can provide extreme Sufficient energy. Or to put it another way, directly use a more violent nuclear reaction to provide thrust. This indivisible block becomes an ideal nozzle for a nuclear engine. Although it is restricted by its shape and its efficiency is not too high, it will never be burned by a nuclear reaction. Eclipse can also absolutely isolate the high temperature characteristics of nuclear reactions, allowing it to withstand much greater thrust, and it is no problem for the hydrogen bomb to stick to the face. But even so, the efficiency is still too low. The temperature range that humans can control is tens of thousands of degrees, and the temperature that can be generated on a large scale is hundreds of millions of degrees. If you want to make good use of this peculiar substance, you must find its “singularity”, that is, which physical quantity has become discontinuous or infinite, and then you can maximize the use of this square. This is common sense-any object that is compiled by Zhihu that violates the rules of physics has the power to destroy the world by its nature. For example, if you can find another block with a constant temperature of 119°C, just stick them close enough to generate an infinite energy flow. The answer by @lookyun belongs to a similar setting, but unfortunately it doesn’t Without such a convenient setting, the local temperature of the sun cannot remain unchanged. If it is thrown into the core of the sun, the temperature around the object will drop rapidly, and a new equilibrium will be reached soon. It is impossible to produce a small heat sink to cool a star.

7 months ago

The question has a BUG. If the surface of this square can be kept at 120 degrees forever, then the thermal conductivity inside it should be infinite. If the surface of this square has its own heat source (equivalent to its heat coming from an unknown high-dimensional space), and it can conduct heat outside through the inside, then its internal thermal conductivity is meaningless. If the temperature of the surface of the block comes from the inside, and the internal thermal conductivity is only equivalent to that of iron, how can it maintain the surface at 120 degrees? Therefore, it is only assumed that the surface of the square is always kept at 120 degrees, regardless of the heat conduction inside, so that there will be no contradiction. This cube can be used as a huge heat source for heating or generating electricity. High-speed and high-pressure mercury jets can be used to take away heat through the surface of the block. According to the thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, flow rate, and ambient temperature of the exothermic end of mercury, the power that this heat source can transfer to the outside world can be roughly calculated. It is estimated that it can supply the north in winter. Heating of a residential area. If a graphene fluid with a thermal conductivity hundreds of times higher than mercury could be invented, it could probably be a heat source for people in a small city? In short, due to its limited surface area, the economic benefits that can be produced will not be too great. As for the value of scientific research mentioned by some respondents, I think there is almost nothing at this stage. This cube does not obey all the laws of physics known to mankind, and I don’t think that current scientists are capable of doing any truly meaningful research on him. In case, if scientists really find out something, then the existing laws of the world will be completely subverted, and the entire human world outlook will be reconstructed.

7 months ago

One cubic meter of one ton cube is quite hot…I will put it in my home in the countryside for heating and cooking. In addition, I will keep it strictly confidential and paste it up with mud so that my neighbors will think it is a stove. Absolute confidentiality means that this thing will cause trouble. It violates the laws of thermodynamics, does not conform to the physical and chemical properties of the conventional structure of matter, and has high military value (constantly providing energy and indestructible—whether physical or chemical). This kind of anti-sky thing is released. Will cause chaos in the world. It may be okay to hand it over to the country for some money at the first time, but the country will also keep it secret. Guess what way the country will use to make me never say it?

7 months ago

Not to mention anything else, it is the one hundred and twenty degrees. This has the function of a steam engine without any energy loss, which means that as long as the water is continuously provided, it will continuously produce steam. This is the perpetual motion machine. Born. You not only mastered the wealth code, but also tore up the physics textbook. At the same time, its regular shape, large surface area and low mass are all conducive to utilization.

7 months ago

A cube with a volume of one cubic meter is equivalent to one cubic meter of water: the above can replace the current standard kilogram original device and become the definition of 1kg mass. The thermal conductivity is the same as that of an iron block: this is not very useful. It cannot be divided and destroyed, and does not react chemically with any substance: this is big. Absolutely rigid body, the simplest use is to make a drill bit for tunneling, which will never wear and cut iron like mud. Constant temperature 120 degrees surface: this has something similar in reality: isotope nuclear battery, which uses radiation decay to generate heat (a liter of Pu238 radiation source can heat itself to red heat), and then use thermoelectric power generation to allow the satellite to obtain continuous current jobs. However, the temperature difference provided by this thing at 120 degrees is too small, the weight is too large, and the practicality is not great. ——If you use the 120-degree characteristic to boil water, it is limited by the shape, and only has a surface area of ​​six square meters, and the output power is not much larger. In summary, let’s make a drill

7 months ago

Why can this thing keep the temperature constant? Isn’t every particle in this box electromagnetically interacting with the external environment? (The essence of heat transfer, collision, etc. is also electromagnetic) If this is the case, then this thing will not transfer heat by temperature difference. You can’t see, hear, or touch it, and you can even go straight through it. If it is not the above situation, it can be used as a perpetual motion machine, so that the steam engine will never stop without fuel. This thing is equivalent to a power core with unlimited energy, that is, the output power is not necessarily high.

7 months ago

It cannot be divided and destroyed, and the temperature is still 120 degrees. I can use it as a drill bit, which can be used to penetrate the earth. When drilling, the underground temperature is much higher than 120, and the heat will be transferred to the block and be completely absorbed. It can also effectively protect our equipment into the sun to extinguish the stars, because 120 degrees is too low for thermonuclear reactions, which is equivalent to putting ice in the fire. This ice can’t be melted, it will be 120 forever, and it will continue to be absorbed. The heat of the thermonuclear reaction, and due to the uneven distribution of heat inside the sun, it will give the box a force, allowing the box to move very quickly inside the sun

7 months ago

“Mike Mike! What is that?” Jabba yelled and asked, “Where?” Mike replied impatiently, “That’s it, what’s under the brown cloth?” Jabba looked in the direction of Mike’s fingers. “Oh, it’s a small square with a constant temperature, it’s a bit hot, don’t be greedy, oh no, touch it. I’m going to get something, don’t run around, be careful of the things in my house!” Mike left, Jabba stepped to the square in two steps and lifted the brown cloth, only to see a small hot square. What would Mike use this for? Jabba was very puzzled. Suddenly, Jabba heard the wooden door squeaking on the back~ Yeah~ Jabba didn’t look back, because he thought it was the “thing” that Mike followed slowly, and Jabba felt something was wrong. There are four legs! ! ! But Jabba was still calm. He was waiting for the “thing” to approach, and when he got closer, he felt that the “thing” was close enough. When Jabba reached out to grab the small square, he wanted to use this as a weapon! As soon as Jabba gripped the small square, he felt a heat flow from his hands and his whole body forcing him to shout “Woc, hot! Hot! Hot!” This shout made Mike rushed over and pushed away. The wooden door found Jabba lying on the ground embarrassed, his hands flushed red and Mike’s big yellow dog was wagging his tail beside Jabba with tears and asked Mike, “What the hell is that stuff?” Mike’s mouth rose slightly, slowly Speaking slowly, “I don’t know what it can do with that thing, so I went to Zhihu to ask what it can do.” Jabba smiled knowingly.

7 months ago

Many people focus on “120 degrees”, but according to the subject’s setting, it’s not that simple. He can also ask: How can I use an object with an absolute volume of one cubic meter? I have an absolute mass. What is the use of a ton of objects? What is the use of having an absolutely chemically inert object? How can I use an indivisible (feeling hardness) object?

7 months ago

One day, the aliens of the alpha civilization landed on the earth in a flying saucer, and they prepared to conduct research on human civilization. Several of the alien scholars found a cube. They thought it was unusual, so they called the alien professor. The professor measured the side length of this cube to be about the length of light traveling in absolute vacuum in an interval of 1/299792458 second. Then the professor changed the measurement method, and the result was the same length, only a few more precise points. The professor was very angry, and in exchange for the most accurate gravitational wave surveying and mapping instrument on the spacecraft, the result was an increase in power consumption. The side length of the cube was still this value, but it was more accurate. After the measurement, the professor still could not detect the deviation of the optical path between the cube and 1/299792458 second. In the end, he could only admit that the accuracy of the side length of the cube depends on the accuracy of the surveyor’s surveying tools, which is beyond α civilization. It’s created by a high-level civilization, and α civilization can’t understand it. Professor Alpha wanted to open the cube to take a look, but found that no matter what weapon was used to bombard the cube, it didn’t move at all. So Professor Al brought the elementary particle microscope to see what the basic material of the cube surface is. The result is amazing. Even if the cube surface is observed under a microscope with a magnification of 200 million times, it is still a perfect mirror. The professor realized that this thing must be firmly nailed together by the basic force in the basic force by the elementary particles that make up the elementary particles, and they still can’t understand it. Extremely precise, with perfect edges and corners, the professor couldn’t help but stretch out his tentacles to touch the cube, but it was burnt. “Wuhu~” The professor retracted his tentacles, and another study found that the temperature of the cube was actually constant. The Alpha teacher began to fear, he began to suspect that he had a pair of eyes looking at him, looking at this cosmic traveler with tiny tentacles. Suddenly, the professor saw the pattern I carved on the stone next to the cube billions of years ago. There was a sentence written on it-“I know er!” But the professor didn’t understand, he hurriedly took a holographic photo and left the earth. Soon after, this cube was established by the alpha civilization as the cornerstone of the birth of the universe. They believed that “Zhihuer” was the creator. He also defines the creatures of Zhihuer as the origin of the wisdom of the universe. The professor also wrote a book, “We have not yet measured the side length and temperature of the Zhihuer cube”

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