I am curious about a problem. Many workers carry much more weight than fitness equipment, and these workers basically keep exercising due to their work needs, but they do not have hypertrophied muscles.
But through exercise methods (sometimes you can exercise without equipment), you can grow a lot of muscles.
One is that I don’t understand why workers can’t grow muscles.
Second, do the muscles that have been trained have strength?

First of all correct your misconception that the weight of the worker is not greater than the weight of the construction equipment. Take squat as an example. You can see that the worker can carry heavy things, and the fitness person looks very light when he can’t squat. It’s actually an illusion. One is that it looks heavy, but it’s not really true. Take the cement as an example. The two straps of cement are only 100kg. You see that the worker would squat down and then stand up again, all standing upright and carrying it. While walking, the fitness squat is a squat exercise with a 100kg barbell, which is completely different. Besides, the barbell film doesn’t look too big, but it’s really heavy. Look at the weightlifters, the barbells are not too big, but let alone stand up, most people can’t even pull it off the ground. Then there is the problem of muscle growth. Long muscles are not just training (planned training is not about moving things for survival, which is completely different), nutrition and rest are indispensable, the workers on the construction site , I don’t need to say more about what they eat. Don’t mention the rest. For the strength fitness people, the strength training lasts two hours a day. Professional athletes may have a little more. But how long does it take for workers to work? They did not get enough rest. Second, the description of power. How to describe power? Fitness people pay attention to three major items, bench press, deadlift, squat, there are standard grades, how to evaluate the strength of workers? There is no unified evaluation standard, and all of them feel so heavy, feel so heavy, and feel so powerful. Finally, on the issue of injuries, fitness is most afraid of injuries. In order to avoid the troubles of injuries, you need to adjust your state, training plan, etc., how do workers do this? Look at those laborers, some of them have no problems with their waists and a few with no problems with their legs.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

My father’s state-owned enterprise workers had really handsome figures. Not inferior to those healthy young meats in Europe and the United States. why? No. 72 pipe wrench must be swung at least 800 times a day. Workers at that time, a meal of 4 big buns, people would laugh at you for being a little appetite like a lady. There are many people who eat 8 big white buns for a meal. Moreover, the food for state-owned enterprises is really good. Although protein is not flooded, it is not lacking. When I first went to work, I moved the butterfly valve with the old workers in the factory, because it was a pipeline that used heat and power to send low-pressure steam. Normally, the gate is relatively rusty. It takes two people to cooperate. We are 8 young guys who have just graduated, and there is a big brother who is about seven or eight years older than us and has been in the factory for more than ten years. Let me just say that, when we were working, we eight college students with delicate bodies, together, probably did less than 40%, and they did more than half of them alone. Just like this, my hands are hard when I go home to eat, and I can’t hold my chopsticks. The shoulders are soft, and I can’t hold the bowl, which makes my mother feel distressed. After my dad asked what was going on, he laughed at me as a trash. But, in the past, my dad and their team of 150 and 60 people had a monthly workload, but now only 8 people can do it in a week, because there is a new equipment called hydraulic tongs. The eldest brother who worked with us later became my assistant operator. Because the new project in the factory replaced all the main valves with electric valves, as long as you type on the keyboard on the computer in the main control room to modify the valve opening, the matching valve motor will be accurately completed on the site a few hundred meters away. Operation, no muscles, no need to count laps or look at the ruler. This is the worker. Let’s talk about fitness. The same weight, compared to the three major items, I think it is generally a fitness win. But on the other hand, you said that one person sent a shovel and let the shovel pick up a few tons of anything. I guess the workers drank all the beer when they went home, and those who worked out were still resting between the groups. This is because of the difference in sports modes. The human body is a very magical thing. If you maintain a certain fixed exercise mode for a long time, it will automatically adjust your body to the most energy-saving structure in this exercise mode. This is why there are so many fitness equipment, so much attention to detail. To avoid this energy-saving mode, as much as possible, all muscles can be stimulated continuously to become stronger. and so. The first is that workers have muscles, but under the same circumstances, they may not be as big as fitness. There is also a price problem of the comprehensive taste of protein. For example, beef and shrimp are really expensive, and workers are generally reluctant to bear it. Second, fitness has power, but it may not be the manifestation of physical strength as you imagine.

7 months ago

I practiced powerlifting for a while, and found that strength is really proportional to muscle mass, so I ran to gain muscle again. The ability to recruit nerves does have an impact on strength, but you do not have a basic muscle mass. No matter how strong the ability to recruit nerves, your strength is limited. The muscle hypertrophy training of bodybuilding is indeed not based on strength, but it is compared with people who play powerlifting and weightlifting. Compared with ordinary people, they are properly strong. If you don’t believe the weight of those big muscle fighters, you should try it? Whenever I see a kind of big muscle tyrant in the gym, I have never seen a bench press lower than 80kg for a set, and a lot of 100 sets are used, and the squat is at least 100kg up. 130,140 are normal. Let alone deadlift. This weight, I can guarantee that no matter how strong the manual worker is, it will not be possible to achieve it. One bag of cement is 50kg, and two bags are no more than 100kg. Moreover, it is not squatting on the spot, but carrying it, which is similar to a farmer’s walking, which will be much easier. So it’s really much worse in terms of strength. Of course, if it is to work for one or two hours, this kind of manual labor is definitely stronger, and the big muscle tyrants are not specialized in endurance, and many things are irregular, and you need to use skill. These are not as good as specialized manual labor. By.

7 months ago

Workers can’t grow muscles because they don’t eat well enough, sleep enough, and practice in a single way. There are many kinds of workers. I’m not going to be exhausted. Let me talk about the workers I met in the factory when I was young. According to memories, the most dominant strength of most factory workers, compared to fitness enthusiasts, should be grip strength. Of course I am a waste, but the strength of the large muscle groups should not be worse than that of untrained workers, but compared to forearms and wrists, I am a matchstick. It’s just a matter of using it. Most factory workers have a foundation in fitter. In the past, it was said that “a screwdriver is filed out of a big piece of iron.” Only fitters can be trained. It’s a bit exaggerated, but the fitter I know, I believe in this ability. Fiddle with those things every day, the grip strength will be terrible. But for example, can the back muscles be used at work? When I was a child, I saw workshop workers playing on the horizontal bar when they smoked and bragged. There were very few great people, and most of them were just three or five pull-ups. Most of the people in this group weighed less than 60kg. Tell me how strong is the back muscle? Reference: I weigh 97kg and have a forehand limit of 20. Finally, what muscle strength does fitness exercise? Counting barbells is an addition? Of course, professional science and technology flow in bodybuilding, and I am afraid of ligament bone injury and dare not put on heavy weights, but it does not mean that people do not have that ability. The small weight of “small weight, many times” is not something ordinary enthusiasts can handle. I have seen the suspected technology stream in my own gym. For women, the deadlift is 150kg, the rowing 100kg, and the bench press 70kg. I also talked about a Korean girl with a slender figure and a non-technical body. She is a suspected instructor or a yoga teacher. She pulls up and weighs 20kg. She has a group of ten. Anyway, I don’t really believe that female factory workers can do ten pull-ups and still bear heavy loads…

7 months ago

My friend dropped out of school at the age of 15, and when he was 16 he went to the sand field of a relative’s house to move sand. After doing it for more than a year, I quit and went to the hamburger restaurant. He unloads the goods for a few meals. He also does push-ups and pull-ups when he is free. The strength is indeed great. People of the same age are breaking their wrists. Nothing is his opponent, and he always feels that he has a lot of strength, bigger than the gym. He said that he could carry one hundred and fifty pounds of sand and walk a long distance at a time. I have been exercising for more than half a year. I have a caiji, bench press 60kg, squat 90kg, deadlift 110kg, and I haven’t broken the 300kg pass line. I really couldn’t break him by my wrist, and his forearm was indeed strong. But sometimes I showed him my fitness videos, and he kept saying that if you squat against such a small barbell for a few times, you will be tired and too weak. I was not convinced and took her to try it. In the end, it was measured that she bench press 45kg (much better than the average person, he weighs only 60kg), squat 70kg, deadlift 70kg. Small muscle groups also measured a few movements (two-head dumbbell curl, he can only do a 9kg group, I 12. Dumbbell shoulder press, he does 10 at 12kg, I do 10 at 17.5. For barbell rowing, he does 6 at 40kg. I did 8 at 50kg) Although he is not proficient in his movements, he is definitely a lot worse than me, except for the pull-ups, he is lighter.

7 months ago

It’s powerful. After I exercised my exercises, I did all the work at home, moving things when walking with relatives, helping relatives move furniture, buying rice noodle oil, and picking up purified water. Compared with other people who don’t work out at home, it’s a lot easier; I haven’t had any contact with people who do physical work, but I guess they are not as good as them in terms of endurance, and they are not as good as me in terms of joint health and absolute strength. After all, the saying “Fitness comes first” is my consistent creed. As for why the practice of physical work is not great, I have purely guessed a few reasons: 1. The action is not targeted; 2. The function is mainly on endurance, and the absolute strength has not been developed; 3. The nutrition cannot keep up. . With all due respect, in China’s daily high-carbohydrate diet, protein intake is not enough in most cases. The meat, egg and milk in three meals a day will not reach 1.2g of protein per kilogram of body weight, let alone eat enough 2g to grow muscle, even if you can’t eat meat, egg and milk, protein powder is such a cheap and healthy protein. Why not use the source, not better than that rice bun? Seeing my parents’ habit of eating rice noodle buns, I feel distressed and helpless. Finally, fitness is a personal hobby. It is no different from playing basketball or games. I hope people don’t look at it in a different light, just like I respect manual workers.

7 months ago

The reason for the poor muscle dimension of workers is that they eat incorrectly and practice incorrectly. You don’t really think that putting one thing on and off is training. However, some workers have grasped various things for many years, and the grip strength and forearm strength are really good. . I saw a lot in the gym. Before I came, I said that I had been physically strong since I was a child. I felt that I was okay when I saw how many sets of other people pushed. As a result, I pushed up and swayed with an empty shot. One set was exhausted and I was instantly convinced. A fitness misunderstanding that has not changed for thousands of years: dead muscles, they grow bigger as soon as they are trained, they are useless except to look good. Let’s not talk about the strength, good-looking is better than ugly, self-disciplined diet and long-term training can have good-looking muscles. Isn’t it better than lying in bed and pointing others.

7 months ago

Muscle hypertrophy training has a method of muscle hypertrophy training. Different training methods will result in different body types and different types of strength. So, before practicing, ask yourself what is the purpose of training. I thought about this problem before, so the next day I went to the gym and practiced farmer walking and walking with a barbell over my head and even climbing stairs. Then of course I found that the results were not ideal as I expected. My goal is for a 60kg farmer to walk about 100 meters, but when he reaches 40 meters, his forearm can’t bear it. I walked with a 30kg barbell over my head. It should be less than 20 meters away. I felt that my core was shaking and my shoulder muscles were not strong enough. Physical labor is mainly based on isometric contraction of muscles, so that you will not get huge muscle mass, but you can still develop strength and endurance by increasing weight. For example, 10m dumbbell farmer walking training. When you grasp the dumbbell from 30kg to 50kg, your forearm muscles will not become much larger, but you will gain more strength. The most common muscle hypertrophy training is mainly based on 6-12 concentric contractions and eccentric contractions. The goal is to train larger muscles with a smaller weight. Therefore, practical strength training and muscle hypertrophy training are essentially different. The goal at the beginning is different, the training method and the training process are different, and the results obtained are of course different.

7 months ago

There are several essential elements for muscle growth: muscle contraction destroys muscle fibers, high-quality rest, restoration of progressive overload, calorie surplus, and sufficient protein. So you ask why workers can’t grow muscles. Let’s take a look: walking with a bag, or carrying a bag. Walking with a bag does not fully contract your muscles. You think that when you walk with something, you will squat down to the ground and then stand up, repeat a dozen times, no; when you carry the bag, you will keep Do not move the big arm and curl the forearm more than a dozen times. It’s unlikely that workers will do it all day long. No matter how good their sleep is, the fatigue of the nervous system will not give them a good rest. Workers carry almost the same weight every day. Bags, I will not say that I carry 10kg today, 15 tomorrow, and 20 the day after tomorrow. I carry a ton and walk around a year. Most people’s diet is not calculated. They eat only by feeling, and workers are no exception. I feel that eating can only be done to maintain weight, without gain or loss. Coupled with the neglect of protein in my country’s traditional diet, it is impossible to provide enough muscle-building raw materials. Therefore, in the traditional sense of the core elements of muscle-building, workers are one that cannot meet the target. As for your second problem, you have to First define what your “powerful” is. If you think that the 140kg bench press is very strong but does not have any actual social contribution value, so it is not “powerful”, I will not refute you, but you have to ask clearly first

7 months ago

Let me say a few words from a more academic perspective. 1. Workers moving things are essentially a kind of strength training, which is conducive to muscle growth, but it is far from being systematic in terms of bodybuilding training methods. For example, its load is still not enough, that is, it is not enough (I don’t need to elaborate on this point, the weight of workers is generally far from the weight of fitness training), it is not strictly group by group, and it does not pursue exhaustion, let alone What kind of scientific rest time between groups. Muscle-building training is a system that has to be done in many ways, and porters simply can’t compare it. 2. Muscle-building training is to “face up to difficulties”, and you must practice if you create difficulties. Workers move bricks to “face up to difficulties”, try to avoid difficulties, and try to choose labor-saving methods. This is the difference in “training movements”. Many exercises in bodybuilding training are “finding hard work”, the purpose is to make the muscles tired enough, but also to isolate the target muscle as much as possible, and to stimulate and train a certain muscle as much as possible (but note that this is not to say Single-joint action is better than multi-joint, which is relative to workers moving things). In many areas of bodybuilding training, it goes against the natural biomechanical habits of human beings. However, in order to save trouble, workers generally adopt labor-saving movements, and use all the muscles that can be used on the body. In terms of biomechanics, it is most in line with the principle of using the least energy and doing the most work. In addition, workers seldom isolate the muscles of a part when they move bricks, because the more isolated the muscles, the faster they will work fatigue. So our training is to try to get only the target muscles involved, and other muscles don’t help, and workers move things just the opposite. 3. Workers can’t keep up with nutrition. Workers may not eat too badly, but they are definitely not nutritionally systematic. Without special design, they just eat indiscriminately. However, there are still many places that can be emphasized if you need to pay attention to nutrition in bodybuilding training. For example, only carbohydrate and protein, total intake, timing of intake, source, supplements around training, etc., are very particular. Micronutrients, even if you don’t need to pay special attention to them, there should be no obvious shortcomings. There is also the use of supplements, if used well, it is also very helpful for muscle gain. The above is to say why workers also carry heavy objects, but they do not have such big muscles. In fact, to put it bluntly, the core of muscle gain is load, that is, weight, and workers are not using enough. In many other details from training to nutrition, the workers are far from doing it properly and systematically. Finally, let me talk about whether the muscles that bodybuilders develop are strong, of course they are strong. As long as the muscles are larger, they will be stronger. The strength of the muscles is positively related to the cross-sectional area of ​​the muscles. This is clear. Of course, muscle strength is also related to nerve control factors, that is, how our brain uses our muscles is also closely related to muscle strength. But in this respect, bodybuilding trainers are not bad either. Normal training can also effectively train the nerve control ability of the muscles. But it should be noted that there is also an important principle of strength training, that is, what kind of movement training is used to improve the strength of which movement, which is mainly related to nerve control factors. For example, workers carry cement. Because they often carry cement, the exercise of carrying cement is very strong in terms of muscle coordination and contraction ability, recruitment of motor units in the muscles, and joint stability. Therefore, workers are very good at carrying cement, but if you let a bodybuilder do it at first, it may not necessarily carry more weight than site workers. Note that this is theoretically possible. On the other hand, the construction site workers do the three-headed rope downwards that we do most often, because they usually do less, and they are definitely far inferior to the bodybuilding trainers. That is to say, the absolute strength of muscles is one thing, but when it comes to specific movements, if you do the weight-bearing exercises of this movement frequently, then the strength of this movement will increase significantly, and may even increase disproportionately to the muscle strength.

7 months ago

When you meet your old profession, let’s just talk about it briefly. Let’s talk about muscles and then strength. The sturdy and well-proportioned muscles in the gym are not just for training, but also for eating. A lot of carbohydrate and protein intake, day after day muscle training, and through the difficult fat loss period, can you have a healthy body, and some people who are not afraid of death will fight drugs. Workers do exercise, but the protein content of the food they usually eat is not enough (expensive), so they are either lean or look fat, because they usually eat a lot of oil and salt, and don’t eat too much and don’t have the energy to work. And fat is the enemy of fitness enthusiasts. Besides, strength = muscle mass✘nerve recruiting ability✘posture (exercise efficiency). Take boxing as an example. The fists of heavyweight fighters are definitely heavier than heavyweight fighters, even if the former is not known for heavy punches, this is brought about by muscle mass. The difference. The uppercut of a strong man who has not practiced is no heavier than Xu Can’s “skinny”. The former uses only the strength of the arm, and the latter uses every inch of muscle strength from the front of the punch to the toes. This is the exercise efficiency. The power of. Let’s talk about nerve-raising ability. The boxers and professional boxers who have practiced for several years are about the same weight and have standard postures. Why is the latter’s heavy punches heavier? Because the training of professional players is more difficult, continuous target shooting, sandbags, air strikes, and individual muscle training have enhanced the ability of nerves to mobilize muscles, making the latter use more muscles in the same sport mode. Different ways of evaluating a person’s strength will lead to different conclusions. I don’t know which way the subject has in mind? A digression, why always say not to touch other people’s career with hobbies, because it’s really not a level. Professional players not only crush amateurs in physical fitness, they also crush amateurs in their thinking. A good boxing champion even started to play psychological warfare before the match, such as Muhammad Ali. A competitive sport, the top-level duel is not only about technology, but also about details. Believe it or not, you play the king and see what is the difference between the peak game and the diamond game.

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