I don’t know if the person who asked this question thought of J.K. Rowling’s similar deeds: Rowling leaked the chapter of “Harry Potter” for cancer girls before the publication of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, The parents of a girl with cancer contacted Rowling and said that their daughter Catie was about to die. Her daughter’s greatest wish was to see the next Harry Potter novel before she died, so Rowling made a phone call Read some chapters of “Goblet of Fire” for Catie, so Catie became the first reader in the world to know the story of “Goblet of Fire”. Of course, Catie died without listening to all of the content. After her death, Rowling donated $100,000 to the girl’s family. A few points to remind about Rowling’s deeds: 1. Rowling did not disclose the content of all 4~7 volumes, and only the parts that have been written but not published. (With range control) 2. Catie is a child. 3. Catie has run out of time, it is indeed impossible to stick to the publication of volume 4. (2+3 indicates that the girl’s situation does require adequate humanitarian care, can be understood by other readers, and there is no possibility of fraud) 4. Based on the difficult situation of the family in question, Rowling gave additional material assistance. (Not just talking about it) 5.HP is a fairy tale work that brings dreams and hopes to children. Rowling’s good deeds also personally fulfilled Catie’s dreams and brought hope in the last moments of her life. (In line with Rowling’s consistent personal thoughts and creative ideas) So you see, this opening is not random. If you arbitrarily disclose information to a reader in advance, it is unfair to other readers, and it will also cause trouble for the subsequent development of the work and the future author-reader relationship. Rowling should make a decision after fully considering it and making sure that there will be no adverse effects. In the same way, if you switch to Aoyama Gosho and “Detective Conan”, I believe Aoyama will properly consider it, combining various factors to decide whether to disclose and how much to disclose. For example, if it is the same situation as Catie, Qingshan should satisfy her wish.


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7 months ago

I can make it clear that it won’t. If this hole is really opened at random, don’t talk about JK Rowling. That’s just the first time. If this hole is opened, someone will collect those who are about to die, especially children, and think. Watch Conan ending One Piece ending Full-time Hunter ending. . amount. . Even if this old thief is really industrialized, what I fear is not that I was spoiled by the ending of the one-piece Conan full-time hunter. I don’t care if I don’t see the one-piece Conan one. It doesn’t matter if I’m bored. Look at the concierge Uncle Qin’s story and you can pass the time. The real fear is that a certain child suffers from a disease that is extremely difficult to cure. If the operation is performed, only 30% may be cured or even lower. It costs more than 100,000 or even more expensive, but if it is sold at the time of death, it will be sold in exchange for One Piece ending. Then the parents may earn 200,000 yuan, then guess whether the fate of this child may be reversed.

7 months ago

No one really thinks that Gangchang Aoyama has already planned the finale, right? As the author of anime series for more than 20 years, after such a long period of time, will he really stick to the ending he originally thought? I definitely won’t anyway. Such a profitable IP, of course, has to pile up content crazily. What theatrical version, special chapter, linkage. One is counted as one, as long as there are enough branches, there will be no time when I can’t make money in Qingshan. What is the main line? The black organization inserts an episode into a random case, which is enough to let fans celebrate the New Year. Not to mention gins, vodka and other old people who are in business. With this plot now, it is hard not to doubt that the black organization is engaged in the trainee draft, and the final TM debut is undercover. As long as the “Practice in Black” program continues, the main line will not be interrupted. I’m not exaggerating about this. As a 20-year-old Conan fan, I saw work from elementary school and witnessed the lovely Conan classmates from first grade to second grade, and cleaned up the wool of Japan’s 9-year compulsory education. net. I sincerely suggest that you don’t think about the ending according to the current clues, just like you can’t guess who the 10th “Idol Trainee” debuted. However, as long as you live longer than Aoyama, you can always see the end, right? Far away, let’s go back to the topic~ For terminally ill patients, Qing Shan should ask whether they are the Koran Party or the Koai Party, and then promise to send a good candy. If the other party wants to know the boss, he just chooses one according to the character who has already laid the groundwork. Anyway, it is excusable to change the ending in the future.

7 months ago

What does Qingshan say about things that are not there? Is it now edited? Kokutoro mocked me for not writing detailed outlines for writing novels, but from the current performance of Okayama Aoyama, he may not even write general outlines. Otherwise, I can’t understand the love story of Yumi Miyamoto and Hideyoshi Haneda at all. Just because I saw TV while shopping. wtf? Is it a little ritual? The most terrible thing is that last time these two goods appeared on the stage, one of them gave up the game as a chess player to save thousands of miles. As a traffic policeman, Thousand Miles Cyclonus sent someone to the competition and kissed him… at this time, can’t you tell me? Although there are a lot of details in this case, the atmosphere is very good. Don’t talk about revealing your identity at this time, just get married on the spot! In the end, Qingshan did not. It made it as if he had planned to delay for ten and a half years, but suddenly found out, oops! Hideyoshi Haneda has won seven titles. Can’t blow anymore! Then… make arrangements quickly. But I really can’t force Aoyama Okasha. He collapsed all small cases. For example, in “Study Trip”, the scene was changed. At the end of the first chapter, there was no electrostatic paper on the scene, indicating that he did not consider the electrostatic paper that insulted people’s IQ to hide blood at least at the beginning. It can be seen that Okayama Aoyama’s plan for the plot does not exceed 2 chapters. So what did he say when he saw a kid? Child: I want to know the ending of Conan. Qingshan: Oh! Conan returned to Shinichi and Xiaolan together. Child: Really? I want to know what their wedding is like. Japanese style or Western style? Is there another murder case? Qing Shan: This… child: What is the ending of Hui Yuan Ai? I think such a cool girl should break new ground on her own, right? There are also Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Yuanta… Beep Beep Beep Beep Qingshan (brain crashing) Child: Actually these are not important. Tell me about the battle with the black organization! There must be many details for such an important battle, right? For example, the FBI’s insider jumped back and something! Qingshan: Give me a break! To be reasonable, if a kid asked Anno Hideaki EVA’s ending ten years ago. I guess that even if he has written the final script, he will not tell the child, “Ling Boli is dead, Asuka is married to Kensuke, and Shinji and Shinshiba are together.” Then I guess the child will die on the spot. . After all, even if he said that Shinji and the real name of Kirishima (the heroine of “My Steel Girlfriend”, he became a boyfriend and girlfriend at the end of the story, although this person was very unwelcome at the time, but now it is at least better than the end. Reliable) It’s more reliable to be together. Even if it’s like Gao Zan said, I think it through. But the question is what did Qing Shan think of? The plot at this stage shows that it is very likely that the answers to his case are prepared as of the deadline instead of being thought out at the beginning of the case.

7 months ago

The finale is just like that. Duck, after all, the young manga, this Xinyi Xiaolan is already together, then the rest is left to get the antidote, Xinyi comes back, and a little bit later, Xinlan gets married, and then other things, organize After being destroyed, the red side was basically safe, and at most a good man sacrificed to deceive the audience’s tears. The ending must be a general happy ending, I can guess the ending without telling me.

7 months ago

Tell him that it will be the finale, and then let him wait day by day. After a long time, he defeated the cancer. I personally think that even if Aoyama Gangchang is terminally ill, Conan will not have the finale! Do you know what Tezuka Osamu’s conception of “Fire Bird: Modern” is? He intends to draw only one frame of manga as a modern one at the moment before his death, because this modernity is relative to him, Because everything before this is the past, everything after that is the future. Conan’s future is infinite. He is still a primary school student. I have graduated from elementary school for more than 20 years. God bless the heroes in the United States because they think they don’t have much time before starting. For a long period of time later, if I arrive that day, my first goal is not Aoyama Gangchang, or even Fu Jian Yi Bo, I will definitely go to Takaya Liangshu, “Strong Colony Armor” is even better than me. One year older

7 months ago

Haha, it won’t. Because he may not know the ending, or he may not be able to decide the ending. I have been chasing “Detective Conan” for many years. In the past, the movie version would be released, and I would buy the expensive one every time as a souvenir. Also paid attention to a lot of gossip related to him. It is said that Aoyama Gangchang wanted the ending very early, and it is said that he had done a good ending and declared it over. But he was caught by the publisher and deleted it and continued to write. Therefore, he estimated that he couldn’t count it all.

7 months ago

The ending of Detective Conan is that Xinyichang returns to marry Xiaolan, and the black organization is destroyed. The only uncertainty is what will happen to Huiyuanai. The end of One Piece is that Luffy becomes the Shanghai Pirate King, unlocking the secrets of the historical text, comparable to being a navy admiral, the uncertainty may be what one piece is. The ending of campus animation is usually the graduation ceremony/determining the relationship/defeating dog declaration… I think only the short ending is more important.

7 months ago

Conan’s ending is easy to guess as long as the author does not get sick, then it should be that Conan got the antidote and changed back to Shinichi and Xiaolan’s marriage to a happy ending. If the author wants to get sick, then it may be that Conan can’t get the antidote. After revealing the drug incident to Xiaolan, Xiaolan felt relieved, but in the end he was relieved and went abroad to study. In the end, Conan and Xiao Ai were together. If the author is in the late stage of illness, then it may be that Conan and Step Mei are married, Xiao Ai. Married to Mitsuhiko, Xiaolan married a passerby and ended up feeding the audience a mouthful of shit. But how could there be such an ill author? It’s impossible to be alright! ? Are you right, Amano Hideaki? Back to the topic, I think the old thief Aoyama, who is sure to tell, should have figured out the ending. After all, the first draft of Conan’s comic was short, and the main line was that long, but Later, when the comics became raging, they had to be flooded for economic benefits. It just produced more than a thousand episodes and now the old thief in Qingshan doesn’t really want to paint. Sooner or later, even the most powerful people have drawn hundreds of words and their minds will be exhausted. Besides, now He is not short of money, so why not retreat to playing mahjong? It’s just that the old thief Aoyama can’t find a good time to end, and Conan’s economic benefits are still great. The theater version has been popular all year round. Even if he doesn’t want to paint, the production team will help him original. He is actually much easier now. And it makes money, who would think it’s too much? So the ending is not a precious thing to the old thief Qingshan. He wanted to hand it over a long time ago. It was just because of the interests of multiple parties that he could not do so. But if it is really a matter of life and death, as long as it does not spread, tell others what it is. It’s totally ok, alright

7 months ago

I don’t think I should talk about J.K. Rowling. Now the entire Harry Potter cast has black her out and divides the line with him. If I were Aoyama Gangchang, I would definitely not tell him. In fact, I find it very strange. It was previously known that it was not always propaganda. For this kind of thing, only China tells the will, and then let him go peacefully. For foreigners, you have to live hard and watch the finale by yourself. Then at the end of the story, even if the girl or the boy resisted the disease tenaciously and finally survived, at the end, I said, “Pipi Baba criticizes China, and the story ends.” Up to now? ? How can foreign countries follow our routine. . . Still warm? ? (Director!! This woman is infringing copyright! Can we sue her?) To put it bluntly, there is a way to clean the floor no matter if you tell it or not, then it is better to compromise, everyone is equal, and if you don’t tell you, it’s worth it. Maybe Aoyama Gangchang didn’t think about it himself. After all, “Detective Conan” interspersed so much in the middle, which has changed the original story setting to a great extent. Just like “Naruto”, it’s all painted and changed. Even though Takasho Aoyama has this idea now, what if his idea changes again after two years? who knows?

7 months ago

In fact, Aoyama Gangchang can say, because the answer is very simple. “Finally, Xinyijun finally found the medicine, and then lived happily with Xiaolan. Mao Lisang also pretended to be clever and told Xinyi,’Actually, I knew it was you, a kid who made a ghost!’ That’s right! ! Do you want to know what happened in the middle? Let me tell you! …” When Aoyama Gangchang talked about the nth murder case, the end of the video call couldn’t help but said, “Simi Masai, thank you for helping me finish it. Wish”… Then Aoyama Gangchang gave a relieved smile. There is always only one truth! …………Compared to Conan who is spinning around in the same place, I want to know the ending of One Piece and when will I be able to unify the bay.

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