Even though the food is made of synthetic meat, it costs a few dollars apiece, and restaurants are always in an endless stream. In addition to bullet-proof clothes, they are also a few dollars a piece of clothing, which is approaching Taobao. Why can’t people in 2077 still survive?

This involves two classic worldview settings of cyberpunk. One is that the cyberpunk world is in the later stage of capital accumulation. In the early stage of capital accumulation, the level of technology was low, and capitalists needed to hire 90% of the entire society to maintain their business empire. In the later stage, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of productivity, capitalists can dominate the world by hiring only 10% of the people. Therefore, there are not only outrageously cheap commodities, but also a large number of unemployed people. As we all know, in a capitalist society, the crime rate of the unemployed will inevitably soar. Another classic setting is the more advanced, more addictive, but more combative “super dream” type of virtual entertainment, or some “chemical bliss” you know, can make people addicted to it like drugs. For details, please refer to the spiritual life of the dead house in Japan. Of course, these entertainments cost money. So we have this kind of crowd: they have no work, have 24 hours of free time a day, lead a poor subsidy life, are surrounded by overwhelming advertisements, and are addicted to all kinds of highly addictive entertainment. Entertainment krypton gold is a bottomless pit, but it is only one of countless bottomless pits in the capitalist world. So this group of people lives in filthy rental houses every day, thinking about whether to charge the next meal into the game or buy another milliliter of happy water. Mass consumption demand conflicts with meager living allowances. How can they make money? Therefore, the cyberpunk world is often flooded with criminals, and the police are also weak in law enforcement in order to save law enforcement costs, because they obey the orders of the capitalists rather than the government. As long as the bottom people don’t delay the capitalists’ business, it doesn’t matter whether they die or live. It just so happens that they need to buy a capitalist’s body for fighting.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Remember the start of the company employees? How much does it cost to work for a world-class company like Arasaka for many years? I remember it was a little more than 10,000. Why don’t you be an old captain or Rogge entrusted more money to the people who mess around on the street? Surely less? Do you still remember how much bonus you give for the ncpd baseball bat task? Desperately singled out more than a dozen people, and the bonus was only about 1,000. Maybe the city center and the bad land are more. The enemy levels here are relatively high. In the slum-like Watson Kabuki district, there are only less than 800 at a time. That ordinary street gangster, there is no such thing as ours, where to go to get these hundreds of euros, even if we fought in the food factory and the whirlpool at the beginning, we may not bother at the end of this battle. Don’t you still say “I almost confessed.” In fact, the people of Night City are not able to survive. There are beggars and homeless people, but many people still have food and shelter, but the conditions are not good. Besides, 128,000 Mackinacs. We have to think twice when we buy them. How many have you seen on the road? This is the mainstay of the Night City family. Let’s add a bit of content. Remember a baseball bat mission in Santo Domingo. There are a bunch of junk cars around. I think I can sneak if I can sneak, and kill the outside first. The innermost bastard held the d5 copperhead snake and pointed at several people who were kneeling on the ground. At that time, the gun had not been fired, only the two NPCs next to him were talking, “You said they can’t eat so much, why don’t you give it to us, why do you want to throw it away.” The other replied, “Because they can’t see us.” I Thinking of what they were saying, only hearing the gunshots from the front, the guy with the gun started shooting at people. I didn’t see it right. I was holding Yinglong in my hand, and I didn’t dare to shoot rashly. I was afraid that the people would be wanted by accident. I put on a prelude and took away the NPCs next to me. Team, mentally ill!” Another time was in the Li Scenic Area, which was also a baseball bat mission. I happened to hear the gunshots and immediately ran to see a few people squatting on the ground with Valentino’s help. I used to think that they were all ready to search for the loot, but I saw an NPC not only not running away, but slowly coming towards me, I looked down, lying next to me was a girl who had just been killed, she With more than 100 euros, the guy who came over should be her husband or boyfriend. I watched him walk up to me neither humble nor humble, seemingly said a few thank you, and then squatted beside her with his head in his arms. Since then, anyone who saw skulls, baseball bats and the like ran over and took out the samurai sword to do it. What kind of hackers, what sneaks, and what goals are analyzed and peace is the most important thing. This is the street, how do ordinary people live? This is a gang, and there are all kinds of crimes? Is there a company squeeze? Is there still a flood of drugs? I usually don’t shoot randomly on the road, and I drive very carefully, so I rarely hit people. He was wanted only twice. The first time he was too close to the police and was deemed to have assaulted the police. The second time was really careless. The j-bend on Jackson Street missed his hand with a Canary gecko drifting and hit two people…

7 months ago

Not being able to live is not starving to death, but being beaten to death. The mainstream consumption of cyberpunk is not clothing, food, shelter, but body. Without a prosthetic body, it’s like facing a long gun and a short cannon defenselessly. In addition, wealthy people and company dogs also have trauma team members and Arasaka guardian souls. It almost means that the poor at the bottom are the same class as pigs and dogs. Company dogs and wealthy people are like half immortals. Do you need a reason when you say that Banxian kills pigs and dogs? The one who can survive is either a company dog ​​or a gang boy, or at least a stray. The plot is very well done, and the starting identity shows that you can’t survive except for these backgrounds. There seems to be a story in the branch line. A street girl enters the company. Her hairpin feels that she has betrayed everyone, but her father is proud of her. When V went to talk, the other party disappeared as soon as his muscles were on, which was thought-provoking. Because the game of 2077 is incomplete, it missed the opportunity to become a masterpiece through the plot.

7 months ago

These bottom layers are not starving to death. Let’s summarize what you have to die as a bottom class citizen in 2077: you were robbed by various gangs and gang fired. You happened to be assassinated by the gang, and the target happened to be hiding next to your tent. The company is on fire, and you happened to be passing by (somewhat deserves it, the company is still picking a place for this kind of thing) company assassination, and the target happens to be hiding next to your tent. (This is not a collateral injury, the company’s order is to leave no witnesses.) Wandering around was blown up by the fort where the hackers hide. Go to the rich area to pick up the tatters, and died under the viaduct a few days later. Picking up the tatters and found things from the company, he died under the viaduct a few days later. Wanted to join the gang, took the wrong medicine and caused cyber psychosis, and was sanctioned by a mercenary. Inexplicably abducted by the vortex gang, excessive transformation caused cyber psychosis and was sanctioned by a mercenary. Mai Hei Chaomeng was kidnapped by a Russian gang and died in a bathtub. Wanderers who accidentally run and are kidnapped by random knives will die in a certain freezer. In addition to the security incidents in the above games, there are more than 100 unidentified unidentified corpses in Night City. None of them were starved to death. On the contrary, there are a lot of food in the garbage dump and a lot of sealed food in the abandoned supermarket. , The civilians who died in the game are basically poor in physique, poor in weapons, and unable to resist or even escape in emergencies. I went to the clothing store and wanted to avoid being killed by 3 shots in the North District. Regardless of weapons, the clothes and tortoise shells cost about 10,000, or a legendary subcutaneous armor of 20,000. Where can you save this money if you live for 30 euros a day? In addition, I considered the situation that the whole city’s beverage machines were sold out and you died of thirst, but after thinking about it carefully, you can at least eat glutinous rice to replenish water. Ramen restaurants also have soup, and no one wants them all over the city. Your coffee machine can be used to boil hot water with your own hands, so you won’t die of thirst. . . Of course, in fact, there is a very common cause of death. A mercenary lost control and knocked you to death when driving a turn. There is nothing to do. Even if you are a violent terrorist mobile team full of legendary bodies, you will die. This is the rule of this world. . .

7 months ago

It’s not that you can’t live, but that you don’t live like an individual. First of all, “company dog”, why is it called company “dog”? It’s not that anyone who signs a contract with the company to work part-time is eligible to be called a “company dog”. Climbing up in the company, at least as a small official, with soldiers under him, can do whatever he wants, and don’t treat people as people, so that he can be regarded as a “company dog.” The bottom employees are all in the factory. At most, they are the company’s licking dogs. There are a lot of people on the street, but what you want to do depends on the face of the company and the gang. The eyeliner of the middleman is staring at you all the time. Don’t “break the balance”. From time to time on the street, you can see passers-by stumbling with their arms. Passers-by describe them as haggard. They can only rely on watching black super dreams and taking drugs to relieve their pressure, and even openly selling “dead lotto” on TV? ! The place where I live is said to be a super skyscraper, but it is actually a big stuffy can, a garbage dump. Yes, people are alive, there is still a tone, and only this tone remains. Is this still alive?

7 months ago

The reason is simple, limited by gameplay… The currency unit in the game is the Euro. If you convert it according to the current exchange rate, you will find that the prices of the things in it are indistinguishable from the contemporary ones. So here comes the problem. Suppose you are doing manual labor and doing miscellaneous tasks in reality, earning a few thousand a month, saving money and spending two thousand a month. In reality, the restaurant is full of guests and friends. In addition to brand-name clothing, the stall is T 30 shirts (5 euros), how do you feel about yourself? Because the water, electricity and heat are all confiscated in the game, but can you still be happy if you cut it off once in reality? Because in the game you can only have zero equity, not negative equity, but in reality negative equity is easy to achieve. (V is such a powerful character, but it is not that he owes rent, of course, no one will collect it in the end. It is not that he owes Lao Wei Yi body money, because Lao Wei is really kind. You can sell you to shoot the black super dream by changing your eyes…) Because in the game you will not get sick, nor will you be burdened with expensive medical debts, but in reality you will catch a cold in the United States. Because you don’t need to read in the game, you don’t have that large amount of education expenditure, but in reality, you can go to a university in the United States. Because in the game you are an extraordinary mercenary from the beginning, with an initial point of 22 (I know it doesn’t seem to be many), but many people may start with 15 or even lower points (you have a minimum of 3 points for each item, Perhaps it is already the standard value or even the extreme value of many people), so making some money is really taking your life to earn it. You make a single order of a few hundred yuan, which is only enough for a few months of living expenses. Finally, a meal is 10 euros for food and drink, and 30 euros for three meals a day. It costs more than RMB 200 a day to live in the five internal organs temple. Do you think this day is good? Clothes are cheap, but how many of them can be worn in the hotel? In reality, a T-shirt is only a few dozen yuan, and a coat is a cheap one hundred and ten euros, which is equivalent to a few euros or a dozen euros. It is reasonable, but would you wear this stuff to the interview? So, even if you don’t consider the safety issue (what these big guys are quite clear about), you still have a bad life… Consider the safety issue, don’t go far, let’s take a look at the seat V. Super skyscraper. Imagine that you rented a few thousand yuan a month in the tube building, you can see everywhere in the corridor such as takeaway boxes, used syringes, used TT, foraging Xiaoqiang and rodents, strange Blood stains and so on. The industry in the building is rich in ecology, including small powder lamp shampoo rooms, mysterious secret drug sellers, second-hand pisto salesmen, muscle brothers and expensive thugs, enthusiastic lenders, small food workshops with strange ingredients, and neurotic doctors. Everything is available (no one is legal), but there is no property. Every three to five, you can see a few sick gangsters with colored hairs ringed on their faces and more medicine on their faces, banging your next door to collect collections, and occasionally I can see the police uncle pulling the isolation zone in the corridor and moving them. A strange black package that came by one person left. I can hear all kinds of strange noises from behind the poorly soundproofed walls during the night. Is this house comfortable? You said to rent another place? Don’t make trouble, places at the same price are like birds, you can’t afford to rent better places…you dare to say that you are doing well?

7 months ago

The most obvious sign of the cyberpunk style is actually a fragmented society. In fact, a beautiful country is now somewhat of a cyberpunk taste. The poor are in dire straits, and the whole society is a bit like the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. It’s because you don’t have a high-wage job, you can’t eat and you can’t die. If you want to live well but you don’t have an ascent channel, it’s easy to fall down. The class is solidified in a materialistic society, it’s easy to go bankrupt and easy to think. Returning to positive assets is as difficult as climbing

7 months ago

You have to figure out that the person who created the cyberpunk worldview is not a sociologist, nor a philosopher, nor a thinker. This fictitious future society has serious loopholes. This loophole is that the author believes that in the future society, everything will be possible. Development, science and technology, and humanities and ethics will all develop, but they must be based on capitalism. So why will the future world developed under the definition of this worldview be cyberpunk? Because the point of capitalism is that the more assets develop, the more assets will inevitably increase. As for this amount, there must be a limit, right? How far will it develop to the most extreme? That is, the company will develop better than the country. The company has more resources than the country has. Secondly, capitalism has to extract surplus value. Having a lot of resources is not enough, the company needs to make everyone poor. Only in this way will wealth be harvested. The core of capitalism is that human nature is greedy, so under this definition, human nature must expect uneven distribution. This unequal distribution reaches the ultimate point, where all people are poor, and a very small number of people are extremely rich. But the ultimate social development does not necessarily have to be capitalism, so after all, the author himself did not think deeply about this stuff. He really thoroughly studied capitalism. For example, capitalism can commoditize everything, and even develop to the point where people can be used as commodities. Even the physical body alone is not enough as a commodity in the end, but the soul must also be a commodity. But he believes that the ultimate society can only be capitalism. This is very buggy. Under such a setting with serious worldview bugs, all the works written must be tragedy. Of course, the ultimate development of capitalism is bound to be a stranger to capitalism. When each social stage develops to the ultimate, there are tragedies everywhere, and the people are in dire straits. The ultimate pursuit of a slave society is basically that everyone is a slave, and only a very small number of people are masters. The feudal society develops to the ultimate, where all the land is owned by one person. Capitalism. Of course, socialism must have strange roads, but we have not experienced it yet. , There is no way to deduce exactly what the strange road of socialism is, and I don’t know what will replace it next. I don’t know if there will be a market for science fiction works with socialism as the world view.

Last edited 7 months ago by greatword
7 months ago

The world in 2077 is a desperate world. The natural environment is not suitable for survival. The whole world has fallen into radiation, and no one can survive outside the city. The water is polluted, gray and acidic, and cannot be touched and consumed without purification. The air is polluted, animals and plants are almost extinct, living things are so expensive, and even trees are man-made. The environment is messy, like a garbage dump, and there are no cleaners because the environment of the bottom world is not worth paying for. The clothes are cheap, who knows where they got them. The sickness is gone, but there is no pain. If you don’t feel the sense of taste, you will also be numb, and you need to pay for sensory enjoyment. Infectious diseases are not manifested, but they should be spread casually. In short, it is enough to not die. I have long been used to the pain. Not only the real environment, but the thoughts also have crises. After Ai becomes refined, his thoughts are protected by network prosecutors, but they will be controlled by Ai when they may be compromised at any time. This is the eschatological panic. Besides the world, the society of 2077 will be desperate, and it is impossible for the gap between the rich and the poor to cross strata. He has been branded as a slave since he was born, and he will either become a company dog ​​and be exploited forever and try to make money to buy a prosthetic body to eat and drink to survive, or he will take risks and be killed by terrorists. The prosthetic body is also controlled by the four major companies. When it should be broken, it will be broken. You have to use all your savings to contribute to the company to exchange the prosthetic body. The mind is controlled, everything you do is monitored, even the body (prosthetic body) is controlled. No one is protected, the zf boss is controlled and there is no way to protect the people. The police are outsourced and don’t take care of things. As long as terrorists are strong enough, they can ignore the wanted and run rampant. Criminal gangs are scattered all over the country, and you are not responsible for killing individuals at every turn. The crime rate is extremely high. Your loved ones may be killed at any time. To revenge, you can only use your savings to hire killers, and it is easy to be counter-killed. After finally buying a prosthetic body, the body becomes a commodity without the ability, and I was cheated away by not paying attention. The saying that there is no old age in the city of night is not an exaggeration. It is cheap to eat and wear. You can also pick up cheap prostheses, but there is no real meat or plants. They are all synthetic cockroaches and earthworms. The bottom is just alive, and you have to sell your body to the four major companies. When you lose the ability, you can’t change the body, you have to wait for death. On the other hand, in the company, the top layer lives in space, uses the blood and sweat of the people at the bottom layer, eats fragrant and spicy food, and provokes war at every turn, spends a small amount of money to manage the people below, and controls all resources. All the people’s food, drink, housing, transportation, medical, health, and entertainment media elite troops are also under their control, and the four Japanese girls and the gay are also under their control. It can be seen that the bottom layer is completely controlled, and there is no room for turning over. How can such a society survive?

7 months ago

It’s just a matter of setting, and it’s normal if the setting is unreasonable. Don’t give the pot to cyberpunk. In the world of cyberpunk, there is a minimum guarantee. Although the image of the cyberpunk city refers to Hong Kong and Tokyo, the first few influential authors were all from high-welfare countries such as the United States and Japan, and their thinking was naturally affected. There are those “beggar refugees” in the setting. “They are generally criminals who are willing to degenerate and give up struggling. Corresponding to homeless people in the United States and Japan. The gap between the rich and the poor in society is the result of the poor betraying their body and dignity, oppression and exploitation, rather than being really hungry, cold and unclothed. After all, capitalists have to sell clothes and food to make money. Another point of cyberpunk is the high crime rate. Whether it is for the needs of the work or to cater to the users, this is very exciting. As for encountering crimes, it really doesn’t matter whether you live or not and whether you have food. Some cyberpunk people misrepresent the “low life”. Actually, it is because the life in science fiction that describes the near future of the modern future is already close to reality, while the cyberpunk works emphasize the society and society divided by technology. The huge gap between rich and poor has exacerbated this misconception. In fact, in a society where everyone can have the righteous body and the mind can be networked, the material is highly abundant. Cyberpunk classics are more inclined to describe a material based on abundance, which results in spiritual barrenness. In this setting, people who renounce themselves and refuse to work hard and refugees constitute the bottom of society. I have to be parroted and learn from other marketing accounts that cyberpunk is a “high-tech low life”. I don’t know much about cyberpunk, and I’m a little bit old-fashioned. As for Cyberpunk 2077, it cannot be regarded as a cyberbible just because it is well publicized. Not to mention a game with a vibrator setting higher than a machete for serious discussion.

7 months ago

That is called a game. Simply put, there is no order in society. The biggest difference is that in reality, have you ever met someone on the road who dared to swear casually, and then no one caught him when he turned a corner in the alley? In such a society, the interests of the people at the bottom cannot be guaranteed. In such a world where people can be free, the lives of the people at the bottom are meaningless. You can hear this from the broadcast when you enter the game: ‘Hi~Hello everyone, audience friends, yesterday’s Dead Man Lotto was still full of thirty~’. Their living environment is much worse than ours. In reality, we are in a stable, orderly, and able to protect your country. It’s not the small city that was nuclear bombed in 2077. That’s why we are thinking about living better. What they should think about is how to save their lives.

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