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①80% to 90% of bad breath is caused by oral problems, and the rest are mostly related to the nasal cavity and tonsils. Helicobacter pylori has not been determined to cause bad breath. ②The main odor in the oral cavity comes from the decomposition products of bacteria. Bacteria in the oral cavity can release foul-smelling “volatile sulfides”, including hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, indole, etc., by breaking down food residues and epithelial cells shedding from the oral cavity. It emits a bad smell. Therefore, the accumulation of bacteria is the key to bad breath. Insufficient brushing time (less than 2 minutes), not using dental floss to clean between teeth, etc., can easily lead to inadequate cleaning and allow bacteria to accumulate. Dental calculus, cavities of tooth decay, missing teeth, bad dentures and other places are prone to accumulate large amounts of bacteria and cause bad breath. In addition, habits such as smoking, long-term use of antibacterial mouthwashes, drinking and coffee may also cause bad breath. As for Helicobacter pylori, more evidence currently shows that the concentration of volatile sulfide produced by the decomposition of Helicobacter pylori in the gastrointestinal tract is very low, and it is unlikely to produce bad breath. In addition, most Helicobacter pylori infections have no obvious symptoms, leading to food retention and increasing gastroesophageal reflux in a very small proportion. Usually, bad breath occurs only after hiccups and pantothenic acid, and gastrointestinal problems need to be suspected. ③So if you want to effectively prevent bad breath, you must first check with a doctor. If you have tooth decay, you can treat it, and if the tooth is missing, you should also strengthen your cleaning. For example, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth after meals, Fluoride toothpaste, and don’t forget to floss between your teeth and wash your teeth regularly.


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8 months ago

Stomach fire is not as long as you don’t eat chili, and bad breath is not a cause. But since I told you that you had stomach fire before, I definitely won’t lie to you. Half of the cause of bad breath lies in the spleen and stomach. Before, there were roots that fell from eating spicy food. Even if you don’t eat spicy food now, the irritation of the stomach will make anaerobic bacteria restless and bad breath. I have had a similar situation before. I know that although bad breath is not a disease, it is also a headache. It is also because of the hotness and bad breath. (Think about going to Chongqing to die before, committing crimes). I also like it. Staying up late, just go and see if there is no way, and get the same statement. It’s the same when I go back, and go to bed early. By the way, I don’t know if you have observed the tongue coating. Few people will pay attention to the change of the tongue coating, but as long as there is obvious white, it means that there are many bacteria on it, which can also be the cause of bad breath. I use it with a sterilization spray. Anyway, you have to make your breath fresher when you go out. In order to prevent bacteria from being brushed carefully, spray it three times a day to get out and walk around. My condition did not last long, 8 days was fine, but these 8 days are really strict with myself, all the requirements are meticulously completed, eat rough tea and light rice, go to bed early and get up early. The oral cavity is brushed and sprayed every day. There is a serious breath in the mouth every day. In addition, there is no flat conductor stones and no Helicobacter pylori during the inspection (you can check for total stomach discomfort). Finally, I suggest that everyone prescribe the right medicine according to your physical condition. Bad breath is not a stubborn disease. It is based on the body, and it will be cured soon. Come on!

8 months ago

The cause of bad breath is generally judged based on the duration of bad breath. Divided according to the duration of action, there are two types of halitosis: super-persistent and temporary. If there is a bad mouth smell throughout the day, it is likely to be caused by a disease. Oral problems such as periodontitis, tooth decay, wisdom teeth, and dry mouth. In addition to oral diseases, some other chronic systemic diseases, such as stomach disease, tonsillitis, pneumonia, or diabetes, can also produce unpleasant odors. If it’s such a tone, then quickly cure the disease first. In addition, many people, like the subject, wake up every morning with bad breath. More than 80% of the breath problems are caused by the oral cavity, and most of them are caused by their own habits. For example, people who love to smoke and drink, and those who like to eat garlic… Therefore, if you want to get rid of your breath, you must refuse these items, and try to eat less or no food with pungent smell. In addition to eating, there is another reason, that is, the cleaning work before going to bed at night is not in place, so that the food remaining in the teeth is broken down by bacteria, and the smell is emitted. This requires more attention to the effect of brushing at night. Moreover, there is a small transparent tongue that everyone habitually ignores-tongue coating. Food residues and bacteria are the main components of the tongue coating. You can choose the tongue coating brush of Jacques to clean the tongue coating. I hope I can help you~

8 months ago

One in four people has bad breath. 1. Causes of bad breath: Many people think that having bad breath is equivalent to a bad gastrointestinal tract. This is a misunderstanding. In fact, the causes of bad breath are also various: 1. After a person with constipation eats normally, the bacteria in the intestine will decompose food residues that are not absorbed by the intestine, and produce hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other odorous substances. Toxic gas, if accompanied by gastrointestinal emptying function at this time, the gas will flow back to the mouth in the body and cause bad breath. Shouhui laxative capsules can nourish yin and invigorate qi, relieve turbidity and lax, and can fundamentally regulate gastrointestinal function and improve constipation. If the stool is cleared, the bad breath will disappear naturally. 2. Most of the bad breath odor of food residue comes from volatile sulfur compounds, which has a typical smell of rotten eggs. When food residues and bacteria accumulate in the wrinkles behind the tongue, these compounds are released. Generally speaking, it is temporary. 3. Poor oral hygiene, such as eating strong-smelling food but not brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth, or failing to develop good cleaning habits, can lead to tartar and tooth decay, which can lead to bad breath. 4. Sinus infections The sinuses are air-filled passages in the face. When fluid is trapped in the sinuses, bacteria can multiply, which can lead to infections and a foul smell of breath. 5. Gastroesophageal reflux disease When gastric acid is mixed with food or bacteria, gastroesophageal reflux disease may make the breath smell bad. 6. Periodontal abscess Periodontal abscess is a serious tooth infection. Bacterial infection can cause pain and swelling, and the accumulation of pus makes the breath smelly. 7. Intestinal obstruction When the intestines are blocked, the stool will recede, which may cause bad breath in the breath, and even vomiting of stool in severe cases. 2. Is it possible to judge bad breath by exhaling in the palm of the hand? Can’t. This detection method may not be able to detect the gas produced behind the tongue, which is the main source of bad breath. 3. Can mouthwash remove bad breath? The British health research organization Cochrane conducted research and analysis on the scientific literature on bad breath. In 2008, the researchers evaluated the mouthwash. The five most effective tests showed that if the mouthwash contains antibacterial substances, it can reduce the difficulty to a certain extent. Smells.

8 months ago

Let’s get some dry stuff from the perspective of a dentist. If the oral problem is solved, if it is still bad breath, it can be judged that there must be a problem outside the oral cavity. · To find the cause, first look at logic. The cause of a certain disease is ABCDE. If someone has a certain disease, it may have an unlimited number of causes and the importance of a certain disease. Random arrangement and combination + a possibility of unknown cause. The subject said: “Wake up in the morning for bad breath” according to the general contextual latent semantics should be “except for waking up in the morning, other times are okay (note, okay latent semantics is not paying attention to not finding it does not mean not having it)”, which can be inferred as The subject’s halitosis in the morning is related to certain physiological and pathological phenomena at night. The considerations include 1. When sleeping, because there is no food or air in the mouth, the flora, especially anaerobic bacteria, is actively metabolized to produce halitosis-related gases. If there is food at the same time Residues, dental caries, tartar and other bacteria accumulating factors or bacterial infection foci are very likely to aggravate bad breath. 2. Bloating? 3. Wait, wait…· After listening to the main complaint and then looking at the law of establishment, I found out that “brushing your teeth every morning and evening” is known in the consultation. If there is no tooth decay, toothache, loose tooth, and bleeding, don’t you? Do you usually have gastrointestinal symptoms and constipation? Wait, wait, if there is any of the above, it may be one of the causes. (Note, it’s not necessarily a symptom. Doctor’s consultation is a skill, and the cause can be found carefully without being taken off.) · Look at the exclusion method, if the therapeutic diagnosis is through consultation, the cause is probably locked in the mouth or stomach. intestinal. 1. If you try to exclude gastrointestinal first? You are currently in the dentistry department (you invited a dentist to answer the questions), I am sorry for your shortcomings, gastrointestinal knowledge must not be as good as a gastrointestinal professional doctor, so let’s rule out the oral cavity first. 2. As a dentist, we only need to You can see oral diseases when you open your mouth for inspection. It is non-invasive and safe, and it is a very good entrance. Besides, oral cavity is a specialist with extremely high requirements for prevention. We basically have to brush our teeth twice a day (remember to use the modified Pap brushing method for more than two minutes! It can be used with a flusher and dental floss, and the three cannot be replaced by each other. Otherwise, brushing is invalid. , The bacteria are still reproducing and metabolizing wildly in the mouth, naturally there will be bad breath). Even if there is no bad breath or toothache, it is really recommended to go to the hospital for dental cleaning and examination every six months to a year, because the dental disease is just a filling of decayed teeth at the beginning. Dental implants during periodontal surgery are unacceptable to many people. So no matter whether you want to treat bad breath and whether you can treat bad breath, there is no problem with seeing your teeth. Anyway, washing the teeth is not something that can be solved by talking about it, so I will not start to describe it. Go and register, wash your teeth, and ask about bad breath by the way. After the oral problems are completely resolved (including the learning of effective tooth brushing), if the bad breath does not improve at all, then we will directly rule out the oral problems; if it is improved but not completely resolved, it means that the problem is oral + other (including but not limited to gastrointestinal) Caused; if it is completely improved, it is caused by oral problems. What rotten egg is the oral cavity, and the corruption is the gastrointestinal tract. If the oral and gastrointestinal diseases occur at the same time, what should it taste? Besides, ordinary oral bacteria do produce sulfur and so the smell of rotten eggs, but the bad breath of necrotizing gingivitis cannot be ignored. The taste is not to say that there must be no scientific reason, and it is too subjective, but it is just for reference. Medicine can’t help being more rigorous. #If the answer is a little bit inspiring, please like it so more people can see it (don’t just bookmark it but don’t like it/good wishes, humble and transparent.

8 months ago

After brushing the teeth and smelling it, it will prove to be the stomach, if not, it is the mouth. This simple method of elimination will be my nephew in elementary school. But in fact, it’s useless for you to divide it so fine, because it usually does. I usually suffer from my stomach dysfunction all the year round. Besides, I don’t have the morning, and I usually wash in the morning. Therefore, I don’t wash and my teeth are broken. I really don’t know how to distinguish, so I’ll do two things together, nourishing the stomach on the one hand, and cleaning the mouth on the other. I washed my teeth when I went for bad breath, and then I started to brush my teeth frantically. I sprayed the mouth-clearing spray every day. After the effect, I sprayed it almost four or five times a day. Now I’m soaking honeysuckle to rush manuscripts every day, not to mention, life in old age is very comfortable, except for tooth extraction and filling is very painful. But maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s because of bad breath caused by getting angry, so go see if you should. When you find out, people won’t be able to eat.

8 months ago

In fact, the distinguishing method is very simple. Oral bad breath comes from the mouth, and the gastrointestinal source comes from breathing. Therefore, when you close your mouth and breathe through your nose, the gas you exhale is also smelly, so it may be the gastrointestinal tract or the respiratory tract. Of the source. However, halitosis from gastrointestinal and respiratory sources only accounts for a very small proportion of the sources of halitosis. I saw a lot of respondents answering physiological and pathological halitosis, and the respondent also said oral halitosis. The examples cited are dental caries, periodontal disease, abscesses, etc. I I want to say that these answers are correct, but! ! Did not mention the point! ! ! Putting aside the probability to answer the answer is really meaningless. Now I will talk about the most important cause and the most important preventive method based on the proportion of the cause of disease! I won’t go into details about other niche causes, and if you talk too much, it will easily induce others to think in other directions. Most of the sources of bad breath are the oral cavity, so there is no need to immediately suspect whether it is a gastrointestinal disease, diabetes or other metabolic diseases. These causes of bad breath are rare, and the multiple causes should be ruled out first. . If you rule out the oral problems and still can’t solve them, then consider these rare causes. Among them, most of the bad breath from the oral cavity comes from the tongue! tongue! tongue! The important thing is said three times. In fact, many dentists themselves do not have a deep understanding of bad breath. They say that it may be tooth decay or periodontitis. In fact, dental caries and periodontitis also do not account for the main cause of oral halitosis, and the main cause is the tongue. There will be a lot of food residue on the tongue, and the epithelium of the tongue will fall off and mix together to decay, forming a tongue coating. Now many people may know to brush their teeth carefully, but few people know that brushing their teeth is the first time I heard about it today. Please give me a compliment.) Therefore, the oral cavity is the largest source of bad breath, and the tongue is the largest source of bad breath. It should be the first cause of bad breath. The way to avoid it is also very simple: brush your tongue. ! A good toothbrush has a tongue coating cleaner on the back, which can be used to scrape the tongue, or buy a tongue coating cleaner. Of course, mouthwash is also a method, but mouthwash is generally not recommended for long-term use, only in your emergency or short-term use. Don’t kong, kong is reading! This is not my fault, it’s all written in our textbook.

8 months ago

What causes bad breath? ​‎͏ Oral food residues react with a large number of bacteria in the oral cavity. Bacteria proliferate due to incomplete cleaning and produce sulfide. If not treated in time, it will cause bad breath, periodontitis, oral ulcers and other problems. Lungs, especially in people who smoke, long-term use of nicotine can cause lung heat, and exhale is often nauseous and unpleasant, resulting in intractable bad breath. Helicobacter pylori in the stomach is causing trouble! Helicobacter pylori is a harmful bacteria found to survive in gastric acid and parasitize in gastric mucosal tissues. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will be transferred to the stomach through the oral mucosa, and it will become a fermented garbage dump, and one mouth will release nauseous bad breath.

8 months ago

Do you think this is an alternative question? No, too naive. This is a true or false question. See if you have stomach problems or other problems. If you don’t, you are lucky. You only have oral problems. If you have problems with your stomach, congratulations, you have both, you are the son of heaven! Everyone has the problem of oral cavity, but some people may just eat some green onions at noon, but the taste is big enough, I can only be glad that there is nothing wrong with my stomach, I just have bad breath in my mouth, however, I Although there is only one source of bad breath, my body makes a fuss with the only source based on the concept of effective use of resources without wasting. I am especially in love with fire. As soon as my mouth heats up, the smell starts to boil. Every time I get angry, Dao Yuan sees a friend from all over the world. As soon as he speaks, he doesn’t speak, so he is asked: Did you eat shit again today? Hey, I’m a lovely girl. Who can stand it? So I made up my mind to get rid of bad breath. After that, every time I brushed my teeth, I used to brush my teeth one by one. After brushing, I flossed my teeth to clean the gaps between my teeth. I always sprayed breath freshener when I was at work. I used it as a chewing gum. After a week or so, the taste disappeared, but the habit of brushing teeth has been developed, that is, when you get angry, you must take some gunpowder in advance.

8 months ago

The most important thing in treating bad breath is to find the cause of bad breath. The reason why many patients cannot eliminate bad breath is not because the treatment plan is incorrect. The main problem is that there is no treatment for the cause, and the cause of bad breath is not found. After all, the cause of bad breath There are many. There are basically three causes of bad breath: oral problems, gastrointestinal problems and ear, nose and throat problems. 01 Oral problems This is the easiest reason to think of, because the odor comes out of the mouth, so the first place that comes to mind is the oral cavity. People suffering from dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, oral mucositis, tooth decay, periodontal disease and other oral diseases are prone to bacteria, especially anaerobic bacteria, which decompose to produce sulfide, which is decaying. Taste, and produce bad breath. In addition, if you do not brush your teeth carefully, do not rinse your mouth after a meal, and reduce your saliva secretion, you may cause bad breath in your mouth. 02 Gastrointestinal diseases Stomach peptic ulcer, chronic gastritis, functional dyspepsia, etc., may be accompanied by bad breath. The culprit of stomach problems is the very popular Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylori, which causes many stomach diseases, directly produces sulfide and causes bad breath. After the eradication of Helicobacter pylori, the symptoms of bad breath are significantly reduced. 03 Ear, nose and throat diseases People with atrophic rhinitis, suppurative tonsillitis, lung abscess, suppurative bronchitis, etc. will secrete purulent substances and give off a foul smell. 04 Other situations Smoking and drinking are very easy to induce bad breath, especially those who smoke for a long time generally have a bad breath smell in their mouths, of course, it is a “mixed smell” mixed with smoke. Prevention of bad breath In fact, bad breath is completely preventable, and preventing bad breath is as important as treating bad breath. Brush your teeth on time and rinse your mouth and learn to use dental floss to clean the gap between your teeth, which can largely remove the bacteria that cause bad breath. In addition, the coating on the tongue hides many bacteria that cause bad breath. It is best to clean them up when using a toothbrush. In terms of diet, it is best to eat foods that require a lot of chewing to promote saliva flow. In short, bad breath is not serious, and treatment is not so difficult. The most important thing is to find the right cause of bad breath, treat the cause, and take the right seat.

8 months ago

I will do this. The key point of discrimination is whether your mouth is clean enough. The subject said two key points: 1. Wake up in the morning with bad breath, then I defaulted to brushing my teeth and my mouth does not smell bad during the day. 2. Brush your teeth every morning and evening. I just talked about brushing your teeth. So, did you brush your teeth clean? The following discussion should be divided into several situations: 1. Brushed clean. The brushing here refers to the standard brushing, even using a toothbrush to rinse the teeth and the deep part of the gums, and even using mouthwash to thoroughly clean the oral cavity, and regularly washing the teeth, there is no Dental calculus, periodontitis and other oral diseases. If so, if you wake up in the morning and still have bad breath, then it must be a gastrointestinal problem. 2. Brushed, not necessarily brushed clean. So, first clean the mouth, and then discuss this issue. If the bad breath is gone, then it is an oral problem, if it is still there, then please refer to the first one, it is a gastrointestinal problem. Bad breath is not a disease, but it affects normal life and work. I hope the subject will solve this problem as soon as possible.

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