Recently, Pang Mailang’s agent stated that Pang Mailang has been forced to be sent to a doctor because of schizophrenia. The agent said that Pang’s work was written when he was sick, but when he was sober, he didn’t want people to see the successful side.

What do you think of such a tragedy? What should everyone do to treat patients with schizophrenia? Pang Mailang was forced to be sent to hospital. Is this necessary?

“My Skate Shoes” is my favorite song for many years. I can even sing the erratic rhythm of Pang Mailang, without a tone in the tune. This is a repertoire in my KTV, which brings a lot of joy to me, my friends and colleagues. And to be honest, “Skate Shoes” is not a brainless divine song. It has one thing in common with “Jiangnan Tannery Closed” and “The Song of the Five Rings”, that is, it looks like nonsense on the surface, but it actually has a connotation if you think about it carefully. Of course, I didn’t say how high Pang Mailang’s level is. The success of “Skate Shoes” is mainly a product of chance and cannot be copied. Combined with Pang Mailang’s own experience, it is easy to resonate with the audience, and the agency’s promotion and operation of the song is also indispensable. I just think that, after all, Pang Mailang wrote a song that brings joy to everyone, whether it resonates, or a good song, then he should always get something, in return for the little man to stick to his dream. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be. The copyright of the song is in the hands of the record company. It is not known how much Pang himself has benefited. I guess it is very little. There is also an article with superb writing skills but full of maliciousness in “Frightened Pang Mai Lang”. Others said, “That song was not done by himself at all, it was mainly modified and polished by the team” (I forgot the source of this statement, but it is in my impression, and it is also mentioned in other answers). This really reminds me of 2005 Nian Klauchen led the Chinese National Youth Team to play the best scene and record in the World Youth Championship, but there was a conflict with the Chinese Football Association. As a result, the leader of the Football Association told reporters, “Clauchen is just a decoration, and important decisions and personnel adjustments are the Football Association. Do it!” (I remember this clearly, it is definitely a report published in the big media) How similar. Human character and destiny. What can I say besides feeling. And Pang Mailang himself, in addition to being exploited and harvested, what resistance can he make? “He is crazy after all.” Is it true or another packaging hype, I don’t know. Now that this incident is announced, where the benefits are and how to operate it, I am not an insider and I naturally don’t know. Let me just say one thing: just the phrase “Pang Mailang is like Van Gogh”, the traces of hype are too obvious. Shortness, memory points, violent arguments, just a few words match all the elements of the hype. The level is really high. At the same time, the unusual enthusiasm of this issue also confirms the speculation of the hype. It is now second on the hot list. The news of an outdated little person can normally have such a big enthusiasm? So, things are quite interesting. Why do you want to scramble this? Let the bullets fly first. It’s just that I guess that these benefits will eventually flow to Pang Mailang himself, but there will still be very little. At this point, he felt like a skinny corpse. Although it is not much richer, it can still feed some people for a while. The flesh and blood has been eaten and wiped clean, and it was eaten and wiped clean back then. Now there are some residues, and some maggots attached to bones are taking the last nutrients. When there is no more scum left, these talents will disperse.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In the 20-year history of the development of Internet celebrities, many people have become popular because of the unique magic of singing, such as Li Gen, Gao Yin, Bo Lan, Da Yi, and Gluten. Some people have greatly improved their lives by becoming popular. Some people have become ordinary after a while, some people are struggling to start live broadcasts, and some people just call giao and can still be on various shows. But Pang Mailang alone is the real tragedy. He has always believed that he is an artist. However, from his popularity to the curtain call, he was regarded as a joke by the public, and he was held in his hand as a tool to attract traffic. Now he is forcibly sent to a mental hospital, and has to be eaten up and squeezed out, consuming the final value. I think he and Xiao Ma Yun are very pitiful, but as a disadvantaged group, they are trapped by traffic and disguised as clowns by capital to attract attention. But what is even more sad is that in order to be famous, many healthy people are pretending to be crazy and stupid, gaining attention without a bottom line. This is the era of Internet celebrities and traffic. When I was in college, I liked this song very much, and I often sang it. For some reason, I can feel a kind of sadness in this song.

7 months ago

“The agent said that Pang’s work was written when he was sick, but when he is awake, he doesn’t want people to see the side of success.” Sorry, I want to laugh a little. When did he succeed? But skate shoes are really a good song, I like it very much, and I often listen to it. From this point of view, the black material he had before was indeed not made by normal people, and it might be a mental illness. I still hope that he is healthy and safe. But you really can’t say that he has a successful side. Pang Mailang wrote a good song, but after that, the negatives continued. The popular singer was not popular, and he did not do anything to contribute to society in his life. You can’t admit that he has a successful side just because he is mentally ill and sympathetic. I think that is pushing him into the fire pit. It is better to honestly tell him that he has never succeeded. I wish him well. But if I knew it was a mental patient, would the brokerage company be cruel? Use mental patients in this way. Another agent said that he saw Van Gogh’s shadow on him. Have you squeezed enough? The capital set is pretty slippery.

7 months ago

Never thought he was normal. I don’t know what the historical background is, what kind of interest relationship is involved, I just want to tell a story around me. My cousin was sentenced for having a conflict with others at a friend’s wedding banquet and was sentenced for breaking two of his ribs. He stayed in prison for two years. After he came out, he became a little abnormal. How can I say that this is not normal? It should be a little bit introverted. I was young and just went out to college. I heard from my family that I didn’t like to talk or go out after I came back. When I returned home on the National Day of my sophomore year, my mother quietly took me to the mental hospital in our county, saying that your cousin was sent to the mental hospital by your uncle. Why was it sent back? Since he was released from prison, he has stayed at home without going out. People who have eaten prison meals cannot hold their heads up in the village. Staying at home for a long time is probably too panic. Sometimes I just lie on the wall of my house and look outside when I am curious. That day, a young man in the village passed by and shouted to him: mental illness! He was angry, picked up a small stone and threw it on his head. In fact, he didn’t fight, but the other party refused to give up, so he was forcibly sent to a mental hospital. My mother said that when she first went in, she was struggling like killing a pig, and finally was given a tranquilizer, tied her hands and feet to the bed. I don’t know what it is, I just heard. This time, the fact of “mental illness” was confirmed. Later, I stayed in the mental hospital for half a year and had to take medicine all year round when I went home. Because of the energy of the past six months, the villagers avoided him when they met, and his life was completely hopeless. Stay at home all year round. I was eighteen years old that year, and I told my mother that my cousin was not mentally ill, and you didn’t understand him. Outsiders looked down on him. My uncle was so accustomed to him since he was a child. Suddenly he was jailed and he was very inferior. , How could it become mental illness! My mother said: yes. But what can be done? At that time, there were no psychological people in our 18th-tier town. There are only normal people and mental patients. Normal people go to the People’s Hospital, and abnormal people go to the ghastly mental hospital. Sometimes, some “mental illnesses” are inexplicably “being” acquired, but they may be acquired, not the person involved, who can really say it clearly?

7 months ago

I listened to FM while driving in the morning and heard a very ordinary Rap without singing skills. I suddenly thought of Pang Mailang: This is not as good as “My Skate Shoes”, friction friction, like the pace of the devil. This was the first time I thought of this person in several years, and then I heard that this person was suffering from “schizophrenia.” If I hadn’t heard a very ordinary song all of a sudden, I might have forgotten that there is such a person. The first time I heard “My Skate Shoes”, I really liked the story told by the lyrics, sincere and moved: a guy who came out of a small place, for his own dream, to pursue his ideal “skate shoes” , He found it later and enjoyed it very much. But I hope he should disappear and return to calm. I think this kind of inspiration is likely to be triggered only once in a lifetime. If this kind of inspiration is defined as talent, then he will lose his self-awareness. The profit-seeking people around him will not let him go easily, and will encourage him frantically, “You are great, you are a genius, don’t be the voice of the unexpected world, go boldly perform and create.” Others have gained a lot of benefits and enthusiasm, but the abuse behind the enthusiasm will only fall on him. The two extreme voices of “encouragement and praise” from people around him and “swearing and mocking” in online public opinion are devastating to a mentally vulnerable person. You don’t know who you are, whether you are a genius or a fool. The entertainment industry is not suitable for people with weak mentality, and returning to peace is not a bad thing.

7 months ago

I have heard all of Pang Mailang’s early works. To be honest, his kind of music does have an unusual, cruel, shabby and messy “beauty”. Simple repetitive drum beats, out-of-tune vocals. This sense of hearing cannot be simply classified into factors such as “appreciation of ugliness” and “funny hunting”. Later, there were rumors that these things were collectively created by companies, packaging hype, and so on. I didn’t know whether they were true or false. Anyway, it is a pity to hear this news now.

7 months ago

Hello, thanks for the invitation! I don’t think Pang Mailang is schizophrenic. He is very likely to suffer from bipolar disorder, which is commonly known as “bipolar disorder.” During the onset period, “knowledge, affection, and intention” are completely out of the patient’s control. This is his The reason for being forced to hospital; in the performance industry, the proportion of people suffering from bipolar disorder may exceed the social average level. Known are Cam, Luo Yonghao, etc. There are also some well-known celebrities abroad, such as Van Gogh, Hemingway, Elvis, etc. During the period of depression, they are depressed and feel low in value. During the period of mania, they feel that they are omnipotent and a god who can control everything. Their cognition at that time can no longer control their emotions and behaviors. This is the so-called uncontrollable demon; people cannot always be in a manic state. After the mania is over, there must be a period of depression with low mood, and patients with depression who have been depressed for too long may also have a manic-like outbreak. The symptoms, it is said that Mr. Leslie Cheung, who has always been good-tempered, once shot a table with a Wusheng actor suspected of bipolar disorder, and said that he was looking for someone to do him in Hong Kong; of course, Mr. Leslie Cheung was able to restrain his emotions. Because of this, he decided not to point his anger at others but at himself, which caused many fans to sigh, lament, and miss; let’s go back to Pang Mailang’s incident, the conflict between depression and mania, much like schizophrenia. Since it just happened, the mental hospital cannot be diagnosed in such a short period of time. Based on his feelings and widely understood and accepted cognition by the public, his agent mistakenly thought that Pang Mailang was schizophrenia; bipolar disorder, not yet like schizophrenia That has aroused everyone’s vigilance and attention. In our country, the number of bipolar disorder patients is much larger than that of schizophrenia patients, because the social function has not been completely impaired, and the concealment is relatively strong. YY, in fact, are all suspected patients with bipolar disorder; as for the follow-up of Pang Mailang, the hospital’s diagnosis may overthrow schizophrenia; good wishes!

7 months ago

This is the most ironic thing. The lyrics written when he is sick are respected by society, and when he is not sick and sober, he thinks his success is shameful, that is to say, sick. It is this society. His success means a deeper failure, that is, the failure of society. If a person like him can realize that he is a capital admirer and a traffic generator, he can resist capital in this way. Then I think he is more real than many traffic stars, Xiao Xianrou. I saw someone claim that he is Van Gogh. From the point of view of persistence, it is indeed somewhat like he borrowed a lot of money from online loans to perform performances. The capital was done by himself without capital. In the end, he owed a debt. He naturally collapsed. But compared to the traffic star, this person is still very kind, but the traffic star makes a lot of money, and the female fan chooses the concubine about P. He thinks Isn’t it a disease of society if you make music by yourself but get scolded every day? In the end, he did not engage in crooked traffic live broadcasts to make quick money: “The kindness he is, the heavy inferiority he is.”

7 months ago

Pang Mailang and Sister Feng, who were in Mano’s time, posted on Weibo today and thought they had crossed. Many people compare Pang Mailang with Van Gogh, just like comparing a patient with giant disease to Yao Ming. Yao Ming’s height is a talent, and the height of giant disease is a symptom. If you have never been popular, it is normal to accept an ordinary self. If you have ever become popular, as the popularity of the Internet decreases, and then accept an ordinary life, there will always be a huge gap in your heart. I still hope that he can recover. After all, a healthy life is more important than being famous. The self-media that eats the Pangmailang bonus finally has material again, just like the smell of flies and smells.

7 months ago

I came out for an internship in 2014 and found a job that is very different from my major. The monthly salary is 1400. I don’t have the money to rent a house, so I still live in the school dormitory. The one-way commute to work is two and a half hours, and I take 5 buses every day. hour. Listening to songs on the bus, my skate shoes. Share this song with classmates who have not yet gone to work, they all ask, what taste is this song good? I laughed it off, sitting by the window of the bus, watching the gray high wall outside the window gradually become brightly lit. My mother called and asked me about my current situation, and I no longer bored with her instructions. I said, Mom, don’t worry, of course I will save money. Now I can’t bear to buy a bottle of mineral water. My mother said, don’t save too much, just be happy. There are 700 pairs of Nike shoes in the specialty store. If I buy one, will I still have money to eat and drink this month. In this brightly lit city, can I stand and dance on the street like them? After getting off the bus, on the way back to the dormitory. I saw myself in the moonlight, sometimes very far and sometimes very close. One step two steps, one step two steps, is the pace of the devil. On this smooth ground, rub, rub. Ha, it’s really a pastime of having fun in hardship. Less than a kind of situation, can not understand a kind of mood. You can write an essay once you move your heart.

7 months ago

I like listening to his songs very much. The goodness of Pang’s songs has nothing to do with Pang, mainly because of the excellent arrangement. He is not the same as the pretending stupid anchor who is popular on the Internet today, he is really stupid. Although he knows nothing about music, he has musical pursuits. Therefore, he lived very awkwardly. This is a cause of his illness. Schizophrenia is related to genetic factors. Many people carry some susceptibility genes more or less, but most people use it as no inducement and therefore do not have the disease.

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