I see many animes where the protagonist travels to another world. The other world is a European medieval setting: human beings are castles, kingdoms, knights, chambers of commerce, and outside are dragons, giants, dwarves, elves, wizards, vampires, werewolves, etc.

I am very curious. At the same time, there were many other civilizations in the world, such as the Tang and Song Dynasties in China, such as India, the Persian Empire in the Middle East, the Arab Empire, Egypt in Africa, the Inca in the Americas, and the Mayan countries.

And there are many in Western history, such as ancient Greece, ancient Rome, such as the Renaissance-Napoleonic era, such as the French Revolution-Napoleonic Wars.

Why is this rarely involved in traveling through another world in anime?

In fact, in addition to the simple “This is very simple to write, it does not need to increase the cost of readers’ understanding, I just come to open up and relax”, there is a very key issue in the creation of web light novels in different worlds in Japan, which is always ignored by Chinese readers. That is the author’s problem. The overhead world can have many blueprints. From the perspective of geography and culture, the “West” alone can be divided into a cultural circle with different tastes in France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Iberia, Northern Europe, and Eastern Europe. Not to mention the big voyages, the industrial revolution and the like added after its historicization. But can the author write? To put it harder, web authors are the losers of the author circle, and strictly speaking, they are not authors. It’s just a bunch of fanboys who write novels. There will indeed be buried geniuses in them, but you can’t always rely on geniuses for everything. Therefore, it is not that the author has to take care of the reader’s understanding cost, but that the author does his best to put together his own fantasy from childhood to big, and finally write a work in which the protagonist is opening up the degraded DQ worldview. He is already like this, why can’t you forgive him? Then you might say, why don’t professional authors write orthodox, based on a certain era, such as the Renaissance, such as the French Revolution era fantasy works? The answer is of course simpler, because it may not make money. Don’t underestimate the fact that “may not make money”. The author needs to prepare to write a book. The more reference systems he has, the higher the degree of realism, the more complex the details, and the more reference materials. His writing costs are increasing. So who is a book with a lot of writing cost devoted to? Can “realism to fantasy based on myth and history” be sold? At least from the perspective of the Japanese light novel market, it cannot be sold. Tian Tian laughs at the fact that Xi Yinqi hasn’t been animated for many years, and it’s not a pure fantasy core or a young girl. Even if you’re an extreme enthusiast, you don’t have to work hard to write, but you are just like a few authors. After one or two books can’t be sold, they will start to rely on mainstream tastes as much as possible. Then you have to lean on the mainstream, can you do with the Renaissance and French Revolution themes? In fact, it is not impossible to try to express the European style works of the 17th and 18th centuries, but this cannot be the main axis of the works. Do you think Napoleon, who is possessed by the devil and tearing the tank, has enough energy? Is it fantastically unique? Isn’t it just sold like that? If there is a big fire, the editor can’t put the gun on his head for him to write. The Japanese are all dq and ff national games. Western fantasy background stories are not necessarily popular, do you still have oriental fantasy, African fantasy, and American fantasy? The author has the skill, isn’t it good for him to go directly to the writing book to make money? You use the deceitful spirit of “Author, write, we support you” to motivate the appearance of such works. With this skill, it is better to write a popular and well-received “Great Navigation Fantasy”, “Great Revolution Fantasy” and “American Fantasy”. By that time, the entire industry will definitely be authors who follow your path, 100%. Oh, by the way, there is another very important question. I forgot to say that your history is history. Don’t think about “historical fantasy”. Japan has enough historical novels, and there are a lot of dramatic adaptations and development of very mature historical comics. Basically, there are many people in all countries and all ages, and it has directly diverted you a huge number of readers. Don’t always think that this is a blue ocean market. You have contracted it alone, and how many people have done it. Look at you during the Renaissance and the French Revolution. The manga “Heaven is the Bank of the Red River” was a comic book how many years ago, and I will give you an Anatolia directly.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Don’t talk about nationality. There is only one reason: the enfeoffment system is chaotic enough and it is easy to cause contradictions. For example, when passing through the peak of the Roman Empire, the protagonist quarreled with a passerby brother, and the passerby slapped the table: “I am a Roman citizen!” Then the protagonist can only curse at most, and go to court at most to prosecute, otherwise he will have to challenge the whole The ruling order of the Roman Empire. But if it’s a European medieval background, passers-by slapped the table: “My father is the head of the guard of the Duke of Orléans”, and the protagonist can say “My boss is the Earl of Anjou” without breaking it. Well, there are enough reasons to do it. It’s done before the Duke of Champagne’s guard arrives. Maybe we can start a great adventure together without getting acquainted with each other. Not to mention the conflicts of multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multi-sects, wars between ruined aristocrats and emerging rulers, open and secret struggles between religious power and royal power, differences in world views between merchants and knights, conflicts between autonomy and unification, just pick one. To expand, one season of animation is enough. The core selling point of animation is always fighting, and the background of the plot is just an excuse to explain “who fights with whom”. A sufficiently chaotic background, such as Medieval Western Europe where “my master’s master is not my master” has a significant advantage.

8 months ago

Thank you 1. It’s not that you didn’t travel to places similar to China. Let’s find out about the Twelve Kingdoms. I think it’s very good. 2. There are a lot of modern Western magical themes with ready-made templates. Classics, such as the Lord of the Rings, are works condensed after an overall planning of the ancient Western mythological system. They have super guiding significance for all Western magical works from modern to modern times. (The content of the Lord of the Rings statement is close to the ancient epic, but the narration in the text is more vivid.) Then there is the DND board game system. After decades of condensing, the various elements of the Western magic system are concentrated for development. DND guides you how to play the game, how to edit the plot, and how to give players an immersive experience. With a complete set of systems, after you read it through, the basics of being a playwright are almost the same (although it’s just about writing an outline, it depends on you personally) World of Warcraft developed a set of DND3 treasure books in the early years. Then there is DQ, which can basically be regarded as the origin of Japanese RPG (that is, level training). The success of the DQ series also laid the foundation for the influence of the entire audience under the JRPG system. This is why when there is a magical plot, it is difficult to bypass the Western magical brand, and the foundation of nearly 100 years is deposited there. Isn’t it a waste? Unable to keep it, the routine is popular. It’s not unreasonable here to mention why Western magical themes are suitable for popular reasons. Just like why ancient Greek and Nordic myths can be passed down through the ages, humans have anthropomorphized the mysterious and unknown elements, giving the gods of the sky a very clear humanity imprint. This has a strong sense of substitution for the viewers themselves. Similar to “June Feixue must have grievances” and the like. Under such circumstances, the audience can feel the expansion of their own abilities. Simply put, “sword and magic” is a man’s romance. The Western magical system takes into account all the experiences that most viewers need. But the actual human history does not have this so-called “romance”. And “Western Magic” as a shell, I can throw everything in (DQ is a model of integration) 3. Cultural system propaganda Simply put, European and American culture is the world’s largest export-oriented culture. Almost no one knows the Lord of the Rings. Conversely, the culture of our country, I think it can’t even do basic domestic sales. The specific reasons are too complicated, I don’t want to say more. The cultural propaganda itself is the propaganda after packaging the original history and various aspects. The thing you said has been packaged and promoted more than once, as for the outcome. Comparing the difference between “Big Fish Begonia” and “Spirited Away”, you have to understand: the packaging level is not as good as humans, there is no way. Finally, this kind of template design cannot be supported by ordinary people or a group of people. It’s a pity that most people are too entertaining.

8 months ago

The problem is not only the European Middle Ages, but the fictional medieval backgrounds in different works are too similar. Look at “The Battle of Rhode Island”, it doesn’t emphasize the fantasy elements too much, but it is far more distinctive than the current setting of another world. There is a very critical entry point: the popular works of reincarnation in another world after 2010, and the works of crossing through different worlds in the past, are two completely different types of works. Other world works were very popular in the 80s and 90s, such as “Sky War”. In this type of work, the protagonist directly enters the different world in the form of the real world. Yiping is a master of martial arts in reality, but he is still a master of martial arts in the different world. The three sisters of “Magic Knight” are saviors in another world, but in reality they are also relatively powerful people. If you are a weak person in reality, you will still be weak in another world, such as Meizhu in “Unbelievable Game”. The focus of the old alien world is the adventure of the alien world, similar to “Around the World in 80 Days” and “Marco Polo’s Travels”, where the protagonist is just a tool for connecting stories. Therefore, the focus of this type of work is placed on the setting of another world. You can compare ESCAFLOWNE and the magic knight, they are both old-fashioned fantasy kingdoms, but the world view is very different. When viewers watch such works, they need to spend a lot of time understanding the setting of another world. The fun of the story also mainly comes from these complicated designs. However, the current works of different worlds centered on light novels focus on the protagonist, not the different world. The unsatisfactory protagonist in the real world starts his second life in another world and achieves success. What the reader cares about is actually how the protagonist overcomes each of the difficulties and successfully pretends. If the setting of another world is too complicated, it will not help readers to quickly understand the situation. As a result, the setting of a new world not only cannot be created, but on the contrary, it must be minimized. It is best for every reader to understand what the protagonist should do and why when he gets the book, without looking at any settings. In this way, the standard RPG world view of the DQ series that the Japanese have played has become the greatest common divisor for all readers. Even if you put an FF worldview, it may cause readers to be forced, because every generation of FF worldview is different, and readers may not have played it. The world view of DQ through the ages is only slightly different, and it has been copied by many other Japanese RPGs, everyone knows a little bit. If Japan’s national RPG is not DQ but Pokémon, then… “15 years ago you killed my dad with the ultimate ball, now I will kill you with the master ball!”

8 months ago

Because this itself is the most used and the easiest to set in the magical world view setting. It is fictionalized based on the medieval influences such as the popular influences of the Lord of the Rings, Dragon Quest, Medieval Warhammer, The Elder Scrolls, World of Warcraft and other game movies. The magical world is the most widely spread, and a large number of similar worldview works appear. The magical fantasy of the medieval prototype has even become synonymous with magical themes. Therefore, the different world is naturally the easiest to think of medieval European knights, magicians, Catholicism and other elements and European legends of dragons. , Vampires, goblins, etc., there are a large number of template authors that are easy to set up. Moreover, the Japanese are a bit of a European style, so it is understandable that if you get something that the market is not familiar with, first, the author requires a higher level of skills. Second, it is difficult to assess the risk. After all, many people think that magic is the Middle Ages. You may not like it when you give it to a different person. Of course, you have to like other regions or the world of other times in the West. For example, Maya’s “Six Flowers” “The Brave”, but very few. There are many in Japan. Naruto is a typical example, but usually it is not a journey through another world but a different world.

8 months ago

It is related to Japan’s collective subconscious. The author believes that he can change the future before he writes science fiction. Otherwise, it is also a super power, so it will be explained by magic. Magic can easily follow the background of sword and magic. (Dnd dq big influence) The more a nation’s future hopes are, the more colorful the picture will appear in the future. This is why Doraemon was born under the Cold War competition and the Japanese economy took off, and Ghost in the Shell was born at the apex of the bubble economy. In the bubble years, Toriyama Akira’s Dragon Ball is a magical setting book, and it must be explained forcibly with a sci-fi background. Conversely, the more in the painting process, the prototype image of the unconscious past is presented. Because people are unconsciously afraid of going to the future, they miss the past very much. Traveling to another world is the kind of inferiority complex. It is meaningless to think that even if a person is born a hero to do everything the best and change the world. It can only change the world that does not exist. The archetype imagery in the past was either the Japanese native Japanese style, or the sword and magic in the Middle Ages. Especially swords and magic are easy to draw. All the necessary materials are readily available in the individual brain and the group brain. The cost of creating future animation prototypes is very high. No one has seen the world in the future, so the painter has to imagine the future himself and tell the reader what it is for under the premise that no one has ever seen it. This requires a lot of feelings. Also out the master. In addition, China’s popular online game novels are essentially science fiction. Of course, sci-fi can also run in the same world as swords and magic. …The special forces prototype is actually a prototype image of the future for the Chinese public, so the market for Chinese online movie feedback is an optimistic market. The optimistic and pessimistic view of the future of the world is a pair of opposite axes. The more optimists, the more they look towards the future. The pessimist looks to the past. What the optimist needs is the initiative to change reality. This coordinate axis is a continuous coordinate axis, not discrete. tcg cultivates players’ subjective initiative, so heavy players of tcg subconsciously like science fiction. Yugioh’s animation full science fiction. Magic player Zhang Heng created a new school of sci-fi in an infinite stream. Even if Blizzard’s own members are addicted to Hearthstone, the background of Hearthstone is magic ip, but the new game Overwatch in the future will unconsciously build it into a science fiction theme. In fact, the fundamental problem behind this problem is that young people in Japan believe in themselves and are less and less likely to contribute to their subjective initiative. There are a lot of science fiction movies in the United States. Even magical superpowers are packaged as science fiction. This is not a downgrade of science fiction, but a proof of the strong initiative of American creators. Hard science fiction is originally a science fiction composed of legal image elements in the brains of natural scientists in a narrow sense, and its scope of application is very narrow. Similarly, the British jk Rowling, the author of Harry Potter, this kind of completely overhead and unprecedented IP with a complete system world explanation, is also a science fiction facing the future. Using the inherent imagery archetypes of the human group to carry out stories in the past timeline is a kind of repressive, learned helpless pessimistic subconscious projection. This kind of archetype imagery is difficult to bypass medieval swords and magic. Of course, there is also the most direct short-term reason. … After entering the industrial age, the three-dimensional structure of houses has become more complicated, and the density of knowledge required has increased significantly, resulting in a geometric increase in the cost of painting and it is difficult to maintain. Is a very important reason. For newcomers, the cost of perfecting the scene is very high. There is also a dark angle. From the perspective of “Painting Psychology”, the higher a person’s IQ, the more modern and higher the painted house.

8 months ago

Fantasy literature needs a consensus. The European Middle Ages was once one of the greatest consensuses of fantasy works. Only creation based on this consensus will reduce the reading threshold and be accepted by a wider range of readers. At present, the fantasy consensus that Japanese readers are exposed to is not only local culture, but American DND, space poetry, cyberpunk and Cthulhu, British steampunk and warhammer, and finally the European medieval fantasy and the fantasy based on the European medieval fantasy. Most of the world is simple, sunny, relaxed and lively style. Suitable for young and old, and more suitable for children to read. These light novels are out-and-out children’s books. Readers except children are Don Quixote. Of course, it is not to say that other styles of works cannot be used as children’s books. The steampunk culture in Hayao Miyazaki’s works, the Cthulhu style in Japanese special photos, and the space poetry style at the core of Astro Doraemon’s works are all constructions. Childhood memories of the Japanese generation in industrial society. The problem is that the Japanese who were born after the economic crisis have lost the soil to watch these works that reflect the side of Japan’s construction of industrial society.

8 months ago

It is nothing more than an early epidemic, a wide spread, a system, and a certain degree of freedom to play. You want to treat humans as mothers, or even more tasteful characters, and you want to kill awesome monsters, or you don’t have a problem with the monsters. You want to pretend to be coerced in front of humans. But you traveled to the Tang and Song dynasties… even if you get the sweat of the foreign race, you are still a human in the end, unless you change the foreign race into a monster like “The Great Wall”… Wait, the inside version Journey to the West? ? ? This theme is there, but the protagonist is no longer a human traverser.

8 months ago

Have you ever watched an incredible game with Chinese style? The large proportion of Europe in the Middle Ages was because the DND system was perfect, and the author did not need to relearn the culture and customs of a country, but just set the DND rules into it. Take our country as an example. If the background is similar to the ancient Chinese world, the author’s dilemma is huge, because our country lacks a system of fantasy rules, not to mention foreigners, even if you are a native, writing and writing is not inseparable. Open the theme of Xiuxian? Is there a lack of fantasy culture in our country? In fact, it is not. There are many fantasy popular novels in the past dynasties. The more famous ones are Sou Shen Ji and Liao Zhai Zhi Yi. Not to mention the book of Shan Hai Jing. But foreigners want to read these books, it will consume him a lot of time. Unless I like to watch it since I was young, it is very inefficient to collect information based on writing. More importantly, how accepted is the market? China’s story actually has a market in Japan, but it’s hard to tell about other civilizations, such as India, Middle East Persian Empire, Arabia, Africa, Egypt, America, Inca Maya. Is there a mass market in Japan? I have worked hard to learn the culture of other countries, but no one buys the things I wrote. Does the subject make up for it? Choose medieval Europe because the rules are systematized, easy to learn, and there is enough market. If you have a high level of sinology, you can try Chinese subjects. But don’t try other things rashly.

8 months ago

Whenever you see fantasy, the first sentence that comes to mind is basically correct: It’s all Tolkien’s fault, let alone Japanese works of different worlds. Fantasy works all over the world are influenced by Tolkien. First of all, there are ready-made templates. , Well-known in the Tang and Song dynasties of China, ancient India and ancient Persia…well…maybe there is, but it must be a minority. Because you have to start popular science from scratch for many settings, not to mention that many settings have to be made from scratch. Most readers and audiences have counted “Elves with sharp ears, love nature, good at archery and magic”, “Dwarf beard, love Drinking, good at work, hate elves” and other settings, unless there is something special to say otherwise, don’t use science to see an elf girl, either an archer or a magician, and 80% is very arrogant. Everyone is used to it. Why? Want to change it in particular? Although the orthodox western elves are like orcs, Japanese audiences are not comfortable with that and many settings you may need to start again. The final weapon can’t be a holy sword, at least it can’t be a western sword. Get a Middle Eastern scimitar or something? The style of painting is totally wrong. Even if you don’t talk about the special settings brought by fantasy and pure history, the Japanese don’t understand the mess of other civilizations. Many people are still at the stage of not knowing the difference between Inca and Maya (refer to Nobita’s According to the legend of the Sun King, God knows whether it is Maya style or Inca style) India, Persia, Egypt, most Japanese people are not familiar with it. Also, I don’t want to see ancient China painted by Japanese people, if it doesn’t look like it at all. If you are familiar, you won’t want to paint, and you don’t want to understand a little bit of history. If you’re interested in history, you can read real history comics. It’s not a different world. In addition, many different worlds have already had traffic in the great nautical era and even the First World War. The nobility system is not so much the Middle Ages as it is the pre-war Japan (the name + title is really unique) The French Revolution is not a very popular historical event in Japan, everyone knows it, but no one likes painting…No Do you know if you feel disillusioned with France? The Renaissance is drawn a lot in girl manga, maybe because there are many celebrities and nobles.

8 months ago

Because the Japanese understand the Middle Ages better, the knight master is the samurai, the nobility is the daimyo, the sacred stick is the onmyoji, and the various demons and ghosts are eight million gods. Medieval content that is not very common in Japanese history is not very common in other worlds, such as the Crusades (no other world can write holy wars), complicated allegiance relationships (the nobles in the Middle Ages sometimes fight wars at the same time). The two parties bear the obligation to send troops. They fight with their left and right hands, and then decide how many soldiers to send on the left and right according to their relatives), the dual-track system of lover/husband and wife (at the end of the Middle Ages, wives generally only had the obligation to keep their virginity before the birth of the eldest son, and then casually find a lover. Husbands are always looking for lovers at random. The relationship between husband and wife is only “property and inheritance” and does not involve feelings. People without lovers will even be despised rather than respected), baptism (the process of monotheism replacing polytheism), and so on. The early medieval essays in my country’s online literature are similar. It’s not so much the Middle Ages, it’s better to say that it’s a martial arts change. The academy is a martial art, and the academy competition is a martial arts competition. The allegiance and spouse relationship are clearly in line with Confucian ethics, and the content of the church is even more… It’s not religious at all, it’s hardly what religion should do, and there are a lot of things that sects should do. Compared to the church, it’s more like “the No. 1 sect in the world with a bit of a narrative”, or “Shaolin Temple”. Alien version”.

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