I am a child from a rural family in the Shuicheng District of Weiming City. I have asked someone to enter the Xianfeng Temple to learn the magic boxing method. After two years of learning, I deeply feel that the magic boxing method is too weak. The Buddha sugar is expensive to die, and I chant all the year round. The body is also extremely weak, even Undead Slash can’t be moved. I want to go to the Palace of Origin for further study. If the wolf becomes Shura, I can still be a vampire and suck people. Now I am very uncertain about my future. Is it too late for me to drink and become a beauty? a bit.

A friend just sent me a resume. It’s another Xianfeng Temple bodhisattva-foot monk. He has worked in the castle tower and the Red Army. But Shiina and a brother in charge of the Neifu said it was fake. Yes, there is no such person. There is another person who has been working for six years and wrote that the head of the dead wood monk in the palace of the source. Still the head coach? ? ? Can you still be a monk if you don’t even care about fraud In fact, it is difficult to recruit a good monk nowadays. Many friends, including many big forces, are asking me to help introduce them. The main reason for the difficulty is the mismatch of abilities. The above expects you to be able to truly make a monk, not just a punch, a kick, but the whole spirit and core of the monk. It is a monk as well as a martial artist. This is called a monk. A qualified monk must have monk thinking as well as Buddhist thinking. It is true that Bodhisattva’s feet have become popular in the past ten years, attracting a large number of people to switch to this industry. In the early years, as long as you could do a leg-raising posture, you could easily earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, but now there are too many crash courses for Bodhisattva feet out there. Many children don’t know what a monk is. Hearing people say that they have a high-paying job, they just go to school. If they can’t find a job, or go to the suburbs to be a cheap thug with a bandit group, they will only blame the pressure on employment and make a career change. , Do not reflect on yourself at all. I have also talked about this topic with some martial arts leaders. Wu is always just a technique, and there is still a way in the technique. Whether you can sink your heart and polish it is the key to whether you can stand out. For example, a certain independent martial arts master X Wolf, also a well-known figure in the industry, took orders to assassinate himself and achieved financial freedom in Kyoto. Now he has bought three houses around the General’s Mansion. A kid wanted him to recommend a job, so X Wolf asked, can you cut off your hand cruelly. The kid said no. Naturally, xwolf refused, because the kids didn’t understand martial arts at all. Don’t use the comment area. If you understand it, you will understand it naturally. If you don’t understand it, it will be useless. I have been leading the team in the Guying team for 7 years. The purpose of Laizhihu is to cultivate new martial arts inheritance and realize the value of life. There is no time to fight with you. When it comes to monks, you have to ask yourself if you understand Buddha, what is Buddha? When you understand this problem, the major forces will only beg you to go. We spread the fire to persuade them to leave the group, which brings together big coffee and big cows in various fields, regularly sharing some martial arts knowledge, and sometimes internally recommending some opportunities. Now as long as 298, give you a chance to join.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I think the subject still has to figure out what you want. Different choices represent different life states in the future. Some envy the subject’s choice when young. I studied at the Palace of Origins very early, and after graduating from Swordsmanship and Thunder, I stayed there to work. Working comfortably here is usually about patrolling with colleagues, so I have a lot of time to cultivate hobbies. I usually like to feed fish and play football, occasionally grafting cherry blossoms or something, it means a little old age. Although the air is better and the water is better in Gennomiya, the mountains and rivers are so lonely, many times I still want to return to Ashina. For nothing else, the food in Gennomiya is too bad. They don’t care about the locals, but I am a celebrity Wei and it is still difficult to adapt after so many years. The other is the issue of culture and language. Although I have taken the American Certificate of American Language Test a long time ago, the exam is one thing, and communication is another. Anyway, I feel that if there are language and cultural barriers, it is not easy to get along with the locals. In addition, Xianxiang sometimes releases positions and meets Yinglong, but these positions are actually for locals. They don’t talk about it, but I think there is still discrimination against foreigners. In my heart, I still hope that I can return to Ashina. But I personally feel that after staying in the palace for a long time, it is difficult to adapt to Ashina’s introductory rhythm. I heard that Ashina’s general positions are now 996 or even 007, and there is no guarantee. Not only the work intensity is high and the risk is high, but the leadership is brainwashed every day to have the honor of death but not the humiliation of life. It is too shameless to deceive people willingly to die in their posts. The thunder technique I learned was popular a few years ago, but now I heard that it can be thunderous, so Ashina’s job is not easy to find. But I have been looking at Ashina’s opportunity. Therefore, I advise the subject to be cautious about studying abroad in the Palace of Origin, otherwise you may not be able to go back because of one of these reasons. If I can do it again, I hope I can find a relationship to go to the inner government and find a job within the system. Don’t spray I don’t love Ashina or something, it’s useless, the first thing is to live in troubled times.

8 months ago

I was in Ashina, just off the ladder of the tiger’s mouth. I didn’t understand the ultimate appeal of the subject, but when I saw that the subject pointed to the word “future”, I thought it would be better to live in the troubled times of the Warring States and live without any worries. Then my path can be used as a reference. Let me introduce myself first. I am a blacksmith from Ashina Kuni. The reason why I am a blacksmith is because I can make swords. The weapons I built are not only well-known to celebrities, but also well-known overseas. Winter does not freeze and summer does not show up. The most important thing is to never roll the edge and break the mouth. The cutting edge is only a pediatric. It is hit by the beast that can shake the mountain and the ground, and it is hit by the big tube that can trample the city and break the pool. Don’t hurt anything. Because this special steel has and only I know the forging process, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the thin and tall old man in the city, or the crumbs of the world with a big bow and a big dog, even in the inner palace of the eastern country. The adults and the bullies and thieves around Ashina treated me with courtesy, licking their faces every year and asking me to make weapons at high prices. Under the influence of my unique skill, I even reached a dialectical “nuclear balance” of the cold weapon era. With my sword, I will win, and without my sword, I will lose. If you use my sword, you can fight martial arts. For this reason, I dare not move me, and no one wants to move me. However, I have tried to expand my business during this period, and it seems that the development momentum is good. For example, after seeing the firearms brought by the Nanbans, I think, this is it? Thanks to my efforts to improve, the ultimate firearm that is comparable to the accuracy of a rifled gun, has a rate of fire comparable to that of a breech, and far exceeds the ammunition capacity of a machine gun was born. For another example, some time ago, a Nanban man asked me to make a Nanban armor. I looked at the drawing, that’s it? So it took a few days to create a plate armor for him that is not afraid of swords or flames, and has a full-angle protection of 366.5 degrees. The key is that the plate is not heavy, and it can still be unmountable even with an epee. Swim freely. Subject, you come to me to learn this craft, why worry about your future?

8 months ago

It seems that you still don’t know the secret hidden in Xianfeng Temple. This temple uses many children to do experiments in order to study the art of longevity. Every time a child is sacrificed, a red windmill is made as a memorial service. After two years, you can survive, not you. They are so talented that they are reluctant to experiment with you because your physique is surprisingly resistant to the negative effects of the drug’s effects. Only the undead can pull out the Undead Slash without dying, “You can’t even hold the Undead Slash”, then you should have drunk the potion and practiced with Undead Slash regularly, so you have become an undead. Undead Slash is used by Xianfeng Temple to test whether the undead is successfully used, and it is also the treasure of Xianfeng Temple. They are willing to let you use it, which shows that you do have extraordinary martial arts talents. It must be that the monk’s food is too poor, and there is no meat to eat, which makes you unable to take it and kill it. Let’s go back to the village, just eat a Weiming specialty chicken to replenish the body.

8 months ago

Never learn from Barre. It looked pretty, but in fact Barre couldn’t even compare the swordsmanship of New Year’s greetings. Kanichiro and Isshin are the best examples. When they don’t use Barre, they are considered to be unique people, especially the old people with one heart, and they spread the experience of hesitating and defeating the whole world. As a result, after they learned Barre, Genichiro became an aerial ballet performer. He jumped twice in the sky and was shot down directly by a wolf. And what about the old man Yixin? The performer of the ground ballet was also beheaded by a wolf in the process of turning around. Not to mention those sluggish and beautiful, they can be regarded as the creators of empty ballet, how miserable are they? It’s so miserable that I can’t bear to watch. Every dancer who jumped up to perform aerial ballet was beaten by a wolf. There was no room for resistance. The worst were struggling on the ground after being chopped off. It took more than ten seconds to see Yinglong. If you take a video of the specific picture, you can only mosaic the whole process. Otherwise know that this kind of serious place will not be released at all. Just like that, do you still want to learn Barre? Dear, trust me, don’t torture yourself, learn New Year’s greetings swordsmanship, it will give you a new experience of boating in your future adventures, and you will use the New Year’s greetings swordsmanship again and again with unprecedented pleasure. Come to your side at the time.

8 months ago

Not everyone is able to sense the power of the paper man very well, except for some evil ninjas who can achieve the true form of the genre by this thing. Among the remaining people, how many of them can truly comprehend each school on their own? How many are willing to teach real things? Mishan Temple is full of business every day, knowing that teaching newcomers lose money, those who have the strength have already gone out as mercenaries, and the inheritance of marksmanship is about to be broken. The subject’s family is somewhat related, but obviously it’s not a big deal in Ashina’s country. Otherwise, all of them will be used to send him to Ashina’s high-level hands to learn Ashina or Qiben marksmanship. Speaking of returning to the Palace of Origin, the subject may not have been there personally. There are no normal people in that place. The snake-eyes on the periphery are very temperamental and men are not high in the place. The real Yugami people and ours also grow up. It’s very different, that is, your family relationship has forced you to enter the palace. Can you blend into that environment? Let alone Ba Zhilei’s secrets, even bow and sword skills may not be able to be learned. Xianfeng Temple is considered to be a relatively stable unit. They have economic contacts with the inner government and some Weiming high-level officials all year round, and they are not short of money. Moreover, their own genre is not secret. I heard that the Guying Congregation of the Inner Palace once organized a group to study in Xianfeng Temple. After they came out, the Bodhisattva’s feet were all swaying. Yes, you will know that Xianfeng Temple doesn’t have any tricks, and everything that should be taught is taught. The most important thing is that the Xianfeng genre is a very mature set of martial arts, and its upper limit has been developed to the extreme. Can you perceive that the paper man has no influence on this genre, and those with ordinary talents can also practice it. To sum up, there is no need to consider Ba Liu and the like. Sugar is expensive because the time you spend in Xianfeng Temple is too short. Study the teachings carefully and get the promotion materials. If you mix to the middle level, you can get sugar at the cost. Wait until the status is high. After the point of authority is higher, more contact with those chaotic crowds, Yueyintang is not difficult to buy, they are also short of money! Finally, don’t touch the Bianruoshui, and try not to participate in the Bianruoshui research. It is not a good project. I am not convenient to say more about this, and I understand everything.

8 months ago

Come here to give you advice. Oh, to be honest, Ba Zhi Lei just looks handsome, don’t you know that it is really used, isn’t Henichiro here just think that Wei celebrity is not good, so he went to learn Ba Zhi Lei? Don’t you know what happened to be taken away directly by San Duan Lei Fan? Isn’t our Master Sword Master also pitted by Ba Zhilei’s thunder? If the ninja were to change his style, the ninja would have to die several times. If you choose Xianfeng’s feet to practice more, there is still a future. Although the intensity has been reduced recently, normal people can still be taken away directly after a set. But if you really don’t think it works, then I rationally suggest that you learn from Wei celebrities: one word cuts down the bar to give you room; climbs the carp, lowers the carp to increase the damage; running water reduces the damage; there is also the unique skill of Wei to cross the cut cool and cool. And don’t you say that you can’t kill it? We draw swords every day will definitely give you enough exercise, look at our slogan “Hesitate to defeat”, come here to let you draw swords within a year as natural as breathing, now you have a chance to get amazing stunts Sakura Dance. By the way, when it comes to Yingwu, you know that Yingwu can accidentally injure the thunder, so what else does Ba Zhilei need to learn? Moreover, our practice headquarters is in Ashina Castle, which is also close to your home. How convenient is it to go back and forth? What are you waiting for? Come to the castle tower of Weiming City to find sister Yongzhen to sign up, first come first served!

8 months ago

I can’t learn Bodhisattva’s feet, I can’t practice Ba Zhi Lei, I’m just a mean country ninja. In the dark and damp crypt, I watched the water dripping from the stone and silently counted the sheep, one sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four sheep… Eighteen thousand seven hundred and sixty sheep… More or less behind… Well, I’m just a mean country ninja, lurking in the shadows waiting for the prey to reveal its flaws. When I show my fangs, the prey will be burned by the light reflected by my white teeth. I was torn apart in fear! Until one day… I met a blacksmith. I’m sinking. Lost in his clear sound of ironing, I asked him to teach me the skill of ironing, and he agreed. Since then, I am no longer a mean country ninja! I became an upright blacksmith! I made myself an invulnerable helmet, but because my family was poor when I was young, I didn’t take the last meal. Now I’m nearly 30, but I’m just under 1.6 meters tall. Some children are even better than others. I’m tall, so everyone in Ashina calls me Tietouwa!

8 months ago

I was in Reina and just came out of Xianfeng Temple. As an ordinary Weiming child, Junior Brother has nothing more than these options: to be a soldier, to be a monk, to find a way to go to the Palace of the Source, to the Iron Cannon Fortress, to be a bandit, and to be a running dog in the inner palace. The brother will analyze and analyze for you, and the most suitable one is to be a monk. The brother himself has already practiced the Bodhisattva’s feet, so the next step is to learn how to use the insect stick. First of all, to be a soldier. This is definitely the worst choice. Look at the soldiers in Ashina Castle. One or two weak will die. If you are a soldier, there are no more than two choices: being killed by a wolf or being killed by the inner government. killed. It’s not that the brother discourages you to serve the country, but obviously there is no chance of winning this way. I don’t recommend the brother to go. If you don’t say it, you will be turned into a red ghost. Second, go to the palace of the source. Let’s not talk about how an ordinary child of yours goes to the guards of the Phantom Breaker and the Guardian of the Breaker’s body. Even if you touch it, it is very far away from the place where the water of the capital is. Without the skill of a wolf, I suggest you not to go. The probability is that the sucked adult will do it. Step back ten thousand steps, even if you drink water, you are a priest in red clothes. As a priest with no proper way, your best result is to be sent to the aquatic village to play the flute, the last man who plays the flute You know the end of the game. It’s old and miserable, not to mention that this is the best result. It is very likely to be expelled directly by the adults in blue clothes, or to be stabbed to death by the woman. As for the iron cannon fortress, they won’t want you, they are all retreating from the world, they are very exclusive, and you can’t cross that gorge without forbearance. Forget it. As a bandit, you two chiefs before and after, the Criminal Ministry was recruited and died, and Fat Python is probably also dead. For the rest of the bandits, do you think Ming Ming Wei “is the first to settle for the outside world”? If you surrender to the enemy, brother will be the first to kill you, a traitor. Therefore, it seems that it is worth staying in the temple to be a monk. First, you can live without dying. At most, there are bugs in your body. This will not affect your normal life too much. Second, take care of the food, the danger is small. Although the wolf will also go to Xianfeng Temple, the purpose of the wolf is still not to be killed. If you want to hide it, he will not come to you. Third, our martial arts are stable. Yes, brother admits that we are not particularly strong in martial arts in Xianfeng Temple, so we learned the Bodhisattva’s feet in the end to be a little powerful. But you are not a wolf. It is enough for your little civilian to learn this, at least much better than your classmates who joined the army. Brother recommends that you watch less and don’t think that everyone is a Juggernaut. Ordinary people like us can be said to be successful people if they can learn the Insect Stick Dafa. Do you still want to learn Ba Zhi Lei? Are you afraid that you are not dreaming, wake up soon. Master Xuan Ichiro has the best teacher, the best wound medicine, his grandfather is still a swordsman, and his arms are scorched after training, and he has learned that good look, you? Without professional teachers, medicine, or guidance, your only end is to be hacked to death, so cut off your heart as soon as possible. As for the other roads, you can’t go far, don’t you believe it? You see, training weapons, the dragon flash you want to learn, Yixin, even Master Genichiro hasn’t learned it. You don’t have the guidance of a single-minded adult, and your final strength can’t even be defeated by a red army. If you are lucky enough to learn marksmanship, that’s not bad. After all, most people won’t see it through, but they have thick armor, and you will die in the end. What’s more, the gunmen are full of minor children, and you can’t get in at all. Learn ninjutsu? Either you go to the lone shadow crowd, but the brother has also said that if you dare to be a traitor, the brother will be the first to abolish you. What’s more, the lone shadow crowd is a family, and you, a foreigner, will definitely be killed. Either go to Master Xiao, but Master Xiao has accepted a disciple for so many years, and finally became the world’s first in strength. What’s more, Master Xiao has been busy treasoning the country in recent years, dreaming of unifying Wei’s name, how can he have time to accept disciples? The younger brother said that he can’t pull it out without killing it. The younger brother thinks you are bragging. After two years of martial arts, you can’t see Mi Niang at all. It is estimated that you have listened to which brother tells the story and made it yourself. The brother has already learned the Bodhisattva’s feet. Never crossed the magic gallery. So, to sum up, you still stay at Xianfeng Temple honestly. When you learn the insect stick method and become a bug bearer, you may be able to see Mi Niang. Even if you can’t, you are also on the side. It’s a strong one, and it’s not a big problem to kill one-on-one. When the time comes, call senior brother, let’s make allegiance to Wei Mingguo together. In the end, if you get frustrated, there is still a small temple waiting for you to take care of it. Not to mention, I went to practice the stick method.

8 months ago

Ba Zhi Lei is not as useful as Xianfeng Temple boxing, just look at the status quo of Yuanzhi Palace. Even dogs can release thunder. Xianfeng Temple boxing rules both internally and externally, and there are many footwork. You can go to the temple and find Buddha Sugar in many places. The old monks still have a lot of goods. It is strongly recommended not to drink Bianruoshui, nor to find Daoshun. Finally, if you insist on drinking change like water, remember to drink it at the place where the knot stone is placed. I hope my advice is helpful to you.

8 months ago

The demon-breaking fist of Xianfeng Temple is sturdy and the Bodhisattva’s athletes are fierce, but I heard people say that the monks in the monastery take medicine indiscriminately, and most of them are crazy. One day the undead will go to the monastery, even if you take the initiative to offer Buddha candy, I am afraid they will still become a puppet, and they will not even be able to save their lives. Now it’s a bit late to drink the water. If you want to practice further after drinking, there are also water from the capital and water from the source, which are more expensive. Even if it is cultivated into a koi, it will still be crushed to death, or poisoned to death, or fished and roasted by a fisherman. After all, it will not end well.

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