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First of all, Xiaohu is a genius debut. Now everyone’s left-handed black angel and other domestic midlaners are not as dazzling as Xiaohu at the beginning. After all, he has the reputation of buying a team for him, so from the talent level, there are not many domestic players. Having had Xiaohu, and at the same time, he has always had the characteristics of fast training (and forgetting fast) in his hero training, so his talent is the basis for him to quickly come up with top lane heroes when he goes to the road. Secondly, except for the World Championships, Xiaohu can’t do well. Most of the domestic competitions are at the top level of the league. Regardless of laning ability, support ability, teamfighting ability, etc., imagine that a match-up pinnacle broiler is not inferior or even slightly suppresses the mid laner and lane. The details are okay, and this is the reason that supports his ability to go to the top lane to match other top lanes. Moreover, rng’s current tactics are focused on the upper half. Regardless of whether it is bp priority or tactical layout, the upper half is the core. The titles such as wei tiger and wei tiger guard are the best proof. Invest resources It’s a matter of course to play something, Xiaohu also did it, so this is the incentive for him to perform well. In addition, the appropriate version makes Xiaohu more comfortable. This version of the jungle is of great importance. A good jungler can quickly build an economic advantage of one to two thousand by taking the Pioneer Dragon in the early stage. However, Wei’s performance has been ignored by you. His The rhythm hero pool and operations are both top junglers now, and there is also a one-handed command. It can be said that a large part of the good performance of this rng is because of wei. It is understandable that Xiaohu played well under an excellent team. In the end, Xiaohu’s experience in midlaners made him understand the idea of ​​Opposite C. This is his own original words and the same reasoning. He has been a top mid laner and naturally knows the mid laner ideas and knows how to limit the mid laner. Therefore, experience also helps him to perform well. Xiaohu’s fierceness can be understood and explained in hindsight, but the most fundamental thing is that he is rewarded by nature. This has to say how incompetent and short-sighted the RNG management is, right? All curse statements to the management of Bai Xing are not excessive. Don’t forget that Bai Xing has also publicly stated that Xiaohu is not motivated. Don’t forget that RNG decided to let Xiaohu change positions before the game started. What does this show? It shows that RNG has not taken care of Xiaohu’s feelings at all. Just imagine, if Xiaohu really couldn’t adapt to going on the road, he would definitely be the one who gets scolded the most. A new equipment that is still playing the mid lane before the game starts. All-stars have to discuss with binzoom how to play the top lane. Suddenly they are called to play. Normal people can expect to play badly, but e-sports It is necessary for the competition dish to be scolded, so rng still wants Xiaohu to turn to it in this case, you can imagine how disgusting trash it is. Xiaohu’s good performance is really fighting for himself. I don’t know if this is part of the reason. The current performance is worthy of praise, but if you really understand the logic, you must understand that we should support the players rather than the team, even if rng won the championship. It is the coach of the team members that is worth cheering, not the white star group. Therefore, I appeal to sister fans to directly give gifts or trophies to the players. As long as these people are called rng or so-and-so g. Is it affected?


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Both, and not only Xiaohu is so fierce now, but also thanks to other players on the same team who are also fierce. For example, the jungler wei, wei is definitely this version, the strongest jungler, and even the next version is the hero pool. The perfect fusion version, the rhythm is more in line with the version, Xiaohu can be so strong this season, one of the main points is that Wei and Ming often punch in the upper half of the office to catch people and swipe steps. Of course, Wei mainly catches people and releases pioneers. Little tiger lays an advantage and liberates the little tiger. Then talk about the bottom lane combination. The bottom lane combination is actually the most important. The existence of the bottom lane combination has caused many teams to see that wei is to keep but they are the reason why they can’t help it. It feels like the opponent’s jungler has lost his wits, but it’s not because the bottom lane combination is too fierce. A strong bottom lane combination is strong. If everyone does not come, I have a high probability of breaking you. Even if I fail to blow your line, I will develop a team fight with a high probability of being better than you. Everyone will come, and I will be a jungler. Version, I am also strong, and rng is now the only strong teamfight, we have a high probability of winning the road team; if you come to the wild, I will not come, I can ensure that the loss is minimized, while not being overwhelmed by too much development . These three points cause the opposite side to keep holding rng. If I am the opposite jungler, I will keep on with wei. I will probably be exploded when I get off the road, or will be developed by gala and die chronically; then I choose Grab it, generally the results are not great, and it is easy to be blown by wei+xiaohu on the road; so this is a dilemma. Of course, if the bottom lane combination is strong, it is not necessarily able to crush all bottom lane combinations. However, this involves another magic weapon for rng to win this season, that is, operation + team battle. This season, rng’s operation + team battle, and Is the top level of lpl. This season, RNG has also played games that were not superior in the early period, and even inferior games in the early period. However, you will find that RNG will reverse its disadvantages through one or even two waves of team fights in the mid-term. Of course, this is not just a team fight. Powerful credit, as well as credit for operations. Rng has been able to exchange resources with the opposite side this season when it is at a disadvantage, to ensure that its own economy does not lag too much, and even the main point of development in the mid-term, Xiaohu can always protect its economic advantage. This makes it possible for the mid-term teamfight to not be unable to fight in the mid-term teamfight due to the disadvantages of the early period. This may be a bit complicated. Let me put it in a simple way. If two ordinary teams, Team A and Team B, choose a mid-term development lineup, if the two teams have been in a balanced situation in the mid-term, then it is normal. , The paper battle strength of the two teams in the mid-term should be 5:5, and the paper win rate is 50-50. If team A was given an advantage by team B in the early period, such as losing one or two small team fights in the early period, or losing its line in the early period, etc., leading to a loss in the early period, then in the mid-term, the two teams’ paper combat strength should be It’s 3:7 or even 2:8, and the teamfight win rate is about 37 to 28. And rng is due to their own operations + team battles this season higher than other lpl teams, they can evenly transition with other teams to the mid-term, in the team battle win rate, can achieve 64 open, And if they are at a disadvantage in the early stage, they can pass the operation without being snowballed because of the opposing advantage, and then through their strong teamfighting ability, they can make the teamfight win rate 46 or even 55. open. So rng is now particularly fond of taking the front and mid-term lineup, so this is the reason why rng can now be the top of the list. Of course, catching up and down won’t work, there is still another way to catch, and that is the middle road, but the middle road of rng is Guo Guo, a real lpl player, he is different and strong. His strength is different from others. He is strong. I will never have the mentality to show you. It is best for everyone to develop together on the wisdom line, and then I will flash when there is danger. His flash is Really outrageous, outrageous is outrageous, other professional brothers, especially the c-position in the middle road, are very economical for dodge and dodge skills. For example, in your wave of skills, the probability of me killing me is more than 80%. He will intersect in other mid lanes, but Guo Guo is different. He is your skill. I have a 50% or even 30% chance to kill me. I will flash. After the flash, I will be integrated into the defensive tower during the vacuum period. , Find a defensive tower to be your father, you don’t want to have a chance to catch me unless you cross my tower, so I think he should really like the Tsar, and if it feels wrong, I will erect the tower (of course he did it in the game), and then put two on both sides. A killer makes it easy for me to escape. So because you don’t give a chance at all in the middle, there is no way for the opposite jungler. The risk of catching you is too great, and the profit is not necessarily great, so you think that the middle is rarely caught. Having said so much, I mainly want to explain to you that Xiaohu’s strength is due to the overall strength of the team, which makes Xiaohu strong. Of course, Xiaohu also does personal strength. Now he is very good, talented, hardworking, and the version is relatively friendly, so Turning to the present, I feel like it is very strong (of course it is also very strong, but this strength is not just for his personal reasons) and then explain why BLG can win, because it was not long after Xiaohu hit the road at the time, many heroes still Did not practice, BP Shangjin coach made a certain target. At the same time, he was not confident in the top laner, so he won Syndra in the third game. Then the coaching staff did not pay enough attention to blg. At the same time, coach Kim’s routine in the second game was still very strong. The winning streak was broken. If you are playing blg now, I think rng should be able to win more easily

8 months ago

“No more!” I yelled at my girlfriend and stopped panting. “It’s only five minutes. Your health is getting worse and worse.” The girlfriend looked very dissatisfied and walked towards me with the badminton racket. And only I know that it’s not that my body is getting worse, but that in my world, only two minutes have passed. In the past two minutes, in order to keep up with the rhythm of my girlfriend’s serve, I exercised almost desperately, to the limit of my body. “I have the ability to perceive the passage of time.” I thought. It may be difficult for you to realize this sense of independence. To me, time is like a stream of water, and human beings are just a drop of water trapped in it. The stream is fast, the water is fast, and the stream is slow, and the water is slow. And I am the wind above the stream, enjoying a completely different speed from the current. So in my eyes, people’s performance has become very interesting. When the tide of time hits, people’s time becomes faster, and their speech and actions have become twice as fast. My mother beat me several times because of this, because every time I talk to me, I don’t even hear it. But the energy of time is generally decreasing. Often after a feeling of pulling away from the soul has passed, time slows down. At that time, I could catch the glass that fell off the table, and the one-and-a-half hour test became three and a half hours here. And during that time I even had to hide from my friends to go to the bathroom, otherwise the strong impact sound would make the surrounding children doubt life. And I am less and less willing to talk to people, because people either speak too fast or too slowly. On the contrary, my language is either ambiguous, or it seems that I can’t say a word for a long time like dementia. Although my grades are very good, I don’t want to continue reading. The strange gazes of my classmates made me feel like sitting on pins and needles. Then I was immersed in the online world, because no one cares how fast you browse the web and type. Soon I became obsessed with a game called League of Legends. In the slow time, my agility and reaction were different from ordinary people, and I was quickly discovered as a professional player. The wave of time flips about once every three to four months, and it happens to meet two cycles a year. January to April is my strongest time, from April to June it is slightly weaker, from June to September it gradually becomes stronger, and after September it turns sharply. None of this has anything to do with me personally, it’s just a constraint of time. The wonderful feeling brought about by the alternation of time gave me a feeling of interacting with heaven, so I named myself “mutual”. In order to be more modest, I added a “小” as a prefix, and now they all like to call me “xiaohu”. “This is the reason why you became the Tiger Emperor of Spring and World Sai Lahan?” “That’s right.” I paused, and the other party looked thoughtful. “But not this time.” I went on. “This year’s time rollover seems to be slower.” “What do you mean?” The man frowned. “The World Championship is bound to win.”

8 months ago

Let’s not talk about talent and hard work, let’s talk about the negative ones. Xiaohu’s take-off of the order is actually related to this version. The introduction of mythical equipment, traditionally basically pulls the hips on the road, and the monsters and monsters stay in the world. That is to say, the previous experience may become the ideological tightening of some players, restricting their performance. If Xiaohu maintains this state until the end of the summer games, it will be terrible. It is not too much to say that the domestic peak shy brother.

8 months ago

No one can be truly invincible! It is a disadvantage and an advantage at the same time to transfer mid-single! The jungler has been changed, which is also a big plus! Compared to the top lane, the anti-scratch awareness of playing mid lane is much stronger, which is great for switching to top lane! A good sense of anti-scratch on the road can bring benefits to your jungler! This is reciprocal, followed by the fact that he is a new top laner, his opponent is not familiar with his hero pool, and his hero is also an unconventional top laner! In fact, for the opponent, the most terrifying thing is not Conte, or how strong he is, but unfamiliar and unconventional, so you can’t prepare to dig pits for him, he bursts out and has no back-hands to deal with. It’s hard to do! Then, a professional player, he is playing on the road, and he can accumulate a lot of things with his years of game experience. The total he met is those teams, those opponents, and the total number is those people who have played against each other. Experience, coupled with watching his previous game videos, the character of these people, their style of play, the heroes they are good at, their laning style and teamfighting style, what do their heroes need to pay special attention to, etc., etc. These things are all clear, how to play, and I have counted them. Really, this thing is a very valuable thing. Ordinary audiences with these experiences may not feel it when watching the game, but it does not mean that it does not exist. As a result, Xiaohu transfers to it like this. Now it’s good, it looks like Xiaohu is new here, but the opposite is also a new order. I don’t know what Xiaohu’s routine is. On the contrary, Xiaohu can carefully study his routine and gameplay! Psychologically comparable to opponents, it is a disadvantage and an advantage to turn midlaners, but in the final analysis it is Xiaohu’s own efforts. Really, Xiaohu’s improvement is indeed very obvious. For those who work hard, the setbacks and difficulties are his. As a stepping stone, the transfer seems to be a difficult setback. In fact, it allowed him to use this to improve his strength and his professional reputation. But in general, the Tigers are as bright as the Spring Split, and it might not work in the Summer Split, not to mention. He will pull his hips, but he said that the coaches of the major teams and his opponents on the line will not be so passive anymore! He would try his best to set up a set of digging pits for him and prepare for the next move. When he wanted to be so bright, he would have to put in ten times more effort! So, don’t talk about it, lest love and hate come to ask Xiaohu when he will retire!

8 months ago

The biggest advantage of RNG is not Xiaohu, but WEI and GALA. These two people have shared too much pressure on Xiaohu. Last year, 369 was also sturdy. The most important reason in the final analysis is that everyone went to the middle of the game. Largo is a live radar jungler. Largo’s buff+ pressure is not enough, which caused this situation. Xiaohu is strong in three points. The first is that the strength is decent and young. The domestic players are basically ranked t2 (this level currently includes left-handed, stateless, Xiye, and factory director) no problem, that is, they can touch the bottom line of the world championship. But it can’t be the level of master c. The second is that GALA and WEI are very strong, and this season can almost catch up with Uzrago in 2019. Although it is still slightly inferior, considering age and experience factors, it is very close. The third is that the version changes have increased the number of top order options. If you come to a version of the Promise Crocodile, Crab, Sword and Fairy, it will be a problem whether Xiaohu can perform as it is now. Finally, everyone can really pay more attention to GALA and WEI, these two people are really extraordinary this season.

8 months ago

I went to see Xiaohu’s record, it was very gorgeous, but at first glance, Xiaohu heroes are basically Conte, rarely resist pressure, and the jungler is also very helpful. Moreover, the current version of Tiger is really comfortable. It has a wine barrel that is very oily and easy to mix. It can also be used for long and short hands with Gnar Lucian. The most important thing is the current operation of rng. The wife is too strong in teamwork, and often makes opponents rush to wit, such as ts nar jumping face, edg4 man field chasing rage nar and so on. You say he is strong. Losing Blg is his worst crime. He was single-killed by biubiu in a row. In my opinion, Xiaohu is because of the Tiger Emperor of Spring. The version of the spring game has been greatly changed. The ability of rng to adapt to the version has always been very strong. Xiaohu’s current hero pool is to drink poison to quench his thirst. He wants to change the direction of his fist and hope that the top order will be mainly warrior tanks. He does not want to see the long-handed AP AD shoot over on the road. Although Xiaohu Qinggang Ying has won a lot, it is also a mischief, which is really not reference.

8 months ago

First of all, this version is very friendly to Xiaohu’s orders. Xiaohu has not used the Captain Crocodile in the game. Traditionally, Xiaohu’s ability to start a single belt is the top of the league. The current version of the top order is mainly responsible for this task, so it seems that Xiaohu is like a fish in water. Finally, Nakanosuke’s protection of Xiaohu is really meticulous. The superior game was evenly balanced and the jungler was half-lived on the road, and the inferior game Zhongsui also came to join in the fun to help Xiaohu relieve the pressure. In the end, Tan’s repressive force made it difficult for Ueno in front to focus on the line, and often had to help his own road, which invisibly gave Xiaohu room to play.

8 months ago

Wait a minute, what about the version. Has the version been eaten? Those who play on the road need to master the great details of the exchange of blood, such as Qinggang Ying’s blood-replacement by shielding, and the promised EAWAQ pick-up position, then R, then Plants vs. Zombies (Doge), Jess Quinnard’s pull, Ornn’s shield-breaking exchange of blood, and the development of the angel vampire Akali’s pull. As a result, everyone in the professional arena played these upper-limit heroes so well, leading to direct These heroes were scrapped, and the heroes of the match were scrapped. The result. Also, I didn’t say that Xiaohu’s laning period is not good enough. Isn’t that clear enough… The details of the laning exchange are not as good as the one who specializes in the order, or one of the basic skills on the road is not good. Maybe a wave of damage calculation is accurate, but you have to repeat The basic skills of killing these top laners and high ranks are not as good as other top laners in lpl. The result of repeated friction is to be suppressed. Akali, Jess, Sword Demon, Vampire, Sword Girl, Iron Man, and even Silas, which hero has never been beaten by a cruel knife, and the weakening of the spider in the wild is also indispensable (I don’t understand what it has to do with the spider Really nt) The result is that the antagonism on the road is weakened, and then the two types of heroes ran on the road. One is that the road is not good at first, but because he didn’t get a knife, he looks strong. In fact, he is other heroes who choose more nt, such as Shangdannar, barrel, weapon, Quinn, Thain, they can’t get mixed up now. Stone man who can mix. The key point is that the second category is that it is very nt to go on the road, but because of the traditional ant on the road, I don’t appear to be so nt that can develop single-eating heroes, such as the clockwork played by Xiaohu, the small gun, and Lucian. Why do you say that Biubiu is Wu Song and beat Tiger Busters? It’s not because Biubiu is the strongest top laner, but because he is not as strong as the first-line player. When facing the shy, zoom, and 369, Xiaohu knew that I couldn’t have the advantage of opposing the line. The hero or style he chose did not have the desire and possibility to fight, but in the face of biubiu, Xiaohu felt that the opponent was suppressed. The power is not so strong, I seem to be able to fight, but the result is that Xiaohu is carried away by biubiu due to the difference in the basic skills of the matchup on the road (for example, I have seen Gnar wants to single-kill Aoun and is counter-killed.) In short, it is tradition. The top laners are bad. Although I would love to see other heroes appearing on the top road, I believe that what many people want to see is a balance that flourishes on the road, rather than letting a class of heroes emerge through brainless methods. This What is the difference from the one-size-fits-all approach of drawing borders with African countries…

8 months ago

I think a large part of the problems that Xiaohu has had before are caused by his mentality. I watch him live broadcast more. He likes to cut the screen to watch the barrage. He just wanted to see the barrage and praise him for 666 after operating a wave. He should be very in the unexpected world, so he will play it when it comes to big scenes. If you didn’t open it and didn’t dare to operate it, it ended up as 2200 in everyone’s mouth. Moreover, I think his personality is softer and gentler. I don’t want to “command” others hardly what to do or command teammates what to do (the comparison here is more obvious between Uzi and wei, Uzi pulls Xiaohu must be opposite to the two-to-five operation. Wei Da Group has been calling for Xiaohu to go up and sell it to resist damage) Now after turning to the game, he also said that he only needs to be himself, just play well in the game, and reward for his diligence. , As a newcomer, the mentality of being listed is definitely different. After all, I am a newcomer, so I just try to be myself. This kind of thinking will play more openly, play out two operations of one beat four. And Xiaohu originally had some talents. Rank honestly practiced the strong heroes, and if he didn’t practice too much, the game would be effective. He was not slow to practice heroes. There were few things he couldn’t get out in the middle before. The version of the hero, so the hero pool has not received a lot of restrictions for the time being (of course, if the single ecological change is also a big test for him, after all, there is too much to practice). Coupled with the early tilt of the team’s tactics to him, these various reasons eventually led to him playing very well now. Finally, I hope you don’t keep blowing hard. If something goes wrong, the harder you blow now, the worse it will be. Be rational. Fans will be happy inside and don’t keep blowing hard. Passers-by just look at it. His comedian operation, you can praise it when you shoot four, just be happy

8 months ago

Obviously many people who answered are very young. This youth refers to the stage when the brain says I can and the hand says you fart. You will understand this feeling when you are in your thirties and can’t play the operations that you used to be used to, and play games more with your mind and overall situation. Why is Xiaohu fierce in the spring game, because he is diligent, he can understand the version earlier in the offseason, and understand how to win this version earlier. Why did you pull it behind? Because Xiaohu is not young anymore. When everyone’s understanding of the version comes up, the gap between his operations and the endless geniuses of eighteen or nineteen years old is reflected, although he is also the tiger who once killed Faker solo. General. The veteran did not die, but gradually withered. But I still feel that diligence is not everything, and it is also good to transfer coaches to coach players.

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