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Wu Song makes a big noise in Feiyunpu section. It is the only time in “Water Margin” that one person wears the sang with his bare hands and kills multiple people with weapons. Readers will be attracted by Wu Song’s superb martial arts and ignore Feiyun. The dangerous situation in Urakami, in fact, was extremely dangerous at the time! Let’s imagine that a prisoner wearing Song is walking in front. As long as the killer slashes (stokes) it behind him, whether you are a tiger or a dragon, can you escape the knife? Can I avoid the second and the third? In some erotic TV dramas, this kind of problem does not need to be discussed at all, because the heroes have eyes behind their heads. When the heroes are attacked from behind, they will involuntarily lower their heads, turn around and kick one, and then another. A series of flying feet, kicking down a piece of “Boom Boom Boom”… But for a realistic literary work like “Water Margin”, it is a test of the author’s skill. Let’s see how Shi Gong made the impossible possible. First of all, Wu Song’s rod penalty was not severe before being dispatched. (Because the old Guanying made the money) Secondly, Wu Song ate two geese sent by Shi En on the road to ensure sufficient physical strength. This is what Wu Song can do. The prerequisite for making a fuss in Feiyunpu is that if you are maimed or do not eat, even the gods will not escape. Next, it depends on Wu Song’s courage, strategy, adaptability, and superb martial arts. On the way of distribution, Wu Song had two pairs early. The man took precautions, and within a few miles, the two men discussed quietly: “Isn’t there those two?” Wu Song listened, thinking secretly, and sneered: “Without your mother, Niao Xing. ! That guy came to fight against the lord!”… There are also eight or nine miles away from the city, I saw two people on the roadside in front of the road holding a simple knife, each with a waist knife, waiting there first, and met the father-in-law. When the prisoner Wu Song arrived, he helped to do all the way. Wu Song also saw these two males and the two Tippers winking their eyebrows and making some cryptic signs…Two males, two disciples of Jiang Menshen, a total of four killers, squeezing their eyebrows and making secret signs all the way, did not avoid Wu Song too much. , But why? Because they think Wu Song is dead! One slashed (stabbed) from behind with a knife, one quickly made up the knife, and the other two surrounded it to deal with emergencies. In short, four people surrounded with a knife, and slaughtering an individual is not like slaughtering a rabbit! So Wu Song will never let this happen! How does Wu Song guarantee that no one will suddenly attack from behind? It’s simple, because it hasn’t reached the place yet! It is not difficult to kill a person, but the location of the killing is not easy to choose. At least two conditions must be met for this kind of location. One is that it cannot be seen by the police and the underworld. The police and the underworld execute prisoners privately. How can this kind of thing be seen? The second is to deal with corpses conveniently. After killing people, they have to dig a hole and bury them. How can they be left on the side of the road? Do this kind of thing fast, but it takes time to dig holes and bury people! Therefore, Wu Song must continue to observe and think along the way, where will these four thieves and men take their hands? When he arrived at Feiyunpu, Wu Song knew it at a glance! After walking for countless miles, I saw one place in front of me, and the Yupu was victorious, and Yegangkuohe was surrounded by Yegangkuohe on all sides. The five people walked to a broad-slab bridge in Pubian, and on an archway, there was a card with the words “Feiyunpu” written on it. This is really a great place for killing and burying people. It is sparsely populated and the soil is soft. It is easy to bury the people after killing them, or just throw them into the lush reeds! These four thieves are about to do it! Wu Song made a decisive decision and decided to act first! If the other party did it first, then Wu Song would be too passive, or that sentence, with four knives in front and back, and it would be hard to escape with wings! When Wu Song saw it, he asked pretendingly: “Where is the place name called?” The two public men responded, “You are not blind, you must see the forehead of the bridge that says’Feiyunpu’!” In the place where the four killers are also nervous, concentrated, steady, secretly capable, it is estimated that the palms of the hands are sweating! After all, he’s a tiger-beating guy! Fuck, be steady! Fight for a kill! Just as the murderous aura of the four was rising, Wu Song suddenly asked, “Where is the place name call here?” “I asked,” in order to let the four killers escape from this tense and cautious atmosphere. People were confused by the question, but the prisoner hadn’t moved all the way, so why did he suddenly pop out such a thoughtless sentence? Can you ask? The man replied in an angry voice, “You are not blind!” As soon as the words were said, the body naturally relaxed, and the aura formed just now was broken. This is what Wu Song wanted. Once the other party relaxes, he will have it. When the opportunity came, Wu Song paused and said, “I want to clean my hands.” The man took a step closer, but Wu Song called out “Go down!” A flying kick was kicked early, and somersault kicked into the water. When the four killers were inexplicable, Wu Song again proposed to relieve the prisoners. The police must follow the guards to prevent the criminals from making small moves. This is the duty of the police. One public man instinctively walks forward, and another public man It must be not far away. There is no such thing as two people coming forward together. Two big men come together and stare at others to pee. What’s the matter? But the two apprentices of Jiang Menshen stood in place instinctively, and even backed away! Because of the changes in the position and physical condition of the public, the killing plan was suspended, and they were temporarily separated from the killer’s identity! The prisoner is peeing, the police are watching, what are we going to do with it! In this way, Wu Song disrupted the positions of the four killers and left them one by one. Perhaps the judge would ask, when the killer was about to start, Wu Song suddenly asked, would it make them more nervous and more guarded? Of course this is possible, but the point is that the killer’s mentality will change instantly, from being cautious and nervous about preparing to kill to doubting and defensive, and the physical state will inevitably change. Between the two states, the body will change. There will be a brief relaxation, the murderous spirit will naturally disappear, and the four-person hands-on plan will be temporarily interrupted. Of course, Wu Song must also behave calmly and not let the killer see his intentions. This requires a very strong psychological quality. Erlang is also a good actor! Wu Song proposed to relieve his hand. A policeman instinctively stepped forward, and the position of the killer also changed, leaving Wu Song with an angle and space to exert his strength. This was Wu Song’s main purpose! As long as someone approached Wu Song alone, he would not be able to avoid Wu Song’s flying feet even with precautions! It is estimated that the killers would not have thought that Wu Song would dare to make one to four! As long as Wu Song solves one person first, it will inevitably form a huge shock to the other three! ……The word means “walking on one foot”. “Stay” means that while walking and suddenly stop with one foot, it implies that Wu Song’s legs are strong and are about to exert strength. At the same time, it shows that Wu Song has also found an excellent fighting ability. Position, standing here can kick people into the water! This is how the Water Margin uses words! Jinben changed to “Stop Wu Song”, which means nothing. The man who approached first was kicked into the water by Wu Song. This foot must not only be strong, but also have a good head and foot. If he didn’t kick into the water, then the man was kicked into the water. It is still possible for a person to stand up again, so the situation is complicated and passive. Only by accurately kicking the first person into the water can the second person be solved quickly! Wu Song shouted loudly at the same time, which had the effect of boosting, deterring, and frightening. This one was anxious to turn around. Wu Song got up early with his right foot and kicked into the water. When we are suddenly greatly frightened, our instinctive actions are to lean back, back or turn around and run away. It has nothing to do with counseling. This is a natural physiological reaction. “Waiting to turn around” means wanting to turn, but not turning. Frightened, his body stiffened and his reaction was slow. Wu Song took the opportunity to quickly kick again and kick into the water. The four killers instantly lost two of them, and the opponent’s combat power was lost by half! The two guys with Pok’s swords looked under the bridge and walked away. These two are far apart, and at a glance, I’m fucking fucking, so awesome! Run! The psychological line of defense of the two people was defeated, and the will to fight was lost, completely frightened! Did not escape from the broad-slab bridge, but drilled under the bridge nearby, the Water Margin text is true! As the saying goes, if you can’t choose your way, the bridge must be muddy, how can you run far? Wu Song yelled, “Go there!” He twisted the shackle, folded it in half, and pulled the cover off. In the future, he would leave it in the water and hurried down the bridge. Wu Song did not “strike” to open the shackles, but “twisted” them. The two forces intertwined into a “twist”, both strength and ingenuity, removing the shackle cover, and shaking the lion under the clouds with ease! Catch up! The two surprised one first. After two steps, his legs became weak. Wu Song rushed forward, looking at the one who left with only one punch in his heart. He snatched the Pudao, slapped a few Pudao, and died underground. No matter who was upset, First catch up with the first one, knock over, seize the knife, and kill in one go, but turn around and come back. This one can earn it and is just about to leave. Wu Song chased after him, grabbed his head, and shouted: “You guys tell me the truth, I will spare your life!” He knew that he couldn’t leave, but his instinct to survive still urged his body to escape. Wu Song grabbed his head. He was a person. At the most desperate moment, the humanity said: “The two villains are the disciples of the Jiang Menshen… Wu Song said: “It turned out to be Yidi! But I can’t forgive you! “He lifted the knife and fell, and killed the man; he untied his waist knife, picked it up, and took one; he put the two corpse capitals in Puli; and he was afraid that the two males would not die, so he lifted Pudao every time. A few more punk swords were slapped on the person, asking the reason, killing, making up the knife, and the end of the riot in Feiyunpu. We reviewed the whole process. Although Wu Song was prepared for a long time, it was only after Feiyunpu that he saw the real terrain, Wu Song. I didn’t leave any time for myself, because I didn’t have time! Immediately think about countermeasures and act decisively, but every step of his murder is as planned and accurate as early as possible. This is the horror of Wu Song! This is also the text of Mr. Shi Nai’an. What’s amazing! This paragraph of text is perfectly seamless from the use of words to the logic!… Now back to the question raised by the subject, “Flying in Feiyunpu, if you change to another Liangshan hero, is it a mortal situation?” “This question is unsolvable, because we cannot know how other heroes will get away when they arrive at Feiyunpu, but we can think about how many people can have the courage, resourcefulness and adaptability of Wu Song? … Explanation: This answer quotes The original text is from Rong Yutang’s One Hundred Chapters of The Water Margin, Jin Shengtan’s version and One Hundred and Twenty Chapters, and the above paragraph is changed to “Wu Songjushou said:’I want to clean my hands. ‘The two Tipudao took a step closer… The two males panicked and walked under the bridge…” Wu Song was about to pee. The two disciples of Jiang Menshen passed by first, and the two males ran away. In this way, the relationship between the characters is disordered and the logic is unreasonable, and Wu Song’s ingenuity and strain are completely invisible. It doesn’t matter if you don’t read this version of the Water Margin, Mr. Shi Naian’s text can’t be changed casually… Leave a thumbs up later, the rivers and lakes meet each other, hold fists


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8 months ago

First of all, let’s look at several objective conditions for Wu Song to get away in Feiyunpu: 1 The prefect receives money from both ends, and Ye Kongmu takes care of it. Therefore, Wu Song was not abused in prison, and the twenty spine rods that were beaten only suffered skin and flesh injuries, not muscles or bones. 2 Charity’s care: Two roast geese hung on the flail. Why is this important? Because this one leads to the third most important one-only the right hand is nailed on the 3 yoke, and the left hand is not restrained in order to eat the roast goose. So I can’t figure out the third one. Since the two public officials knew that someone wanted Wu Song’s life, they didn’t need any money from grace, and they actually let go of Wu Song’s hand. It should be said that among so many objective conditions, this one is the most deadly. Why would two public men make such a low-level mistake? There are two reasons: one or two roast geese. There has always been an unwritten rule in prison that death row inmates must have a full meal before they are sentenced, or starving ghosts will entangle you. The public knew that Wu Song would die, so he released one of his hands and let him eat the roast goose himself. Second, the information is unavailable. The public only knew that a professional assassin would solve this “thief” on the road. As for Wu Song’s true level and details, they may not be clear. They don’t want to know too much… The public is not clear, but Jiang Menshen should know that the public is not professional, but the killer should be professional. It’s a pity that the killer also has two knives, and the two disciples of the Jiang Menshen are very unreliable. So I used to say that Feiyunpu was forced by Shi Nai’an to take the IQ of Jiangmenshen Zhang Dujian and others off the assembly line, and the official issued a few bugs, which made Wu Song kill the Quartet. Of course, this can also be understood as the arrogance of power. There are too many ants pinched to death, and a tiger will be eaten so much that there is no bone left. Subjectively, Wu Song has two outstanding points. 1 Be prepared early. When Shi En reminded Wu Song, Wu Song said that he knew it well. This is in contrast to Lin Chong, who was reminded by some people, but was assaulted by two public officials so that he couldn’t even walk. Therefore, although Shi Naian did not write about the means by which the public pits Wu Song, but it may not be without it, but Wu Song was not fooled. It is even said that a hand without a shackle may be obtained by Wu Song’s skillful tongue. 2 High fighting will. Wu Song’s willpower is the strongest in the Water Margin. What he is looking for is natural justice, no hesitation, no hesitation, no fear of wolves, fear of tigers, bad life, and accompany to the end. 3 Wu Song’s fight pays attention to the right time and place. If you don’t make a move, you will get a hit. Feiyunpu is a typical case. Seeing that the narrow terrain like Feiyunpu is conducive to heads-up but not conducive to group fights, he took the initiative to attack. Wu Song first made an excuse to pee, and then shook off the two public men. The non-professional assassin came one by one. At this time, before the shackles were opened, the man ran away first, which meant that Wu Song could get away with his feet without using his hands. Here again, I spit on the Jiang Menshen, you are a person who has personally learned Wu Song’s skills, how many catties your apprentice is, you don’t know? Therefore, there should be many Liangshan heroes who can get out of Feiyunpu with these objective conditions: Master Lu has a water-milled Zen stick, sixty-two kilograms, and there are cases of upside-down willows. It’s easy to go to Feiyunpu. Of course, whether you can eat those two roast geese is very important. Master Lu almost planted it in Crock Temple because he didn’t have enough to eat! Lin Chong, regardless of his weakness, his kung fu is top-notch. Of course, the public has doubts about whether Wu Song has used Dong Chao Xue Ba’s method. If it has been used, it is not recorded by Wu Song, then Lin Chong may not be able to pass this Feiyunpu. After all, Wild Boar Forest is a stain that Teacher Lin will never erase in his life. We should also pay attention to reading books. We can’t just look at the surface. Officials and killers will appear unprofessional when they encounter professional Wu Song. If they are replaced by unprofessional Lin Chong, they may be quite professional! Shi Jin, a fierce man, there is no problem with force, but there is doubt about the means, and it may be that the goods will start fighting before they reach Feiyunpu. If you follow the book and don’t mind the plot, Shi Xiu, Li Kui, Yang Zhi, Yan Qing, Guan Sheng, Hu Yanzhuo, the few who immediately stepped down to the top ten will basically be fine. The problem is, how many people will turn around and go to the Yuanyang Tower to fight after the trouble in Feiyunpu? Let’s look at the original text: These two kicked into the water before they could make money. Just as they were about to leave, Wu Song chased him, chopped down another one, rushed a step, grabbed one of them and shouted: “You guys are honest, I will forgive me. Your life!” The human said: “The two villains are disciples of the Jiang Menshen. Master and Zhang Tuan have practiced a plan today to get the two villains to help each other to prevent the public, and one to harm the hero.” Wu Song said: “You Where is the Master Jiang Menshen today?” The humanity said: “When the villain came, and Zhang Tuanlian had a drink upstairs in the back hall of Zhang Dujian’s house, waiting for the villain to return.” Wu Song said: “It turned out to be embarrassing. But you can’t forgive you.” Raising the knife and dropping his hand, he also killed the man. He took off his waist knife, picked one with one, and slapped both corpses in Puli. I was afraid that the two would not die, so when I mentioned Pu Dao, each of them took a few more knives. Standing on the bridge and watching for a while, he thought about it: “Although I killed four thieves and men, but Zhang Dujian, Zhang Tuanlian, and Jiang Menshen were not killed, how could I get this bitterness!” Holding Pu Dao, he hesitated. After a long while, with a thought, he rushed back to the city of Mengzhou. A person, a knife, a thought, a breath, he is here, he is here, he is coming with a stride… This courage may be comparable to Li Yunlong, who is also pulling a team to fight in Ping An County, Liangshan is No second person can be found. Master Lu couldn’t do it. What he did was the uneven road, and he often just left his own business. It was afterwards that Shi Jin encountered Shi Jin in Crock Temple, and only then did he team up to fight back. Master Lu has no personal hatred, he will not go to extremes. Master Lu is as noble as a bodhisattva. Lin Chong couldn’t do it even more. After Fengxueshan Temple, he fled, and he went to Liangshan to seek a way to survive. Lin Chong was humbled like us. Shi Jin can’t do it, Li Kui can’t do it, they might kill them back to Mengzhou City and give them away… Yan Qing may have the ability, strategy and ability, but he has no reason. His reason is only one, Lu Junyi. If Lu Junyi died in Feiyunpu. I will not cite them one by one in the following, but after all, one sentence: Feiyunpu is the dojo of Wusong Nirvana, and Yuanyanglou is the altar of Wusong Chengde.

8 months ago

It’s not. No matter what, I dislike any behaviors of rice circumstance. Whether Feiyunpu can escape depends entirely on whether this staged protagonist is endowed with these two abilities: 1. The determination to kill and revenge; 2. The strength to break the shackles. Both of these have been given other images, such as Shi Xiu and Li Kui in 1 and Shi Jin in 2. In other words, the author is big and everything depends on whether the author is willing or not. The Feiyunpu section is very popular, and readers cheer for Wu Song’s escape, but the myth that “only Wu Song can do it” is very disgusting. In order to let Wu Song escape his birth, the author also gave Wu Song some other advantages, such as: 1. Wu Song did not suffer too much in prison and had no old injuries; 2. The roast goose sent by Shi En added physical strength to Wu Song; 3. Shi En’s reminder made Wu Song psychologically prepared in advance. These objective conditions are not available to Lin Chong and Lu Junyi, who have similar circumstances, so they are injured because they are unprepared, and they lose the possibility of resisting. At the last moment, they can only wait for death and wait for the author to come and rescue him. . Because the conditions given by the author are different-you are hungry for a few meals, and he can’t beat the two toolmen; you let Wu Song be unprepared and determined, and a stool and a gang of minions would also take him down. Even if it is the result of Lin Chong and Lu Junyi’s unsteady rebellion, and lack of experience in the arena to handle Wu Song, then you can’t say that Shi Xiu, Shi Jin are not determined, and the arena is inexperienced? Fought a beautiful battle, worthy of appreciation, it is enough, there is really no need to engage in “others can’t do it”, it is disgusting if you have no brains. So, in the Water Margin, was there anyone who was framed, escaped from birth, hesitated for a long time, turned around, and came back to revenge? Yes, Song Jiang. It’s just that Song Jiang used his charm and intelligence, and did it in another way. The process is also very dangerous. Anyone who is not paying attention will cause the government’s pressure-that is, outsmart the ineffective army and capture Huang Wenbing alive. The two have different conditions, so the methods are different, but the result is the same. Some people might say that Song Jiang was commanding others and letting others desperately, unlike Wu Song himself desperately. I want to say: No. First of all, Song Jiang’s plan was not leaking, and none of the participating brothers died in battle; there is no difference in the nature of these two things. Song Jiang also risked his life. Song Jiang’s charm is also part of his “happiness and enmity”. How much Jianghu loves Wu Song’s counterattack, so much praise Song Jiang’s revenge. During the expedition to Fangla, the Liangshan brothers were killed one after another. Song Jiang always wept bitterly first, then took revenge, and even put himself in deep danger for revenge many times: Without this kind of Wu Song-style revenge, he could not be the eldest brother. Finally, to make a digression, most of the heroes in classical novels who focus on the description of heroes are crippled, and most of them have objective conditions to restrict them. For example, Lu Bu is surrounded by the White Gate Tower. In order to explain his great ability, he will be caught and let him. He fell asleep first. Here in Feiyunpu, the author used this trick instead, and carefully asked Wu Song to replenish his physical strength, increase his vigilance, strengthen his determination, and obtain the necessary conditions for a mass murder.

8 months ago

The key is whether the strength is enough to break the yoke away. The four men who were sent to kill Wu Song were really too embarrassed. Two male men were killed by the yelled Wu Song with both feet. The other two turned and ran away, and one fell on the ground in terror. Therefore, it is not a problem for Liangshan leaders who can break the shackles to beat them. Dong Chao and Xue Ba were obviously veterans. Knowing that they couldn’t beat Lin Chong, they used a little trick first, and the two were sent to deal with Wu Song. Lu Zhishen’s arm strength for pulling down the weeping willows is definitely no problem, Chao Gaituo’s strength should be similar, and Li Kui is also a strange force type player. Ruan Xiaoer “has a thousand pounds of strength in his arms.” Although this is an artistic exaggeration, it is estimated that it is possible to break the yoke. Guan Sheng, Qin Ming, Hu Yanzhuo, Suo Chao, Sun Li, Deng Fei, Tao Zongwang who use heavy weapons are also very promising. There are also some people, such as Lu Junyi, Lin Chong, Lei Heng, Mu Hong, Dong Ping, Shi Jin, Shi Xiu and others, although they didn’t describe them too clearly, they were all very strong, and they all had hope.

8 months ago

There are three main points in the big trouble in Feiyunpu: anticipation, open flail, one-pick multiple anticipation requires rich experience in the bottom of the rivers and lakes, and a certain level of vision to open flail (it does not have to be a top class like Lu Dawu) It takes a certain level of martial arts to take a comprehensive look at the wealthy family background and the regular army officer’s background. It is very easy to lose in the first one. For example, Lu Junyi and Lin Chong may not be able to open a lot of shackles, or even if they are able to open a yoke. Fought in gang fights, and to be honest, many small bosses in Disha are slightly higher than the ordinary ones. It is unlikely that they will be smashed by Tiangang in three or five rounds. It is to be crushed by absolute strength. That’s it. If Feiyunpu has a Jiangmenshen-level Wusong, it will be very difficult to deal with, and two Jiangmenshen-level Wusongs are basically cold. In summary, some Tiangangs and individual Shas can still escape in Feiyunpu, but the only one who can solve the battle simply and swiftly, not letting you go back to report the letter, and return to Tuan Mie is probably only my second brother! It is not difficult for Feiyunpu to survive. It is rare that Feiyunpu-Mandarin Duck Tower’s series of operations require not only top-level force but also a calm mind and careful thought. Really bold and careful

8 months ago

In fact, Liang Shan is satisfied with smart brains, teeth for teeth, martial arts and high-powered people to satisfy the three. I like Wu Song the most in the Water Margin. Because of his boldness, he dares to love and hate. If I were Wu Song, my brother was killed, I am not necessarily Dare to kill Ximen Qing, I have always lacked this kind of courage. I have Lin Chong’s cowardice in me. I don’t like it very much, but I can’t wash it away. Wu Song has the character of “Zhien”, in addition to the Shi Xiu mentioned by others, there is also Zhu Ni. The kind of daring to love and hate in Wu Song fascinated me.

8 months ago

Lin Chong, Lu Ersha and a series of Ersha must be ruled out. Those who are not good at martial arts or lack experience in the arena will not work either. If you want to fight back and forth in Feiyunpu, the enemy is not weak, and you are wearing a shackles. If you want to retreat, you must have excellent fist skills, clever judgment, and sufficient quack methods. In addition to Wu Erlang, the wit and martial arts of Shi Xiu, who is desperately Saburo, has a higher success rate, and Shi Xiu is cruel and has no problem with fighting power at the critical moment. In addition, Yang Lin, the first koi carp in Liangshan, might also be tough. Then there are those of the navy, who may be able to dive to escape. After all, according to the Water Margin, these brothers are more flexible in the water than on the ground, and they are also fully husbands wearing shackles.

8 months ago

As soon as all the young men moved forward, they took Liu Gao, grabbed the prison car, and opened the car. Hua Rong had opened his prison car, and jumped out, breaking all the ropes, but smashed the prison car and rescued Song Jiang. At Hua Rong’s level, he was able to break the prison wagon with his bare hands while being tied up. Shi Jin coaxed the small section level and said: “Who is behind?” He turned his head, broke free from the yoke, and only put the yoke upright on the surface of the section and knocked it to the ground. At most, Shi Jin, a top-ranking midstream and downstream player, could also open the flail with his bare hands. At this time, he was still with a chain around his waist, and his legs were hit with a hundred clubs. His condition was worse than Wu Song. The operation of making a big fuss at Feiyunpu, opening a shackle, and overturning two public figures, is not difficult for a hero of first-class standards. Wu Song had a foreboding that these people would take action against the situation in advance, so he was always on guard along the way, so he was not tortured with tricks like Lin Chong and Lu Junyi until they lost the ability to resist and could only be slaughtered by others. Instead, there was always a way to counteract it. What is really difficult is that Wu Songneng has always been vigilant and immediately thought of the anti-kill plan in Feiyunpu, and immediately ran back to the mandarin duck building for blood test after the anti-kill. This kind of calmness, tenacity, and coldness is Wu Song’s strongest place.

8 months ago

If you run into Song Jiang, Song Qing and Shi Yong and Hou Jian’s methods may be explained. After all, it is either a logistics or a technical staff, and there is not much experience in the arena, and the level of experience is not good. Met Lu Junyi and Lin Chong. Cry quickly. After crying, your helper will definitely come. If it was Zhu Gui and Zhu Fu, they would prescribe medicine before leaving, and then someone would answer. If you encounter Guan Sheng and other super-class combat power, then the killer team will give it for nothing. If it was Qin Ming, Suo Chao would be the killer group for nothing. If you encounter combat power like Wei Dingguo and Han Tao, that team will still give it to you for nothing. If it encounters third-rate combat power such as Guo Sheng, it is estimated that it may be 50-50. After the battle, the killer gave it for nothing. If you encounter Zhou Tong and others, it is estimated that they will fight hard and give them in vain. If you run into the Kong Ming brothers and others, you will directly run into Gongsun Sheng and the others, and you must wear the pipa bone. If you can’t cast the spell by then, there is a high probability that it will be for nothing. But seeing that Mr. Yang can be fooled by pretending to be a hawker, he should be of good physical condition. Fan Rui, Dai Zong is hard to say. When I met Li Li, Wang Dingliu, Shi En and others, they must have given it for nothing. Three female generals. . . . This is hard to say. The three husbands of the female general. . . Sun Xin and Wang Ying may be okay, if Zhang Qing really often farms, that’s okay. Yu Bao four, one foot on one foot, after all, he is tall. But if you stumble, you’ll give it for nothing. People like Meng Kang are all ruthless characters. If things are not right, they will be better off first. But in terms of facts, combat effectiveness is not enough. Estimated for nothing. Pei Xuan, I guess it’s for nothing. Bai Sheng et al. . . Bai Ge Shiqian, you are sure that he will be there that day, this buddy ran away early.

8 months ago

Yes, this is a mortal situation. Wu Song broke the game entirely because of God-like force and scheming. The first person was kicked and fell into the water. What does this mean? It means that this is a terrible force you have never seen before. Because no matter in reality or in the novels of the Water Margin, only Wu Song has the record of kicking someone with one foot… and more than once, and among them there is a heavyweight opponent like Jiang Menshen. Moreover, this is the first time he has shown this kind of kung fu. So the other tolerance will be scared and run away. Because this is inhuman power at all, I have directly told a few killers that this is not a man but a demon or a killer! (It must be a great horror to make the three men with murderous weapons unable to resist even the heart of resistance) Coincidentally, all the people who have seen such a powerful attack like Wu Song are all dead! The author opened the perspective of God to show you, so you don’t think so. When you bring it into the book, none of the witnesses is alive! As for the other Liangshan heroes…seriously, four murderous assassins with murderous weapons against a master with yoke are absolutely impossible to be overturned. In the most invincible era of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson, he broke his wrist with a stick in a bar fight, and replaced it with a knife. Can you guess he would survive? In this answer, a friend mentioned that it is possible for people who can break free of the shackles, but are you really making knives as decorations? For a person, with a knife, his attack power is at least ten times higher! When you got rid of the shackles, others had already cut it off with a knife. What did you use to block it? How could it be blocked!

8 months ago

It depends on who. Hei San almost meant it, and it was estimated that the two apprentices would tidy him up, so there was no need to put on the shackles. Mr. Jialiang is very careful, and it is estimated that he won’t be able to get the set. Dao Ye estimated that by recruiting a golden armoured man, Feiyunpu would be knocked down. Needless to say, Master Lu is just like playing, and he has great experience in dealing with such villains. Li Kui Lei Heng Liu Tang is not a big problem, his strength is overwhelming, and he is an old world. Although Shi Xiuyanqing’s clever ghost is a little weaker in pure power and takes a lot of effort, but it is better than thinking, and it is estimated that he can think of other ways. One Li, two Zhang, San Ruan, it is estimated that a fierce son will plunge into the river, swim far away and float up to open the shackles and then go back to settle the accounts. For details, see Zhang Shun who eats wontons. Lin Chong divides the temple before and after the temple. He must die in front of the temple. Look at him being treated like a bear by Dong Chao and Xue Ba. After the temple is bound to win, Lin Chong’s combat effectiveness after awakening is bursting with vigilance. The remaining jade unicorns, tigers, and grandfathers like Chai Jin, Li Ying, Dai Zong, and Yang Xiong have the same problems as Lin Chong in front of the temple. The key lies in vigilance. Di Sha estimated that Zhu Wu and the time had a better chance, Zhu Wu referred to Wu Jialiang. The relocation of time should reduce the strength of the bones, the chance of escape is high, and the anti-kill is not possible.

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