I have been single for 20 years. I finally experienced an ambiguous period before and the other party was a handsome guy. Later I didn’t know what happened. It’s embarrassing now that the circle of friends has disappeared. He also has a partner, probably He cast two nets, I don’t know.

In my own words, I used to be relatively fat, but now I am slightly fat, a little short like 154, a little fleshy, not to mention the weight. Anyway, the BM value is in the healthy range, and the appearance is delicate. Now some people look back on the way. Two more eyes. (I would care about other people’s eyes because I was violent by boys on campus because of ugliness when I was in middle school. At that time, I was fat, so I didn’t know whether the eyes of others were vain or vain.)

In terms of personality, I can only say that I am the eldest person. I will still be very shy when I stay with the guy I like, even blushing. I usually feel nervous in front of my friends. I can’t let go in front of strange boys. All the points that my friends admire can’t be released, and they look very restrained or even dull. Sometimes I’m shy even just to be alone with unfamiliar boys, and I don’t necessarily like each other.

Is it that girls and boys like me generally don’t think about love for the first time, even if they have a good impression? My friends said that sometimes I feel like a very good wife and mother. Are girls who give people this feeling doomed to fall in love on campus?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

…Tell the cruel truth. A girl like the subject may belong to that kind in college. Dicks think you should have a male ticket, and the male gods don’t really think about the type of bird…the body, the skin, the parent, and the beauty. No need to say anything more, it is necessary to learn makeup well. You can learn to put on different types of makeup, not just the kind of makeup that makes you look “delicate”; as for the slightly fat. …Because zz is correct, all hxd on the Internet say that health is the most important thing. BMI is within the normal range. However, in reality, which one of them is not a girl who is squinting and looking at the lordosis and curled legs with chopsticks. So if you really want to have a campus love with handsome guys, it is quite necessary to learn to apply different styles of makeup + further improve your figure. A handsome man is forced. When he has a choice, why doesn’t he choose a goddess who is both beautiful and pure, a goddess with a thousand faces, but a delicate and beautiful but not beautiful enough and not very proficient with boys, in other words In other words, when licking a dog, it may lick people who are uncomfortable in love as a rookie? After all, at the age of about 20 years old, good personality, inability to do, sensible and even superior family status, in the eyes of boys, are not good enough (dog head) As for personality… The plot of Mary Su who is waiting for the male god to take the initiative to chase is tan90°. There is no shortage of cheerful and beautiful girls around them, so why bother to release a signal to chase a dull gourd. I understand that you are somewhat unconfident due to body discrimination when you were young, and you are not very good at getting along with boys. But there are a few people who can be like Sister Shenxian, who are already stunning when they are fifteen or sixteen. Everyone is just ordinary people who have worked so hard to become beautiful. Let the past let it pass. For those malicious evaluations, learn to filter yourself. Don’t attribute the unnaturalness of facing boys to your childhood experiences and let this development go, but find ways to find breakthroughs. Yeah. To solve this, the fastest way is to have more contact with boys, how to behave in front of the same sex and be swollen in front of the opposite sex. The points of interest of men and women may be different. In this process, I have to learn more about things that boys are interested in, such as various ball games, street fashion, electronic music, shoes, cars, houses, stocks. , Fund, Fan, etc. to increase the common topics when chatting with them. Believe that practice makes perfect, it’s natural to get along with a lot of conversations. I wish the subject to break the shackles of the heart as soon as possible, but in the process of seeking to get out of the order, but be careful of the kind of dog man who obeys or blindly degrades you, handsome scum or pua scum is simply for love Xiaobai That is, dimensionality reduction strikes.

7 months ago

Let me talk about one type: a woman with an unhealthy mind. I bought a second-hand villa a few years ago. I bought and sold houses many times, and I was originally friends with the agency. He told me that the original owner was a middle-aged man about 40 years old. The big boss cheated and divorced. The daughter gave him a sentence. He was about to marry the cheating girl and he was about to change to a new house. The house is sold to me. I saw the new hostess when the house was delivered. She was about 30 years old, and she was indeed a little bit charming. When I closed the room, I saw a few certificates of merit on the top of the cabinet in the study. They belonged to the host’s daughter. At this time, the male seller was talking to the agency. I handed it over to the woman. The woman was also interesting. After a glance, she gave the certificate fiercely Knead it into a ball of paper and throw it in the trash can. The man saw it, picked up the paper ball, unfolded it, and put it away. I took a closer look and saw that the room decorated by the original host for his daughter was very warm. I think it used to be a very happy family. After separating from the original homeowner, I told the intermediary: Don’t break up with this client, maybe you have to divorce this woman, and then his house will still be yours. During the epidemic last year, the real estate agency business was relatively idle. A friend of the agency called me to chat, and told me that the original homeowner was so fierce, that the man was divorced again, and the agency friend said that he might not be the same as the previous woman at all. Obtain the certificate because the male’s identity is still divorced (buying a house involves marital status). Sure enough, I asked him to hang up the newly-buy house again, and the business is ready to get the commission, please have a big meal! I also said that you are too accurate in seeing people. How do you know if they are too long? I said it’s not obvious? This pair of scumbags and scumbags: Although scumbags are scumbags, they are not stupid, otherwise they would not do such a big business. The details of the expression and behavior of the woman that day exposed her essence. Although he is not a good person to live up to his original partner, he still has love in his heart. The detail of putting away his daughter’s award from the trash that day shows that his love for his daughter is true. The scum girl knew that the boss of the scum man had a family and agreed to date. She knew she was going to be a stepmother but didn’t treat her daughter well. With the little monster that exposed her inner heart in details that day, I expected that this kind of marriage would not last long. Finally, regardless of men and women, don’t try to be an improper third party. When doing this kind of thing, it is a lifetime shame! There is a high probability that there will be no happiness, but if there is a stain in life, it will be a real hammer! And it makes people despise.

7 months ago

I asked a few single young boys before, and several of them said that they don’t want makeup, girls with essential colors (quanyan dogs), and girls who bluntly don’t like skin care (for fear of spending money). At that time, they almost didn’t squirt out the milk tea in their mouths. In fact, their subtext is that the objects should look good, but they don’t want them to spend too much money. Little do they know that many girls they see wear makeup. Nowadays, there are a few girls who don’t have skin care, and they all need energy and money to be beautiful and fashionable. Girls with real makeup, in fact, they can’t catch up, and it’s not their turn to choose. Tolerant and self-confident men around you, you are happy for girls’ makeup and skin care, and you can accept them without makeup. You must know that many girls have also fallen in love with makeup in the past few years. With a lover and children behind, they will slowly wash away their lead, make their faces undressed, wear lipstick or draw eyebrows, it all depends on the mood. Skin care is something that every girl in modern times will do, but some single boys are misunderstood by some news or advertisements, thinking that girls buying skin care products are compared to vanity, so they decisively do not skin care girls. So they refused first, but in fact they were desperate for beautiful girls in their hearts. This kind of boy will develop in the future, so it is natural to look for a beautiful girl without makeup. In fact, boys who want to fall in love, or who are willing to change their single status, don’t really require much, they just get along well and can chat, and most of these boys can find a partner. The most important reason is not that they are rich and have fate. It’s pragmatic. She doesn’t talk about ties at every turn, she won’t refuse blind dates, and she won’t stay at home, waiting for a good girl to fall from the sky. He will take the initiative to hook up single girls, will do everything possible to make money and improve himself, he will make himself better, and find the person who suits him best. Therefore, men with average abilities can choose, that is, two willing couples in the school, and girls who come out to work are also girls with the same conditions. If men and women let go of the so-called fate and relationship, they can choose a spouse based on the conditions, and the current single rate can be reduced by at least half. In this world, unless it is a poor clinking man. Otherwise, you can really find girls, girls who are not beautiful, do they want them? Fat girl, do they like it? Girls who are as poor as them, will they take over? Do they care about girls who are older than them and married again? There are no perfect partners in this world. See too many such boys. When you are young, you don’t want them in different places, people who are too short, people who don’t look good, people who are too fat, and people who are too quiet don’t wait…they After getting older: don’t need the old, don’t need the poor, don’t need the married, don’t have children, don’t don’t look good. This kind of person is really suitable for singles, and the perfect woman is in his heart. So what kind of girl a man chooses does not depend on what the girl looks like, but what he looks like.

7 months ago

Let me talk about the beginning. It’s not a blow, it’s something like the ambiguous period. Where do you think the ambiguity is? Mother and child have been single for 20 years and have never been in a relationship. What are the specifics of this ambiguous behavior? If you are just helping with things and going out to play together, maybe people just kindly think you are a good person? If you rise to physical interaction, such as touching your head, calling you some cute and non-disgusting nicknames to tease you to chat with you in the middle of the night, then you may indeed have a good impression of you and want to develop it. To be honest, some people really think more, and if they accidentally touch their hands, they may feel that the other person has a good impression of themselves. Then about what kind of girls boys would like. Most of the boys are indeed visual animals. They are good-looking, well-built, soft-spoken, and pure. If they have a sense of admiration for themselves, such as the green tea pie that girls hate the most, the good guy is directly brain congested. Who doesn’t like this. Of course, some boys like fat, heroic, and heroic. They are all like this in the first image. They also have no feelings at the beginning, and get good feelings after getting along with them. There are more people attracted by personality charm. As for what I don’t like, this is turnip greens, each has its own love. Lolicon doesn’t look down on Yu Jie Fan, prefers the Queen’s style and dislikes the sweetness. People who like fat must not look down on those who are weak, but the same thing is that they are sloppy, bad personality, selfishness, full negative energy, smashing tongues, irrespective of gender, and they are not personally liked.

7 months ago

Don’t be fooled by these things: appearance, figure, personality, education…I usually analyze it from a realistic point of view. Let me tell you about metaphysics today. Regarding appearance, look at the face, look at the personality, whether girls have factors, right or wrong. This is the carrier that we can find concretely in the real world. But the more imaginary statement is: peach blossoms. (It should be said that Husband and Wife stars are more rigorous, but there is no need to be so academic) Peach blossom determines your attractiveness to the opposite sex. Not only does it mean that someone who chases you is called a peach blossom, but the person you chase is also counted. So many people say that they are rotten peach blossoms because they don’t like chasing themselves. The person I like doesn’t like myself. Think about it, is there definitely something around you that is obviously not good-looking, and doesn’t have much money, but it just keeps on pursuing. Those boys are also handsome and outstanding. Obviously you like him too, and you are better than that girl. But he just hangs on it all. Very simple: you are his peach blossom, he is her peach blossom. It’s not that you are bad, don’t find the reason on your own. I don’t recommend girls to chase celebrities, especially male celebrities. If you want to fall in love, generally speaking, there will be peach blossoms at certain nodes (that is, fleeting years). But some girls refuted, no, they didn’t fall in love at all in those years. When I asked, I knew that I was busy chasing stars. Because in a sense, chasing stars is to fall in love with the person you like. So whether to choose is really a metaphysical thing. For some boys, you are good-looking and rich in character, but he just doesn’t eat you like that. What can you do? Don’t you break yourself from being cold to cute, and you can enjoy it, but you don’t pretend that you have no money? My answer is not a fate theory, it teaches you to admit fate. I mean, the person you like is your peach blossom. If you really like it, try hard. But if the trial is over and there is no result, then give up, no fate. Don’t think about it, is it that my personality/appearance/material conditions will not be chosen by boys. When the peach blossom that you are really destined to appear, you will find that the fact that there is really fate is the feeling of having to be together in the dark. (Zhengyuan and Nieyuan are another matter) But don’t just salt the fish, just be paralyzed and lazy, waiting for Prince Charming to come. Just like that example, a person is sure to win the lottery, but in the end he doesn’t buy the lottery. How can he win? You want to improve your appearance, change your personality, or work hard to make money… Everything that can make you better is what you should do. Don’t do it just because you will be liked by boys. So there are a lot of girls who don’t work hard when looking for someone. As a result, the relationship has stabilized, or married, completely slack off. Because her efforts are not for herself, but for men. The man found it and achieved his goal, so naturally he didn’t fight like that. Be confident, you are unique in this world. I won’t choose you, it’s not that you are at fault, because it is a rotten peach blossom.

7 months ago

From my personal sample of a dozen game wives and a large number of peers, what men generally hate most is: emotionally unstable women with poor self-control. (Vaccination, the following are all about the stage of love, let alone pregnant, emotionally unstable, and married, the question is about choice) Most of the men in my sample database are urban men, 85-95 years old Born, most of them have a bachelor degree. Generally speaking, when they were in college or when they were in love for the first time, they could tolerate accommodating women’s troubles, and they often sent messages such as “desire for survival”, “wife, what did I do wrong, tell me I knelt down for you” and so on. Lines. In this period, sensible and easy-going girls are not even as popular as being fine. The tolerance level is generally proportional to the woman’s appearance, but it will gradually decrease over time. Another: Relatively speaking, those with good grades and good family background will have a lower tolerance for women’s troubles. After graduation and embarking on a job, as competition intensifies, the patience to coax girls will be greatly reduced. A little brother with good comprehensive conditions once said: “Everyone is human, all of whom have received compulsory education, and can’t even control basic emotions. I am afraid that women with this gene will affect their offspring.” Of course, if this kind of social media style is heavier, I would not agree with Auntie, but the better the overall conditions are, the lower the tolerance for unreasonable harassment by women. I have asked a few “Zuojing” girls, why are you making trouble with him all day long. The answers are roughly divided into the following categories: 1. I want to test whether he loves me or not, and how deeply he loves me. 2. He always plays games/work/…I don’t care about it at all. Tell him well that he doesn’t listen. I can only make trouble! 3. He used to make trouble with me, but now it takes a long time and it has changed. 4. A man like this, if you don’t make trouble with him, don’t let him exhausted, he will cheat. The boys’ reply: 1. Love is an ongoing state or emotion, and it is not a fixed thing. I am not your parents. Does this test have any practical significance besides deducting points for yourself? 2. Everyone is 24 hours a day. You can’t ask me to move bricks and ask me to accompany you without giving you a break? Besides, if everyone can communicate well, why should I ignore you? I ignored you because I was tired from going to work, and I really don’t have the energy to focus on you anymore. 3. It used to be before, now is now! Are you 20 and 10 years old an idea? The surrounding environment is changing, the pressure is changing, everything is changing, can you become more mature? 4. Only a masochistic man would like a woman who makes him exhausted. Girls really take a look at the argument that “the number of men and women is very different, and you can marry out no matter what”, because…most of the men you can look at are really intolerant of women’s unreasonable troubles. Don’t say anything, as long as the appearance is high, there will be no less licking of the dog, a man who thinks in the lower body, is it really the object of your life to stay together?

7 months ago

Of course I discussed this issue with him. I’m a girl, and I’m also very curious that he despised me for an “ugly” me… “Apart from looks? What are the shortcomings of other places that you can’t accept?” He continued to despise me “As long as my sister is long Well, everything is my treasure. “I…” Please be more serious… What kind of girl can’t be accepted by boys in general?” He thought for a while and told me “Too much better than himself More “me?” ? ? He said, “If I choose to get married, I will definitely not choose a girl who is much better than me, that is not a class. Life is not a TV series, and I will definitely be looked down upon. Men can’t stand such grievances.” “You said What exactly does it mean?” “For example, I am a junior college student, she is a graduate student, I am a citizen and her dad is the mayor, I am completely poor, she is a rich second generation, and I am 170 and 175, just because of these realistic factors. “Then your girlfriends are like flowers and jade, don’t you feel inferior.” He? ? ? ? “First of all, I look good. Second, the appearance and body are not mandatory requirements for men, but the height and money are yes.” “Then you have a few girlfriends who are rich.” “So they are just girlfriends, so I It’s just for fun, it’s impossible to continue to develop.” I started to scold him in my heart, but I suddenly thought that the scumbag had told me before that he worked in a hotel during the summer vacation, met the hotel owner’s daughter, and the two of them were together; The little girl was coaxed by the scumbag. She went to open the room in a few days. She cried and shouted that she wanted to stay with the scumbag in China. But as soon as school started, the scumbag dumped her. At that time, I was puzzled. Asked him, “Such a good girl, with a higher education and a better qualifications than you, is so desperate for you. Are you funny?” He told me that he is no longer young and should consider getting married. “I don’t take the postgraduate entrance examination. After graduation, I have to get married if I work directly. This girl is good, but you think she has to go to the United States as a 211 college student. Can I be regarded as a junior college student in the future? Her big hotel, my dad Mom is a small employee. Can her father look at my family? Even if she is willing to help me temporarily, the difference will become more and more obvious one day. Their family will definitely look down on me.” I disagree a little bit, I said, Why are you so dark? Can you believe in love? He looked at me like a monster, “Sister, how old are you still here to tell me about love? I work at her house and look at the foreman’s face. What about her? She looks at her face every time she comes to the foreman. Don’t worry, there are more and more obstacles when I continue to talk to her. I can’t wait for the time. I have to find the next goal.” “What’s the next goal?” I’m very curious. 181. She has a simple and silly personality, does not look ugly, at most a bachelor degree, ordinary citizens at home are fine. I coaxed her well, coaxed her to be inseparable from me, don’t want a car, ask for a house, and be willing to repay the mortgage with me, Willing to have children. This is the woman I want to marry.” At the time, I thought he was really realistic. But now I think about it carefully, indeed, it seems that if boys are not as good as girls, this guy will definitely be said to eat soft food; but it seems right that girls are not as good as boys. Generally, a boy may fall in love with a girl who is much stronger than himself, and spend the wind and snow, but he will not enter into marriage with her, because he deeply knows that in this marriage, the rule of “a man is stronger than a woman”, he is laughed at. The man who is looked down upon and speculated maliciously under normal circumstances has very strong self-esteem. If he believes that the other party is “married” in his heart, even if he does not show it, he will have lumps in his heart. It can be understood by him as “looking down”. I asked the scumbag, “Is there a man who wants to help himself or enjoy the happiness?” “Yes, there are a lot of phoenix men with little white faces. They can’t feel the dignity of a man, they have a strong heart. Some are willing to sacrifice some dignity for love, and some sacrifice some dignity for money. In short, in the world of men, their own women must be weaker than themselves and must be protected by themselves. Women who cannot be protected by their own abilities, men will feel afraid and “Inferiority” “How did you know?” He smiled, “Because I am like this. At that time, the girlfriend was so rich and well-educated. You also know that I am very shameless and narcissistic. , But I still feel a deep inferiority complex. She is very sensible and never asks me to ask for things. It is also aa to go out to play. On Qixi Festival, I asked her what she wanted, and she said she wanted a ysl lipstick, but I Knowing that she wanted to buy a very expensive cream recently, more than 800. I told her that I would buy that cream for you. She was very panicked and refused, saying that she didn’t want this cream at all. Finally, I bought it for her. After a lipstick, she still bought the cream herself a few days later. Are you sensible, yes, very sensible, but I really feel that I am very useless, I feel that in her eyes, I am a man who cannot afford an 800 cream. So, I won’t marry a woman who is used to 800 creams, because I can’t afford it. She will feel useless for me to stop using 800 creams. I will find the one that uses 80 RMB creams, I occasionally buy her a ysl lipstick, and she is very happy. This is what a man wants.” I looked at him and suddenly felt that men are really real.

7 months ago

I often repeat a sentence, repeating that I feel that I have evolved into a repeater. In any case, girls must love themselves, must love themselves, love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. No matter what type of girl you are, there will always be someone who appreciates you or suits you, so girls, don’t be too panic. But as an emotional official, I still share the question asked by the subject for you today, I hope it will help you a little bit. (Of course, the following only represents my personal opinion, I don’t like to shoot carefully!!) 1. Getting along is too tiring, and the level and level that the other party wants can’t be achieved by myself. 2. Only know how to accept, but not the type of giving. 3. Girls who are too good at the opposite sex will make boys feel insecure. 4. Without empathy, it is difficult to have the same frequency emotion with the other party. 5. Girls with serious discrepancies in the three views and many conflicts. (The three views are not in harmony, really don’t force it together, it is exhausting) 6. The feedback from the other party is too indifferent, the availability is low, and the sense of self-worth is too high. 7. There is also this type of motto: “No matter how hard a woman works, she must aim at marrying a good husband”, “I don’t want to do housework, don’t buy food and cook, I’m only responsible for beauty”. 8. Too much glass heart, glass heart that breaks when blown, treat kind suggestions as disgust. 9. The type that is reasonable and unforgiving, easy to turn small things into big things. 10. Extremely hypocritical, precise, without looking at the occasion, arrogant and disregarded. Come here and find an interesting soul​m6.juyuanpark.com11. The relationship between the two people is slow to advance, and a clear progress bar is not visible. It is easy for the boys to retreat. 12. Girls who value love too much. 13. Don’t understand etiquette. In the process of interacting with each other, there is a situation in which the other party treats guests and buys gifts. If the relationship further deepens, many people will think “Forget it”, and then just let it go. But remember that intimacy must be courteous. Learn to express gratitude. 14. Girls who are strict with others and complain about others at every turn will be suspected of their character. Coupled with mean words, it is the worst. So don’t always deny others. 15. To be too self-centered. Although we have to maintain ourselves, remember not to be too self-centered. Getting along will make people feel particularly tired, so naturally it will not be pleasing.

7 months ago

As a girl who has played ambiguously with boys, boys generally would not choose girls like me. First of all, I rarely talk to people who are unfamiliar. I don’t talk about things when I have something to say. I don’t even like that kind of softer girl who loves to laugh, and occasionally has a babble tone, which sounds nice. That kind is really pleasing to boys. What about me, to someone (unfamiliar) girl who looks cold, which boy would be willing to take care of me? Secondly, the appearance is popular, and there are scars left by eczema when I was a child (like the surface of the moon) on my face. Later, I did a fractional laser, but it couldn’t be completely removed, but now it looks like large pores. The skin is not white, it is said that black is not particularly black, and it is not white, and the arms are darker. The body is not good, the net height is 165, and the weight varies from 48 to 51 kg. Pear-shaped body, no waist, a lot of belly meat, not straight legs, thick thighs. Wearing clothes never dare to wear tight clothes, because the waist and belly are too fleshy. You have to wear wide-leg trousers or looser trousers when you wear trousers, or wear clothes that can cover your thighs. Basically do not wear skirts, even if they wear long ones, so that they do not show the shape of the legs. The personality is not gentle, and sometimes it is a bit easy to go, lacking a certain degree of self-motivated. The academic qualifications are not high, and independent colleges for undergraduates and postgraduates are also not well-known schools. Then, the laugh point is too low, this kind of low laugh point, it may be normal for others to think that it is not funny, I may find it funny, and I can’t help laughing. Will not act like a coquettish and cute, speak more cleanly, and will not speak in a roundabout way. Super house, loves watching rot dramas, loves base love, loves beautiful young ladies, doesn’t have any love thoughts, likes to live alone. The clear number of makeup times is usually when you are in a good mood, or when you see a pretty lady, you usually put on makeup when you see the opposite sex. Another point is that the boys who have been ambiguous with me agree with me that I always feel alienated, always polite and polite, and feel unfamiliar. But the specific fault can not be found out. I don’t think I’m like someone who has never been in a relationship. I think I’ve been in a relationship at least two or three times. In the end, I think the only thing worse than boys is strength, cooking, driving, car maintenance, changing light bulbs, screwing screws, lifting heavy objects, I am completely ok. In summary, for girls like me, boys generally will not choose, at most ambiguous, ambiguous is already the highest level, sometimes ambiguous is not necessarily. In other words, the boy who can be ambiguous with me basically either needs a spare tire for him or needs that kind of sub-intimacy. Not counting the countless men who read, but I can generally see the thoughts of the boys who are ambiguous with me. Generally speaking, I am not likable in all aspects, especially not likable to boys. In fact, I feel that why girls must care about what boys like or what kind of girls boys will choose, live for themselves, be happy, live comfortably, and be satisfied with themselves.

7 months ago

I don’t know about other areas, but as a former month old, I can only talk about which girls are easy to pass on blind dates. I am strict and disciplined. I am late for half an hour and have nothing to express. The other party will be thunderous when he is 5 minutes late. 2. Some girls who take rudeness and low EQ as innocence and are proud of it. Some girls really think that they have never been in a relationship and have never been in love as a bargaining chip, and they use a condescending posture to those who meet for the first time. The 3 of five and six, it seems that there is no requirement. The leather shoes in the inner minefield are not of the right color to pass, the suit is wrinkled to pass, and he didn’t help me to pass the door. He said the wrong pass, and there is an expression that I don’t like to pass… 4. Once a problem occurs, it is all blamed on others. I will never miss it because I met a scumbag in the past. I learned a scum because my teacher was too bad. I was still waiting for a job because my parents were unable to work. Why didn’t I have a match because of the matchmaker month. I’m not working hard…5. Social emotions are always negative. When someone chats with her, it’s very unpleasant. Boy: I’ll tell you, the air conditioner is so good for our meeting today. I’m going to freeze to death when I talk on stage. Ha She: Don’t Affect me with your negative emotions! Boy:? ? ? ? 6. I can be the queen of the sea, you guys just can’t have a boyfriend with two people at the same time, and you bring a boyfriend on a blind date… 7. She has no common sense and logic and refuses to recognize her: China is the eighth largest economy in the world. The three emperors and five emperors are Qin Shihuang, Wu Zetian, and Yongzheng. I believe in Buddhism, because Buddhism is our state religion… Boy: What you said is wrong. Oh, she: I’m a girl, you dare to care about me?

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