When deciding to take a public exam, nine-to-five, weekends and weekends, it’s very leisurely, but everything may not be all right, but I really want to have a stable and happy life, have my own small family, and live a plain life. life.

I was as confused as you back then. I hope that I can have a stable job in my future work, sitting in a comfortable office, working from 9 to 5, without much money, just to be able to support my free life. After graduating, I basically achieved the results I wanted. For my first job in my life, looking back now, I was so stupid at that time. I was a single dog. I ate myself and my family was not hungry. It’s just entering the society. It is difficult to integrate into the company’s atmosphere as to the workplace’s perception of society or the students’ thinking, and it is even impossible to understand why so many people work hard and work overtime every day? There was no smart phone at that time, so for me at that time, what I looked forward to most every day was to go back to get off work and play online games. The work is muddled, and there is no motivation! But the good times didn’t last long. Gradually, the good friends around you who played with you had their own minds, and they were not fools. Those who found the object went to work hard for the future, and the other single dogs rode donkeys to find horses and left. Only the rest were left. Looking at the online games that are still in full swing, my anxiety gradually grew, and I started to feel lost again. Where should I go? I decided to jump out, hoping to start again, not only to find a good girl, but also to find a better job. Soon I will quit and leave. Later, my expectations were fulfilled again. I had a good girl and changed jobs, but not long afterwards I was still confused. When you are single, many things can be done by yourself, but for a boy with a girlfriend, everything about you will no longer be able to be done by yourself! The comparison with the outside world is not necessarily because the girlfriend is a good girl, it will not appear, especially when two people get along because of habit, personality and other contradictions, your abilities and the problems you need to face in the future. , The number of mentions will be infinitely magnified! Because of responsibility, because of the future of two people, I need to correct my direction again! Now my daughter is five years old. Thinking of the past, thinking of the first time in life when she was confused, she suddenly felt that the confusion at that time was really nothing, because now, I still get confused occasionally. Is life like this? I don’t know, I say that I’m not confused when I’m forty. I don’t know if I will no longer be confused when I am forty, but I always feel that this is a fucking life. The life you originally wanted is impossible even in fairy tales. .


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It’s normal to be confused as a junior. This time period is the most anxious and confused in college. Regarding the choice of the future, I feel the fear of stepping into society. But you have a good place. Your goal is very clear. You want a stable life. At the same time, you have a very satisfied partner. You are less confused than others. You have to see your own advantages. In terms of time, it is now the second semester of the junior year. There should be many people around you who are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination and postgraduate entrance examination. On the one hand, continuing to study is to obtain a higher diploma, on the other hand, it is also a buffer, which will push the time to enter the society. For the latter, you can decide how to choose after having more experience and choices. In fact, you can consider going to graduate school. Why do you want to get married as soon as you graduate? What are you worried about? Will there be an idea to fill up the confusion and do something? If so, it is still not recommended. According to what you mean, public examination is a firm choice of employment, so pay attention to the registration information in time, get ready, once pass, enter the system, and a stable life will begin. Then it will become clear.

7 months ago

The so-called confusion is a kind of ignorance and uncertainty about the future. High school students will not be confused, because high school students have a common goal: the college entrance examination. And the university? Either postgraduate entrance examination, or work, or civil servant, walking at the crossroads of life. During this period, we must think calmly. From a psychological point of view, the goal is the best medicine to resolve confusion. First you find a goal of your own. When looking for goals, you have to analyze clearly your professional characteristics, your own strengths and specialties, family environment, etc. If conditions permit and you are interested, you can choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination. After all, there are too many high-educated people on the streets. If the family conditions are average and you don’t want to take a postgraduate entrance examination, you should think about what internship and job you want to find. If you still don’t have any ideas, just go to the Internet to see the units you want to intern and work in the future (or big companies you’ve heard of), their recruitment, what skills, certificates, or competitions you’ve participated in can add points. Do what you can. The first job after graduation is very important for improving morale and accumulating experience. After moving to find a job, you should position your job on the basis of being able to complete the task satisfactorily. You should be reminded to put down the shelf and do what you can, even if you are far from your ideals, don’t be discouraged. The important thing is to gain experience and grow your talents to enter the society. This way, from easy to difficult, gradually deepening, it is not a kind of safety. Employment strategy. Confusion is not terrible, as long as you are no longer confused from today. The change is in an instant! Finally, I wish you an early step out of the confusion, and show a clear-targeted, sunny, and positive image of a promising young man.

7 months ago

In fact, don’t think too much now. Getting married as soon as you graduate is not a contradiction to a stable job. The subject is only a junior now. You might as well consider getting married after graduation. If there is an idea for public examination now. May as well go all out to prepare civil servants. If you are a college graduate, then you can apply for the provincial exam or part of the national exam position in your junior year. If you are an undergraduate, generally speaking. In the senior year, you can apply for the provincial or national exams. The subject wants a stable and plain life. It is more appropriate to take a public examination, but the truth that I have to tell you is that civil servants are not as glamorous as imagined, and they are not so comfortable. The state of a cup of tea and a newspaper is long gone. I can only say that the work is relatively stable. Is the specific work busy? It also depends on the position applied for, as well as the actual situation of the specific unit. Most of the units are currently facing the situation of non-acceptance, so once young people are admitted, they will usually be arranged in the business department or the comprehensive department. However, in smaller cities, the pace of work may be relatively slow. If the subject does not want to work in an environment with such a high pace of work. Then you might consider a smaller city or a unit near your hometown. Most of us think too much, but do too little. Have the idea of ​​a public examination. I can start preparing for the exam from the third year. I had a small partner before. She applied for a civil service exam just after graduation. She scored nearly 60 points in the first exam. After not being shortlisted for an interview, he went to work directly. Now five years after graduating and working, he went home again to apply for the civil service examination. Perhaps it was the travel abroad and the risks of his career that made him choose a civil servant again. For this provincial exam, she specially requested a month of leave with her leader to review full-time at home. So save the country with its curve. It is better to do it in one step, such as the national examination and provincial examination. When it is time to sign up, you must register in time, take advantage of your identity, choose your position first, and sometimes do well in the exam. It’s better to choose. Refer to the competition ratio in previous years, as well as the content of the work, to have a certain understanding. Let’s make a bold estimate. Now we are preparing for the provincial exam and should be on the starting line better than other friends. If you go all out to prepare for the battle, you have found the right way to prepare for the exam. Then the provincial or national exams can go ashore at one time. There are also many small partners who are admitted to civil servants after graduation. If the subject has a stable relationship after graduation, there is no delay in getting married directly after graduation. So at the moment, I still put more energy on the public examination, and not having a strong one is the last word. Marriage is just that you have an additional identity in your life, but it doesn’t change anything. But it will also face the trivialities of chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, as well as the upgrading of family relationships. This job still needs work, and a stable job also needs to be obtained by yourself. Go all out to prepare for the public examination and that’s it. The subject thinks life is relatively simple, or because he has not graduated yet. Therefore, it is a good thing to devote yourself to the experience and put your mind on the public examination. It is a good thing to be able to hurt once. Failed to land once. Don’t worry about it. If the subject is married within two years of graduation, but has not yet worked, you can also apply for the public exam as a fresh graduate. There was a small partner in the public examination. He got married the year after graduation. He was admitted as a civil servant in the second year of graduation. Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. Whether we are traveling or planning to prepare for public examinations, our ultimate goal is to find a relatively stable and stable job. This is not a loss of fighting spirit, but only for most of us. The appeal is all. No job is easy, and there is a place where interpersonal relationships are not complicated. remember. There is still time to consider getting married, but some have just graduated to find a job. If you are in some companies, if you get married after graduation, you may be asked if you plan to have a baby? The civil service system does not have to have such concerns at all. If you want to give birth to a baby, you should take maternity leave. I think this also provides us with a guarantee and advantage within the system. So if you have an idea, you can arrange the exam, my friends, come on! !

7 months ago

There are several important points: 1. How is the school? What are the personal conditions? Are you a party member? Can I participate in the selection and transfer of students? 2. How about professional? Are there any positions that can be applied for? If it is an unpopular major, it was hired last year, but it may not be hired this year. 3. The civil service examination and the career editor can participate together. Increase the hope of landing. 4. Why do you want to get married as soon as you graduate? Do you actually have no girlfriend yet? Don’t worry, when you encounter the right place, work first if it is not suitable. 5. If the major is not good and there is no suitable position, you can study for a graduate school as appropriate. 6. In many cases, it is not whether you have the opportunity to choose a “civil servant position”, but a “civil servant position” is choosing you. A large group of public examinations. Especially in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas, the scores are so high that it is suffocating. Some small partners rushed to more than 20 exams across the country and all failed. 7. A stable life, everyone wants it. But it depends on who can put in enough effort. The brave wins when we meet on a narrow road.

7 months ago

From nine to five, weekends, small homes, and a plain life, how many people will be the ultimate goal of life after stubbornness or inaction. Sister, with this determined goal, I am embarrassed to say that I am confused? I think you are much clearer and more mature than many young people! When I was young, I also thought about Bei Diao, vowed to get ahead on my own, with the ad slogan “I won’t come back if I didn’t succeed!” As a result, I graduated and became unemployed, and I was not in a hurry to take public examinations. I have seen a lot of candidates over the years. When the announcement came out, I remembered to apply for the exam. The first thing to tell you is that starting a family does not conflict with starting a career. If the goal of employment is to take a public examination, then take the public examination first and then get a family, the probability of happiness is higher than that of starting a family first and then taking the public examination. Because the marriage is first, the choice after marriage must be discussed together. It is complementary to each other, but it also restrains each other. I have seen too many examples of this. Last year, I met a school girl who was admitted to the county-level unit, but because I didn’t want to go to another place with my boyfriend, I didn’t prepare for the interview and gave up in advance. The tone of life has been set, and if you want to change, you need greater determination and more effort. After all, you are overthrowing the “pre-existing stability.” Of course, if two people want to take a public examination, it would be better to go hand in hand. Therefore, you have this idea in your junior year. I am very optimistic about you and support you: First, you have a year to prepare for the public examination. First check your target area, the job list in previous years, and look at your There are not many professional positions available, and are there suitable ones? Second, if you do not have a position you like, or if you can apply for a major, you should consider a dual degree or postgraduate entrance examination to broaden your options. Third, plan the time and prepare the information. If needed, we can send it to you as a package. Fourth, pay attention to the announcement information. You can apply for the national exam and selection in the first semester of your senior year, and you can apply for the provincial exam in the next semester. Fifth, choose a position. Among the good departments that everyone says, not everyone has a good life. Remember, to be able to do something in a position and be recognized (including word of mouth and treatment) is the happiest one. If the goal is stability, in fact, public institutions can also apply for the exam at the same time. Sixth, since it is to prepare for the exam in advance, there is plenty of time to lay the foundation, practice the basic skills, and improve literacy, instead of seeking quick success. For line testing, common sense and quantity are the high-score watershed. Whether it can win or not determines whether it can be 75+ or 80+. So don’t let go of public basic knowledge. How to prepare for public exams efficiently with mind maps-How can Xingran’s article line test be 75+? For argumentation and interview, it can be strengthened by reading, listening, and speaking. Strongly promote the learning power app, sponsored by the Central Propaganda Department, with authoritative and massive information, who knows who uses it. I don’t know anything about civil service exams, how do I prepare? -Xingran’s answer

7 months ago

First of all, I must praise the subject first! You are lost, you start to be confused, you start to think about the future. This shows that you are now going uphill. However, going uphill is always harder than going downhill! So you will be more anxious than other peers. To be honest, there are not many people who can have this kind of thinking and enlightenment in the junior year. Most classmates of your age, many are addicted to game series. But since you have decided to embark on the future, you should have a good plan. I can’t help you plan your life. But at least I can give you some conservative suggestions. Just listen: love and work can’t separate winners and losers. But for marriage, it’s recommended to work online. Having a good financial foundation and ability is also responsible for the family. Worrying about the stability of the job in the future, it is better to start from now, earnestly learn professional knowledge, and improve your “hard power” to stand out in future job interviews. Keeping this original intention, you can also plan yourself in advance. It is recommended to make a self-plan every day and try to get closer to your goal. You know, it’s not too late to start working hard! The best time to act is ten years ago, followed by now.

7 months ago

The students will be a little confused in the junior year. This is a normal phenomenon. Today, Xian Xiaowai will share how to make a career plan for juniors. Come and see! 1. Self-assessment is the key. College students need to conduct accurate self-assessment before making career planning. who am I? what can I do? What do i want to do? What does the environment support or allow me to do? Through self-analysis and the measurement of Holland’s Career Interests Scale, you can understand your career tendency, ability tendency and career values. Where are your interests? Do you like to deal with people or things? This is the first step to a good career plan. 2. Recognize what abilities you have mastered? In terms of professional skills/work skills, what are the abilities you can master now? Word processing ability? Data analysis capabilities? Organizational training ability? Where are your strengths? Among these abilities, which ones are transferable and can be related to the position you expect to get? You need to determine whether the employment direction is related to your major? You have to measure the relationship between your professional skills and the work you intend to do. 3. Looking at what abilities college students need from the perspective of companies. Nowadays, most of the intern positions recruited by companies have certain requirements! Don’t think about what you can gain from the internship, but think about how you can do this job, how to do better, and improve your core competitiveness! 4. Start to try 1-3 internships, and experience internships in actual work so that you can understand the real social needs, and also let you know more about the work of your relative interest. Many students go to actual work, and they will find that reality will inevitably have a certain gap with imagination. You can try and make mistakes in different jobs, after all, you still have time! 5. According to subjective needs and objective changes, timely adjust the career plan. As the saying goes, the plan will never keep up with changes. Modern society is full of variables, and there is no career with iron rice bowls. The employment concept of college graduates also keeps up with the continuous changes in society, so career planning is A dynamic process that follows changes, and a rigid career plan is in vain. Changes in the employment environment lead to changes in self-concepts, which are reflected in career planning. It is impossible to determine the specific details of each time node of a lifetime career goal in a plan.

7 months ago

At this stage, I am still feeling confused, indicating that I lack career planning, and may have a wider range of majors, and I don’t know which careers in the society are more convenient to do. I don’t want to believe that a junior student has not taken any action on his employment because of his lazy thinking. Marriage is very good and you can rely on it, but it is not recommended to be a parasite. You can raise you for a while and for a lifetime. It is very stressful, and soon your thoughts and values ​​will not be at a high level, which will easily lead to life. Speaking of inequality in China, I actually thought of Luo Zijun and Chen Junsheng. Life is a struggle, even if you have to rely on, you must maintain your own independent individual. So get married if you want to get married. After all, this is also a major event in life, but work is a must, and stable work may be better. In short, I think marriage and work do not conflict.

7 months ago

It’s good to have this plan. It’s not hard to find a stable job, especially when you don’t have a high salary requirement. You can basically find one accurately, but you will be dissatisfied in some aspects. . There are indeed four good choices for public examination. After all, a bachelor’s degree is sufficient for public examination. From this point of view, it is quite fair. Secondly, I think the subject of the question is from the Teachers College, and the teacher is also a good choice. It’s a little harder to take public exams than to find a job, but the subject is now in the junior year, and there is still plenty of time to prepare. If you prepare well, the probability of going ashore is still very high. Maybe you can go ashore. (I have a friend who is at the same time civil servants and career editors and teachers landed at the same time) The answer is for reference only.

7 months ago

Fundamentally speaking, confusion will accompany us throughout our lives. If we divide our life into segments, at each stage, we will have different forms and types of confusion. So what is confusion? Psychologically speaking: confusion is an uncertain response to uncertain factors. It is precisely because of the double uncertainty that our daily thinking fluctuates, so that we lose ourselves and feel confused. Another situation is that when the problems we encounter are beyond the scope of our knowledge or ability, we will naturally feel confused. Or, knowing the result, knowing that it is right, but not finding a way to get there, will also make us feel confused. Today, Xiaoyi puts forward effective suggestions on these two aspects, hoping to help you through the confusion period. Get rid of uncertainty, find the right direction, find the direction according to your own interests and hobbies. Interests and hobbies often hide your talents and abilities. Persist in cultivating and perfecting your hobbies and hobbies will not only help you improve yourself and become self-confident, but the pleasure generated in the process will also help to a large extent. You get rid of the confusion. Finally, I want to remind everyone that no matter how small, how useless, how unremarkable your hobby at the moment is, it doesn’t matter, and interest has nothing to do with utilitarianism. If you stick to it, you will find a “new sky” and successfully get rid of the confused status quo . Find the direction based on self-analysis. If you don’t have a clear hobby yet, Xiaoyi suggests that you conduct self-analysis, or find your own strengths from the praise of friends and family around you, and use this as a starting point to set goals and find your way forward. Using flexible strategies, the goal of decomposing long-term goals or known final results, although clear but very vague, does not match the current reality, and is not clear enough about the future direction, which will still make people difficult. In this regard, Xiaoyi suggests that everyone decompose long-term goals into phased goals, or even decompose phased goals again. Every time a small goal is achieved, it will encourage you to keep moving forward. If the small goal is established, but there is still no way to achieve it, Xiaoyi recommends that you look up the book with a purpose. Every problem will have a corresponding book to help you solve the problem. Many people are not inexperienced or methodless when facing confusion, but their fear of the unknown limits their progress. At this time, we must learn to “return to zero”, clear up distracting thoughts, and move forward down-to-earth. It is very difficult to truly understand the future. Only if you do it step by step, your future will gradually become clear, and you will have enough confidence to meet the future.

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