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It’s not so much a “famous filter”, it’s better to look at him in what kind of capacity. Shao Mingming is actually a bit like one of my former classmates, two years younger than me, a bit “weird”: always like to complain about my poor aesthetics, and then spend half a day helping me trim my eyebrows and match clothes; always Enthusiastically, he works hard to make you happy no matter when you are happy or unhappy; he doesn’t like to hide his emotions, writes on his face when he is wronged, and will never endure; because he is too enthusiastic , So it lacks some sense of boundaries, but sometimes makes people feel offended; I have really wanted to post this friend in Moments many times, but whenever I was about to send, she suddenly flashed: Do you want to be together? Order milk tea? I bought a mango member and we use it together! Hey, your clothes are really ugly, next time you go shopping, I will help you choose them. I just made dried pork. Would you like to eat it? . . . Then I deleted all the complaints. . . When watching Mingxue and Mishen, as an audience, I actually substituted myself into the relationship between him and other seniors. Shao Mingming is a younger brother who often yells and is very good at making fun. You still use him as an example. When he was younger, he treated you as his own brother. He will care about you in his own way and output rainbow farts to you 24 hours a day. . . Get along, although sometimes, you really want to install a button on him and turn it off when he is noisy, but most of the time, you still like this friend, and you know that he is sincere to you. Really treat you as a friend. However, it is different in other variety shows. In the talent show, no one will treat him as a friend or younger brother. He is just a “commodity” waiting to be tested by the market, and the audience is a consumer. They have to choose their favorite among more than 100 products. At this time, any “defects” will be magnified. And when there is a “conflict of interest” between him and others, all defects will directly lead to consumers’ denial of the entire product. Shao Mingming is not an excellent singing and dancing singer. The image he presents on the show, perhaps because of editing, is difficult to be accepted by the public. Therefore, it is normal for fans of talent shows to dislike him and not accept him. Of course, verbal abuse and personal attacks are not normal at any time. (The words are too implicit, so I added parentheses as an explanation) The following are some words that I want to say to some fans of Mingxue: I have seen a lot of hot searches, but they are basically not positive. I’m a person who doesn’t like to vent my emotions on the Internet, so I always “pass through the hot searched world”, and I don’t even click on it. In a sense, we actually have no reason to accuse those audiences who don’t like Shao Mingming and say “you are too one-sided”, because you can’t ask a talent show audience to understand the details of each player, let alone we and them. There is a “preconception” situation. But I really hope that some fans of Mingxue will not use the banner of group fans, “representing” everyone hates Shao Mingming, and even say something like “Only nc fans in Mingxue like Shao Mingming”. (To put it simply, I think those who don’t like Shao Mingming are also credits, but ginseng cock smm and people who like smm’s credits are not credits, such as scolding smm’s family members in the comment area and a friend who has been deleted by me) Because Mingxue is a family, no family member can deport another family member on behalf of this family. (Here I am talking about “expulsion”, not “dislike” or “hate”) (The specific expression of “expulsion” is: think that people who like smm are all nc, swiping the screen to let smm get famous and so on. If If you don’t have one, don’t take your seat, okay? Thank you for your cooperation!) “If you compliment you can blurt it out, if you defamation, please think twice.” This principle sounds simple, but few people can do it. In fact, the information we see and come into contact with on the Internet is not comprehensive. None of us has the ability to understand the whole picture. In this case, what you are willing to believe is your choice. Would you like to believe in the past, or the present? Do you choose to stand firm on your own views or listen to other people’s voices? These are all reasonable, because the choice is yours. (Do you think it’s a bad cut or a fact? It’s OK.) It’s normal not to like it, and it’s normal to like it. Make bad words, (I really don’t like him, and don’t follow the trend.) But at the same time, don’t hurt others just because you like it. (Don’t open up wheat to scold other players to protect him.) In this dark world, even if you can’t light the candle in your hand for the time being, you must be a person chasing the light. Don’t be swallowed by darkness. (The Internet environment is very poor now, and everyone habitually attacks, mocks, and insults each other on the Internet. In this case, it is difficult to surf the Internet every day without being infested by hostility. Even if it can’t be done, it’s not easy. Deny others, don’t think it’s right)


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

There has been no Mingxue filter. Seeing Mingxue peaches is originally a pastime, which is not very true. And I have always had no team filters. At most, I am not particularly disgusted with certain individuals in the team. Some people say don’t hate stepping back on Shao Mingming on behalf of credits. But some people say they like it on behalf of the credits, while others say they hate it on behalf of the credits. In fact, everyone knows the real situation in this way—the credits originally have two views on him. Or divide it more finely, hate him, like him, treat him as air, and try to treat him as air. In fact, I have always felt that Shao Mingming and Pu Qiguo are not so close to each other on Thursday, and he is usually absent from private gatherings. Maybe I feel that he is not the same, so he is more tolerant in the show. It is the tolerance for temporary colleagues who will not be a company in the future in order to maintain a good team atmosphere. I don’t like Shao Mingming, but I haven’t scolded him when I read Mingxue. He is at best unpleasant in Mingxue. I don’t like it and I don’t dislike it too much. What makes me disgusted is off-program.

8 months ago

I think I should be very objective when evaluating Shao Mingming. The reason is written in the front, I think I double-labeled or something, the kong is you right, okay? If I remember correctly, I obviously went on a hot search a few days ago and said that someone saw the one who obviously wanted to vomit. At that time, I saw my mixed tastes, but I didn’t say much. When I turned my head, I was on something, and I saw two Vs on the homepage, with the name of a famous fan, which showed that it was very disgusting, and finally someone saw it. Then I blacked them both. Before banning them, he was obviously going to the draft. Some fans said on the homepage that the group fan was not qualified at all. In the name of group fan, other fans didn’t vote for him at all. I also blackened him. Fair and just? Isn’t it objective enough? To tell the truth, in Mingxue, I am positioning him as a cute host with witty remarks. Sometimes it’s a dance to enliven the atmosphere and full effect of the show. Obviously in the Peach Great God version, I position him as a cutie who can do great miracles. With my own strength, I was really laughing and crying, and I almost couldn’t stand still. Then when did he add a batch of black fans? I remember it was a diploma incident. When I broke up with Tao Tao Lian Mai, what kind of diss was there? It seems that there is another one who asked Jiuzhou to help him walk the show, right? At that time, I remembered that a group of people resisted Mingming’s study, saying that they would not watch the third season. Of course, I was so happy to have him in the third season. The happy second has continued for another year. Then he went to create clearly, to be reasonable, and he was at least half of the black hot searches for creation. What is the truth? The benevolent see the benevolent and the wise see the wisdom. But me, the first time I wrote a private message to a star, it was Mingming. Obviously there are a lot of shortcomings, I can’t talk to my heart, I’m not very smart enough to have a high IQ, and I don’t think about things well. But I think he is brave. He knows his shortcomings, so he wants to slowly correct them, let others know that he can, and he can do more. Because if it were me, I would tell you with confidence, hey, I just can’t. I’m just richer than you. I can be good friends with them. I am mad at you. After all, going to different variety shows will have different positioning. of. Isn’t it true even for big-name artists? Do whatever you want to do on any show. If you can’t go to the audition, just go up and say that I’m here to be good friends with you, right? Tease? In summary, I think it’s pretty good, so take your time. In the end, there may be constant storms and thorns. I hope you can ride the wind and waves and overcome obstacles. Just do it if you want. There are many people around you who love you and support you. As for the rumors of some fans? To be reasonable, the Lord has made good friends with you. Isn’t this the biggest face slap to those strange fans? As for what the main reason is for profit and other things? Do you believe? You just believe it, I’m not stupid anyway. Manually divide the line. Come to think of it, add a short paragraph. Many people say that fans use goose shears to wash them out, right? OK, does anyone remember that when Mingxue was staying together, Mingming had a fight with Jiuzhou Xiaoxiao? In the case of a goose, can we directly let the results broadcast without reducing the cause, and then we can scold them together for being hypocritical, not friends, and unwilling to take a picture for others? But the mango has released the cause and effect. The whole thing is to let people see it, because Jiuzhou asked more and put forward a lot of ideas about taking pictures. The two people didn’t agree, which made Mingming angry, and the two had a fight. After a while, he reconciled himself. That’s it, I’m telling you, it’s up to you to wash the white, and you can be happy with the double-label. However, in this life, don’t think that I will spend a penny on the goose, and I will not spend it on QQ, let alone Tencent and other things. No matter how terrible MG is, I’ll continue to give him until he is gone.

8 months ago

Let’s talk about myself. The Mingxue that I watched first and then the Mitao Great God version of Mingxue was broadcast in the second season when I officially watched Mingxue. Shao Mingming, who started from Peach, is probably responsible for the atmosphere. He started to liven up the atmosphere when he introduced himself in the car. I still remember the 19-line artist terrier. There was indeed a highlight moment, but the more impressive thing was that Dad Tao was surrounded by everyone in the period. The host setting that he taught him to solve the title is actually also pleasing. Compared with other famous school children’s problem-solving ideas, the host’s work is indeed suitable for him, showing his face but not stealing the limelight. The real change is in business alone. At the beast, Apu Junwei’s off-court commentary was very funny and fun, but Shao Mingming gave me the feeling that he was extremely utilitarian, and he also used his eyes to suggest Tang Jiuzhou’s close-ups. This is why I couldn’t knock Jiu Ming. Later, the academic qualifications and age were faked, and the propaganda art training school completely defeated the famous school filter. By the latest season, the famous school has been completely ignored. Later, when I heard that he was going to the camp to participate in the competition, the first reaction was “Does he have any skills?” The threshold is getting lower and lower. At first, it almost knocked over the guzheng. This can be understood as being too nervous. Later, when you shout loudly, do you want other people to forgive him for his bad temper? I remember that before the start of the camp, someone said that he wanted him to be popular, but he should not be so popular. The above are also my thoughts.

8 months ago

The second part adds: First of all, I personally do not mean that all credits do not like Shao Mingming. Secondly, I also hope that fans of Mingming will not say that all credits like Shao Mingming. Respect is mutual. Besides, I don’t like him. It’s not self-abuse when I watch the show. It’s because I think it’s a shame to change six. Although there is Shao Mingming in this show, there is also Tang Kai from the north and south latitudes, Pan Pan before, and Enqi later, as well as Xiao He Xiaoli who has been in one or two episodes, as well as old friends Huo teacher and Werewolf Killing Limited Auspicious Wu (just kidding) Shi Xiao counseling. Why should I give up an entire forest for a dead tree? I, to him, never had a famous filter. There is no Mishin filter either. I can honestly say that I don’t like him, but I haven’t attacked him. I have replayed the two games of Werewolf and Unicorn that caused a lot of credits to dislike, but apart from the three words “dislike”, there was no attack and no insults. They were all about impressions. I respect his dream of being popular. I respect his fans’ liking for him. But I don’t like the image of fame and fortune that he showed me and made me feel ostentatious. I don’t like him being open-minded and using his identity as a senior friend to fry CP (even if I lick their CP) to sell rotten. I don’t like him lied to say that he is in the drama, which makes me feel vain. So please don’t say that if you don’t like everything, it’s not credits. I don’t charge less for the members of Mango. I have watched each episode more than once. The seniors’ other programs or live broadcasts are all related to me. Even my love for Mingxue surpasses the Ming Detective who first pulled me into the pit, so I can sensibly comment on every episode of Mingzheng’s programs and guests, but I basically only maintain the Mingxue. Why can’t I call myself an acoustic point? I didn’t watch Chuang, but I watched the part about the drunk butterfly because I don’t do a show. I think even if he sings well and plays the guzheng well, it’s better than his last broken “ye~~~” and hurriedly knocking off the piano. The performance is good. I don’t know if he really accidentally dropped the piano, because the impression he gave me is a bit fake, and I think it’s eyeballing. I also study folk music. I really cherish my violin. When I accidentally fell, it was really, very, and sad. This time… let’s not talk about it. Waiting to see the results behind. Don’t cut badly at every turn, bad cuts are bad shots. Although it is well known that geese are really foul, so I have reservations. But fans don’t go out under the banner of the academy and go out everywhere. Please indicate that you like Shao Mingming. Shao Mingming’s personal behavior on the audition program has nothing to do with the college. It’s not that we go around saying that he will discredit the college. But the behavior of some fans who advertised the academy under the banner of the academy itself is discrediting the academy. PS: There are so many hosts in China, little brothers, little sisters, or seniors. Apart from him, I haven’t seen anyone who was compared with Zhang Dali. I sincerely wish him a successful debut and stay away from Mingxue.

8 months ago

I met him when I was in the first grade. At that time, his impression was not very good. His appearance was not a pleasing type and his voice was not pleasing to the ears. It was a bit harsh. He had a lot of restraint in Mingxue, but his temper still appeared occasionally. I personally didn’t. I like it, but the friends of Mingxue accept me nothing to say. Mishen also specially gave him a chance to make him cry; but out of the environment of Mingxue, it can be seen that he is really unpleasant, he himself Saying that this is his “real”, I can only say:…I know that there are editing, but some fans say, “Obviously there is no such thing in Mingxue, they are all cut by Goose!” I don’t agree with this view. Yes, there are some things you don’t say and some things you don’t do. It’s impossible to edit out of thin air. I feel that Shao Mingming is creating the meaning of black and red. Choosing songs from the primary stage is not like a serious selection. When Chuang is scolded, he will go back to his name and learn the secret god to cry and harp for a while? If possible, I suggest that since Shao Mingming and Jiuzhou have chosen to be idols, whether they are black or red, they should never come back.

8 months ago

I don’t like him if I have this layer of filters…but he won’t be blacked out. He is a dispensable person in my eyes, and can be skipped without affecting the plot… The first time I know that he is in Peach God The version, how should I say, it just doesn’t have a good impression. It feels that he is a bit redundant and a little in the way, especially because it may be too obvious to compare with other great gods. It seems too stupid… Maybe he is more suitable for the rhythm of the celebrity version… And he is too good at calling It’s too noisy… Actually, it’s okay. There’s one I remember when I squeezed my tears and was sensational. It was a bit disgusting… There are too many people in the entertainment circle. Isn’t it a bit too much to sell miserably? You have also acted Why do you have to waste so much time in tears…Look at the teacher Zhang Songwen, at least there is something to prove yourself before you talk about those sad pasts, it is more empathetic and distressing, but at that time, what do you want to do? He doesn’t even have the face and figure when he is a vase, and he is not too young to be so red? Selling miserable people will only make people think that a boy is too hypocritical. After Mingxue’s first season is okay, he is a dispensable host and does not affect the viewing. After all, I want to see those great gods who do not meet My standard… Later, when he started to participate in the game, I was embarrassed that the IQ was too obvious… Why I like Mingzheng and Mingxue a big reason is that I want to see people with a bit of cultural background… I really I don’t want to see how to solve the most basic elementary school Mathematical Olympiad. The second-choice primary equation of junior high school mathematics will also cause a cheering scene… I suddenly think of the secret room of the stars I saw back then. The stars inside make me feel that they did not accept it. After nine years of compulsory education…especially there are many great gods in famous schools, including Xiao Qi. Although he is also an art student, he at least feels that he can keep up with the last time, including Shi Kai’s younger brother, although he may not be that smart, but he has fun. Shao Mingming can only say that some of his behaviors and manners are not pleasing to me, and there is no desire to understand him. If I have to be a black powder, black people are too lazy to be black. His kind…

8 months ago

Mingxue Filter… Mingxue and Mishen can only make me ignore him as much as possible, otherwise it is a pity that such a good show and other great guests, his various operations have long been summarized. Fans of Shao Mingming should not love him on behalf of all Mingxue and Mishen audience fans, and I also don’t mean that all fans will hate him. For me, it was because someone kidnapped the entire Mingxue Secret God audience to support him, and I came to answer this question. Mingxue and Mishen are just two game-playing shows. The audience likes these guests. After all, they are not officially debuted groups. You, Shao Mingming, don’t have anything to do, but nothing is happening.

8 months ago

He is a bit like a relative to me that I don’t like. Although I don’t like him, I can’t stop him from coming to my house every New Year’s Day. At the same time, I still pay him a smile on the face of his parents. I listened to my parents and tried to talk to this relative, but this relative can always say something weird to me and do things that I can’t understand. I have seen someone say, if you don’t like it so much, why do you still want to read Mingxue? Doesn’t this make it clear to yourself? Is it because I don’t like a certain relative, should I deny my parents? There are several people I like in Mingxue. This is the reason why I look at Mingxue. I don’t like Shao Mingming, but it is unnecessary to give up a show for him and not watch the boys I like. At least for me, he is not as important as this. Some people said, “Please don’t represent our other credits and hate Shao Mingming.” However, whether it is on Weibo or lof, what I see is more famous academic fans who excuse Mingming and defend Mingming. So, can I also say “please don’t represent me, like Shao Mingming”. For many viewers of Chuang, there is a high probability that they have never seen Mingxue. Therefore, they are not obligated to learn about Shao Mingming through a program they have not watched. What’s more, is it really fair to other people with the title of famous school? Didn’t they let Mingming go to the draft? Why should Mingxue other people take care of him when he is obviously not liked by others? As for the “Fool” he sang during the extra test, it can only be said that it is relatively normal compared to “Drunken Butterfly” which he almost knocked over the piano. If it’s just this level, you just insist on boasting, then shouldn’t those really good foreign players make their debut on the spot? Finally, let me say one more thing. As a credit that I don’t like, I have been expelled from my fandom. It’s okay, it’s just a title, it doesn’t matter whether it has it or not, and it doesn’t affect my viewing of the show. Not everyone, like you, value this illusory thing so much, okay? Is it childish? Does it mean that you will be able to rise to the top with this name? Really, it’s kind of ridiculous. If I can definitely come over and continue to participate in Mingxue and Peach, I don’t care. I didn’t watch these two shows because of him, and similarly, I won’t give up these two shows because of him. Anyway, after watching it for so long, I am used to it, one more issue, one less issue, so what?

8 months ago

The Detective Academy started to watch in the third season, and later successively added the escape version and the academy of the first two seasons. Chuang didn’t watch it, but one after another watched many famous scenes on the Internet. Shao Mingming’s affairs were a lot of complaints at Xiaopo Station. How should I say, there is no filter for him. It’s not because of prejudice against him, but I don’t have him in my eyes. . . . . He seems to have nothing worthy of my attention and liking, personally. It’s just a variety artist. What Han Meijuan said was correct. When Shao Mingming started in his group, he knew that he would do something, whether it was them or the program group. In the draft, there is no absolute strength and beauty. If you want to be hot, you can only do things. Just want to ask, do you have to like all the people in the famous detective academy? Isn’t it normal to complain about what he did?

8 months ago

I knew him in the first grade, and I didn’t like him at the time because he gave me the same feeling as Zhang Da. Later, my friend recommended me to watch Ming Xue Escape. I felt a bit bad when I saw him. However, the show was really good and I chased it. After watching it, I felt that he was not that bad anymore, but I did not say that I liked him because of it. When I was warming my heart, I was still very utilitarian like my first impression of him. I didn’t say that it’s not good for people to have utilitarianism. It’s okay to survive in the entertainment industry. Okay, but I don’t like it. Later, Jiuzhou and him will go to the draft. To be honest, I was thinking that the threshold for drafting was too low because they were not good at singing and jumping, but he was even less dominant than Tang Jiuzhou. He has few fans. In terms of appearance, he is not liked by most girls (at least I think so), and his ability is not good, so I feel that he is going to get back from the waves instead of making his debut. One more bb, Tang Jiuzhou was able to make his debut without any surprises. The better one is his high-ranking debut, because Tang Jiuzhou’s fans have a good casting ability. Then came his various black hot searches. There must be suspicion of the goose clip attracting popularity. But from the video It can also be seen that he is indeed responsible, and some fans have been saying that they are all geese. The malicious editing blames the geese and they are very speechless. Also, some famous academic fans should not use the name of “group fans” all the time and say they want to like credits. Everyone, my brothers are spoiling you, obviously you’re just jealous, no no no no, who told you that you should like everyone after reading the famous school? Who told you that Mingxue formed a group? Who dictates that people you like can’t be disliked if others don’t? I’m speechless if I watch a show and engage in a small group

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