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Our cognition of the world has been constructed day by day by the media since we were young. Westerners do this to China, and we do the same to foreign countries. It’s just that the direction of cognition is opposite. A few years ago, I watched Hunan TV’s “Everyday Upward”. In that issue, a Danish ambassador was about to come, and the whole episode was a very nasty flattery to Denmark, which made the ambassador quite uncomfortable. In fact, this is not wrong in Chinese culture. In our culture, we must be as enthusiastic and polite as possible for guests from afar. But if you pull out and look at this picture again, the Chinese are obviously in the position of a “lower” inside. In the depths of the consciousness of countless people, the idea that “Danes are higher than Chinese” has been subtly implanted. . Moreover, our abnormal enthusiasm often cannot be exchanged for equal treatment by others. It was Denmark. They would paint the five-star red flag as a virus in the newspapers and gained the support of the whole country after the Chinese protests, believing that this is the “right to freedom”. By coming and going like this, our status is even lower, and our self-identity is more frustrated. For example, many people are only dissatisfied with society at first, but under this two-way immersion for a long time, it is inevitable that they will embark on a path of self-hate. Even if we express some opposing opinions, we still remain in the opinion that the other person is good, the culture is good, and the country is good. Just a few politicians have a bad conscience. However, the shaping of us by others is all-round, from history to culture to politics to the lives of the people. Like I said last time, even the kung fu Chinese in Ultraman is a clown-like person. If you do not consider the number of countries, in terms of population alone, there are 1.4 billion people in China, and the Western world plus their servant countries is about the same size. So why do we care so much about what they think of us and they don’t care what we think of them at all? Since we can’t win the right to speak internationally, why not start to change from our side? For example, when shooting the United States, don’t always be the Wall Street Capitol, why not point the camera at their black area, under the bridge hole? Would the audience not like to watch those drug addicts lying on the floor? When reporting on Sweden, don’t always have the Nobel Prize. The king rides a bicycle. Why don’t you tell everyone that Sweden has the highest rate of rape in the world? Isn’t the pain of those raped enough to resonate with us? By extension, can the advertising law prohibit domestic brands from boasting that they are imported parts? Can models in shopping malls and Taobao not use the image of foreigners? In Chinese textbooks, can it be that all foreigners do good things? Of course, we don’t have to be as dirty as they are, report fake news, and reverse black and white, but it is very necessary to make appropriate adjustments in the direction of public opinion. Going bigger, cultivate the self-confidence and self-esteem of citizens. To be smaller, it can also reduce some mental patients who hate and abuse themselves.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I didn’t know why foreign media like to shoot the police before, but now I know… because foreigners don’t understand why the Chinese are not afraid of the police.

What is the first reaction of normal Chinese people walking on the street and seeing the armed police? Probably to be aware of whether there are criminals around… What is the first reaction of normal Americans walking on the street and seeing the police? Probably he was standing attentively raising his hands to avoid being beaten to death.

8 months ago

We have to admit that the western media is very powerful and advanced in controlling the language of the lens, manipulating public consciousness, and setting up public opinion hotspots by playing with photography skills. This ability has become a low-cost way for Western countries to maintain their influence, leverage the regional situation, and set the agenda when the comprehensive hard power of Western countries is declining. But at the same time we should also note that this ability does not appear out of thin air or purely abstract. It is actually a reflection of the rich accumulation and huge advantages of Western countries at the material level over the past few hundred years at the social relationship level. The metaphysics of material power and organizational power, just as the essence of photography skills is the use of light and the mastery of composition, and both of them are actually in the category of mathematics. The development of photography technology is essentially higher education, or the development of mathematical logic. On the one hand, they claim that aesthetics and propaganda come from the heart and originate from passion. On the other hand, they tirelessly disassemble, analyze, quantify and make the aesthetics plastic, and use them fully in offensive propaganda. The effect is quite impressive. . In fact, Western countries have a set of systematic specifications when cultivating their own relevant practitioners, and the final product also has strict quality control procedures and quality checks to ensure the selective use of photos, data and information details, the main content In short, ensure that every component of the entire news product can strictly follow the preset position of the news report itself, and guide the topic to the direction they want. , And those parts that do not meet the product requirements or even contradict the preset position are deliberately hidden. Or to be more general, through close cooperation between subsystems, the system assembly can be used to its maximum effect. This is actually using systems engineering thinking to make news. Information is not important, but through proper expression of information. To achieve the goal is the most important. Since there is a system engineering, there is subsystem demand, where there is demand, there is supply, and when there is a relationship between supply and demand, there is a market. The clearly marked price of this photo is nothing more than a stall in this market, which is no different from selling vegetables. In almost every regional hotspot incident in recent years, we can always see some very eye-catching news products, such as a little boy with a gray-headed face and bloodshed, such as a young woman fallen in a pool of blood, such as a strong face. Protesters in China, such as the well-groomed NGO personnel, have various products. These products are both true and false, combining false and real. The production process is varied, some of which are real, but the scene is actually not as shown in the picture, it is just The photographer selected the one that met their needs from thousands of photos after high-speed continuous shooting. Some were simply faked. For example, the White Helmet Film Studio in Syria, these products basically achieved their goals. For example, the tricks carried out by the White Helmet Film Studio were dismantled one by one by Russia afterwards, and even invited the actors themselves to show up, but the purpose of defrauding the public and discussing the legality of the intervention was finally achieved. As for the public? The white helmet catches people’s attention, and they will pay attention to it when they make horror news, but when Russia’s high-intensity caesarean certificate fans, not many people will care. The objective impression that Russia is a big evil has been left, and the purpose is achieve. To deal with this method, the most effective way is not to passively be beaten and let the opponent see how many fans there are, but to learn and study their technical methods and paths, and conduct effective deconstruction and tit-for-tat offensive propaganda. In a situation that comes back and forth, it is best to form a certain sense of terror balance to force the other party to abandon this kind of media blackmail and return to the track of reason. Anyway, with all the bad things that Western countries have done over the years, as long as there is a heart, there will never be a shortage of materials. We don’t need to make white helmets, and we can keep it true. To deal with the wicked, moral condemnation is useless, only magic can defeat magic.

8 months ago

“Long live the great unity of the people of the world!” This pattern, this realm, the group of big men who founded the country with lofty intentions, I really admire. Only the protagonist country on the world stage deserves to have a landmark, which is not known to be much higher than the realm represented by the “Statue of Liberty”. “The Lady Liberty” represents the Noah’s Ark where the United States is a refuge, and a paradise in the wild world. The slogan on the Tiananmen City Tower shows that we are Chinese people who have inherited the spirit of Dayu’s water management, and if we want to achieve it, we will help the world and make the world a paradise. But even so, it is inevitable that people with unpredictable and unrighteous minds will understand this sentence as China’s ambition to seek expansion. But so what? From the source of civilization, we and the West are two kinds of people. In the face of disasters and natural obstacles, we have “Nuwa repairing the sky”, “Da Yu governing water”, “Jingwei reclaiming the sea” and “Foolish man moving mountains.” What about the West? I only know that taking my wife and children and a bunch of beasts together, what does the life and death of others have to do with me? From the foundation of our civilization, we naturally have collectivism, dedication and initiative to transform and conquer nature. The courage to face difficulties rather than escape this is the root of our civilization that has been passed on for thousands of years in this land! The seed of a giant cedar, its sapling may be weak, but sooner or later it can grow into a towering tree! The seed of a shrub, no matter how strong it grows, is still a shrub! This is determined by the genes of civilization!

8 months ago

There has been a lot of news recently, and after reading some, I feel that the fundamental problem is what is our last name, what flag we carry, and what path we take. Many people say that the news is neutral and free of speech. Our country has been in peace for a long time, and we have long forgotten that this world actually obeys the law of the jungle where the weak eat the strong. They did not understand that the current international situation does not require you to know what the truth is. After a major disaster, a major economic crisis, contradictions must be passed on. Foreign countries are not effective in fighting the epidemic and economic recession. Will the government and people find the reasons for themselves and the economic cycle? Of course it is impossible, this pot can only be buckled on the heads of China and the Chinese. Others shunned it, and some people rushed to pass the knife over. What are you waiting for? Wait for economic sanctions, wait for threats of war, wait for diplomacy to sever? After more than ten years of singing and dancing, some people have forgotten the fear of helplessness. When I was in elementary school, there was a period of tension in external relations, and everyone was in danger. A classmate from elementary school told me that your family is about to go to the frontline. I still remember the fear at that time. What was our determination at that time? 022 wolves tactics. In layman’s terms, it is similar to a hundred elementary school students with knives, to stab an adult armed to the teeth with a rifle. The logic is that if everyone goes together, even if they die, they can always destroy the adults. In recent years, the country has developed vigorously, and the gap between red and blue power has become smaller and smaller. Although the point of torsion has not been reached, the light has finally been seen. At this time, many ghosts and monsters jumped out. Why can’t the Chinese apologize humbly, what Wuhan diary my doctor friend said, what the British son-in-law, Mr. Yang queuing up for isolation. This is stark surrenderism, a begging for credit from the reactionary forces in the West. Some people ride the wall thinking that they can benefit from both sides. Some people are aloof, thinking that this dispute has nothing to do with them. Some people are outside the wall, thinking that they are from the Wei Kingdom in Cao Ying. In fact, from the moment of birth, the fate of all the yellow races has been closely connected with this ancient country of five thousand years. Without the protection of the motherland, any asset is rich on paper. Without the protection of the motherland, any status is a dream. Here, I warn all the well-known, hate the National Party, and ordinary people who are deceived by them. The value of your existence lies in the strength of China. No one can succeed by shorting their homeland. If the skin does not save the hair, how will it be attached? This is clear from the Jews and Japanese Americans in World War II. At the same time, I also invite the broad masses of people to bravely speak out. In this battlefield of public opinion, if you do not speak, others will speak for you. If you do not occupy, others will guide you. In the end, there is only one voice left. The people are forced to accept Western values ​​and are led to the wrong abyss.

8 months ago

The foreign media filter affects the perception and perception of this problem. You can watch the “Journey to the Unknown” food program filmed by internationally renowned gourmet Anthony Bourdon and the CNN film crew. Why do internationally renowned gourmets love Chinese food the most? The filters of the first integrated city are relatively normal, and you can see their brothers’ love/surprise feelings for Chinese food. I also know that Anthony Bourdon has deep feelings for China. In the second episode of Shanghai’s True Underworld Filter, although Anthony Bourdon is very happy eating street food, there is no food in the complete series that makes the audience appetite. After watching this episode, I am surprised that this episode is also a food show? I suggest you take a look.

8 months ago

The Western media has always demonized China. A photo can be used as evidence and can be used arbitrarily out of thin air. It is indeed too cheap to sell for $499. The rise of China has been criticized by the Western media. Now that the new crown virus is encountered, it is subject to the epidemic prevention model of the Western society, which has caused the disease to ravage, allowing Westerners to generally live in dire straits. Looking at China with successful epidemic prevention will only make Western media emphasize China’s threats and threats. evil. Since the Opium War, the earth has been dominated by Westerners. In the past, the US-Soviet confrontation was white after all. Now that China has risen strongly, and the United States is particularly worried about its hegemony, the smearing of China has become the most effective appeal of Western politicians. The West has always believed that Western values ​​are superior to other values. The 200-year-old Crusade was a fundamental conflict between Christian civilization and Islamic civilization. As a world power, respect for other cultures is a prerequisite. If Western countries fail to properly handle the relationship between globalization, marketization, and technological revolution, the Western concept of value superiority will be tested in the next ten years. So China proposed the “Community of Shared Future for the World”. It is based on this view that China is constructing a new philosophy of great power that is different from the Western civilization clash theory. The conflict between Chinese and American values ​​should first start in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s sovereignty is China, and only when the management power is obtained can China’s great power rejuvenation truly begin.

8 months ago

Should I say that the U.S. economy is too depressed or the U.S. business is too developed? China is now like the world’s top Internet celebrity. Amelika can take a picture of China and sell it for money. It’s like an eighteenth-line marketing account who came to China to catch up with the popularity in order to eat a meal. I hope this will help. fire. In the Trump era, Trump won global hot spots with his own power, dominating the rankings every day, bringing the world’s attention together. However, now that Bi is on stage, the United States looks a bit lonely, and the appearance rate is sometimes lower than that of Europe. I’m thinking now, will the Trump era be the last peak of American influence, or will it be a return to light, and Biden will enter a long recession? Now it sells photos. This selling photos, on the bright side, is to provide materials to the 18th line of unscrupulous American marketing media, and then the photographers exchanged their rewards to get by. On a closer look, the United States needs such materials to divert conflicts. Keep your heat and sense of presence in order to show your weaker and weaker influence. Then, China is more black and red. It’s true that foreign media hacked it, but it’s a foregone conclusion that China’s economy is getting better and better. It’s a foregone conclusion that the U.S. has been dark all day long. If it was dark before, it can be said that this rabbit is poor and bossy. But now China’s economy is getting better and better. If you are so dark, others will think if you look at it, are you jealous that others are getting rich? Then other countries took a look and found that the darker the rabbit, the richer the rabbit, what’s the situation? ? This reminds those countries that want to cooperate with China that the signed agreements have been implemented quickly. The United States is urging them all day for fear that we are too slow or don’t remember. This is the last hard money. After the cooperation between other countries and China becomes deeper and deeper, and China’s influence becomes more and more powerful, China has already issued original ideas. The second way traffickers such as the US media will not have to forward a praise and comment lottery. , Otherwise no one will be a bird. Why did your influence decline? It’s not as good as a dog…

8 months ago

In fact, there is a misunderstanding. It is that the West is not only irritating to China’s Yin and Yang. Except for traditional capitalist countries, they are almost in the diss world. In fact, if your grandpa and dad still have slaves and untouchables at home, you will see the world in the same way. No matter how you are educated for equal rights, you will only think of those “people” as the original biological “people” in your heart, not the “people” like you. However, after the founding of the People’s Republic of my country, it took a long time to break class education, and it took a generation to completely dispel this concept from the root. I am not washing the ground for the West. I just think that communication and exchange may be necessary, but the real use is not great. This is like the British royal family, rotten from the root. Even if the Queen apologized for colonization and aggression today, nothing would change. Because this system still exists is wrong. I am not trying to incite hatred and confrontation. There are many people and many things in this world, which cannot be solved by understanding and conventional means. If you go to reason with a stunned son, you might as well slap him twice. You can’t convince him to understand the truth, you just have to make him remember to do what I said. And people are a very wonderful thing, no matter what it is, as long as a habit is formed, it will continue to be passed on. There are generally three stages, from oral administration to behavior respecting your wishes. Then it is to respect you from the heart and consider your interests spontaneously.

8 months ago

This is spiritual opium. In order to maintain their rule, Western countries must maintain an image of themselves as a moral model and China as an evil empire. In order to maintain this image, you have to spend $500 to buy a photo. This is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, in order to conceal the facts, on the one hand, they educate the people with happiness, and on the other hand, they buy the media to bring rhythm and incite emotions. Taxpayers’ money is wasted on making mental opium for taxpayers. As a result, the infrastructure has no money to upgrade for decades. This is no different from the Middle Ages, except that this time the church has become a social media, and the god on the shrine has become a free democracy. This is the ecology of today’s liberal and democratic religion. The politicians above the temple are full of political correctness. Hundreds of thousands of people in the city died of the new crown, and they might still be praying in the end. The United States has fallen from an ambitious superpower into a crumbling Holy Roman Empire in just a few decades. What do you say? Christian civilization still failed to break out of its own historical cycle.

8 months ago

The treatment of foreign media this year can be said to be very good. Before, such photos were not allowed to be taken. I remembered that I took reporters from Japan to the square to watch the flag lowered during the NPC and CPPCC in 19 years. We were afraid of causing trouble and we still had the press card of the NPC and CPPCC hanging on our necks. The camera was stopped right after we met the armed police on duty. In the following years, the two sessions used the plaza for a relatively long time. In the past, reporters used their cars to park around by themselves. Later, they were changed to park on the plaza as the representatives. At this time, there was no one else in the square except the armed police, reporters, representatives, and related personnel. Only when the armed police was photographed was the acquiescence. But this is the first time I have seen a group of people like this year facing each other. But to be honest, it’s not all cloudy. After saying that pollution prevention and control have been effective for a long time, how can it be so coincidental that it is either moderate or heavy pollution for a week. I don’t like it myself anyway. I really don’t want foreign journalists with malicious intent to pick up the leaks. The relevant departments are so good to work hard. To be honest, it’s really okay if the blue sky and white clouds are every day.

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