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Twenty years ago, the Guangdong TV series “Foreign Women and Local Men” previewed today’s full pineapple feast in Taiwan Province! If it was the scene when the preview came true, I made a lot of dishes, including pineapple stir-fry, pineapple beef, pineapple chicken, pineapple cup, pineapple pepper, pineapple rice…Anyway, all of them can be related to Luo, and a little bit difficult to live with pineapple. It feels like Taiwan’s pineapples are unsalable now, they can also learn to consume them like this. Haha, this is just a joke. Taiwan’s unsalable pineapples, but yesterday I went to the supermarket to see pineapples and it was still very expensive. I just looked at it for 15 yuan. , I didn’t get started. I used to think that many people bought pineapples for 6 yuan on the roadside. Now the pineapples are still a bit green, not mature enough and sweet enough. If you insist on making canned pineapples before selling, you also need a big factory. , Machinery and equipment and a series of material reserves, it’s not that you have to spend extra money to make canned products and then sell them because of slow sales. Will the venture capital in the middle also greatly increase the cost? , We must also consider market factors and other series of issues. Of course, I don’t know much about this aspect. They also need to find someone who is knowledgeable to evaluate whether they can do it.
Because it is much more difficult than you think. First of all, it is necessary to recruit workers, purchase machines, and train workers in a very short time. It may even have to requisition land and build factories. Can these things be guaranteed for three months? But don’t tell me that there are a group of skilled workers and advanced equipment in Taiwan, wrapped in oil paper bags, or buried in Keelung Port. They can be used if something happens. The peak season for pineapple picking is from April to May (spring fruit). June to July (summer fruit). It can only be stored for one week at room temperature after being picked, and it can only be stored for 20 days under refrigeration, and cannot be stored frozen. When the factory is ready to start work, these pineapples are almost rotten. Secondly, how to ensure the supply of pineapples? We know from the first point that this factory has basically lost half of its business this year. What about next year? Farmers seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. If pineapples cannot be sold this year, will some pineapples be shoveled next year to reduce production and losses? If the farmer reduces the output, he reduces the loss. What about the supply of the factory? My factory has been built but can’t be started. Isn’t it a loss twice? Third, capitalists are not fools. How to make more money and lose less money? He must know better than me. Why don’t they sell fresh pineapples instead of making pineapple products? Because you will lose money. Which capitalist will lose money? jpg Fourth, you might say, let the capitalist sign a contract with the peasant, so that the peasant does not reduce production. In other words, capital is profit-seeking. If the peasant can only sell pineapple Capitalists, will capitalists keep prices down? Then farmers feel that the price is so low that it is better not to plant it? Fifth, isn’t that there is no solution? Of course not. This requires the government to come forward. If the government can coordinate the communication between farmers and capitalists, so that farmers do not reduce production and guarantee the purchase price. At the same time, we will fully cooperate with land acquisition to build factories and train workers. And give capitalists preferential policies, at least to ensure that they will not lose money in the first two years. In this way, perhaps the industrial chain can be established. Finally, do you think the current Nanako government seems to be doing such a thing? They are busy making an announcement, right?


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

If you make pineapple juice or canned food, you will lose money to your grandmother’s family. For example, wheat is produced. No matter what the market is, the price is good or low. Someone always wants wheat, and it can always be sold. It seems that the added value of bread has increased, but the bulk commodity of wheat has been transformed into a niche product. People don’t want to eat bread with this flavor. In the end, it will be discounted if it can’t be sold, and it will be thrown away if it can’t be sold at a discount. Have you ever seen a supermarket throwing out expired bread, and never seen a grain store throwing out expired wheat? Pineapple and pineapple juice are the relationship between wheat and bread. As for production, it’s really not that difficult. You don’t need to build a factory. You just need to mobilize the juice-squeezing companies to work overtime.

8 months ago

May I ask a supermarket usually put a total of 100 bottles of canned pineapple on the shelf a day. Can sell 50 bottles of canned pineapple. Then one day the supermarket put 1,000 bottles of canned pineapple on the shelves. Will the sales of canned pineapple become 500 bottles? This thing is not something that can suddenly open up new markets. Sales and output are basically stable. Did the sudden increase in capacity and sales go out? If production goes up, sales can go up. Then don’t think about making canned food, just sell pineapple directly. If a person can’t eat 18 kilograms of pineapple a day, can he eat 18 kilograms of canned pineapple? Of course, canned pineapple is more resistant to storage. The problem is that if tens of thousands of tons of goods are squeezed in your warehouse and cannot be sold, won’t you still be unable to sell the pineapple next time it goes on the market?

8 months ago

First, there are a lot of unsalable pineapples, not one or two. The unsalable pineapples are concentrated on the market, not one meal today or three meals tomorrow. Pineapples have a short shelf life and cannot be stored for a long time. Fourth, Taiwan’s digestive capacity is fixed and cannot be expanded in the short term. In other words, pineapple cannot wait for the expansion to be completed. A simple example is raining and flooding. The raindrops didn’t seem to be big, but they crashed and quickly became a vast ocean. At this time, your city’s drainage system is so small that it can bear it, isn’t it flooded? At this time, if you want to increase, you can’t do it, you can only help. It just means that the rain is gone for a few days, and the pineapple is also unsalable during this period, and the rest is gone.

8 months ago

A line from Jiupin Zhimaguan. The sales of arsenic are not good. You only bought half a catty of arsenic this month. Where did you sell a catty of arsenic to others? This is the fact. The pineapple product manufacturers are not stupid. I usually sell how many canned pineapples a month, but now you want me to swallow so much? Can’t save the pineapple farmer and lose the pineapple factory? The task of going up and down in Taiwan has changed from 18 kilograms of pineapple a day to drinking two boxes of pineapple juice a day. This is the first point, demolish the east wall to make up the west wall. The second point is that manufacturers will not buy particularly good raw materials when purchasing raw materials. Originally, B-grade pineapple was accepted, which was cheap and profitable, but now the mainland refuses to accept it. Taiwan wants manufacturers to collect Class A pineapples sold to the mainland. How much do I charge? One more thing, does Taiwan have the ability to make tens of thousands of tons of pineapple into commodities? Even if it is capable, who can guarantee that the mainland will accept it? For example, swine fever, we reject all pigs in the epidemic area, so if you make the pigs into canned pork, I will accept it? Who is this fool? Don’t forget, we don’t want Taiwanese pineapples for no political reason, because Taiwanese pineapples are substandard and have bugs. Can I accept it if you make it into a drink?

8 months ago

As a mainlander living in Taiwan, I will answer you what I know. First, Taiwanese don’t know what pineapple is. The common people in Taiwan call this pineapple in your mouth, pineapple. Second, Taiwan’s hand-cranked beverages are very popular and you can drink at any time. When you drink freshly squeezed pineapple juice, you can drink it endlessly. It may be just a superfluous act to make canned food. You can suggest that the people in Taiwan should change from one cup of hand-cranked pineapple drink to two cups of pineapple every day, which is very sweet in season. It seems very sweet. There is a risk of gaining weight. Third, because there is no way to export pineapples. The mainland is now trying to export to other countries. Fourth, the pineapples in Taiwan’s fruit stalls are very cheap. The price is about 10 yuan. Plus pineapples are originally sweet and delicious. Taiwanese people are very delicious. I like buying home fruit after a meal. Now it’s so cheap, so I buy it more diligently. Pineapple is eaten directly, and the fiber is not suitable for always juicing or drinking. I am afraid of gaining weight and increasing the risk of diabetes.

8 months ago

Don’t be deceived by the deliberate propaganda of some people in Taiwan. Taiwan’s pineapples sold to the mainland account for only one-tenth, nine-tenths of pineapples are digested by themselves, and the value of one-tenth of pineapples is only 50 million. US dollars.

To put it bluntly, pineapple itself is not a matter at all, and sales are not a matter at all. It is just that some people use this matter to accuse the mainland of Taiwan’s policy and stir up the hatred of the people of Taiwan towards the mainland.

8 months ago

First, Taiwan’s pineapples are not unsalable. It’s just that everyone is ridiculing on the Internet. More than 40,000 tons of pineapples are still not harmful to Taiwan. Second, as for what is not made into pineapple products, you have to ask. Taiwan Sugar, or Taiwanese people, after all, I am not a Taiwanese, and DPP is not the third I chose. Even if Taiwan pineapple can be made into pineapple products, even if it can be exported to the mainland, I will not eat it, and I am opposed to eating it to my family. , Not because of independence there, but because of Taiwan’s food safety, especially canned food and beverage products, which are less reliable than the mainland! Their plasticizers have been blatantly added, and OnePlus has lasted more than ten years! Do you dare to eat? ? So, what he made of pineapple, even if he chooses a pineapple to be president, I won’t mind

8 months ago

It’s very simple, because entrepreneurs and businessmen have already produced enough canned pineapples according to market demand. Manufacturers dedicated to profitability will not leave any gaps in the market. Simply put, the current canned food can fully meet the needs of the market. More production still can’t sell. Faced with the lost mainland market, Taiwan fruit farmers have only three ways: 1. Put pressure on Tsai Ing-wen to restore the cross-strait one-China consensus and restore the mainland market; 2. Find a new market that can replace the mainland, but it can replace the huge mainland market I am afraid it is difficult to find a place where it has not yet entered; 3. Develop new uses for the product and recreate a new market. However, new product development and market acceptance are difficult and time-consuming. If these three do not work, I will send a word to Tainan fruit farmers: I knew this before, so why bother in the first place!

8 months ago

The answer involves Philippine pineapples, so I will also post the content in the answer area: Food bloggers are very responsible for your analysis: Dole’s characteristics 1: hard core (hardly eaten), slightly larger, 2: eat too much or Mouth numb, 3: taste sour and sweet, slightly scum (domestic pineapple meat is more solid, so basically you can’t eat “dregs”) Taiwan pineapple characteristics: 1: core is relatively small, more edible parts, 2: basically no Mazui, 3: The taste is basically pure and sweet and basically no slag. The main disadvantage is that it is big. My Taiwanese is basically between 12.8~18.8 per catty, usually 3~4+ catty, 50+ one 1: Benwan There is no complete canned food processing industry 2: The dried pineapple we eat in canned pineapple is made in the Philippines. On the one hand, the technology is more mature, and on the other hand, it is cheaper. On the other hand, the advantage of Taiwan pineapple taste is that it has less fiber, which means it is dried out. Dried pineapples have shrunk even more. 3: Domestic pineapples cost less than 2 yuan per catty during the peak season, while Dole Jianong in the Philippines costs 9.9 to 12.9 per catty, which is about 5 yuan per catty. The general retail price of Taiwanese pineapples is close to 20 per catty. Can the cans really be sold? 4: In addition to not importing beef from Australia because of xx reasons, Canadian grains are because of “French wild oats”, and Taiwan pineapples are “scale insects”. You have to pass the inspection before you can pass the inspection. The quality is not enough to say that others are blocked? Put the cart before the horse 5: Not to mention the processing technology and production line, the shelf life of juice is up to 8 months, and the shelf life of dried fruit is about 1 year. Is it really possible to sell the products produced during this period? 6: When the mainland resumes purchases, the production lines are all in vain, 848 is silly 7: The Philippines is different. We didn’t buy Philippine banana glass when we got involved in the past. Filipino farmers went to petition, and the government was very sensible. It recovered soon. . . And Miss Cai wants to “help herself”? Wake up, agriculture is the pillar industry in the Philippines, but Taiwan is not. Can’t get through it? That’s great! !

8 months ago

Secretly telling you that our cabbage is 34 cents per catty, which directly increases dozens of times when it enters the city. However, the network transportation is not enough for the toll. After all, the driver has to pay for it, and the gas has to pay for it, and they will lose money all the way. Can only be sold to middlemen. The intermediary directly cooperates with the supermarket. Are you not allowed to give a point and rebate for your products on the supermarket shelves? The middlemen have been resolved, and your products will not be on the shelves without the middlemen. This is the case in Taiwan. If the middlemen quit, you should be prepared to lose money.

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