Suspected that the 5-year-old daughter was noisy and affected her catching the train, the woman dragged her into the suitcase and was intercepted by the police

The Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Urban Rail Transit and Public Transport Corps reported: At about 17:40 on March 11, when the rail transit public security police were patrolling in the transfer hall of People’s Square Station, they received reports from the crowd and found a woman putting a girl in the suitcase. The police immediately intercepted the woman and carried out inspections. Upon investigation, Su (female, 32 years old) was eager to go to the Shanghai Railway Station to take a train, and suspected that his daughter (5 years old) was noisy, affecting the speed of travel, so she dragged her daughter in the suitcase, about 1 Minutes later, he was stopped by the police. Upon examination, the girl was not injured. The incident is being further processed.

I wanted to follow the accusations, but the comment area became more and more outrageous. The suggestions put forward went from beating and scolding a child to beating a woman. Don’t rush to get angry, she is just a person who doesn’t know how to take children, and puts stupid ideas into action, and then exposes herself to the spotlight. Is it possible for normal people to do this? I checked. The latest news was that an 18-year-old woman packed her biological daughter into her suitcase and ran on a motorcycle. However, the police later verified that this person was a mentally ill person. There is also news that in June 19, a 9-year-old boy was locked in a suitcase by his parents for several hours, and finally suffocated to death. But this is Korean news. For the sake of insurance, it is recommended that the police not only investigate trafficking in persons, and then check it carefully. Fortunately, the police rescued in 1 minute, and the child did not suffer more injuries. However, the comment section of Weibo is simply poisonous. Some said that children should be scolded, some said that children should not be scolded, some said that beating would be fine, and some said that children should not be beaten. Being a parent is really difficult, but in any case, hurting the child is really the bottom line and the red line. I hope that every parent will calm down before acting. Like the father and son who carried the donkey, I strongly condemned the woman. Reckless and ignorant. Let everyone relive this classic story. A father and son are going to the market to sell donkeys. The father and son led the donkey on the road. When they reached the entrance of the village, they met their father’s friend. He smiled and said to the father and son, “It’s so stupid! How can there be such a stupid person in the world. If you don’t ride a donkey, you have to lead it. Haha.” “Yes, yes! That’s right! !” My father suddenly felt that this was reasonable. “Child, come. Ride on! I will take it. It won’t fall off!” The father let the child ride on the back of the donkey, following behind. At this time, acquaintances came across again and looked at them and said angrily: “Oh! Hey! Let the child ride a donkey, but leave by himself, what is it! It is really the fault of a godfather. How can I teach the child like this? Growing up I don’t know how to respect the old and love the young. It’s really sad!” “Hey! That’s right! It makes sense. Child, come, come down and go.” After finishing speaking, he rode on the back of the donkey and let the child follow and stagger. Walked. Walking along, I ran into a girl who was milking a cow. The girl said in a reproachful tone: “Oh! How can there be such a cruel father in the world, who can easily ride on the back of a donkey, but let such a small child walk, it is pitiful! What a cruel!” “Yeah! What he said is also very reasonable!” Father nodded in agreement. So the father simply asked the child to ride on the back of the donkey and walk towards the market. The donkey had to carry two people, and gradually walked very hard, short of breath, and began to wobble. But the father and son didn’t notice, they were humming a little song while shaking on the back of the donkey! The donkey finally walked to the church, took a big breath and rested. A priest was standing in front of the church and stopped them. “Hey! Hey! Please wait a minute, how can such a thin donkey carry two people? The donkey is too pitiful. Where are you going?” “We are going to the market to sell this donkey!” “Ah! This is a big problem. I think your donkey will be exhausted before you get to the market, so you won’t be able to sell it for a penny. Believe it or not.” “What should I do?” Carry the donkey!” “Okay! It makes sense. Just do it.” The father and son immediately jumped off the donkey’s back, tied the donkey’s legs, and then carried the donkey on the shoulders with a stick. Carrying this way, the father and son blushed tiredly, and shook their faces and shouted: “Why is it so heavy! Let’s work harder and go quickly!” The people standing on the side of the road were stunned when they saw their father and son. . “How come there are such strange people!” Eat melons rationally.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Put the child in the suitcase, the risk index is very high, the child may face hypoxia, collision, injury, the child is simply and rudely closed in the suitcase, it is easy to bring fear to the child, a sense of being abandoned, and bring mental trauma to the child; When the problem needs to be solved through communication, simple and rude will not solve any problems, but will only make the problem worse. Establishing effective communication with children is a knowledge and a required course for parents;

7 months ago

My family is twin babies. Every time I take the high-speed rail, the two little guys start tossing in the waiting room. They must always catch them and ran away as soon as they let go. It’s about to check the ticket, we are still catching the baby everywhere~<img src=”” data-caption=”” data-size =”normal” data-rawwidth=”686″ data-rawheight=”298″ data-default-watermark-src=”” class =”origin_image zh-lightbox-thumb” width=”686″ data-original=””/>I can understand the anxious mood of this mother , But putting the child in the suitcase is too much. A child is not a thing. You are a five-year-old child. Have you thought about how she feels when you put her in the suitcase? Besides, the suitcase is a confined space, and children are prone to suffocation in it. It’s too dangerous. Maybe this mother thinks that just put it in for a while, and there will be no danger. However, as a child’s parent, you should still avoid any factors that are not conducive to your child, and you can’t be too careful in the face of your child’s safety. It’s natural for children to make trouble, and I believe they wouldn’t say that they don’t listen to adults at all. My baby is more than two years old and often makes unreasonable troubles, but they will be obedient when communicating with them. You should be patient and communicate well with your children. If you don’t listen, you should communicate several times. We often find that our children are disobedient and sometimes really angry. In fact, is the communication method of our parents incorrect? Maybe we can communicate with our children in another way. I found that when a child is making trouble, the more anxious you yell at the child, the more difficult it will be for them to obey your arrangements. If you tell them well, tell them why they are doing this, and what they should do is correct, they will really listen.

7 months ago

Stop scolding, my mother is pitiful. My parents are the first teachers of the child. She will not be able to walk when she is old. Her daughter will definitely put her in the suitcase. As the saying goes, “A hundred causes must be fruitful, and your retribution It’s me”, it’s not easy! This mother! The woman complained that her daughter was noisy and stuffed it into the suitcase! Not everyone is suitable for being a parent. I just want to excuse this mother. If it were you, would you treat your biological daughter this way? Only 5 years old, noisy is the nature of children of this age, because they are afraid of delaying the train, they will “stuff” their daughter in the suitcase, not to mention that it may cause physical harm, but the psychological trauma that may occur in the dark environment is unexpected. ? The 5-year-old daughter is very naughty. It is conceivable that this mother is a “hard stuff”, and the child will definitely resist strongly. Think about it, if you were that child, the biological mother was forcibly stuffed into a small dark luggage How would you feel in the box? Strongly condemn this mother. This is a harm to the child. She stuffed her suitcase because of the noise. What about other things? It is hard to imagine that I hope to give necessary psychological counseling to both mother and daughter. The mother may have mental illness and the daughter may have a psychological shadow.

7 months ago

The child’s sense of security comes from the parents’ unconditional acceptance and companionship. Even if the mother puts the child in the suitcase after making a mistake, the child will experience deep fear and helplessness, and experience a sense of being abandoned. These negative feelings are so powerful that they can make a child feel insecure once or twice. Insecure children cannot build a strong heart even after they reach adulthood, and eventually become conscientious or pleasing personality, especially girls. Therefore, carrying suitcases at Noisy Pass is a very wrong way of education, and it does not have any positive educational effect. Not only can children fail to recognize their mistakes, but they will also bring about a series of psychological problems.

7 months ago

This mother was not easy and failed. But the problem she faces is something that many families are likely to face. In places with a large flow of people, children run around without cooperating with the actions of adults. It is indeed very disturbing. I think the best solution is to prepare an umbrella car for children. Fasten the seat belt and you can tell the child at home that today’s schedule will be tight, so she needs to cooperate with her to sit in the umbrella car and not run around. And this kind of umbrella car is really not expensive, that is, the child is put in the suitcase and accidentally knocked into a concussion to go to the hospital for several ct money. In crowded places, placing younger children in an umbrella cart is really the most convenient and safest way. In addition, the current umbrella carts can be folded, so they don’t take up a lot of space on the cart. It seems to be a little troublesome to bring an extra stroller when you go out, but in fact, it is a lot more convenient. When taking the train, you can ask the staff in advance if you can check in the station in advance. It is not clear in other areas. The railway stations in Xinjiang can check in in advance. Standing. If I take the train with my husband, I will wait in line to check the ticket. If I bring him by myself, I will check in the station in advance. I remember that soft-sleeper trains can also check in in advance. In some places, you can also pay an extra tens of yuan to enter the VIP waiting room, and you can check the ticket in advance. As an adult, life is difficult. Understandable. But when you encounter problems, you still have to use your brain to choose the best solution. Don’t choose practices that harm others and yourself.

7 months ago

Children are not objects and toys of their parents. I don’t know who remembers that mother once. I drove a two or three-year-old child. Then I got out of the car after something happened. It seemed to buy water or something. The window was not opened. I didn’t come back for an hour or two. I just forgot the child and gave birth to the child. Suffocated in the car. It’s the same if you put it in your suitcase. You can’t move your whole body, lack oxygen, and you’re prone to bruises and bruises. It’s more likely to create shadows for your child. If you don’t see the light, you’re scared. This is seriously irresponsible. Before asking for a child, first think about whether you are mentally and ideologically prepared, whether you are mature enough, whether you have a sense of responsibility, whether you have the patience to educate children, whether you have the ability to educate and cultivate children, if you can’t take care of them, raise them Children still need to be cautious. Who can rest assured that giant infants can nurture children. Cats and dogs can’t bear to care only about their births, but don’t care about raising them, let alone human beings? History will not repeat, but it is surprisingly similar. Don’t let the tragedy happen again.

7 months ago

As an underage female of the right age, I used to believe that everything about a child is related to the parents and the environment, including his personality, temper, and attitude towards things, but recently I have come into contact with some friends and family members who have babies at home. Every baby has a different temper. Some parents are very gentle, but the children are very noisy and naughty, and there are also parents who are gentle, and the children are also well-behaved and sensible. So I gradually began to doubt things I used to think—— I am also thinking about what makes my child’s character and temper. If my future baby is a child with a bad temper and noisy, how should I restrain his words and deeds? What should I do if I really can’t control his temper and behavior… The mother’s behavior of stuffing the child into the suitcase is very problematic, and it is likely to cause great trauma to the child. At the same time, The 5-year-old child should have a concept about whether he and his mother are catching the train, and they are still making noise. Whether the mother has not communicated well beforehand or the child is making trouble unreasonably is also a question worthy of parents’ consideration. Eh, fear of cultivating max

7 months ago

Because there are about three special cases around me, I am more objective and calm about the issue of “children’s hard work” than the mainstream view. The child’s condition is unknown. There are three cases around me, two cases of ADHD, and one case of manic symptoms. Yes, parents are all responsible, but I can’t figure it out if I am replaced. It’s not a show, it’s a real story, a lot of friends from a lot of families, the child’s parents looked unlovable, and they dragged my child and said, “Why is the child so behaved, can you change it with me?” , As a parent, I would like to compare my heart to my heart, and I would also collapse. For perpetual motion children, there are a few things parents need to pay attention to. The following dry goods are for reference only. First, the moments when the child needs to be calm, such as preparing to study, preparing to rest, preparing to enter a restraining situation… first use part of the child’s physical strength. Climbing stairs, opening and closing jumping, running back and forth, bobby jumping… Second, pay attention to diet. I don’t know if there are representative, but naughty children who love sweets and sweets. To be controlled. At a party, my friend and child didn’t even see it. They secretly drank a large coke, 1.5 liters, and then brought the auxiliary fuel tank with it. The scene immediately got out of control. Third, put a long set of locks. Manage, but ask to be simpler, easier, and looser. It’s impossible for a child to sit down. You let him take it quietly, is it possible? It’s better not to say what’s impossible. You just ask, “Report when you leave the room and pay attention to safety.” Let him be in the room. At least the child may do it. Similar to the topic, when my children went shopping when they were young, I had one request, “Baba said that when you handle the handle, you must come and handle it and you cannot let it go.” So he pulled it in a relatively unsafe place, and asked the child to run in a relatively safe place. Reasonable children can do it. Fourth, do not say “no” for behavior control, but say “will you…?” Give practical examples. Taking a skinny child out to cross the road is a worrying thing. It’s still the same, seeking truth from facts, your child is good, and my own child is obedient. It doesn’t mean that there should be no mischief in the world. The practice of my friend’s parents is more common, and the mistakes are invalid, that is, “Don’t run around, don’t leave adults, don’t chase pigeons, don’t…” As above, is it useful? One of the habit of children in long-term struggle with their parents is to directly block the content behind “don’t”. If they are in a bad mood, they may be rebellious, but the opposite is true? Dangerous. My method is simple and effective. When he reached the intersection, he lowered his head and asked the child, “Will you cross the road? What should you do?” The child is not stupid, and directly pulls the adult, “You should pull the adult, then look at the car and the traffic light, and then…” In the road skills exhibition, even if there are too many children, they will argue with each other, “There is still another, go to the adult’s left…” The one was not convinced, “Why don’t you raise your hand when you see the car?” The other shouted again Get up, “Don’t run the yellow light, don’t grab the count less than ten, don’t grab, and don’t run!” Gossiping, rushing to perform one by one, don’t care that it is better than you. Of course, there are other training methods at various stages. If you are interested in searching the “instinct method” and “password method” in the official account. Today, I will talk about these four points. In fact, it is not easy to tell the truth. Children will definitely have an inflection point. Come on, parents of naughty children have worked hard.

7 months ago

Reincarnation is a technical job. There are seventy or eighty answers to this question up to now. Look at the following remarks in order. Pray for their children or future children, and hope that their suitcases are not so cramped. 1. It is really not easy for mothers to take their children out alone. 2. In the face of bear children, mothers really have no choice. 3. It’s not only the mother’s own problem, but where is the father of the child when the mother takes a girl on the train! Parents are responsible! 4. Just put the child in the suitcase, not deducing that the mother does not love the child, it is an episode of life. 5. Don’t persuade others to be kind to others without suffering. It is not easy for mothers. 6. Mom is so difficult. 7. Although my mother did not do the right thing, it can’t rise badly, this is just a small mistake, who has not made a mistake.

7 months ago

After becoming a full-time mother, I feel that everything is normal, but I will not practice it. My son was 3 years old and had colic and bloating when he was a child. He wanted to jump down from the third floor with him countless times. Very noisy, you will definitely say that you didn’t teach well. Come, come, you go, you go. What can i say? How can I see it? I have also seen the father who slapped his son under 6 years old and kicked the child for a long time. No one blamed him. There were even elderly people who said that this bear kid just has to be beaten, and this father is too bad. It’s easy. I was dumbfounded. For children, we try our best to lead by example and influence with love, but before we become parents, we are all individuals.

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