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It varies from person to person. No matter how rich they are, some people can’t change their inferiority complex in their bones. As soon as a luxury store has a new product, they rush to charge IQ tax in an attempt to show their “style.” The cultural worship of certain people in developed countries in Europe and America is actually a historical reversal. A large part of the reason why the Opium War broke out was the cultural worship of the ruling classes of the European powers. The ruling class of the great powers used Chinese tea, wears Chinese silk, and used Chinese ceramics as their fashion. They bought a large amount of our silk, ceramics and tea. This led to a huge trade deficit and a large amount of silver flowed into the Qing Dynasty. They had to return funds through the opium trade. As a result, Lin Zexu sold cigarettes at Humen, so that they did not hesitate to start the Opium War. Those so-called gentlemen who seem to be well-dressed and personable are actually robbers who have killed people. They are covered with the blood of the people of Asia, Africa and Latin America. They are not worthy of respect at all, let alone looking up? We have our own culture, the Western European style, we played it as early as the Western Zhou Dynasty more than 3,000 years ago. Our ritual and music culture is higher than the set of European medieval feudal lords by many levels of civilization. Criticizing the inheritance of ritual and music culture should be the pursuit of harmony promoted by ritual and music culture, rather than picking up the red tape used to distinguish classes and imprison ideas from the historical garbage dump. Sadly, deep-rooted cultural inferiority overwhelmed pragmatism. Some spiritual aristocrats think that a watch, a bag, or a pair of shoes can give them a sense of superiority in their status, and they unknowingly become a leek under the sickle of consumerism. It is right to pursue quality when shopping, but it is not necessary to pay an IQ tax for the added value of the brand. Buying a bag or a watch at a price that is dozens of times higher than the actual value, as well as imitating lifestyles such as playing golf, learning horsemanship, and drinking low tea in the upper-class society of Europe and America. The reason behind it is cultural worship and spiritual looking up. It is very sad, after all, the ancients had already shouted out the rhetoric of “the king and general Xiangning is kind” more than two thousand years ago.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

A rich man, a man with no money is difficult, no money will make people lose self-confidence, his wife said that he wanted to buy a new Mercedes-Benz, look at the 30,000 yuan in my Alipay, I bowed my head to eat silently. My wife said that LV’s bags are really good-looking, so I went to the toilet. Answering this question in the toilet, I was also lost in thought. Is money so important? Money is the bastard. Everyone loves it. If a person is incapable and feels low self-esteem in his bones, even if he has money, he cannot change his inferiority mentality. He can only be self-confident, and spend money to make everyone feel confident. Just like the person who won the jackpot in the lottery. But making money can make people feel confident. The American Psychological Association recently released a blockbuster study that tracked more than 1.6 million people in 162 countries around the world to study the impact of income on people, especially in terms of emotions. The results confirmed that people with higher incomes have more positive effects on themselves, including self-confidence, self-confidence, and determination, while people with lower incomes tend to have negative effects on themselves, such as sadness, fear, and shame.

8 months ago

Having money not only makes a person confident, but also makes him humble, gentle, kind, polite, and sensible. This is the so-called weakness of certain classes. As the saying goes, “We know the etiquette in the real estate,” and “the poor live treacherously, and the conscience is prosperous.” The ancients sincerely did not deceive me. Man is a complex animal, and may show a completely different side under different circumstances. The treacherous and cruelty of human nature can easily be inspired by poverty. However, I always feel that even if a person lives with a devil in his heart, but he does not inspire the devil until the day he dies, then this person’s life is the life of an angel. I’m not sure what I live inside, but I’ve tried so hard to lead a decent, prosperous, high-quality life so that I will never fall into the kind of environment that will make me the person I hate the most, and then hurt others. . So, I work so hard to make money, all to protect you! No thanks, this is what I should do.

8 months ago

Ha, this question is fun. I think of a little boy I met in Shenzhen before. One of my client eldest sisters, middle-aged divorced, no children, rich and golden, and well maintained. This eldest sister works in the French market and often asks me to place orders. Then naturally I will come to visit if I have anything to do. I will give a pot of Phalaenopsis in the beginning of the year and two boxes of hairy crabs in the fall. The relationship between the guest. Later the eldest sister found a little boyfriend. When they first met, they didn’t spend much time together. Not long after graduation, the little boy was very shy, but he looked really good. It’s not the kind of oily noodles, and there is no exquisite hairstyle, just a short inch. There is no trendy dress, the clothes he wears are the suits made by the client’s eldest sister. No brand, but the price is definitely not low. This little kid, when I first met, I met Mr. Tiger one by one. When we talked about business, we kept bubble tea on the side very low-key. At that time, the identity of the child was the assistant of the client. After another six months, I gradually felt the change. On a certain day, the little boy was promoted to the position of purchasing director. Yes, after that, I stopped calling Hu boss when we met, and started calling Hu brother. The entire popularity field has also changed. In the office, he used to sit there properly, with his hips next to a third of the sofa and his upper body straight. right now? After asking me to do it, take the initiative to send out cigarettes. Inadvertently reveal the cuffs of his customized suit. That is, show off his watch. Then he cocked Erlang’s legs, how comfortable he came. The smile on his face is not salty or light. Seriously, I don’t have any dislike for his style. I am Party B, he is Party A, I am asking for money, and he is giving money. It’s all too normal for the client to sway in front of B’s ​​side. It’s just with emotion, it’s only half a year, so much change. In terms of money, he does have more pocket money than my older sister gave him. As the purchasing director, there is also a commission, 0.5%. But it’s not much more. In my opinion, his self-confidence is more of a change in identity. Maybe my eldest sister would also mention him daily, what kind of attitude he should face in front of the supplier. It is necessary to maintain the guest relationship, but it is also necessary to be neither humble nor humble. Of course, after I know this relationship, the topic of rebate must not be discussed a word. He is also clever, and he hasn’t stretched out his hand. The child’s self-confidence problem really has nothing to do with money. However, money is only part of it.

8 months ago

At the beginning of this year, Xiaoman returned home from Beijing for the New Year and invited me to dinner. I met Xiaoman through a friend in Wuhan. It happened that we were fellow villagers. When we first met him, he had just graduated for two years and he was still quite student. I was just starting a business at that time, and she always looked at me with an admiring look every time she saw me. Xiaoman, working as a sales representative in a pharmaceutical company in Wuhan, had a good income. Sometimes when we are free on weekends, we will make appointments to chat together, speaking with a strong hometown accent, and chatting about my troubles with her. Xiaoman is not tall, so every time I see her, I always step on high heels. She is thin and has a big head. The forehead is also big, so I like to leave a few bangs. In the impression, she has delicate features and her eyes flicker. But somehow it always gives people a weak feeling. I remember the two things she and I talked most about in Wuhan, one is to change jobs; the other is to change her boyfriend. The monthly income of that foreign company sales job is about 8K, which is not bad for her who has just worked for 2 years. She always complains to me that there is too little money. If you want to settle down in Wuhan, this kind of work will definitely not be possible. I asked her, what kind of job do you want to change? In fact, what I want to ask is another sentence. With what abilities do you plan to change to a better job and get a better income? According to my daily contact, I found that her work has many flaws in terms of details, making people feel unstable, not careful, complaining a lot, and ridden with negative energy. She replied, not looking for it yet. I don’t know what kind of job I am suitable for. Later, I learned that she didn’t really want to change jobs, but something happened to that company, and it was said that she was going to lay off the entire department. Because the departments are being laid off one after another, she knows that this job will be done soon. But what she said to me at the beginning was completely different. Xiaoman’s boyfriend is a standard IT guy. Xiaoman always hates the other party for always working overtime, can’t speak, can’t express, and think he doesn’t give gifts…I have seen her boyfriend. Once the boy drove her downstairs, and the two stood together. The boy was at least one head taller than her, and he was thin. I teased her, if you think he has so many shortcomings, why are you still together? She said that because her boyfriend treated her well. Later, she asked me on WeChat: Apo, do you have time? Want to chat with me. She said that she was in a bad mood and planned to leave Wuhan. I asked her what’s wrong? I was really busy that day and couldn’t get out. You can talk over the phone. She didn’t call, she just told me about what happened one after another on WeChat. It turned out that a few months later, the company finally laid off employees. She had a lot of reimbursements that were not reported, and she was still waiting for compensation, so instead of looking for a job, she used this time to go out and play, and went to the other country’s hometown with her boyfriend. Started having fun with her boyfriend everywhere. Finally went to her boyfriend’s house. Unexpectedly, she was “discriminated” by her boyfriend’s mother, saying that she was “too ugly”. And said that he firmly disagrees with his son and her association. I asked her, what’s your boyfriend’s attitude? She didn’t answer me. I just said that I was in a terrible mood and planned to leave Wuhan and go to Beijing. In a blink of an eye, this was already 3 years ago. We met at a tea house. I remember very clearly. After turning around for two times, I didn’t see her. Suddenly a violent girl grabbed my arm from behind, “Hi! Apo! It’s me! Long time no see!” I turned around and saw her and her. At that time, there were no two people. Xiaoman wore a small off-white suit skirt, cut asymmetrically, with a sense of design and good texture. She wore a wide coffee-colored belt around her waist, which made her look much longer. The feet are still high heels. The difference is that my long black hair turned into short hair, dyed dark brown, and looked generous and neat. The bangs are slightly rolled up, a bit playful. I said: You are getting more and more beautiful now. She smiled and said, “I arrived early and just smoked a cigarette at the door.” Sitting down, I noticed that she was wearing cosmetic contact lenses and her eyes were bigger. The bridge of the nose is also high. I also did French manicure. Mi said that she went to Beijing and went to a friend. Later, she joined a newly-started Internet company. The supervisor was a strong woman. She took her hand by hand. After more than a year of “devil training”, she can now do business on her own and has received many big orders one after another. Now how much capital the company has raised, her income can be fine, but this kind of work pace is too tiring. I asked, “Remember that you are paying attention to your body, why did you start smoking?” She said, “I’m stressed, I stay up all night, and I just smoked it unknowingly.” I asked, “There must be many boys chasing you?” She said, “Well, I’m just too busy at work and I don’t have time to fall in love. There is also a boyfriend who started his own business and is busier than me. We usually don’t have time to meet, but occasionally happen to go to a city on a business trip to see each other. Getting married? Far away?” We talked for almost 2 hours, during which she kept calling. Later, she said that one of the reasons she really wanted to see me was that she left Wuhan but missed that time. She hopes that she will not be so busy and can participate in activities everywhere and meet friends. I said, you will not stop, and you will only get busier. She laughed and said, wouldn’t it be miserable? I said, because you get more when you are busy than when you are not. So, you will not stop. Although we talked a lot, there was a feeling that she hid herself very deep. I witnessed Xiaoman with my own eyes. Because I was rich, I learned how to dress, became more beautiful and more temperamental, and seemed to be a successful and confident girl. Her “success” has indeed eliminated her appearance of inferiority complex. However, there are still some “fears” hidden deep in the heart, which have not diminished, but are increasing as she continues to “success”. The only thing she really showed was a feeling of “tired”. In the past, she was like playing a game: afraid of injury, in order to protect herself, she chose to take the initiative to leave. I was worried about being fired, so I said I wanted to change jobs. I was worried that my boyfriend didn’t like me, so I said I didn’t like her boyfriend. I was worried that I could not get friends, so I said it was better to take the initiative to leave. Then, all “worries” were as she wished. When there was an opportunity to give her a little “confidence”, she attributed these “confidence” to external reasons. For example, because I have money, no one likes me. Because I am beautiful, so someone chased me. Because I am rich and beautiful, my friends do not dislike me. …Money and appearance can indeed make a person appear confident in front of others. But you can’t let a person, in front of the true self, believe in oneself, believe that oneself is worthy of being loved, believe that one can have true friends, believe that oneself is cute… Those “confidence” are not from the heart, but from External evaluation. Now she is playing another “game”: through the pursuit of wealth and beauty, she gets external “positive feedback”, which will “stimulate” her continuous pursuit, no matter how far away from her heart. There is nothing wrong with pursuing money and beauty. But all these efforts, if they are for others, are the problem. Xiaoman returned to Beijing on the second day of the year. She sent a WeChat message: “Abo, what kind of talent do you think is not tired?” I said: People who live for themselves are rarely tired. Even if they are tired, they feel “good.” Working for “others” is always tiring. The other sentence is not written: If we reform ourselves so hard, just for others, in order to gain recognition from others, then we will feel tired from the beginning. Because of this road, there is no end.

8 months ago

I don’t feel like it. My ex-husband is getting richer and richer, but he still feels low self-esteem as always. Self-confidence comes from an objective evaluation of oneself, and even if a person with low self-esteem is rich, he can only add some sense of security to himself. The low self-esteem in his bones cannot be changed. What you see is only his mask. He will pretend to be confident and strong, but his heart is fragile. Because they are always unable to accept their imperfect self, they always feel that what you see is only his mask, take off the mask, and you will hate him when you see him as fragile and ugly as he is. Confident people always love themselves in their hearts and believe that they are worthy of being loved. Such people have enjoyed unconditional love from their parents in their childhood. They have high self-esteem in their hearts and high sense of self-worth and identity. Therefore, even in adversity and troughs At the time, they also believed that they could make a comeback and felt that even if they were at a low point, they were still worthy of being loved, still unique and valuable. People who are not confident will feel that they are not worthy of being loved. Even if they are rich in the future, they will feel that once they are out of money, others will look down on him. People who are inferior in nature have low self-esteem and a low sense of self-identity. , Do not accept the true self, will be harsh on yourself.

8 months ago

According to the situation, specifically, “Where does the money come from”. For example, if you were born in poverty, but realized the freedom of wealth through personal struggle and foundation, then you will most likely have self-confidence and are keen to find young people to share “chicken soup”. But on the contrary, if your money is due to the demolition of an old house, or you won the lottery, it will be difficult to tell. On the one hand, sudden wealth can easily lead to an imbalance of mentality, and it is difficult to control the scale in terms of money. On the other hand, there will be worries about “worrying that others know that you are rich”, but it is easy to sleep well, and to talk about self-confidence. . The more extreme case is “I don’t want to work hard anymore.” If your money is exchanged for selling your body or dignity, in addition to improving your quality of life, it may also arouse a strong sense of inferiority. Because even if you succeed later, such as building a company inherited from your wife’s family into the world’s top 500, you will still be pressured by the rumors that “he is the upper hand by holding his thighs” and stay with him for a lifetime. Don’t think that this is just a phenomenon that exists in the domestic “traditional” thinking. A while ago, I read an autobiography of the president of The Washington Times. The newspaper was her family business, and her husband was responsible for it at one time. But her husband was still unable to get out of the shadow of “relying on the support of the woman to succeed”, and eventually committed suicide due to stimulation by various factors. Therefore, it is all money, but the changes to people may be completely different.
A big boss who made a fortune by picking up big dung would not mind his “anecdotes” back then.
But if it is Zhihushang who gets rich by “eating a bite of shit and earning 10,000 yuan”… I can’t hold my head up in this life.

8 months ago

confidence? ? From my superficial point of view, the essence of self-confidence is whether you have enough confidence to deal with certain situations and problems. Before participating in the competition, did you have the confidence to get a good ranking? Do you have enough confidence? You have enough professional skills, so you have confidence; facing a more difficult task, you have the confidence to be competent? This is called self-confidence. Your job has failed, you have suffered setbacks, do you have the confidence to cheer up again? This is also called self-confidence. Let’s look at the money again. Money will give you confidence in certain situations. So you have confidence. At the party, who will pay the bill in the end? If you have money, you will have the confidence to pay and you will have confidence. Hang out with friends. When choosing hotels and play projects, you have the confidence to choose any hotel and project. This is also self-confidence. So, have you noticed? Money can give you enough confidence and self-confidence in solving material problems and external demands, but money is not everything. It cannot buy happiness, love, happiness, glory, or glory. Human spiritual needs! So the answer to this question is very clear. If you have money and cannot solve all scenarios, you have absolute confidence. No matter how rich you are, when you pursue a girl, you will still be unconfident. It may stem from your family and experience, or it may stem from that girl’s feedback to you is in a strong uncertainty, because she doesn’t love money. , There is no shortage of money! No matter how rich you are, you still don’t have enough confidence to say that you are an expert in some professional fields, such as medicine, literature, and aesthetics. There are too many similar examples, so I won’t list them one by one. In short, having money can give you some confidence in certain situations, but it is also mostly material and external. To be truly confident, you need to build it from the inside out, and you have to have your own evaluation system. You need to build absolute self-confidence from the heart and have a clear judgment of your own abilities and values. People have two evaluation systems, one is a self-evaluation system, and the other is an evaluation system for others. When you are a minor, you will rely more on the evaluation of people around you, because only in this way can you confirm your sense of worth. When you grow up, if you are still paying attention to others’ evaluation system of you, you will tiptoe when you do anything. Cai Kangyong shared a story in an interview: Steven Spielberg (Spielberg), at the age of 27, became a hot director because of the movie “Jaws”. At that time, “Time” magazine used him as the cover and made a compliment to him. When the magazine was delivered to the studio, Spielberg did not take it. The producer was surprised and said: “The whole book is about you, why don’t you read it?” Then Spielberg said, “If I believe what they praise me now, I will believe what they say to me. Attack.” You should not easily believe in others’ compliments to you. Only then will you have the ability to not be easily attacked by others. So, live seriously and work hard to make money

8 months ago

Money alone cannot fully make people confident, but an aerobic lifestyle paved with a lot of money can make people confident. With money, you can save yourself from the pain of labor; with money, you can save a lot of time; with money and time, you can do all kinds of things that are beneficial to improve yourself; when your cognition and temperament reach a new height When you have confidence, you have it!

8 months ago

Having money makes people confident, but whether they can solve problems is not certain. Only by using money well can people be more confident. Owning money allows you to not consider the price when you consume, but only consider your preferences, be confident and free, as long as “I am willing”. No need to make careful calculations, do you want to buy it? Is it worth buying? Which one to buy? Will you regret it? Enough money even makes some people feel conceited, and when things happen, they wave their hands big, because “I have money.” But if you only use money to think about and solve problems, your life will go wrong. Because someone doesn’t care if you have money. You have money and have a relationship with me, but you don’t give it to me. Money is only one aspect of human needs. Family, love, friendship, and life are not measured by money. Money is a tool, and having money can make the life easier. You don’t need to falter, you can fly with wings, you don’t need porridge and rice, and you can taste the delicacies of mountains and seas. Make good use of money as a tool, when should you spend money, when you can’t talk about money, and grasp this degree, life will be more like a fish in water. In this way, not only is self-confidence, life will reward you more.

8 months ago

Money makes a person absolutely confident. Money is not everything, but no money is absolutely impossible. What is currently known, except time. Other problems that cannot be solved with money are often due to insufficient money. For example, nuclear fusion, which smashes the military expenditures of all countries in the world, gathers the world’s theoretical, engineering, and management elites for public relations, and there will definitely be practical breakthroughs within five years. This is the power of absolute money. Even at an absolutely fair time, the rich and powerful people use a Gulfstream business jet to shorten the time and space with money and buy time relatively. As for toys such as supercars, it’s 0.1s to change the law as fast as possible. People have a misunderstanding of the power of absolute money, thinking that it is not so powerful in human society, and it is completely presented by the art of various films and TV dramas. The impact of such things as money can’t buy love. In fact, if you have enough money, you can buy her world, collect and analyze everything about her through the technical team, and guide everything about her through behavioral studies. “Trumen’s World” can be built completely, and “The Tale of Genji” is even easier. Practical. Just as people in our contemporary society have long been domesticated by industry, it’s just that many people don’t realize it and take it for granted. All the problems in the current world can be said to be money problems. It is the lack of resources and uneven distribution that lead to frequent man-made disasters. Of course, how you look at money determines whether a person is self-confident from the bottom of his heart or hides inferiority with the appearance of self-confidence. Low self-esteem, such as money worship, is the three views that revolve around money. Money defines everything, and it is the ultimate meaning. Confidence is to use money as a tool, it is only the path necessary to achieve a goal. Of course, all of this is only a superficial understanding of human beings. In the face of absolute power, human imagination is still too scarce.

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