The first stage: I don’t understand why other students don’t learn well and don’t make up stories. I went from the big red flower in kindergarten to the certificate of elementary school that covered the wall, and then to the first candidate in the junior high school. , Mathematics is still a brilliant time for the 150 test), I don’t understand at this stage, why do I not learn well? Why do we need extracurricular tutoring? Then talk about why I study well during this period? First of all, I work harder than other students. In fact, the knowledge of elementary and junior high school is relatively simple. In retrospect, the reason why I achieved excellent results is that I have put in twice or even three of the hard work of normal classmates. Secondly, I am a person who has been easily satisfied since I was a child. I think that the fuse of my hard work was that the day before kindergarten, my father taught me to read the first article that I had to learn on the first day of kindergarten. I read it aloud in front of the whole class. In fact, most of them I don’t know the numbers, I only rely on memory, and I’m so stubborn to read, all relying on courage. After reading, the teacher rewarded me with a big red flower, which made me popular with all the classmates. I think this kind of positive encouragement in learning has always accompanied me through the entire compulsory education stage: including the first 500 words in elementary school, being selected as the class monitor and math class representative, and rushing to answer what other students have not yet mastered. Vocabulary, participating in an English speech contest… (I miss my bright moment, crying) So, at that time, I saw that my classmates often asked their tutors to participate in the cram school, I was very puzzled: Why do I need to make up? I take good academic performance for granted. At that time, I was also a “child of someone else’s family”, and I really didn’t understand why some of my classmates had such poor grades. The second stage: I began to understand the feeling of pressure (mentality) + sickness (physical) + accumulated negative study habits of students with poor grades, which caused my high school grades to start to decline and my grades in the high school entrance examination were still good. Going to high school, the amount of knowledge increases sharply. At this time, the high school began to teach in different classes, and outstanding students from the whole county were randomly assigned to four classes. In this way, the first thing I brought to myself was pressure. When I was in junior high school, most of my classmates had poor grades. I worked hard, so my grades were always high. But when I arrived in high school, all my classmates were top students from various towns and villages. In this way, I felt pressure that I had never had before. Because of this, the comparative advantage of my efforts has also been greatly weakened, because everyone works very hard and does not give in to each other, so there is a big problem with my mentality during this period. In order to maintain that sense of superiority, I have to work harder. Under stress and intense study, coupled with a long-distance run in the spring of the next semester, I was overworked and then developed a fever. For most of the next half of the year, my health was not recovered, and I often only came back from the hospital every two years. God has to go for an infusion again. In this way, it has a great impact on my study, causing me to fall behind in the course. It is also a bad study habit developed in junior high school, always thinking of doing miracles vigorously. In fact, the big difference between junior high school and high school learning is that you have higher requirements for your subjective initiative, such as mathematics and physics. Compared with junior high school, the amount is greatly increased, so you need more time to actively reflect and summarize. but I do not have. In addition, I think English learning is very interesting (also can get more superiority), and I spend too much time in English subjects. Various reasons are combined. I started from the first semester of high school, my mathematics scores, or science scores, There was a big decline. I myself said before that I am a person who is particularly sensitive to feedback, and the negative feedback that learning mathematics and physics brings to me begins to accumulate as I owe more and more homework. Repeatedly, in a vicious circle, I became disgusted with science subjects. In terms of performance, it is a drop visible to the naked eye. From this period, from the top few in the whole school in the first year of high school, to more than a dozen, to more than 20… I began to understand the things I didn’t understand before, that is why some people have bad grades. At the same time, when I was a student, the only thing I armed myself (good grades) began to leave me, I began to become a little unconfident from the inside. This situation extends from unsatisfactory college entrance examination results to university and later postgraduate entrance examinations. The classmates I meet are getting stronger and stronger, and my horizons are gradually broadening, and I will feel more ordinary. Human growth is such a process of constantly knowing oneself. Written at the end: There are many friends with similar experiences in the comment area. I can understand some of your feelings very well, because you are the other me in the world. For students and friends who may be more frustrated: share what Dad Ma said: “I think if you graduate from Peking University and Tsinghua University, please look at the people of Hangzhou Normal University with an appreciative eye. If you graduate from Hangzhou Normal University, Please look at yourself with admiration. In fact, we are no worse than others.” You need to cheer yourself up and warm your right hand with your left hand. For students who are still in college: I don’t think you should put too much emphasis on your grades (of course you must be qualified). At university, many things besides grades may be more worthy of our time to think about: such as career planning, interest development, eloquence exercise, etc.; even if it is studying, we should pay more attention to the problem-solving process and strengthen our divergent thinking ability. Students who have a poor academic performance should have a strong heart. You have nothing to lose. On the contrary, you may have a lot of qualities that a good student does not have: you are prudent, daring to rush, and you should be more confident. Don’t give up on yourself. The college entrance examination is still very important. You need to work hard anyway, but at the same time, please think about whether you have problems with your study habits and learning methods, and exchange ideas with Xueba. Encourage each other~


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Yes, I used to be among the top few in my class when I was in junior high school. At that time, I had two particularly depressing things: 1: I was afraid that the middle-level classmates would overtake me because I thought it was not difficult to learn knowledge, I just listened to it once. Yes, as long as the middle-level students pay a little attention and be more serious, they can test well. . . . Then I worry about being in the top few every day. ? Shouldn’t… I thought so at the time. Now in high school, I understand, because I am now a middle-level student in the eyes of the top-ranked schoolmasters. . . I’m really serious. . But the grades are still moderate…Understood, my own depression was solved by myself, and the clown was myself…2: Why do they just listen to a question and can’t understand the current question. . . I can answer it myself. . No or no, if I don’t understand, I don’t understand… Now when Xueba is giving me a topic and I don’t understand it, Xueba has no choice but to repeat it over and over again, like when I was a Xueba lecturing to others in junior high school [null] Oh, thinking of being young and ignorant, I asked my parents why it was the same for the first time, listening to the same teacher, why they could not learn? My parents said at the time that it was because they were not serious. So that I am very depressed, now… . I just don’t understand the students themselves. . . Xueba doesn’t understand classmates with poor grades, unless Xueba has also been a scumbag

7 months ago

There are three reasons for poor learning: 1. Low-level stage: The foundation is not solid due to long-term lack of hard work or poor study habits. 2. Intermediate stage: physical reasons lead to powerlessness. For example, malnutrition, lack of exercise, inadequate water and soil, neurasthenia, depression and other reasons lead to frequent illness or headaches, difficulty concentrating, and lack of energy. (In the stage of high-intensity learning, this is very important) 3. Advanced stage: lack of talent. When it comes to the top level of competition, you find that talent is really important, so important that hard work alone cannot make up. Even if you do your best, you still can’t surpass the other person, because the other person is more talented than you in this discipline. Believe me, there are geniuses, but the proportion is extremely low. The average person may not have the opportunity to meet these geniuses. So I call this stage the advanced stage. This means that at this stage, there is nothing you can do, and you still have the opportunity to make changes in the first two stages.

7 months ago

In fact, it is incomprehensible; because you can easily know the answer at a glance, others have spent a lot of brain cells and can’t figure it out clearly. This is really incomprehensible; I remember that when I was in junior high school, I felt that the course was really boring, my favorite What I am playing is playing tricks on the math teacher. Every time the teacher talks about a problem and asks who has other solutions, then I raise my hand and say that there are many other solutions, and then I often toss these solutions in a class, every time I get the teacher to do Hao was very happy. At that time, the motivation for learning math was to toss with the math teacher. Every time the math class was screened by me, I had a special sense of existence. Later, the math teacher often invited me and my classmates to play at his home and asked me to go to his bookshelf. I chose the book I like to read. I said that as long as I like it, I can take it home and read it anytime. He has a large bookshelf and a lot of books. In that section, I can get a lot of favorites without spending money. The book time is very happy. I am very grateful to the warm and kind math teacher. After being tricked by me again and again, he can treat me kindly. The teacher at that time was really pure; in fact, I can learn math easily, thanks to my indulging in elementary school. Origami is to look at the pictures by myself. The drawings are black and white, and the paintings are all jumpy and incoherent. This kind of very laborious study of pictures and indulging in origami time. I spent four years studying plane geometry in junior high school. When I found out that I could understand it at a glance. When I learned solid geometry in high school, I could understand it at a glance. It felt very simple. Later I found out that the reason I could easily understand was that I had studied it four years earlier than others. The more than 100 kinds of origami that I made were all studied by looking at drawings. I only trained three-dimensional thinking in the process of making origami. In elementary school, I have the opportunity to develop children’s interest in origami. Exercise thinking is very helpful;

7 months ago

Yes it is! When I was in school, when my grades were good, I really couldn’t understand why poor students couldn’t learn and why they didn’t get good exams. At that time, I didn’t know what magic power was in my mind, that is, I could listen to every word the teacher said in the class. Once I tried it specially, while the teacher was giving lectures and chatting with the back desk. It turned out that I was clearly chatting, but my attention was still listening to the teacher’s speech. I couldn’t miss a word in the teacher’s lecture. On the contrary, I felt boring after chatting with the back desk. So I really don’t understand what it’s like to say “wandering” in class, and I don’t understand very simple concepts and topics, so I don’t understand it. Is the brain too bad? God sees that I don’t understand, so I think of a way to make me understand. Later, as the learning journey progressed, I was tired of studying for some reasons and stopped spending a lot of time studying as before. As a result, my grades became extremely poor and ranked in the bottom. At that time, I finally realized the feeling of poor schooling and became a student. a feeling of. It’s really not because of poor brains that you don’t learn well, but because you don’t know enough about a certain knowledge point, its applicable preconditions, applicable conditions, applicable objects, applicable methods, etc. Not because the brain is stupid and can’t understand it, but because it didn’t take time to remember and understand it. Then, because of laziness and other reasons, I haven’t understood the previous ones in time, and the latter came again, leading to more and more blind spots in accumulated knowledge and confusion of similar knowledge points. Therefore, when you see a problem, you can’t think of how to solve the problem. When listening to the teacher in class, because I had accumulated enough ignorance, I couldn’t keep up with the teacher’s thinking at all. After listening, I began to study the teacher’s hair, occasionally making funny teaching gestures, and then my eyelids slowly became heavy, and I didn’t dare to sleep (I snorted when I slept), and a class was completely-passed through. And for the next class, I don’t expect it very much. At this point, I finally understand the reason for the poor performance of poor students. [Gootou] Supplement: After such ups and downs, the mentality has changed tremendously. But after I graduated, I never caught up with my studies. Even if I made progress, I never returned to the peak level before. In the end, naturally, there was no top5 that was determined to take the exam when he was admitted to elementary school. I also deeply understood what Jiang Fangzhou said, and I hope to remind you who are still top students or outstanding elites. Once people fall, even for a few short years, God will take away your talents and strength as quickly as possible. Come on, hit the workers, and get up for a better future!

7 months ago

Exams are the student’s job, and it is the teacher’s job to understand why other people do not test well. Jordan plays basketball well, so can he be a good coach? The answer is not necessarily. The fact is that not many top players retired to become coaches. why? Because everyone is targeting different subjects, the students are targeting exams and those questions; while the teacher is targeting people, how can these students be able to do the questions? Just like stars and coaches, although both are basketball, they do two things. So how can you do the problem? Someone once asked me a question, and I told her that as long as this, this, and doing so, it can be solved. Then she pointed to the first step and continued to ask, why can you think of changing like this in the first place? At that time, I was full of galloping horses, so I wanted to frustrate her, otherwise how would you like to change? However, after calming down and pondering, I found something was wrong, because I didn’t even know why the first step had to be changed like this. In other words, suppose I stand from her point of view, when I can’t do this problem, how can I know that the first step has to be changed like this? The answer is, I have no way of knowing. Conversely, if she knew how to change the first step, wouldn’t she do it? Don’t you need to ask? So why do I know how to transform? I can’t answer this question! At that time, my face was red. Although I can solve it, I don’t know why I can solve it. Isn’t this a huge irony? Isn’t this question itself a naked provocation to me? Fortunately, I don’t think she noticed my abnormality, and she was eagerly waiting for me to tell her. Therefore, I was eager to be wise and said, you see, this is the sense of the question. If you do more questions, you will gradually have a sense of the question. Once you have a sense of the question, you can do it. She “cut” and stopped struggling, and honestly continued to do the problem. She doesn’t care anymore, I haven’t done this question yet? Shit sense of question, what is sense of question? This is to make up a concept that no one knows the definition, to explain a thing that no one knows, this is the most shameless behavior of a rational person, I did not expect that I would not be spared. Out of self-esteem, I have never given up on this issue, and I must try to solve it quickly. But for a long time after that, I racked my brains and still puzzled. In order to find the answer, I watched and consulted many scholars and professors, but none of them could answer this question. In the end, they just said “I just know”, which is similar to my nonsense “sense of question”. wonderful. After a long time, I finally found the answer, but the answer is very simple. The reason why I can do it is because I have done a lot of questions before and encountered some similar questions. The reason why this question is difficult is that it “does not look like the previous question”. You need to search carefully for experience and even try some before you can find the target associated with it. As long as it is connected, the rest It’s easy, you just need to solve the problem step by step according to the solution of the known problem. This ability is called imagination. And the boundary of imagination is all your known experience. One cannot obtain experience that is not related to any known experience in any way. Therefore, in addition to thinking, we must expand our boundaries through practice. The role of practice cannot be replaced by thinking. Not only do we need to practice, we must push the practice to the extreme and obtain the ultimate experience. For us, the low-level experience is just a repetition within the boundary, and only the ultimate experience can expand the boundary. So, today I offer the belated answer: there is nothing wrong with doing more questions at the time, and more importantly, when you encounter a new problem, go to your mind to search and correlate known experience, if you can’t directly correlate , It will continue to try different association methods and goals until the association is reached, and the rest will become a step-by-step solution to the known problems. Not just math problems, the solution of all human problems is nothing more than this. All the knowledge we learn is actually expanding the known experience, so that when we encounter new problems, we can have more goals that can be related. In itself, it is imagination, which is also the most important basic ability of human beings. The explanation of neuroscience is “the link of neurons”.

7 months ago

In principle, I can understand… Basically, there is a big lack of basic knowledge, but I don’t know it. But when it was put in front of me, I really couldn’t do anything about it. When I was a freshman, I talked about physics to my niece. She had a wrong homework problem, and in my opinion, she wrote it so ridiculously that I couldn’t see how her thoughts turned to strange places. Me: What did you think? Tell me step by step. She:…I: Speak…If you don’t tell me how do I know which step is wrong with you. She:…………I: For example, why did you use this formula in this step? She:………………I am really innocent, big brother. The whole idea (if there is any) is beyond the scope of my understanding. Let her talk and she will just bow her head and not speak. I will teach you a hammer. I do one step, does she see one step? After reading it, will it be me whether she will not? In principle, I understand that there are too many reasons for losing points, loopholes in basic knowledge, inattention, few questions, and so on. But I really don’t understand why a person stops thinking when he is immersed in studying. What can I learn if I don’t change my mind (only science, I don’t understand liberal arts) My relative said that his child said that his short-term memory is good. A text will be memorized in three minutes, and the recording will be given to the teacher. There will be nothing left after three minutes. I understand, I have had it too. But as a student or a parent, don’t you know your own situation… Just don’t want to repeat it a few times? What have you learned… Of course, I have also seen some 500+ classmates who work hard and have a good foundation, but the understanding is really poor, and they are always unable to deal with problems. This situation is also true. But some crazy make-up class children who still have 30 points in the test…I…I think that is not to learn…Anyway, I know the truth, but when I witnessed those examples, I really got a question mark…

7 months ago

I didn’t understand it at first, but later I became a “student scum” to understand that elementary and junior high schools have always been top students. The elementary school is in the top three, and the junior high school is in the top twenty. Achievement has always been the best among peers. I didn’t understand why I got good grades. I haven’t listened to the lecture carefully, my homework is done in a silly way, but I can always get the best results in the exam. I have a good friend who has poor grades. She is the first few in my school and she counts down accordingly. On weekends, I go to her house to play and give her homework tutoring. I think the content is very simple, she just can’t learn it. And I don’t have to be serious. Every time I endorse, I usually memorize it after a few glances. I will always be the top three in endorsing speed, even surpassing my idol (first grade). I don’t understand how people around me can’t memorize the key points of the high school entrance examination for several days. I don’t worry at all that I will fail the list and enter high school. I still study in a decadent state before, thinking that I am very smart, and I still have good grades in my previous life. But I was wrong. The high school entrance scores were pretty good, and the first final exam was the bottom two hundred students in the school. Has been regarded as the existence of poor students. I finally accepted that everyone around me was once a top student in my school just like me, and I no longer have any advantages. I study hard, and my grades have been tepid for three years in high school. Even the last ten in the class. I became very depressed, annoyed that I was so stupid, I couldn’t learn anything, and I was afraid of others’ ridicule. Every day I think about replenishing sleep. Later, my grades were not bad. For me, who had no hope of going to university, I was only seven points away from getting a book. Although I’m still a scumbag, I am better than most people around me. As for going to college, my problem with being lazy is getting worse. I didn’t listen to lectures in class, and devoted myself to love after love. Hardly go to the library, stay in the dormitory to chase drama, or go out to dinner. The roommate who studies hard taunts me, saying that I have nothing to do every day and there is no cure. My left ear went in and my right ear went out, and I didn’t listen to their admonitions to isolate all trivial matters during the exam week and concentrate on reviewing. With the lowest scholarships every semester, I watched the people around me regretting because of failing to do so. I went back to my previous mental state, and it was obvious why they worked so hard that they were always not as good as I took the exam. I automatically think of the scumbag life in high school, so I understand it. Efforts do not necessarily have good results, and laziness and decadence will not have good results. The writing is very poor, after all, I am not a real scholar. It’s just to analyze the results from small to large. Don’t spray, don’t spray. I didn’t say that I was a schoolmaster. Later I thought that elementary and junior high schools were just not good schools. I was in the first few grades and was admitted to the city key. Two-thirds of the people went to private colleges and vocational colleges, and most of them never paid attention to their studies. I just need to listen to the get out of class for a few minutes and it’s easy to hundreds and I’m really not that bad. My intelligence is mediocre but not stupid. In the city’s unified examination, I also got the focus with excellent results. I know you guys are very good, take the 985 exam with your eyes closed. In fact, my high school is still very good, save the key points, don’t spray school, it is me who is bad.

7 months ago

I can understand. Because I have not always been a master student. I studied in elementary school in the countryside, from junior high to the best junior high school in the county. At first, I felt that the people around me were better than me. This is indeed the case. My grades were in the middle of the class at the beginning. Later, I felt that I had to fight hard, my grades gradually improved, and I re-entered the ranks of enrollment hegemons. Looking back now, why didn’t I get good grades in the first place? Am I too stupid? Although my talent is average, it shouldn’t be dull. There is only one reason. I’m too lazy.

7 months ago

Just like that, super hard, super serious, wake up in the morning and endorse loudly every day, and go home at night and still study, but the grades still can’t improve. This may be difficult to understand. There is a girl in my high school who is like this. Although I am not as serious as her, emmmm does not mean that I am not serious. I am not as serious as her and try my best. I can still get good results easily in the exam. Now in the university, he can pass the final assault and reach 80 points or more in each gate. Just, it’s hard to understand the classmates who work hard or fail the exam.

7 months ago

It’s definitely understandable. There are just a few reasons: 1. Intellectual problem 2. Inattention 3. Insufficient belief 4. Wrong learning method 5. Insufficient learning time… Instead, I think many students who do not learn well cannot understand why we learn well. In their eyes, we must have some untold secret. I am often observed by people. But in fact, the main reason is very simple. I’m just smarter and get twice the result with half the effort… This person who is good at sports can tell at a glance what the reason for sports scum is similar. It’s nothing more than bad motor nerves, poor physical fitness, wrong way of exerting strength, etc… Sometimes we pretend not to know why the scumbag is a scumbag, because we know that many things are not something that can be obtained by force, so even if I am clear Tell them, you just have a little brain, what’s the use? It can only make the other person’s heart broken, it’s better to pretend not to know.

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