I suddenly remembered something: when I was in college, it was relatively rare to buy daily necessities online, so I went to the supermarket every few weeks, and I often went to the supermarket to buy with a roommate on weekends. It took about 15-20 minutes to go to the supermarket. Not too far away~ That time, I went with the small black and thin girl in the dormitory. Both of them bought a lot of things~ it didn’t have to be too much. They just hugged them, as if they were a supermarket. They were all evacuated, which caused passers-by to look at me… Do you know what happened at this time? ! A boy ran over when I faced her and said: “Classmate! Let me help you!” I emphasized it again-in my face! It seems that I have nothing in my hand! It seems that I am transparent! It seems that I am not a woman…Of course, I also know that I am almost 1.5 meters and 120 kilograms. How can I force a little boy to feel that I need help? After all, she was only around 170… but she was pretty injured at the time~ her looks, you can fill in the combined faces of Wu Jiali and Feng sister~ there is the classic Cantonese mouth and buck teeth problem, but she has a small facial features , Anyway, no one would say it looks good~ but it looks healthy and full of vitality, and it is not disgusting~ Wu Jiali, my look… I am a female version of Xu Jinjiang without makeup, and a low-profile version of Li Jiaxin with makeup (recently Some people say that anti-normal years are said to be like various Hong Kong female stars) ~ So it is not a matter of appearance, but “feminine traits”, which is specifically defined in Chinese and East Asian cultures! It’s not that people who are long and good-looking will definitely be regarded as women. The social construction rule of gender is that “male” and “female” are prerequisites and complementary to each other. You are not regarded as “female”, it is very likely that it is just Because the other person thinks that he is not “man” enough in front of you~ In addition to being easy to get active help from men, the female classmate is really good at teasing~ She can meet a new person every time she goes to public class or rides on the train. Her friend of the opposite sex, for example, took the initiative to borrow a rubber from the boy next to the public class tube to break the ice between strangers, and then chatted enthusiastically…just… ordinary people go to public I didn’t know someone next to the class, so I crossed it out if I made a mistake, and borrowed an eraser… But she’s so kind and natural. She often picks up girls. For example, I cut my nails and cut it with a nail clipper. Let the meeting stretch out his hand and say: “I want me too!”…Just… can you refuse? For her kind and natural behavior, although I find it a little annoying, but the male cock may not, maybe I will feel flattered. After all, which woman usually sees them? I haven’t seen them directly, but it’s not because I look down on them, but because I’m a person with a normal gender segregation education. I was taught to avoid the opposite sex, but she didn’t eat this set at all. She was on the street. When I saw the parent with a cute child, he smiled and said: “Oh, how cute this baby is~” Then walked forward and directly picked up the strange child and teased her. The parent also said cheerfully: “Call me sister!” Just… how long do you think CCTV reporters have to practice for this kind and natural ability?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Because they show a sense of girl!!!! I have discussed this issue with a guy who plays very well. He told me that he wanted to fall in love, but he couldn’t meet someone he liked. I said: How about ××× in that class? It feels okay to be long, and to have a good personality. He said: I don’t like it. I asked why, he said he didn’t feel it. Not only my friend, but many boys use the word “not feeling” to explain why they don’t like this girl who seems to be pretty good. First of all, at first glance, boys will definitely feel good-looking girls or girls whose aesthetics are on them. But there is a high probability that they will not take very active behavior. I just think it’s possible with this girl. But the type of girl in question is the second type. This female growth phase does not add points, but there is no deduction. Boys may not notice this girl at first glance, but they can accept this look. They usually have a characteristic, that is, they give people a sense of girl. I don’t know how to describe that feeling. That is, although many girls are female, and they are not ugly, but getting along with them will not give boys the feeling of a girl, but more like a classmate. But this kind of girl who looks mediocre but a lot of boys likes, in fact, gives boys a very girly feeling. This feeling really can’t be pretended. It will make boys want to be more boys in front of them and want to protect them. This feeling is really not something that can be pretended.

7 months ago

My senior year was when boys concentrated on confession. The most confessed by boys in our dormitory is a girl who looks inferior to the class. It looks like a withered, thin body, and even body odor. When I was a senior, I first followed a boy who was playing photography (with a bunch of shots). I was very sad. When I was crying in the dormitory, I received another boy’s confession call… We all served… She has two characteristics, One is willing to help others, and the other is willing to make friends. From the beginning of the freshman year, we found that it is okay to ask her for help no matter what. She can always do things better than you think. Since sophomore year, the phone calls to her for help can’t be answered. No matter how many things there are, she can always handle them one by one in an orderly manner. When we arrived in the junior year, we found that she was walking on campus and people came to greet her from time to time, and we didn’t know when we met. At the beginning of the boy’s freshman year, no one came to talk to her, and then gradually someone started to joke with her. She always responded wittyly to each other, and slowly became…the way I mentioned…she is that Kind of people everyone likes.

7 months ago

As long as a man is a little older, he will find that with a woman, whether she can make her feel comfortable is too important. The fact that a girl is not very beautiful does not affect her to make the person she associates with feel comfortable. With just one expression, one action, and one sentence, she can know what you say and can also speak to your heart. Children, ordinary people can’t resist. What’s more, ordinary men are not very handsome, they know how to cherish the people in front of them, rather than the out-of-reach beauties. And many so-called beautiful girls do not have this characteristic. It may be because they are beautiful. They have been licking dogs since they were young. This makes them accustomed to being condescending. You may covet her looks, but you must endure her work. And the various psychological discomforts that this brings, as long as the time is long, the advantages of her appearance will be exhausted. Beauty needs other things to match, it can be clean and self-love, it can be gentle and kind, it can be smart and capable…but it can’t just be beautiful.

7 months ago

Beauty is one reason for attractiveness, and there are other reasons. 1. Reason, don’t need feelings to deal with things, many girls are accustomed to dealing with feelings, this will easily lead to a lot of problems, unclear on some issues. 2. Be considerate, think about some problems from the standpoint of others, and understand the difficulties of others. 3. Be strict in self-discipline and be lenient to others. This will not make people feel depressed when getting along with others. 4. There is a sense of bounds in getting along with people. The sense of bounds is a difficult thing to grasp, especially in China where the Chinese think of “relationship”. Therefore, under such circumstances, it is difficult for us to grasp a degree, so we can do it. Girls who have a “sense of boundaries” are very good, and things are clear. 5. Don’t impose your own thoughts on others, respect the differences of others, and seek common ground while reserving differences. 6. Kindness, kindness is a choice. 7. Have goals, have an independent personality, and live out of themselves. Generally, people who live out of themselves are more powerful and charming. Each of us can have some independent personalities. 8. Don’t complain when you encounter setbacks, try to find a way, and don’t use emotions to deal with things casually. 9. The character is flexible, able to bend and stretch. 10. Hermaphrodite women. 11. Have a humble heart towards people. 12. Positive attitude. 13. People who can reflect and admit mistakes autonomously. Generally there are more than three, which are more attractive.

7 months ago

Answer me, I am not the most beautiful in our class, but I always get the most likes from boys. I am not a good personality. I don’t have much communication with boys. I only have a few points, which is to make myself look comfortable and lethargic. Boys like but can’t get them. Almost every girl in high school wanted to get a boy’s favor and satisfy her vanity, but I was walking on the road with a face that was not the most beautiful, and there were people who were thinking about my goddess. Here are some of the things I commonly use for children. I will make my face a little fatter to weaken the skinny, and make the skin white and tender, giving people a feeling of fullness. When I tilt my head, I will feel a little bit on my double chin. Very OK. Remind girls not to lose weight too much. It hurts and is not very good. When a boy talks to me, I don’t care about it, but I still look at him with a smile, a little sense of distance and not too much. Talking to girls other than your own table too much, but talking to your own tablemates is a kind of cold talk to others and very nice to your own people, changing your face super fast, and joking about yourself at the same table a moment ago Laugh, fight and make trouble, and immediately have a gentle sense of distance when you talk to others in the next moment. I don’t know if someone asks what’s the use of this, but it can be seen that many boys eat this set and want me to tell them too. Talking about laughter instead of a sense of distance. At that time, a guy wanted to be my brother. I didn’t answer. He still showed off to others. Keeping his hands clean and beautiful is really important. My hands are white, tender and small. I am very good at Let others focus on my hand, and then look at the coveted eyes of those people, such as softly and unpretentiously, lifting their hands up and tying their hair, supporting my face with my hands, my hand is my advantage, I naturally don’t hesitate to let it It’s really important to look good on your hands. Sisters, don’t do manicures. If you have to, use nude pink. My hands look clean and really look good. I usually have three hairstyles. The best one is short hair. According to my roommate, it’s very good. There is a sense of stunning, followed by wearing long hair, long hair below the collarbone, the hair tail is slightly bent, the natural kind, this is a hairstyle that can’t go wrong, boys like black, long straight, not covered, but it looks very straight. Stay, the last one is to tie up the hair, lower the head of the ball, and a few whiskers on the forehead. It looks clean and casual. I like to look at people’s eyes and smile when they are talking, as if they are gentle but everyone knows, Even if the action looks gentle, but sisters, don’t be really gentle, it’s really boring. My secret is that sometimes the personality changes suddenly, usually looks gentle, but the next moment it is cold, sometimes it seems It’s not easy to mess with, sometimes it’s cute, but it’s recommended not to be chaotic. You have to have your own main style but not single, it will be more attractive. Here to everyone Amway Liu Yifei, you must know that the expression management of girls is really important , Learn more from others, smart, beautiful and immortal. If you see too much, you will involuntarily follow along. If you want people to notice you, you are different from others, but you won’t be overwhelmed. It’s just right to inadvertently attract, and most people can’t Resistance, so you need to have your own strengths. For the more prominent ones, girls suggest reading more books. Well-written articles will really stand out, and I It feels to others that writing, painting and painting are very literary, but the character is not that way. He is very refreshing and does not like to hurt the spring and sad autumn. He will not speak squeaky and crookedly, and the contrast will be attractive. It is recommended that girls only The style is so changeable, don’t define yourself in one type. It’s messy to write it. If someone sees it, then change it, otherwise it’s giao.

7 months ago

When I was in college, I had a roommate who was very dark and thin, with a collapsed nose, small eyes, and a difficult family background. But this is a girl who was pursued by three boys in the same major less than one semester of school. Do you know that we are a liberal arts major, and there are only a dozen boys in the major? Because I have a good relationship with this girl, and boys who like him are willing to let me help them assist. Over time, I also learned some inside stories and how they liked this girl. Boy number one told me that my roommate was the first girl to add him to QQ and greet him, and he was the first girl in the class he knew. When he first came to school, he was not familiar with anyone, and he was relatively inferior. She took the initiative to introduce him to this strange city. When he celebrated his birthday, she took the time and sent him a birthday greeting at midnight, which made the boys think girls were interesting to them. The boy told me on the 2nd that he originally came to see the class flower, and then he asked the class flower to borrow notes before the exam, but was rejected. Then my roommate next to him took the initiative to give him his notes, and asked him to go to the library to tell him the key points of the exam one-on-one. He felt very warm at the time. Later, they confessed to my roommate, but they were all rejected by her. She finally chose the No. 3 suitor. An honest and simple boy with a good family background. Generally, college girls, at their best age, have a sense of superiority to the ordinary boys around them, and even feel that being nice to the boys around them is a devaluation behavior. So from a boy’s point of view, when a girl treats him nicely and tenderly, it has a fatal attraction to him, even if the girl is not beautiful.

7 months ago

Someone may say, because she is in good shape! After all, not all men are face-controlling, and there are many men with body-controlling. However, what if she is not beautiful and her figure is not good? Many women say that men are thinking animals in the lower part of the body, with only beauty in their eyes. It is undeniable that for beautiful women, men’s immunity is almost zero, so since ancient times, there has been a saying that heroes are sad about beauty. But are men really so low-level? Yesterday I was walking on the street with my friend and saw a handsome little brother. However, it is surprising that a seemingly perfect man, his girlfriend looks mediocre, no matter his appearance or figure. My friend was worried about eating radish and expressed dissatisfaction. I remember asking my friend this way: Do you think such a man is stupid? In other words, he has problems with IQ and aesthetics. The friend shook his head, meaning it didn’t look like it. Then I replied: That’s not enough. Since he is not stupid, he can of course find a more beautiful girlfriend based on his conditions, but he chose such a mediocre girlfriend, so he can only explain one thing, There must be something more charming than pretty on that woman. Wasn’t there a popular saying on the Internet before: Start with your appearance, be loyal to your character, and fall into talent. A beautiful woman certainly has a congenital advantage, but this is definitely not the root cause of a man’s desperation. Although a man is thinking about animals in his lower body, he is not stupid. It’s as simple as eating. Some dishes look bright and beautiful, but they can’t bear to look at them directly, while some dishes that don’t look good are really delicious.

7 months ago

I used to have a colleague, no matter from the appearance or the connotation, it is the kind that has nothing to say. The family conditions are superior, the temperament is gentle, the character is not to say, absolutely reliable, especially the looks, it is considered very good. So some female colleagues who are idiots are on the verge of madness. But the fact is that colleagues already have wives, and those female colleagues who engage with them are very dissatisfied and jealous. It is not because colleagues have wives, but because their wives are very ordinary, so those female colleagues often talk behind their backs, God. Is it too unfair? At first, we thought so too. But until one time we went to a colleague’s house as a guest, everyone was convinced. Because my colleague’s home is so clean and so clean that I admire him, I can’t bear to destroy the beauty in front of me, even walking cautiously, for fear of stepping on the floor dirty. When we arrived at our colleague’s house, his wife greeted us very politely and decently. When lunch was approaching, the colleague’s mother was cooking in the kitchen. After seeing her, his wife hurried forward and said gently: Mom, you are not in good health , Let me do this little thing! You go and rest quickly. The colleague’s mother retired with satisfaction, with a face full of love, and she praised her friend’s wife in front of us. It means that I am too satisfied with this daughter-in-law. Not only is she smart and capable, but the most important thing is her kind heart and special filial piety. While speaking, my mother did not forget to glance at her colleague and said: “This stinky boy is good for life.” Some people say that feelings are unreasonable, especially if they like someone. In fact, I have to say that it makes sense to like someone. As the saying goes, there is no woman in this world who can be loved and liked by a man for no reason. There must be his reason. Maybe she is not very beautiful and her body is not very good, but her kindness and sincere smile are always men. The killer.

7 months ago

When we like a person, many times we don’t like her appearance, but like who we are when we are with her. Although it is often said that the company of beautiful women makes us feel very happy to have face, we also like to see beautiful faces. But if a very beautiful girl rolls her eyes when she sees you, with a disgusting expression on her face, then you won’t like her either. On the contrary, if a woman is not very beautiful, but every time you come, she seems to have stars in her eyes, and she is willing to listen carefully to what you say and can pick it up well, then you are also easy to fall in love with her. .

7 months ago

I feel more and more that appearance is not that important in a long-term relationship! Circle keywords, long-term relationship! Good-looking skins are only the first level of attraction, so that the other person feels comfortable in love can last! Many girls (especially girls with beautiful looks) feel that my conditions are OK, and my personality is just like this. If you like to accept it, accept it. In such a mentality, there is a feeling of occupying a high position by looks. But in fact, do boys really bear everything because girls are beautiful? As an emotional counselor who has been working for many years, I have seen too many examples. Usually such girls cannot keep boys. In a relationship, love experience is the most important thing! Because of the good experience, I am willing to choose to go with you! If you want to choose a person to marry now, boys will choose beautiful girls, but all kinds of works make him feel tired in this relationship; he will still choose to be considerate of him, understand his needs, and make him feel comfortable Comfortable, but just not that pretty girl? Most boys will not hesitate to choose a girl who makes him happy, because in real society, men have to bear a lot of responsibilities in addition to love, and the pressure is naturally great. Love and marriage are only part of their lives. If this part brings them not happiness, but pain, then the result is to break up with you decisively.

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