I’m an old fan of Mingxue, I like them very much, but after watching the new issue of Chuang, I feel like Shao Mingming is a different person. Watching Chuang’s live broadcast and tidbits, I feel that he is still very caring for people, but new His performance in the group in one episode was disappointing.

It’s very simple. Because the environment has changed, the editing platform and broadcasting platform have changed. The positioning of the program has also changed from Mingxue and Escape. Gods, including Mingzheng, are known for their high reputation and their selling points. Even like Ming Detectives occasionally have disputes with fans, but in general, Ming Detective series, including Mingxue series, are more word-of-mouth, quality greater than traffic, and strength (in Ming Detective, it may be greater than Equal to) playful. For an example, see the Mingzhen S5 Northern Slow Car, which is almost recognized as the worst in the entire series. But Chuang is a talent show. The platform is the goose factory. Do you need to repeat the virtues of the goose? What’s more, the talent show itself requires topics, hype, traffic, data, and discussion, even if it is black or red. Word of mouth? Does this gadget talent show exist? Besides, the goose is not care at all, it only needs to eat the capital dividend (vomit). As for strength, it’s just icing on the cake. After the draft, those who have no strength naturally return and are still amateurs. What does it have to do with the goose? He has already earned what he should earn. Therefore, at least when Mango deals with the Mingzheng series and Mingxue series (the Mingxue and the Mishen team are basically the same, I will simply call it a series here for convenience) when trying to use editing to cover up some that may cause tearing x and black powder. The controversial point of the war. The controversy you see is weakened. For example, in the episode of the Unicorn Shao Mingming was scolded by many people, it can be seen that the focus of the later editing was on the commentary of the atmosphere group watching the battlefield, pulling the line of sight from the originally cold and a bit tense game field. Going out, you may only feel “hahahahaha” at Apu’s “Heaven is about to change” at this time, and you won’t notice that even Bei Qi, who is known for his gentleness, is serious and serious at this time. But the goose will not. It just hopes that the happier you can argue, the better. This way it has white eyeballs and flow (vomit). Because expanding the list of passersby and attracting the attention of passersby are two different things. Torn x and quarrels will make passers-by disgusted and feel foul, so in the later period of the Ming Detective Mingxue series, they will evade it. This will not affect passers-by’s perception of the program. To put it plainly is to cherish feathers. But tearing up the hot search will let more people see, the goose needs to be seen, he doesn’t care if these people like to create, as long as the discussion is up, he will win. Secondly, people have changed. Creative students, whether they are natural or well-designed, are in a competitive relationship in the final analysis, and there is also mutual win in this competition. Who is here not to be popular or to debut? If you, Shao Mingming, make the whole group collapse by yourself, see if they will treat you well. What’s more, in Chuang, everyone is the same, singing and dancing are just like that, Shao Mingming can “be myself”. So the nature is exposed. But Mingxue is not the same as the people in Secret God. First of all, they are not in a competitive relationship. You don’t need to die or die. If the first season still needs to fight for a chance to detect brightly, but at that time Shao Mingming was just a teaching assistant and was of no importance. The second season is even more of a collective stay, enjoying a happy life, even more unnecessary. Second, the academy and the great gods are basically academic tyrants. They are different from Shao Mingming who need to fake their academic qualifications to satisfy their self-esteem. They naturally suppress Shao Mingming when deciphering and intellectual games, and they do not need to show it. This is a Objective fact. Don’t refute that Wen Tao lost to him when he was looking for the machine head in the second season. I just think this is evidence that other seniors have naturally suppressed Shao Mingming. Because Wen Tao was using a risky play, a new tactic, and trying to break through himself. You think he even had the mind to take risks when facing Shao Mingming, which shows that he has a lot of space when playing against Shao Mingming. Instead, Wen Tao will fight steadily when fighting Nan, Wei, Teacher Wang, Huo Teacher, Qi Ma… because they can’t take it lightly. Even if Pan Pan Kaikai, who is relatively weak compared to the north and south latitudes of Qi Tang and others, Pan Pan sometimes has the cleverness. When playing card addition and subtraction with Xiao Qige, Apu can say that Xiao Qige “sorrowful logic collapse.” “It can be seen that Pan Pan is not exactly a vase. Needless to say, Kaikai participated actively in the first quarter, and grew significantly in the third quarter. So even if they can’t suppress Shao Mingming, they are still on the same level as Shao Mingming. Shao Mingming can only play support among this group of people, because he has no chance to “be himself” at all. When he is his real self here, he will only let people know that his IQ is not as good as others. Finally, in terms of personality, the students of Chuang said before that they would not tolerate him. At least the person that Han Peiquan shows now is an image of active hard work, not very sloppy in singing and dancing, and a Tucao emperor, very upright. He will tolerate Shao Mingming. However, several people in Mingxue have their own careers and will not care about Shao Mingming, A Pu anchor, Tao Tao social animal, Jun Wei young actor, Xiao Qi host rookie, Kai Kai singer, Enqi young actor, Teacher Wang Researchers, Huo teacher anchor, investment, PhD, Pan Pan young actor, lawyer Xiaohe, as for Shi Xiaocao and Shentu, they don’t have to worry about Shao Mingming. And several main mc characters are there again-the south is cold and the north is introverted, the north is introverted, the Qi is gentle and the Tang Shulang (open and cheerful, and the heart is more forgiving), are not the type that directly “I want to vomit”. Teacher Wang is probably not familiar with Shao Mingming, she is purely polite. Teacher Lang felt even more unable to play with them. Teacher Huo is a straight man. Pan Pan Sunshine is cute. Although Kaikai is relatively young, he showed a bit of aggressiveness in the first season, but in the second season, he can grill skewers, and has also passed the Didi driving or online car-hailing certificate. It can be seen that he has experienced a lot of life. , Will take care of people, have opinions and are willing to work hard. Enqi’s personality is random, and he is probably not familiar with Shao Mingming. Sometimes Xiao He is a bit like Xiao Qi, gentle and sunny, and he is not familiar with it, let alone Xiao Li. Ms. Dudu and Ms. Yutong also seem to be very cultivated and kind to others. Who do you expect them to say to Shao Mingming, “I feel sick after listening to you”? Therefore, once the mango editing is not covered (note that the mango station editing is willing to cover it does not mean that the goose factory must be cut. Although you and I know that the goose factory is not a good thing), second, there is no tolerance for people around to avoid contradictions, Shao Mingming Naturally, his character is revealed. It’s not that his character is so different in the two shows, but that someone helps him to cover up and doesn’t care about him. You can’t tell, but on the other hand, his character is displayed so boldly. He is so. It’s like going to the draft, you compare Shao Mingming’s tears to his teammates, and you stand up against Jiuzhou’s self-blame after not grabbing the song. Finally, talk about the group pet problem that many people say. Many people say that Shao Mingming is a group pet, balabala… The so-called group pet, petting such a person in a team, does it mean that everyone does not treat him as a well-matched opponent and friend It. With reference to Miss Wu Yingjie in Ming Detective, she has a lot of controversies (although I have no feelings for ghosts, but at least she is not crazy like Shao Mingming in my minefield), she is also a group pet. Besides, I don’t think that seniors are pampering Shao Mingming. Let’s tolerate it.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

People are complicated. We can only understand them through the lens and the edited bit of the program duration. This understanding is incomplete and is selectively displayed, which is true and false, and also true and false. Maybe only he knows it. Maybe the creation camp only showed some other characteristics of him that were not shown in Mingxue before. In addition, I’m not surprised that this kind of scene will appear. Refer to the words and behaviors during the game (such as commercial unicorns) that he participated in several games in the second season of the Detective Academy. In fact, there are traces of his personality characteristics. It’s just that in most of the previous shows, his role and positioning were very clear and did not involve ranking competition, so some things were not obvious. Here is a digression. I have always felt that Mingxue, as a puzzle competition program, can be so relaxed and warm, to a large extent due to the fact that these “participants” are relatively outstanding in terms of double quotient, and they are generally easy-going. It was they who interacted together to create such a basic environment, and he was also involved in it, but he may not have enough ability and personality to create such an environment. Fundamentally, because the teammates of the creation camp are one-dimensional people with him. He would quarrel with his teammates in the creation camp, complaining about his teammates’ oversight and unsightly movements, but he would not accuse those students of lack of conciseness in solving problems, which is unrealistic. Whether it is noisy or not, it depends on what the core of the problem is and whether the strength of the two sides is very different in the core. It’s like playing games with my roommate. Two very good people laugh at each other, but I would never want to laugh at the professional level of the national award winner. People’s awareness of competition and struggle is often displayed more clearly when the two sides are comparable, and some are compared. When facing people of the same dimension, because of the small difference, the role and power are unstable and unable to do so easily. It’s often less decent, but this kind of “doing your best” is often more real and more common. When you get along with people of different dimensions, you will be in harmony because of the downward compatibility or deliberate estrangement of people in higher positions. In essence, Taoism is not conspiring to each other and has nothing to do with each other.

7 months ago

I am also an old fan of “Mingzheng” and “Mingxue”. I found that “Mingzheng” and “Mingxue” really have special filters… I used to think that although Mingming is sometimes a bit creative, sometimes it is a bit too aggressive Strong (for example, when I played a commercial unicorn, his performance made me feel uncomfortable), but it was fine most of the time, so although he is not in the list of my favorite people, it is not too annoying, but I also find it a bit annoying for Chuangli. I think there are three reasons why the filter is broken: 1. Mingxue and Escape are not competitive programs. Although Mingxue games have wins and losses, in general, they are still variety effects> win or lose, even if it is delayed. The hind legs are not very serious, and in the later Mingxue, he basically played the role of host + assistant, and rarely participated in the game. And everyone on the talent show is really competing. At this time, you are really annoying if you drag your teammates back without knowing it. 2. In Mingxue and Escape, everyone is a good brother who has recorded together for several seasons, and will tolerate each other if anything happens. In the creation camp, everyone meets for the first time and is a competitor. They are not obliged to tolerate you all the time. . 3. The program groups of Mingxue and Escaping are all their own, and will try not to cut out the shortcomings of the members. The more popular the members, the higher the popularity of the program. The program group of the creation camp is not his own, and it will not be soft when editing. If you have any shortcomings, they can just cut out and create a wave of topics. By the way, I think the gull in “Ming Detective” is very intellectual, beautiful, and generous, but I watched several issues of “Lang Jie 2” a few days ago, and I feel that the gull in it is a bit too straight, not very pleasing. Although I don’t hate her because of her filters, if I had never seen Ming Detective before and went to see Sister Lang directly, I guess I would not like her very much. So the filters in “Mingzheng” and “Ming Xue” are really a bit powerful. I don’t know how Tang Jojo performed in the Blue 3 next door. I only watched the opening interview and the initial stage, and I felt quite ordinary, I don’t know what happened later. I like Tang Jojo in “Ming Xue” very much.

7 months ago

Will you quarrel with someone stronger than yourself? In Ming Xue Escape, he is a bystander and person in charge of the process. Because obviously the protagonist is not him, it is the contestants, it is the people who decipher, all he needs is to be responsible for trivial things such as clues, and he is not the one who uses his brain. He is very clear about his position. What’s more, the people in Mingxue Escape just throw him off the street just for their academic qualifications and various insights, and it is clear that they are not people of the same level. Moreover, people who have high double business and many programs are open and easy-going. Naturally, Shao Mingming will not do anything, because he respects, respects and admires these people who are better than him. But most of the creation camp (except those who are extremely powerful) are similar to him. He himself has been learning Guzheng for many years and has a foundation. Apart from the pressure of the competition, the reason is that they are people of almost the same level. It is natural for people to lose their sense of awe and respect when facing people at or below their own level. So, it’s not that he has changed, it’s that he is like this. When I watched Mingxue before, I knew what his position was in that show. I didn’t feel to him at the time, knowing that he wouldn’t have any other actions (those juggling things) would not happen. Because he is very weak, it is better to do what he should do, talk less and interrupt, observe more and do more things, so that you can gain a good impression. But now it’s normal in the creation camp, because he is not weak anymore, naturally there is no need to be so careful. People will involuntarily respect and awe when facing people who are stronger than themselves, but when facing people of the same class, they lose this awe. Many invisible things will show up when they lose awe. This is not Change, but nature is like this.

7 months ago

No, in fact, I think Mingming’s personality may have been like this. The first season of Mingxue Hesu was a bit exposed, but the editing might be ignored. I can’t remember the details clearly. There was a period when they played a business war game. At that time, he and Wen Tao said they wanted peace, and turned around to eat the other side’s territory, and then teamed up with Jiuzhou. His face really scared me. I don’t like this kind of disagreement, so it’s unnecessary. Since that issue, my perception of Mingming has decreased.

7 months ago

smm is protected by super words and some group fans in Mingxue. His performance in Mingxue is hard to say. Well, since the second season of Mingxue, smm floats. Various show operations have not been in the first season. He was still very good during the fire, but what about after the start of the stay? Relying on the fan’s young age, I am confused, and my academic qualifications are vague, I can stay silent for a few months without deciphering the topic. I have to squeeze the camera in front and squeeze Jojo Apu’s first live broadcast to him, not to mention bullying Xiao Qi Wentao Jiuzhou. smm is a mango artist, and the editing must be towards him. After his academic controversy, the third season of Mingxue can keep him. It shows that Tencent is not a mango. He has not changed. The editing and environmental changes make you think he has changed. Sisters are sober. Regardless of the famous academic filter, he is just a poor business ability + use of fans + aphasia artist

7 months ago

It’s not much worse. He is also in the Detective Academy and Peach, but the attributes of the show are different, and the post-editing is also different. It can be easily seen by a slightly more sensitive audience or an audience who specializes in observing Shao Mingming. He is not very different in this show. Peach and Mingxue are programs that demonstrate high IQ, high mobility, teamwork and other abilities. In such a program, if Shao Mingming’s original appearance is shown in such a program, it will appear that the program is not that tall. Very mentally handicapped. These two programs beautify Shao Mingming a bit. Although it is true that his IQ education is much worse than others, he has made the program more active and acted as lubricating oil among the big guys. But in a talent show in the creation camp, what do you want a person with low IQ and low EQ who does not have any strength? What’s more, this kind of show is supposed to have a sense of conflict. At this time, isn’t he the best choice for the show group? He can create a topic without having to edit it in the later stage. The program team is happy to let him live two more episodes to attract traffic and topics. That’s it~

7 months ago

He has always been like this, just because the nature of the show has changed, and the person on the show has changed. On Mango’s side, this derivative program does not require conflicts, and more importantly, it creates a group of very smart people to play games together. The person who made the question is very smart, and the person who solves the problem is also very smart. Doesn’t this make it impossible to highlight the difficulty of the problem? Then there must be someone who is not smart at the scene to let the audience know that the problem is not too simple, but the solver is too good. And Shao Mingming is the one who is difficult to withdraw. For Goose, the draft requires heat and topicality. There is no contradiction to compare topics. Only by amplifying the contradiction can more people pay attention. Therefore, the contradictions he created will be retained or even amplified. Look at the people who participated in the show and the mango show. People who can achieve this level of education are basically not low in double quotient. Just like good students playing with good students in school, even if our knowledge coverage is different, both sides will explain a new one. The speed of understanding and comprehending things is very fast, just like talking to smart people is easy. So do you say that these people will argue with Shao Mingming? Dimensionality reduction strikes. Just like when you graduate from college, do you argue with an aunt who has always only been able to fight in the vegetable market about materialism? If you really encounter such an aunt arguing with you, then most people should also be “right, right, aunt, you are right.” Such arguing is meaningless, it is a waste of time. Fortunately, Shao Mingming is also very clear that he does not understand, so he is just a teaching assistant who walks through the process, and other people do not expect him to do anything to help everyone. In Goose’s audition show, he felt that the others had the same identity as him, they were all trainees, so everyone was the same, and he began to show his character.

7 months ago

I haven’t seen the famous detective academy, the celebrity detective only watched He Sagui Baioujia, watched the quagmire escape room, there is no filter for Shao Mingming, there are a lot of mothers in the comments, I don’t want to be preconceived , But after reading it, the overall impression is indeed very general, and I feel a little contrived. I watched the creation camp with my daughter-in-law recently. I think it’s like this. He said it all by himself. Don’t throw it all over the editing, unless you say it’s dubbing. Personality is really annoying. People with a little bit of politeness won’t be hippies and disrespect people when others are training, and they will shut up when they have problems. In short, they have no tutoring and regard rudeness as a true temperament. . He should be thankful that others have restrained his emotions. If they kept real like him, he might have been beaten long ago. As for the real me he said, the way my mother was born does not mean that your mother gave birth to you 20 years ago, how are you now? Or the ancestors said that some people have fathers and no mothers. , With self-evidence.

7 months ago

Bad personality a lot? He is this virtue from beginning to end! This time it was not fighting at home, and the support team finally couldn’t make everyone shut up. Bother him for too long. From the beginning of the first season of the Peach Great God Edition, to the second season of the Detective Academy did not fall. Since the second season of the escape version, the difficulty of decryption has plummeted, so I didn’t watch it anymore. At the beginning of the first season of Secret God, I couldn’t bear his pretentious tone, but seeing that he is also working hard to blend in, I think it’s okay and acceptable, but far from what I like. The first season of Peach Great God is his best light. I can’t stand his flurry cp in the follow-up. To be reasonable, I also talk about North and South, and occasionally talk about Weijun, but Jiu Ming I really can’t talk about it. I really bother him to deadlift cp like that. Whatever the north-south wedding scene, it is pure hard candy. I don’t feel sweet, I feel salty. Fans said, this is good brother joking. Okay, I’m just kidding you. So what does it mean that you always let your brother give way when you play the game? I have already told myself that smm is like this, everyone is brothers, and I broke the defense as a commercial unicorn. When the fuck I was playing games, I was the most annoyed of this kind of unplayable, only he can do you, but you can’t do him. How much do you fail to live to even lose the game? It’s selfish, self-interested, and self-righteous! There are a lot of credits and I can’t figure it out. You have to be a fan and you can’t do drugs. You can’t even express your dislike. If you don’t like it, you are not a real audience or true fan. Really bundled marketing? Supermarket promotion. I bought the excellent North and South Wei Junjiu at high prices and the teacher of the fire tree king, teacher Lang, the young master of the wolf king, Pan Pan, and I can’t find it for an extra 50 cents. Since I don’t eat coriander, I will be given a Shao Mingming? Anyway, gifts are gifts. I don’t need to be picky about 50 cents stuff? If fans really think so, then I have nothing to say.

7 months ago

In fact, people have not changed, but the environment has changed. There is no competition in the escape, everyone is relatively relaxed, but Chuangsi is a competition, there will be pressure, of course it is not so easy. And what we are watching is only part of it. Obviously, we can’t judge the true performance of Chuang Si Li through the few minutes of a program. And as far as I know, although it doesn’t look good in the feature film, it has a good relationship with other players in other spin-off shows. You have to be more confident, regardless of whether it is Shao Mingming or what you like, don’t lead public opinion.

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