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​As an entrepreneur, I have studied Musk, and he is not outstanding in terms of energy alone. In 2018, he reduced his working hours to 80-90 hours per week. He said that if more than 80 hours are exceeded, the degree of pain will increase exponentially. As a control group, investment banks usually work 100 hours a week, and many founders of startups exceed 100 hours a week. I can confirm these two data. I have been an investment bank and now start a business. There are many such people around me. However, working hours and work quality are not the same thing. Although Musk only works 80 hours a week, his work quality and output are much higher than that of ordinary people. This is more worthy of study. I will talk about this later. Many people talk about energy, but they may not figure out what energy is all about. Because energy lacks a unified definition and lacks metrics. For example, if you work 100 hours in an investment bank and 100 hours in a transaction, is it the same energy? Playing games for 100 hours and doing housework for 100 hours is the same energy? Is it the same energy to learn English for 100 hours and math for 100 hours? For the convenience of explanation, I will take my own experience as an example. Real-time tracking of transactions, making judgments on market changes, and quickly operating large capital transactions, requires a high degree of concentration, and consumes a lot of energy. It’s a bit similar to playing fighting games, and it’s also similar to sprinting. Therefore, my colleagues and I often practice Muay Thai. Of course, the trading work is not continuously high-intensity, but the frequency of high-intensity is very high, especially in the absence of automated trading. Because the company’s new trading system has been delayed, I once had to manually operate ETF arbitrage strategies, while other institutions are automated trading. I only had to analyze their trading rules on the spot, predict market fluctuations, and place orders in advance to compete for liquidity and For trading opportunities, the operation must be so fast. Later, I went to a quantitative hedge fund in New York. The transaction volume of this institution accounted for a few percentage points. I don’t think there will be any problems with IT infrastructure this time. I didn’t expect to experience similar manual operations for some time. , This time there is no UI, just click on the command line to place an order. Investment banking work is somewhat similar to playing RPG games, similar to running a marathon. Quick response and concentration, without the requirements of traders. But investment banking work is not easy. You can imagine that you just finished working all night, rubbing panda eyes, and you have to go to the airport in the early morning. In the narrow space of taxis, you can read the information you just got while driving in many countries. Accented conference calls, while changing the PPT, have to deal with the sudden large-scale tearing of human beings. It is not a work that can be distracted. In general, 100 hours of trading work consumes more energy than 100 hours of investment bank work, but it is not necessarily true. The two cannot be converted at a fixed exchange rate. If a trader is asked to do investment banking work, he will not necessarily be energetic and comfortable, and it is more likely that he will fall asleep before doing so. The emotional energy of a trader may enable him to calmly deal with market changes and large profits and losses, but if he is asked to deal with investment banking work, he may be unable to do what he wants. The above example shows that there are different types of energy, which are affected by many factors. For example, it cannot be said that long-distance runners are more energetic than sprint champions, and vice versa. To improve energy, you need to figure out what energy is all about, and then you can use different methods to improve different types of energy. In my opinion, there are many kinds of energy. The first is general energy, that is, energy that can be used for everything; the second is attribute energy, which has specific attributes and can only be used for specific things. To prevent you from dozing off, let me ask a few questions first: What kind of energy does eating beef affect? What kind of energy does practicing Muay Thai affect? Questions, what kind of energy does it affect the readers? How to improve general energy? I wanted to write more systematically, but I don’t want to be too academic, so I’d better feel free to write wherever I want. How to improve energy, I used myself as a guinea pig and experimented for decades. However, everyone’s situation is different, just for reference. I was the first to focus on general energy, such as tracing the source. I first thought about this problem for two purposes: one is to improve athletic performance; the other is to improve learning efficiency. Exercise and learning are two good examples. This chapter mainly focuses on sports. If you are not interested in sports, you can skip it and see the next chapter for writing and learning. But I suggest that you read this chapter patiently, because sports energy is the foundation. Exercise is the most primitive competition, and it is also the most full and ultimate development and use of the body. Analyzing how to improve sports energy is of great help to improving other types of energy. Because I have to take myself as an example to explain, in order to be convincing, first introduce the basic situation. In all standard sports tests, I get full marks, including sprinting, long-distance running, shot put, long jump, high jump, pull-ups and some special subjects, and this is also true of working for so many years. Therefore, although I am not a professional athlete, a little bit of experience is useful to most people. Sports, scoring different sports. Let’s talk about fitness first. At one stage, my goal is to increase the dimension, become bigger, and pursue a strong and full body. Therefore, the diet is high-protein low-carb water, eat multiple meals a day, eat a dozen eggs, and ensure adequate sleep, usually within 9 hours. In fact, 8 hours is enough, but more sleep will be beneficial for overweight muscle recovery. Through the adjustment of fitness, diet, and sleep, I have achieved a strong and full body. This is an improvement in performance for fitness. On the other hand, my energy state is also “strong and full”. In this state, I like to lift weights. Objects, show their power. Later, at a stage, my goal was changed to clear muscle lines, and fitness, diet, and sleep were adjusted accordingly. In terms of fitness, the weight loss and gain group has increased stretching and muscle separation training, aerobic training, and weight loss training (such as basketball). In terms of diet, the carbohydrate intake was further reduced; in terms of sleep, it was reduced to 8 hours. At this stage, the muscles become smaller, but the lines are clearer, and the energy state is switched to “agile burst.” In this state, you like to jump, run faster, and do actions that reflect explosive power and speed. Besides sprinting and long-distance running, I usually participate in competitions, but long-distance running performance is better than sprinting. In order to improve my sprint performance, I need to adjust my energy state to “strength and burst”. At this time, agility is not the most important thing. In addition to regular sprint training, fitness increases weight and diet increases carbohydrates, but reduces physical exertion such as basketball. Sleep is maintained for 8 hours. Try to adjust the state of sprint competition to be like a leopard ready to go. Preparing for the long-distance race is in conflict with the sprint. If only to improve long-distance running performance, I basically stop fitness, reduce diet, do weight loss training (such as basketball), and endurance training (long-distance running), in order to pursue a state of “lightness”. Since I am generally confident of winning the first place in long-distance running, I mostly sacrifice preparations for long-distance running and mainly prepare for sprinting. The above fitness, diet, and sleep adjustments can all increase general energy. But different adjustments also increase the attribute energy of different attributes. For example, some increase sprint energy, and some increase long-distance running energy. If you are not interested in sports, you will find it very boring to see here. In fact, the general energy that is improved through fitness, exercise, diet, and sleep can be used for study and work. If you are energetic and lively, but feel dizzy as soon as you study, there are also ways to increase the energy of learning attributes. How to improve study energy? Study energy is a very important attribute energy. What is the so-called lack of “learning energy”? Emotional and drowsy are both ecstatic and drowsy, not contradictory. In this case, it is time to sleep and have high-quality sleep. Lack of interest and sleepiness. If you have a choice, don’t learn what you are not interested in; if you don’t have a choice, one is to cultivate interest in excavation, and the other is self-hypnosis. For example, I was lack of interest in finance at the beginning, but why did I become so interested later? My approach is to practice. I put the knowledge in the textbook into practice, and tested them one by one, and got feedback. The feedback made me excited to apply what I learned, and I started to enter the financial room. The best way to learn knowledge is to use it, test it, and perfect it-this is the right way. There are also sidetracks. If you are lack of interest in history and have a strong interest in Tang poetry, then you can compile historical knowledge into poetry, which is also a challenging and interesting thing. Using fun to drive boring is equivalent to getting rich first and then getting rich, and ultimately achieving common prosperity. The second is self-hypnosis, which requires a strong spirit. If you don’t like history, you can try to hypnotize yourself and convince yourself that you are Sima Qian. The greatest ideal in your life is to finish the “Historical Records.” Chicken, writing “Historical Records” is your only pursuit…Slow response and slow thinking may be a problem of innate IQ, thinking methods, learning methods, or energy problems. Energy problems can generally be improved by diet, exercise, and sleep. When I work as an investment bank, I have a slow response and slow thinking. My approach is: skip breakfast, a fruit box at noon, eat a meal for dinner, and practice Muay Thai at night. Chinese food is generally more sleepy than western food. The reason is that the staple food of Chinese food is more carbohydrate, the intake of staple food is also larger than that of western food, and more oil is often used in cooking. This explains to a certain extent “Why do many Europeans and Americans still work with full blood in the afternoon without taking a nap?”-because they mainly serve Western food, and Western food is not as sleepy as Chinese food. The three-meal habits in the West are also different from those of the Chinese. Chinese people pay attention to good food for lunch, whether it is a canteen restaurant or a takeaway, it is both rich and large. Westerners, especially mental workers, usually eat lighter foods for lunch, many of which are salad box/salad bowls. Salads are just a bunch of vegetables with a few pieces of meat garnished. For several years, I only ate fruit boxes for lunch, except for lunch. I usually get sleepy after a big lunch, and I have to rely on other methods to stay awake and sharp, such as washing my face in cold water and listening to music. Thinking wildly, always wandering into meditation, meditation, and clearing distracting thoughts through religion or other beliefs. I understand, I don’t remember that I have a bad memory, take notes, memorize, practice, and teach others. I can’t understand it at all. The brain is blank. This is generally a problem of learning methods, not a problem of energy. There is a learning principle: first simplify complex issues in order to grasp the main structure; then complicate simple issues for completeness. Work and energy work and study overlap and complement each other. However, learning input is the main focus and work output is the main focus. For example, memorizing words is generally considered learning, not work, because there is no output. But typing against a handwritten manuscript is not considered study, but work, because the electronic manuscript is output. How to do a boring and trivial job I usually write articles and code, which requires a lot of typing. I type quickly, and I am the first place in the company’s typing competition. However, typing speed is far less than thinking speed, which is my efficiency bottleneck. First, it drags down thinking; second, it is too boring and trivial, and sometimes it is wrong and needs to be corrected. All of these lead to turbulence and consume more energy. So keep it smooth and reduce friction. For this, I did something. First, do special typing training to strengthen muscle memory, especially those unskilled numbers and symbols input, to form a faster and more accurate conditioned reflex; second, study input method skills and optimize, such as custom shortcut input; Third, I think of typing as playing the piano. Writing code, thinking is fun, writing is hard work. When writing code, I often type on the keyboard like playing a piano, shaking my body, and after a paragraph is struck, my hands are raised high, just like playing the piano, it’s not a lot of enjoyment. Playing the piano can also improve the typing speed and accuracy. If you are typing very slowly, you may wish to play the piano more; fourth, I will do body stretching and finger movements to ensure that the fingers and the whole body are in a good state of flexibility and coordination. This is borrowed from my preparation before the competition as an athlete. Before major exams, I would move my fingers to ensure the speed and fluency of writing in a better state. The above methods can reduce energy loss, and the third method can also increase energy. When boring typing becomes fun to play the piano, people will enter a mildly excited state. Speaking in English, it is “I’m on a roll.” How to do well, and the secret to vigorous energy for work that you don’t like is obsession. A wonderful life is not difficult. Choose a difficult problem, preferably a math problem with paper and pen, or a philosophical problem without paper and pen. Invest in research, unknowingly, and a lifetime will pass. Or on the contrary, make money as the goal, and think about how to earn it all the time, and don’t ask what it is for. When I die, I hold a pile of gold coins like Grandet and say: Ah, it’s so warm… So , The wonderful life lies in what you can be obsessed with​​​​. Therefore, most people cannot have a wonderful life, because they don’t like, let alone indulge in their work. I don’t like investment banking work. Maybe it can bring about the growth of ability, vision, income and vanity, but it can’t make investment banking work itself interesting. How to maintain vigorous energy and do listless work has become a problem. I think this is also a problem for most people. I opened my eyes every morning, feeling repetitive and unanticipated. I put on my headphones and used music to relieve this emotion and gain energy. In order to maintain vigorous energy, many colleagues drink Red Bull coffee and take pollen supplements. I will listen to music, soothing, intense, and speaking in different languages. During my investment banking period, I listened to almost all classical and pop music. A college roommate once posted a small pink note on his desk, which read “Life is a journey of misery, and the greatest learning is to find comfort in misery.” There may be hardships in life, but most ordinary people don’t experience too much, and they often encounter boredom, repetition, and nothing to look forward to. Therefore, it is more everyday to find something that is not poor or boring in a poor and boring life. Of learning. In the investment bank office, sometimes it’s late at night. After sending out the written email, I move the office chair to the floor-to-ceiling window, and then hold the printed presentation materials to watch in silence. At this time, I can smell the fresh ink scent, and I can see it. I clear every spelling mistake and font size error. I use music to massage every boring detail, watching the flashing city outside the window, thinking about how to adjust the valuation and M&A plan. At that time, I couldn’t think of it. On a website called Zhihu, answering the question “How to have vigorous energy?” Life is really unpredictable. Sexual energy, love energy, the effect of emotion on energy, the effect of food on energy, Musk’s learning and working methods, these will be updated if you have time in the future. I am developing a utopian community application called “New World”. To apply for the closed beta, please add WeChat dewbot.


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8 months ago

Simply put, it is to increase the speed of related physiological and chemical reactions in the body. When it comes to high energy, many people think of metabolism first. People with fast metabolism will generally have more energy. However, metabolism is a big word, broadly speaking, it can cover all the biochemical reactions in the body. If all reactions are accelerated, it is actually a great burden to the body. In fact, we are not unfamiliar with this principle, so we will instinctively think that although stimulant use and chicken blood can improve the efficiency for a while, or give more attention in a short time, the long-term effect will hurt the body. Speaking of this, I recalled one thing. A few years ago, a friend participated in a sports meeting, an amateur invitational tournament with bonuses. It is not surprising that people in their early thirties are not as energetic as before, so a coach recommended him a foreign “magic medicine”, and he took the English label and asked me to advise. I took a look at the composition, ah, a synthetic drug with a structure similar to Clenbuterol, and then searched the literature about this substance, and many of them were discussing whether it should be the target of anti-doping investigations. I told my friends objectively that Man said it was an amateur competition. Even professional competitions could not be found out yet, but he said he didn’t dare to try anything. This shows that we are very entangled in improving energy, and we urgently need an operation that can mobilize our mental state without hurting our body. Therefore, we can only selectively speed up certain biochemical reactions, rather than speed up the metabolism as a whole. For example, the tricarboxylic acid cycle is a process that is worthy of attention. Simply put, it is the main pathway of aerobic metabolism. Sugar, fat and protein will eventually be oxidized by oxygen through this reaction to provide strength to the body. Therefore, this process does not affect energy, it is impossible. In high school biology, this is a very important compulsory knowledge point. The reaction process is very complicated, involving more than a dozen substances. Because the names are too complicated, some of them are abbreviated. For example, NAD+ is something that is often talked about, but few people know what it is. Speaking of this NAD+, the background is big. Its scientific name is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, and it has two forms, NAD+ is the oxidized state, and the other reduced state is NADH. The reason for this abbreviation is that NADH has one more hydrogen atom, and NAD+ is a positively charged quaternary ammonium salt structure. This is the end of the bookbag drop, let’s talk about the origin of NAD+. In academic terms, NAD+ also has a name called “Coenzyme I”. I is the one of the Roman alphabet, so the meaning of this name means that NAD+ is the first coenzyme of Tianzi. It also has a common name, Noga factor, plus represents the positive sign of “NAD+”, while “Nobel” means Nobel Prize. In the past hundred years, the research content of six Nobel Prize winners is related to NAD+. Why should humans give it so much attention? One thing is that this thing is really hard work. The so-called coenzyme refers to substances that help enzymes complete their tasks. The task of enzymes is to catalyze chemical reactions in the body. Although coenzymes cannot achieve their catalytic function by themselves, they are a good helper. In the human body, it participates in at least thousands of chemical reactions, especially in the tricarboxylic acid cycle. It is not just a coenzyme. When NAD+ is reduced to NADH, it also transfers energy to ATP, so it also indirectly contributes to Up our energy. Secondly, human beings’ own careful thinking is directly related to NAD+. For thousands of years, human beings have been pursuing immortality, but all substances that can affect aging have been the focus of human research. Coincidentally, NAD+ is related to the aging process, how could this not cause concern. Studies have shown that increasing the concentration of NAD+ can prevent or improve some common diseases of aging [1]. To some extent, it is precisely because of the loss of NAD+ that causes the aging of the human body. From this point of view, NAD+ itself participates in some physiological processes, and has the effect of delaying aging. If you directly supplement NAD+, won’t it improve energy? Not yet. Although NAD+ exists in any cell, because of its large molecular weight, it cannot be absorbed by cells directly after oral administration. Therefore, the only way to figure out the mechanism of NAD+ is to think of some roundabout methods. Having said that, I have to drop a book bag again. Thanks to scientists represented by Nobel Prize winners, the principle of how NAD+ is synthesized is still relatively clear. There are three main ways to produce NAD+ in human cells, corresponding to these three precursors, which are converted into NAD+. The three (class) precursors are: niacin (that is, vitamin B3), tryptophan, and cigarettes. Amide/nicotinamide mononucleotide/nicotinamide riboside, in which the synthesis route of the third type of precursor is the main one. These precursors, needless to say, can be absorbed by the body, so supplementation will help increase the content of NAD+. Because of the three types of precursors, the third type is the most ideal, but among these precursors, nicotinamide has certain side effects when taken, which requires attention. Nicotinamide mononucleotide has the best effect and has fewer side effects, so if you want to improve energy, this substance is an ideal choice. Its abbreviation is NMN, people who are concerned about fitness may have known it for a long time, but they don’t know what it is. As for nicotinamide riboside, it is a precursor that has attracted much attention in recent years, abbreviated as NR, which can be easily converted into NMN in the body. Like other precursors, NMN is found in many foods, but unfortunately, the content is very low. For example, edamame and broccoli are foods that are fairly rich in NMN, but usually the content in 100 grams of ingredients is less than 1 mg. The same is true for NR. Although it can also be found in foods such as milk, the content is not very high. Therefore, it is feasible to rely on food to increase the concentration of NAD+, but the effect is not satisfactory. Fortunately, current science and technology have been able to extract NMN or NR and take them in the form of supplements, which is recommended in the gym. But then again, just like calcium supplementation, how to better absorb it is still a question worth discussing. Otherwise, the part that cannot be absorbed is not only a waste, but also a burden on the body’s metabolism. Therefore, when designing NMN supplements, compounding with NR has become a good choice. NR will not only be converted into NMN in the body, but it will also be used as a supplement, and the clinical evidence is also very sufficient. Double insurance, the effect will naturally be better. This is like a hybrid car that many people love. When traffic jams use electricity, when traffic is smooth, use oil, and charge and charge by the way. The efficiency can be better played. Therefore, the seemingly simple 1+1, but the result is greater than 2, the composite value is reflected. In some better supplement formulations, other complex ingredients will be added. For example, in the NMN product launched by HeyPower, NMN is the main ingredient, and the amount per bottle reaches 12,000 mg, and the purity is as high as 99.8%. In addition, NR is used as an auxiliary ingredient, and it also reaches 2,400 mg. In addition to NMN and NR, 4,500 mg of adenylate-activated protein kinase, abbreviated as AMPK, was also added. The role of this ingredient can be seen from the name, it is the activation of nucleotides, which can regulate many metabolic functions. The process of human body’s own production of NMN needs to rely on an enzyme called AMPT, but the activity of this enzyme is very weak and is a rate-limiting enzyme, that is to say, it is stuck in the bottleneck. One of the functions of AMPK is to enhance the vitality of AMPT, which stimulates the body’s own abilities. That is to say, three-pronged approach, do not believe that the concentration of NAD + will not be increased. Of course, the effect is one aspect. When choosing supplements, there is also an important principle of safety. A very important reason for mentioning HeyPower’s life force is that this product is still very reassuring in this respect. NMN has become popular in recent years. As mentioned earlier, the gym has played a big role. This has pros and cons. On the one hand, it does expand the scope of the audience, but on the other hand, the products are uneven, and the ones that have no effect are second. The key is to add some stimulants like the situation that my friend encountered. This is a bit tricky. In fact, as long as you figure out what a term like NMN is, and then look at the corresponding standards, this type of problem can be avoided. Look at HeyPower’s life force. It has passed the FDA (US) and TGA (Australia) double safety standards. It has also established a life laboratory jointly with the University of Cambridge. It goes without saying how safe it is. In this way, would you still be afraid of stepping on pits when you choose?

8 months ago

Abundant energy allows us to concentrate better and improve efficiency when we work and study, so that we can do more things than others every day. If you want to have plenty of energy, you must be good at managing your daily exercise, diet, sleep, and emotions. So, how do you stay energized every day? How to make yourself full of energy? 1. Physical Strength 1. A healthy diet. Don’t eat too much at one time. Just one is full. Eating too much can make people sleepy and sleepy. Eat at a fixed time every day and don’t overeating. Eat more vegetables, fruits, less oil and less salt. Compared to the past, the taste of the food we modern eat is too strong. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, about 9 glasses. If you can’t drink enough water during the day, your body will feel tired easily. 2 Scientific sleep grasps the golden sleep time. Our sleep can be divided into deep sleep and light sleep. From 10 pm to 3 am is the high incidence period of deep sleep, we must sleep well and go to bed early. Don’t sleep too much during the day. Try to use up your energy as much as possible, and you will quickly fall asleep when you go to bed at night. For those who want to wake up early, don’t force yourself to get up immediately. You can fine-tune the morning to get up for one minute every day, and slowly adjust your biological clock so that your body has a better adaptation. 3 Regular exercise. Appropriate exercise can promote the body’s breathing, blood circulation, improve one’s energy, and enhance the ability to resist fatigue. Running in the morning in the morning will make you feel energetic throughout the morning. Going out after dinner at night can help digestion and improve your sleep quality at night. For indoor sports, skipping rope is recommended, which can exercise the whole body. Many people always say: busy, no time, in fact, it really doesn’t take much time to jog for ten minutes in the morning and walk for ten minutes at night. The impact on a person’s body and state is actually very large. 4 Replenishing sleep Sometimes, we feel very tired. Taking a proper nap at this time can help us quickly regain our energy. Of course, this time should not be too long, 5-25 minutes is more reasonable. Taking a nap for 25 minutes, the energy is full. In fact, this time period is the most reasonable. In fact, sleeping for too long will be bad. Too much sleep will also affect the night’s sleep and affect the entire body’s biological clock. What should I do if the office is too noisy? Recommended tools, goggles, earphones, music. 5 Eat a good breakfast and eat more. After a whole night, our bodies need to replenish energy urgently. If we don’t eat breakfast, we will be lethargic and work inefficient all morning. At ten o’clock in the morning, three o’clock in the afternoon, two biscuits or a piece of whole wheat bread, and a fruit as a snack are all good choices. At these two points in time, most of the energy intake for breakfast and lunch has been consumed, which leads to easy sleepiness, listlessness, and low efficiency. Therefore, we need to properly supplement energy to maintain energy. And this will also prevent you from overeating for the rest of your lunch and dinner. 6 Tea Drinking a cup of tea at an appropriate time can boost energy. The caffeine in tea is low, and it also contains polyphenols that are beneficial to the body. 7 Proper rest and working for a long time will reduce your work efficiency and accelerate your fatigue. After working for a long time or completing a big task, you can take a three-minute rest, look far, go to the bathroom, chat with colleagues, etc., so that your tense spirit can be properly relaxed. 2. Emotions and emotions. Don’t let your emotions consume your own energy because of trivial matters. Unhappy, depressed things will consume a lot of your energy. 1 Meditation, take a deep breath. When you encounter a wrong emotional state, take a lot of deep breaths for tens of seconds. Take a few minutes to meditate every day, you can adjust your mental and emotional state to make yourself feel happy, or you can download some meditation apps. 2 Listening to music can soothe the mood, relax the body, relieve stress, and avoid autonomic nervousness disorders. 3 Pay attention to your emotional state in time. When you realize that your emotional state is not right, pause and divert your attention. Many bad emotions are actually eliminated when they realize it. Many times, we will get angry and yell, but in fact, we are not well aware that our emotions are out of control. When you realize that your state is not right, you will actually adjust your inner state appropriately. 4 Jokes, comedies, jokes and jokes Every day, we read a few jokes and jokes that can make us feel happy. As a result, improve our work and study efficiency. 5 Find your inner driving force and choose the job and things you like to do. Driving force is our inner motivation to achieve a certain goal. When we do things that we like, such as playing games and reading novels, we may not feel tired after playing for several hours. If you can adjust your state, like your job, or choose what you like to do, you will also forget about sleep and food like playing a game. Pay attention to the V letter public account: Tang Ge’s high-efficiency growth ability to obtain more latest dry goods, diligently and continuously move forward with Tang Ge

8 months ago

I was reading “The Most Important 2 Hours of Every Day” recently. I was particularly impressed when I saw this question and I had to answer it. To maintain a good mental state, sufficient mental energy is the key. Because of psychological exhaustion, it will reduce our ability to perform best. Therefore, if we can manage our mental energy well, then a good mental state and vigorous energy are not difficult. Follow the following 3 steps specifically: 1. Reduce your mental fatigue and try to avoid doing things that consume mental energy. First, identify which things are most likely to consume your mental energy. How to tell? When you feel tired after doing something, there is a high probability that it consumes a lot of your mental energy. This has little to do with the difficulty of things, and is closely related to everyone’s actual situation. Because for the same thing, everyone’s energy consumption is different. For example, practicing yoga, for a novice, is something that should be done but does not want to be done, and doing something that will be very tiring, while for a yoga teacher, it is a relaxing and pleasant thing. Then, minimize mental fatigue. The reason why we try our best is because we can’t avoid these things completely, and we don’t need to keep the best condition at all times. As long as you plan reasonably according to the priorities of things, you can leave the most efficient time and status to the most important things. For example, remembering various precautions will make many people tired. Then you can write them down on paper or on the mobile app, and take them out when you need them, which can reduce your mental fatigue. Or communication activities are very tiring for some people, but they are unavoidable, so they should be carried out in a planned way and be prepared beforehand to reduce the consumption of mental energy. My suggestion is to do the most important thing first thing in the morning to avoid the brain and mental energy being consumed by some small decisions. According to the type of work, classify the to-do items of the day and plan the completion time of various tasks. It would be great if I could do a replay at night. Finally, replenish mental energy in time. If you are too tired or emotionally fluctuating, you need to replenish it quickly. There are 3 recommended tips to try: Deep breathing: Breathing can help us directly change our physical state, and most of our emotions change based on physical changes. Laugh out: Think about the happy things in the past and laugh out loud. Because of positive emotions, it can replenish us with energy. Nap: You can rest for a short time. Because it takes a long time, it takes more time to wake up. Just like if I take a 2-hour nap, I will feel dizzy and lose energy when I get up. Studies have shown that a short sleep of 10 minutes can help relieve fatigue, and the effect can last for 2 and a half hours. So, just take a short nap. 2. Anticipate the possible emotional state, make a reasonable plan for what to eat in the morning? Inability to make decisions leads to psychological irritability. Congestion on the way to work makes you very anxious. In the morning meeting, you have not prepared the materials, which makes you uneasy. These emotions will accompany us for a period of time and consume our energy. Then, we can arrange our to-do items according to these statuses. Important things are arranged in a time period when mental energy is sufficient, and simple daily tasks are arranged after energy consumption. In this way, it is possible to have an outstanding performance on important things. 3. Retreat strategically and decisively abandon certain tasks. Efficient time is spent on important things, rather than wasted on completing all tasks. Although giving up certain things can make us feel a strong sense of frustration, it is a strategic choice that not only solves the priority problem, but also allows us to focus more on the important tasks. However, not all tasks on the schedule have to be completed. Some need to be handled in the best condition, but others are just to avoid trouble. Therefore, we need to strategically abandon some things. Of course, before retreating, remember not to promise others to accomplish everything. If you promise but fail to do it, it will increase your guilt and cause your negative evaluation. But working hard to accomplish it will waste your mental energy for the most important things. More frequency will cause a vicious circle, and you will not be able to give up those tasks. Instead of this, it is better to conduct a “strategic retreat” from the beginning. In short, the correct use of mental energy will keep us in a good condition and have the best performance.

8 months ago

1. Rest well. Once a person has rested, he will naturally be able to drive away fatigue. If a person does not get enough sleep throughout the day, or the quality of sleep is poor, or even staying up all night, etc., it is easy for people to become very mentally ill, and they may even look suffocating, with no vitality at all. Such a person, how can it be said that they are energetic, can do their work well every day, and do everything on their hands well. 2 Nutrition is better. A person must have a good body in order to stay energetic. A good body usually benefits from the person’s focus on health preservation and daily intake of sufficient nutrients, so as to be able to replenish energy and keep the spirit in a good state. If the nutrition cannot keep up, and the energy cannot be supplemented in time, how can this person have extra energy to do things?

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The main points in the book are organized~ 1. What is full commitment? Devotion requires physical activity, emotional linkage, concentration of thinking, and a height of will that exceeds short-term personal interests. It means that you look forward to work in the morning, go home happily in the evening, and draw a clear line between work and private life. 2. The four principles of full involvement. Principle 1: Full commitment requires the mobilization of four independent and related energy sources: physical fitness, emotion, thinking and will. Principle 2: Because overuse and underuse will weaken energy, it must be updated from time to time Energy to balance consumption. Principle 3: In order to improve our ability, we must break through our usual limits and imitate athletes for systematic training. Principle 4: Positive energy ritual habits, that is, detailed and specific energy management methods, are the knack for full devotion and high performance. “Ritual habits” refer to well-defined and highly planned behaviors. It has gradually become a natural positive ritual habit, rooted in our deep values. 3. Follow the rhythm of life. Nature itself has regular pulsations, alternating rhythmically and wavyly between activity and rest. The high tide and low tide, the changing of the seasons, the rising and the sunset, there are too many to mention. In the same way, all organisms follow the eternal festival-bird migration, bear hibernation, pine trees to collect nuts, birds to lay eggs, biological activities have a certain degree Of intermittent. We are volatile individuals in a volatile world. Rhythm is in our genes. 4. Take advantage of the fragmented time to rest. By establishing an efficient physical recovery mechanism, athletes can complete energy regeneration in a very short time. The recovery cycle is equally important for creativity and intimacy. The sound composes the music through the pauses and spaces between the notes, just as the letters and the spaces compose the words. In the blank time of work, love, friendship, depth and latitude are extended. If there is no time for recovery, our lives will become chaotic in the imbalance. 5. Time is a limited resource, and we should also ask for it in a limited way. We must learn to draw a rest for the day, force ourselves to leave the runway at a fixed time, stop processing information, and shift the goal from work results to energy recovery. Moore called it “time cocoon pupa”. The more busy we are, the more we value ourselves and consider ourselves indispensable to others. We can’t accompany relatives and friends, tirelessly, day and night, just go around fighting the fire, and leave ourselves no chance to breathe. This is a successful model of modern society. 6. If the existing muscle strength is not enough to meet the requirements, the body will respond to the next stimulation by making more muscle fibers. In the same way, we find that the “muscles” at the level of emotion, thinking, and will also have room for growth. People instinctively resist getting out of their comfort zone. 7. Get out of your comfort zone. A baby who ventures away from his mother will always turn back to see if she is still where she is. He is testing his own safe zone. The soothing smile of the mother is the source of the child’s emotional energy, which makes him dare to advance towards the unknown and continue to challenge his limits. If this is not guaranteed, he will stumble into the embrace of his mother. 8. The key to capacity expansion is to exceed the daily limit, but also to revise and recover regularly. Both can only grow. We cultivate emotion, thinking, and volition in the same way as physical strength. We must systematically put ourselves under pressure beyond our usual limits and fully recover afterwards. 9. The source of physical energy From a physiological point of view, energy comes from the chemical reaction of oxygen and blood sugar. From the perspective of real life, energy reserve depends on our breathing pattern, the content and time of eating, the length and quality of sleep, the degree of intermittent recovery during the day, and the health of the body. Source 1: Breathing Breathing is a powerful tool for self-discipline, which can not only sharpen energy, but also bring deep relaxation. Extending the expiration time is conducive to energy recovery. Inhaling in groups of three times and exhaling in groups of six can calm down physical energy, thinking, and emotions. Deep, calm, and rhythmic breathing stimulates energy, sharpness, and concentration, as well as relaxation, tranquility and tranquility. This is the ultimate pulse of health. Source 2: Foods that are high in sugar and fat and simple carbohydrates can produce energy, but they and complex carbohydrates such as low-fat protein and vegetable grains not only have low conversion efficiency, but also release energy as rich as the latter. The frequency of our eating will also affect our ability to maintain full commitment and our ability to maintain optimal performance. Eating five to six meals a day with low-calorie and high-nutrition foods can provide stable energy, because even the most energy-rich foods are not enough. To support efficient performance of 4 to 8 hours, but this is the time between meals for many of us. Source 3: Water A research institute said that drinking at least 1.8 kilograms of water a day has many benefits for maintaining physical fitness. If the muscle lacks water by 3%, it will lose 10% of its strength and 8% of its speed. Insufficient drinking water can also impair the brain’s ability to concentrate and coordinate. Source 4: Adjusting menstrual cycle and sleep. About 50 studies have shown that thinking ability—that is, reflection ability, concentration, memory, logical analysis, and dialectical ability—will decline with insufficient sleep. Sleep needs vary with age, gender, and genetic fitness, but the general scientific consensus is that the human body needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to function well. The longer the night work, the more continuous, and the later it ends, the more inefficient you will become and the more likely you will be to make mistakes. Source 5: Adjusting the daily work rhythm a. Sleep researcher Claudio Stampi did an experiment in which workers who took a short nap even if they couldn’t sleep for a long time could still maintain amazing efficiency and sensitivity for more than 24 hours. Do not exceed 30 or 40 minutes. b. We experience multiple sleep cycles at night, and our potential during the day is constantly changing. The fluctuation of energy is closely related to the sub-circadian rhythm. Physiological signals take 90 to 120 minutes as a cycle. In order to remain fully engaged, we must work for 90 to 120 minutes and then take a short break. c. 3 or 4 pm is the lowest point of the circadian and circadian rhythms. A sleep researcher in Japan named it the “limit point” of the most tired moment of the day. d. Many leading figures in the world have a clear understanding of the important value of taking a nap, including Winston Churchill: e. Don’t think that you will delay your work if you sleep for a while during the day. This is a stupid idea for people with no imagination. . You will always gain more. You can use one day as two days—at least one and a half days, I’m sure. After the war began, I also had to guarantee a rest during the day. Only in this way can I fully assume my responsibilities. Source 6: The value of interval training Interval training is better than continuous training. Interval training first appeared in Europe in the 1930s to increase the speed and endurance of runners. Its core theory is: If you add rest time, the body can complete higher-intensity work. Recently, Harvard University and Columbia University initiated a joint study. Researchers found that a series of short-term, high-intensity aerobic exercises-lasting about 60 seconds-plus a complete aerobic recovery process were unexpectedly positive for the subjects. influences. In just 8 weeks, the subjects’ cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health levels were significantly improved, heart rate changes decreased, mood improved, immunity improved, and diastolic blood pressure also decreased a lot. There are many ways to participate, including sprinting, climbing stairs, cycling and even weightlifting, as long as you can increase and decrease your heart rate rhythmically. Interval training can increase energy capacity, so that the body can bear more stress and recover more efficiently. Source 7: Increase strength training to improve energy Strength training is as important as cardiovascular, physical loss is a significant feature of body aging and decline in ability. After 40 years of age, without daily strength training, people lose an average of 1/2 pound of muscle weight every year.

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Physiological factors affect sexual desire. This cannot be ignored. There are also some people who lack sexual desire due to diseases, such as sexual dysfunction or sexual dysfunction in either spouse, such as male impotence, premature ejaculation, female sexual desire disorder, orgasm disorder. It is worth mentioning that the proportion of women with sexual dysfunction is more than twice that of men. Men generally pay more attention to their own sexual function and tend to pay more attention to it (it is said that “boasting about their own good work” is the highest number of men boasting), while women are not true due to various psychological and environmental constraints. Express your feelings and the pressure you are under. Next, let’s pick a few of the most common and important ones. ① Female sexual dysfunction Female sexual dysfunction, we often say that sexual frigidity is one of them, mainly refers to women’s obstacles in one or more links in the sexual response cycle, or the appearance of pain related to sex. There are far more people who are silently suffering from this kind of pain than we thought. A global survey of 13,882 women between 40 and 80 years old showed that women with sexual desire disorders accounted for 26% to 48%; a domestic survey of 540 women between 23 and 55 years old showed that 55.5% of women were Unsatisfactory sexual life, 39.7% of them have difficulty with orgasm…It is hard to imagine that so many people have problems. Although their problems are diverse, they basically include the following four situations: Sexual desire disorder is divided into low libido and sexual aversion, the former can be It is understood as the lack or decline of desire and interest in sex, and the presence of sexual desire to respond to lack of sex; the latter is more of a psychological phobia or anxiety disorder. Both can cause psychological pain. Sexual arousal disorder specifically refers to the inability to obtain enough sexual excitement after various efforts and attempts. Specifically, it is divided into different situations, such as the body is ready, but the heart refuses; the heart is ready, but the body is not strong; and the body and mind are unable to enter the state. These conditions have caused psychological pain. The orgasm obstacles proceeded smoothly, but no matter how hard you try, it is difficult to reach the orgasm, the intensity of the orgasm decreases, or the orgasm is delayed. At the same time, it also caused psychological pain. (Data shows that 10% of women have not enjoyed orgasm.) Sexual intercourse pain disorder refers to the occasional, continuous, and repetitive pain that occurs during sex, which affects the normal process (here is the subjective arousal Sex life, non-compulsive behavior). There are many reasons related to sexual dysfunction, such as psychology, education, age, medical treatment (surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, drugs), hormone levels, gynecological and urological diseases, etc., and doctors are needed to help patients find the root cause and further treatment. ②Male sexual dysfunction Premature ejaculation, bo-induced dysfunction, and ejaculation disorder are all male sexual dysfunctions. Among them, bo-induced dysfunction and premature ejaculation are the two most commonly encountered and discussed. Bo-up dysfunction Bo-up dysfunction refers to the continuous (at least 3 months) failure of the yin stem to achieve and maintain the bo-up hardness, thus failing to obtain a satisfactory sex life. Note that it is at least 3 months. Don’t hit your partner once or twice if it doesn’t work. Boosting is a complex physiological process, involving many factors. To treat yang-wei problems, the most important thing is to make a clear diagnosis (you can perform night yin stem swelling and hardness judgment, cavernous ultrasound examination, yin stem cavernography, etc.). As far as the causes of yangwei are concerned, psychological factors account for a large part. Therefore, if you want to be cured, boys must first have confidence in themselves, and secondly, they must master scientific comparison knowledge. Don’t always use the standards of a certain male protagonist to demand yourself! Premature Ejaculation Premature ejaculation means that ejaculation occurs before one’s own will. This is a very common disease, and as many as one-third of men say they have had this problem at some point. Its appearance has a certain relationship with physiological factors and psychological factors. Physiologically, it may be related to abnormal hormone levels, inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra, excessive sensitivity, long foreskin, and genetics. Psychologically, it may be due to lack of sexual knowledge and experience, excessive tension, anxiety and other reasons. Many men lack self-confidence, anxiety and pain, and even develop depression due to premature ejaculation. But in fact, this is a relatively common disease among men. Go to the hospital in time, seek medical advice, adjust their mental state, and receive medication Improved. If these methods still fail to improve the relationship between the two parties, it is recommended to seek professional help in time.

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1. Exercise regularly. Exercise every day for half an hour to an hour, and exercise no less than three times a week. As long as the work and study tasks are a little heavier, people with poor physical fitness will not be able to bear it. When encountering major events, it is often necessary to concentrate and fight, and people with poor physical fitness can’t stand it. When fast-paced, high-intensity things require you to work hard, a good physical fitness allows you to unleash your potential easily. If you are very busy, do moderate exercise, which will not consume too much energy, but can achieve the effect of fitness. For example, playing table tennis, Tai Chi, walking for 30 minutes, etc. When work or study is relatively easy, you can do more intense sports, such as playing basketball, football, long-distance running, etc. Kinesiologists believe that maintaining three exercises a week, and not excessive exercise each time, is conducive to maintaining vigorous energy. During the illness, it is advisable to do some gentle exercise. Gentle exercise does not have much meaning for physical fitness, and can only achieve the effect of health care. Vigorous exercise is more beneficial to temper your physique. For everyone, sometimes doing intense exercise, sometimes doing gentle exercise, can achieve the best fitness effect. For the elderly, it is advisable to do mild exercises; for middle-aged people, moderate exercises are the mainstay, combined with some intense exercises; for young people, vigorous exercises are the mainstay, combined with some gentle exercises. 2. Ensure adequate nutrition. Temporary undernutrition may have little impact on health, but if it does so in the long run, it will inevitably seriously affect health. Only with adequate nutrition can energy be sustained and vigorous. In order to ensure adequate nutrition, the following methods can be adopted: 1. Eat fewer meals and supplement energy in time. 2. Adhere to the principle of “eat well in the morning, eat well in the middle, and eat less in the evening”. Eating early means eating protein-rich foods in the morning. A full midday meal means that you can eat a little more at noon to supplement the energy consumption in the morning and provide sufficient energy for the afternoon. Eat less late at night refers to not eating too much and too well at night, so as not to affect the night’s sleep. 3. Enough protein intake. Scientists have shown that after eating a carbohydrate-rich lunch, people over the age of 40, regardless of men and women, have less energy concentration than those who eat high-protein lunches for up to 4 hours after a meal. Of course, excessive protein intake can also cause premature aging of the human body. 4. Eat some fruits every day. For example, an apple, a pear, a banana, some grapes, etc. may not be very beneficial to mental and physical health at the moment, but long-term persistence is not only good for health, but also makes people full of energy. 5. Drink plenty of water. 6. Eat fat-containing foods appropriately. Because lipids are necessary for brain activity, the lack of lipids will affect the normal thinking of the brain; but if you eat too much, it will make people feel drowsy, and easily lead to obesity and high blood pressure. 7. Eat more alkaline foods after exercise. Such as fruits, vegetables, soy products, etc., to quickly eliminate fatigue and restore energy caused by exercise. 8. Eat some ginger, peanuts and other foods that are good for improving energy. In the long run, it is very beneficial for improving energy. 3. Cultivate excellent psychological quality and consult a psychologist appropriately. In order to maintain vigorous energy, you must always maintain a good state of mind and emotions. A psychologist can help everyone establish a good state of mind and emotions, eliminate all bad states of mind and emotions, and make people happy and full of energy. When you feel lethargic, you might as well seek help from a psychiatrist. Of course, you can usually read books about mental health to learn how to regulate yourself. 4. Work, study and live in a good environment. Suitable temperature, fresh air, no noise, etc. If the living environment is not good, you should always go to a good place to relax. For example, choose a quieter place to avoid external interference. A quiet place makes people feel particularly comfortable and can relax people quickly. Urban people are usually affected by noise and exhaust gas. As long as they stay away from noise and exhaust gas, such as in the mountains, the countryside, and the river, they will feel very comfortable, so as to fully relax their minds and bodies and eliminate fatigue. 5. Maintain high-quality sleep. Sleep time does not need to be long, as long as you sleep deeply, you can ensure sufficient energy even if you sleep less. Daily sleep can be arranged as follows: 1. Go to bed before 11 o’clock in the evening and get up at 6 o’clock in the morning. Regardless of whether you fall asleep quickly or not, you must keep getting up at 6 o’clock. If you persist for a long time, it will become a habit, which is very beneficial to improving the quality of sleep. Many people need a longer period of sleep. An important reason is that they do not strictly require themselves to sleep well within a limited time, which makes sleep procrastinate like doing business, but the effect is poor. 2. It is best to start a nap 30 minutes after lunch, and the time should be about half an hour, such as sleeping from 12:30 to 1 o’clock. It is best to lie flat on the bed or sofa and stretch out your body when you sleep. You can take off your coat or not to take off your clothes, so as not to spend time on taking off your clothes. It is best to sleep on the right side or on your back. Sleeping on the left side will affect digestion. Don’t sleep on the table. This posture is easy to restrict breathing, tension in the neck and waist muscles, uncomfortable after waking up, and prone to chronic neck and shoulder disease. Of course, you can also take a nap by leaning on the back of the chair (noon is the best time for a nap), the effect is good and the time is not much, and it is not limited by the bed. 3. Rest early, and pay attention to rest before getting tired and not exhausted. Once exhausted, it is more difficult to regain energy and it takes more time. Rest can be a nap, a nap, or a breath of fresh air outside. 6. Make some happy friends and share a good life with them. Often living with pessimistic people, it is easy to be infected with pessimism, which not only seriously affects physical and mental health, but also leads to a decline in energy, which is very unfavorable. Most masters have some happy friends and often enjoy a good life together. 7. Do what you like to do. This can be exciting and happy, which is very beneficial for improving energy and maintaining vigorous energy. When you are low on energy, if you want to continue to do it, it is best to do what you like to increase your enthusiasm and concentration; or to do simple things to relax your mind and body. At this time, if you do something you hate, you will be even more lethargic.

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What do you think a person with a strong aura should look like? Straighten up, walk with wind, do things coldly, like to be maverick, and sneer at the corner of your mouth? Little did he know that the cold appearance was just hiding the fragility of his heart. 1. Really temperamental people will attract the attention of others no matter where they are, and will not show their strength with appearance indifference. Their true aura comes from a strong heart. This heart has gone through countless tribulations, but it will not forget the cultivation that goes deep into the bones. Despite being cold-eyed by others, you will still have the original kindness. Although it is rich in clothes, but it will never show off wantonly. Usually when encountering an argument, whether it is reasonable or unreasonable, first yell three times to show how strong you are. Thinking that he had the upper hand, he overwhelmed everyone in momentum. In fact, it’s just a show of his own ignorance. Really educated people, they will never yell, they are more calm and unhurried, humble and polite to others, without pretentiousness, but they welcome the worship of countless people. They don’t have to deliberately show their existence, wherever they go, there is a landscape. People with a strong aura will never reject others thousands of miles away, on the contrary, they will be considerate and gentle. Once upon a time, there was an old lady who, although her family was not wealthy, would steam a few more steamed buns every time she steamed buns to give to beggars and passers-by around. Although the old lady is more than 80 years old, she still has a ruddy complexion, revealing vitality, and is well respected by neighbors around her. The aura they radiate must make others feel comfortable. The more kind a person is, the stronger his aura and the better the popularity. On the contrary, those cold-hearted people are unwilling to associate with others. As time passes, the social circle becomes narrower and narrower, and things will not go smoothly. 2. In psychology, the external manifestations of our most common temperament types are divided into four types: (1) Bile is also known as excited, energetic, outgoing, straightforward and enthusiastic. They are not easy to be restrained and yearn to be Freelancers. (2) I don’t know if there are such people around you. They are enthusiastic and lively. I especially like to drag you to talk non-stop, and I am familiar with everyone. Hahahahaha, I feel completely free of trouble all day long. They are multi-blooded, their personality is always active and active, their actions are quick, and they are also very quick to respond in daily life. (3) Once a person of this type of slime quality sets a goal, he will go on forever, and is a firm and steady hard worker in life. They are emotionally stable, behave calmly, behave introverted, and work in an orderly and down-to-earth manner. In the face of temptations from the outside world, I always say “no”. (3) Depression can be seen by looking at the name. The external performance of this type of person is usually calmer, loves to be alone, and works seriously, carefully, sensitively, and witty. People who are depressed generally don’t refuse, they are always satisfying others, afraid to compete, and always think bad things when they encounter things. Most people are intermediate or mixed, so there is no need to sit down with others. The stronger the aura, the more they know how to protect themselves, and they will naturally avoid strong stimuli and ups and downs. To make yourself stand out in the crowd, you need to change from the inside out, change your thinking inside, and change your body outside. Share a few of my methods that I have used so far, and the pro-test is effective.

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1. Give up ineffective social interaction, and also give up some people. 2. Know that kindness without sharpness is cowardice. 3. Know that the standard of life is not in the hands of others, only in their own hands, and will not live in the thoughts and evaluations of others. 4. Will reasonably maintain one’s position, know how to refuse reasonably, and be not afraid to trouble others. 5. In terms of value, take oneself as a matter, and in terms of face, be able to treat yourself improperly. 6. Self-discipline and know how to keep yourself Energetic, knowing that everything is personal persistence in the end. 7. Attention is seldom put on purposeless entertainment consumption, but has found its own direction and started fighting for it, and will let go of things that are reluctant, even though it has been Like. 8. Looking at things is no longer an absolute right or wrong, but a multi-dimensional solution, knowing how to be measured, but making a decision is very decisive. 9. Do not talk shallowly, knowing that everyone has their own difficulties, no Talk about it again, but choose to calm down and listen to others. 10. Inner and outer circle, it can not only cope with the external interpersonal relationship smoothly, but also protect the true kindness of the heart. 11. Know that the choice must be given up, and there will be pain when giving up. There will be tearing pains to grow muscles and become stronger, and to get worse, you only need to do nothing. 12. From being kind to everyone, to choosing who to be kind. 13. Have a clear understanding of the cruelty of self and reality. 14. No longer have high expectations for the attitude of things, and be able to face it calmly, and rarely complain about injustice. 15. Able to recognize and play the role of society and the company separately. , The system gives us a passive role, completes the additional norms and guidelines that we must abide by. It can redefine ourselves and live out our own appearance in our own guidelines.

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1. Confidence. Whether it’s fitness or running or playing some other sports, or getting up in the morning, walking on the road, communicating with people, working alone, you will feel full of energy and vitality, especially full of confidence. This kind of self-confidence is especially manifested after doing exercises, for example, after you have finished working out or running, you feel like you are simply Superman. Confidence comes from self-discipline and strength. People who exercise a lot must be self-disciplined. Persevering in exercise requires a strong self-discipline. When you are too lazy to run, you still have to put on running shoes and go to the sports field. When you are exhausted, ask yourself to persevere. This self-discipline will make you confident. If you are born with good health, you will find that others are often sick and you haven’t caught a cold for a few years. If you find that others do some exercise, you will get tired and you will feel very relaxed, and you will feel particularly confident. This confidence will also permeate other things you do. 2. Low-key. If you are in good health, you will pay more attention to your own body than others, and you will be more aware of your own superiority and limitations, not only physically, but also all other aspects of yourself. You will know your own strength, so you will be more low-key. 3. Spirit. When you wake up in the morning, you will first feel that your body is particularly vigorous and your mind is particularly clear, which will make you feel refreshed throughout the day. 4. Strong resistance to pressure. When you press the barbell on your shoulders, you will resist it hard, lift it up, and your tired body will become numb, and you will let yourself continue to run with no expression on your face. That is to say, you are good at not changing the face of pressure and suffering, good at clearly assessing pressure, and good at reducing the evaluation of those difficult things in your thinking. Too many people like it, and I want to express my feelings that I wanted to say but didn’t say when I answered. In my opinion, this is the greatest benefit that good health brings to me. If you are in good health, you will have different views on many things. How to say it is a way to face reality directly and deal with it positively. In the past, the body was weak, and the thoughts were easy to fall into chaos and it was difficult to extricate themselves. From the time I joined the sports team in my second year of high school, I practiced every day, played regularly, until I dropped out of the college entrance examination and decided to repeat the course. Over the past three years, I have learned more and more to look at everything in a more realistic manner. Almost all the negative emotions of people are due to the fear of being sober and afraid to face reality. For example, being broken in love is because you cannot accept the reality that you have lost her. Being negative and decadent in life is actually not dare to face the reality that you have nothing. And I will actively adjust myself to face the reality directly, I have no money, no knowledge, not as good as others, just an ordinary person, and then ask myself what I want, and then see how to do it. Facing the reality directly is the biggest improvement that I keep on exercising and being strong has brought me. I often fall into depressions, but I still have to do what I have to do. After running and playing, I put my mind on my body and what I am doing. You will find that many things are actually done. It’s the prison that I paint myself. This attitude makes me stronger day by day. I hope everyone can continue to exercise and have a healthy body, which will really benefit all their lives. mutual encouragement.

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