Because the rules of baseball are too unconventional. Although I am a post-90s, I was lucky enough to have a good job. I went to primary school attached to Tsinghua University. So by coincidence, I was in touch with baseball since the third grade of elementary school. At that time, our elementary school was about the first school to have a baseball team in mainland China (around 2003?), and because there were no competitions in China, we also established exchanges with several Japanese elementary schools at the time. We invited Japanese children to come to us to play friendly games. Then our school team also sent people to Japan to be abused. And the uniforms of our school team were pretty handsome. Back then, the boys on the baseball team were the most versatile in every class. Our sessions basically started in the third and fourth grades, and boys’ physical education would have one or two sessions a week dedicated to baseball. The class is taught by our school’s most handsome and tempered male physical education teacher (also our baseball team coach). This class is also everyone’s favorite and most anticipated class. The pitching skills taught in the class at that time quickly became our game. Standard tricks for sandbags. But even in such an environment where baseball culture is deep, I haven’t figured out what the complete rules of baseball are. I know that the pitcher has to throw the ball out, the stickman has to fly the ball, and after the fly, he has to run the base, and then it will be gone. . . Of course, there are some reasons why I was too young to be able to use my brain at that time, the school mainly taught technology, there was no competition to watch, the equipment was expensive and niche, and so on. But in contrast, I don’t play football or basketball, and I don’t play basketball or football for as long as I wear gloves and hold a stick, but it doesn’t affect my watching of the World Cup and the NBA. And there is a more biased point: baseball bats are too easy to be used to fight. Our little kid in third and fourth grade at that time was the most restless and strongest age. We were learning the clarinet at the time in our music class, and that small plastic flute could be used as a swordsman, with an average of two or three interruptions per semester. Then you imagine that the lethality far exceeds plastic bats, and baseball bats that are widely used as weapons in various film and television works are handed over to children. What will happen? At that time, we learned baseball in physical education, and it took almost a year to learn about pitching and catching the ball. And not everyone teaches, only good performance (good physique and obedient) can practice batting. Because of what? Isn’t it just afraid that everyone’s baseball bats are excited and will fight whenever they come. . . It is important to understand that fighting between elementary school boys is not necessarily a matter of hatred or hatred, it is a daily entertainment. In many cases, fighting is the difference between fighting and fighting. The baseball bat is something that adults often can’t help but wave it when they pick it up. They imagine that they are a “metal bat”, let alone an eight or nine-year-old kid~


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

For those who eat melons: football: kick the ball into the basket and score more points to win basketball: throw the ball into the basket to score more points to win table tennis: you have to hit the ball across the net to score more points To win tennis: Same as above. Badminton: Same as above. Baseball: Only one point can be scored after a full lap. The one with more points wins. In almost all ball games, whether you can win or not is related to the ball, but only the baseball score has nothing to do with the ball. This is the first cognitive impairment; the conversion of offense and defense in baseball has nothing to do with the “ball right”, and the “ball right” has nothing to do with it. It’s the second cognitive barrier that throws the ball fast and quasi-no points. It’s the second cognitive barrier. The extra rules such as the three-out rule, the good-bad-ball rule, and the blocking-and-kill rule are not directly visualized. The people who eat melon do not know what you are doing. This is the third cognitive disorder. Therefore, people who do not understand baseball have no idea what the people on the baseball field are doing, so they lose their “passerby”. How can a sport without “passerby” become popular? What are you talking about?

7 months ago

When I watched a football game for the first time, I quickly understood that I would score a goal by kicking the ball. When I watched a basketball game for the first time, I quickly understood to throw the ball into the basket to score. When I watched volleyball for the first time, I quickly understood that the opponent could score without catching the ball. When I watched badminton, table tennis, tennis for the first time, I quickly understood that if the ball hits the bounds, the opponent can score if he can’t catch it. …Baseball… The first time I watched baseball, I only saw one person throwing the ball all the time, and the other person was swinging the bat. It’s like it’s easy to hit the ball, a few people run, and it’s over. So he threw the ball and swung the club again. I also brainstormed the purpose of baseball: better than the batting percentage? Fight farther than who? Who can catch the ball more accurately after hitting it? Who can hit the ball to the designated area? Huh… it seems that none of them has swung the club and hasn’t hit the ball yet!

7 months ago

Of all sports, there may only be baseball that you can’t read the entire field. In my dad’s words, the man ran desperately as soon as he finished playing. He didn’t know what kind of bird he ran. And forget it if you don’t understand it, it’s the worst if you can’t even see the excitement. Watching rugby, even if you don’t know why he is running with the ball, anyway, the brawny guys form a block, you can watch the excitement. In ice hockey, you can’t see the ball clearly. Anyway, those two players are going to be legally singled out. You can have a good time. And the brilliant performance of baseball is not brilliant enough. Football, Carlos’s curve ball, Cristiano Ronaldo’s elevator ball, who’s heavy artillery, even the most layman or your mother who loves to watch soap operas can appreciate his physical beauty. Basketball also has violent dunks, diving can see splashes, snooker can see the weird course, volleyball can also have powerful smashes, and even golf has one shot. Perhaps the most exciting thing about baseball is that you hit the ball super far, basically you can’t understand what tactics or curveballs are…Of course, you might say that curling and the like are not the same? It’s sad enough that baseball has fallen to the point of being popular with Binghu. Besides, curling doesn’t have a mass foundation… if playing glass beads doesn’t count.

7 months ago

The entry cost is too high, and it may take more than a year from the beginning of learning to the first game. This kind of movement is simply not popular in a normal community. First of all, baseball requires a lot of equipment, such as bats and gloves, and bats are regulated equipment, so purchase is a problem. Second, the rules of baseball are not clear. For all large-scale popular sports, the most basic rules can be summarized in one sentence, such as putting the ball into the opponent’s goal/hoop/touchdown zone, or putting the ball into the opponent’s side of the field without letting the opponent receive it, etc. Wait. And the length of the basic rules of baseball is at least five times the length of these examples. Third, baseball training is extremely difficult. The difficulty of playing with a bat is much higher than that of playing with a racket. It is also much harder to catch a baseball with bare hands (although with gloves) than to catch a basketball with bare hands. The baseball is a solid hard ball, and the speed of the ball is very fast, before the actual combat, it must go through a long period of training, otherwise it is very easy to get injured. So before baseball, soft baseball is needed as a transition, and from soft baseball to baseball, further training is needed. Fourth, the baseball game must have a complete field, which can hardly be discounted. Football can be played on a small field, or even if there is no field, a school bag can be used as a goal. Basketball requires only one basket, and only two trees and one rope are required for net sports. In baseball, you need at least four bases, otherwise you can’t play at all. Finally, baseball teams have strict requirements on the number of participants. Most of the collective ball games have a reduced number version. The basic rules do not need to be changed. Just reduce the number of participants. Most of them can be directly 3v3 or 2v2, and individual 1v1 Don’t become a mention. And baseball can’t be ambiguous about the number of players. The offense needs at least four hitters, and the defense needs pitchers, catchers, and defense of one, two, and third bases. This is nearly half the number of other sports. Therefore, it is not really a problem why baseball can’t get hot. This kind of sport shouldn’t get hot at all. The real question is, why is baseball so popular in some areas?

7 months ago

More than ten years ago, in order to let us understand American sports, especially his favorite baseball, our foreign teacher took out a lesson to let us go to the stadium to play baseball. Without a bat and a ball, we found a basketball and used the ball alone. Smash, another person hits the ball with his hand, and then introduces rules such as base running. The foreign teacher was happily introduced, but we ducked to listen to the thunder. The last half of the class was almost over before we started playing, but no one understood the rules and often made mistakes. As long as the foreign teacher stopped and continued to explain, it was over without a few throws. The foreign teacher looked regretful that he hadn’t played enough, we were finally relieved from get out of class. As soon as the foreign teacher left, a group of us boys “played baseball for a long time, but got hooked on the basketball addiction. We went to have an appointment with XX, abused them, and looked for feelings.” A group of girls “go together, go together”. Another group of boys “Let’s play football and try to win one this year!!” Girls “Don’t go, don’t go, play for a long time without scoring a goal, it’s too far to see clearly.” There are two football fields in the university, and most of them only have one football field, and the score is divided into two halves for more people to participate. There is no suitable place for baseball, not to mention we still have to simplify The version of “baseball” is called sandbag throwing.

7 months ago

10 years Mizuno has a pair of gloves 600, and the white stage does not maintain the shape of the gloves. After turning to first base, 200 bought them at the college league scene, so I didn’t feel so painful in my heart. In the same year, a metal rod started a thousand times, and the Japanese one was more durable than the American one. The college team has saved ten years and has accumulated a small ten. It is basically the most leaky of the universities in Shanghai. I don’t know the price of the catcher’s protective gear, the striking helmet, and the electrician’s gloves that I used at the beginning. The hard ball is about 40, and it hurts if you lose a lot of hits every time you practice. I think ordinary people are quite persuaded to retreat from the above cost. Of course, many diehards are obsessed with, because it is really fun. The University Baseball Association brings one or two hundred newcomers to teach everyone to play each year, including casual games between nearby schools. In fact, they are very popular, but we used the school cloth gloves before entering the school team. Of course from then on. For the cult of playing cricket next door, he can pick up the wooden ball with his bare hands. The rules of baseball are probably more complicated than football, basketball, tennis, etc. combined. I’m afraid there are many people who don’t know the Infield Goofy after playing for a year. Baseball is really fun only when you play it wholeheartedly. People who haven’t played it before can’t read many things, which is really a pity. Edited 19 hours ago ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 9 comments​​​​​​​​​​​​ Sādhu! Sādhu! Six people agreed with the answer for non-Olympic events. Apart from the United States, his younger brother, and neighboring countries, where else is there tradition? This question is actually asked in reverse: Why is baseball popular and likes baseball in the United States? Also, why is the U.S. unit of measurement used in the US system? And why is the United States so different from other countries?

7 months ago

I attended a traditional baseball school in Beijing in high school, so I had the opportunity to have exposure to baseball and soft sticks in physical education class. Personally, I feel that whether playing or watching a game, three points make it difficult for baseball to develop: 1 danger, 2 complicated rules, 3 too long game time. Let’s talk about the danger first: the ball and the stick are hard. At that time, a teammate of the high school basketball team was originally a baseball student at an elementary school, but was thrown away by pitchers from other schools, so his parents asked him to change to basketball. The high school held a soft club class match. The softball is played slowly, and the ball is a sponge ball, the weight and size are the same as real baseball, but it does not hurt and throws unpleasantly. All classes can borrow bats from the sports team to practice. I thought it should be fine after a high school student, right? Unexpectedly, there was a tragedy of watching the lively classmates stand behind the team members and watch them, and was beaten by a stick. The above are real people and real things, and there is no deliberate or superior behavior such as fighting or making trouble. If a lot of promotion, how many parents of children will make trouble? The teacher can’t bear the responsibility at all. Let’s talk about the rules. I think the interesting thing about baseball is the general process. As a batsman with a stick: Run after playing (the ball), and then a group of people chase me. Going to the base is like entering the enemy’s safe house. Sometimes relying on oneself, sometimes relying on teammates, finally took the opponent’s three safe houses and then returned to home run to count the score. The whole process of being an athlete is very exciting. But in the game, the rules and methods of looting the safe house and hiding and hunting are ever-changing. As a spectator, you won’t understand why you are out, why you run back…when I got the opportunity to watch the live broadcast of mlb after I went to school in the United States, I realized that the effective time of this game is really short! Those who are out and walk away are all slowly. The pitching was good or bad, but no one was running for a long time. Let’s go for more than three hours in one game. Maybe no one in China has that much leisure. One more thing, if you are interested, you can search Wukesong Baseball Stadium. What happened to the Olympic venues back then?

7 months ago

The complexity of the rules is not a problem. Mahjong is much more complicated than these rules. Isn’t it the national hottest? The fundamental problem is the venue and the necessary equipment. The higher the requirements, the less popular it is. If you can enlarge this game, it is equivalent to the situation of ice hockey. There are two schoolbags on an open space to put the goal; the school playground has a basketball rack, which can squeeze more than ten people under a ball frame; a large table can play table tennis, and the community fitness area also has a table tennis table; and badminton has roots for drying. The clothes line is fine… To play baseball, the venue must be closed, the number of people is limited, the requirements for protective gear are high, and the public’s awareness is low. It is relatively difficult to popularize in the country, at least in the short term.

7 months ago

1 The venue is very demanding. If you want to swing your club, you need a very large venue. If you just pass and receive the ball, it is similar to basketball where there is only a dribble and no shots, and the core of the movement is almost gone. 2 Complicated rules, scoring and defense are not as clear as basketball football, not to mention the various detailed rules. 3 Safety issues. Whether it is a soft baseball or a hard baseball, it will cause great harm to the human body, especially the trajectory of the ball after a swing is unpredictable and it is easy to accidentally be injured. When I was in high school, the physical education teacher was the coach of the previous provincial baseball team and took us to learn baseball for a semester. I personally like baseball very much, but in terms of physical education, it is really dangerous, and there are many requirements and it is difficult to promote it.

7 months ago

Baseball is really hard to get started and hard to organize. . The number of requirements is large, the participation of athletes is poor (especially amateurs), and the venue requirements are large. First of all, the more people there are, the harder it is to popularize sports. Don’t you see that football is mostly 7v7, and basketball is mostly 3v3. The gap between good and bad amateurs is really too big. The more people there are, the more people will paddle, and novices and masters are not happy. In addition, I am more interested in baseball, and I basically know some rules. When I used to play, I saw a baseball field next to it. Two teams are basically enough (it’s not easy anymore), the fight is basically the participation of the pitcher and the beater, and up to two defenders who receive the ball participate. The participation of the others is really low. I suspect that I will catch a cold ( Forgive me for my unprofessional use of words, because I am really interested, but I am not specializing in this sport.) In the end, I used to be in all major sports venues. Except for the baseball stadium mentioned above, I have never seen other baseball stadiums. . . It can only be said that the popularity is also very low.

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