The previous answer is mainly to share the relatively easy side of the original God game. Today, I will share the other side of this game to see how far the original God game can be written in the front. This article contains a few exaggerated elements and reasons. Some memory deviations caused by a slightly longer time span. Please press 90% for the authenticity. Click on the picture directly. Walnut Pond will open at 18:00 on March 2nd. The screenshot of this picture is at 19:30 on March 2nd. At the gate of the mountain house. There are more than 10 matches online on the same day, and at least three walnuts are online each time, and each walnut has a level not lower than 70. Among the more than 30 walnuts matched in total, only three of them have no wands, and two of them Taken with Puyuan, a duel gun. The player who took the duel saw that the other three played a pair of Humo and then left the world directly, and then matched a 90-level Humo walnut. It was the craziest night I have ever seen, within an hour. It seems that people all over the world have walnuts. This new wife has no time to be slowly appreciated by the player, no time to grow up with the player, no time to slowly adapt with the new weapon, from the moment she is drawn out of the pool, she graduates directly within one hour. For many players, including me, this hour is a life-and-death race that has been prepared for a long time. The life-and-death race that has been prepared since the moment the Sea Lantern Festival version is updated: being killed again and again just to get unfamiliar The ancient rock dragon lizard of the jade, the abyss mage who was slaughtered across the map because of the branches and leaves of the ground veins, was killed on the ground, even if buried in the ground, it would be uprooted and killed, just because it could The deceitful flowers that produce nectar, not to mention the two tauren and debt handlers in Taishan Mansion who were killed for an unknown number of times every Tuesday and 5th. More than 10 million Mora, more than 400 purple experience books, and nearly a thousand magic mines have been collected in this game cycle. On the 23rd, the Momo opened the pool. One hour later, the 90-level rod of the 5 spirit Momo has entered the backpack for a long time, waiting for its owner to appear. Feel the amount of resources, this is not a holy relic.
At 17:40 pm on March 2, the krypton gold started, the whole person began to mechanically click 648 and then scanned the code on the screen, scanning to 17:55, began to repeatedly click the wish button to refresh, I was afraid that the pool would be released early. It’s like the pool that was carved last time. At 18:00, refreshed to the pool, immediately started 10 consecutive 10 consecutive 10 consecutive, Ziguang jumped directly, not too lazy to see who was drawn, there was no excitement after the golden light, only the following two reactions: out of the walnut: there is still left. .. Only walnuts are out: CAO, it’s crooked. I continued to produce 7 walnuts. I didn’t have the time to stop and look at her model. I immediately started upgrading with the protection of motorcycles. Hundreds of experience books and millions of Mora. It disappeared like flowing water. At 18:40, I succeeded in making a 90-level, holding 5 essences, and a talented 9/11/11 full-life walnut. The fly in the ointment was that at that moment, she had zero favorability for me. With a sour hand, I immediately sent the completed work to Taishan Mansion, and then started online matching. The time to show off is only the next hour. As long as 8 o’clock in the evening, 90-level Humo walnuts will sprout up here to report, and your walnuts will no longer have an advantage. It’s not uncommon for Kryptonists. , So we want to be an early riser, a precautionary krypton, a race against time krypton, the liver has collected all the resources for a month, spent nearly 30,000 to get her and the expert out of the pool completely, and use the most The speed arm her to the teeth, just to enjoy the line of online matchmaking NB in ​​the next hour! So my talent book must be an industrious philosophy. Unfortunately, I even experienced only two of this kind of enjoyment, and it was the first match at a discount: three walnuts and one grade 90 Amos Gan. Rain, okay, I can build a little bit of psychological advantage: they are 80-level walnuts, one of them is still with Puyuan, it is better to match me for the second time: including me, two 90-level Humo walnuts, one Only 90-level Humo Zhongli, and a 88-level Humo walnut. After opening the dungeon, the 88-level walnut consciously changed to the 90-level mandrill. I stood in a stalemate with another 90-level walnut player for a minute, and finally I gave in and replaced it with the 90-level Gan Yujinben. By the way, the 90-level mandrill. The Zhongli player is full of life, and the shield is full of blood; the 90-level mandrill player seems to be full of life, his wind wheels seem to have not stopped, of course, it does not matter, my Gan Yu shoots the third arrow, it has already been shown After the challenge was successful that night and later in the match, I almost never saw non-walnut players and non-protective weapons. Was the initial screenshot exaggerated? That was just one example of a copy match that night. In such an atmosphere, relying on the rough stones sent every day, players need to have a certain degree of psychological endurance if they want to be happy. After all, the people who don’t compare at all are the few Wendy’s pools. It coincides with the opening of the server. Everyone is immersed in the fun of exploring the new world, and the level is too low to match online, so you can really happily prostitute the Keli pool. , Krypton guys can only show their superiority as a Krypton guy by sending cards or extreme damage videos (commonly known as monkey play), but you will not see this kind of video if you don’t deliberately search for it. The official also intended it at the time. Separating players is better than avoiding PVP (the original version of the original god does not even support the function of friend dialogue), so it has an impact on ordinary players, but the impact is limited. At that time, everyone generally did not have the golden holy relic. You can start blowing if you hit a 5-digit damage. When players see this kind of video, the general reaction is not that they are kryptonous, but take medicine. Previously, players generally had more than 45 levels, and they began to frequently purchase holy relics online. The first wave of comparisons started at that time. The first reference target is Wendy. At that time, and even now, the characters everyone took out before playing the team were random, but as long as one player took out Wendy, it was almost like an appointment. , The other three players will consciously start to adjust the team strategy with Wendy as the core. For example, as long as my online teammate pulls out Wendy, I will pull out the piano 100% to match him, and the other two teammates will usually switch to powerful output roles, even if he was planning to take a nanny before. You can imagine how cool Wendy’s players are in this scenario. Because there is no Wendy, during that time, I would take the piano to go online. As long as there are mobs, 80% of them will see three Wendys. Di, the low-level consciously change other roles. If the levels are the same, the two Wendys will start to tie the A-show weapons, take the Westwind Bow to give way to the one who takes the Juxian, and take the Juxian to the one who takes the Sky Wing, it’s that simple and rude. Oh, by the way, the most mainstream gameplay at that time was called Double Winds with Dogs. I couldn’t take out Wendy, so I had to be a dog with a high probability, so I upgraded the piano to level 80 early. Now it seems very wise. In-round scrolling took place in Huoben. Because the saying of the master of the fire system was particularly popular, and most people had only enough resources to practice one master C at the time, Huoben restricted all fire masters, including Grandpa Lu. , Huoben cannot use thunder, Lei Ze and Keqing were directly out of the game, Feng Hebing did not have a qualified main C character at the time, and the rock team orphans could not break the shield, so Huoben’s only answer is: You don’t care about the disputes in the plot. How old is it, how vigorous is the rhythm of the 0-life disabled person, during that time, as long as you take out the son in the Huoben online, you are the god in the eyes of other players. Then, when I was on the Huoben online, I started to frequently match up to the three sons, all of whom were higher in level than me, half of the sky wings and half of the bow, which made me use the moon card bow for a long time. Barbara went to Huo Ben, so I was quite happy to see the Zhongli incident happen to a certain extent, because during that time, everyone was ashamed to take Zhongli (and later Abedo) to go online, but you can see more during the match. Different characters, everyone finally began to design different team ideas based on different characters. Before the online experience of the excellent Walnut Pond, if the longest span I encountered was Wendy of Fengben and Raeben. , Then the most exaggerated one I encountered directly led to my determination to play a full-fledged race in Walnut Pond. Before coming from Ganyuchi, I actually started hoarding some upgrade resources consciously, but not so much. Deliberately. After the pool was opened, Gan Yu was drawn in two orders. At that time, I thought that I was fast enough, so I simply upgraded to level 40 and shot a few camps in the big world with a trial bow. The Qiuqiu people tried the strength and ran for a while. Figure. At that time, I came up with an idea. Now the pool is only open for ten minutes. If you go to match now, even the level 40 Gan Yu, you should be able to get a vote of Wow. Try to prove that I was silly at that time and I didn’t realize the world. The cruelty: I matched the Taishan Mansion. As soon as I entered, two level 90 Amos Ganyus stood in front of my eyes. At that time, Ganyuchi was only open for 15 minutes. My trial, Gan Yu, was like a joke in front of them. Everyone wanted to be the first person to take Gan Yu into the online notebook. At least this time, this person is definitely not my turn. I consciously changed to a son. Because they are all level 90, there are Amos, the two big guys have been deadlocked in the online dialog box for a long time, “Full life, let me come.” “Five spirits” “You Amos did not break, I am 90 Level up” “Online I can’t see the effect of other people’s weapon upgrades.” This round ended with the homeowner disbanding the room, but the tit-for-tat confrontation between the two bosses still left a deep impression on me. The next few days, I I started buying a lot of raw stones for stamina, frantically brushing the ground veins, drew out the second Amos (the first one is exclusively for Amber) and upgraded to level 70, and also bought a 98 yuan gift pack of 50 purple books. On the fourth day, Gan Yu barely reached level 80. I don’t have much talent, at least in terms of level and weapons, it should be considered Gan Yu who can enter the online room. However, I miscalculated. During that time, let alone Taishan Mansion, no matter which instance I matched in front of it, It will definitely match at least one Gan Yu, even if it is an ice book whose attributes are incompatible, even if it is a Thunder book that can be killed by ice, at least one Gan Yu with a level similar to or even higher than mine will appear in front of me, I After matching a dozen times, I was really tired in the end, so I relied on shamelessly, holding the level 80 Gan Yu before entering the room and resolutely did not change roles. This relied on the concession of another big guy who took the level 86 Gan Yu. It was too crazy when I entered the book with Gan Yu once. When I matched it, I felt that the original god seemed to have only Gan Yu as a role. After entering the room, there was an embarrassing atmosphere of four people who did not have Gan Yu, and later developed. To the four Ganyus who have no Amos and who are embarrassed, and finally before entering the room, they find that the Ganyu is not at level 90 and who is embarrassed. So thanks to MHY, you can’t directly display the character’s life seat and weapon level when you are online. And the level of weapon refinement, otherwise it will definitely develop to the level of embarrassing who is not full of life, who is embarrassed who is not the five essences, and then MHY updated version 1.3, added the character display window page, I TM…Speaking of 1.3 One advantage of the version is that Mandrill’s breakthrough materials come from the new Boss, so even players who have hoarded their dowry can’t upgrade Mandrill to level 90 at once, and Mandrill has a valuable opportunity to grow with the players. Of course, for many mandrills, this time of growing up together is also quite short. The Mandrill Pool was opened in the morning. At around 10 o’clock that evening, there was already a 90-level Mandrill evaluation video at Station B. Yes, since hamsters can tune in Zishu and Mora, they can also tune in fragile resin, and then When you need them, you can play them all at once, just like condensing light. After a thousand days of storage, I will say back to myself in a moment. After drawing out Gan Yu, I found that my team is about to finally take shape: Big World Zhongli Gan Yu An Bo Barba Pull, the son of the abyss, Keli Zhongli Barbara, can basically solve all the opponents in one minute, the other is carved with Qingxiang Lingqiqin, a shield-breaking toolman and two powerful nurses will save the output of Keqing, and this road lacks a strong The role of the fire department to share part of the output pressure for Kerqing. At this moment, Walnut’s intelligence leaked: Long on my XP, strong fire C, perfectly embedded in the second team, whether it is to replace Xiangling or Qiqi, there is no problem, the big world map is also pleasing enough, plus When the Walnut Pool was open, the year-end bonus was just issued, so I decided decisively: A full-fledged Krypton can also be regarded as a temporary end to my original God Krypton’s career. Because after Walnut joins, the team is formed, and there is no need to recruit new partners, so I shouldn’t draw any more for the next 3-4 versions, at least not anymore, behave as a hamster and wait for the full sex In the god of fate. Since you want krypton, let’s ask more friends to see it. If you want to achieve the effect of showing off, you must do four things: Tun: Prepare in advance the dowry in the first two pictures of this article. Liver: All the hairs of Tiwat Continent are squeezed to bald, and no grass grows wherever they go. Krypton: 20 orders at a time, until the protection of the motorcycle is 5 essences. Another 15 krypton orders until the walnuts are full. Point: After the walnut is drawn, use the fastest speed to upgrade, break through, point talent, stardust for Mora, and Xinghui for materials, until the walnut is at full level and the talent materials are exhausted. Then, I stood in front of Taishan Mansion, clicked on Online Matching, and then the answer before the story at the beginning of the article. Some replies said that I liked my attitude towards the game. In fact, it is quite ashamed to say it, because my attitude towards the game is actually It’s very random, because I haven’t played the game seriously before and I don’t know what kind of attitude I should face the game. I don’t care about the intensity and take the 90-level Amber to fight the abyss, or I can focus on the intensity so that I play the walnut upgrade racing game just to show my superiority in online matching. Of course, I have to say that the latter behavior, to a certain extent, may indeed bring other players some game experiences that may not be so positive. Just like the time of Gan Yuchi, the big guys held the level 90 Gan Yu forced I can only keep rematching. So the conclusion is that if I just play quietly in my own world, I can indeed do the quietly and happily prostituting the rough stones, but if I play the book online, here it is. In an awkward atmosphere where there is no XX, it’s really difficult to avoid comparability at all.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Nowadays, domestic players are all the scourge generation, and the values ​​of playing games are distorted severely. why? Just look at the tempo of the post bar and various forums. Either it’s the dazzling role weapon and equipment, or it is the strength of the pvp role. If you look at the past, it is just two words: impetuous. Yuanshen is a stand-alone game! The most interesting places are the excellent pictures, beautiful scenery, good music, and wonderful plot. These parts should be the most discussed in the forum! Pay money to unlock entry in the snowy mountains, buy a bell to get an exclusive legend mission, pay to unlock the special background music of Liyue, and spend money to unlock the special effects of the sunrise and sunset world. This is called strong krypton! The most essential part of this game is free. The daily mission is to play if you want to play and don’t want to play. The other mobile games have one-of-a-kind rush, daily check-in and no interruption from the beginning. Isn’t that conscience enough? Is it conscience only if all the characters are given away for free? There are foreign anchors who don’t draw rough stones and rely on the characters to pass the plot, and they can still play very happily. If the salty monster can’t beat the world level, you can also punch a kid. Is there a situation where you can’t beat a certain role? Can’t get through the abyss? The abyss was originally designed specifically for Krypton guys, let’s not talk about it, have someone used the initial role too? What kind of game can do it without hesitation and without spending money? What are some domestic players doing? Looking at the Raiders scanning the god pupils and treasure chests on the map one by one. Good guy, you didn’t take it so seriously when you were studying. Do you play games or do homework?

7 months ago

Because there’s really nothing to play except for Krypton Gold to create new characters… The truth from the players in the long grass period, this is a stand-alone player, if you get through it, there is really nothing to do, but just post it and look at it. Those who have no money and love PVP are the players who love PVP. There are really many, the main reason is 1. There is no reasonable PVP to distract players from the desire to compare. 2. The rhythm party of the original god is far greater than the others. After all, how attractive is it not to take an explosive title? 3. There are always people who think that 1 issue of 648 is the uncle. I can only say that some people underestimate the level of China’s economy. 4. There are always people who think that everyone can fill up the money. I can only say that some people really overestimate the level of China’s economy. It is highly coincident with people’s conception of games in 5.3 and 4, may it reflect the level of Chinese Gini from the side? (No) But apart from games, you and the local tyrants don’t have much intersection. 6. There is always a group of people watching the anchor’s operations and the holy relics, giving the illusion that he can do what he does. However, in my experience, it’s very big Some players are very good at food, but they always think that it is the reason why the money is not enough. Although the original god does not have any skills, it is shocking that some people can cook.

7 months ago

In terms of pvp As a person who has been mixed up for a long time at home and abroad, I will provide another perspective: because Chinese society is the only purely secular (physical) civilization in the world, even when burning incense and worshiping Buddha in pursuit of faith Full of the meaning of world trade. Chinese society as a whole only believes in tangible things, which are money and power (seal) in society, and big numbers in the game. The advantage of this quality is that the Chinese are extremely reliable as a group, especially good at economic development, and they can often get into the key points in social collaboration. China’s current economic miracle is inseparable from this. However, the disadvantage is that the single-plank bridge is too narrow due to the singularization of values. Many people are trained to be problem-solving machines or money-making machines, and then this kind of mechanics is naturally brought into the game. And because of the incomprehension of other values, it leads to a subconscious coercive tendency towards others in terms of value. But usually it’s just that the mouths of Chinese people are rather smelly (knife mouth tofu heart). On the whole, Chinese people are still very kind. Foreigners are really bad when they are broken. There is no lower limit that makes you suspect that the animal nature of people may be slightly worse on some people. Be stronger. However, in terms of the tolerance of values, other civilizations will be better at present. The main ethnic groups in many countries cannot construct a modern country from themselves. The result of the mixture of people of all colors is that people in society have to learn a kind of “civilized game” ability with others in society. The characteristics of our civilization are very distinct. To enjoy its benefits, we must also bear its shortcomings. There is no way. This is one of the two sides of things, and it is impossible to separate them. In the game, Liyue is designed to be a money society with strong physical characteristics. The only mint in the entire continent, including Zhongli’s legendary mission, uses iron-like reality to shake the deep-rooted beliefs in the minds of others. Up.

7 months ago

There must be something to be scolded as strong krypton. If you say that the content in the game is not worth your money, then naturally you won’t be scolded. Therefore, there are two main points of being scolded for strong krypton: 1. Usually the reward is too small, and the player can’t experience the full content of the game. 2. The content is really good. Take this Walnut Pond as an example. Walnut broke the news in advance since last year, and it continued to heat up during the 1.3 version. I don’t know what the online rhythm is when I just came out today. I guess I can see the general public opinion trend in two days. There are big bosses in the group, and no matter how many strokes a new character is played, it will be exhausted. According to him, the walnut panel is high but the magnification is low, and the upper limit is not high. The panel has been stacked to 4000, but it seems that a critical hit cannot reach tens of thousands (280 blast damage, level 5 basic attack). Players’ expectations for the new character are too high, which will lead to someone scolding strong krypton. You see, all the brushes in the walnut pv are awsl. She is good or bad and I love it. I want to marry the top 180 or something. But I was different. I didn’t save a single draw, so I could only watch the walnut pond pass by. If you don’t charge a bit of money, you will definitely not be able to collect all the five stars. The problem is that the personality and appearance of these characters make you want to pull him/her out of the pool. Let’s talk about the issue of strength. You will find that before a character is installed, the online strategy basically says its intensity is very high. However, after the implementation, some of the strategies have been turned into low strength, which depends on the actual situation. For example, when Wendy came out, there was no problem (probably because it was the first limitation, and the monster gathering is indeed irreplaceable), and after basically all the characters came out, the intensity was disputed. Note: The following content represents the thoughts of most players. If it is inconsistent with your actual situation, please forgive me, don’t spray me underneath. 1.0 Keli: The intensity is not much controversial, mainly reflected in the operation feel of the heavy blow. : When Keli Pool squeezed out the players when I first came out, so few people were drawn. In the past, a bunch of people regretted it. 1.1 Zhongli: It is the most controversial character in intensity. Most players think that the character is too weak. 1.2 Abedo: Basically the most unpopular five-star character. 1.2 Gan Yu: The rare one is considered the intensity The role is too high (maybe the undrawn in the acid). Of course, it was later confirmed that the output environment of the accumulator bow is not very good, and the shield can be used to stabilize the output. 1.3 Mandrill: The intensity is in line with expectations, and it is not easy (Keqing is not a limited role, so it is not analyzed) 1.3 Walnut: It has been less than a day before the wind evaluation is unclear, and will you find the problem later? Before a character is installed, there are always various self-media with reviews that make you feel that this character is worth picking. For example, before Gan Yu came out, the prediction was auxiliary or deputy C. This has led to many people wanting to give Grandpa Lu (or Fire C) a sweet rain and hanging ice. After the drawing, they found that the damage was higher than Grandpa Lu, and Grandpa Lu was kicked out of the team directly. Expectations are far from results, and this is the problem. There is a saying: The strongest character is always in the next pool. This is really no problem. In order to let you smoke, of course, you must promote the good side. You can’t tell you that this character is extremely weak and won’t let you smoke. The nature of the game is still profitability. There will be people who are more professional than you and me who will analyze and plan, how to let you put the money in as much as possible. For example, before the new role of the original god came out: 1 to 2 months before: “unintentionally” leaked the rumors. There are always inner ghosts leaking out the content of the next version in advance to let players know the basics. The main purpose of this period is to let you know that there is such a role, and to give very vague information. The first two weeks: The general elements, weapons, and skill talents have all broken the news. It’s worth noting that the character positioning that broke out during this period is very likely to be reversed (I don’t know if it’s a coincidence). 1 to 3 days ago: put pv out, and it’s very interactive. Fried fish? Let’s take an adventure together! Gan Yu: So… would you like to… work overtime with me? Walnut: By the way, we recently have a discount campaign, half price for the second monument (bushi is good, after the above warm-up, it is difficult for you to refuse such a role. Who can not like it? So, you have passed the “inside” The “revelation” of “Ghost” predicted in advance that the strength of this role is not bad, and it also pokes your XP, there is no reason not to draw! With the previous condition, you are basically capable of two or three pools of zero krypton. If you take out a five-star, it may be crooked. So, when you want to take out this role again, when there are not enough rough stones, you can only go inside. When your expectations exceed your financial conditions , You will go inside Krypton. What? You asked me how to keep zero Krypton?

7 months ago

Some people can’t distinguish between seduce and coercion, so when others seduce them, they think they are kidnapped. Shouting: Help me! help me! I was intimidated! I was kidnapped! In fact, they didn’t have a rope tied to them, no guns pointed at them, and there was no threat to their lives or the lives, lives, or finances of their relatives and friends. However, they still stubbornly believed that they were kidnapped. Therefore, whenever we encounter such a person, we need to find a few people and take a picture of him with a huge mirror, and they will know that they have not been kidnapped. After a few days, they still felt that they had been kidnapped, and helpless, they raised the mirror again, and they were all right again. After repeating it five or six times, the people in the town became bored, and when they called for help again, there was no response from others. In the end, they seemed to be strangled to death. The cause of death was simply because they thought they were strangled to death. They have no partner for life, because when their partner seduce or seduce, they think they are kidnapped.

7 months ago

First of all, I declare here, I like the original God game. I feel that most people with strong krypton are those who have less krypton or are strong in the party and are not particularly skilled (such as me, but I don’t call the original god strong krypton), but they play once every three days. 0Krypton party, during the long grass period, may add the rough stones sent by the event. The two pools are not full of a small parcel of land. My kind of Krypton small month card, big month card depends on whether there is time to decide whether to use Krypton or Krypton, because every day At most, it will take an hour on the original god, so at least three pools can be enough to save a big guarantee, plus my kind of special and small guarantee will be crooked. . . In the early stage of the game, it was especially uncomfortable until the long grass period. Although a symphony of no phase was played with full rewards, it was very difficult. It was annoying to make a mistake once accidentally. It’s not like the crisis contract of Tomorrow’s Ark. Although it’s common to repeat dozens of times when playing on high difficulty, it can bring you a lot of fun. You can try a different lineup and change the order of the operators. , The skill opening time is improved little by little, and the playability is very high, but the Symphony of No Phase is the original with a few skills added and it is not friendly to the lesser micro-krypton party like me, so it is now retiring. Of course, I did not retreat because of its strong krypton. This game is better for casual players with zero krypton and micro krypton, or the liver king of micro krypton or the king of Europe and the king of krypton gold. It’s just that it’s not for my micro krypton. For players who were very liver and still a strong party, they were not very friendly, so they finally quit. After playing so many games, now there is only one Ark of Tomorrow left. The Glory of Kings will come back occasionally, but they are all used to open the black (Glory of the Kings is already a social game for me) why the Ark of Tomorrow can be allowed I stayed because it is more friendly to players like me (in fact I think Tomorrow’s Ark is more friendly to all kinds of players) because I can also use a lower lineup to pass higher difficulty maps, and it helps the system A phantom god who can make my friend who is a prostitute can help me very good single-core or dual-core can pass the difficult level, and tomorrow’s Ark is still the kind of game that is not liver, it is not a lot of time for me. It couldn’t be better for the college students of, so I finally chose to be a tower of swordsmen. Of course, this is just my own personal opinion. Yuanshen still has many very good places. I also like this game better. If every day allows me to spend half a day to play, then I will definitely not let go of the original god.

7 months ago

A cup of 100 yuan can drink water, and merchants have introduced a cup of 1,000 yuan to take into account different consumer groups. In order to promote the sales of new products, the merchants have carried out a lot of publicity and continuously increased the popularity of new products. The cup of 100 yuan seems to be dim and dull as the world has evaporated. At this time, the low krypton is a strong competitor to squeeze the wallet and buy it cruelly, because it will bring them a huge sense of superiority, as if buying it can make a leap in life. Krypton thinks that this is nothing more than that, their superiority does not need to be reflected through it, because they are worth far more than that. In order to further meet the consumer needs of the top people, the merchants launched a cup of 10,000 yuan, and then carried out commercial promotion, the cup of 1,000 yuan was dim again. Krypton didn’t hesitate to buy it at the first time, but I bought 1,000 cups before and compared to the very strong low Krypton, the mentality collapsed instantly, and the fig leaf that covered the gap between them and the real Krypton was suddenly lifted, and there was no sense of superiority. They re-existed, but they were unable to continue to maintain their so-called superiority. This gap pushed them to extremes and began to show various confusing behaviors. Some people enjoy the process of drinking water, and some people care about what to drink.

7 months ago

Pvp cannot be avoided, one reason is the player’s mentality. The comparison problem cannot be solved, whether it is domestic or foreign. For this kind of game, my mentality is always monthly cards. Let’s do the calculations. Even if the stand-alone games are discounted, except for the broken leg price of Witcher III, the discount is generally more than one hundred after the discount. If you calculate by one hundred and five, most of your experience time on him will not exceed 150. Hours, on average, more than one piece per hour. You charge a one-year monthly card, 360, an average of one hour a day, your time cost is also 1 yuan an hour. So in fact, I feel that the buyout system is very affordable, but after playing time, it is not so affordable. As for things like drawing cards and strong krypton, there is no way to pay twice in the buyout system. You can buy modifiers in ff. Don’t you smoke James, Brother Antetokounmpo in 2k? In Devil May Cry, you want to unlock skills quickly, don’t buy Red Soul? Just calm down, there is no need for the Dragon Man on the day, and it is the original sin to follow others to call out the card.

7 months ago

Because a large part of the Chinese mobile game players who speak online have been thoroughly domesticated into PVP-only creatures. One day, if you don’t compare with people, you can’t overwhelm others. They drool as if they are addicted. Angina is criticized by name. Classic 5 %Crit, 300%, blasted a large number of lunatics, as well as relying on racing scores, and finally relying on these sales anxiety to cause the protagonist to force Krypton to give three examples. Walnut, full of life has a full violent effect, which was taken by nga Do 5/350, do a big cannonball once a minute, there is no problem here, it is a personal choice, and then immediately start to use this big cannonball to laugh at other people. The cannonball does not have its own sound and does not have its own fast. , The classic continuous fire C full of witches four, bring a suitable reaction person into the abyss and score a minute and a half without pressure, due to the lack of concentrated explosive ability, the lack of specialized five-star weapons, and the inexplicable shortcomings of long animation time for big moves Being humiliated is not as good as Xiangling racing. I personally understand that racing is to challenge myself. Note that this is a comparison between “me” and “myself”. It shouldn’t involve people who don’t know each other. Now there are a lot of nga People use me to be faster than you, etc. to force others to accept his gameplay, such as what suits must be brought, what weapons must be worn, and if you can’t race within xs, it’s no good… Obviously it gave you a half and a half. Time to play, you compress to 10s by yourself, you can play a lot of good krypton, and then began to advocate that the environment will be out of the environment in less than 10s, exm? This incomprehensible thought of PVP and p2w floods the forum and public opinion environment, which makes people very uncomfortable. At the same time, it also gives people the illusion of “I don’t have their level, can I not play games”. In fact, the original god depends on four stars. In the abyss, everyone in the big world is killed indiscriminately. Any player can experience all game content except for the character’s life constellation and the limited five-star. The trumpet I opened myself has also completed the achievement of zero krypton all four stars, which is exactly that. The free and no PVP and no world channel made me love this game with a very poor reputation at the beginning. I just want to say that as a 1w medium krypton, I think I should be the main body of the paying game crowd. I hope everyone Can try to resist skin games, resist PVP content in non-PVP games, resist world chat channels and top scroll bars, resist all games with shoddy ips, don’t let such people cut us like leeks, my money thinks It should be easy, take out things, give as much as you want, don’t let these manufacturers think that they can swindle money casually, let the Tencent curve completely rotten on the pillar of shame in history

7 months ago

White prostitution can be prostituted, and strong krypton is also really strong krypton. After all, the size of the character is guaranteed, the weapon is not guaranteed, the double UP is indeed a sinkhole, and a lot of mhy related groups have been added. I have seen the first day of life full of walnuts, and also saw As long as you are obsessed with strength, Viagra has countless ways to make you scold and krypton gold, and as long as you lie flat enough, you can indeed be a quiet Lsp. . The two do not conflict with Mi Huyou’s game. Moon card party experience> White prostitution> Not many, not many people. Only people know whether the big krypton is happy or not. Buying a monthly card is about 20 draws, which is equivalent to completing a 50-day daily commission or opening 600 precious treasure chests. I feel that there is a monthly card pocket, which is a new role that guarantees “good fun” can barely be enough to poke your xp If you are as firm as I am and do not pay a penny to Viagra, the experience will not be good at first. Like many friends around me, I madly bought the initial number, and brushed the initial number by myself, just for a relatively good-looking start (maybe because of the BCR evil demon). After more than 30 numbers were drawn, I completely broke off against Grandpa Lu. An Xin chose a LSP combination of Master Engraver + Mona and started playing. She didn’t understand the mechanism of sparring reaction. She didn’t dare to use stones indiscriminately, and she didn’t dare to touch the weapon pool. I can stand up, but I don’t know why the damage is so poor and weak. I always rely on the combination of Keli + Wanguo and Master Carver + Zhanyan to scrape the coconut sheep out, and suddenly get the coconut sheep + Amos, and also ask 77 and Lu. Grandpa, although it’s a bit late…So far I have a little normal game experience. Moreover, the premise is that the first time I touched the weapon poison pool 20 shots, and was misled by the news that Wendy was useless and did not draw (regret it to death), if the coconut sheep is also only forged weapons, it may be experienced now. One more gear. Another school girl who entered the pit at the same time as me, in order to enter the pit, she was also a pure white prostitute. She ate a few versions and suffocated until the pit pool was pumped. She exhaled. Of course, some of the four-star characters in this game can also be matched with the showy routine. The damage is not low, but many routines require the support of the life seat and weapons. In fact, the investment is not particularly low. Moreover, studying routines and learning routines feel more painful than Sanbengzi. This is the first time that the school girl who came into contact with the mhy game showed that he was able to do it easily. I am ashamed of the old mvb who only knows how to copy homework without thinking. I was probably deceived by the illusion of Amos being sent out at 20. I didn’t know the danger of the weapon pool. I threw all the 70 shots into the Momo pool. The golden light flashed. I saw that the silhouette at the beginning was a long spear, and it appeared at the end. He was really happy and sad, and the walnuts were not out now, and he almost couldn’t resist betraying the prostitute and bought a monthly pass. Yuanshen and BCR have been firm white prostitutes since entering the pit. The prostitution in our bureau will not have any sunk cost economically. In the future, if it comes time to turn around and leave, the psychological burden will be relatively small. Therefore, even if the poison pool of the guard was pitted with more than 70 shots, the walnut still had a few dozen shots guaranteed and refused to buy a monthly pass. 30 yuan more than 20 rounds a month, it is undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice of krypton gold, but you may get more krypton if you start this one. On the other hand, you will be locked in the game by signing in and receiving tokens every day. The total amount of Krypton since the opening of the server is more than 10,000. Although it is not much, the investment in the past made me reluctant to abandon the pit. Abandoning the pit means falling behind, which means that the investment in the pursuit of strength is wasted, even if it is now three. The more and more the bungee is operating, the people who plan disgusting can’t get rid of their hearts. At present, the monthly card is still in the state. The big moon card is disgusting because of the color change of the preserved egg, so I don’t buy it. But Yuanshen’s Big Moon Card (Journey) can still be bought if the Moon Card Party is not going to be exclusive to the five-star egg pool

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