On March 12, the Ministry of Education announced the national scores for the 2021 national postgraduate admissions examination. The enrollment unit shall independently determine and announce the requirements for the re-examination of candidates for each major of the unit on the basis of the national score line. The “National Postgraduate Admissions and Transfer Service System” will be launched around March 20. Bless candidates!

Seeing the score line, it feels like it dropped in the first place. This is obvious. It has been reduced a lot. So I think based on the actual situation now, we can see that many engineering, medical and some technical masters’ scores are all It is low, especially for liberal arts majors with applied theories, such as law and management. But there are still some increases, such as maintaining the level of literature or translation and education in the master’s degree, or some media, the requirements of art are increasing, including theoretical economics and research sports. All of them are on the rise, and some of the technical subjects in the master’s degree are also on the rise, such as psychology. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the theoretical knowledge requirements for domestic liberal arts students are becoming higher and higher, especially for media and art or literature. The employment pressure of language is very large, and then there are a lot of people in the postgraduate entrance examination, which leads to the return of scores. High, some technical and some are purely practical and applied social sciences and natural sciences, engineering, medicine, non-theoretical ones will be good at graduate school, and the number of graduates will be small. Employment now also needs this batch of practical technical talents , It’s easier to take the test if you diverge a little. This is the case of the national route this year. If you look at domestic liberal arts, education, culture or media for postgraduate entrance examinations, and some arts and social sciences (theoretical research) are difficult to test, then it is recommended to choose the way of studying abroad. , After all, if you are an academic, going overseas to study with theory + practice is a good kind of compound employment and the idea of ​​improving academic qualifications. Last year, I analyzed the national line for postgraduate entrance examinations. You can compare it with this year’s. I feel that the epidemic situation has made it easier for some subjects to enter graduate school due to the expansion of enrollment, but some subjects that should be difficult, especially the theoretical liberal arts, social sciences, economics and art, and education are all difficult this year. The only difference is that the law is simple. If it is an adjustment, it is recommended that if the score is more than 10, you can wait for the adjustment of the national line of postgraduate entrance examination. Don’t think about the kind of autonomous delineated by 34 this year, it is difficult to come back, because the students of those famous schools have high scores this year. The reviewers are all good, and then there is time to think about it. There is too much time online, so the pressure on the students to enter the postgraduate entrance examination is not so great. The review time is sufficient, and then you have to adjust it when you can see it. At least 10 points are required. Then don’t think about it if the score is less than 5 points. It’s difficult to adjust, especially this year, there are not many scores that are piled up and down, and there will not be too few drops in the high segment, so you wait for the 34 people who have drawn the line on their own to go. After the adjustment, there is nothing more, so if you score more than 20 points, just prepare your retest.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This year, 400+ scores have appeared frequently, but the score line has not risen much and has dropped. What does this mean? Is the postgraduate entrance examination easy? No, it can only be said that there may be more people entering the retest. However, the number of college admissions has not increased significantly, which means that although there are more people with opportunities, postgraduate entrance examinations are still difficult. However, this national line probably also wants to give more people the opportunity to adjust. Although the prestigious schools may not be able to enter, after all, the adjustment is still possible after the national line. It can only be said that adjustments are risky, and school selection needs to be cautious. In general, even if you cross the national line, you still have to have a clear understanding of yourself: whether you can go ashore, which school you can go ashore, and you will just go ashore. Is it better not to go ashore? The suggestion is to think about it. How to take one step, many people may be thinking about World War II, going abroad, work… World War II is expensive, time-consuming, stressful, and may fail. Going abroad is even more expensive. After studying in the United States for two years, it is recommended to prepare 60w RMB. In this situation, the epidemic situation and international relations…You have to think about it when you go abroad. The job is actually better. As a fresh graduate, you can still find a good job, and you can understand the real industry earlier and accumulate work experience. And to relieve the pressure of my family, I am also relaxed.

7 months ago

After the postgraduate entrance examination this year, many students spoke English very hard, and some of their professional courses were unexpected. I thought that the national line would be lower as a result. As a result, compared with the high scores of last year, the political English single subject and total scores have risen. Therefore, the number of postgraduate entrance examinations in the country is increasing, and the difficulty of a group of people cannot represent the overall sample. It is recommended that students who are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination in 22 years should relax their competitors from the school or their own small circle to the whole country, so that they will not be frightened by the changes of the students around them, nor do they need to be a little bit ahead of the students around them. And complacent. Come on and encourage each other, 22 years of postgraduate entrance exams, come on

7 months ago

Will People’s Daily Online actually invite me to answer? Xie invited people’s network. Whether the score rises or falls, it reflects the country’s policy preference for graduate students after the epidemic. The rise and fall of postgraduate entrance examination scores are similar to those of previous exams. It is normal for them to rise and fall. After passing this line, it depends on the respective schools and interviews. At this time of the year, a large number of students would come to me to ask me whether I could transfer to study abroad and go to graduate school. There was no way to go out that year, and I could only gap for one year. Therefore, it is often recommended that qualified students walk on two legs and leave the entrance to a professional to do it properly. You can also review the postgraduate entrance examination with peace of mind. At least when the results come out, you can pass the entrance examination very well, but there are still some who fail to pass the entrance examination. Going abroad to study abroad. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the embarrassing situation of “not going to graduate school, staying in school, and school calling for goodbye”. Overall, congratulations to all of you for passing the written test and cheering for the interview; students who have not passed do not have to be frustrated, there is still a lot of world behind.

7 months ago

Philosophy dropped by 1 point, economics by 5 points, law by 4 points, pedagogy by 6 points, literature unchanged, history by 3 points, science by 8 points, engineering by 1 point, and agriculture by 1 point. 1 point for medicine, 1 point for medicine, no change in military science, 4 points for management, 1 point for art, and 4 points for physical education. Why did the national line come out so fast? In fact, it’s just for everyone to adjust quickly. The meaning of, so before qualifying at 34th place, it is conceivable that the battlefield of adjustment is also tragic. I hope that everyone who likes can have a book to read! ! ! It’s time to save character, but change and change. The national line is meaningful for adjustment. If you want a student who wants to go ashore, you still have to cross the retest line and get a big score!

7 months ago

There must be some friends who are not ideal in the exam. At this time, I must prepare for adjustment. I consulted one of my brothers. He took the initiative of North China Electric Power University at the time, and his score was not good. So he transferred to the initiative major of Shanghai Electric Power University. , Now studying Ph.D. 2 in Southeast University. In order to ask him about this question, I specially invited him to a meal. This sincerity is not worth your praise~ 1. For the small partners who press the line, please also pay attention to the adjustment information. Some schools have to adjust the adjustment later, after all It is very likely to be swiped during the re-examination; 2. To find out when the national adjustment system is open, it must be specific to the month, day and hour; 3. Pay attention to whether the official website of the school that wants to adjust has issued the adjustment information in advance. , It’s not just the opening of the adjustment system. Generally, schools will open the official website in advance, and you must always pay attention to it; 4. After the opening of the national adjustment system, the sooner you apply, the better, the number of places will become less and less in the future, and the competition will increase. The more intense, some children are still studying whether there is a school to accept adjustments in the early hours of the night, so don’t think about health preservation at this time; 5. Pay attention to the retest subjects of the school to be adjusted, and don’t be too different from what you have prepared, otherwise it will not be difficult to land; 6. Note that some other majors in some schools are adjusted. If you can accept other majors, sometimes bad things will turn into good things. Some majors in some famous schools sometimes report dissatisfaction, so be careful; 7. If there is no later You have to choose, you can vote for a few more schools, just like an interview with multiple faces; 8. If you are admitted to the school that is transferred, you will generally be given 24 hours to consider at this time, and you have to weigh whether it meets your expectations. ; If the expectations are met, confirmation is given. If the expectations are not met, what about World War II? After all, the choice will really determine many things in the follow-up, so you must think carefully; 9. It is strongly recommended that the second or double non-students adjust early, the more difficult it is to adjust later; when adjusting, the scores, the undergraduate school, and the students are excellent. The degree will be magnified a lot, so don’t delay, everything should be early, and your own affairs should be attentive; 10. If you don’t dislike your alma mater, pay special attention to the adjustment information of your undergraduate alma mater, they are all your own children and will take care of them to some extent; 11 , Some schools or majors only accept intra-school transfers. This does not mean that people from this school participate in the transfers, but those who apply for the school can participate in the transfers if they meet the requirements; 12. Pay attention to some transfer requirements. Some majors require similar majors before they can be transferred. , So watch the requirements more, so that you can do less useless work; I hope that all the bobbins who enter the postgraduate entrance examination will be able to go ashore smoothly. Finally, the postgraduate entrance examination is only a small part of life, and the road ahead is still very long. No matter what the result is, at least you have worked hard for your future~

7 months ago

Majors lowered from the national re-examination line: Law (4 points), cultural relics and museums (3 points), architecture (1 point), agriculture (1 point), clinical medicine (1 point), Chinese medicine (1 point), industry and commerce Management (5 points), art (1 point), engineering management (1 point); majors lowered from the national re-examination line for master’s degree: philosophy (1 point), law (4 points), history (3 points), science (8 points) Points), engineering (1 point), agriculture (1 point), medicine (1 point), management (4 points), art (1 point), and physical education (4 points). The overall scores are being adjusted downwards, which is actually like For students who have passed the national re-examination line, if they report to 37 colleges and universities that have been marked by themselves, if they just passed the international re-examination line, it’s impossible to not panic. After all, the national re-examination line has been lowered as a whole, and the signal is obvious. It is to allow more people to enter this field. The competition will become more and more fierce, and the pace of involution will be normal. Remember yesterday’s official data that China now has 200 million flexible employment population. I think there will be some small fluctuations in my heart. If you don’t listen to me, I didn’t get ashore this year, and I will continue to fight again next year. I really admire you as a man, the more you fight, the more courageous you are. If you are tired or exhausted from this way of marking the test, or want to run on a different track, the graduate students of the Hong Kong school are still open, and you can still submit an application to give yourself one more choice, so as not to become out of school. Children, no books to read. With an offer in hand, I won’t be too panicked!

7 months ago

Laxative, for the first time, I was invited to answer by People.com. This year, the national line seems to come out earlier than before. On the one hand, when the number of people was the highest in the past years, the engineering scores did not rise but fell, and the enrollment expansion was obvious. The impact of the epidemic can be described as great. Although on Weibo, Douyin is 400+ at first glance, the national line is the true reflection of the true level of the current general postgraduate entrance examination. From the perspective of a large expansion of 18.9w in 20 years, graduate students, graduate students The negative impact caused by the expansion of enrollment is still very great. The school’s dormitory is not enough, the tutor’s energy is limited, the students are shepherd, and the student level cannot keep up with the requirements of graduate students. The difficulty of employment for graduate students will reach new levels in the next few years. height. On the other hand, the rapid increase in the number of graduate students has led to fierce competition for jobs. Those who previously required undergraduates may now start as graduate students, but the job is still that job. The requirements for people are getting higher and higher, which leads to increasing pressure on young people In particular, postgraduates in ordinary schools have only academic advantages as compared to their peers (working after ordinary undergraduate graduation), and they may not be comparable to undergraduates with three years of work experience. Many people who have studied graduate school will consider public examinations, examination editors, examinations of public institutions, etc. Why do you say that?

7 months ago

The drop in the score indicates that more recruits are being recruited. Since last year, the master’s degree has been expanding. The country is increasing the training of scientific research talents. On the one hand, it promotes the strategy of strengthening the country through science and technology, and on the other hand, it relieves employment pressure in a sense. To put it simply, the exam is getting better and better. The number of postgraduate entrance exams is increasing, but we all know how many of this number are blind exams. In fact, in the year I took the exam, some of the candidates who entered the exam room had already After finding a job, some have already decided not to go to graduate school. They went to the exam just because they signed up at the time. In the actual sense, the opponent is indeed not as scary as the data reported. Regarding the changes in the score line, I mentioned in another answer that Beigang is not summer: the national line for the postgraduate entrance examination in 2021 is announced. What are the new changes compared with last year? Is the postgraduate candidate happy or worried? I have also written about the re-examination post of the 2021 postgraduate entrance examination | Huazhong University of Science and Technology Tongji Medical College School of Nursing 2021 postgraduate entrance examination reexamination|Sun Yat-sen University School of Nursing 2021 postgraduate entrance examination reexamination under? Beigang Buxia: What does the postgraduate re-examination resume look like after reading it? I wish you all success in the first battle

7 months ago

Everyone is analyzing seriously. I am definitely not as professional as you in major aspects of analysis. I want to tell a few short stories around me. Just like in a battle, every soldier has his own story. I hope I can tell you Friends are helpful. I am a student who majored in computer science. During World War II this year, my grades were fair. I am preparing for the retest recently. If nothing happens, I should be able to go to a 211 school in Nanjing. The matter of going out of the national line is more meaningful to me than the data of the national line. After taking a nap, a friend told me after I got up: the national line is out. I just bounced off the bed. Frankly speaking, this year’s engineering national line was a bit beyond my expectations. There are two points: first, this year’s mathematics problem is indeed simple, but mathematics did not increase the score, and the line even dropped by one point; second, the national line is 34%. It’s too early to draw the line. I am personally happy to see this line. One is because of my score. Although I have checked the ranking a few days ago, it is sure to be very safe. But when the national line came out, I announced that I had no score on the one hand. I am worried. On the other hand, I also know that the announcement of the national line means that the re-examination is about to come. The next few days should be adjusted and actively responded to the re-examination. In addition to the above two points, I also thought of two of my friends. The first was the monitor in my university. He was the same as me. This year was World War II. His score was not high. However, after the national line came out, I was really relieved. He has a good chance of looking for an adjustment this year. Within an hour, this friend contacted me and said that he would consider the adjustment in Zone B. When chatting a few days ago, he said that he was very confused. Although he is confused today, but fortunately he already has a goal to try the adjustment in Zone B. . The second one is the fellow who has been with me for the past six months. I admire her very much, work hard enough, and have a good goal. But when I checked the results a few days ago, she said that her score was not good and she might not be able to pass the national line. Today I saw that the legal line dropped by 4 points. I hurried to find her. I hoped that she could go online, but she told me a very regrettable answer, which was still a little bit close. In the last two days, I settled down to think about it. This year I am in a good situation. I can stand on the perspective of a “victor” and look at some things. What does the postgraduate entrance examination mean for students like us? Why did I take the postgraduate entrance examination? Frankly speaking, I am not in a hurry to earn money. Although my family is not rich and wealthy, even if I do not earn money in the past few years, it will not affect the quality of life. I like to read. My cousin is a Ph.D. from 985. I go to graduate school to learn more. Even if I have the opportunity to do a Ph.D., I still want to be able to improve myself and become an “expert” in a certain field, even if After I graduated, I can only find a job as a community grid member. Then I think I have gained a lot. My two friends, why did they take the postgraduate entrance examination? I have talked to them more than once, and they all said something like this: “No way, I don’t want to be a graduate student now, it’s nothing.” My class leader, the starting point is the same as mine, our school has broken through the sky and said it’s better. Co-construction + provincial key points, my fellow fellows started from a junior college, and later took the self-study undergraduate exam. For low-level students like us, postgraduate qualifications are too important. Therefore, in my opinion, the national line does not rise, indicating that the country still wants to give us young people a chance, so that we have sufficient time and opportunities to “improve ourselves.” Continue to expand enrollment and wait for the completion of industrial upgrading in a few years before digesting the labor force. This is a good strategy, but in this way, everyone will quickly fall into another kind of anxiety, “Is the devaluation of academic qualifications too common?” Borrowing a knowledge point in the politics of our postgraduate entrance examination: contradictions are everywhere and all the time. . Let’s focus on our goals and work hard in the direction of our own efforts! I hope that all the classmates and friends who see here can achieve the goals you want this year. Let’s cheer together!

7 months ago

I can’t remember the scores of the national line of medical professionalism that year. . . It seems that it is 290+. It seems that this year has not changed much from the past. The national line is not the most important. For the medical school children, there are too many wives and wives crossing the line. The real tragic fighting is the reference of major hospitals. The initial test scores and the interviews conducted according to the abnormal enrollment ratio. I have seen a student with a high score of 390+ fail in the interview and was transferred to a tertiary hospital that is not influential. (Once transferred, the final admission Most of the hospitals and departments are not ideal.) Although the enrollment of medical graduate students is expanding, the demand is always in short supply. On the other hand, the number of graduates each year is increasing, and the recruitment requirements of major hospitals are also rising. This has formed a “vicious circle” of craze for postgraduate entrance examinations, difficult employment and devaluation of academic qualifications. We have no alternative but this is the reality. Or move the bricks honestly, find a scam after graduation, and comfort yourself by the way:

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