My husband and I have known each other for ten years. I have been married for three years and have an eight-month-old child. I have worked for three years. In the past three years, all the expenses of our small family have been my personal salary, including repayment of the house loan. My salary was just enough for the two of us to spend before. Now that we have a child, I am a little struggling. Waiting two years for my child to go to kindergarten will definitely not be enough on my own salary. My husband has been preparing for civil service exams full-time for three years, and he has also applied to two counseling agencies. Both times, he is one place behind. He can only take three exams. I know it is difficult. He has worked very hard. We are both under pressure. very large. Now he chooses to continue to prepare for the exam full-time for one year, should I continue to support it?

For public exams, unless you are a student or just graduated, try not to prepare for the exam full-time. After all, it is a small probability event to be admitted in a short time. All-or-nothing is not worth it. Just like putting money on a certain stock, the risk is high and it is easy to get stuck. Back to the question. Three years of studying at home full-time for exams, in fact, I have already left the society. This is not a question of whether we should continue to insist on the examination of civil servants. This involves a series of choices such as the future of the individual and the future of the family. An adult who stays at home for three years without participating in social activities will degrade social functions. These three years of zero work experience have also had a huge impact on career development. I have had the experience of barely resigning for half a year. I hadn’t taken the public exam at that time. The daily pain is not only the lack of money, but also the increasing confusion about the future. It may be cool to leave the job for a month. Leaving for two months, slightly irritable. After three months of resignation, he suffered from depression. Resigned for half a year and fell into an inferiority complex. Even if there is an interview, you must first answer the other party, what am I doing these six months. The other party will doubt your job-seeking intentions and job stability, and wages will be lowered. To some extent, every day, the farther you are from the workplace, the lower your value. Of course, I can understand some students who are preparing for the exam full-time. With the increase in sunk costs, they may not be able to reasonably explain what they are doing during the three-year window during the job interview. After all, a three-year gap is a fatal flaw in one’s career. For them, it seems that they are all desperate and continue to take the test until they finally land. Finally, for full-time exam preparation, I personally recommend. If you look for this path within the system. At the beginning, you can set specific goals such as places and positions. If there is a big difference twice in a row, you should adjust your direction in time, lower your posture, and choose a target that is easier to land. If, still not admitted. Then, don’t make too many demands on careers, civil servants, proximity to home, and good treatment. Next, take the exam if you have the opportunity, apply if you have a position, and take the civil service exams for various career exams, ten times or eight times in three to five months, and there will always be one landing. After being admitted, stay here for the time being and wait slowly for other opportunities. If so, I still fail to pass the test. Just give up this road. After all, civil servants are not the only way out in life. I am Viagra.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

not support. I have done offline civil service training, and have handled many students. Objectively speaking, I have encountered this situation of your husband many times during the offline get off work. To tell you bluntly, it is indeed normal for civil servants to prepare for the exam for three or four years before going ashore. However, if they are unable to enter the interview for three or four years, the three biggest possibilities are: 1. The ability is really limited, so there is no way to pass. written examination. 2. The ability is acceptable, the heart is higher than the sky, and only accept jobs and units in the urban area or near home. Some remote areas or work in different places are not accepted, but the ability is average, so I can’t test those who are very strong. Opponent. 3. Just pretending to work hard to move yourself, in fact, you are avoiding employment. To tell you objectively, the number of written test students and interview students I have handled offline is not 1,000, but there are also 800. Most of them are the third type. Most people who take public exams are mixed up: sitting in the classroom every day is making time, seemingly working hard, saying that they have to prepare for the exam full-time, registering for a class of tens of thousands of dollars, and reviewing after work. It is really sad for the listener. , The listener shed tears, everyone feels particularly hard. What is the fact? With 10 hours of study time a day, it’s good to have three hours for practice: if you don’t listen carefully in get out of class, you won’t be able to repeat the lesson after the lesson, you don’t practice, you ask questions, you don’t ask questions, and there are even Some people simulate the test, and after others have finished answering the paper, copy it by themselves. As soon as I called my family, I said I was so tired, so hard. And this is the norm for test preparers who are full-time reviewers. I present the possibility to you. I hope the subject can carefully observe the state of your husband’s review and see what kind of situation he belongs to. If it is the first or third situation, I do not recommend continuing to support his full-time exam. People always have to take on what they should do at their corresponding age. According to your question, the age is about 30 years old. A 30-year-old adult can pursue his dream and go to the civil service examination, but he should take care of his family first.

7 months ago

I have answered public examiners more than once: Don’t put eggs in one basket! ! ! Don’t put your hopes on that public examination after a year of hard work! ! ! Your husband can only apply for three, which means that your husband either has a college degree or is a particularly unpopular major. After working hard for several years, I haven’t even entered the interview, which shows that your husband is just a member of the general public and does not have particularly good basic knowledge. You have to admit that as an ordinary person, you need to go through a lot of hard work to improve your grades and increase your face-to-face rate, and you need to go through many exams. Just like when we were in the third year of high school, the teacher would constantly arrange mock exams for us, and the effect of your hard work would be reflected step by step through the scores of your mock exams. The same is true for the public examination. Your personal improvement can only be reflected in the scores of each public examination, rather than feeling good about yourself. Waiting for that shot in one year, so who knows if you have worked hard? After all, the latest comparison coordinates are also a year ago. I hope that once a year, the result is a high probability of failure, as well as frustration, discouragement, and loss of confidence after failure. We must know that there are more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country. If you leave out the multi-province joint exams and remote areas, you have at least seven or eight exam opportunities a year. In addition to the public institution examinations in the surrounding areas of the province, it is not a problem to take the examination more than 10 times a year. Taking exams instead of training, you can only improve yourself in continuous exams. You will have the opportunity to choose whether to go or not. If you fail to pass the exams, it is also an experience. Why not do it? And because of the large number of exams, even if you fail, it will not be difficult to accept, after all, there will be the next exam waiting for you to take it. cost? An exam is 60 yuan, and the rest is travel expenses and board and lodging expenses. It only takes a day or two, and the consumption will not exceed you to eat a big meal. I have been a test tyrant for one year. In the year I just graduated, I did a nationwide patrol test. I have taken 10+ tests. From the cannon fodder of the written test to the interview to the great god, I traveled all over the great rivers and mountains of the motherland in a year, and successfully landed ashore in a year. . Never waste an opportunity, is my creed. If your husband can take more than 10 exams every year, then it only takes 1 year to try. If you fail to pass the exam in 1 year, just do something else. He is not suitable for this

7 months ago

All students who take civil service examinations must have a concept: the civil service examination is a zero-sum game! For college entrance examinations and postgraduate examinations, you can downgrade, you can adjust, you can not go to Qingbei, you can go to one book, and you can go to two books if you can’t. As long as you work hard, you will eventually have a reward. But the civil service examination is not! Regardless of 10 people, 100 people, or 1000 people competing for a job, there will always be only one winner, and all the efforts of everyone else will be zero! You scored 99 points in the test, surpassing 100 people, but you still lost. The first place is only 0.01 points more than you. All your sweat, tears, and blood in a year are all in vain. All the classmates who were admitted to the civil service were either extremely smart and born to be a tyrant, or had good self-control and a strong mentality, or lowered their standards to find unpopular ones. If you can’t recognize yourself and think that persistence is victory, then you can’t get out by jumping into the pit. Let me tell a story: there is a girl who is not very good in major. She was ready to change her major to take the postgraduate entrance examination after graduation, but of course she did not pass the entrance examination. I had no choice but to find a job in a private enterprise. After working for a year, the salary was low and there was no room for improvement. Seeing the classmates who came ashore, I finally made up my mind to resign and take the public examination. By then, it had been almost 2 years since graduation. After preparing for a year, I finished fifth in the written examination, but only 2 points away from the third place. Of course, I have to continue! In the fourth year, I entered the interview and was not admitted; not convinced, continue, in the fifth year, I entered the interview, but was not admitted! The mentality collapsed, and I continued to take the exam for the sixth year, but the interview didn’t make it! After graduating for 6 years and taking the national exam for 4 years, I have no job, no income, no boyfriend, 28-year-old girl, professional gnawing old, relatives and friends are criticizing. But at this time, it’s hard to get off the hook, looking for a job? Without any work experience, I have graduated for 6 years, and I have forgotten my major. Which company would want it? Postgraduate entrance exam? After reading, you have to continue to find a job, and you have to prepare for one year; you can only continue to take public exams! The sunk costs are too much to give up. In the seventh year, I continued to take public examinations and won the first place in the written examination. However, the last one in the interview did not go ashore! In the eighth year, I was still preparing for the public examination, but the girl’s mental state was obviously in a problem. There is no social interaction and self-enclosure. When all the classmates were enjoying the baby, traveling and delicacy, she was still preparing for the exam in silence. Make a conclusion: To participate in the civil service examination, you must cut the meat in time to stop losses like stocks! No more than 3 years! In the first year, prepare carefully one year before graduation, and try your best to feel the difficulty and process of the civil service examination! In the second year, find a position that you think can be admitted, and go all out with the attitude of the college entrance examination, 365 days a year! The report, the training and training, don’t save money, sprint with all your strength, and leave no regrets. In the third year, after the first two years of examinations, you know your level and want to go ashore. You must either take a test in an unpopular department or a hard job, lower your requirements, and don’t take a fluke! If you haven’t passed the exam after three years of hard work, it basically proves that you have either no talent or no luck. At this time, two years after graduation, there is no time for postgraduate entrance examinations and job hunting, so start your life in another way. Going back to the subject of the subject, if your boyfriend or girlfriend is going to kill a civil servant, then set a deadline for yourself to accompany you for x years. When the deadline is reached, resolutely get rid of the other party and start life again, and don’t be dragged into the pit together to crawl out. In the end, Kao Gong’s landing is the icing on the cake, it is not a gift in the snow. Don’t expect to change your destiny as a civil servant!

7 months ago

A friend of mine graduated from a vocational technical school. After a few years as a soldier, he came back as a bailiff for temporary employment in the court. I started to prepare for the civil service examination when I got to the college diploma. I don’t have the qualifications and ideas to prepare for the examination full-time. My wife does not have a stable job, and there are elderly and children to support, which is the breadwinner of the family. I have been preparing for the exam for five or six years. I get up at five o’clock every morning and read 1-2 hours of books. Then I have to pick up the leaders of the unit to go to work. I take time to read 2 hours of books at night, day after day. His foundation is really poor. Even if he asks him how many numbers 11-21 total, he will answer 10, but he has slowly learned some line test math problems. Moreover, his learning spirit, hardworking spirit, and optimistic spirit have deeply infected us. He never said bitterness, never said tired, and he was recognized as a super good character. In the exam season, his colleagues are all supporting him in the exam. Consciously help him share some work. Until the age of 30, he was finally admitted to a three-unrestricted post in a township in an economically underdeveloped area in the next city, but now he has developed very well, because of his optimistic, motivated, learning-loving character and many years of office work experience ( Although it is temporary employment, he has very high demands on himself, and he can do his job alone.) He took over the director of the Comprehensive Management Office after half a year of work. After two years of work, he was selected and transferred to the Municipal Party Committee Office (as long as the interview does not require a written test, his written test is really scum ), the development prospects are not worse than those of a formal university graduation. Telling this true story shows that your husband really lacks a little bit of hardship and responsibility. Isn’t your husband’s learning foundation better than him? ! Time can always be squeezed out, opportunities are spelled out. After not working for such a long time, he may not be able to perform well in a new position. You can continue to support his public examination, but don’t support him full-time preparation for the examination. If he has a mine at home, feel free to do so.

7 months ago

Sister, I think your focus is wrong. You shouldn’t ask netizens “Would you like to support him full-time exam preparation for the fourth year?” You should ask your husband and yourself, as a big man, how does he do full-time exam preparation? Four years! ! Please pay attention to my bold font and underline! ! My gender is female, and I’m going to be a female boxer today. If you prepare for the exam full-time for three years and don’t make any money, I can understand it completely. After all, in these three years, you have experienced pregnancy, pregnancy in October, childbirth, confinement, Bringing a child, now that the child is eight months old, you have worked hard enough during this time. It can be said that you have to take care of your studies and your children in the past three years. There is no moment of relaxation. If I were your husband, I would understand you. We will continue to take the exam if you are not admitted. After two years, the children will not be so annoying, and the work will be dusty. Everything Everything goes well. But now this man who is about to prepare for the fourth year full-time is a big man! ! He is not a high school student who enters college, nor is he a graduate student who has never entered the society and wants to pursue his academic qualifications. He is an adult, your husband, and a father! Can take the civil service examination, explain that you have at least a college degree or even a bachelor’s degree. It’s not difficult to find a job. Seeing his wife get pregnant and have children to pay off the loan, the pressure is getting harder to make ends meet. What supported him to stay at home for three years and still have the face fourth year? ? Isn’t it good to find a job and study part-time? How many people go to work during the day and light up the lights to learn and finally go ashore? Why can’t he? You understand him quite well, saying “I know it’s difficult, he works very hard”, you ask yourself where he has worked hard, he made a penny for the family, for you, for your children, and for your parents. It’s still three years like a day, 18 hours a day. Apart from sleeping, eating and going to the bathroom, every minute and every second is determined to work, mentally and hard. I don’t believe that he never sleeps and forgets to eat for three whole years and fails to pass the exam. To me, he should play mobile phones, play mobile phones, sow seeds, and even take a walk in the name of decompression, walk the dog, eat a barbecue and drink a bottle of wine, in a word: except for not working, nothing is left behind. You said that he “nearly got in the face” after preparing for the exam for three years. That means he hasn’t touched the door of the interview in the past three years. Everyone who has passed the exam knows how difficult the interview is. It’s not that you will be stable after the written exam. The interview is also a hurdle. . I certainly hope that he will pass the exam next time, but let’s assume that if he has passed the interview card in the fourth year, will you come to ask the majority of netizens again next year. However, my family feels it is a pity, do I support him in preparing for the fifth year of his full-time exam.” Conclusion: This man is not because of a problem with his learning ability, but because he has no sense of family responsibility.

7 months ago

You can continue to prepare for the exam, but full-time is not recommended. Let me share with you a real thing. At the beginning of 2016, a summer intern came to my department. In fact, he was already a senior at the time and didn’t find a job for a while. When he saw that our unit was recruiting temporary workers, he came to try. After working for a period of time, I found that it was good to be a civil servant, so I decided to test the civil servant. Under our suggestion, he started to cast the net, national exams, provincial exams, and public institutions, as long as he had the opportunity to try, and took more than 20 large and small exams in three years, and his footprints spread across five provinces and eight cities. In this way, the more you take the test, the more you have experience, and the more you take the test, the more times you will enter. The public institution in the next city finally landed ashore in 18 years, and was admitted to the provincial capital city real power department in 19 years. There are several lessons for his success. 1. Working in a government department, what I hear, see, and learn every day are all kinds of documents, reports, speeches. If I read more and write more, my level of argumentation will naturally improve. At the same time, I really did the work of civil servants, only to realize that civil servants always treated problems in this way. So in the interview, comprehensive analysis questions, interpersonal relationship questions are handy; second, there is a job guarantee, you can take exams everywhere, and you can continue to work if you fail to pass the test, there is no worries, no one is going to gossip, and there is no such great pressure; Exam experience is rich, actual combat ability is steadily improved. Fourth, the surrounding colleagues are all experienced public examination landing ability, and one person imparts a little experience, just like the juniors in the martial arts school, the level is not much different. I tell this story mainly to tell you that public examinations cannot be hanged on a tree. Just stare at the position in your city, take the exam once a year, and never waste a year at a time. All are the fathers of children, how many years can be wasted? Your husband has been taking the exam for three years, which shows that he is determined to take the administrative route. In view of his actual situation, I have three suggestions for reference: 1. Apply for a local institution. If you want to take the administrative route, public institutions are a good choice. Competition is much smaller than that of civil servants, and wages and benefits are not much different. 2. Apply for more exams and experience more. In addition to the joint entrance examination, there are also some provinces and cities that recruit separately in the provincial examination each year, and the time does not conflict with the joint examination. You can register more to increase your test opportunities and improve your test experience. 3. Lower your eyes. 3. Unrestricted positions. If the competition is high, and your own ability is not very prominent, it is recommended to take the civil servants in less-competitive and unpopular positions or county-level civil servants first. Let’s go ashore first, and then choose or mobilize if there is a chance in the future. 4. Looking for government agencies and institutions to apply for temporary workers. One is to integrate into the society without being disconnected from the society, and at the same time to get an income; the second is to work in government agencies and institutions, and every day is affected by official documents, government work reports, etc., which can improve the level of application; the third is to find a land in the unit Of civil servants ask for experience. To be honest, civil servants who have landed are still much better than teachers in training institutions. After all, one is talking about soldiers on paper, the other is going through the battlefield. Your husband has not been able to participate in the three exams. In addition to his own ability, it is also possible that the position has not been selected. After all, many times when you choose the right position, you are half-successful, so you can put more effort into the selection and registration. Regarding the application of civil servants, please refer to my other answer.

7 months ago

Can’t support. (I only focus on the public examination and the law examination, and it is of little use to others.) The examination for civil servants can be taken, but they cannot continue to prepare for the examination full-time. I’m a person who is good at exams. The civil service exam is 35 points higher than the interview line, and the judicial exam is also a few points higher. The two exams are very similar, but they don’t rely on rote memorization, but rely more on understanding. This kind of test, many people mistakenly think that the length of study = results. Wrong. I have never studied the civil service examination, nor have I registered for the class. I took the test completely naked. I took the judicial examination when I was at work at the police station. I said these are not showing off. I really hope that the subject can tell some of my words. your husband. The three unlimited civil service exams are difficult because the competition is high. My initial score was because of the low competition (the police academy competition was small, so I took the test naked). If you participate in your husband’s three unlimited exams, it is estimated that you will be able to enter, but not It will be more than that. He can get close to this line, he still has the strength. However, his current situation is already a bit dazed. I didn’t get a good grade in the third year of high school, and I have encountered some improvement in grades. But those who read high five really succeeded very rarely. Is your husband planning to go to high school six? Take the national exam as an example, how to test and apply for the test? I have never participated in a remedial class, and I don’t know how to teach in a remedial class, but I have taken the national exam and provincial exams in several provinces, and I still have a little understanding. What is being tested? Is it the number of things recited, the way of writing? no! The national examination test is the language comprehension ability, logic ability, reasoning ability, number analysis ability, current affairs understanding ability, language expression ability. Why are civil servants popular in the marriage and love market? Is it because this job is so stable and iron rice bowl? of course. But there are many invisible things. For example, civil servants need physical examinations, political review, and examinations to show that they are healthy, have no major problems with their families, and have no problems with their IQ. So, are the above things piled up by stacking time? I think that three years have passed, and the things your husband can pile up with time have reached a bottleneck. However, many of his abilities actually require more understanding of society. Simply put, it means to become smarter and understand a little bit more. How to say this sentence, it sounds a bit difficult to understand, let me talk about my experience in reviewing the judicial examination. When I was in school, I had a lot of time, but at that time I loved to play and didn’t study hard. Later, at the police station, there was very little time, and I got crazy busy, but I felt very good about reviewing the judicial examination at that time. The judicial examination is not a memorization of the test law, but an understanding of the law. Why each law is formulated in this way, if I can’t understand it in school, it will be easy to understand when I work. The same goes for civil service examinations. Many abilities, such as the most critical logical ability, require more thinking and improvement. Confucius has a saying that we have all learned: learning without thinking means nothing. Your husband made this mistake. He doesn’t even know what thinking is. Need to think about why. Having said that, I highly recommend him to find a job, get in touch with the society, learn to think and solve problems, instead of lying at home and reading. Relying on time to stack is meaningful to some astute and intelligent students, but it doesn’t mean much to him, and his thinking is completely rigid. If he still has the idea of ​​relying on time to accumulate results, even if he enters the interview, he can pass the interview? ? Looking for a job as a company employee, seeing the intrigue between people, looking at everyone’s predecessors, thinking about the logic and principles of the world, thinking more is more important than learning. I still need to prepare for the exam, but I can’t be full-time. Take the line test as an example. For example, I am very good at mathematics. Basically, I can never go wrong with 30 math-related questions. I don’t know how the counseling agency will teach these questions, but it is nothing more than teaching methods, and then giving each method a name for you to follow. This is a way to teach students, but not a way to teach students well. If you want to be all right, you need to study more. Do more questions than ask more questions. Every time you encounter a question, ask a similar question yourself. Similarity is not about changing the size of numbers, but different but similar questions. Then think more, what kind of questions do you want to test me? Be sure to ask yourself this sentence. What does this question want to test me? Instead of taking out the thirty and fifty methods taught by the teacher when you encounter a problem. In short, it is more important to make your thinking more agile. Full-time is not recommended. Tell him not to motivate himself with the story of Boxing King Connor… It’s just an ordinary job to be admitted to the civil service.

7 months ago

I agree with most people. The answerer did not include the family conditions of both of you. Because according to my experience in several years, families who dare to take full-time exams generally have good financial conditions. Most of them are children of parents within the system or families with small bosses and above. Moreover, according to the fortune, the third year of the public examination is very promising. Your husband has been ranked third twice in a row. In fact, the strength lies in that. Although my view has always been that friends of public examinations suggest not to take full-time examinations, otherwise it will end up distorted. But in fact, if it is a relatively busy job, it still affects exam preparation. Moreover, civil servants are the difference between being admitted and not being admitted. There is no opportunity for adjustments. Anyway, I have already taken the exam, so let’s have another year. Of course, it is also recommended to consider extensively. By the way, consider the recruitment of public institutions or monopolistic state-owned enterprises. Multiple examinations and multiple opportunities, especially public institutions, are not necessarily worse than civil servants.

7 months ago

Good wives like you are really scarce, except for those with good family conditions, who can tolerate their husbands preparing for civil service exams full-time for three years. Your family expenses are all your own, really, very little! Let me talk about the situation around me: an acquaintance, he was admitted to the civil service at the age of 35, and it was the result of the first to give up. Another acquaintance is not so lucky. He has not been admitted to the civil service at the age of 35, and he is not eligible for the examination again. Under normal circumstances, it takes two to three years or even longer for people around to take civil service examinations. Not many are admitted to civil servants as fresh graduates in the first year. Why, because the ratio of the number of civil servants recruited to the number of applicants is still quite large each year, most people come here in their favor and return in defeat. Civil service examinations depend on strength and luck. Of course, choice is also very important. When choosing, try to choose those positions that you have the strength and confidence to be admitted to. Don’t look for those positions with fierce competition. There is a problem of probability. Friends who have taken the civil service examination basically know and understand one thing: the civil service examination does not require full-time preparation! ! ! Because the civil service examination, there is no high-precision content. Full-time exam preparation will only numb myself and make myself less urgency, especially for men who have been out of society for three years, they will become more depressed, and the learning effect will not be very good. It is better for civil servants to pass the exam, and it is normal for most people not to pass the exam. After all, the competition is fierce. But there is still a job. As a man, he has family responsibilities. He tried it in three years, and that was enough.

7 months ago

After preparing for the exam full-time in 3 years, I only almost made it twice. This result is too bad. It’s time to reflect on it. Determined to persist in the civil service examination, there is no problem in itself. Many of my colleagues have been taking the civil service examination for many years, and some of them have passed the examination more than ten or twenty times, and eventually they are all able to pass the examination. However, it is not recommended to prepare for civil servants full-time, because the pressure is too great, and the thinking is easy to go to extremes, and it is not conducive to the examination. In fact, the public examination is like a battle. First of all, you have to have a base, the kind of advancement, retreat, and defense. Give your husband some advice, find a job that is marginal to the system, and prepare for the exam while working. There are many jobs that can be considered: Option 1: First take a test in a public institution, accumulate experience after entering the system, and prepare for the exam slowly. The pressure will be much less . Option 2: If a public institution fails to pass the exam, you can choose to buy a job from the government, which is a labor dispatch, commonly known as a “temporary worker.” This kind of job is very easy to test, and it recruits a lot of jobs every year. This job can also accumulate work experience within the system. Option 3: To apply for civil servants, you can first take a job at a grassroots level near your hometown, such as a remote town. Choose a job with a small number of applicants, and then accumulate slowly to prepare for selection. You don’t have to get your favorite unit just once.

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