Eleven years ago, it was probably the Avatar I saw when I was in the third year of junior high. At that time, I didn’t expect that I would choose to study film in university. I just remember that it was difficult to buy tickets at that time and had to line up. I was lucky enough to meet someone who transferred the tickets at the original price to watch the first IMAX3D in my life. I saw it at the China Film Museum eleven years ago, and revisited it eleven years later. Thanks to Zhihu and Quange Filming Group. I have watched this movie at least 20 times, because the topic of studying abroad is avatar and the application of science and technology such as VR and AI in this movie. This is the first film to put forward thoughts on the development of human science and technology and ecological balance very early. The main contradiction is that human beings want scientific and technological progress to seize ore by unscrupulous means without following the law. The special effects inside are indeed the most exquisite level in Hollywood. Cameron’s early work in well-known Hollywood producer studios allowed him to draw perfect manuscripts of science fiction films by himself. This is something that many film directors cannot achieve. Eleven years later, the feeling of the re-screening is that the director is really powerful, and he deserves to be ranked as the greatest director in history. The pursuit of film quality is not high-yielding excellence, at least in the field of romance and science fiction, no one will surpass Titanic and Avatar in 2021. There are many things in it that require reflection and reflection. I think I will still be willing to revisit this movie in ten years. The true value of movies is not the expansion of commercial value, but the balance of commercial value, artistic value and even social value. The director’s shooting of Avatar is also warning humans not to violate the laws and balance of nature to create excess value. Recommend N brush here


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

After a lapse of 11 years, I made an Avatar in the second theater. Avatar ushered in the 3D era of commercial movies. It can be recalled that in the past eleven years, movies with better 3D effects than Avatar were not a few steps away. On the contrary, most of the 3D conversions were completely dark, not as good as pure 2D visual effects. If you have time, I recommend everyone to go to the theater to review the classics. As a successful commercial film, Avatar has fallen out of almost every Hollywood stereotype, but the script is still considered to be excellent, every character can stand up, and key turning points have been reasonably prepared. In the process of watching it, it is difficult not to think about the history of the United States to open up the North American continent. Although the natives in the movie won the victory, the gods of the Indians did not protect them from the slaughter of white people. So from the point of view, Avatar is still very consistent with the core values of socialism. It interprets two facts: backwardness will be beaten, and the primitive accumulation of capital is often stained with blood.

7 months ago

It is a pity that Hangzhou does not have the best batch of imax, but it can still make up for the regret of only 3D n years ago. Especially back then, watching a 3D avatar shocked the young me. I didn’t know what imax was that year. It was the first time I watched 3D that year. I was a little dizzy after watching it for a while, but 3D brought a dazzling visual impact to me who had never seen the world when I was a child. I remember for a long time that I once enshrined Avatar in my heart. Nowadays imax3D is very common, and there are many reprints, but I still feel that I did not waste time in the cinema this time. At first, it was a little dizzy to sit too far in front, and it felt like the baby was moving all the time. Fortunately, it was ok if there were not many people moving to the back a few rows in the early stage. It may be that pregnant women are relatively weak, and a little tired when they see the great harmony in the middle, just wait for the fight later. The sound effect is better, and it is not recommended to watch for older months. The story is very complete and relatively simple. There is a pavement for the rest of the story. There are also children in the hall who can read it completely, and have cried several times. Once, the male lead entered the Avatar and ran. ——It may be that I had a similar experience, and suddenly the idea I dreamed of came true. I was so touched that I could run even more crazy. Once, General Three Claws said that he set off a fire bomb, which caused the collapse of his homeland tree. ——I just sighed that just playing tear gas is a bit human, and I’ll slap my face in the next second (after all, I can’t remember the plot clearly), and I can’t help but feel the cruelty of the war when I see the scenes behind it. Can’t help but complain, cold weapons hit planes and cannons…a bit naive, fortunately Pandora has a true god. Finally: Looking forward to the second part at the end of the year. Let me see how you continue to edit it~ I hope to talk about uploading and downloading through the sacred tree. The trees on the planet are like human brains. Look at the land, mountains, and oceans that have not been mentioned. s story. Then I hope that the Na’vi people can develop their own weapons (not cold weapons), the true god and weapons do not conflict! You said that I can believe in magic. After all, the soul and the body can be separated, and records can be uploaded after death. The true god can still choose people and listen to people.

7 months ago

I finally saw the IMAX version of “Avatar”, and it is the largest in Beijing, I have to say that Kashen is really an eternal god! Even if the plot is overwhelming, it can still be shocked. The level of visual effects of the year can still play many pseudo 3D movies today, and the imagination and execution are superb! As one of my enlightenment films, watching “Avatar” in the theater when I was in middle school was the first time I felt the dream-making ability of the film. It can create a whole new world, both dreamy and realistic, allowing the audience to immerse in it and run. Flying is better than dreaming. The only one who can surpass “Avatar” is “Avatar 2”. I hope I won’t dove again next year!

7 months ago

I just went out of the movie theater and only went to junior high school when it was released. The news was all over the world, but the ticket price of more than 100 in the city was really not what I could afford at that time, and I haven’t been there for so many years since then. I have seen it on the computer. Two days ago, I suddenly got the news about the upcoming re-screening. I immediately went around the school to see if there was a lineup, and then I bought tickets quickly. I watched imax, although it did not reach the level I had always dreamed of, it is already very good, and it can be regarded as a dream that has been fulfilled for so many years. I heard that Lord of the Rings 123 has also been confirmed to be re-screened, come on! My wallet is ready!

7 months ago

I still remember that I went to see it in the common hall with my classmates when it was first screened. At that time, I didn’t know the difference between IMAX and normal screens. The re-screening day was revisited in the IMAX Hall of the Chinese Museum, and Cameron was still taken into the world he constructed. It’s been a long time since 3D movies have brought people such a sense of immersion. In other words, after the “Avatar”, there has been a 3D boom. How many of them can really meet the 3D standard? When we revisit a movie 11 years ago, its pictures and technology still stand the test, and even now it seems that it is not out of date, we will realize what the changes that Cameron brought back then.

7 months ago

I finally went to the cinema to see Avatar, which made up for the regret 11 years ago. Although I have seen it on the computer for a long time, the 3D pictures and special effects are still great. Xiao Ke was still in school and fell in love with a little fairy in the yard, her face was no less than that of the fairy sister. Before the winter vacation, I invited her to dinner one night. I wanted to ask her to see Avatar the next day, but… Since then, I have never been so tempted by a woman. What I can’t get is always the best. of. Watching Avatar today is not only for watching an epoch-making 3D industrial movie, but also for the memories of youth. In life, once some things are missed, it is a lifetime regret. Hey, time has changed, everything is fate, the least can’t be helped.

7 months ago

The effect of the film ten years ago does not seem to be bad now, although it is not as shocking as it was then. The plot is indeed a bit clichéd now, but when Douluo and Doupo were all hot back then, the plot was not bad at all. But did anyone mention that tribe brother? There is not one of the worst in the whole drama. Originally, he was on the pinnacle of his life as a chief, but when the male lead came, he sent treasures, exercises, and mounts. In the end, his wife was dug into the wall with a green hat. I thought he was so miserable ten years ago, but now I watch it again and it’s like tears.

7 months ago

Eleven years ago, there was not much habit of going into theaters, and at that time, you had to buy tickets on-site to watch movies, especially IMAX theaters in the country. The news report at that time was that queuing to buy tickets was comparable to the Spring Festival travel season, and the fares were up to a thousand, and it felt like a crowd of tens of thousands of people were empty. The result was missed for various reasons. Later, with the development of the Internet and the mobile Internet, ticket purchases only need to be purchased through a mobile phone. Arrange a reasonable time in advance to purchase tickets, which is simple, convenient, and trouble-free. There are more and more opportunities to walk into the theater by yourself. But I have always regretted that I did not really experience the visual and auditory enjoyment of “Avatar” in the IMAX theater. Various film festivals occasionally show up, either in other cities or hard to get a ticket. Today, eleven years later, it is finally fortunate that “Avatar” has been re-screened in a large area in China. At this time, there are more theaters to choose from when watching IMAX. I was fortunate enough to see this film at the China Film Museum yesterday. Now I know why Cameron asked about 3D movies many years later, and he said that everything else was pseudo 3D. Looking at it after eleven years, the effect of “Avatar” may not be the best when it comes out of the screen. But the depth of field and the construction of the world view are still incomparable to other films. The most important thing is the final battle scenes. Over the years, 99% of the films, in order to save costs, the final battle is to find a way to turn into the night, or dark clouds cover the sky, but the final battle of “Avatar” is still It’s daytime. Today, eleven years later, 95% or more of the movies are still playing. This film strongly recommends laser IMAX to watch movies. If you don’t have one in your city, you have to choose digital IMAX.

7 months ago

I originally planned to watch Disney’s “Legend of the Dragon” on the weekend, and opened the ticket-buying applet, Wow, what a surprise, “Avatar” has been re-screened, “Avatar” can be described as the originator of 3D science fiction movies. During the winter vacation, I made up several of Nolan’s sci-fi movies at home. I sighed at the shocking imagination and the charm of special effects. I became more interested in sci-fi movies. I have never watched “Avatar” before. I only know its name. I will take advantage of the re-screening now. 3d experience addiction. On the 12th, there are only tickets starting at 7 pm. It was too late to return to the dormitory after reading. I bought the number 13 and enjoyed the visual impact.

7 months ago

When the Avatar IMax version was first released in China, it was hard to find a ticket. The best version at the time was on the huge screen of the Film Museum. It was difficult to buy the ticket at a price increase, but it was in the front row. I looked up and watched the whole process, dizzy and rushed. My feet, but I was still shocked by the beautiful 3D effect. I watched it again in the same place ten years later. It was even more excited than I saw it ten years ago. I was moved to cry by I see U. The impact of a good movie. The power does not disappear with time, but is superimposed, thank you for knowing.

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