The Nanjing police detained Qiu Moumou, a netizen who vilified the hero of the border defense, on suspicion of provoking trouble.

Those who hold salaries for everyone should not let them freeze to death in the wind. If these people are allowed to pour dirty water on the martyrs, then no one will be willing to be martyrs. Next time we will be waiting for the enemy’s advancing, the fall of our family and the brokenness of our family, the life and death of our relatives. When Qiu Jin died bravely, he was surrounded by spectators with craned necks, and steel knives were added to the martyrs, but the spectators burst into cheers, as if this person was performing some performance art.

Xinjiang Military Region and stay on the front line together, but I will respond to you on another battlefield and resist all the dirty water splashing on you. They are both border guards, and their livers and courage will always shine. One by one refutation of recent rumors: 1. Low-end rumors such as “Spicy Pen Xiaoqiu”. Our side severely injured a regiment officer, sacrificed a regiment officer, and three soldiers. This is the best portrayal of our army’s shared joys and sorrows, and the uniformity of officers and soldiers. The People’s Liberation Army has had the tradition of leading cadres to take the lead since the Red Army period. They are not cadres and party members, and they cannot get the “good jobs” that lead the battle. This is completely different from traditional and foreign troops. This tradition has long been carried forward in New China. During the epidemic, all fronts and across the country required party members and cadres to charge forward. As long as they are Chinese, as long as they are not harboring ghosts, this is very clear.

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7 months ago

tenure in the regiment is unknown. According to the photo, it is a 16-year regiment. He has grown from a soldier to a regimental commander in 19 years. But one can imagine how much it will cost to achieve such results in places like Bangong Lake, and how many injuries should he have? The screen name “Spicy Pen Xiaoqiu” looks like a rat, and he only dares to be yin and yang behind such a person, and he can’t be pinched to death by the head of Qi Fabao in front of him? It happened that this person was still about the same age as Captain Qi Fabao, which reminded me of an old saying: The gap between this person and a person is sometimes bigger than the gap between a person and a monkey. Commander Qi Fabao usually loves soldiers like a child, and under strict requirements, he takes meticulous care. It embodies the feelings of the people’s children and brothers, which is something that some people who are not as good as monkeys cannot understand.

7 months ago

First of all, I emphasize: I don’t know anything about the phased agreement reached between the two countries, and any statement here does not confirm any foreign reports. It is just a refutation of the so-called “India retreats to three fingers, China retreats to eight fingers, India retreats 1, middle retreats 4, China suffers.” The person who fabricated this rumor is obviously considering the local situation and military garrison I don’t know. The Galwan River Valley and Bangong Lake are not the same place. These two places are far apart. The area where the head of Qi Fabao and the Indian Army confronted has nothing to do with Bangong Lake. The front line between the mouth of the Gallewan River and Bangong Lake is farther than the distance between Shenzhen Yantian Port and Huizhou City. Their deeds have nothing to do with Bangong Lake. One of them; the six fingers to the seven fingers are fixed by our army. For military installations, including roads and barracks, there is absolutely no possibility of exiting here, second; there is no possibility of military garrison between the four fingers and the six fingers, here is a very narrow cliff-the lake junction, it is impossible to deploy troops It is impossible to start a battle above the platoon.

7 months ago

The Indian military facilities are located to the west of the Three Fingers, and it is possible to retreat to the Three Fingers. Our military facilities are behind the six fingers, and it is possible to retreat to the six fingers. There is no reliable official channel to announce the results of the specific negotiations. None of this is known, and our country will not announce these news. All the unofficial information published by India is untrustworthy. In the tradition of the Indian media, such rumors are simply open mouth. Don’t take it lightly. But one thing is clear: when I was in the army, the actual control line of Bangong Lake was in Changlong Beach, the narrowest place on the lake.

7 months ago

It is so exaggerated. The moment the conflict broke out, China was at an absolute disadvantage: few people, poor equipment, and caught off guard; after a fist and kick, China immediately had an absolute advantage: fewer casualties, more territory, and a complete victory. The Chinese side seriously injured one person and 4 people were killed in the battle; the Indian side killed 3 people on the spot, and later died of 17 people due to injuries. Some people used 4:3 as an exchange ratio. This is an extremely ridiculous act of self-comfort. Is there a difference between death on the spot and death due to injury? The scene is so chaotic, not because you don’t want to count it, but you have to have the ability to count. After a great war, the people who jumped into the river jumped into the river, and those who abandoned their comrades abandon their comrades. They were not even as good as a group of migrant workers who were fighting.

7 months ago

should be treated as military negotiators. Many people are not very familiar with the Geneva Conventions, and feel that we are going to negotiate without preparations as a “reservation”, which is not the case. Participating in military negotiations must not carry weapons is the convention’s code of conduct for negotiations. As a signatory of the Geneva Convention, China strictly abides by the spirit of the convention. Even in the context of border emergencies, it has not forgotten the guidelines. This is the leader of Qi Fabao as a professional soldier. The embodiment of excellent accomplishments. At the same time, it is also the performance of our army’s party members and cadres who charged ahead with personal risks. As a mid-level commander and a small number of entourages to participate in military negotiations, head Qi Fabao was extremely professional and excellent. There is no blame here.

7 months ago

terrible loss, many of the dead are still at a loss, and the wife has lost money, not to mention, international infamy should also be arranged. Even Europe and the United States are determined to stand for the Indian platform, at least give them a hat of ignoring the Geneva Convention, so that their self-proclaimed “civilized” hypocrisy is exposed.

7 months ago

Xinhuanet, Ali, Tibet, August 27 (Reporter Jia Qilong) Qi Fabao, who has just experienced life and death, once again brought the officers and soldiers on duty to the border.   Qi Fabao is the battalion commander of the Zanda Border Defense Battalion in the Xinjiang Military Region on the Ali Plateau in northern Tibet. The man from Gansu, who received the appointment order in early March, has yet to step into the office. For nearly half a year, he and his officers and soldiers have been guarding a duty point called Zipzi.   Zhipuqi, at an altitude of 4,300 meters, is 7,200 kilometers away from Beijing, and is the farthest border guard duty point of the entire army. Here, there are continuous flash floods in summer and heavy snow in winter for 8 months. That day, when Qi Fabao led the officers and soldiers to cross the Bala River on horseback, the army horse suddenly stumbled. Fortunately, he hugged the horse’s neck tightly. After drifting for more than 10 meters in the river, the army and horses came out of the water.   This river once claimed the young lives of two officers and soldiers on duty. That fall into the water was the seventh test of life and death that Qi Fabao experienced in the past six months.   Half a month ago, someone crossed the border illegally. Qi Fabao led the officers and men to stop on horseback. Unexpectedly, the army horse accidentally stepped into the marmot hole and was startled, throwing him off the horse on the gravel road 7 meters away. The man was stunned on the spot, and a long bloody mouth hung on his back.

7 months ago

After regaining consciousness, Qi Fabao endured the severe pain again and asked the officers and soldiers on duty to carry him on horseback and hurried to the front line of the border.   In early March, just two days after Qi Fabao arrived at Zhipuqi’s duty point by helicopter, he led his soldiers to an observation point at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters.   The observation point is only 5 kilometers away from the duty point, but the height difference is up to kilometers, and the slope exceeds 60 degrees.   On that day, Qi Fabao and the two soldiers climbed for more than 2 hours with heavy observation equipment and living supplies on their backs. After exhausting their physical strength, they leaned against a boulder to rest.  Unexpectedly, the boulder suddenly loosened and rolled down the mountain, and the three people slid down more than 10 meters at the same time. At a place with a slight slope, Qi Fabao grabbed the two soldiers who were about to roll down the mountain. The falling and shaking of the boulder caused the stone collapse. Qi Fabao quickly climbed up again, and took the two soldiers to hide beside the other boulder, avoiding being injured by the stone.   On almost every patrol, Sergeant Sun Weiqiang always goes with Qi Fabao.   Once, the superior notified that illegal personnel had sneaked into the front of the Shacangna Passage, and Qi Fabao immediately led Sun Weiqiang and others to carry out full-time incubation and wait for the opportunity to arrest. In April, the plateau of northern Tibet was cold and freezing. Afraid of exposing the target, they can only lie quietly in the snow. Worried that the soldiers would fall asleep and relax their vigilance in the middle of the night, Qi Fabao rushed Sun Weiqiang to rest in a sleeping bag, and he was responsible for the observation and alert during this period.

7 months ago

One night, Sun Weiqiang, who was awake from freezing, found that the battalion commander was lying motionless on the snow. He immediately realized that the battalion commander was frozen stiff, got out of his sleeping bag and shook Qi Fabao awake.   Sun Weiqiang said: “If you are later, maybe you will never see the battalion commander again.” Even so, Qi Fabao still forced Sun Weiqiang into his sleeping bag in the middle of the night. Such days have lasted for more than half a month.   All the materials needed for duty are transported by helicopter. In order to save coke and allow the officers and soldiers to wash their feet with hot water every night, Qi Fabao leads the officers and soldiers to collect firewood in a 3 km ravine every month. Qi Fabao stipulated that soldiers should not carry more than 100 kilograms of firewood each time, but he always carried nearly 200 kilograms. On a plateau of 4,300 meters above sea level and a 3 kilometers long mountain road, he almost moved the firewood to the duty point step by step.  The soldiers on duty said with red eyes, once when they came back with firewood, the battalion commander was tired and dizzy. Fortunately, the army doctors who accompanied the team gave timely treatment…

7 months ago

This report of only a thousand words allows us to understand some details of the life of a brave border guard-as a border guard battalion commander for nearly half a year, he has been running in the field without stepping into the office, falling off his horse during patrol and almost being washed away by the river. The army horse was frightened and was thrown off his back and made a bleeding mouth. During the patrol and rest, he was almost hit by a boulder that fell from the mountain. In order to catch illegal immigrants on duty at the border for half a month, let the soldiers rest on duty late at night. The materials themselves carry 200 jin… This is the border guards, they are fighting against danger every day, this danger comes not only from the enemy’s provocation, but also from the harsh natural environment. But they cannot retreat to a comfortable area, because it is their duty to defend the country.

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